Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 10 - Fight for Your Life or Eat - full transcript

Certain castaways choose not to participate in the Immunity Challenge.

>> PROBST: Previously on


>> I have to make fire from


>> Here another day, my man.

>> PROBST: Terry, Sally and

Austin face discouraging odds

against the six remaining former

Casaya tribe mates.

>> They're sitting there all

happy because they have the


But if I can draw two of

those people over to our side,

the tables could turn.

>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, the Survivors were

randomly divided into three

teams and played for breakfast

in bed.

Bruce, Aras, Sally win reward!

Who's going to Exile Island?

>> Austin.

>> PROBST: This time the winners

were forced to send two people

to Exile Island.

Austin, Danielle, the boat's

waiting for you.

While Sally, Bruce and Aras

enjoyed breakfast in bed,

Danielle and Austin suffered

together on Exile Island.

>> Out of all the people that I

had to get stuck on the island,

I'm glad it was Austin.

I have a little bit more trust

built with him.

Logically, Austin would be,

you know, a backup plan.

>> PROBST: Back at camp, Terry

tricked Shane into revealing the

Casaya pecking order.

>> I found out some very

important stuff.

Danielle and Bruce are next on

the pecking order.

And if I can get those guys over

to our side, this will totally

swing the game.

>> PROBST: Go!

At the immunity challenge, Terry

won individual immunity for the

second time in a row.

Terry wins immunity!

Back at camp, Terry and Austin

immediately cornered Bruce to

try to get him to flip.

>> They're concocting their


You're not part of it, Bruce.

Your only chance is with us.

>> If I'm at the bottom of the

Casaya pecking order, then

everything's up for grabs.

>> Hold on. Let me get in the


>> PROBST: Then Austin and Terry

made a bold promise to Danielle.

>> It's tempting that I could

actually transform this game

into a whole new thing.

>> PROBST: But at Tribal

Council, Danielle and Bruce stay

true to their alliance.

Terry kept his hidden immunity


The eighth person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island, the

first member of our jury.

And Austin was voted out.

Austin, the tribe has spoken.

Eight are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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>> And you're at four years at

which university?

>> First, flight school for Navy

is Pensacola.

Then I went to jet training in

Meridian, Mississippi where you

learn to dogfight and drop

bombs and shoot guns and land on

the carrier.

And then you get your wings from


And then from there you go to,

you know, say, Jacksonville for

A-7s or F-18s, Whidbey Island


>> He's a retired Naval pilot?

>> And I'm already behind the

curve and he slaps nine Gs on

our way. (grunts) Wham!

And my head just goes up

against the canopy...

>> How is any normal American

person supposed to beat a Navy

air fighter pilot dude?

>> Maybe he'll break his arm or


>> (chuckles): God forbid.

>> Oh, my God, I can't believe

you just said that.

>> I know. I'm sorry.

>> All right, guys, here's the


>> That's not in our plan.

>> That's not part of the plan,


>> All right, then I'm just

gonna have to take you to the

bank the whole time.

>> If you do that, man, hats


>> Tribal Council last night was

kind of a bummer.

Austin went home; that was the

end result, but prior to that,

there was a big swing play to

try to get Danielle to come

over by offering her the hidden

immunity idol, and, uh, she


>> Mm-hmm.

>> So now Sally and I are pretty

much on our own, so my mindset

is, I am totally motivated to

kick their butts at everything

that comes down the road.

>> Where's his bag?

>> I want to see it.

Is it something fuzzy?

>> Before Austin went home,

Terry showed me some sort of

hidden immunity idol.

I mean, it was something furry.

I mean, he could be making this

up and he could have just, I

don't know, found, I guess, this

furry thing out in the woods and

could be showing it to me

pretending like it's the hidden

idol, but I don't know.

You have to be careful who you

assume has it.

>> I just had a nice long talk

with Terry about his time in the


>> I mean, it's, like, it's

pretty cool that we're going up

against that guy.

>> (sarcastic): Yeah, really


>> We're gonna take him out.

>> All right.

>> He flies planes.

He's not...

