Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 6 - Salvation and Desertion - full transcript

The social dynamics of tribe Casaya continue to implode.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


After Tribal Council, Sally was

the last woman standing at

La Mina.

>> Ruth Marie ended up getting

the votes and was sent home.

And I am telling you, I have

never felt so good in my whole


>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, the tribes competed

for food and wine.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: La Mina took the


Terry with a nice grab.

Bruce really having trouble.

But Sally struggled, and Bobby

chopped his way to victory for


Casaya wins reward!

>> Tonight we eat!

>> PROBST: Casaya won fresh

fish, rice, beans, spices and

wine, while La Mina was left

with only a bag of beans, and

had their leader sent, once

again, to Exile Island.

>> Good luck, Terry.

(thunder crashing)

>> PROBST: Casaya returned to

find their camp underwater.

>> This is a nightmare.

>> We have a top of fish, but

we can't cook it.

Everything is wet.

>> PROBST: But even without

fire, they managed to make the

most of their reward.

>> I've never eaten raw fish.

I hope I don't wake up in the

morning with some kind of

sickness or something.

>> PROBST: At La Mina, the

tribe devoured their first

nourishment in days...

but the beans were too much

for Nick and Austin's stomachs.

>> Well, I got to go again.

>> That stuff just wrecked me.

>> PROBST: Back at Casaya,

Bobby and Bruce spent some

quality time in the outhouse.

>> Excuse me.

>> PROBST: And in the morning,

they paid the price.

>> What happened to that last

bottle of wine?

>> Someone would have to pour

it down my throat for me to

drink the last bottle of wine

that we, as a tribe, won.

>> You really made a bad, bad


>> I don't feel bad that I

stole your wine.

Like, I feel bad that I deprived

them of wine, but I have no hard

feelings, whatsoever, about the

fact that you've been deprived

of wine.

>> PROBST: At the immunity


La Mina with a big lead!

...La Mina finally broke their

losing streak.

>> That's it!

>> PROBST: La Mina has it.

La Mina wins immunity!

Back at Casaya, the alliance of

Shane, Aras, Courtney and

Danielle made their decision.

>> No other discussion.

Bobby goes down on the carpet.

>> PROBST: But Aras changed the


>> We cannot control Bruce.

>> This is really stupid, but

all right.

>> PROBST: Then Danielle

changed the plan again.

>> Keep Bruce.

I'm telling you, it's a better

decision for all of us.

>> PROBST: And Shane was

irritated with his tribe's


>> Why didn't you tell me that

an hour ago, Courtney?

I told everybody, initially,

that Bobby should go, and then

they freaked out and said

nothing-- they're like women.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

the voting was erratic.

But three votes were enough to

make Bobby the fifth person

voted out of the game.

Bobby, the tribe has spoken.

11 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

(thunder crashes, birds and

insects hoot and chitter)

>> I know Bruce is in here.

I'm not worried about it.

Listen, why do I have to

worry about anybody, homey?

>> I don't know where all this

anger is coming from.

And I don't appreciate you

directing it towards me, so can

we just talk about this


Because I don't feel like

getting into a huge fight with


It's not worth it.

>> I want to get out of the

alliance that I'm in with you

guys, but I can't do that

unless you guys allow me to

take my son's name back, so...

>> Why would you say that?

>> Because I don't trust that

you guys are going to make the

right decisions.

I'd rather go into the merge

a lone wolf than have to deal

with you and Courtney.

>> I don't know, like, I don't

know why you're... you have all

this anger towards me and you're

going to start bashing me now,

because you're going to go

through one of your manic,

crazy spasms.

I don't need to deal with it.

I don't want to deal with it.

I'm going to bed.

If you still feel like that

tomorrow, then bring it up

tomorrow and we'll argue

tomorrow, okay?

Because I just... I don't need

you bashing me.

>> I know, you're such a

victim, Danielle.

>> I know... I am.

(thunder rumbling)

>> Like that.

We got one, two, three, four.

(grunts, sputters)

>> Courtney had decided to

sleep on the beach last night,

so I had to catch Courtney up...


...on, uh, Shane's wanting to

leave their alliance.

You know, she has to know.


Um, so Courtney decided, well,

let's get rid of Shane.

"Wouldn't that be amazing?" is

what she said.

I'm like, "Oh, okay. Huh."


>> Out.

