Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 8 - An Emerging Plan - full transcript

The tribes merge, and the former La Minas try to convince some of the former Casaya tribemates to join their alliance.

>> PROBST: Previously on


At Casaya...

...Shane wanted out of his


>> But I can't do that unless

you guys allow me to take my

son's name back.

>> PROBST: The next morning...

>> I want to ask you guys if I

can take my son's name...

>> Done.

>> Done?

>> PROBST: ...the Casaya women

granted Shane his wish, and the

alliance of Shane, Courtney,

Danielle, and Aras was broken.

>> Well, if that's how you feel

about it, then fine.

Get out of the alliance, you're

off anyway.

See you later, bye.

>> PROBST: At La Mina, alone

amongst four men, Sally knew she

was in trouble.

>> The four guys are kind of

doing, like, a boys' club thing,

but I think it's shortsighted.

>> PROBST: The challenge was

both for immunity and reward.

You will go to a local

Panamanian fishing village,

you'll have a Panamanian


>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: But in a twist, one

person from the losing tribe

would be saved.

The person you send to Exile

Island will not go to Tribal

Council tonight.

That means they cannot be voted


Terry's back with the last

puzzle piece.

La Mina took an early lead.

Dan and Sally quickly getting to


>> Roll it.

>> PROBST: But when Dan and

Sally faltered on the puzzle,


>> Step on it! Step on it!

>> PROBST: ...put together the

pieces to victory.

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Casaya wins reward

and immunity!

Casaya, who's it going to be?

>> Sally.

>> PROBST: Casaya sent Sally to

Exile Island, saving her from

certain elimination.

Boat's waiting.

>> I felt like there was a

pretty strong alliance between

the four guys and that I would

be the one to go, so tonight

this is the safest place for me

to be.

>> I'm so happy right now.

>> PROBST: At the Panamanian

village reward, Casaya filled

their bellies...

>> Oh, my God.

I just ate everything in sight.

>> Hyah!

>> PROBST: ...and got their

minds off the game for an


>> I know it's only day 15, but

damn, we really needed that.

>> PROBST: While Sally searched

for the idol that Terry had

already found, back at La


>> It's been a couple challenges

where he's not come through.

>> PROBST: ...the boys' club was

about to lose a member.

>> I think that the remaining

three strongest men would be me,

Nick, and Austin.

Dan's odd man out.

I feel bad, but that's the way

it is.

>> PROBST: At a painful Tribal


>> There is nothing about Dan

that needs to go.

We're just down to a situation

where somebody has to go.

>> PROBST: Sixth person voted

out of Survivor: Exile Island...

Dan the astronaut calmly

accepted his fate...

Dan, the tribe has spoken.

...and his tribe stood

respectfully as he gave his

final salute.

Ten are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

>> I'm freezing.

>> Courtney, I'm not-- I'm not

the only one using it.

It's also Cirie-- it's under

Cirie as well.

>> And, like, no warmth.

I was shaking.

Last night was the worst night I

ever had.

I literally did not know what to

do with myself.

Everyone was cuddled and dry,

and I'm wet and, like, alone in,

like, a little ball.

I mean, I'm... and also I just

feel like my innards, like,

inside is, like, freezing still.

Everything I own is soaked.

And Shane just, like-- instead

of, like, even feeling that I'm,

like, shivering and, like-- he

just was elbowing me with his


It was just like, "Ugh."

I cannot trust Shane and I don't

want to deal with him anymore.

He had a freak-out on us, and he

said, "Please give me back my

son's name.

I want out of this alliance."

So, we're like, "Oh, good-bye.

Fine, we'll see you later."

>> I know I'm still an outsider

to Casaya.

I just want to make the merge.

The whole ball game's going to

change big time and I'm gonna be

there standing.

>> Exile Island for me is my

saving grace.

It's not hurting me one bit to

be out here away from the rest

of my tribe.

Happy to still be here and

excited to see what's in store.

I've been spending some time

just digging a little here and

there, and I don't know if Terry

has found the immunity idol.

I hope he hasn't.

Maybe I'll get lucky.