>> Yeah, but he went to the

Naval Academy, dude.

>> He's not an American

Gladiator, you know?

>> This reward challenge, if any

of you guys win it and don't

take me, send my ass to Exile


>> Sure you want to go?

>> I don't know if someone's

found the hidden immunity idol,

and I want to go figure that out

for myself because I'm

absolutely a target going into

these next Tribal Councils, and

I want to be there on that

island scouring it and see

what I can find.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

How's everybody doing?

>> Great.

>> Marvelous.

>> PROBST: Today I'm gonna tell

you what you're playing for

before I tell you about the


It's been 22 days since you have

seen or heard from anyone back


>> Oh, no.

>> PROBST: And that's long


So to whet your appetite for

today's challenge, I'm gonna

give you just a little taste of

love from home.

Follow me.

>> Oh, no.

>> PROBST: Have a seat.

Well, it would be great if they

were here in the flesh.

They're not, but they did send

some videos from home that will

hopefully fill your heart a

little bit.

This is just a taste of what's

on your video.

Win today's reward challenge,

and you get to watch the whole


Terry, this is your wife Trish,

your son Danny...

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: ...your daughter

Kayla and your dog Riley.

>> Riley.

>> You've been gone for a long

time now.

It seems like forever.

>> Daddy, I really miss you, and

I want you to come home.

I hope you're doing good.

Outwit, outplay, outlast.

I really miss you.


>> That was awesome.

>> PROBST: Danielle, here's your

whole family.

>> Oh, geez.

>> Hi, Danielle.

I miss you, and I can't wait to

see you.

It's not the same around here

without you here bothering me.

>> We love you very much and

very, very proud of everything

you're doing.

>> PROBST: Bruce, here's your


You've got your wife Nancy, your

daughter Danielle, and I think

there's a dog.

>> Chaco.

>> PROBST: Chaco.

>> Chaco, where's Bruce?

>> Where's Dad?


>> Oh. Oh, oh.


She misses you.

Yeah, she's a good watchdog, but

she's not like having the real

guy here.

>> PROBST: How long you been


>> Almost 28 years.

>> PROBST: 28 years.

>> Yeah. I'm more in love with

her than when I first met her.

>> PROBST: How do you think

she's doing back home without

you around?

>> I'm sure she misses my

snoring, so she can't sleep



>> PROBST: Courtney, here's

your mom Barbara.

>> Sweetheart, you just have to

know that we are thinking about

you every single day.

We've got the candles going,

we've got the fountain going,

we've got the love signs going,

and we've got the prayers going.

We love you very much.

Bye, hon.

>> This is our love sign, like,

in our family.

That's my mom's, and this is my

dad, and this is my sister's.

And, like, so our whole family

has these love signs, and it's

really great.


>> PROBST: Aras, this is your


>> Hey, Aras.


Long time no see.

Remember when you used to do


Anyways, come in with tepee.

I have something I want to tell


>> PROBST: The tepee in your


What's that about?

>> My dad's always wanted a

tepee, and five years ago, his

sister bought one for him, so we

just have fires out there, and

we'll sit and talk.

>> PROBST: Sounds like you have

a strong connection with your


>> I do, so it's really nice to


>> PROBST: All right, Shane,

safe to say the love of your

life, your son Boston?

>> (voice breaking): Not even a


>> Hey, Dad, it's me.

I love you so much, and I know

that you're doing fine out


Say hi to Loki.

(Shane sobbing)

>> PROBST: What are you feeling


Are you wishing you were home?

Are you feeling good 'cause you

saw him?

>> We grew up together.

You know, I was 21 when I had


He is my other half, he is my

brother, he is my best friend,

he is my son, he is my life.

>> PROBST: All right, Sally,

here's your mom, dad, you sister

and even your dog Darby.

>> Hi, Sal.

We're all sitting here in my new

place that I can't wait for you

to see.

We're all rooting for you, and

we all miss you very much.

We love you!

>> Love you, Sal.

I love you, Sal.

>> PROBST: So your sister got a

new apartment since you've been


>> Apparently.