(laughing quietly)

Last night, we get back to the

shelter, and Shane has one of

his crazy, manic, psycho fits

again, and he's next.

That's the bottom line.

He's such an idiot.

I can't stand him.

>> Yeah.

>> He's such a moron.

I cannot wait to vote him off.

>> He's so getting what he


>> He's just a lunatic.

He's lost his mind.

He's just a freak.

(whispering): "I want out of

the alliance with you and


And then he's saying that he

wants nothing to do with me and


You know, "I want out.

You guys are disorganized.

I don't like the way the Tribal

Council went down."

Well, if that's how you feel

about it, then fine.

Get out of the alliance.

You're off anyway, who cares?

See you later.


>> This is so on the down-low.

It's going to be a stealth

chop the head off, guillotine


>> It's beautiful out here.

Another beautiful day in


I'm taking a quiet moment to

enjoy it.

I've been within 200 miles of

this spot many times,


Good morning.

>> I feel really groggy today.

>> I'm going to get the fire

on, and then we'll warm up the


>> They taste a little better.

>> It's been a rough couple of


The four guys are kind of

doing, like, a boys' club thing.

But I think it's shortsighted.

These guys think that they know

how the game works, but, like,

I'd be very surprised if the

all-man's club ended up lasting

as long as they think it would.

>> These are little minnows.

They're caught in this pond


They're tiny, tiny, but they're


They're better than nothing.

They are protein.

>> I've been fantasizing about

food since day two.

I can't stop, no matter what I


If we could get some food in

our stomachs, this whole game

could change.

You'd think I was diving for

friggin' chicken nuggets down


I... got one.

Don't you move.


He's going down the hatch.

Boy, did he taste awful.


>> Hey, Nick.

>> Yeah?

As in?

>> While they were flying.

>> As in when they were flying?

You've got to be kidding me?

>> Yeah.

Three space shuttle flights, uh,

once aboard the shuttle

Endeavor, twice aboard shuttle


>> Oh, my God.

>> It's a dream come true, what

I wanted to do my whole life.

>> Dan, that's unbelievable.

I never thought I'd even meet

an astronaut, never mind live

with one.

I mean, the guy has looked at

Earth from space.

So he's, he's an incredible guy,

and I knew that from the start.

To learn that and how humble he

is about, um, being an astronaut

is... is pretty amazing.

>> You wouldn't believe how many

people told me I could never be

an astronaut.

I've been to orbit three times,

on space shuttles, I've done

four space walks, I've been to

space station twice.

>> Man, I need to come up with

something, 'cause I got nothing.

>> Hey, Nick, you and I, we got

nothing time, though, baby.

>> That's true.

>> Man, that's awesome though,


He actually has dined with Neil


Dan Flago is a stud.

I told you from the get-go.

He's a pimp.

>> You know what, it wasn't

like hiding anything from you.

It was because I didn't want to

be, you know, the "astronaut"


I just wanted to be Dan.

We've become really good

friends, and I don't want to

keep the secret from them


This is just another way for us

to... to bond.

>> I guess I need to come clean.

My real name is John Grisham.

>> I was going to say, yeah.

>> Sunshine again.

So happy.

>> Usually, in a normal

alliance, we could say, "Listen,

I just want to be out of this."

But I can't really do that

because I... I swore on my kid's

life that I'd stay with you


>> What, what, why are you so


>> I'm not.

Listen, I don't, I don't want to

talk about that.

I want to really, I want to ask

you guys if I can take my son's


>> Done.

>> Done? Courtney?

>> I don't, you're, you're

making a mistake right now.

I don't see...

>> I'm not making a mistake.

I'm never gonna ever be beholden

to people that make decisions

based on personal feelings.

You guys voted Bobby out of

here because you, Bobby pissed

you off five days ago.

>> Negative.

>> No.

>> Okay.

>> I stuck to the original plan,

so if you want to get angry at

someone for flipping, then you

should get angry at me.

>> I did.

I got angry at Courtney.

I told... I got angry at

Courtney, got angry at...

>> You lashed out at me last


>> Like, all you're doing is

lashing out at people.

>> Oh, all I do is lash out at


>> You do.

>> It's terrible, awful.

>> You guys do nothing.

You guys do nothing.

>> Honestly, you have these,

like, outbreaks, and you just

lash out at whoever is next to


And I'm sick of it, so don't...

I don't want to hear it.