>> We'll have slugs for lunch

and beans for dinner.

>> Sounds good to me.

I'm very anxious about what's

going to happen next.

Depending on when the merge

comes is going to play a huge

role in how far Terry, Nick,

myself, and Sally will be able

to make it in this game.

>> "What the heck is it?

This thing we are looking for.

Could it be buried treasure?

"Or something worth much more?

I'd start searching

On your back beach.

"Look for something

That ain't quite right.

But when you finally find it,

"You may be more comfortable


>> We just got some tree mail

telling us we were going on a

treasure hunt.

Marvin Gaye said it best:

"Let's get it on" up in this


>> I'm hoping it's something


>> I'm hoping it's something

edible, too.

I mean, what else could we have

to make our thing more

comfortable other than a

Posturepedic bed?

>> We got tree mail saying

there'd be something on our back

beach that wasn't quite right.

On the way out there, we're

thinking, "Oh, I hope it's

something to eat.

"I hope it's really something

substantial to eat."

>> Whoa, firewood.

>> Got wood, that's nice.

"Do not open any of the packages

until you arrive and are

gathered together with the

members of the Casaya tribe."


>> Merger, boys.

Pack it up.


I couldn't be happier.

That means we're going to be

reunited with the other tribe

tonight, ready for a new

adventure, ready to shake things

up, get to know some new people.

That's what this is all about,

so... can't wait.

>> All right, I'm gonna start

feeding it over to you guys.

We're down six-four.

The merge could be disastrous

for us.

If we don't get somebody to

switch over right away, we'll

just get picked off.

We need to get over there and

find out who exactly is aligned

and who is not.

I'm gonna hit up Bruce and see

where he lies, Shane as well.

What I'm hoping for is to switch

the numbers to our advantage,

and then we just pick them off.

My ace in the hole is the

immunity idol.

I would personally not want to

pull it out of my pocket till

the final four, but if I need to

use that thing strategically,

then I'll do it.

>> It'll be sad just to leave

the tight dynamic that we have

here with the four remaining

members, but I'm ready to meet

some new personalities, get in

there, start bobbing and weaving

like Sugar Ray Leonard, see if I

can come out victorious.

>> We're not doing anything.

I don't think any of us feel

like doing anything today.

You know, we're just collecting

wood, making fire, eating rice,

drinking water.

Really exciting, isn't it?

Riveting. Oh!

>> Delicious.

>> ♪ And nutritious. ♪

>> Who is it though?

>> It's three of them.

>> So who went home-- Austin...

or Terry?

>> We're having a nice lazy day.

We had a feeling a merge might

come and we saw the boat coming.

Is that Nick in the back?

>> No, that's Terry in the back.

>> We knew they were hungry and

all of us just chowed the rice,

'cause... 'cause we're heathens

and we didn't want to share.

>> I hope they feel strong and

feel like building us a new


>> Hey, come here quickly, come


All six of us right here, right


>> We're eating as much rice as

we can and then we bring it in

together while they're paddling

like, "Stay together, don't give

them a thing."

>> I'm so proud of us.

We've worked ourselves here.

They have less than us.

We have more.

We stay together, we get to the

top six.

>> One, two, three...

>> ALL: Believe!

>> Damn!

>> We're going to welcome them

in with open arms.

"Welcome to our house, but we're

going to vote you off one by one

by one by one."

>> You've arrived!

>> Come on in!

Finally! Whoo!

>> Terry and Austin and I are

paddling into shore and they're

standing there waiting for us

with open arms.

They just welcomed us into their


>> Welcome back.

You look great.

>> How are you?

I'm Shane.

>> Introductions start.

Everybody says hello, the hugs


>> I guess my initial concern is


Bruce does have a relationship

with Terry, per the original


This is Survivor.

You know people can flip-flop.

>> Hey, my man.

>> Oh, God, I've lost you!

>> Good to be here, Bruce.

Good to be here.

I'm so excited to have your face

around with this merge, meet the

new people,

I could just feel a sense of

wonderful things about them.

>> I'm so happy to be here, man.