>> PROBST: All right, so

everybody's had a taste...



I couldn't forget you, Cirie.

Here's your son Jared and

Jamil and your husband H.B.

>> Mm-hmm.

Oh, my God.

>> Hey, Mom.

>> Hey, honey bunny.

We missed you a lot, honey.

>> Yes...

>> Yes. It ain't the same

without you being around here.

We miss your laugh, your smile,

just everything.

>> PROBST: Does that make you

wish you were home, or are you

just feeling better now that

you've seen them?

>> I'm happy that I saw... saw

them, but it makes it harder for

me here.

(Cirie sniffles and sighs)

But all of this is for them,


>> PROBST: Win today's reward

challenge, you get to see the

rest of your video, and you'll

enjoy something else that will

make you think of home-- peanut

butter and jelly sandwiches...

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: ...and ice cold milk.

>> Ah!

>> PROBST: Want to hear about

the challenge?

>> Yes!

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: All right, you're

going to divide into two teams

of four, and you will most

definitely have to work together

to win this.

One person will lie face-down

on a cradle that is suspended in

the air by bungee cords.

Attached to that cradle are

three ropes.

The other three people on your

team will pull those ropes to

maneuver the person on the

cradle as they grab 15 flags and

place them in order, one at a

time, in their appropriate


First tribe to get all 15 in

order wins reward.

In addition, the winning team of

four decides who goes to Exile


All right, we're going to

randomly divide into two even

teams of men and women.

Let's go.

Okay, in the white cradle, we

have Courtney being pulled by

Bruce, Sally, Terry.

In the black cradle, it's

Danielle being pulled by Aras,

Cirie and Shane.

Here we go.

For reward.

Survivors ready?


Got to get the flags one at a

time and in order.

>> Get it! Get it!

>> PROBST: Danielle has the

first flag.

>> Good. This way, this way.

>> PROBST: She's got it in the


Looking for flag number two.

Courtney has her first flag.

>> Get down and pull.

Come on, let's go.

>> PROBST: And it's in.

>> Where to?

>> This way, this way.

>> Come on, other side.

Go inside, inside, inside!

>> PROBST: Bruce, Sally, Terry

trying to get Courtney turned


>> Turn around, Court.

>> PROBST: Danielle has her

second flag.

Cirie, Aras, Shane pull it

right into the slot.

>> Three's over there.

>> Go, go, go, go, go!

Take her over, take her over!

>> Come on.

>> We got to work all together.

>> Okay.

>> Three's on the other side.

Other side. Let's go...

>> Hey, back over here.

>> I got it, I got it.

>> Okay, let's go this way.

>> PROBST: Danielle on to her

third flag.

Cirie, Shane, Aras working very


>> This way, this way.

>> Get her over there.

All three, all three, all three.

Run, run, run, run, run!

>> PROBST: Courtney has her

third flag.

>> Where's four?

>> To your left.

Up high, up high.

Come on, swing me, swing me!

Swing me!

>> All right, now.

>> PROBST: Danielle gets it, has

the fourth flag!

>> Get up, up!

>> Hold on.

>> Over there.

Okay, okay.

>> I got the flag.

>> You got it.

>> PROBST: Danielle has her

fifth flag, and it's in.

Don't knock those flags out.

>> Come on, Shane!

>> Come on.

>> PROBST: Courtney, Bruce,

Sally, Terry trying to stay in


>> Fourth tie, fourth tie!

>> Got it.

>> PROBST: Danielle with flag

number six.

Courtney right behind with her

sixth flag.

>> You got?

>> PROBST: We are tied, six-six.

Both teams with their seventh


>> Come on.

>> PROBST: Flying back to put it

in the slot.

Shane, Aras, Cirie get Danielle


We're tied, seven-seven.

>> On this side, right behind


>> Okay.

>> Pull, Shane.

>> Come on, Shane, come on!

>> PROBST: Danielle has flag

number eight.

>> Go, go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Courtney has her

eighth flag.

>> Come on. It's over here.

>> Get down.

Get down and pull.

Come on, pull, pull, pull!

