Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 9 - The Power of the Idol - full transcript

Terry decides it's time to reveal the Idol to some castaways.

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>> PROBST: Previously on


With Sally alone on Exile


>> Oh, wow!

>> Whoo-hoo!

>> Give me some paddle.

>> PROBST: The La Mina men were

set to merge with Casaya.

>> We're down six-four.

If we don't get somebody to

switch over right away, we'll

just get picked off.

>> There they are.

>> PROBST: The Casaya Six saw

them coming...

>> Hey! Come here quickly!

>> PROBST: ...and immediately

circled up against them.

>> We stay together, we get to

the top six.

One, two, three.

>> Come on in!

>> PROBST: The men were

welcomed, and Sally soon joined


The former rivals briefly put

the game aside.

>> Oh, fruit!

>> Chocolate!

>> It was a very cordial

gathering, but I could sense

there probably was a little bit

of sizing up.

>> PROBST: Terry went to work

on a new shelter.

>> What's Terry building?

We'll vote him off.

>> He might be on the chopping


>> PROBST: Then Terry went to

work on Bruce.

>> You come over, and we will go

to the final five.

>> PROBST: Then Shane.

>> Hi, Shane.

>> PROBST: Then Cirie.

>> Our group of four would like

to offer you more time of

worry-free life around here.

>> It was almost laughable.

I don't think he's in a

position to offer me anything.

>> PROBST: At the immunity


Cirie first down!

One by one, the former Casaya

members confidently dropped,

leaving Nick, Austin and Terry

to battle it out.

>> Terry, no!

>> No way, hoss.

Hang in there.

Austin's struggling to hang in


>> PROBST: Austin's out.

Terry's determination paid off.

Nick drops out.

Terry wins the first individual


>> Bruce!

>> PROBST: Back at camp, Shane

made it obvious who was in


>> I'm very proud of us for

staying together.

>> PROBST: As the two strongest

former La Mina men, Nick and

Austin were the targets.

>> Nick seems like Terry #2.

>> I don't know why I feel like

Austin's the call.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council...

Let's talk about the immunity

challenge today.

Austin thought he was gone, so

he spoke openly about faking

weakness at the challenge.

>> I opted to come down, and I'm

probably going to pay the price

for that.

>> PROBST: The strategy was

appear weak?

>> Something along those lines.

>> PROBST: But, when the votes

were read...

Seventh person voted out of


...Austin was spared, and Nick

was sent home.

Nick, the tribe has spoken.

Nine are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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♪ ♪

>> I feel great.

Here another day, my man.

I'm here another day.

>> During Tribal Council last

night, Austin was, like, "Oh,

well, I tanked that challenge on

purpose so that I didn't look

too strong."

I was, like, oh, my gosh, what

have we done?

I just felt like the wrong guy


>> My mouth kept dropping each


Yesterday, I thought I had come

off with the greatest caper of

all time.

But when it looked like it

wasn't working, and I'm going

home, I wanted everyone to at

least know, "Hey, I could have

hung a little bit longer, guys."

Now, in retrospect, that was so

stupid to let them know my

plan because now I'm afraid

people are questioning whether

they really trust me.

>> These snails are like members

of La Mina: slimy and hard to

get out.

>> Oh, Aras, aren't you being


>> No. They're cutthroat, and

Austin is a slimeball.

>> He's a slimeball.

>> A slimeball.

>> Yeah, you're right.

I can't trust him.

That's for sure.

>> He's going to try to work


The one thing we have to make

sure is that we don't reveal

anything, period.

>> Today's a new day, and new

numbers are rolling through my


Casaya-- they're sitting there

all happy because they have the


But if I can draw two of those

people over on our side, the

tables could turn.

I'm still a team guy.

I'm still a La Mina guy versus

the remaining Casaya members,

and I'm hoping to turn it

around a little bit, and we'll

see what happens.

There's always hope.

>> Tree mail!

It's going to be a fun one.

Here. Ready?

"Skill can win a boat race, and

making tough decisions takes

some guts.

But, in political battles,

you'll always deal with nuts."

>> All political.

>> Tree mail said something

about making political

decisions and, as far as Austin

and Terry and I go, that's a

good challenge to have come our

way at this point.

>> Yay! It sounds like a fun

one, doesn't it?

>> Yeah.

