Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 7 - A Closer Look - full transcript

Recap show featuring footage never shown on TV before this episode.

>> PROBST: Tonight, in a

special episode of Survivor

Exile Island, we'll take a

closer look into the

personalities of the survivors

with 13 scenes of all new


(thunder crashing)

>> Speak up.

That's what I'm saying.

>> I'm saying you have a

negative attitude and it drains

on me, so I stay away from it.


That's bottom flesh.

I intend to keep them all to


>> (singing in foreign language)

>> She's like, "This is the

girls' soap," you know what I


And what I wanted to do was look

at her and go, "That's the

lunatics' soap.

>> Yell, get it out.



>> PROBST: We'll also see

highlights of the events that

shaped the first 15 days of

their adventure of a lifetime.

>> Everybody here won't tell you

because they're afraid to tell

you the truth.

>> What are you talking about?

>> I want one, just one.

I just want mine.

>> PROBST: Hunger...

>> Oh, shoot!

>> PROBST: ...thirst...

and violent storms...

>> We're dying, fellas.

>> PROBST: ...push some to the

edge of their capacity to cope.

>> What are you doing?

>> There's no reason for me to

be doing this.

>> PROBST: The misery appeared

to have no end in sight.

>> I figure we've got about

three more days before the

entire tribe can't get out of


>> PROBST: Exile Island was a

place where some would be

banished to suffer.

And one would find a potential

key to survival in the game.

>> All right!

>> This place breeds bad luck.

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>> PROBST: 15 days ago, 16

Americans landed on a remote

island off the coast of Panama

to begin the adventure of a


For the first time in Survivor

history they were split into

four tribes.

Younger men versus younger

women, versus the older men

versus the older women.

This is Exile Island.

Throughout this game tribe

members will be banished to this


Wasting not time the tribes

faced off in their first


>> Yeah.

>> Let's get it on.

>> PROBST: The losing tribe will

choose one person to stay behind

on Exile Island right off the


It was a race to find three

amulets and Terry, Austin and

Ruth Marie came out on top.

Danielle finished last and the

younger women picked Misty to

stay behind.

Then another twist was revealed.

Hidden somewhere on this island

is an immunity idol.

Along the way you'll be given

clues as to the whereabouts of

that idol.

>> Ooh, hoo.

>> PROBST: Arriving at their

camp, the older women thrived

under the leadership of Tina.

>> The older women are

performing very well.

Tina-- she's a very, very

resourceful woman.

>> More of that stuff, keep 'er


>> Good job, good job.

>> PROBST: The young men's start

was not quite as strong.

>> You tell me when you start of

feel a little bit of energy.

>> Our tribe's just hysterical.

I mean, we all established

within two hours of being here

we don't have a clue what we

were doing.

That's a shelter right there,


>> We don't want to peak the

first night.

>> PROBST: While at the younger

women's camp, in this never

before seen footage, it was a

struggle just to open a coconut.

>> I don't think there's coconut

juice in here.

>> I hear it.

Let's crack one open.

>> We should.

Doesn't seem like very much.

>> Oh, no.

>> The machete is a bit tricky.

I'm shocked by how badly I'm

doing opening coconuts.


>> No, wait, wait, wait.

Go like...

>> Really?

I always open coconuts from the


>> We were all expecting I think

a male to be here to help us out

with that department.

>> All right, you try.

We'll take turns.

>> Just don't come too close to

me because I'm dangerous with a



>> Oh, that's it.

Now do that against the wood.

>> I love the machete.

I worked construction for a

summer and favorite part was


And maybe that's that side of me

coming out.

>> Gosh, this is so easy.

>> Yeah.

>> Gosh.

>> Those little coconuts-- they

are hard.

But I love taking that machete

and just going to town on

whatever I can.

And it worked.

I broke some coconuts.

>> Our first coconut.

We drink from the same coconut,

man, yeah.

>> PROBST: At the older men's

camp, everything was under


>> That's the best smelling

stinking fire I've seen in a

long time.

>> PROBST: ...leaving time for

Dan the astronaut and Terry the

fighter pilot to make a pact.

