Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 15 - This Tribe Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3... - full transcript

As the number of remaining tribemates dwindles down, Aitu's members are forced to think about turning on each other. Will this strong alliance finally crumble? At the first Immunity Challenge, the Survivors must complete an obstacle course that ends with the most difficult puzzle in Survivor history. Later, endurance is a key factor in the final challenge for Immunity. Who will be the last one standing to secure a chance at $1,000,000? In the end, the final Survivors battle it out to convince the jury that they are most deserving of the $1,000,000 prize. Who will walk away with the money and the title of Sole Survivor?

>> JEFF PROBST: 36 days ago on

the stormy waters of the South

Pacific, 20 Americans began the

adventure of a lifetime.

>> Get overboard!

>> They were divided into four

unique tribes-- African

American, Asian American,

Latino, and Caucasian.

>> Different ethnic groups.

I mean, is that kosher?

>> Need a break!

>> PROBST: The conflict within

the tribes...

>> He likes to take long breaks.

And we've got too much to do.

>> PROBST: ...quickly became


>> No!

>> I am so sorry.

>> I'm not happy with Flicka.

I can forgive her.

But I don't have to forgive her.

>> You have a touch of bad wind.

There, you'll feel better now.

>> It looks like it's burned.

>> I've never been accepted by

the Asian community.

I don't fit the stereotype.

>> PROBST: At the first immunity


Puka wins the challenge!

...the Hiki tribe placed last,

and was sent to tribal council,

where Sekou was the first person

voted out.

The tribe has spoken.

On day four...

>> I trust you.

>> PROBST: Yul and Becky made a

pact to the end.

>> Sticking together obviously

would help us in the game.

>> I want to stay together.

I agree.

In Korean you call an older

brother an opa.

Yul's sort of like an older

brother to me.

>> At the next challenge Ozzy of

the Aitu tribe concocted a plan

to throw away immunity to get

rid of Billy.

Aitu is having a holiday.

>> Billy dug his own hole by

just not working.

>> PROBST: But even in defeat

Billy thought he made a love


>> PROBST: On Exile Island Yul

deciphered the clues...

>> Oh, mama.

>> PROBST: ...and found the

hidden immunity idol which would

be good through the final four.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: At Aitu's tribal


>> I'm still talking here.

You'll get your turn.

>> PROBST: ...Billy fought


>> You're Mr. Cool.

You'll get your turn.

>> PROBST: ...and made a

startling confession.

>> I fell in love in this game,

love at first sight.

Her name is Candice.

>> PROBST: Candice from Raro


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: It was the nail in

Billy's coffin.

Billy, the tribe has spoken.

On day seven...

Drop your buffs.

...the four tribes merged into


You are the new Aitu tribe.

You are the new Raro tribe.

>> Give it all you've got!


>> PROBST: At the challenge...

Yul going to try to fight them

off as long as he can.

...the physically dominant Raro

tribe outmuscled Aitu.

Raro wins immunity.

Before tribal council...

>> I need you guys.

>> PROBST: ...the new Aitu

ignored old tribal lines...

as Cao Boi targeted Becky.

But Yul revealed his secret to


>> I found the idol.

>> That's so awesome.

>> PROBST: And convinced the

tribe to target Cecilia.

The tribe has spoken.

The seemingly weaker Aitu tribe

made strides...

>> It's like a fish for each of


>> PROBST: ...thanks in part to

Ozzy's unmatched survival



And Aitu was able to beat the

physically dominant Raro...

Jonathan and Yul taking on Nate. the next immunity


Aitu wins the challenge!

At Raro's tribal council...

Fourth person voted out of the

Cook Islands.

...Raro blindsided J.P.

Then they lost Stephannie and

Christina in back to back


Yul and Jonathan emerged as

power brokers on Aitu.

And at their next two tribal


Sixth person voted out

of Survivor: Cook Islands...

...they ousted Cao Boi...

The tribe has spoken.

...and Jessica.

On day 20, the game changed

drastically when both tribes

were given a chance to mutiny.

If you want to move step

off your mat and join the other


The clock is ticking.

Four, three, two...

Candice is mutinying.

First Candice then Jonathan

betrayed their Aitu tribe and

reunited with some of their

former tribemates.

>> Hi.

>> Hi.

>> Welcome back.

>> PROBST: Aitu was left with

only four members and very

little hope.

>> Standing there, you're

feeling so small and pitiful,

and you look over to the Raro

side, and they look so big and


>> PROBST: Go!

But the unexpected happened when

the underdog Aitus won first the


Aitu wins reward!

...then the immunity challenge.


Aitu wins immunity!

The eight members of Raro were

sent to tribal council with a

bruised ego, and Brad was voted


The tribe has spoken.

Yul and Sundra found their first


The Aitu four kept up the

winning streak.

The new Aitu tribe wins their

third challenge in a row!

Tenth person voted out and the

second member of our jury...

And Raro lost Rebecca and then


The tribe has spoken.

Drop your buffs.

You are merging into one tribe.

On day 25 the tribes merged, and

the Aitu four, who were

outnumbered by the Raro five,

were in trouble again.

>> The fact of the matter

remains that we're still divided

into two tribes, and we

desperately need to convince

someone to come over to our


>> PROBST: In a risky attempt to

lure Jonathan back to their

side, Yul showed him the hidden

immunity idol.

>> I'm asking you for both of

our sakes to become my ally


>> PROBST: Jonathan was


>> I have a lot to think about

and a huge decision to make--

either I'll have betrayed the

Raro people and I'm a complete

bastard, or I didn't jump over

to the Aitu people, and I'm a

complete bastard.

>> PROBST: But Yul's gamble paid


12th person voted out, and the

fourth member of our jury...

Jonathan betrayed his alliance

for the second time, and Nate

was voted out.

The tribe has spoken.

Back at camp tempers flared.

>> Didn't you call me a

disgusting rat?

>> Well, Jonathan, you're a rat

because you've betrayed

everybody in this game.

And all these people have said

that they don't like you.

>> You know what?

That's bollocks, and you know


>> PROBST: At tribal council,

Adam and Candice turned up the


>> You're a rat.

>> That's a fact, that I'm a


I know.

That's enough out of you.

>> There's absolutely no reason

for you to be around now,


>> Says you, Jack, says you.

>> PROBST: 13th person voted

out, and the fifth member of our


Candice was voted out.

But before leaving she received

a parting gift from Adam.

Candice, the tribe has spoken.

Pavarti and Adam stepped up

their game and threatened Yul.

>> Why not have me or Pavarti in

the fifth spot instead of


>> Parvati and Adam threatened

me, pointing out the fact that

they would be on the jury, and

if I didn't vote off Jonathan

they would hold me responsible.

>> PROBST: Yul and the Aitu four


14th person voted out, and the

sixth member of our jury...