>> We're hoping that maybe it

will create some conflict for

the original Casaya members and

shake things up a little bit

around here.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Ready to get to today's


>> Yeah. Ready.

>> PROBST: It is for reward.

Here's how it works.

We're going to divide into

three teams.

Each team will have one boat

and 100 coconuts.

On my go, you're going to race

to take your coconuts and put

them in the boats of the other

two teams.

The more you put into another

team's boat, the more it's

going to slow them down later.

Keep in mind, while you're doing

this to their boat, they're

doing it to your boat.

Once you're rid of all your

coconuts, get in your boat,

paddle out, retrieve a tribe

flag and a fishing net, then

make your way back to shore.

You'll use the fishing net to

now carry all the coconuts that

the other teams have put into

your boat back up the beach,

put them in the bin.

First tribe to get all the

coconuts in their bin, get on

their finish map with the tribe

flag, wins reward.

Want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: For the winning tribe

of three, you'll be picked up

tomorrow by boat, taken to a

lovely little spot where you

will find a bed and breakfast

waiting for you.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Bacon, eggs, mimosas.

In addition, the winning team

of three will decide who goes

to Exile Island.

All right.

We're going to randomly divide

into teams.

We'll get started.

There are three teams:

Shane, Terry, Austin.

Bruce, Aras and Sally.

Danielle, Courtney, Cirie.

Here we go, for reward, a

breakfast in bed!

Survivors ready?


Trying to get all of your

coconuts in somebody else's


You drop a coconut, you have to

pick it up.

Austin hunched over, moving


Terry and Aras right behind him.

Get those coconuts in the boat

as quickly as you can, and get


Austin and Terry unload into

Cirie, Danielle and Courtney's


Aras going to load up on Terry,

Shane and Austin.

Danielle loses one.

That's going to slow her down.

The sooner you unload your

coconuts, the faster you paddle

out and get back.

Aras, Austin and Terry coming

with a lot of coconuts.

Who are they targeting?

Austin and Terry are going

after the girls.

Aras is heading right back to

Terry, Shane and Austin's boat.

Figured out a good strategy,

ganging up on the three guys.

>> Danielle, stay in their boat.

We're not putting in any in


>> PROBST: Aras and Danielle on

opposite teams, but talking


Danielle loading up on the guys.

More coconuts you put in their

boat, the tougher it's going

to be.

Courtney with more coconuts for

Terry, Austin and Shane.

Everybody following the lead of


Austin going to give Aras,

Sally and Bruce some of his


Terry heads to the same place.

Bruce having trouble.

Coconuts all over the place.

>> Bruce, take your time.

We've got a lead.

Don't worry about it.

>> PROBST: The girls have a lot

of coconuts left.

They're falling behind.

You can't paddle out until your

coconut bin is empty.

Aras and Bruce unloading on

Terry, Austin and Shane.

Austin coming down.

Terry and Shane getting the

last coconuts for their team.

Sally coming down.

>> Last trip!

>> All right.

>> PROBST: Last trip for Aras,

Sally and Bruce.

Terry and Shane with the last

coconuts for their team.

Aras right behind.

Terry, Shane and Austin heading


Sally, Aras and Bruce are rid

of their last coconuts.

They're heading out.

>> Come on, let's go! Come on!

>> PROBST: Terry, Shane and

Austin right behind!

The girls are so far behind

they have to put their coconuts

in their own boat.

>> Come on! We're good!

We're good! Keep going!

>> PROBST: Aras, Sally, Bruce

close to their flag and

their fishnet.

Shane, Austin, Terry trying to

make up some ground.

Aras, Sally and Bruce have their

flag and their net.

They're heading back.

Shane has the flag.

Shane has the net.

They're heading back.

Danielle, Cirie, Courtney

falling farther and farther


No shot in this challenge.

Aras, Sally, Bruce paddling


Shane, Austin and Terry

paddling back.

Going to be a race back to


Aras dives in.

Shane right behind.

Both teams clipping in.

Start unloading coconuts!

>> Austin, up here.

>> PROBST: You've got to use

the fishing net to put the

coconuts in.

Terry throwing coconuts


Austin trying to keep track of


Sally, Bruce, Aras seem to have

a good system going.

>> Right there, Shane.

We're coming back.