>> I'll never lie to you.

>> Okay.

>> I expect you to never lie to


>> I'll shake on that.

>> Yeah?

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> PROBST: Shane however, was

wearing down quickly.

>> We're here... all four of us

don't know to get the water.

All four of us don't need to

head to the path to find the mud


I'm exhausted, I haven't had a

cigarette, and I smoke three

packs of cigarettes a day for

20 years and I haven't had a

cigarette in like 31 hours.

I mean, I'm just at the end of

my rope.

>> PROBST: Later that day, Tina

made a valuable discovery.

>> Holy criminy.

An oyster.


I just caught an oyster.

It's just like embedded in


That thing has been embedded in

there for millions of years I


Oh, my God, look at that.

That is a lot of flesh.

That's probably enough to keep

me going for the day.

I think it was the best oyster I

ever had in my life.

It was beautiful.

I love oysters.


Oh, there's another one.

And another one.

Got a couple lunches here.

I did not tell anyone that I

found oysters.

I intend to keep them all for


And if you saw where I found

them, there's no way they're

going to know they're there.

>> PROBST: That night at the

older men's camp, Bruce had

trouble sleeping and he put

his idle time to good use.

>> Sometimes when things are

bothering me late at night I

like to break away and just do

my karate.

My karate practice is very

important to me, 'cause it

always keeps me in shape and

keeps my mind focused.

I take my mind off everything


I focus on each karate move.

Usually executing a kata--

my ancient form movement.

Usually fighting three or four

imaginary opponents.

Sometimes I practice 100 at a


>> Bruce wants to come down here

and get his Miyagi on in front

of the water and karate down.

I'm cool with that.

I like odd people.

I think he's got a lot of

anxiety about being here and,

uh, I think that's probably how

he, you know, gets it out.

>> When I'm doing my kata, I

always feel like I'm trying to

destroy my opponent.

So I have to keep that karate as

part of my game plan.

>> PROBST: On day two, Misty

came up with a plan regarding

the hidden immunity idol.

>> I'm the first one voted off

should we not win.

Which would make sense if I was

in their shoes.

So when I see my tribe mates at

the next immunity challenge,

I'll trick them into thinking

that I found the immunity idol.

>> PROBST: At the first immunity

challenge, Misty rejoined her

tribe and implied that she had

found the idol.

So, Misty, how's Exile Island?

>> You told us there was an

immunity idol on there and you

told us where it was, so...

>> PROBST: So you spent a little

time looking for it?

>> Enough.

>> PROBST: During the challenge,

the younger men fell behind


Young guys still trying to get

that rope free.

Young guys in serious trouble.

While the younger women and the

older men cruised.

Younger women have immunity!

Older men win immunity.

>> We got it, we got it, we got


>> PROBST: Down to two tribes.

One immunity left.

Older women, younger guys.

In the end, the younger men

passed the older women for the

last piece of immunity.

>> Come on, baby.

>> PROBST: Younger men win


Older women going to Tribal


After the challenge, Misty

arrived at her camp for the

first time.

>> I love it, you guys.

This is beautiful.

>> Well, when Misty came back

from Exile Island, we were

extremely anxious to know if

she'd gotten the idol or not.

>> What did you do out there?

You were just like...

>> Digging.

>> She was a digging fool.

>> You digged both days?

>> I dig... I dug... yeah.

Until yesterday afternoon.

>> Like digging?

>> Yeah, my whole focus was

like, dig, dig, dig.

>> And it worked out, I mean,

you said you found it, so...

>> It's that whole don't tell

anyone if you have it or don't

have it thing.

>> I don't know why you need to

keep it quiet.

>> I tried to trick them into

thinking that I had the immunity


I think Courtney called my

bluff-- rightly so.

I think she's very good at

deceiving people.

So I think she could see it in

me, 'cause I'm really not that

great at it.

>> How long did you have to dig

before you found it?

>> All day.

>> You found it today?

>> No, it was yesterday and I

was sitting there...

Yeah, no, girl.

You think?