Jonathan was voted out.

Jonathan, the tribe has spoken.

>> Well, it's you or me, kid.

>> PROBST: Knowing they were

next, Parvati and Adam tried to

sway Ozzy.

While Becky and Yul began to

question their chances against


>> I think any of us would have

a hard time against Ozzy.

I would not be happy going to

the final two with Ozzy.

He's playing straight up game

and he's doing a hell of a job

of it.

>> PROBST: Ozzy having no


Yul was right.

Ozzy proved unstoppable in the

individual challenges.

Ozzy wins immunity!

And kept himself safe with the

immunity necklace.

15th person voted out, and the

seventh member of our jury.

The Aitu four remained solid and

Parvati was the next to go....

Pavarti, the tribe has spoken.

...leaving Adam on his own with

heavy odds to overcome.

Now five remain-- Ozzy, Adam,

Yul, Becky, and Sundra.

Tonight they will compete in

their final immunity challenges.

And in one last twist the final

tribal council will be changed.

Who will outlast all the rest to

become the sole survivor?

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>> I was by myself last night.

I had no one to sleep with.

It's like I was back on Exile


>> We like how the story has

played so far-- you know, the

underdogs becoming the


But we never did discuss, once

we get to the final four what

will we do?

>> It's about that time where we

have to think individually.

There are probably going to be

hurt feelings.

But that's the game.

>> The Aitu four, we've gotten

this far because we stuck


But it's going to come down to a

point when we're going to be

compete can against each other

in our Aitu four.

And Ozzy can be really, really

hard to beat.

So it might be to our advantage

to eliminate him when we get the


>> I think we should just hide

these and take a couple of them.

>> Let's just go enjoy the


>> The fact that we overcame so

much together, it just feels

like it's somehow poetic.

But tomorrow things might change

between us.

I know I'm a threat.

I'm a huge threat.

So I'd say winning immunity is

crucial for my survival in the

rest of this game.

♪ Tree mail

tree mail. ♪

Oh, lordy.

>> Oh, boy.

What is this?

>> A hanging thing.

>> "North, south, east, west.

Every direction is a test.

Slither, run, balance, soar.

Guarantee a spot in the final


Obstacle course.

I feel like an obstacle course.

Okay, let's go stretch.

>> I'm a little bit nervous

about the immunity challenge

today, because who gets immunity

will sort of decide the final


If Adam wins immunity one of the

Aitu four will be going home


So the game will definitely


>> We're so close, guys.

The vision that we had is

finally going to come true, and

it's going to be us in the final


Let's do it.

>> It's extremely important for

me to win this one.

You know, it's them four against


But it doesn't matter.

I've got to go out there put up

a fight, and try to win and try

to stay in this game.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Hope you're ready for some fun


>> Your idea of fun.

>> Oh, my, gosh.


>> PROBST: Let's get to the


First things first.

Ozzy, give it back.

>> Hope to see it soon.

>> PROBST: Once again, immunity

is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge you will

race around a ropes course to

eight different stations,

collecting a bag of puzzle

pieces at each station.

Each time you get a bag you have

to come back to your table

before you can go back out.

Once you have all eight bags you

will use those puzzle pieces to

construct an eight-point compass

rose puzzle.

Only once your puzzle is

assembled correctly will you be

able to raise your flag.

First person to raise their flag

wins immunity, guaranteed a spot

in the final four.

Losers, tribal council, somebody

going home.

For what it's worth, in 13

seasons of Survivor this is the

most difficult puzzle we've ever


>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: Ready to get started?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: We'll draw for spots

and we'll get going.

Here we go, for immunity and

a spot in the final four.

Survivors ready?


Ozzy on the flanks.

Yul climbing through the


Becky working through the ropes.

Sundra using her balance.

Adam's working on the steps.

Yul coming back with his first


Becky's got her first bag.

Sundra heads back with the bag.

Adam's got his bag.

Tossed it up ahead.

Yul has his bag heading back to

the course.

Ozzy still trying to get back

with that first bag.

Becky coming back with her first


Adam back with his first bag.

Ozzy falls off.

Got to go back to the start.

It's going to cost him some


Sundra heads back with the bag.

Yul coming back with his second


Adam coming back.

Adam back with his second bag.

Becky back with her second bag.

Yul back with his third.

Ozzy right behind with his first


Sundra back with her second bag.

Ozzy trying to make up some


Yul trying to keep his lead.

Adam back with his third bag.

Ozzy racing back with his second


Yul coming back with his fourth.

Becky with three bags.

Yul with four bags.

Yul is halfway there.

Adam working with the planks.

Yul now climbing the maze,

trying to get to the bags tied

at the top.

Ozzy making up some time.

Ozzy back with his third bag.

Ozzy throws himself through the


Sundra's back with her third


Yul still in the lead.

Adam tosses his bag, working

back on the planks now.

Yul now with five bags.

Ozzy's back with his fourth bag.

He's catching up.

Adam back with his fourth bag.

Sundra heading back with her

fourth bag.

Ozzy back with his fifth bag,

making up some time.

Becky back with her fourth bag.

Yul still in the lead with his

sixth bag.

Ozzy Tarzans it.

Yul takes a header.

Adam back with his fifth bag.

Ozzy back now with his sixth


Yul and Ozzy both with six bags.

Becky heading back with her


Ozzy climbing on top of the


Yul and Ozzy with two bags


Ozzy has his seventh bag.

Ozzy now in the lead.

Ozzy out on the course for his

last bag.

Sundra coming back with her

fifth bag.

Yul heading back with his

seventh bag.

Adam back with his sixth bag.

Yul now has to navigate the

planks for his last bag.

Ozzy having no trouble with the

wooden steps.

Sundra jumps on the rope.

Adam going through the


Ozzy falls off, saves himself.

Still on it.

Yul hanging on, lost a plank,

has it back in his mouth.

Ozzy back with his last bag.

He's starting work on his

puzzle, trying to solve the

eight-point compass rose.

Yul not panicking.

He knows the puzzle is going to

be tough.

Becky back with her sixth bag.

Adam back with his seventh bag.

Sundra still in this.

Yul is back with his eighth bag.

Yul heads back to his table to

start working on the puzzle.

Adam, Becky, Sundra still out on

the course collecting bags.

Adam back with his last bag.

The most difficult puzzle we've

ever done.

Somebody going home tonight.

Becky heading back with her last


If you have a gap in your puzzle

it is not correct.

Adam struggling.

Sundra back with her last bag.

Yul starting to make some


Ozzy starting over again.

Adam working furiously, wants

that immunity.

Keep working.

Keep fighting.

It's the kind of puzzle you can

work on for hours and then

suddenly figure it out and be

done in seconds.

Ozzy working methodically.

Yul trying different


Adam getting very close.