>> PROBST: Terry, Austin and

Shane coming back with a big

load of coconuts.

That's not all of them.

They're going to have to make

another trip.

>> That's it!

>> PROBST: Bruce, Aras, Sally

have all their coconuts in one


>> Turn around! You can pull!

>> PROBST: Shane, Austin, Terry

trying to unload, but they still

have more coconuts in their


Aras, Bruce, Sally have all

their coconuts in this net.

>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Terry, Austin and

Shane not giving up.

They don't have a lot of

coconuts left.

Remember, you've got to have

your tribe flag to finish.

>> Go get the tribe flag.

Go get the tribe flag, Sally!

>> PROBST: Sally forgot the

flag, had to go back and get it.

That's given time to Shane,

Austin, and Terry.

Bruce and Aras trying to unload

as fast as they can.

Sally has the tribe flag.

It's coming down to the wire.

The guys have to unload before

Sally makes it up the beach.

It's going to be close.

>> Let's go.

>> PROBST: Sally's got it.

Bruce, Aras, Sally win reward!

>> Yes! Good strategy, guys.

Way to play.

>> PROBST: Okay, Bruce, Aras,

Sally, tomorrow morning the boat

will pick you up, take you to a

nice little spot, breakfast in


Right now big decision to make.

Who are you going to send to

Exile Island?

You will choose one person from

each team.

>> From each team?

>> PROBST: All right, first

team, who's going to Exile


>> Austin.

>> PROBST: Austin.

First time there.

Cirie, Danielle, Courtney?

>> Danielle.

>> PROBST: Danielle is going to

Exile Island.

Boat's waiting for you.

You're heading out.

Bruce, Aras, and Sally, boat

will pick the three of you up

in the morning, take you to

breakfast in bed.

For the rest of you, I've got

nothing for you.

Head on back to camp.

(thunder rumbling)

>> Winning the reward challenge

is the greatest thing in the

whole wide world.

I get to have breakfast in bed

with Bruce and Aras, which is

going to be really interesting.

>> I'm getting irritable right


Where is the boat?

I wake up like a kid on


I woke up so early, but we're

waiting for this boat and it's

just not coming.

It's raining out.

Like, there is no boat and I'm

just getting pretty anxious.

>> Ship ahoy, man.

Say it.

Ship ahoy.

>> There's no ship.

>> The moment I won it I

realized what I'd done.

I not only exposed a little bit

of my athleticism, but a lot of

my wit.

So the reward challenge did put

a target on my back.

I won the battle in spite of

the war, maybe.

>> Is that us?

>> Excellent.

>> Brucey.

>> Sally.

>> Oh, that's a nice sized boat.

>> Yeah.

>> Awesome.

>> Whoo!

>> Bye.

Enjoy the bacon and the eggs.

>> Aras, Bruce and I get in

this boat and we're just like

huddled in the front, like,

drenched, having no idea where

we're going, having no idea

what to expect.

And it's like this sandbar in

the middle of nowhere with this

beautiful canopy bed and it's

pouring rain.

And I'm, like, there is no way

that that is our reward.

I was so frustrated.

>> Oh, the whole bed is wet.

>> Gosh, that sucks!

The sheets are wet; the blankets

are wet; I mean, we're drenched;

we're cold.

>> Good morning.

Are you ready for breakfast?

>> Yeah.

>> Just relax, we'll bring you

breakfast in bed.

>> Oh.

>> Enjoy.

>> All of a sudden this tray is

set down and, I'm not kidding

you, it went from, like, this

cold miserable moment to the

most incredible day ever.

>> This is coffee.

>> It was kind of bittersweet

'cause two of our friends had

to go to Exile Island, but I

thought there was a meal fit

for a king and royalty.

Orange juice, sweet rolls,

fresh toast, butter and jelly

and hot pressed coffee with

cream and sugar, and the bacon

was out of this world.

>> Fruit?

>> Oh, look at those


>> We just devoured it.

It was every man for himself.

>> That croissant put me over

the edge.

>> Champagne.

>> Oh!

>> To the victors.

>> I never thought I could be

cold and wet and in a bed with

two strange men and feel so


It was the best meal I've ever


>> Oh, I meant to ask Aras why

he picked Danielle over


Do you think he thought Danielle

could handle herself a little

better than Courtney out there?