Don't lash out at me again.

I don't need it.


I'm not here for that.

I came here to enjoy myself, not

to have people demean me.

>> I second that motion.

>> I haven't lashed out at you

in days.

>> You were horribly

disrespectful to me yesterday.

What are you mumbling about

over there?

I mean...

>> You don't even realize...

>> You don't even realize how

mean you are.

>> You just talk so down to

people, like...

>> It's funny how you two are

the only two that have a problem

with it.

>> We're the only ones who need

to say anything about it.

>> I'm done.

>> You done?

>> Set aside, it's done.

>> I need to get out of this

alliance, because I'm in it

with an idiot, and I don't want

to be with Shane.

I just don't.

I don't, I don't trust that he's

going to keep his mouth shut.

I don't respect the way he

treats other people.

And I don't want to be a part

of that.

If I have a choice, I don't want

to be a part of it.

So truth be told, I think it's

great the alliance is broken up

because it's a paper tiger.

There's no power to this

alliance anymore.

>> I don't like Courtney,


But I did.

I screwed myself bad.

>> I feel like Shane just wrote

his walking papers, basically.

And unless he somehow is able

to apologize to the girls, say,

"Look, I didn't really mean it,"

I feel like that guy is going to

go home.


>> Ooh!

That's scary.

>> Simple.

>> That looks freaky.

That doesn't look like a fun,

like, trivia game.

>> Terry, we got tree mail.

>> Tree mail.

>> All righty, bring it on.

>> "With strength and smarts

today, we'll see, how hard

you'll compete for immunity."

>> Another immunity?

>> No, this one's huge.

>> Wow!

>> "The winners get away for a

treat you'll dig."

>> Oh, my God!

>> We have got to win.

>> "Today the stakes are high

and the reward is big."

>> Oh!

Oh, God!

>> Wow!

>> This is the sweetest thing

I've ever heard.

>> Immunity and reward.

>> That's awesome!

>> This could be immunity.


Let's, let's, let's pare the

numbers down today, you guys.

>> I'll die if we don't win


>> We're gonna win it.

>> It is absolutely vital that

we play to win today.

We need to win this.

We need to be able to get the

numbers even before, for it

potentially go into a merge.

>> I'm not going home tonight,

you guys.

>> Let's get it done today,

guys; let's get it done.

>> One, two, three, La Mina!

>> Come on, baby.

>> If we win, five on five.

>> Strength and smarts.

>> If we lose, Sally most likely

will be gone and we're gonna be

hurting big time.

So, uh, we're totally stoked.

This, this is, this is game

seven of the World Series.

>> PROBST: La Mina, come on in!

Casaya, come on in.

La Mina, getting your first

look at the new Casaya.

Bobby voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

>> Wow!

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to today's challenge?

>> Better believe it.

>> You bet.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: First things first.


Thank you.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs because today's

challenge is for both reward

and immunity.

Here's how it works.

On my "go," three members from

each tribe will race out to the

field to collect puzzle pieces.

You'll go one at a time.

You'll untie it, lower it,

unhook it, bring it back.

Once you have all four pieces,

the two remaining tribe members

will use those pieces to solve

a spinning puzzle.

First tribe to solve it

correctly wins reward.

Want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> Definitely.

>> PROBST: Everything you need

to have a good afternoon and a

good, old barbecue.

>> Oh, yeah!

>> PROBST: Including some toys

you're going to bring for the

children of a local Panamanian

village that will be your host.

You will have a Panamanian

barbecue: barbecued chicken,

barbecued beef, wine, beer,

soft drinks, the works.

And that's not all.

While the winners are partying,

the losers will be at Tribal

Council tonight, where somebody

will be voted out.

And as always, the winning

tribe gets to choose one member

from the losing tribe to send

to Exile Island.

The difference is, this time,

the person you send to Exile

Island will not go to Tribal

Council tonight.

That means they cannot be voted


So instead of punishing

somebody, you are protecting


Big stakes at this point in the


Worth playing for?

(all agreeing)

>> PROBST: Casaya, you have one

extra member.

You're sitting somebody out.

Who is it gonna be?

>> Courtney is gonna sit out.

>> PROBST: Courtney will sit


Who are gonna be the three

people for Casaya that will

gather the puzzle pieces?

>> It'll be, the three of us

will get the puzzle.