>> Hey, Cirie!

>> Hi to you, too.

>> Terry and I respect each

other, and just to be with him

again is, like, just a pleasure.

>> Sally!

>> Sally made it, too.


>> Sally!

>> I get here to this new place

I've never seen before and

I'm just, like, "What is going


"Everybody's together.

Is this the merge?"

And Bruce comes, like, trucking

out of, like, the group of

people, and is the first person

so excited to see me and gives

me a huge hug.

>> Yeah!

>> And then there was this


>> Let's open it up!

>> Let's open it.

>> Another message, oh, no.

>> Read it, Bruce.

>> "Congratulations, you're all

one tribe.

"Here are your new tribe buffs

and tribe flag and paints.

"Give yourselves a name and

design and paint your new tribe


You'll find drinks, snacks and


(all cheering)

>> Oh, fruit!

Oh, Bruce.

>> Sally, pub snacks, honey.

Pub snacks.

>> Chocolate!

>> Inside the box was fresh

fruit and jarred, pickled

goodies, crackers and cheese

and wine.

I kind of wanted to slap myself

for eating all that rice before

they got here.

>> I am a glutton right now and

it feels spectacular.

>> It was a very cordial

gathering, everyone sharing

everything, everyone being

really pleasant, and I could

sense there probably was a

little bit of sizing up.

I was a little surprised at how

well we were welcomed.

I thought there might be a

little bit more of a competitive

edge, but I didn't see it.

>> Oh, good, this is really big.

Spread that far corner.

>> Yeah.

>> You can attach here and here

and here and to another post,


>> La Mina came over from the

merge with the tarp and our

shelter was really great, but I

think this one that they're

building now is gonna be


>> And this side over here, you

might be able to keep this side

attached to that tree open.

>> All right, here's the deal.

It's hard to tell, but I think

Terry does not have the

immunity idol, so the next time

he doesn't get immunity, he's


>> It's a whole new ball game

and I'm all about getting it

swung to my side, and so we're

just looking for two people.

Two people to swing the total

game our way.

And one to definitely make a

good swing vote, but two to

clinch it.

So if you were worried at all

about what may happen in the

next vote...

All we need is one person, and

we'll be even.

And I'll tell you this, listen.

You come over, and we, we will

go to the final five.

We thought Bruce might be a

little bit of an outsider here,

so I instantly attempted to

bring him into the La Mina fold

and give him sanctuary right


I will look you in the eye and

shake your hand on it.

And you know, you know...

>> And I know you're the man to

do it.

>> That's right.

>> You know I am, too.

>> If anyone would flop, I

think it would be Bruce.

I think Bruce is the most

worried about being accepted,

and I think he might have some

issues with, you know, wanting

to be accepted by Terry.

Aras's and my strategy with

Bruce is to make him feel like

our leader so that he won't go

away, he won't fall on us.

>> Bruce, you're... man, you're

doing-- now, it's intensive,


You run the show now, man.

Hey, no, come here.

Hey. Hey, Bruce.

I know that, and I'm saying,

right now, here, hey, you run

the show.

>> Yeah.

>> You let them know.

>> You're the senior member of

the tribe, buddy.

>> I'm the swing vote for both


It's such a wonderful feeling to

be in this power position

because I know I'm gonna go a

lot further guaranteed.

I've thought out the best

options of all the other nine

players, and they know it.

As much as I respect all of

them, this is a game now.

Outwit, outlast, outplay


(thunder crashes)

>> Come on, fire.

>> Bruce and...

>> Terry?

>> And Terry.

I know. Damn.

>> You know what...?

>> Oh! Oh!


>> What happened?

>> You okay, Bruce?

>> You all right?

>> I cut my tooth.

>> Oh.

>> We're building the shelter,

Bruce needed some rope cut, and

I have the machete.

It goes through the rope and

hits him in the face, the sharp


Oh, my God, I'm sorry, Bruce.

Neither of us were really

thinking, I guess.

>> You chipped, you just chipped

the top.

The second tooth, the incisor.

>> And that chipped a bit of his

tooth and cut his lip.