My strategy is to try to coax

out of those guys who do they

think is going to be in the

final four and with that, it

puts two of their players kind

of out there.

>> What are your odds on the

final four, man?

What do you think?

You, Aras, Cirie and... tough

choice between Courtney and


>> I think we should put $20 on

it, Shane.

I found out some very important


Two of their players, Danielle

and Bruce, are the next on the

pecking order, and if I can get

those guys over to our side,

this will totally swing the


>> Oh, they are back.

They got bacon with them?

I try not to think about the

breakfast because I don't want

to hate them any more than I do

right now.


>> Toast, yeah, toast with

butter and jam.

>> And then we had to listen to

the stories of chocolate

croissants and sausages.

>> I had some of Sally's bacon.

I couldn't eat any...

I was dizzy.


>> Look at my stomach.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Rub it for luck.

>> I don't care how big your

stomach was.

That kind of pissed me off.

We're starving eating beans and

you're going, "Look, I'm so


>> That's a belly!

I know.

>> I have to win something or I

will die in Panama.

(thunder rumbling)

>> This sucks so bad.

This is unbelievable.

Absolutely unbelievable.

It never stops.

(thunder rumbling)

>> Exile is just miserable.

Ever since yesterday it's not

stopped raining.

It's cold as hell.

This is the most miserable I've

ever been in my life.

>> This is putting up a strong

fight to be the worst day here.

>> Yeah, it is.

>> And don't get me wrong:

every day here sucked.

>> Everything's wet.

You can't even build a fire.

Austin and I have been hiding

under a tree, but we're still

getting soaked and it's just


>> Being on Exile Island under

the torrential rains forced me

to go into the quickest bonding

experience I've ever been


Luckily, Danielle and I got

along great and she stood

strong and I was proud of her.

>> Out of all of the people

that I had to get stuck on the

island, I'm glad it was Austin.

I know him a little bit more

personally and I have a little

bit more trust built with him.

God forbid something did change,

then, yeah, I am thinking

logically that Austin would be,

you know, a backup plan.

>> We're now down to three

ex-La Mina members, and at this

point, there don't seem to be

any chinks in the armor right

now with Casaya.

They don't like us; they don't

want us here; they're just

waiting to pick us off and

you're going "What can I

possibly do to change this?"

What happens if Austin and

Danielle found it?

Who gets it?

>> I have it.

>> Are you serious?

>> I am serious as a heart


I found it in 20 minutes.

>> Shut up.

>> No.

I have it.

I've always had it.

I had it from the first

frickin' day, 20 minutes later.

>> Terry has the individual

immunity idol from Exile Island

and I just about pooped my


I dug holes out there, so I

could just smack him, but I'm

so thrilled to hear that.

Holy ..., Terry.

God, this is a great day.

I love it.

I mean, the whole game changes.

That's a huge ace in the hole,

and I'm so excited for the next

immunity challenge because if

Terry wins, he could slip either

Austin or I the idol and I'm


I'm absolutely thrilled.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

We'll now bring in Danielle and

Austin returning from Exile



>> That was no vacation, buddy.

>> PROBST: You guys look


>> Worst experience of my whole


>> That goes down in my book.

>> PROBST: What was the worst


>> It did not stop raining.

Couldn't get a fire started

'cause everything was just wet.

>> I mean, we, the whole time,

feared hypothermia.

It was, it was miserable.

>> PROBST: And now you got to

take part in an immunity


>> It's unbelievable.

>> PROBST: Let's get to it.

First things first. Terry?

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's immunity challenge,

you will race through a series

of Survivor obstacles.

It will work in four stages.

Here's how it goes.

For the first stage, all nine of

you must race to dig through the

sand and pull yourself under a

wooden fence.

The first six to finish move on

to the next round.

For the second phase, you must

complete a brain teaser.

Four written clues will guide


As soon as you're done with the

brain teaser, you'll go up a

sand hill, through the maze,

over a second sand hill.

First three to finish this phase

move on.

For the third phase, you will

navigate your way across a rope

bridge using two wooden planks.

Once you reach the end of the

bridge, jump off the platform

into the water, climb up a steep

sand bank.

First two to finish move on to

the final round.

For the final round, you will

race through a series of

vertical, horizontal tunnels and


First person to finish wins

immunity; guaranteed a

one-in-eight shot at a million


For the losers? Tribal Council.