>> Here, here, here!

>> Watch.

>> Aah!

>> PROBST: Oh, got to go back.

Aras knocked a flag out.

Got to get that first flag back

in the slot, and that's going to

cost them some time.

>> Now!

>> Oh, yeah, got it...

>> PROBST: Terry, Sally, Bruce

have a good system now!

>> Come on, come on!

Come on!

>> Watch your feet.

>> Let's go!

>> Where's ten?

>> Ten right here.

(Danielle grunts and sighs)

>> PROBST: Danielle frustrated.

Can't get it in.

>> Aah!

>> PROBST: She has it.

Don't knock it out.

>> Careful!

Careful, Shane!

>> PROBST: Courtney with the

eleventh flag.

Shane, Aras, Cirie going to have

to make up some time right now.

>> Come on, guys!


>> Where's Shane?

>> Shane right through there.

>> Whoa.

>> Be careful, be careful.


>> PROBST: Courtney, Terry,

Bruce, Sally now lead 12-nine.

Danielle, another flag has been

knocked down.

>> Keep it tight!


I can't get it!

>> Courtney, it's right here.

>> Pull me down more!

>> PROBST: Terry, Sally, Bruce,

Courtney have one flag left.

(Bruce grunting)

>> Come on!

>> Take the... Take your time!

Take your time!

>> Swing me, swing me!


>> PROBST: Loved one's video,

peanut butter and jelly

sandwiches, ice cold milk.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Reward for Courtney,

Terry, Bruce and Sally!

>> Yes!

Again, the factor!

>> Damn.

>> Oh.

>> PROBST: Okay, before we get

to the rest of the your reward,

big decision.

You're sending one person to

Exile Island.

Is it going to be Danielle,

Aras, Cirie or Shane?

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Who's it going to be?

>> Aras.

>> PROBST: Aras, get your stuff.

The boat's coming to pick you


>> Bye, Aras.

>> PROBST: Shane, Cirie,

Danielle, I'm genuinely sorry

that the rest of the afternoon

doesn't include you.

Grab your stuff, head back to


>> Enjoy your families, guys.

>> See you.

>> Thoughts with you guys.

>> PROBST: Okay, now comes the

fun-- videos and peanut butter

and jelly.

Let's go.

(indistinct chatter)


>> You know what I mean?

So, let's just...

If you're going to lose one,

let's lose this one.

The tapes would have wrecked

us, dude.

>> I know.

>> Shane and Danielle and

myself returned to camp.

Shane kind of said this wasn't

like the hugest challenge to

lose, but he was just trying to,

uh, kind of lift our spirits.

Yay! Home!

>> I have an issue with my


(Cirie laughs)

I'm so sorry.

>> Then, Shane had a medical


(Cirie laughs)

>> Oh, something's really going


I need you to look at it real


>> (laughing): I don't want to

look at it.

>> You're a nurse!

>> I know.

>> Can you explain it to me, or

do I have to look at it?

>> Shane has this funky thing

going on with his, uh,

testicles, to put it nicely.

Lucky me, being the only nurse

out here, he wanted me to take a

look at 'em.

(Cirie laughs)


>> Don't be laughing.

>> All right.

>> Hey, don't laugh.

It's a... not a...


(Cirie laughs)

>> What?!

>> That's because it's wet all

the time.

Your clothes are moist.

It's like chafing.

You know, like diaper rash on a


>> Yeah. That's what that is?

>> I tried to be as professional

as I could under the

circumstances, but it was just

so hilarious.

(Cirie laughing)

>> Is that because I've been

wearing those undies for 23


>> It's a good guess, Shane.

>> How do I make that go away?

>> Can you dry it out?

>> What's wrong with him?

>> Just like a little red, and

then he's naked.

Oh, my God.

>> Yo.

I'm eating.

(Cirie sighs)

>> Can I do a skirt glove?

>> No. Do your shirt.

Do your shirt.

>> I guess.

>> Shane is like a cartoon

character, and now he's like a

nude cartoon character, but that

helped me so much, because I

kind of forgot about what I was


>> Ladies, it's my chafing


>> Okay.