>> I don't know-- she had a good


She could have it.

I don't want her to pull this

out of her hat later down the

road, when immunity could be

really worth something.

>> Misty came back and told all

of us that she had found the

immunity idol.

And I didn't buy it for a

second, but the other girls

seemed to buy it.

>> PROBST: Facing Tribal

Council, Tina's tribemates were

put off by her isolated


But Tina's behavior was


>> I wrote this in the sand for

my son, Charlie, who was killed

in a car accident just, you

know, four-and-a-half months


And he was just 16 years old.

So, I will come and talk to him

once in a while... alone.

>> PROBST: Meanwhile, Cirie was

worried about her place in the


>> I'm really nervous 'cause I

don't want to be the first one

to go.

>> PROBST: So she set her sights

on getting rid of Tina.


>> PROBST: But Tina caught a

fish, complicating the tribe's


>> I do think that Cirie's the

weak link.

There are a hundred reasons to

keep Tina.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Tina's outdoor skills were not

enough to save her and she

became the first person voted

off Survivor: Exile Island.

Tina, the tribe has spoken.

>> I think that if the dynamics

had been different and we would

have had the full eight people,

I'd still be there because the

men would have taken me for my

strength and power and knowledge

of living in the wild.

>> PROBST: That night, a heavy

downpour hit the camps...

(thunder crashing)

...and Bruce caused a small

storm of his own.

>> Yeah, yeah, Bruce, go down to

the ocean.

>> Calm down.

>> I'm upset because

Bruce used our drinking water to

wash his hands, and we have,

like, a half a bottle of

drinking water left.

That's unacceptable, especially

when there's a downpour

happening and you can just step

outside and wash your hands in

the downpour.

You can't be, you can't be doing


You can if you want to get voted


(thunder crashing)

>> PROBST: Despite the

relentless downpour, the younger

women found new ways to keep

their spirits up in this new

footage from morning four.

>> We should learn a Spanish


>> That would be great.

>> Okay, so...

(singing in Spanish)

>> Yeah!

So, it's, like...

"On the island of women

with my sisters of Bayoneta."

(speaking Spanish)

"But still there's a smile

in the soul."

>> I like that one.

>> So, you guys repeat.

>> Okay.

(singing in Spanish)

>> It feels great that there's

four of us now.

We're all, like, content

individuals, even though we

don't really have anything.

They're into, like, learning new

songs from foreign lands and,

like, they're just cool.

Cool women.

I'm just so happy to be here

with them.

(singing in Spanish)

>> The four of us were just

huddled together, soaking wet,

just singing some songs, so it

kinda warmed us up.

It's so crazy to be here and,

like, be hungry and cold and

tired and be having so much fun.

(singing in Spanish)

>> I like that!

>> You guys got it!

>> Isn't it fun?

>> PROBST: But over at the

older men's camp, Shane was

struggling to keep his head in

the game.

>> You know, I think about

everything that I'm missing

right now.

I think about my kid, and you

know, there's no... there's no

reason for me to be doing


No more torrential downpours,

Sir God.

No more of those!

(thunder crashes)

>> PROBST: Later that day, the

four tribes met for a reward


>> Green sweats.

>> PROBST: In a schoolyard


>> Cool guy.

>> PROBST: ...the four tribes

became two: La Mina and Casaya.

Bruce was not picked and he was

banished to Exile Island, but

with an unusual twist.

You are the only person

guaranteed to be safe at the

next Tribal Council.

>> Yeah! Thank you!

>> PROBST: Well, go.

The boat's out there.

The two tribes then squared off

for fishing gear.

Survivors ready! Go!

In a brutal challenge, La Mina

pulled out a narrow victory.

La Mina wins reward!

Arriving at the new Casaya beach

after the challenge...

...Shane quickly set up an

alliance with Danielle, Courtney

and Aras.

>> I go on the beach and I was

right there.

I was, like, "Here it is.

You, you, you, you, let's lock

in right now.


I'm serious.

>> PROBST: At the new La Mina

camp, Terry was busy making an

alliance of his own.