Somebody will be voted out.

You will become the first member

of our jury.

The stakes are getting big.

Everybody ready?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Take a spot.

We'll get started.

Here we go, first round.

Six people moving on.

Survivors ready. Go!

Dig through the sand, pull

yourself under the fence.

Aras digging, Courtney making

good progress.

Aras is first through.

He's stuck!

He's got to dig a little bit

more of a hole for his butt.

Courtney coming through.

Courtney's stuck.

Aras still struggling.

Scraping skin off.

Shane trying to get through.

Sally moving through.

Sally's across.

Austin nowhere close.

Danielle's now through.

Four more people moving on.

Courtney's through.

Terry's through.

Two spots left.

Shane is stuck.

Gotta get through to get on to

win immunity.

Cirie is falling out of it.

Bruce still fighting, Austin

still fighting.

Who wants it?

Aras was the first one through

the fence and he's still stuck.

Shane moving on to the next


One spot left.

Austin moving on!

Second phase.

Sally, Shane, Danielle,

Courtney, Terry and Austin.

First three to finish move on to

the next round.

Survivors ready.


It's a brain teaser.

Read the clues, move the rocks


The green rock is in the same

column as the black and the blue


The yellow rock is to the left

of the green and directly above

the orange rock.

Austin thinks he's got it.

Austin has it right. Move on.

The white rock is to the right

of the red.

Sally has it right. Move on.

Only three people moving on.

Yes! Go! Terry through.

Danielle through.

Austin and Sally with a little

bit of a lead.

Courtney has it right. Move on.

Shane, move on.

Austin really hustling.

Sally moving through.

Terry right behind making up

some time.

Danielle not giving up.

Shane hustling to get back in


Courtney's quickly falling out

of it.

Austin with a big lead now.

First three through move on.

Austin's through.

Two spots left.

Terry fighting to stay in this.

Danielle falling out of it.

Sally's through.

Shane not giving up.

Terry, Sally, Austin.

All three ex-La Mina members

moving on to the next round.

Here we go. First two to finish

move on to the final round.

Survivors ready. Go!

Gotta use the planks to get

across the bridge one plank at

a time.

Balance, coordination, patience.

Manage all that with immunity on

the line.

Sally with a bit of a lead.

Terry right in there.

Austin-- two days on Exile

Island taking their toll.

Terry and Sally neck-and-neck.

Two people moving on.

Once you reach the top of the

platform, jump in the water,

climb over the sandy hill.

Terry and Sally neck-and-neck.

Austin not giving up, but

falling behind.

Terry at the end.

Sally, the first one on the


Terry on. Both in the water.

Terry moving on.

Sally moving on.

Austin out of it.

It is down to Sally and Terry.

For immunity, Survivors ready.


Terry dives through, Sally

crawling through.

Terry makes it through the

crisscross first.

Got a bit of a lead on Sally who

has to wait.

Pretty even.

Terry drops down.

Sally takes her time dropping


She's losing some time.

Terry with a bit of a lead.

Sally's gonna have to catch up.

Terry up and over.

Crawling down now on his belly,

raking across it.

Sally gonna have to make up some

time right now.

Terry starting to dig.

Sally's gonna have to dig


First person to the mat wins


Guaranteed safe at Tribal


It's neck-and-neck!

Terry's through.

Sally's through.

Terry wins immunity!

Terry, come on over.

Once again, immunity is yours.

You're safe tonight at Tribal


For the rest of you, after 21

tough days, this game will come

to an end tonight for one of


Grab your stuff. Head on back.

I'll see you at Tribal.

>> I'm so happy to be back here.

You guys have no idea.

When Aras chose me to go to

Exile Island, I was so mad.

It was an awful feeling and one

of the most miserable

experiences of my entire life.

Like, if you saw what pain and

agony we were both in, you guys

would be...

We really are.

>> That was fine.

>> Going into the challenge

today, I knew immunity was

vital because my back is

completely against the wall.

So when shocker of all shockers,

Terry comes through with yet

another win, I realize that

that was probably the end of

the game for me.

>> Good job, man.

>> Thanks.

Winning the immunity necklace

again keeps me out of hot water.

Kinda puts me in a place where

I can use the hidden immunity

idol as a big hunk of bait.

