Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 11 - Medical Emergency - full transcript

One Survivor suffers a medical emergency.

>> PROBST: Previously on


>> If you don't win immunity, if

you don't have that silly idol

from that goofy island, you're


>> PROBST: As the last two

remaining members of La Mina,

Sally and Terry faced an uphill


>> I am totally motivated to

kick your butts at everything

that comes down the road.

>> PROBST: Before the reward


>> Hey, Dad, it's me.

I love you so much.

>> PROBST: ...everyone got a

glimpse of their loved ones.

Win today's reward challenge,

you get to see the rest of

your video and you'll enjoy

peanut butter and jelly

sandwiches and ice-cold milk.


>> Go! Go! Go! Go!

>> PROBST: Terry, Sally, Bruce,

and Courtney swung their way to


Reward for Courtney, Terry,

Bruce, and Sally.

You're sending one person to

Exile Island.

Who is it going to be?

>> Aras.

>> PROBST: On Exile Island,

Aras's search for the idol was


>> Terry's quickness to send me

might suggest that there is no

immunity idol out here.

>> PROBST: The immunity

challenge began with a twist.

If immunity is just not that

important to you, you don't have

to take part in today's


Instead, you can chow down.

>> Doh!

>> PROBST: Aras, Terry, and

Sally passed on the offer and

went head to head for immunity,

while the rest of the tribe

gorged themselves on


>> Here you go.

>> PROBST: Terry wins immunity

for the third straight time!

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Before Tribal

Council, the Casaya members were


>> So we go Sally six-nothing


>> PROBST: But the threat of

Terry giving the immunity idol

to Sally made Aras vulnerable.

>> It's possible that I could

go home today.

If Sally ends up having the

hidden immunity idol, then Sally

and Terry's vote will knock

somebody out.

>> PROBST: But at Tribal

Council, Terry strategically

kept the hidden immunity idol,

and his last ally, Sally, was

voted out of the tribe.

Seven are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

>> Sally voted out last night at

Tribal Council means that I'm

the only one left from La Mina.

I still have a huge target on

my back, and at the Tribal

Council, and after feeling

melancholy sitting around the

fire and having them ask me,

"Oh, is there something wrong?

You want to talk about it?"

I'm like, of course there's

something wrong, you know.

And, no, I don't want to talk

about it.

I'm bummed.

>> Come a long way, baby.

>> I know.

>> It's a good feeling.

>> I'm going to have to win

every one in from now on, at

least the next three out of four

to get to the four, and then

I've got my hidden immunity


That will get me by that, if I

I need to, to get to the final


I kind of feel that once I get

to the final three, I think I've

got it over everybody here as

far as mental power and


>> Oh, no!

>> Oh, Shane!


>> You guy, can you help me?

Grab another thing or do


>> Courtney, chill out, dude!


Don't yell at me like that!

>> I wasn't yelling.

I just wanted...

>> I know, but I didn't have

anything in my hands.

>> Relax. I'm sorry.

>> What is going to be

interesting now is the longer I

hang out, the longer I get to

see how they end up turning on

one another.

>> Ridiculous.

>> The one good thing that I had

going for me as far as the

Tribal Councils recently is I

didn't have to vote against my

tribe mates.

There wasn't any of that, where

these guys are going to have to

turn on one another.

And I hope I'm the fly on the


>> My stomach really hurts.

>> You guys both are, like...

that's horrible.

>> It's difficult just to stand.

We have to drink water.

>> I remember being so

constipated, I thought I was

having a...

>> A child?

>> No, I thought I was having


>> Appendicitis?

>> That's it.

I thought I was having

appendicitis, it was that bad.

>> It's hard.

My stomach is so bloated it

hurts, and I haven't gone to the

bathroom since just before the

Panamanian village feast.

It's just-- I was blocked up and

it's very, very, very painful.

>> Yeah, we all have boxes with

our names on them.

>> Oh, my God!

>> "A doll represents each of


It needs a bit of your hair,

your clothes, your heart.

Give it some of your personality

and you're off to a good start.

How well you've observed your

surroundings could help

rejuvenate you for a while,

but if you've lived with

blinders on, you may find

yourself in Exile."

>> Oh.

>> It's so cute.

>> We got these dolls and we're

supposed to make them in our


They're basically almost there.