>> Dan and I were talking that

we'd like to make a bond with

you guys.

It's, it's in our best interest,


What do you think?

>> It makes a lot of sense.

>> PROBST: The next day at

Casaya, desperate times led to

desperate measures.

>> We're not really doing really

well, honestly.

I mean, we do not have fire, we

don't have water because we

don't have fire.

>> Just that little bit is,

like, so refreshing.

>> We were all dehydrated, some

more so than others.

Courtney and Daniel have not had

water for five days.

Maybe these people can rise to

the occasions.

I know they're all competitors.

Maybe that's gonna happen.

I don't know.

We'll just have to see.

>> PROBST: At Exile Island,

Bruce battled the elements.

On day six, La Mina set out with

their newly won fishing gear.

>> I saw some fish just right

over there.

>> PROBST: ...but suffered a

major setback when Sally lost

the spear.

>> I have some bad news.

>> What?

>> I lost that spear.

>> Did you try to go back down

with the mask?

>> Yeah. It was so deep.

>> I'm very frustrated about the


I had no doubt in my mind we

would be eating tons of fish if

we had that spear.

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Terry carried La Mina

to victory, virtually


Terry hauling that anchor in!

La Mina wins immunity!

After the challenge, at Casaya,

Shane wanted to quit.

>> Hey, what are you doing?

>> If somebody wants to quit,

let 'em quit!

>> PROBST: But Aras talked Shane

into sticking around...

>> Just try it, okay?

>> Okay, all right.

>> PROBST: ...putting Cirie and

Melinda at risk.

>> I don't care which one of you


Like, whoever doesn't go now is

going next.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Bruce returned from Exile Island

and watched as Melinda became

the second person voted off

Survivor: Exile Island.

Melinda, the tribe has spoken.

>> It's a hundred-times harder

than you could ever possibly

think it's gonna be.

Sure, you know, it's all gonna

be over in 39 days, but 39 days

sounds like a lot less time when

you're at home on the couch than

when you're laying on bamboo.

>> PROBST: That night after

Tribal Council, Bruce became a

member of the Casaya Tribe,

and his impact was immediate.

>> So this is what we're gonna

do: we're gonna filter water

through three T-shirts, double


That's gonna be 90% pure water.

>> I know that I was the last

man picked, now I'm emerging as

the top of the tribe.

It's the best bottle so far.

>> PROBST: The next morning at

the reward challenge, Casaya

acknowledged Bruce's positive

effect on the tribe.

>> I feel a hell of a lot


>> We got Bruce dawg with us.

He helps us, man.

>> Bruce is a savior.

>> PROBST: But his presence

wasn't enough to beat out a

sure-handed La Mina.

>> Fire at will.

>> Come on. Get it, Aras!

>> PROBST: Terry makes an

unbelievable catch!

La Mina wins reward!

La Mina was on a roll.

(all cheer)

For the first time, the winner

sent a member of the losers to

Exile Island.

(all whispering)

Who are you sending?

>> Bruce, we're sending you


>> PROBST: And Bruce was forced

to return to Exile Island.

>> You guys are playing for

keeps, huh?

>> PROBST: That night, after the

challenge, things began to

deteriorate at Casaya.

In this never-before-seen

footage, frustration over losing

boiled to the surface.

>> We made a tactical error at

the challenge.

>> Like today, I said, "I'm a

wide receiver.

I should be catching."

>> Yeah, but that's all you


>> What else is there to say?

>> Speak up, that's what I'm


"Guys, I'm not a good swimmer.

Guys, I'm hurt. I can't do this.

"I'm not gonna be able to put my


>> It seemed like someone else

had, like, a personal interest

in being there.

Like you wanted to out there and

have the point.

I was, like, "You know what?

Let me step back."

>> Whew! The fireworks started.

These are the craziest, sickest,

aggravatingest, people that I

have ever been around in my


We don't have a team.

It's the reason why we're not


>> I've seen four people walk

down to the beach by themselves.

What am I supposed to do?

Run up to 'em, "Hey, guys, what

are you talking about, guys?"