(bird singing)

>> There's two reasons I'm

really happy to be out here.

One, I get to spend some time by

myself and really step away from

the game.

And, two, I get a chance to look

for the immunity idol.

Immunity is very important, and

the hidden immunity idol is,

obviously, clearly, very

important, but I just can't seem

to wrap my mind around these


One of the problems with the

clue is that it says it's under

a rock.

People have moved rocks, so, I

don't know if I'm digging a hole

where there is nothing to dig,

or I don't know what's going on.

I'm sure a lot of that just has

to do with mental fatigue of

being out here for days.

>> Terry is the person I fear

may have the idol.

It would be a real easy move on

his part to just send me out

here, knowing I'm his biggest

physical competitor, and that,

you know, it might weaken me

physically to be out here.

So his quickness to send me

might suggest that there is no

immunity idol out here, so

there's no sense in me looking

for it.

>> Yo, they're home.

>> Are we...?

>> Boo, boo, boo.

When Sally and the other team

that won-- when they came back,

I didn't even want to see them.

I was just kind of like already

aggravated that we lost, and the

last thing I want to know is how

full their bellies are, and how

great it was to see their


>> Oh, you guys got your luxury

items, too?

>> Yeah.

>> Hey.

>> You always want to learn how

to swing a shovel.

>> You guys get to learn our

fire dance.

>> And then, you know, when they

walked back in, and they all had

their luxury items, I'm, like,

oh, wow, you know, that's a

double whammy.

>> It's all right, honey.

You can't...

You guys won.

You know what I mean?

>> I know.

>> You need help, Terry?

>> After the food for the soul

and the heart with the videos

came luxury items for us four


It was great.

Just kind of hook this in for


(Bruce mumbles)

Thank you for asking me.

Both my father-in-law and my

father were Korean war vets,

and, uh... and they recently

passed away, and this was on my

father-in-law's casket.

So in order to honor both my

father and my father-in-law,

going to hang here at, uh,

Gitanos for a while, and, uh,

hopefully till day 39.

>> What did you guys, what did

you bring?

Love it!

>> Sally brought her journal,

Bruce has a sketchbook, and

Terry has the American flag, go


But I thought Courtney's luxury

items were like the coolest.

(Courtney laughing)

>> It makes me so happy, you


It's a toy for everyone.

It's really fun.

This is, like, my-my joy.

>> But it's hard when you're

the loser, and everybody is

like (laughing): "I got this!

And look what I...!"

Who cares?

You know, you want to say, "Who


Get out of here," but you can't.

It's a game, so you have to

kind of keep it together.

(birds screeching)

>> Then it's up to you to

either get Courtney, Danielle,

or Cirie to come over and one

of us would have to win the

next challenge.

That way we could share the

hidden immunity idol, and we

would have numbers.

>> There are currently six

ex-Casaya members that are

staying loyal and true to each

other, versus Terry and I, the

two ex-La Mina members who are


Like, what if we said to, like,

Danielle or Courtney or whoever,

say, like, you or I won the next

immunity, and we said, we're

going to play that thing

tonight, so you better jump on


>> You know, we could play the

hidden immunity idol, and we

could, you know, one of us will

be immune.

So one of you are going home.

>> If Terry or I win immunity

today, and Terry decides that

he wants to play the hidden

immunity idol, one of the other

six ex-Casaya members will go

home tonight.

Because the immunity idol can

be used after the vote is made,

which means we would all have to

show our cards and then the next

person who has the most votes

would get kicked off, and so I

have a lot of hope that things

could change today in this game.

>> What do we have to do other

than beat you at immunity?

Do you know of anything?

>> I don't know, you better not

think about anything else.

>> How about this: if you don't

win immunity, and you don't

have that silly idol from that

goofy island, you're gone.

>> Yeah, well, you never know.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!


>> Good morning.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

Aras, returning from Exile


>> Morning, beast.

>> Hey.

>> What's up, fellas?


>> A day and a half of

meditation never hurt nobody.

>> Brucey.