>> I mean, we developed a huge


>> Does she want to get to the

final five...

Yeah, I have it, and I want to

strategically put it on the line

so we, us three, keep going.

If Bruce and Danielle will come

over to our side, we'll have the


And to lure Danielle over, I

will give her the immunity idol.

We'll give it to her, but first

I got to ask Bruce if she comes

over, will you come over


And if that's the case, if it

all works out, then we're going

to the final five.

>> Have I ever told you how big

of stud you are?

>> Isn't he just sick?

>> In a major twist of fate, I

found out that my man Terry

found the immunity idol.

And now we haves us some

bargaining chips.

They're concocting their plan.

You're not part of it, Bruce.

>> Terry comes over to me

and he said he found out that

I'm at the bottom of the Casaya

pecking order and I'm gonna be

the first to go and Danielle


You're at sixth place with them.

Your only chance is with us.

>> I like Terry. I admire him.

Terry and I have respect for

each other.

And if I'm at the bottom of the

pecking order, then Casaya tribe

broke their trust.

And so everything's up for


>> What?

>> Yes.

>> No way.

No way.

>> you don't have to worry

about it.

We wanted to play it safe.

We get back from the challenge

and we need to talk: who are we

gonna vote for?

And in my head I had already

thought it out 'cause I'm

assuming that if anybody has the

immunity idol, it's Terry.

>> That's crazy.

You think Terry wants to give

his idol to us?

It's an individual game right


He needs that in his back


Even if he does have it, which

he doesn't, he's not about to

give it away.

>> You're not listening to me.

Have you listened to me one


>> Yeah, exactly.

>> Y'all chill, chill, chill.

Aras and Courtney, they got

into a big argument.

The problem is Terry already

has immunity.

And then say Terry has the

hidden immunity idol, he could

give that to anyone he wanted


So say all of us vote for

Austin, and Austin pulls out the

idol, then the person with the

next-highest amount of votes,

which would probably be Aras,

will go home.

>> This is so stupid.

>> Would you hit me with just a

little bit of respect right now?

>> You treat me with a

little respect.

>> How am I not respecting you?

>> Wait, wait.

>> I haven't disrespected one

word and you're calling me


>> Just relax.

>> Go over there and help Shane

with the fire and we'll talk.


Because look at you right now.

Go ahead, go with Shane right

now with the fire.

>> Did you see that?

>> Yeah.

>> For the first time ever,

Aras really, like, freaked me


I think the boys just want to

cover their ass and they want

to get the girls off.

That's exactly why he was so

aggressive about it.

>> I've never seen him like


>> He was, like, psycho.

The hidden immunity idol has

shaken things up.

I mean I want to stay loyal, but

if Austin does have the hidden

immunity idol, then if Aras

goes, well, I'm sorry but Aras

needs to be voted off at some


>> Courtney has not displayed

one bit of intelligence since

she's been out here and it's

interesting that the two Casaya

guys are not being protected by

their tribe.

Either it's shortsightedness or

they don't mind losing one of


>> Why?

>> I have been on Exile Island

for two days, I come back and,

bam, everybody's going crazy.

Austin and Terry said that I

was on the top of the line to

get knocked off.

And then Terry promised me that

he would give me the immunity

idol to get me to flop to be

with them.

It's tempting.

I don't know if I trust Aras.

So I have a lot of power.

The ball's in my hand.

I could actually transform this

game into a whole new thing and

maybe there's going to be

somebody different going home

than everybody thinks.

>> I do not agree.

>> We'll see what happens

>> Basically, we're playing a

shell game.

Where's the ball?

Under which shell?

And Casaya is divided on the


>> Great.

>> So I absolutely feel at risk

and I'm crossing my fingers and

just hoping that I don't get a


>> PROBST: Hello, everybody.

>> Hey.

>> Hey.

>> PROBST: Let's start with the

reward challenge.

Aras, it was clear even to me

that even though you and

Danielle were on separate

teams, you guys were working


>> I feel like the team of men

had a bit of an advantage and

so I looked at my group and said

"Let's put all our coconuts in

the men's boat and hopefully,

we can get the women to do the

same," which would give us both

an equal shot at winning it.

>> Actually, it was really a

good plan for Aras because we

helped him stop the men and

helped him win.

Sorry, Aras.