Ozzy taking his time, not


Ozzy and Adam are neck in neck.

Immunity on the line.

Ozzy has it.

Challenge over!

Ozzy wins immunity, guaranteed

spot in the final four!

Ozzy, come on over.

For the fourth time you have

individual immunity, you are

safe from the vote tonight,

guaranteed a spot in the final


Sadly for the rest of you,

tribal council tonight, somebody

will be going home.

Grab your stuff, head back to


I'll see you at tribal.

>> I feel really good about

today's immunity win.

I'm just happy that I was able

to pull it out.

Now the competition is


And I'm looking at Yul as my

competition, basically, so

hopefully I'll be able to win

the next two and secure my spot

definitely in the top two.

I can't believe it.

>> Wow.

Two more nights, that's it.

The Aitutaki four has made it to

the final four.

Also, I still have the hidden

immunity idol, which I can still

play in the final four.

So I've maneuvered myself into a

very good position.

But now it's a different ball


I'm hoping it will be relatively


But, you know, if it just gets

ugly then we'll see what


Right now with Aitu, Yul is in

control of the game.

You know, he's been in control

for a while.

It bothers me.

So I would like to get the idol

out of Yul's hands just to stir

it up right before I go home.

I wanted to see if you and

Sundra and me wanted to vote

just to get it out, and then

they'll vote for me.

>> Adam asked me if, you know, I

wanted to vote against Yul and

see if Sundra would vote against

Yul to bring the idol out.

He's trying to place little

seeds of doubt in people's minds

to shake things up.

So it's just weird thoughts and

ideas floating around camp.

And it could go a lot of ways,


>> You can only use it from four

to three, and if you don't get

out tonight, then next tribal

council, if he needs it, he'll

use it.

He's guaranteed top three, Yul


>> There's this conflicting side

of me where I'm like, "Hey, I

want a shot at that final two,

and Yul's going to make it

really hard."

So of course there's that

conflict, you know?

We're still playing a game, and

we have to make strategic moves.

>> It's going to be interesting

from this point on, though.

I want to see if this last-ditch

effort with Ozzy and Sundra will


And hopefully something will

come out of it.

>> Right now I'm still here.

And who knows what's in store?

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury.

Brad, Rebecca, Jenny, Nate,

Candice, Jonathan, and Parvati,

voted out at the last tribal


So Ozzy, let's get right to it.

Did anything happen today to

help change Adam's fate?

>> No.


I mean, I got the necklace, so

that was the only thing really

that could have changed.

>> PROBST: So just so I'm clear,

Adam's done.

>> Yes, Jeff, I think I'm done.

You know, I had my opportunity,

and I came up short.

And these four aren't budging.

They've got blinders on, and

they're set on them four in the

final four.

>> PROBST: Becky, how will the

game change after tonight's


There will be nowhere left to

hide, nobody else to vote out

except your own tribe.

>> I think that you'll see, in

the challenges coming up, Yul,

Sundra, and myself fighting much


Before there was a lot of that

letting Ozzy sort of win for us

as a four and taking out the


But I think that definitely

we're going to have a little bit

of a stronger fight.

>> PROBST: That's an interesting

comment, Becky, because you've

talked about ethics and how you

play this game, and you just

said, "We've been riding Ozzy's

coattails, letting him win all

the challenges for us."

>> He's helped us.

But I wouldn't say riding on


I don't think that... I don't

look at it that way, I guess.

>> PROBST: Ozzy?

>> For me, I don't care.

I just want to win.

And I want to win tomorrow, and

I want to win the next day.

And that's the way that I've

been playing the game, to make

it as far as I could on my own,

and that's the way that I'm

going to keep playing the game.

I'm still going to go out there

and try and win, you know?

>> But it is true.

Ozzy's job is to win the


Yul is more of the guy behind


And I'm not sure what these two


They're boring people, that's

for sure, and they don't like to

take risks at all.

But it's worked out for them.

>> PROBST: Did you try to work

any magic today?

>> I tried to see if they wanted

to at least get the idol out,

because that would give them

each an even shot instead of Yul

having the advantage.

>> PROBST: So Becky, tell me why

it doesn't hurt to you leave it

in the game.

If Yul leaves here tonight with

it, he's fine at the next vote.

Ozzy hasn't lost a challenge in

I don't know how long.

So if the results are the same

you, Becky, or you, Sundra going


>> Personally, for myself, it's

not the right time for it to

come out.

There is opportunity for it to

come out at the next tribal

council, and right now it's not

the time.

>> If Yul wins immunity, he can

protect somebody else like


So why would Becky want that

idol gone?

Think about that.

>> PROBST: You're right.

That's another good scenario.

But one of these two is


>> They've been riding him the

entire way here.

So I think they don't want to

mess that up.

And they think that if he wins

immunity he'll give it to one of

them, each of them.

Maybe they both think that.

>> I'd just like to bring up one

other possibility that might

explain why people haven't been

challenging for the idol.

The reason we got here because

we've all been really tight.

There haven't been any cracks in

our alliance.

And the four of us have an

extremely loyal to the concept

of moving forward together as a


So I think that might also

explain why people haven't been

angling for it.

>> PROBST: With all due respect,

it's easy to say when you're the

one with the idol in your back


You can say, "Let's stay

together, guys."


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Well, Adam, it does

seem like your time has come.

We'll find out.

It is time to get to the vote.

Ozzy, you have the individual

immunity necklace.

You want to do something crazy

with it?

>> No, no.

No, no.

>> PROBST: You cannot vote for


Doesn't found like the hidden

immunity idol is coming into


If it does, you'll let me know.

It is time to vote.

Ozzy, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Adam.


One vote Adam, one vote Yul.


Two votes Adam.

One vote Yul.

16th person voted out, and the

eighth member of our jury, Adam.

That's three.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Adam, the tribe has spoken.

Well, the four of you did what

seemed impossible to make it to

this point.

And now the game does change.

Like it or not, you're going to

have to turn on each other.

It's going to be fun to watch it

play out.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

>> Ozzy, Yul, Becky, and Sundra,

you guys got us good.

You knocked us all out.

You know, you beat us fair and


I played the game the best I


Just came up a little short.

All I can say is congratulations

and good luck to all of you.

>> Oh, guys, it happened.

>> We did it.

>> We did it!

>> We did it!

>> I can't believe we made it,


I hope we have some time to

enjoy this.

>> Guys, I love what we've done


>> The fact that we as the Aitu

four have made it this far, it's

an amazing accomplishment.

It's amazing.

We managed to eliminate eight

Raro members, and we're here,

and it's really fulfilling.

>> I am so glad that the winner

of Survivor is going to be from

a minority community.

I think it speaks volumes, that

oftentimes the strongest teams

are the ones that have a

diversity of perspective and


And the fact that we were able

to bond so tightly together and

really kind of succeed under

very long odds I think is a

great morality tale.