>> How fun is that?

>> I'm trying to help my doll

out here in giving her just the

right amount of curves, so she

looks more like myself.

Shane, is that about right?

(Cirie laughing)

I actually like the blouse.

>> What do you think?

Does it look like me, Cirie?

>> Oh, my God, twins.

(Cirie laughing)

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

All right, for today's

challenge, we're going to see

how well you know the people

you've been living with for the

past 25 days.

I have a series of questions.

Each of you is going to fill out

these questions and answer these

questions in private.

I'll then tally the results;

we'll get to the challenge.

You can leave your voodoo dolls,

find a spot, fill them out, and

I'll tally them up.

Okay, I've tallied the results.

Now I'm going to ask you these

questions again.

This time when I ask you the

question, you're trying to guess

whose name came up most often.

It's not necessarily who you

voted for.

It's who you think everybody

else voted for.

There's a difference.

Each time you get one right, you

get to chop another tribe

member's rope.

Each time you chop a rope, you

release a torch.

After three chops, the voodoo

doll will go up in flames.

That person is out of the


The last person left standing

wins reward.

I know you want to know what

you're playing for.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: The winner of today's

challenge will leave here via

helicopter to a very nice spa.

You'll get a shower, we'll wash

those clothes, get a mud


Then you will eat chicken, beef,

fish, pork chops.

>> Ah...

>> Man.

>> PROBST: You'll spend the

night, return to camp in the


Worth playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: In addition, the

winner of today's challenge will

decide who is sent to Exile


All right, everybody has their

answer board.

First question-- it's going to

be fun-- who does the least for

the tribe?

Again, you're trying to guess

whose name came up most often

to the question "Who does the

least for the tribe?"

All right, reveal.

Courtney and Danielle say Bruce.

You're not right, take a step


Bruce says Courtney.

You're not right.

Danielle is the correct answer.

Cirie, Aras, Terry, Shane all

got it right.

Take a step forward.

All right, Cirie, take the first


Who is she going to hit?

Cirie going to do the first


Terry takes his first hit.

(Terry scoffs)

Aras, you're up.

Aras heading straight to Terry.

Terry takes his second hit.

Terry now has two people to get

even with, only one hit.

With some gusto, he takes Aras


This game's getting real


Shane can put Terry out of this

or inflict some pain on someone


Just like that, Terry is out of

the challenge, takes a seat on

the bench.

Can't be a big surprise for you,

coming into this challenge.

Terry not talking at all.

Next question: who never shuts


Keep your answers to yourself.

Everybody reveal.

A lot of Terrys, one Bruce, but

the name you actually wrote down

the most: Courtney.

Cirie has it right, Shane has it


>> Oh, wow.

>> PROBST: Take a step forward.

Shane, take your shot.

Going down to the end.

Bruce takes his first hit.


>> Sorry, Bruce.

>> It's okay.

>> PROBST: Cirie gives Bruce his

second hit.

Bruce now down to one rope left.

Next question: who mistakenly

believes they are running this


This should be very interesting.


The correct answer: Shane.

Courtney has it right.

Aras has it right.

Shane, obvious question: news to


>> I do not perceive to think

that I'm running the game.

>> PROBST: Aras, take your shot.

Clear pecking order being


Bruce is out of the game.

Take a seat on the bench next to

Terry, Bruce.

Courtney, make your move.

>> I'll go for this one.

>> PROBST: Courtney gives Shane

his first hit.

That was a rough round for you,


(Cirie snickering)

Next question: Who would you

trust with your life?

Remember, you're trying to guess

what the group thought as a


Everybody reveal.

Cirie says Bruce.

Cirie did not vote for herself.

That's too bad.

"Cirie" was the right answer.

Aras is the only one that got it


How does that feel, Cirie?

>> Thanks, guys.


>> PROBST: Make your move, Aras.

Setting down.

Courtney takes her first hit.

Next question: Who would you

not trust to watch your back?

The correct answer is Terry.

Courtney has it right.

Aras has it right.

Courtney, you're up.

Danielle takes her first hit.


Aras gives Cirie her first hit.

We are even up.

Everybody down to two ropes.

Who is the biggest poseur?

Somebody's feelings are about

to get hurt.

>> What is a poseur?

>> PROBST: Reveal.