>> PROBST: Aras, two days out


How was it?

>> It was surprisingly nice.

I made fire, like, the first

three minutes.

I ate a lot, I hydrated myself

really well.

I got a little time for myself

and a little time to look for

the idol.

>> PROBST: So overall, Exile

Island was not that bad?

>> No, but I don't know if I'd

want to go right back.

>> PROBST: All right, before we

get to the challenge, I'm going

to hand each of you a nut and a


Without conferring with anybody,

put the shell in one hand, put

the nut in the other hand.

I'll explain how these come

into play in a minute.

And I'll take the immunity

necklace from you.

Immunity, once again back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, this is

how it works: sitting on the

ocean floor is a long plank

with seven symbols on it.

On my "go," you're going to

swim out, memorize as many of

those symbols, in order, as you

can, then race back to the

beach where you will attempt to

replicate those symbols in the

same order on your answer board.

The first person to solves it

correctly, wins immunity,

guaranteed a one in seven shot

at $1 million.

Losers, Tribal Council tonight,

and for one of you, this game

will come to an end.

Now, there's a twist to today's

challenge: if immunity is just

not that important to you, you

don't have to take part in

today's challenge.

Instead, you can chow down...

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: ...on cheeseburgers,

French fries...

>> Me.

>> PROBST: ...and soft drinks.

You can eat for as long as the

challenge goes, or until the

food runs out.

Put the shell in one hand, put

the nut in the other hand.

When I tell you to reveal if

you want to take part in the

challenge, you will show me the


If instead you want to eat

food, you'll show me the nut.

Three, two, one, reveal.

Okay, Aras is going to take

part in the challenge.

Sally is taking part in the


Terry is taking part in the


Bruce, Cirie, Courtney, Shane,

and Danielle are all saying, "I

don't need immunity.

I'm going to eat."

You five take a spot on the

picnic table.

The other three, down here at

the answer booth.

>> Aras, it's all you.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, it's Terry

Aras, and Sally fighting for

immunity while Shane, Danielle,

Courtney, Cirie, and Bruce chow

down and enjoy the show.

Survivors, ready?


Got to swim out, memorize the

symbols in order.

Shane digging in, Danielle

digging in.

Cirie already got a bite.

Bruce not waste any time.

We have two challenges going on.

How much food can you get down

before somebody wins immunity?

Terry going down.

Aras taking a dip to look.

Sally taking a dip to look.

A lot of French fries, a lot of


Terry thinks he has it


He's coming back.

>> Oh, no.

>> PROBST: Aras heading back.

Sally still working on it.

Five very secure people chowing


Terry first back.

He's going to give a go.

Aras right behind him.

Sally heading back.

You're looking to get all seven

symbols in the same order.

>> Go, Sally!

>> PROBST: Sally making her way


Sally trying to work hers out

up top before she commits.

>> Take your time, guys.

>> PROBST: Who's on their second


Shane and Cirie.

Bruce on his second burger.

Terry working it out.

Immunity on the line.


Aras doesn't have it.

Aras swimming back out for

another look.

>> Here you go.

>> PROBST: Terry thinks he has


>> Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh.

>> PROBST: Terry wins immunity

for the third straight time!

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah!



>> PROBST: Stop eating.

Put it down.

Put it down, guys.

Terry, come on over.

For the third straight time,

individual immunity.

You're safe at Tribal Council.

With this around your neck, you

cannot be voted out.

For the other seven of you,

after 24 days, tonight, this

game will come to an end for one

of you.

Head on back to camp.

See you at Tribal.

(laughing quietly)

>> Did you get the clue?

>> Yeah, I got the clue.

But it's hard to find.

>> Oh, really?

>> No, no, there are two


Either it was really easy to

find and he got it right away.

>> Oh, right.

>> Or... or no one's got it.

>> So, we vote Sally, 6-0


>> Okay.

>> ...and hope to God he

doesn't have it?

>> Yeah.

Thanks for standing up for


>> I should have won it.

Today's immunity challenge,

anybody who wanted to not

participate in the challenge

could sit and have


There was no question what I

was going to do, because it's

very possible that I could go

home today.