>> I woke up before dawn,

realizing that this is the

second to last morning.

This could be my last morning,

you know, if things don't go


I just wanted to enjoy this

moment and kind of relish the

experience, because to make it

this far is... it's a feat.

I just wanted to get out here

and enjoy this beautiful


I'm just focusing my energy and

getting ready for the day.

Getting ready to go out and

hopefully win.

Because that's what I got to do

at this point.

>> Whoa.

>> Whoa.

>> Tree mail!

>> We got two things.

>> Are you guys ready?

"Congratulations, final four.

The morning of day 38 is a very

special time.

Get into your canoe and paddle

to the biggest island and hike

to the top of the highest point.

You'll find the torches at


...who have been voted out of

the game.

As you pass by each take a

moment to reflect upon your

fallen comrades as well as their

time here in the Cook Islands."

>> You guys, look.

Rites of passage.

>> "You will collect the torches

as you go, lay them to rest in

the fire.

You must then follow the map to

your final immunity challenge."

>> Whoa, guys!

>> Final immunity challenge?

We got tree mail, and we were

told that we're going to our

final immunity challenge, which

kind of blew our minds, because

we have one challenge left, and

we have four people.

So we don't know what exactly

that means.

But I'm sure it's going to be a


>> I'm so happy to be sharing

this with you.

>> Today's tree mail indicated

that the Aitu four are going to

be able to actually go through

the rites of passage together.

It was pretty exciting, because

I think typically three people

go through that by themselves.

And for the Aitu four to be able

to remember everyone in this

game, I think that's going to be

really special for us today.

>> Sekou.

He had a lot of energy.

>> I didn't come in to the tribe

with the idea that I was going

to be the leader.

But in situations like these you

have to just step up to the

plate and do what you need to


>> All right, Billy.

>> I rediscovered that I'm a

dream chaser and not some


That's what I'll take away from

this-- the new discovered

fondness for being what I am--

that heavy metal, head banging,

rock and roll rebel.

>> Cecelia.

>> Cecilia.

The Peruvian princess.

>> I've always considered myself

a person that plays on the safer


I don't like putting myself out

there where I'm going to get

hurt or injured.

But I definitely discovered that

I'm not as scared as I thought I


>> J.P.

You big stud.

>> Man, this game's brutal.

It takes more than just being

strong and big and physical.

And you've got to really

understand your surroundings.

And you cannot rest at any time,

because something might be going

on behind your back.

>> Stephannie.

>> I would love to have stayed

in the game a little while


But if your mind's not

completely there 100%, you're

not at your best.

And this was my case.

>> Yeah, you're missed.

>> All right, Cao Boi.

I am most vulnerable among the

Asian community, my own

community-- people are like me

but not like me.

And I've actually changed my

opinion of them.

Eventually I learned to trust


And I trust them explicitly.

I trust them that they are not

so typical.

>> Cristina.

>> A tough cookie.

>> Being a police officer does

make it harder to play a game

like this.

You know, you want to be a role


Yeah, it would be great to win a

million dollars, but I don't

want to step over someone to get


>> Sweet old Jessica.

Flicka, Flicka.

>> Flicka flame.

>> I knew I was strong.

But I'm stronger than I

realized, and I'm more

comfortable with myself than I

anticipated, you know?

I really hope that I left some

of my spirit behind with the

tribe, because I have the right


>> The best part of the game for

me was stepping outside of my

comfort zone.

It was the best and worst

experience of my life.

>> My Survivor experience showed

me how strong I am and how weak

I can be.

And I learned that you don't

always have to be the toughest


It's okay.

>> I doubted myself and didn't

think I could do Survivor, but I

did it.

I lasted longer than I thought I


So I do have a lot of strength

that I never thought I could

ever have.

>> Nate dog.

>> Another original Hiki member.

>> I had a lot of fun, just

because it was so new to me.

Not really my cup of tea, you


I'm more of, like, a city cat.

This game definitely taught me

that in life I'm going with what

I feel inside.

>> I am a very competitive


I want to win.

I want to be in there.

I want to be in the middle of


And that's just my personality.

With Adam and I, I could feel

that he was a genuine person and

what you see is what you get

with him.

I knew I could trust him.

I didn't win, but played the

game the only way that I could--

all out.

>> Jonathan.

>> Jonathan.

>> Thank you, Jonathan.

Thank you, thank you.

>> I had so much fun out here, I

can't begin to tell you.

44-year-old Jew in Survivor.

I lasted day 33.

That's okay.

I lost 30 pounds in 33 days, and

I feel fantastic.

I feel like the guy my wife


>> I thought that I was running

the show for a little while,

because I'm a flirty girl, and

guys respond to that.

But I feel like, you know, they

all thought that I was, like,

this wimpy little, like, ditzy

sorority girl, and you know,

couldn't really hold my own.

And I think I shocked a few

people by staying in as long as

I did.

And I kind of shocked myself.

>> I'm a little bit frustrated

that I did get so close and

didn't win it all.

But you can't let that haunt

you, you know?

You can't change the past.

You know, I learned a tremendous

amount about myself.

I'm not afraid to say anything

to anybody.

And that's the type of person I


So if you really want it, I'm

going to tell it like it is.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Day 38, and we are down to four.

You guys ready to get to your

final immunity challenge?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Ozzy, I'll take it back again.

>> There you go.

>> PROBST: Thanks.

Immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge you will

be standing on a small steel

perch situated in the water.

Each perch has been individually

proportioned to your foot size

so everything is equal.

Every 15 minutes you'll remove a

section of the perch, making it

smaller and more difficult.

When you get down to the last

piece of the perch, you will be

standing on a section that is

less than half the size of a


Last person left standing on

their perch wins immunity,

guaranteed a spot in the final


And the reason that is so

important is that for the first

time ever final tribal council

will include not two people but


Three people will take part in

that final vote.

Three people will be eligible

for the million dollars.

This is it.

Ready to get started?

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Let's head out.

This challenge is on.

This first stage will be 15

minutes long.

Calm day, sun is out.

Perfect day for a long


Okay, it's time to release the

first section of perch.

Everybody grab the rope.

Here we go.

Three, two, one, release.

Nicely done.

It's now time to release the

second section.

Here we go.

Three, two, one, release.

>> Oh, cool water.

>> PROBST: Okay.

At this time you will remove the

other side.

It's going to get a little more

difficult now.

Here we go.

Three, two, one, release.

>> Oh, my, gosh.

>> PROBST: And with that, Becky

is the first one out of the


We are now down to three.

Ozzy, Sundra, Yul.

Becky's fate is now out of her


She cannot control her destiny

in this game.

As it stands now, Yul is the

only person that can guarantee

himself a spot in the final

three, because he has the hidden

immunity idol.