The answer to "What is a

poseur?" is you.

"Courtney" was the right answer.

Aras is the only one who got it


Aras, take your hit.

Danielle now down to her last


Next question: Who is the


The correct answer: Shane.

Courtney got it right, and

Aras, again, got it right.

Courtney, you're up.

Shane takes his second hit.

>> You're the only one that's

hit me twice.

Your life is changing.

>> PROBST: Except for the fact

you aren't really running the


>> No, I'm talking about


You're in the wrong team.

>> Give me a break, dude.

We're playing a game.

>> A helicopter game with a spa

to boot.

>> Come on, Bruce, please.

>> Why would you hit me twice?

>> 'Cause I didn't know...

>> Guys, guys, let's rise above


This game is meant to splinter


Rise above it. Come on now.

>> Yeah, it's meant to splinter

you guys.

Come on.

>> PROBST: Aras, take your hit.

>> Danielle, I love you, but I

you know you can't get me back.

>> PROBST: Danielle is out.

Take a seat on the bench with

Bruce and Terry.

Cirie, Courtney, Aras, two ropes


Shane down to his last rope.

Next question: Who most easily

succumbs to intimidation?

Courtney, at the last minute,

you changed yours.

What did you have before that?

>> Myself.

>> PROBST: You were right the

first time.

Courtney is the right answer.

Shane got it right.

>> Yeah, I wonder who he's going

to hit.

>> Who do you think I'm going

to hit?

>> PROBST: Shane and Courtney

down to their last ropes.

Cirie and Aras still with two.

Who is the most annoying person

out here?

(Cirie snickering)

Everybody says Courtney except


Obviously, you're surprised.

>> By being the right answer

for everything? Yeah.

(Cirie stifling giggles)

It makes me feel great.

>> PROBST: Aras, you're up.

And with that, Courtney takes

her third hit.

>> Horrible.

>> PROBST: Courtney's out of the

game and probably happy to be

out of the game.

>> Well, I'm sure I'll be the

right answer to everything else


>> PROBST: Shane heads to Aras.

>> Baby doll, please don't put

me out.

Me owe you one.

>> PROBST: Shane playing


Aras down to one rope left.

Shane down to one rope left.

Cirie, who are you going to put

out of this game?

(Cirie groans)

Come make your hit.

>> Shane, I'm sorry.

>> Why d... Why?

>> Because I promised Aras I

wouldn't hit him.

>> You did?

>> Yeah.

>> That tells me a lot, too.

>> Sorry, Shane.

>> PROBST: Cirie knocks Shane

out of the game.

>> Shane takes a seat on the


>> Cirie just like under the

radar, gets her thing.

>> Shane, come on, it's a game.

>> Don't be such a hard...

>> It's all good.

I'm just having an emotional


>> Okay, it's all right.

>> It's all good.

I want to go on a jet and fly

and eat a sandwich.

It's all good.

>> PROBST: Here's where we

stand: Cirie has two ropes

left; Aras, you have one.

That means if Cirie gets this

right, regardless what you do,

it's over.

>> It's over. Right.

Next question: Who would never

survive on their own?

>> What do I do?

What do I do?

>> PROBST: Cirie not sure what

to do.

Takes a long time to make her


Did she get it right?


Aras says Terry.

Cirie says herself.

The correct answer is Cirie.

Cirie got it right.

Cirie wins this challenge.

Make your last hit.

(applauding and cheering)

>> Did you do that on purpose,


>> Me? I don't think you could

survive a day in the wilderness.

>> Sorry, Aras.

>> PROBST: And with that, Cirie

wins her first challenge.

>> Yay!

>> Good job, Cirie.

(Cirie exhales sharply)

>> PROBST: Nicely done.

>> Thank you, thank you.

>> PROBST: All right, first

decision you have to make: Who

are you sending to Exile Island?

>> Oh, I can't send... 'cause

I... Terry, sorry.

>> PROBST: Terry, for a third

time, going back to Exile


Did you expect that?

>> I've come to expect all bad

things for right now, Jeff,

until, uh, something changes.

>> Sorry.

>> PROBST: Head on out, Terry.

The boat will pick you up.

All right, Cirie, so, helicopter

ride, spa, massage, clean

clothes, take a shower, a lot of


You're bringing two people with


(Cirie sighs)

>> PROBST: ...which means you

are leaving three people behind.