It was just a sickening sound.

Initially, I'm, like, "I'm


"I just hit Bruce in the face

with a machete.

I'm out of here."

>> You all right?

>> He's going to need to get a


>> I got a machete in my mouth.

>> You know what?

He may be on the DL for one day

and that's it.

He'll be back.

>> I am, I am not leaving this

game, let me tell you.

>> Let's see.

>> It did leave him a big gash

in his face.

I mean, I panicked at first.

I'm, like, panicking about

numbers for a second for sure.

>> You know what?

You're out of the game for a

day, you'll be right back.

All right, right back.

>> Stitch me, I'm cool.

I'll be here.

I ain't leaving.

I ain't leaving you guys.

I got too much to do with you


Nick felt so bad.

I mean, I just saw it in his


He was in shock.

He could have killed me, he

could have sliced my face open.

>> You all right, buddy?

>> I had a tooth come through my

lip before, no biggie.

>> You are a tough son of a gun,



>> Psychologically, I want to

outwork them, I want to

outperform them, and when it

comes to competition, I want to

beat them all.

>> Our tribe name is Gitanos,

which means "Gypsy" in Spanish,

I believe.

And since I'm an art teacher for

34 years, I was designated to be

the artist to create the flag.

And it took me a while to think

of what kind of lettering I want

to do, how to lay it out, what

will stand out the best.

I mean, I want our group to be

proud of this banner, and I want

to do a great job for the group.

Yeah, no question, yeah.

>> Straight up and down.

>> I went off with Aras to

collect some firewood.

I made some ambiguous chat about

what's been going on at camp,

because he and I did have a

pretty good bond those days at

Young Guy Beach.

>> Um, I mean I'm good with


There's no one I don't get along


>> The only thing that I learned

was it was gonna be a lot harder

than I'd hoped to flip anybody


>> Okay, Shane...

>> Cirie?

>> Yeah, you and Cirie.

It would be you, Cirie and us

four, and then you wouldn't have

to worry about anything for the

next two weeks.

Think that would be cool?

>> We can definitely try.

Terry approached me and said,

"Here, you and Cirie, let's go

right now, the six of us."

You know, I mean obviously it's

desperation, but I mean, "Why

would we want to join your

tribe, homie?

"We're gonna ride this out and

vote you off one at a time.

There's no reason to flop."

He's grasping at straws and I

get it.

I would be doing the same thing.

>> I talked to Shane already,

and our group of four would like

to offer you and Shane the

opportunity to take the burden

of Tribal Council off your

shoulders for the next two


>> Terry tells me that, um, I

mean, it was almost laughable.

It was like he's offering me


I don't think he's in the

position to offer me anything.

>> Okay.

>> And if we can solidify this

thing, that's even more time of

worry-free life around here for

the next couple of weeks.

>> Right. All right.

Well, I'll get back to you.

>> All right.

>> It was like a dictionary


I mean, I already have an

encyclopedia collection here,

and you want to sell me a


>> Am I in?

I don't even know what you're

talking about.

>> I know there is.

>> You want to live the next two

weeks burden-free?

>> If you take a look at where

we're at, we're in a really

good spot if we just stay where

we are, you know?

Maybe somebody will flop.

It's not going to be me.

And I know it's not going to be


I mean, getting to the merge

with the numbers is the biggest

part of the game.

And I just know for me, I'm

not flopping, so...


>> We were trying to sway Shane

this morning, and that's not

going to happen, not at all.

In fact, he doesn't even want

to talk about it.

We're not sure about Cirie, and

we're not sure about Bruce.

So, even if we get one person,

and it's five on five, it could

be time to pull out the

immunity idol that they don't

know about.

So, it could be my ace in the

hole for the rest of the game.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

All right, so tell me about the


Nick, how did it go?

>> The merge was great.

We were ecstatic over at La

Mina to get the news.

It's been two days of love.

The game was set aside for a

day or so to get to know these

people, and it's been amazing.

>> PROBST: You guys ready for

today's challenge?

>> ALL: Yeah!

>> PROBST: First things first.

Take back the immunity idol.