If Yul wins immunity that would

allow him to keep immunity for

himself and give immunity to

someone else.

When you remove this last piece

of the perch, you will be left

with a section to stand on that

is less than half the size of a


Here we go.

Three, two, one, release.

Ozzy recovers from a near fall.

Sundra balancing on one foot

using just the ball of her other


Yul doing very well in his


Three very different strategies.

Ozzy with a nice recovery.

Sundra seems to have found a

really good spot.

Ozzy, how are your toes doing?

>> Toes are okay.

The sweat's the biggest factor

for me.

It's making my nether regions


Sorry to get gross.

>> PROBST: Sundra loses her


>> I didn't mean to mess you up,


>> PROBST: Sundra, how are your


>> They're okay.

>> PROBST: Yul, where are you

feeling it?

>> My toes and my ankles.

>> PROBST: Yul tries to step up,

loses his balance.

Yul is the second person out of

this challenge.

Last person left standing

guarantees themselves a spot in

that final three with a shot at

a million dollars.

You guys have been up there now

a total now of two hours.

>> Good lord.

>> PROBST: One hour since you

went to the final piece of the


Sundra has a momentary bit of


Catches herself.

Been up there now for two and a

half hours.

>> Damn.

>> PROBST: Sundra losing her


Sundra is in the water.

Ozzy wins the final immunity.

>> Oh, my god!

>> That was a great job.

That was amazing.

>> PROBST: Once again, you have


This time it guarantees you a

spot at the final tribal


Becky, Yul, Sundra, two of you

will join Ozzy at the final


One of you will become our ninth

and final member of the jury.

See you there.

Swim on in.

>> Ozzy, give a girl a chance to

wear the necklace.

>> Oh, man, I'm so pumped about

winning the challenge today.

It was down to the wire.

Sundra completely stunned me.

I thought she would have been

off a lot faster than she was.

There was few times I almost

fell off, but I stayed up.

And it's crazy to think that I'm

finally here, that this is it.

You did an amazing job.

You should be proud.

>> I'm just picturing myself

with the immunity necklace

walking in and jury going,

"Whoa, Sundra got it," you know?

So I'm disappointed.

I really thought I had it.

I really did.

It all comes to a head in couple

of hours.

>> We're going to tribal council


Ozzy has immunity.

I have the hidden immunity idol.

So either Sundra or Becky will

go home tonight.

The question is who to vote off.

>> I mean, what do you think?

>> I don't know.

>> Of course.

It's definitely different for

you than it is for me, because I

don't have that tie.

I don't have anything against


I don't want to vote her out.

But I couldn't say that there is

any huge difference between them

in who is more deserving or not.

Unless something gets figured

out, I think it's going to come

down to a tiebreaker.

The Aitu four, from the moment

of the mutiny we've tried to be

as fair and equal as possible

and do things the right way.

So I think the fairest thing

that we can come up with is a


You know, two of us vote for

Becky, two of us vote for

Sundra, and we let them decide,

however that is.

I mean, who knows what it's

going to be?

But I don't feel like I should

be in the position to make that


I mean, the way that we've done

it the whole time is trying to

be as fair as possible.

So not to do that now I think

would be a mistake.

>> But just because of today...

>> I was trying to convince him,

you know, but...

>> Yul has offered me the

immunity idol.

And the idol guarantees my spot

in the final three.

To the jury it would probably

look really bad with the sneak

attack coming in and, you know,

presenting me with the idol.

But it's me or her going home


So it's a really hard choice.

Oh, yeah.

Let's do this.

>> I'm not deciding between the

two of you.

Fairest thing to do would be a


>> I could save Becky

tonight by giving her the idol.

The downside to that for me is

I'd be at risk.

There's no guarantee that I

won't get voted out tonight.

So I'm personally facing a major


>> Did she ask you?

Did she ask you to give her the




>> I've had to make so many

compromises, and broken so many

promises, but the one thing I've

always kind of stayed true to is

my friendship with Becky.

So to continue honoring that I

feel like I might have to give

her the idol.

>> One, two, three.

It's a tough, tough decision.

And I hope to God just things

work out.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring the

members of our jury.

Brad, Rebecca, Jenny, Nate,

Candice, Jonathan, Parvati, and

Adam, voted out at the last

tribal council.

So here's the situation.

After tonight's vote, three of

you will move on to the final

tribal council and have a shot

at the million dollars.

The person voted out will become

the ninth and final member of

our jury.

So let's review where we are.

Yul and Ozzy appear to be safe.

Yul because as far as I know

still has the hidden immunity


Ozzy is wearing immunity.

That leaves us with Becky and


Last tribal council you had a


You weren't worried.

So Sundra, do you feel

differently tonight than you did

last tribal council?

>> My decision to not actively

go to out the idol was a risk,

and you have to be ready for the

good and the bad.

I was never worry free.

I knew that there was a risk I'd

have to take.

And I'm willing to live with how

things are.

>> PROBST: So, with Becky and

Sundra sitting on the hot seat,

Ozzy, you go back to camp.

Was there any discussion about

who deserves it?

>> We got back and right away I

said, "You know, I think that it

should be a tie."

And the girls agree that that

was probably the best thing to


So instead of going behind each

others' back, none of that

happened at all.

So I'm voting for Becky out.

Yul is voting for Sundra out.

They're obviously voting for

each other.

And we're going to let the cards

fall where they may.

>> PROBST: Yul, you're in an

interesting position.

Because if you still have the

hidden immunity idol you could

give it to somebody, and nobody

would necessarily know, which

gives you power.

>> I knew that the idol could

potentially be played tonight.

But I came up with a solution

that everyone seemed happy with.


>> PROBST: Sundra, if Yul wanted

to play the idol he certainly

wouldn't say he was going to,

and he would say exactly what he

just did, which is, "Never

really came up."

>> Of course.

That thought came into my head

several times.

And if I get played then I'm the

big sucker, you know?

And if he does that, that's on


>> PROBST: Becky, it go through

your head that, "Maybe Yul will

give me the idol-- I don't want

to bug him, but I'd like to have


>> Of course it went through my


I mean, you know, you think that

you maintain a relationship with

somebody, and you get pretty


I mean, I've known Yul since the

very first tribe.

But at the same time, if I were

to accept the idol, how would

that be presented to the jury?

>> PROBST: So Yul, again, what

goes through the head of the

person who has that power and

all these choices?

>> I came into this game maybe

with sort of a naive expectation

that maybe I can play a

completely clean game.

And I realized quickly that's

not possible.

So, you know, the idol could be

played tonight.

But I still try to stay true to

certain things, which is loyalty

to the people I came here with.

But you make a lot of

compromises in this game.

>> PROBST: So Ozzy, you are


You have the immunity necklace.

You're not giving it up.

>> Hell, no.