>> Hey, so let's get to what

you're really bummed out about.

You're bummed out 'cause you're

on the outside.

>> No, I'm bummed out that you

guys act like seventh-grade


>> We act like seventh-grade


>> Yeah.

>> What am I, what am I doing,

act like a seventh-grade girl,


>> When you throw your little

tantrums over here, that's why I

stay away from you guys.

Like, Courtney's, like, Miss


Like, we're supposed to be this

grownup-type family?

>> This is my fault?

>> I'm not saying it's your


I'm saying you have a negative

attitude and it drains on me, so

I stay away from you.

>> Why would it benefit me?

What group?

>> The group; all of us.

>> The group of four?

>> Communication skills in most

of this tribe are horrible.

Bobby's really upset because he

knows he's on the outside of

this four-person alliance and

he doesn't know how to say that,

so he just comes up with

different reasons to be upset

with people.

>> Instead of continuing this

negativity, because it's not

going to end, we're never going

to come to a resolution about


>> Yeah, we are.

>> Okay, so right now, all that

negativity everybody has, get it




>> Let it go.

We need to... I don't give a

damn what everybody else thinks.

This game at this point is a

team game.

So all of us need to come

together as a group.

I think a lot of people in this

tribe are acting very


I've played team sports my whole

life and this is the worst team

I've ever been a part of.

>> I think you need to lead the

discussion, and then when you

say, "Listen, be quiet, I've

heard everybody.

Let's make a decision," then we

need to just all shut up and

respect that.

We need leadership when we're

deciding challenges.

>> One of the good things that

came out of that argument was

that we decided that I would be

our leader at challenges.

Now a win could change the


If we win this, we're, you know,

everyone knows we're back in it.

Each one of us has to overcome

our personal differences.

Compete and be willing to work


>> We're going to be fine.

(thunder crashing)

>> PROBST: On day eight, Casaya

was coming apart at the seams.

It's Shane's thinking seat.

It's mine for the rest of

the... please, actually, could

no one else sit on my thinking

seat, please?

>> Why does it have to be yours?

>> Because I picked it.

You want this one, I'll go get

another one!

I want one, this one!

If you want this one, I'll go

get another one!

I just want mine.

>> With Courtney and Shane

there's always something.

The funny thing is, these are

the people that you guys decided

to align with.

>> PROBST: Later in the day, in

this new scene, the food

situation at Casaya was reaching

a critical stage.

>> I'm so weak from not eating.

This is fun.

>> We haven't eaten anything


That is the killer.

Whatever is the next five levels

up from hungry, that's what we


>> There's a snake.

Hey, guys, come look at this.

If it's a boa, we can eat that

thing, man.

>> Are you sure it's a boa?

>> Yes.

>> You're positive?

>> I'm 100% positive.

>> That's snake dinner, bro.

>> Snake dinner right here.

Who wants snake?

>> You know, snake for many

people means transformation

and even healing.

The snakes that go up on the

medicine-- you know how

they're represented there.

Snakes are like power,

transformation, healing, and as

we eat it, let's just take in

snake energy, because we're

eating snake.

>> Yo, don't eat it yet.

Snake, according to Courtney is


>> If Courtney says snakes

represent togetherness, I'm

willing to listen.

As long as it's going to keep me

in the group, then hey, to

togetherness with the snake.

I don't care.

>> Here's to transformation.

>> Transformation.

Transform us.

>> Tastes like chicken.

>> You stole my line.

>> Thank the snake for giving us

his life.

Thank you, snake.

>> I'm eating snake!

>> PROBST: Bruce returned from

Exile Island joining Casaya for

a bruising immunity challenge.

>> Ow!

>> PROBST: After a hard fought

battle, Casaya put an end to La

Mina's winning streak.

At Tribal Council the vote went

against Misty.

Third person voted out of

Survivor Exile Island, Misty.

Misty, that's enough votes.

One question left, did you find

the immunity idol?

>> No, I did not.

>> PROBST: And Misty became

the third person voted off

Survivor Exile Island.