Thank you, Austin.

Tribal immunity is no more.

This is what you covet now.

Individual immunity from here

on out.

If you have this immunity

necklace around your neck,

you're safe at Tribal Council.

If you don't, as you know, you

could be going home.

Very clear.

Okay, let's get to today's

immunity challenge.

It is a very simple test of


You are going to hang upside

down with your arms and your

legs wrapped around a pole.

You're going to hang there for

as long as you can.

You fall off the pole, you're

out of the challenge.

Last person left hanging wins

immunity, is safe at tonight's

Tribal Council.

The other nine, somebody will

be going home.

Anything not clear?

>> Pretty clear, Jeff.

>> PROBST: We've randomly drawn

for spots.

Take your spot, we'll get


All right, everybody climb up

your ladders.

All right, get on.

First individual immunity

challenge is officially on.

Hanging from arms and legs.

Don't drop headfirst if you


What's hurting already, Cirie?

>> My arms... are hurting.

>> PROBST: Those arms are going

to give, Cirie.

Make sure you let your legs


Cirie first out.

Take a spot on the mat.

Very good chance that somebody

hanging up there needs immunity

and doesn't know it.

Been at it ten minutes.

And you start to feel your

muscles cramp.

Courtney doing some acrobatics,

dangling from her legs.

Sally not moving.

Terry not moving.

Shane struggling to get a

different grip.

Austin struggling to hang in


Aras drops out, joins Cirie on

the mat.

Eight people left hanging.

Who wants immunity?

Who feels comfortable going to

Tribal Council without it?

Bruce not worried.

>> Ahh!

>> PROBST: Sally down.

Sally joins Bruce, Aras, Cirie

on the mat.

>> Let's get some food, Jeff,

and I'll get down.

Get my a cheeseburger, Jeff,

I'm out of here.

>> PROBST: There ain't no food.

>> No food?

>> PROBST: No temptations.

Shane drops out.

Danielle is out.

Courtney drops out with a smile

on her face.

Three people left hanging.

Been up there 20 minutes.

Austin, Terry, Nick, fighting

for immunity.

Austin relaxes, gets another

bit of energy.

>> Terry, get off.

I'm struggling, man.

>> No way, Hoss, hang in there.

>> PROBST: Now the negotiations


>> Come on, buddy, I know you

got pride, but let's save our


>> PROBST: Austin trying to

convince Terry to get down so he

has a shot at immunity.

So, Terry, you're in a bit of a


>> Yeah, they're my buds.

>> PROBST: But this is a game.

Voluntarily giving up immunity

is about the riskiest thing you

can do.

30 minutes.

This challenge is full on into

the willpower stage.

Mind over matter.

How badly do you want it?

Austin's out.

We are down to two, Terry and

Nick, fighting for immunity.

Been up there 40 minutes now.

Both guys trying to stretch it


Where you feeling it, Terry?

>> My right shoulder.

>> PROBST: Where are you

feeling it, Nick?

>> Forearms.

I just need to get some blood to


>> PROBST: Nick drops out.

Terry wins the first individual


Terry, come on over.

Turn around.


You're safe at tonight's Tribal


Everybody else is fair game.

Grab your stuff.

I'll see you at Tribal.

>> Possessing both the immunity

necklace and the immunity idol,

uh, it's a godsend.

The immunity idol will be going

with me to Tribal Council


Hopefully I won't have to use

it, unless I want to use it as

a bribe down the road.

I was thinking about you and

your karate, and your, you

know, your level of mastership.

You are one of my things taking

me away.

>> La Mina's tribe, I have a

bond with them, especially with

Terry, 'cause I was first with

La Mina.

Terry, to me, is the number one

head stand-up guy of everybody


I'm kind of right in the center

of both tribes.

They want me to come over

there, and the other tribe

wants me to come over to that


I just.... I'm glad they have a

high respect for me.

>> We've got to get this thing

jumping before we leave for


>> We're going to Tribal

Council tonight, and I'd be

lying if I said I thought there

was anything that could save me.

Want to say a quick prayer with

me, man?