If Sally ends up having the

hidden immunity idol, then

Sally and Terry's vote will

knock somebody out.

>> I think Terry just showed

the hidden immunity idol.

Until this moment, I really was

kind of questionable about him

having the immunity idol, but I

believe that is the immunity

idol, and I'm looking forward

to seeing what happens tonight.

>> Tonight... if two of you

said we will vote with you...

>> Aras.

>> If two of us would vote with

you guys...

>> The goal was to get two

people, so it would be Terry,

myself, and two others.

It'd be four against four, we'd

have the idol, we'd play it, and

what he wants to see happen is

us break up 'cause it's going to

happen anyway, so he's like,

"Why don't a couple of you want

to guarantee yourself a spot in

the final four?"

I'm giving everybody in camp the

impression that the hidden

immunity idol will be played


Terry may decide that it isn't

worth giving up the idol at this

point, but it's most

advantageous for us to break up

this strong six as soon as

possible and watch them unravel

and watch them scurry a bit.

Otherwise, I'm gone.

>> You're saying that you're

giving your immunity idol to


>> I'm not saying I have it.

I'm just saying it's out there

and it could be put in play

tonight, and what I am proposing

is getting Bruce on our side and

then get somebody else like you

to come over and make it a

guaranteed four and then we'll

vote the four votes for Aras and

then he'll be gone.

>> I can't-- I can't commit to

this at this moment.

>> Okay.

Guaranteed final four.

>> I would like to align with

Terry because I really want to

go up against him in the final


If, further down the line, we

can make a deal...

>> It's got to be tonight.

It's got to be tonight with


>> If we do remove Aras, then no

one will be able to beat Terry,

but then on the other point,

Aras is more of a threat than

Terry because he'd be much

harder to beat in the final two.

There's no clear-cut way for me

to go right now.

I'm really-- I'm still kind of

confused in my mind.

>> Terry, he's trying to win

every immunity challenge.

You mean to tell me you have an

ace in the hole and you're gonna

just hand that over, because

you're such a nice person, to

somebody else?

Come on, give me a break.

I mean, I'll be surprised.

He may do it and if he does,

that will go down as the worst

move in Survivor history because

then he has to win every single


But, hey, I've seen crazier

things happen, so we'll see


>> This is our fire, our life,

our journey together.

We're so blessed.

>> No answer?

>> No answer.

She's into her fire thing, but

she can't make a decision and

I'm like, "Make a freaking


If Courtney does not sway

tonight, I may or may not give

the immunity idol to Sally.

If it has to come into play, it


I feel a little bit of risk

hanging it out there, but if I

come away tonight with the

numbers, then I can sit back and

don't have to win another

immunity challenge until the

final three.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the first member of our jury--

Austin, voted out at the last

Tribal Council.


>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Okay, today's

immunity challenge.

You were given a very simple

option-- participate or feast--

and no sooner did I get

"cheeseburger" out of my mouth,

five of you guys are like, "I'm

eating, I'm eating, I'm eating."

Shane, worried at all that that

bold of a move could come back

to haunt you?

>> First of all, I just would

like to say I over-performed at

the challenge today.

I got almost two cheeseburgers

down with nine fries and almost

an entire glass of Coke, but

there was a part of me that

regretted doing that.

There was part of me that felt

like I, for the team, needed to

show up and try to get immunity

away from Terry because it's

going to be very difficult, but

I also know that I don't feel

in my gut of guts that I needed

to get immunity today, and I

was-- I'm starving.

>> PROBST: Sally, got to be a

little frustrating because...

>> It's so frustrating.

I mean, the people who are

confident in this game get to be

confident and, you know what, if

they're secure in that, more

power to them.

I mean, I didn't for one second

consider eating that

cheeseburger today.

It was the easiest meal that I

have had to pass up out here

just because I needed that

immunity today.

>> PROBST: Aras, you had to feel

a little irritated that the

responsibility to win it for

Casaya came down to one guy.