>> PROBST: Aras, it's tough to

put yourself on a limb like

that because you expose


>> It definitely weighs on my

mind, Jeff.

Coming here tonight I know that

if an immunity idol gets

played, I could easily be going

home tonight.

>> PROBST: So while Sally,

Bruce, and Aras are having

breakfast, Danielle and Austin

are in hell.

Austin, after those two days on

Exile Island, is it too soon to

say something like that builds


Do you need time away from it?

>> When I look back upon my

entire Survivor experience,

even if I win a million

dollars, the first thing I'm

going to remember are those two


I have never had a more

character-building trying time

in my whole life.

>> PROBST: Danielle, when

you're in a situation like that

and you're with a stranger, do

all those things go away and do

suddenly the two of you just

bond together?

>> Absolutely.

I mean Austin and I got to know

each other so much better than I

did before we had that little

moment together.

It was a great bonding

experience and I'm just so

proud of myself that I came out

of there alive and I was

strong, and same with Austin.

>> PROBST: Change of topic.

Cirie, so how is this group

getting along now that you're

one tribe and the numbers are

whittling and the tension

starts to mount?

>> I think we get along fine

until Tribal Council.

When it's the day for Tribal

Council, you see La Mina here

and Casaya here and everyone's

basically scrambling.

>> PROBST: Courtney, does it go

through your head that somebody

in this group of six might be

looking ahead and thinking

there's a time for me to move

and it's before we get to six?

>> I think anyone that's

playing this game, if they're

playing it right, they're going

to be looking ahead.

And there's so many unknown


>> And again, the whole

immunity idol thing could pop

up at any time and one of us

could go home.

>> PROBST: Danielle, how do you

navigate knowing that as the

numbers dwindle, people are

going to realize "I'm on the

bottom and I've got to make a


>> It's very difficult.

I go with my basic gut


Whatever it tells me what I

feel is right inside, I mean,

that's the move that I make.

>> PROBST: Bruce, does it go

through your head, maybe I'm #6?

>> It's been going through my

head the entire time.

They could just be setting me

up for the fall.

Right now, I appreciate the six

I'm with.

But in the back of my mind, I

feel that I could be the first

to go.

>> PROBST: Shane, how much of

your time is spent thinking

about how tight is my six?

>> If someone flops now, it's

still five-four.

So two people now have to flop

from the six.

Which I would find...

it would be...

I would be stunned at one,

but it's impossible that two of

us would do it.

>> PROBST: Okay.

Terry has the individual

immunity necklace.

>> I'll be holding on to it.

>> PROBST: In addition, at this

point lots of people could have

found the hidden immunity idol.

If it comes into play, you'll

present it to me after the vote.

Whoever has it is immune and

the person with the next

highest numbers of votes is out.

It is time to vote.

Austin, you're up.

>> Best of luck to you, buddy.

>> You are my biggest threat.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Aras.


Two votes Aras.


Two votes Aras, one vote Austin.


That's three votes Aras,

one vote Austin.


Three votes Aras,

two votes Austin.


That's three votes Austin,

three votes Aras.

Austin, that's four votes

Austin three votes Aras.

Eighth person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island, first

member of our jury: Austin.

That's enough votes.

Unless you have the immunity

idol, you need to bring me your


>> Good luck.

>> PROBST: Austin, the tribe

has spoken.

>> Bye, guys.

>> PROBST: Time for you to go.

>> Later, man.

>> PROBST: Well, from this

point forward, the power in this

game begins to shift from those

of you still in the game to the

people on the jury.

You are now voting people out

that you need to vote for you

in order to win the million


Just one of the things that

makes Survivor so much fun.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> What happens when I kick

your butts in the challenges?

>> PROBST: Terry's arrogance

irritates his tribe mates.

>> Maybe he'll break his arm or


>> PROBST: A twist at the

immunity challenge divides the

confident from the concerned.

And Shane has a medical

question for the nurse.

>> I need you to look at this.

I have a chafing issue.

>> This was bar none

the hardest experience I've

ever gone through in my life.

It was very difficult for me to

negotiate the line between

integrity and playing the game

of Survivor.

I'm incredibly proud to have

made it to the jury. To my

whole La Mina tribe, you guys

were an absolute joy to be

around. Terry, you are

Terry, you are superhuman and