>> PROBST: From what we know Yul

still has the hidden immunity


It doesn't sound like he's given

it to anybody.

We're going to find out.

It is time to vote.

Ozzy, you're up.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Becky.



Two votes Becky, one vote


One vote left.

We are in fact tied, two votes


The big question-- do either of

you have the hidden immunity


We'll move to a tiebreaker.


It is a fire-making challenge.

Becky, Sundra, take a spot

behind either of the fire-making

stations, whichever one you


You each have the same


You each have flint and steel in

the form of a knife.

Same amount of coconut husk and

wooden kindling.

You must build a fire with a

flame high enough to burn

through the rope.

When you burn through the rope,

you'll ring a bell.

One of you going be in the final

three, one of you going to the


Survivors ready?


Neither person trying to make


First trying to build the


Sundra now pulling out the

coconut husk.

Becky now working with the

coconut husk.

Sundra the first to try and get

a spark.

Trying to light it.

Becky now following suit.

Who will get the first flame?

All right, stop right where

you're at.

We're going to go to matches.

>> All right.

>> PROBST: Three, two, one, go.

Becky and Sundra both ready to

start making fire, both going

for their matches.

Sundra has a flame.

Becky having trouble lighting

her match.

Sundra has a flame going, trying

to keep it alive.

Becky now has flame.

Going to have to build a flame

that will last long enough and

burn high enough to burn through

that rope.

Both fires out.

Sundra nurturing a little


Becky has a little fire going.

And once again both fires out.

After 38 days out here, you

should both know how to make


Sundra lights a match.

Both women have dismantled their


They're going to try something


Becky lights a match.

Sundra's flame goes out.

Can she get it back?

>> I'm out.

>> PROBST: And Sundra is out of


Becky seems to have a fire that

might have some legs.

Sundra can only watch.

She has no way to start a fire.

Becky has a good fire going.

She just has to get the flame

high enough to reach the rope.

That's going to do it.

With that, Becky joins Ozzy and

Yul as the third member of the

final three.

Sundra, you become the 17th

person out of this game, and the

ninth and final member of our


You need to bring me your torch.

Sundra, the tribe has spoken.

You have now gone as far as you

can go in this game.

The power now shifts to the


Nine people that you had a hand

in voting out of this game now

hold your fate in their hands.

You have one more night here in

the Cook Islands.

I hope you enjoy it.

I'll see you tomorrow for your

final tribal council.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

>> The fact that I even made it

this far, it's just ignited so

many things in me.

And I'm so proud.

And I gave it my all, like I did

everything else.

And Becky, Yul, and Ozzy, one of

you is going to win a million,

and you're taking me out to


>> Cheers!

>> Yeah!

>> Yes.

>> Day 39.


( speaking spanish )

It's amazing.

( speaking spanish )

>> At the end of today we'll be

human again.

>> ( with Spanish accent ) Human


I cannot wait.

Every ten minutes or so I've

got to, like, pinch myself just

to make sure this I'm not in

some kind of incredibly lucid


>> Oh, how I've been looking

forward to this day.

Beautiful morning.

>> Last sunrise.

Last sunrise.

I'm in a state of lots of mixed

feelings, including shock that I

was able to survive the fire

challenge last night.

And also I am very proud of

myself for not giving in to

temptation of taking the easy

route and just accepting the

offer from Yul to take the idol.

Because tonight for sure I think

that the jury members will be

coming at me with questions

about riding the backs of Ozzy

and Yul.

But I think that I have played a

very social game.

I'm proud of it.

>> What the hell?

Yul, get out here!

Oh, my god.


>> Yeah!



>> Becky!

>> Thank you.

Thank you very much.

>> First things first.

>> Got to wait for Becky.

Oh, my god.

>> What the hell?


Where is she?

>> You know, I do believe it was

a little symbolic that it was

Yul and I that happened to be

there when the feast arrived.

I think that that was symbolic

of how the jury vote will play


I think Yul and I will get the

majority of the votes, and

really doubting that Becky's

going to get any votes,

especially because last night

was such an incredibly

embarrassing display of

fire-making skills.

>> Becky!

Come on!

>> Come on!

Where have you been?

>> You missed it.

It's like a Cook feast!

The fact that I was able to

start this whole adventure with

Becky on day one, the fact that

I'm able to finish with it her,

you know, has got to be a dream,


>> Congratulations, guys.

>> Woo-hoo!

>> Finding a really good friend

is worth more than a million


I mean, friendships like the one

I have with Becky I think are

that rare.

I tried to play the game with as

much integrity as I could.

I know that I failed in a lot of


But, you know, hopefully people

won't hold it against me that I

beat them.

>> I'm just hoping final tribal

goes really well.

I hope I can get my point


I've got a lot of pride, and I

feel like I'm representing

Mexico, and I have broken a lot

of stereotypes.

I'm a surfer up against two


Hopefully my actions, my

intentions, and everything that

I've done in this game speak for


All I've got to do is hold it

together one more night,

and finally this dream may take

a step into reality.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

your final jury.









And Sundra, voted out at the

last tribal council.

Welcome to your final tribal


Ozzy, immunity doesn't come into

play anymore.

You can take that off and set it


>> Cool.

>> PROBST: After 39 days the

power in this game shifts from

the three of you-- Ozzy, Becky

and Yul-- to the jury.

Nine people that you had a hand

either directly or indirectly in

voting out tonight, they will

decide who they think is most

deserving of the title of sole

survivor and the million dollars

that goes along with it.

Here is how it's going to work.

You will each get a chance to

make an opening statement to

convince this jury of why you

are the most deserving person to

win this game.

The jury will then get their

opportunity to address you.

Jury, you can direct your

questions and comments to any or

all of the final three.

It's up to you.

Then we will vote.

Shall we get started?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Yul, opening


>> When I came here I wanted to

play a certain way.

I didn't want to just play an

individual game where I just got

myself to the final.

I honestly feel that I've

probably done more than anyone

else to really affect and

influence the overall course of

this game.

I was able to bring everyone in

my tribe and everyone in my

alliance to the final four, and

ultimately to the final three.

I don't think it's just

coincidence that I've been on

the teams and alliances that

ultimately became dominant.

I think I played a pretty key

role in leading these teams.

I won't lie about the fact that

I have had to manipulate and

deceive people.

But I stayed loyal to people who

are loyal to me.

So I would love to get your vote


And I feel like I've earned my

way here.

I have played ever facet of the

game, and in a way that, you

know, I'm proud of.


>> PROBST: Becky.

>> You know, I came into this

game knowing that I'm not going

to be the strongest person, nor

the fastest, you know, or the

smartest, and knew that I would

have to, you know, basically

rely on my social game and the

way I can connect with people.

And I wanted to form an alliance

with people that I trusted, that

I knew that, you know, if I gave

my word and they gave their word

I could count on that.