>> Yeah, that was a little bit

disappointing of the Casaya

folk, whose heads could possibly

be on the chopping block if a

hidden immunity idol gets


My head is definitely one of

those, but more so than that,

it's a strategy.

The quicker that we can get

Terry's immunity necklace,

which-- I call it Terry's 'cause

he's the only one who's worn it

so far-- off of his neck, the

quicker that we can get into our


We didn't, it's over, and so now

the lay of the land is a lot

less safe for myself, but it is

what it is.

>> PROBST: Shane, is it talked

about, Terry's dominance?

>> Yeah, it's absolutely

apparent, but it's going to take

him six immunities in a row to


I don't think it can be done.

If there's anyone that can do

it, it's Terry.

The guy is a 47-year-old beast

and we as a group can't really

afford to be eating

cheeseburgers after today.

>> But, regardless, I'm going to

continue winning immunities

whether they like it or not...

>> Here we go.

>> ...and my target isn't going

to get any bigger.

If I had five of these in my

back pocket, I'd be out there

competing, especially against

Aras 'cause he's a bad dude and

I want to go out there and beat


>> PROBST: Danielle, Terry said

"I'm gonna keep winning them."

You mumbled "Here we go again."

>> 'Cause he always talks about

how he's so competitive and he's

so great at everything and it's

all about Terry, Terry, Terry,

but power to him for being as

confident and cocky as he is,


>> PROBST: I just think it's an

interesting comment coming from

you, seeing how confident you

were today and how cocky the six

of you have been for the last

several Tribals.

>> Yeah, but I don't think we're

coming off as strongly as Terry


He's a super competitive guy.

I'm not knocking that and I'm

very competitive as well and...

>> PROBST: Is that part of the

problem-- that you can't beat

him and it frustrates you?

>> I mean, it is frustrating,

but there's going to be a

challenge where Terry can't win.

I mean, if he keeps winning

every single one, God bless him.

>> PROBST: Cirie, five of the

eight of you have now been to

Exile Island, have now had a

chance to look for the hidden

immunity idol.

Are people speculating if it's

been found?

>> There's, like, 15 million

different stories.

It's here, there it is, they

don't have it, they have it.

I think everyone here just wants

it out.

If you have it tonight, here's

your chance.

>> I don't want it played

tonight because if it's played

tonight, it's me most likely

walking down that corridor, so

let it play on a night where I

have the immunity necklace.

That's my thought.

>> PROBST: Okay, Terry once

again has the immunity necklace.

As always, it's yours to assign

to somebody else if you want.

>> I'm keeping it.

>> PROBST: Okay, if the hidden

immunity idol comes into play,

we will know after the vote.

It is time to vote.

Sally, you're up.

>> (clicking tongue): I'm kind

of sick of the six of you, so

one at a time.

>> Just strategy, nothing


Hope you have the idol.

>> You're still the number one

threat, buddy.

>> You're a great player in this

game and too much of a threat.

So sorry.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote-- Sally.


Two votes Sally.



Two votes Sally, two votes Aras.


That's three votes Sally, two

votes Aras.


Four votes Sally, two votes


Ninth person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island: Sally.

That's enough votes.

Unless you have the immunity

idol, you need to bring me your


Sally, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, at this point, the game

seems pretty clear: six former

Casaya against Terry.

Terry says he's going to keep

winning immunity, Casaya says he


Either way, going to be fun to


Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor, Bruce is in big


>> Oh, God.

>> PROBST: Terry waits for

things to fall apart...

>> These guys are going to have

to turn on one another and I

hope I'm the fly on the wall.

>> PROBST: ...and he doesn't

have to wait long.

>> Courtney, chill out, dude.

>> Don't take everything so


>> A lunatic.

>> Everyone is in big trouble

'cause I'm turning the whole


>> I am not disappointed that

Terry didn't give me the hidden

immunity idol.

He's got a huge uphill battle

ahead of him.

I'm disappointed I can't be

there fighting in the trenches

beside him, but I found so much

inner strength and I'll take

that with me, and I learned a

lot about myself in all this.

You know, I fought hard and I