>> PROBST: So the three

gatherers for Casaya will be

Shane, Aras, and Danielle.

That means Bruce and Cirie will

solve the puzzle.

La Mina, who is going to gather

puzzle pieces for you guys?

>> Terry, Austin, and Nick.

>> PROBST: Terry, Austin, Nick.

That means Dan and Sally will

solve the puzzle.

All right, take your spots.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

For reward and immunity,

survivors ready?


>> Go, Shane!

>> PROBST: Shane and Terry out


And a collision right off the


>> Come on, Shane!

>> PROBST: Shane and Terry

untying quickly.

>> That's it, Terry, way to go,


>> PROBST: The faster you get

those pieces back, the more time

you give your tribe to solve it.

>> Attaboy, Shane!

>> Come on, Shaney.

>> PROBST: Terry is through his


He got his piece lowered.

He's got it unhooked and he's

heading back.

Shane losing a little time.

Shane using his teeth.

>> Come on, baby!

>> PROBST: Puzzle pieces are



Austin on the course for La

Mina now.

>> Get after it, Austin!

Get after it, bro!

>> You got it, Shane.

>> PROBST: Shane has his rope


Shane unhooks and Shane is

heading back with a piece now.

Austin untying quickly.

>> Good job, Shane.

Nice job, Shane!

>> PROBST: You gotta drop it.

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Aras on the course

for Casaya, trying to make up

some time.

Austin has his knots

undone with his second puzzle

piece; Aras working the knots

for Casaya.

Austin back with the second

puzzle piece.

>> Go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Nick now heading out

for La Mina.

>> Go, Nick!

>> PROBST: La Mina leads, two,


Aras still working on the knots

for Casaya.

Nick working on the knots.

Aras has his undone.

Aras heading back now with the

second puzzle piece for Casaya.

Casaya still trying to make up

some time.

Nick's still working on the


Aras back with the second puzzle



Danielle on the course for


Nick has the third puzzle piece

for La Mina.

>> Go, Nick! Go, Nick! Go!

>> PROBST: Danielle using her

teeth on those knots, trying to

make up some time for Casaya.

Nick coming back with the third

puzzle piece.

One piece left for La Mina.

Terry, back out on the course.

Danielle giving it everything

she has.

Not making up much time.

Terry now working on his knots

for the final piece for La Mina.

Danielle has the third piece for


Terry working on that last


Puzzle pieces are heavy.

Danielle, trying to handle it.

Terry has his rope undone.

>> That's it, TD!

>> PROBST: Terry coming back

with the fourth piece for

La Mina.

Danielle back with the

third puzzle piece.

One piece left for Casaya.

La Mina with the lead.

>> Come on, Shane!

>> Once we get the first one in,

we got it.

>> PROBST: Terry's back with

the last puzzle piece.

Start solving it.

Dan and Sally quickly getting

to work.

>> Roll it.

Come on, now fix it, fix it.

>> That doesn't work.

Let's use the other one.

>> Rotate that one a little bit.

>> No.

>> PROBST: Shane got to get back

quickly with that last puzzle


Trying to make up a lot of time.

>> Try this side.

>> PROBST: Dan and Sally

struggle with that first puzzle


>> Shane's got it! Awesome!

>> PROBST: Shane heading back

with the last puzzle piece for


>> Face up.

>> PROBST: Go! Bruce and Cirie

starting to solve their puzzle.

>> I'll hold it.

>> Okay.

>> Like this or like that?

>> PROBST: Dan and Sally have

had a bit of a head start but

making no progress.

Both tribes looking for some

sort of pattern, something

they can lock into.

>> Hey, there's two cheekbones

right here.

>> PROBST: Bruce and Cirie,

working together.

Think they're onto something.

>> That's it. That's it.

>> Let's move this side over.

>> We got one. We got one.

>> PROBST: Casaya thinks they

have their first piece.

>> They got a piece.

>> Lift this up. Lift this up.

>> PROBST: Casaya thinks they've

figured out a pattern.

>> Hey, Sally, look.

>> PROBST: Dan spying on Casaya

for help.

Casaya with a second piece.

La Mina trying to catch up

simply by copying.

Still got to figure out how to

get the piece in.

>> This one.

>> Spin yours a little bit,


>> PROBST: Casaya working on

their third piece.

Casaya has their third piece.

La Mina falling farther and

farther behind.