Misty, the tribe has spoken.

>> I actually was very shocked

that I was the first one to go

from my tribe.

I knew there was a boys' club

going on.

I just didn't think that I would

be the first female to go.

So I was surprised, and

disappointed definitely, very


>> PROBST: The next morning at

Casaya, Shane was having regrets

about leaving his son.

>> Today is my son's birthday.

He's 13 today.

He's a teenager.

And I probably shouldn't have

missed that.

I probably should have not come


My son's name is Boston, and we

have an unbelievably special


I was 21 when I had him.

And the thing about this game is

that you really start to learn

and understand what's


And I realize I've learned a lot

about myself, and a lot about

what I want to do with my life

now-- which is just be close

to the people that I love.

>> You're the best dad in the


You've got your son's name on

your heart.

>> Not the best dad in the


I'm the best dad in the world

for him.

But I've been talking... I've

been talking to him all day.

>> Good.

>> Yeah.

We could sing him "Happy


>> That's what I was thinking.

>> ♪ Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Boston

Happy birthday to you. ♪


>> Singing "Happy Birthday" to

Boston did make us feel more

like a unit, like a family


And it was really nice.

Even if it was just for those

few minutes.

Because believe me, it's not

going to last.

Not with this tribe.

>> PROBST: At La Mina...

...Dan brought Ruth Marie into

the men's alliance... leaving

Sally on the outside looking in.

>> All I can do right now is

keep working hard and prove

myself valuable.

>> PROBST: At the reward


Want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: A fully stocked

bathroom was on the line.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Go!

In a close race...

Both sides solving the puzzle.

...Casaya pulled out the


>> Right there.

>> PROBST: Casaya wins reward!

>> Yeah, baby!

>> PROBST: And Terry was

banished to Exile Island.

When Casaya returned to camp...

>> Beautiful.

>> PROBST: ...things turned sour

over the use of the outhouse.

>> My vote is to use the

bathroom for firewood and just

keeping things dry.

>> Anybody mind if I break in

the dumpster?

>> Use the bathroom to keep

the wood dry.

Bobby just frustrates me.

I can't stand the fact that he's

not a gentleman.

>> I'm about ten pounds lighter.

>> PROBST: At La Mina, Austin

took the time to get to know


>> I was the kid who did

everything by the book.

Everything I did was, like,


>> I can see that.

>> And so, going through the

whole divorce-- it was like the

first time I crossed my parents.

There's a lot of shame that

comes in with that.

>> ...and I'm so sorry.

>> It's just really sad.

It's just such a waste.

Life is so short.

>> Sally and I had a really good


She's going through some tough

times in her life right now.

Her parents come from a very

strict Christian background.

And because Sally got a divorce,

they have all but kind of cut

ties with her.

>> I can't regret any of that.

And, uh...

>> It's so hard to believe that,

they're that black and white.

>> The hardest thing for me has

been what the divorce has done

to my relationship with my

parents and how, you know, it's

gone through some turmoil.

I know they love me.

>> It's eating away at them,

I'll guarantee.

>> Yeah, I know they love me, I

know they miss me.

My parents don't know how to

support me in this decision

right now.

I have hope that someday that's

going to change and you know,

our relationship is going to be


But they're needing some space

right now, and you know, it's

just hard.

>> Sally and I have become


I just think that she's an

extraordinary person.

I don't want to see Sally go.

Maybe I'll shop my idea to keep

Sally around.

But I got a hunch it's going to

be just like the fish out here

in this ocean, man-- no nibbles,

no bites.

>> PROBST: On, Exile Island,

Terry deciphered the clues...

>> Why has fate chose you to be

the first one out here?


>> PROBST: ...and found the

immunity idol.

>> Beautiful.

"This talisman can be used to

keep you safe from the vote at

Tribal Council." All right!

>> PROBST: While Terry

celebrated, the Casaya foursome

was falling apart.

>> What?

>> An aversion to working?

>> Oh, okay. That's nice.

>> No, I'm just telling ya, I

think everyone has the same


>> What do you do?

Do you get water?