I've really tried to play the

social game-- being fair, being

honest to the best of my

abilities, and I'm true to my


So that's why I'm asking for

your vote tonight.

>> PROBST: Ozzy.

>> From the beginning of this

game I was the underdog, you


My people were voted out the

first tribe.

And I found myself in a position

that was really scary.

But I never let that stop me.

And I said, you know, "Hey, I'm

here to play a game and just try

as hard as I can and do whatever

I can."

And that came down to providing,

you know?

I knew that if I didn't fish, if

I didn't go out and provide for

people, that my ass was gone.

That was the bottom line.

You know, I never tried to hide

who I was or what I was or how

strong I was.

You know, I came out here and I

embraced every aspect of this

game wholeheartedly with my soul

in every single moment that I

possibly could.

I think that my actions and my

reputation in this game speaks

louder than any words I'm going

to be able to.

>> PROBST: All right, jury, in a

moment you're going to get your

first chance to address them.

I'll give you a minute to think

about what you want to say.

>> PROBST: All right, jury, it's

now your turn to address Yul,

Becky, and Ozzy, gather

information to help you make a

million dollar decision.

Nate, get us started.

>> Snap.

Well, first of all, I got to

give you guys some props,


Congratulate yourself on how you

did the game.

Yul, I'm going to kind of put

you in my light of godfather.

You played it like the big

gangster boss.

I don't know, brother, but

you're very intelligent.

You kind of sat back, and you

played the game completely


Ozzy, you are the other side of

the coin, my brother.

You I see as, like, the warrior

kind of style, you know?

And that was apparent in


But I want to see how you from a

strategy point played the game

better than Yul.

>> I believe the very first

third of this game I played an

incredibly pivotal role in

deciding the ultimate fate of

the game.

I found myself in the position

early on of being the Yul of my


I was the one who convinced my

tribe to throw the challenge to

get Billy voted off.

I said, "You know, guys, Billy's

taking us all down."

And I was of the one who was

controlling things.

And then once we merged, I

relied on myself over anybody


And, you know, maybe I did play

up the fact that, "Yeah, bro,

I'm a surfer dude.

Don't worry about me.

I'll provide the fish, and I'll

be chill, man."

You know, so I played that.

I played that as much as


So the strategy point for me, it

worked because I just relied on

myself, and it got me as far as


>> Respect.

All right, Becky, you've got the

mob boss and the warrior.

Why do you deserve a million

dollars over these two?

>> I know that I was lucky to be

with the people that I was

aligned with.

But whenever you say that Yul

was the puppet master, you don't

know all the conversations that

we had on every decision that we

were going to make.

We decided together.

Like, it wasn't making Yul

making decisions by himself when

you say that he was the


>> PROBST: Satisfied?

>> No.

I'm being real.

I'm not satisfied.

It's a million dollars right

now, you know?

Becky, are you saying that you

ran it?

Were you the boss?

>> No.

That's my point.

I don't think there was a boss.

We seriously were able to go to

the final four because we relied

on each other, and we worked

together and made decisions


And, like, I know that from the

jury's point of view, seeing how

I played, I played


I didn't take risks.

But the biggest risk I think

that I personally took was when

I rejected the idol the night

before tribal council.

Yul offered me the idol to save

my butt.

And I said no, because I didn't

want to slide into the top


I wanted to earn it.

>> Cool.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Nate.


>> My question is directed to


What do you think is more

important in winning this game,

the physical element or the

strategical element?

>> Clearly in my case I think is

a game about social strategy.

I mean, again, if it was all

about physical survival skills

or physical challenges, it would

be a very different game.

And I was happy to let Ozzy set

himself up as a huge target,

which he did.

And that deflected a lot of

attention away from me.

So it was all part of strategy.

And the ultimate outcome here is

everyone in my tribe made the

final four.

>> I respect that.

Good luck to all three of you.

Thank you.

>> PROBST: Parvati.

>> Congrats.

You earned your spots up there


Beckers, I was floored last

night that you would put

yourself in a position of going

up against Sundra in a fire-

making challenge.

And now I just find out that you

declined the idol from Yul.

But you're sitting between

giants right now.

And I want to you convince me

that you want to win this game.

>> I wouldn't have been able to

accept that idol and sit here


I think I would have cheated my


You know, that's not who I am.

I'm not a sneaky person.

For me I never wanted to regret

making the decisions that I


And I wanted to win it the way

that... you know, that I am


>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Pavarti.

Rebecca, you're up.


Congratulations to all three of


My question is to Yul and Ozzy.

Right now I'm pretty much torn

between the two of you.

Yul, I thought the strategically

you were flawless in playing

this game.

Ozzy, you were flawless in every


I need both of you to kind of

tell me something that I don't

know that will help me decide

why you deserve the money, Yul.

>> One of the main reasons I

wanted to even be on Survivor

was the fact that minorities

were underrepresented in the


Like, when I grew up I didn't

see any people that looked like

me on TV.

And whenever you see a lot of

minorities on TV they're just

kind of caricatures.

I wanted America to see Asian

American men as they truly are.

And if I do win this game, you

know, I'd want to be very

visible spokesperson for talking

about how we can move forward

and try to get more minorities

represented on TV.

>> Okay.

Thank you.


>> In line with Yul, you know, I

have very similar interests and


And that is changing the

stereotypes and classic image

of, "Hey, what's a Mexican?"

The opportunity to be able to

come out here and to dominate in

a lot of different aspects I

think is really going to change

the perception of what is a


And this is a Mexican right


So using my position, I think

that I can become a positive

role model for any kind of kid

out there, you know?

And I think that we have the

opportunity right now to change

the world a little bit.


>> Thank you from the two of


That helped me a lot.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Rebecca.


>> I think you four, the three

of you and Sundra, have been

painfully boring through tribal


And I want you to get to the


Just want to start off by saying


For Ozzy, I want to you talk

trash about these two.

I really do.

I don't want you talk anything

about you.

I want to you talk some trash

about these two.

Why they shouldn't win it.

Not about you.

>> All right.

Well, I'll start with Yul.

I know that Yul didn't work as

hard as he could.

I just think that one of the

worst things you can do is not

try as hard as possible.

And that's something that I

think that Yul might have done.

For Becky, I think that a lot of

it was Becky riding on


And the fire making?

The fire making is that

something that after 39 days

you've got to be able to do.

>> Okay.

That's fine.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Adam.


>> First of all, I think the

fact that you guys made it after

the infamous mutiny, I think

it's cool, even though I'm not

sitting over there.

My question goes to Yul.

Whenever you're asked a question

you kind of beat around the bush

if you don't want to answer it.

You know, you'll say what people

want to hear.

I don't want to give you the

opportunity to do that again


So I'm going to ask you a yes or

no question.