A lot a stake-- a big reward

feast, immunity, power over

who goes to Exile Island.

Casaya right on the edge of the

last piece, if they can get it

to fit.

La Mina still working.

>> Step on it. Step on it.

>> PROBST: Casaya wins reward

and immunity!

(Casaya tribe cheering)

>> You did it, Bruce!

>> PROBST: Casaya, huge win.

>> Bruce, you hold that,


>> Good job, Bruce.

>> PROBST: Immunity keeps you

safe from Tribal Council

tonight, and you have a big

decision to make.

You're going to send one person

to Exile Island right now; that

person cannot be voted out


(Casaya tribe whispering)

Casaya, who's it gonna be?

>> Sally.

>> PROBST: Sally, going to Exile


Boat's waiting.

>> See you guys. Good job.

>> PROBST: Keep in mind, Sally

will get another clue to the

whereabouts of the hidden

immunity idol.

Whether or not somebody's

already found it, who knows?

La Mina, all I have for you is a

date tonight with me at Tribal


Somebody going home.

Grab your stuff, head on back to


See you at Tribal.

Casaya, it's time to party.

Have a good time.

Boat's waiting for you.

>> Exile Island, for me, is my

saving grace.

In every other case, the

negative downside has been to be

away from the tribe.

In this case, me being here

today is a good thing, because I

felt like there was a pretty

strong alliance between the four

guys and that I would be the one

to go.

So it put things in a really

different perspective.

Today, it's actually saving me.

>> "Clue number six: It is not

found here, but it is in the

shade for most of the day."

It's so important that I'm here

right now and that I have this


Assuming I don't get dumped on

for the next couple of days,

this is a gift to be here,

so I'm thrilled.

It's like a little vacation,

some girl time, get away from

all those boys for a while.

It's exciting and frustrating to

think that there's an immunity

idol out here somewhere,

but it's overwhelming.

You really don't know where to


I'm safe tonight and I'm going

to wake up tomorrow safe.

I'm just privileged and giddy to

still be here, so...

Even it's on Exile Island by


(children laughing, shrieking)

>> We had won the reward


La Mina is demoralized.

We knew they were going to

Tribal Council tonight.

We're in the middle of this

Panamanian fishing village.

We knew we were going to eat.

I'm just so, so happy to be here

right now.

>> I'm coming, I'm coming.

>> I was so joyous to see

all those little kids come

running up to the boat, and

they just grab your hand, and

they have these big smiles on

their faces.

>> Woo-hoo!

>> It was so cool.

A young boy grabbed my hand and

asked me if I wanted to eat,

and I was like, "Yes, I want to


>> Oh! Oh, God, it is so


>> Oh, my God.

>> This is the first thing other

than water I've had in 16 days.

>> Oh, my God.

Sure more food.

They just kept handing you, you

know, rice and soup, and then

some cheese with chicken and

then barbecue chicken.

>> Oh, my God.

>> I'm so happy right now.

>> I just kept eating and eating

and eating 'cause I...

just went crazy and just at

everything in sight.

Oh, it was amazing.

>> I'm ecstatic.

It was just really nice to be

around people, other than these


You know, and to see kids, that

made my day.

Just to see those kids-- oh!

Those kids remind me of my


I saw this one little girl, she

looks exactly like my niece.

Oh, God, I miss my kids so bad.

I can't even think about it

right now.

It was nice.

It was really good.

Much needed.

I know it's only day 15, but

damn, we really needed that.

>> Yay!

>> I saw one of the villagers

smoking, and I was like, oh, no.

The next thought was "All right,

I can give him my shoes and I

can give him my shorts and I can

give him my shirt and I can give

him my buff...

And here's the deal-- if the guy

would've been like, I want your

underwear too, I probably

would've been naked for the rest

of the afternoon for just one


>> Shane, I'm not happy with

that, buddy.

>> This is probably a really bad


I remember sitting there in a

stupor going, "Oh, my God, I

can't believe a cigarette is

affecting me like this."

It just shows me how devastating

nicotine is to the body, on

every level.

>> You're enjoying that way

too much.

Amigos, amigas.

No Espanol, but this... so much.

>> The reward kind of brought us

together, but that's the thing,

it's like a double-edge sword

for me.

Yes, yay, we won.

I won food, but now that gives

Shane time to kind of backtrack.

>> I'm really gonna puke.

>> I should never have treated

you like that.