>> Yeah, I would.

>> Because I'm taking off from

this place, I know it...

Lord, I just thank you for

giving me the opportunity to

come out here...

I don't think I could have

beaten Terry in the immunity

challenge, so I went in knowing

that I was going to try to make

myself look weak, so I was

putting on an absolute

Oscar-winning performance.

I was over there falling down

and coming back up.

Thanks for allowing me the


Praise Jesus.

That was my plan was to show

that I wasn't that strong.

But it doesn't matter what

happens, I'm going home.

There's no question about it.

>> Whoever gets voted out

tonight is not part of the jury.

That's why I was holding on for

so long, is one of my goals is

to make the jury.

And now I know that since Terry

has immunity, the next two

walking the plank are Austin and


I really hope that I make it

through this one more vote.

It's a big, big night.

>> Bruce!


>> Shane gets on the royal

bellow, blows the horn, or

whatever they do to announce a

Casaya meeting, you know, makes

a big show of it.

It's like kindergarten, you


He has to look after his

children, make sure they're all

on the same page.

>> Of course.

>> What are you talking about?

First of all, this was a very

tough two days.

They were all over us.

>> Yeah.

>> I'm very proud of us for

staying together, so let's, uh,

talk about...

>> Who do you guys want to go


>> Courtney?

>> I'm for Nick.

>> I'm kind of up in the air


>> You're kind of up in the air?

>> I'm up in the air, so...

>> Okay.

>> I'm up in the air.

>> Okay.

(Cirie sighs)

>> Um, Nick seems like Terry

number two...

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> me, just physically.


>> I don't know why I feel like

Austin's the call, but you guys

give great points for Nick.

>> You didn't know the...

>> The reason why we would want

to vote out Austin first were

because we thought he was more

of a physical threat than Nick,

but, you know, I think everybody

got all freaked out because Nick

did well in the immunity

challenge today, so then the

bottom line is, I don't care.

I just want one of them gone,

and one of them is going.

One, two, three...

>> ALL: Believe!

>> Couldn't be much more obvious

than that, huh?

>> No.

Would we be that cocky?

>> You know, if-if you're going

to just talk to each other, then

talk to each other, but, like,

all of a sudden parade off...

>> Well, what do we do, man?

>> You can be cocky, but it's

cooler if you're not.

>> Terry's pretty irked about

the way Shane organized the

meeting, so we'll just...

You know, the little shot across

the bow that we can provide,

we'll vote for Shane.

>> No, hey.

Guys, this situation is the


There's no...

>> I know, I know.

>> There's no like, uh...

>> There's no easy way to do it.

>> ...prettying it up.

>> I know.

>> We just wanted to get

together-- the six of us--

figure out exactly what we're

doing, communicate, and to be

honest, I don't care what they


You know what I mean?

If they have a problem with it,


I mean, they can have as big a

problem as they want.

They're, they're still going,

one at a time.

Barring any psychotic episodes

from Bruce wanting to be

dramatic and flop.

Who knows what he's capable of?

We just need to get this one

person off.

>> PROBST: Courtney, catch me


What's the new name of the new


>> Gitano.

It's Spanish word for gypsies.

>> PROBST: Who came up with


>> It was sort of, like,

collective, and everyone agreed

it would be a fun name, so...

>> PROBST: Terry, when you got

the note at La Mina saying, get

in the boat and head over to

Casaya, was that good news or

bad news?

>> Personally, I was hoping for

one more immunity challenge, and

with that, we hoped to knock

them down one more peg prior to

the merge.

>> PROBST: Nick, how do you

change what appears to be


>> You just stir things up if

you can, best you can.

Basically, try to identify the

fringe players, and then exploit

their position in their tribe,

and, you know, hopefully,

communicate that to them in a

way that they understand, and

they're willing to come over to

your side.

>> PROBST: Bruce, you get

separated from your tribe,

you've been to Exile Island


I would think your loyalties are

spread all over the map.

You have interactions with all

kinds of people here.