>> Oh...

>> PROBST: You've already sent

one person to Exile.

Who's the first person?

Shane is on his knees begging.

>> Oh, Cirie!

>> I promised Aras since day


I'm sorry!

>> PROBST: Aras, head over.

>> I promised.

I gotta keep a promise.


>> PROBST: One more person going

with you.

The other three going back to

Gitanos camp.

>> First.

>> We talked about this, Cirie.

We already talked about this.

>> She promised.

>> We did, Shane, but it was

after Danielle.

>> PROBST: Danielle is your


>> I'm sorry. Yes.

Sorry, Shane, I'm sorry.

>> You are sorry.


>> Aras promised me since day

one, day one, if he ever won, he

would take me.

>> I'm not worried about Aras.

>> So, I mean...

>> I'm worried about the

Danielle call.

I think that you made the wrong


>> Okay.

>> Thanks.

>> Have fun.

>> PROBST: All right, guys,

helicopter waiting for you down

on the beach.

Bruce, Courtney, Shane, rough


I got nothing to make it any


Get your stuff, head on back to


>> This is amazing!

>> We're doing it!

We're in a helicopter!

>> Oh, yeah.


>> Look at this.

>> Oh... my... God!

>> Ha-ha.

>> This is going to be the best

night of my life.

>> Oh, my God

Honestly, I'm so happy.

>> I'm not kidding.

>> I have never been in a

helicopter before.

It's almost like I was alone

flying above this place,

getting to see all of this

stuff that I would never in a

lifetime... on my own be able to


Oh... my... God!

I picked Aras and Danielle

because they were the people

that I thought I would have the

most fun with.

But this could potentially be,

like, a fatal move for me.

I'm probably public enemy #1

now because I didn't take the

people who are back at camp.

>> What is on this plate?!

God, I'm so happy!

(Cirie chuckling)

I'm going to lean back.

You guys, relax, relax.

There's so much food.

>> Mmm...

>> I had fun at that challenge.

I laughed so much.

>> I did, too, but it wasn't

fun in the end.

Man, they put Courtney as the

most annoying.


>> She got that, too?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> She and Cirie did.

She cleaned up today.

>> You should have seen her


>> That's why I couldn't stop

laughing 'cause it was so funny.

I mean, I would be kind of

pissed if my tribe members

thought that I was the most


(stifled laughter)

Oh, my gosh.

I would have felt the same way.

>> I've always thought that me,

Aras, and Cirie were tight in a

three-way thing, and today, I

don't know.

Like, I got to ask myself

where Cirie is with Danielle.

And so, I was pretty shocked

that she didn't pick me today,

for sure.

>> Well, that was fun.

You get to know where you stand.

>> I had no idea Danielle and

Cirie were that close.

>> I don't care about that.

I care about the game.

And what you said about me.

>> You do?

>> Are you kidding?

Can you just think for a second

how that would make you feel?

I'm sure you didn't pay

attention to how many answers I

was the answer to, but...

>> I think you're also

personalizing a lot of it.

>> How can I not be...

opinion about me?

>> No, but some of the questions

were stupid.

Who is the most annoying?

That one might not be fun,


>> It's hurtful.

I just got, like, I was so

happy to be here, like,


Now I'm, like...

I don't want to be here.

I'm going to have to live with

this for the rest of my life.

>> Courtney destroyed herself


I mean, she takes a lot of stuff

personally, anyway, and just to

hear the, like, some of the

answers to what the tribe thinks

about her is just, I think

really got her in an all-time



You know, the common voice of

the tribe was heard today, you


She got a lot of bombs dropped

on her today, so it's gonna be

very interesting to see how she

handles herself for the next few


>> Yeah, Bud?

>> Bruce has been in pain for

the last few days, and it

started to really sort of double

and triple up, I think.

>> I've had so many weird


Tons of horrible injuries and


This is one of the most painful.

But... it's part of the game.

>> His stomach has been

bothering him for the last ten

to 12 days, and it's been a

matter of him not being able,

really, to go to the bathroom.

And at times, Bruce can tend to

be overdramatic, but there was

nothing overdramatic about what

was happening.

He was in a lot of pain.


>> My whole back, all my

stomach, everything, my whole

inter... hurts so bad every


And this, the pain is just


So painful.