I apologize, okay?

>> I accept.

>> When we leave here, and my

life is normal, I promise you

that I'm going to be a different


And I don't owe anybody on this

island anything except you.

>> Courtney and Danielle,

they're easily persuaded by

Shane's nonsense.

You know what I mean? Damn!

In a way, I almost wanted to

lose, because I really felt that

Shane was going, and then

hopefully, it was Bruce.

(karate yell)

(karate yell)


But now that we won and

everybody's all in love again, I

don't know.


(drums playing)

(villagers speaking Spanish)

(child squealing)

(man singing)

>> I'm so happy right now.

>> You know, today's experience

was one of the top five

experiences of my life.

I was touched and overwhelmed in

so many different ways.

Right when the darkness is

coming, there's this beautiful

dawn, and there's this beautiful

bonding experience.

We got to feast.

We got to hang out.

All the stuff that had gone on

the night before got... sort of

got washed away with the


It was a really, really great


(birds singing)

>> You know what the saddest

part is?

We knew where the first piece


We had it figured out.

We knew right where it went.

We went in, and we laid it down

there, and it wouldn't fit.

>> That was the key to the whole


>> Losing the immunity challenge

was bad.

It was... it was game seven for

us, and we lost it.

Now Sally's got immunity from

Tribal Council tonight, and, uh,

we've got to vote off one of

our guys.

>> How can we lose a challenge

with a puzzle when we have a

NASA engineer on our team?

I mean, how do you do that?

>> I don't know.

>> This is a young people's

game right now.

You know, we can take you a lot

further in this...

>> Right.

>> ...than he can.

>> If Sally was here, obviously,

we'd take her, but, you know,

physically, he's the weakest.

>> The four of us are all very

close and have an incredibly

strong bond, and I know that

this has to be incredibly

difficult on Terry to even

consider eliminating Dan, but

somebody has to go home, and I

don't want it to be me.

>> I had it.

Sitting in that very spot was

the answer.

You know, the center piece can't

rotate now.

It cannot fit, and to...

I'll never know why...

>> Well, no use pondering

it anymore.

>> It's true.

It's going to be...

We're going to have to sort that

out, 'cause two v. two gets kind

of sketchy.

>> Do you think Austin is

interested in leaving?

>> I don't think so, but I...

I can ask him, but I-I really

doubt it.

>> I ain't going against Terry.

>> Yeah, I can't vote against


>> I don't know what's going to

happen tonight.

It's probably going to be two v.


Uh, Terry and I versus Nick and


>> I was talking to Dan.

He's pretty convinced it's going

to be a two v. two tonight.

>> Yeah.


He's-He's a friend of mine.

I like him.

We have crap loads in common

with all the flying and

everything like that, but I feel

like I'm putting on my Joe Torre

hat and making a decision for

the strength of the team, and...

>> Yeah.

>> ...there's a couple of

challenges where he's... not

come through.

>> Yeah.

>> It could have been us, but it


It was...

It was him, so...

>> Yeah.

>> I should probably talk to


I think that the remaining three

strongest men would be me, Nick

and Austin.

Dan's odd man out.

And I feel bad, but

that's-that's the way it is.

>> My whole job is about having

a game plan in place, and if

it's not quite working out,

stepping back, and I didn't do


Instead, I picked up the puzzle

piece and started looking

around randomly.

And you know what?

If I did that in space, you die.

>> You know, we-we made a pact

not to lie to one another and

tell each other the truth and


>> Right. Absolutely.

>> And, uh, you know what?


I'd take you to the final two

with you and me if I could,

so, um...

I-I feel like I'm making the

decision for the strength of

the team tonight.

>> I hate leaving.

I hate leaving.

>> I definitely... I wanted to

talk to you first.

I didn't want to make it a


>> Hey, you know, my fault.

My bad.

I got to take responsibility for


And as much as I, you know,

would, you know, love to stay--

I want to be here-- hey, you

screw up, you got to... you

know, you got to take the hit.

>> Dan and I have something even

more in common than anybody

else-- soaring to all kinds of

heights above the Earth-- and

having to vote him off is a

highly emotional decision,

because he's something else.

Dan has the right stuff.

>> PROBST: Welcome back to

Tribal Council.

Let's start by talking about who

is not here.

Austin, how big a part of this

tribe is Sally?