I want to be very clear if you

say anything other than yes or


>> Got it.

>> ...I will not vote for you.

>> Got it.

>> That's all I want to hear.

>> All right, all right.

>> My impression is that you

have been shamelessly working

this jury.

Is that true?

( laughter )

>> Yes.

>> Thank you.

That was tough for you, I know.

>> Well, shamelessly is...

>> No, no.

I answered yes or no.

I answered yes or no.

I answered yes or no.

>> I'm going to have to think

about that one.

You broke the rules.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Candice.


>> Kudos to all three of you.

Seriously, congratulations.

Ozzy, I've pretty much had,

like, 15-second conversation

with you in my entire life.

I want to know what has been the

most challenging experience in

your life, and how did you

overcome that?

>> The most challenging

experience in my life would

probably be the relationship

that I have with my father.

For whatever reason, the man

just can't be around, and

doesn't want to take


So I'm the one who's had to

always had to make the effort to

try to get to know him and to

try and know my family in


I love my family more than


But my father just has never

been there for me.

And to not have that as a kid,

it's just a different thing to

know that the person that

created you doesn't want you

around, or whatever.

Anyway, it's the hardest


>> Wow, thank you for that.

Thank you for sharing that.

Thanks, guys.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Brad.


>> My people.

The thing that I wanted to ask

you guys is what is one thing

that you have either discovered

about yourself, discovered about

life in general, from being in

this game all the way up to day

freakin' 39.

I'll start with Ozzy.

>> Pure love.

There's absolutely nothing here

except for your mind, your soul,

your body, what you can do with

mother nature.

And just learning to love


And I don't want to sound like a

hippie-dippy patchouli-stinkin'


It's really just about loving

and cherishing every single


>> Becky.

>> I mean, when I first got here

I kept asking, "What time is it?

What time do you think it is?"

And they'd be like, "Dude, why

do you care?"

I've always been a person who

has everything set by the time

and by the minute.

And everything is always


And just letting everything go,

it was very scary to me, because

those are things that I felt had

always defined me.

I definitely have learned how to

take a moment for myself.

Being here in this moment I've

finally been able to appreciate


>> Yul.

>> I think the one thing I've

really realized is just kind of

a newfound kind of self

confidence in myself.

You know, I came here with a lot

of fears, a lot of self doubt, a

lot of anxieties.

And just to know that I could

make it through all the way, I

really feel that I now believe

in myself that I can do what I

really feel passionate about.

>> Well, I want to say it was a

pleasure, because I think you

guys are intelligent and

beautiful people, and I love you

guys, truly.

And good luck.

>> PROBST: Jonathan.

>> Guys, congratulations.

It's been my pleasure to play

the game, and honestly, I'm

thrilled for the three of you,

you played hard, you played

well, you played me-- okay,

shame on me.

Yul, brilliant man, very polite


And polite is sort of the other

half of the word of politic.

Certainly you are a civic-minded


You could conceive even of

running for office.

So, Yul, your future

constituents have watched the

season, because they're thinking

of voting for you.

Explain to people who would vote

for you how telling half truths,

which were also half lies, keeps

in line with your integrity,

good intentions, and your

ability to serve them in the


>> I think what you said is

absolutely true.

I have done a lot of deceiving

in this game, a lot of


But Survivor is a game,


Everyone here came in the game

knowing what the game was about.

If I was outside this game, I

would never do this to

unsuspecting people.

Look-- I have the ability and I

have the technique to manipulate


But if you look at the overall

game, you know, I've stayed true

to the original people that I

made alliances with.

Anyway, I hope that answers your


>> It did, very well.

Thank you.

Ozzy, you are obviously

extraordinarily talented, with

the enviable ability to win at

these challenges and do almost

supernatural things, or at least

superhuman things.

On occasion I have found you

arrogant, I have found you with

an attitude of entitlement.

You act as if you are a prince

to me.

No, I mean that honestly.

I'm a little uncomfortable

giving million dollars to a 25-

year-old kid that I perceive as

having some issues of

entitlement, okay?

What I'd like to hear from you

is how is giving you a million

dollars going to make you a

better person, your world a

better place, and, in fact, my

world a better place.


>> If I had a million dollars,

honestly, Jonathan, I would go

back to school.

Because going to school has been

very hard for me, because I've

had to pay for it myself.

So the first thing I would do is

complete a higher education with

money that I don't necessarily

have to worry about owing to

somebody else.

After the schooling I would love

to just be able to try and

change the world for the better,


>> Thank you, guys.

>> PROBST: All right.

We'll give the jury a moment to

think about what they've heard,

then we will vote.

>> PROBST: All right.

It's time to get to the vote.

Tonight it's a little different.

Tonight you want to see your

name on the parchment.

Jury, you are voting for a


Let's get to the vote.

Brad, you're up.

>> I admire you all tremendously

in the game that you played.

But Yul outplayed you all.

>> The ultimate competitor.

The fire that you've brought to

this game completely captivated


I think that you played your

heart out.

You totally deserve to win this


>> PROBST: For the last time,

I'll go get the votes.

It's been a long 39 days.

I know you would love for me to

read these votes right now.

Unfortunately, you're going to

have to wait until we get home.

See you there.

( cheers and applause )

>> PROBST: All right, nice


Glad everybody's so


Well, I have to say to you guys

that, for my money, one of the

most enjoyable seasons we have

had in quite a while.

And for a show that's been on 13

seasons now, that is saying


And that is a real credit to

everybody here on the stage, and

also the other survivors that

were voted out earlier.

You guys gave us some great

moments in your pursuit of a

million dollars.

But it comes down to this.

Final three-- Yul, Becky, Ozzy.

Nine votes.

You want to see your name


At stake, title of sole survivor

and a check for a million


I'll read the votes.

First vote, Yul.

( cheers and applause )


( cheers and applause )

One vote Yul, one vote Ozzy.


( cheers and applause )

Two votes Yul, one vote Ozzy.


( cheers and applause )

Three votes Yul, one vote Ozzy.


( cheers and applause )

Three votes Yul, two votes Ozzy.


( cheers and applause )

We are tied.

Three votes Yul, three votes



( cheers and applause )

Ozzy now in the lead.

Four votes Ozzy, three votes



( cheers and applause )

So we are tied-- four votes Yul,

four votes Ozzy, one vote left.

Which means Becky is now the

wild card.

If this vote is for Becky, we

have a tie.

( laughter )

The vote is not for Becky.

Becky is out of the game.

We are now down to two people--

Yul, who dominated strategically

like maybe nobody else ever has.

Ozzy, who dominated physically,

fair to say like nobody ever


It comes down to one vote left.

The winner of Survivor: Cook



( cheers and applause )

>> You look good in your suit.

>> How are you?

Nice to meet you.

>> Yul, congratulations, really.

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