>> Yo, you got to get better

'cause we need you.


>> I'm just concerned 'cause

it's escalating so fast.


(Cirie moans)

>> Ooh!

Thank you, God, for letting

me get this one.

If I don't win anything else,

thank you, God. Whoo!

We got a mud massage.

That is wonderful.

It was like "Lifetimes of the

Rich & Famous."

I felt like Robin Leach.

Well, Danielle, is this

something for your first


>> Oh, good.

The man that gave me a massage

was pretty rough 'cause I've

never had a professional massage

done, but I usually like to be

massaged a little bit easier.


>> Danielle picked the guy.

>> Oh, boy.

>> She figured he'd have

stronger hands, and he did.

>> Holy snakies.

>> Wow. Oh, my gosh.

>> Do I have another stomach?


That's it.

Maybe one more bite.

>> Today is almost like I'm

starting over.

If I'm out of the game because

of this, at least I got to do

this before I went because

this is great.

>> I think that game officially

pointed out the immaturity of

our group.

Courtney, her and Shane, man,

they are so similar.

>> They are.

>> She has a serious crush on

him, I think.

>> A total crush on him.

>> And the thing is with

Courtney, is she just wants to

be wanted.

Like, that's her psychological

pattern, and so she loves it

when Shane engages her in those

arguments about her being


Even though she'll, like, walk

away and be angry, she knows

that there's going to be a

makeup point.

>> I can imagine the arguments

they're going to have tonight--

Courtney and Shane.

You know they've been arguing

since they got back.

>> Poor Bruce, he's right there

smack-dab in the middle.

>> And he's hurting.

>> Poor Bruce.

>> I'm going to be so not liked


>> I like you.

>> I love you.


(Bruce groaning)


>> Uh-oh.

>> It's been doubling and

escalating so fast since I got



>> Can I sing you a song.

Will that help?

>> No.

It's going to be okay.

♪ Just take me away... ♪

>> Bruce had really horrible

stomach pains.

He's had pains for about four

days now, and it just got

really unbearable for him.

And I went in there, was trying

to calm him down 'cause he

was just like, literally like

writhing and convulsing in

pain, and he was just begging

for the medics to get here, so

the medic had to be called.

>> I don't want to quit.

>> Huh?

>> I don't want to quit.

I just want to get well.


(motor rumbling)

>> Aw...

>> Bruce?

(Bruce groans)

>> Hi.

>> Hi. How you doing?

>> It gets worse; it just

escalates so bad.


>> Talk to me.

Whereabouts is the pain?

>> All over my back and stomach

but... (groans)

It's just getting worse.

>> Bruce, are you allergic to


>> No, injuries-- tons of them.

(Bruce groans)

>> Brain has been hurting for


Oh, God...

Oh, God, it hurts so much.

>> All right, lift your head up

for a minute.

Just going to unbutton your

shirt here.

>> It's not fair.

(Bruce yells)

>> Okay...

>> Don't, don't, don't.

>> (groaning): All right.

Aah, I've been in pain so long.


Don't miss.


>> I can't touch...

Oh, give me some relief, please.

>> What I want you to do is hold

this to your mouth and breathe

in and out, just nice smooth


(coughs, groans)

>> That's it.

>> My stomach hurts so much--

it's increasing.

>> Ow, ow...

>> I'm going to need you guys to

help me carry the stretcher.

I'm just going to go out to the

boat and head back to base camp

and I'll reassess him there.

I think we've got his pain under

control, and all his vital


>> Okay. Did you give him a


>> Uh, do we need to do this

right this second?

>> Yes, we do.

>> Bruce, what I'm gonna get you

to do...

You move towards me.

I'm not gonna move you.

Here, I'll give you help.

Lift that foot up.

There you go. you roll back down.

(Bruce groans)

>> Just... on your side a bit


Just nice and slow.

Do you want to use my hand?

>> Ow...

>> It's going to be all right,



>> I'm going to pull it.

Everyone's going to follow him

all the way.

Lift up, nice and gently, that's


>> Bruce, we'll see you really


>> Steady, and stop there.

(indistinct orders)

>> Love you, Bruce.

>> See you in a minute, Brucey.

(Bruce groaning)

(boat engine rumbles)

>> Back...