>> She's a huge part, but you

know, we had the boys' club and

Sally, um, but she was saved by

the move that, um, Casaya made


>> PROBST: So, Nick, it was

going to be Sally, the next


>> Yeah, Sally would have been


>> PROBST: Terry, do you think

Casaya knew that?

Sensed that?

>> It was immediately known that

they were going to pick Sally.

That meant that we four guys had

to vote one of us out.

So, a maybe stronger player is

now going to be leaving the

game, versus having Sally in

there, so it was a smart

strategic move by their point,

big time.

>> PROBST: Nick, how tight is

this group?

Because it's about to be


>> The group's amazingly tight.

I mean, we were able to talk

openly tonight.

It's not a surprise to who's

going to be leaving tonight.

It's understood that, you know,

when you're part of a team, you

might be the weaker physical,

you might be the weaker mental--

whatever your role is-- and we

accept that.

So it's-it's been a very

businesslike process tonight.

>> PROBST: Well, I'm looking at

the four of you, and so far,

nobody's face is giving anything


I don't know if it's you,

Austin, Terry or Dan.

>> It's me.

Uh, they were very up-front with

me to tell me that, uh, it's my

turn tonight to go, and today,

three people performed their

job, and two people didn't.

And one of those two people is

immune, and the other one is

sitting right here.

And I'm willing to take


At the same time, I'd be lying

if I didn't say I was kind of

hoping, uh, that it was going to

go maybe a two v. two.

>> PROBST: Meaning a tie


>> A tie, you know, and Terry

and I go one way, and, uh, Nick

and Austin go the other way.

>> PROBST: Terry, there's an

obvious two versus two scenario.

Did that go through your head

at any point?

>> Strategically, we weren't

going to have to do this till

we got to the final four, and

now we're the final four of this

tribe, and what I'm doing is,

uh, making a managerial


>> PROBST: Austin, was it clear

in your mind that there was one

person who just needed to go?

They're holding us back.

>> I would never use those words

to say about my buddy Dan Berry.

There's nothing about him that

needs to go.

We are just down to a situation

where somebody has to go.

Dan was the weakest of the four

of us.

>> PROBST: Dan, what will this

tribe be losing if you go home


>> I do a lot around the camp.

I built the fire shelter.

I built the, uh, fireplace.

Uh, Dan Fuego-- I-I take care of

that part.

Um, I'm pretty good in the

water, and in general, I'm a

great puzzle solver.

I don't know what happened


But they are losing a

substantial contributor.

>> PROBST: So, Dan, are you just

taking the sword on this one?

>> No, I'm not.

Absolutely not.

If it was my choice, this would

go two v. two, and we'd have

a little challenge going on


I expected to last a lot longer

than this.

And in fact, yesterday, I

thought I was lasting a lot


You know, I'm-I'm solid with

five people.

I know there's one person in

front of me, for sure, if we

were to lose again.

It's just... it's incredible how

fast things turn.

>> PROBST: Okay, so it does seem

like tonight's vote is a bit of

a foregone conclusion, but I've

seen weirder things happen.

Well, Terry, you have been to

Exile Island.

The immunity idol could come

into play.

You'll let me know after the

vote if that is indeed the case.

It is time to vote.

Nick, you're up.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Dan.



That's two votes Dan, one vote

Austin, one vote left.

Sixth person voted out of

Survivor: Exile Island, Dan.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> Good luck, my boys.

(indistinct chatter)

>> PROBST: Dan, the tribe has


Time to go.

>> See you, Dan-o.

>> See you, Dan.

>> PROBST: Seemed like a tough


Probably won't be your last.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

Captioned by

Media Access Group at WGBH

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


New blood changes everything.

>> There they are.

>> Hey, come here quickly.

>> We're home, baby.

I'm ready to get in there, see

if I can come out victorious.

>> You come over, and we will go

to the final five.

>> PROBST: Terry wheels and


>> I'm just looking for two

people to swing the total game

our way.

>> PROBST: And Bruce gets


>> You know what?

>> I just hit Bruce in the face

with a machete.

I'm out of here.

>> I was a little surprised by

Terry's decision.

I would never have voted for

Terry, but he's got to play his


I know that you did what you

felt you had to do.

I respect that, and I wish them

all the best.

This was a wonderful adventure.

I loved every day out here, and

the only thing I really have to

say is, thank you to my family

for letting Dad go off on

another crazy adventure.