You ever gotten water?

Alls you do is ask people to get

fire for you so you can ... do

the fire.

That's all you do.

>> What do I do?

>> That's all you do!

>> I hunt every day, I go and

get as much wood as you do.

>> I don't help you guys catch


>> I go and get as much wood as

you do.

>> I get wood. I go for water.

I help you guys get snails.

And for you to say it like


>> And everybody here won't tell

you because they're afraid to

tell you the truth!

>> What are you talking about?

>> Danielle, Shane and Courtney,

Aras foursome is like some

psychotic joke.

And it seems to be unraveling

little by little.

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Terry returned from

Exile Island.

Survivors ready. Go!

And despite Sally's strong


Sally running across the beams.

...Casaya again came out on top.

Casaya wins immunity!

(all cheering)

Sally was slated to be sent home

next at La Mina.

>> It's a shame to pack up my

stuff and leave here with so

much left to offer this tribe.

>> PROBST: But Austin made an

appeal to Terry.

>> We got to have our strongest


>> PROBST: And at Tribal

Council, Austin's efforts to

keep Sally paid off.

The men broke their alliance

with Ruth Marie, who became the

fourth person voted off

Survivor: Exile Island.

Ruth Marie, the tribe has


>> I really thought I had an

alliance with four gentlemen.

But it's not a game of honor.

It's a game of deception.

So they didn't do anything


>> PROBST: The next morning, the

fire caused sparks at Casaya in

this new scene from day 12.

>> Pretty much everybody but

Bobby is working.

Bobby doesn't ever catch any

food, never gets any water.

He doesn't even try to help get

the fire going.

For his size, he should have...

I feel like he should have more




>> Bob.


You feel okay?

>> Yeah, I'm cool.

>> Yeah.

Danielle, apparently in her

fatigued and dumb state,

apparently thought I was


She apparently thought I really

couldn't figure out that I was

supposed to be putting the stick

on the fire.

She apparently thought I was


Just like completely over her

head, like all this stuff is

just, like... just gone.

>> Here, let me do it, I'll do


Bobby takes a twig.

"Where do I put this?"

And he did it, he said it, like,

six times.

Finally, I got so aggravated, I

go, "You know what, Bobby, I'll

do it.

Forget it, forget it, go back to


We figured he's a guy, I mean,

guys should be good at that,

that he would get it going.

And he didn't give me anything.

He just picked up and went back

to bed.

I don't know, me and him just

don't click.

We just don't get along.

>> PROBST: In this new footage

from day 12 at Casaya, soap from

an earlier reward was finally

put to use.

>> Thank God for that bar of


>> I mean, it almost makes you

feel like a different person.

We won in the reward challenge,

three bars of soap, a

back scrubber...

After ten days of not washing

any part of your body, it felt


>> Danielle and I just wanted to

have a girls' bar of soap and a

guys' bar of soap.

So far, Bruce has been the first

one to use the backscratcher,

you know.

And Bruce has the soap, and

it's like, covered in black


And just to let the boys know,

the soap that's wrapped like

this is the girls' soap.

I get kind of grossed out


>> What, you want the girls to

use a bar and the boys to use a


>> Yeah, the girls to use a bar

and the guys to use a bar.

>> Well, the guys have two bars.

We'll use one.

>> We're out here, we're like

sharing everything.

Courtney's, like, this is the

girls' soap, you know what I


And what I wanted to do was look

at her and go, "That's the

lunatics' soap."

>> Ugh!

>> It's nasty.

>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, the tribes competed

for food and wine.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: La Mina took the


Terry with a nice grab.

Bruce really having trouble.

But Sally struggled and Bobby

chopped his way to victory for


Casaya wins reward!

>> We eat!

>> PROBST: And they won a bounty

of fish and wine before they

picked Terry to go back to Exile


>> Good luck, Terry.

Casaya returned to a waterlogged


>> This is a nightmare.

>> We have a ton of fish, but we

can't cook it.

Everything is wet.

>> PROBST: But even without

fire, they manage to make the

most of their reward.

>> I've never eaten raw fish.