>> It's been a roller-coaster


I mean, I always seem like I was

always on the outside looking

in, and, uh, whoever I was

teamed up with, I was willing to

just try to do my share, and I

feel they respect me, and I have

a high respect toward all of


>> PROBST: Let's talk about the

immunity challenge today.

Nick, you were fighting to not

give up.

>> I mean, obviously, the main

thing through my mind was, I'm

going to be on the block tonight

without immunity, but the one

chance I had today was to,

hopefully, show them that this

is how bad I want to stick

around, and if, hopefully, my


Um, hopefully, they...

You know, hopefully, they spoke

for me.

>> PROBST: Austin, you were

hanging in there as long as you

could today.

What was going through your


>> Well, Jeff, I had a lot

going through my mind.

I was waging an inner struggle,

because I could be on the

chopping block because I was

really strong, so I was fighting

whether I wanted to act like I

couldn't hang... or keep hanging

and try to beat Terry, but long

story short, I opted to come

down, and, uh, probably going to

pay the price for that.

>> PROBST: You say, "Opted to

come down."

The strategy was, appear weak?

>> Something along those lines.

>> PROBST: Shane, the second you

guys found out there was going

to be no food to tempt you down,

it was plop, plop, plop,

everybody dropping.

That's the only reason you were

staying up there at all.

>> I mean, me personally?

Yeah, I mean, I was waiting for

a cigarette or a donut or

a coffee or something, and when

you weren't going to come with

any of that, I was down.

You know, we're sort of sitting

in this position where we hold

the cards for right now, so of

course, I jumped down.

I'm going to conserve my energy.

We have our numbers, and we're

going to stick true to them.

>> PROBST: Aras, a little

worried that this is a very

cocky group of six right now?

>> I'm not worried about our

confidence in the six.

The whole thing of it is, is the

wrench is, is the immunity idol.

There... It's still an immunity

idol that could very well be in

the hands of people who just

came to our beach.

And so that is probably the only

thing that I'm worried about.

>> PROBST: Would you be knocked

over if somebody flipped from

your side tonight?

>> I'd be stunned.

>> PROBST: So, Courtney, you're

pretty confident.

>> Uh, I would be very shocked,


>> PROBST: How about you, Cirie?

>> Yeah, I would be, uh,



>> PROBST: Okay, Terry has the

immunity necklace.

I doubt he's giving that up.

In addition, several of you have

been to Exile Island.

If anybody has the hidden

immunity idol, and you want to

use it, you'll let me know after

the vote.

It is time to vote.

Nick, you're up.

>> Cool guy, man.

Just voting for you 'cause you

led the charge to get me out of


>> This makes me really sad.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Shane.


Two votes Shane.


Three votes Shane.

Shane, that's four votes Shane.


Four votes Shane, one vote Nick.


Two votes Nick.


That's four votes Shane, three

votes Nick.


We're tied.

Shane with four votes, Nick

with four votes.


That's five votes Nick, four

votes Shane, one vote left.

The seventh person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island-- Nick.

Nick, you have not been to

Exile Island, so unless somebody

has given you the immunity idol,

you need to bring me your torch.

Nick, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

>> (whispers): Cirie.

>> (whispers): Nick.

>> PROBST: Well, as day 18 comes

to a close, you are the final


Seven of you will ultimately

comprise our jury.

Two of you will make it to the

end, one will win.

With 21 days left, a lot of game

left to be played.

Grab your torches and head back

to camp.

Good night.

Captioned by

Media Access Group at WGBH

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> I have it.

>> Shut up.

>> No.

I have it.

>> PROBST: The hidden immunity

idol begins to work its magic.

>> Even if he does have it,

which he doesn't, he's not about

to give it away.

>> You're calling me stupid?

>> The hidden immunity idol has

really shaken things up.

It could change the game like


>> I'll give you the immunity


>> All you kids in your mid-20s

that are in my situation,

confused, not sure which

direction life's pulling you,

you're just trying to find

yourself-- I urge us all,

please, be hungry, be foolish,

block out the noise, find

yourselves, be who you

potentially are, and be true to

your dreams and what you really

want to do.

If we all maximize that personal

freedom, and we'll change the