I hope I don't wake up in the

morning with some kind of

sickness or something.


>> PROBST: That night, Bruce and

Bobby spent the night in the

outhouse with each other and the

last bottle of wine.

In the morning, the missing

bottle did not go unnoticed.

>> Someone would have to pour

it down my throat for me to

drink the last bottle of wine

that we as a tribe won.

>> You really made a bad, bad


>> I don't feel bad that I stole

your wine.

Like, I feel bad that I deprived

them of wine, but I have no hard

feelings whatsoever about the

fact that you've been deprived

of wine.

>> PROBST: At the immunity


La Mina with a big lead.

La Mina finally put an end to

their losing streak.

La Mina has it!

La Mina wins immunity!

At Tribal Council, Bobby paid

the price for drinking the last

of the wine and he was the fifth

person voted off Survivor: Exile


Bobby, the tribe has spoken.

>> I was kind of mixed up with a

bunch of little jokers that, you

know, pretty much had it in for

me from the get-go.

In a game like this, you get

enough weaklings together, they

can form a pretty strong block.

>> PROBST: The following

morning, Shane wanted out of the

alliance he had built on the

promise of his son's name.

>> I want to ask you guys if I

can take my son's name...

>> Done.

>> Done?

>> PROBST: Fed up with Shane's

antics, the girls agreed


>> Well, if that's how you feel

about it, then fine.

Get out of the alliance, you're

off anyway.

See ya later. Bye.


>> PROBST: Meanwhile, at La

Mina, Sally knew her days were


>> It's been a rough couple of


The four guys were kind of doing

like a boys club thing.

But I think it's short sighted.

>> PROBST: At a high stakes

challenge for reward and

immunity, there was an

unexpected twist.

The person you send to Exile

Island will not go to Tribal

Council tonight.

That means they cannot be voted


Terry's back with the last

puzzle piece.

La Mina took an early lead.

Dan and Sally quickly getting to


But when Dan and Sally struggled

on the puzzle, Casaya...

>> Step on it! Step on it!

>> PROBST: ...put the pieces

together for the victory.

Casaya wins reward and immunity!

Casaya, who's it going to be?

>> Sally.

>> PROBST: When Casaya chose

Sally to go to Exile Island, it

meant the end of the game for

one of the remaining four La

Mina men.

>> I'm so happy right now.

>> PROBST: Casaya reveled in the

glory of a Panamanian feast.

>> I just ate everything in


>> PROBST: With bellies full of

food, their tribal wounds began

to heal.

>> And I apologize, okay?

>> Accepted.

>> PROBST: But Cirie was not

happy with the rediscovered


>> I almost wanted to lose,

because I really felt that Shane

was going.

But now... everybody's all in

love again.


>> PROBST: With Sally safe on

Exile Island, the La Mina men

had to make a difficult

decision at Tribal Council.

And Dan became the sixth person

voted off Survivor: Exile


Dan, the tribe has spoken.

>> As the days went on, even

though the hunger grew and the

deprivation grew, the sense of

being part of nature also grew.

It was beautiful and I was not

ready to go home.

>> PROBST: Where 16 once stood,

only ten remain.

What will happen as the rewards

get bigger?

The risks get greater?

Whoa, easy guys.

>> We have a medical emergency.

>> PROBST: And one could be

forced to leave the game.

Join us next time as the

adventure continues.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


New blood changes everything.

>> Hey, come here quickly.

>> We're home, baby.

I'm ready to get in there, see

if I can come out victorious.

>> You come over and we will go

to the final five.

>> PROBST: Terry wheels and


>> I'm just looking for two

people to swing the total game

our way.

>> PROBST: And Bruce gets


>> I just hit Bruce in the face

with a machete, I'm out of here.

>> So you guys want to come with

a... our mantra?

>> I think we need to do Bobby's

King's Ransom.

>> More like this.

There are several poses.

The King's Ransom.


After The King's Ransom comes

the Double Dragon.

And then there's The Warrior's


Piece them all together...

Bah, bah, dah, wooh-wooh.