I would hope Bruce would

come back and finish on his own

terms, absolutely.

I don't want to have anybody,

just-- you know what I mean, be

pulled from the game because of

medical reasons.

I wouldn't feel right about it

at all.

But I think that he definitely

would feel like, um, he didn't

get to finish under his terms,

and I know that would be a hard

thing for Bruce, because Bruce

has lived a really beautiful,

whole, big, gi-normous life,


No, I wish... I really hope

Bruce gets to come back.

>> Casaya totally has it out for


There's been a target on my back

since the merge, so the

participation part of the reward

challenge was a joke, a waste of

time for me, but the good part

about it was the observation

time where I got to watch the

Casaya members go at it against

one another.

You know, yesterday wasn't a

total loss, and being sent here

to Exile Island gives me a

little bit more time to think

about strategy for the upcoming

two weeks.

>> Poor Brucey.

I wonder how he is today.

Yesterday was an extremely

emotional, draining day for me.

Ending the day with Bruce being

taken away was like the icing

and the cherry and the hot

fudge on top of my, uh, pretty

poo-poo day.

>> Let me ask you a question.

If I need your vote in order to

get us one person further, would

you trust me and not break my


I can't have the

obsessive-compulsive, like, you

overthinking part.

>> It's-It's hard for me to say,

yes, I'll just agree with

everything that you think.

You know, obviously, it's hard

to say.

But, you know, I want to be on

your backside, and I would like

you to be on mine.

>> Okay.

>> So, we're on the same page of

what we want.

>> All right, grab that little

log right there, that skinny


>> We just keep everything

between us.

>> If we don't...

>> Don't.

>> ...I'll kill you when I get

back to Hollywood.

>> (laughs): No. Great.

>> I will.

I'll drive up, and I'll kill you

in your ... little apartment.

Then I'll drive over to my club,

and that'll be it.

>> That was really nice.

I don't have a ... apartment.

>> (shouting): Well, obviously,

dude, I don't...

I've never been in your


I don't know if it's ... or not!

It was an adjective!

>> I know.

>> Don't take everything so


>> You're just so obnoxious.

You're not funny.

>> No, I'm not obnoxious, man.

Think about it.

>> Wait, you're not...

>> Why are you so...

>> You're not...

>> ...sensitive?

Glenn Close, Sybil, bunny

boiler, Fatal Attraction--

she's so scary, man.

She's a lunatic, man, and

especially after yesterday, and

finding out that the entire

tribe thinks she's an idiot.

I mean, she is a dream to take

to the final two.

Anyone could win against her.


It's crazy.

She's a dream.

>> Danielle, Aras, and I-- we

get home from the reward, and,

uh, no one's there to greet us.

Oh, my God.

The tension at the camp when we

got back was so thick, I was

afraid to-to come past the palm

frond trees, because I didn't

know if, you know...

Was it safe?

>> Is that Court?

>> Welcome home.

We lost a member.

>> Shut up!

>> Bruce.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Bruce went home?

>> Yeah.

He was med-evac'd out of here.

>> So he's done?

>> Shut up.

>> I don't know.

Well, last night was just,


He was super sick, then we

called medical, and then the

boat came and took him up, and I

have no idea if he's in the

game, if he's okay.

I don't know anything.

>> Wow!

>> But you guys had a great

time, I'm sure.

>> We get back to the beach,

and Bruce Factor has been

med-evac'd out of here.

Courtney, who was really

affected by the last challenge.

And finally I see Shane, and

Shane, honestly, was an animal.

>> I caught a boa constrictor.

>> He just looked like he hadn't

eaten food, had water, or seen

people in days.

>> You all right, man?

>> Yeah, no, I'm good.

>> What's going on?

>> Nothing.

>> Damn!

>> We're not good.

I don't trust her.

>> Shane, Shane...

>> She's got to come to me.

>> She will.

She'll talk to you about it.

>> I am disappointed in her in

a big way, and I am not going

out before Danielle, dude.

That bitch did nothing for 30


Gets to go up yesterday.

She's done nothing but be lazy

and wait to get fed, and Cirie

takes her?

That is not right.

I have put Cirie on my back, all

300 pounds of her.

Have put her on my back.

You and I both have.

It was wrong yesterday.

It was wrong.

>> Didn't you play sports?

Didn't you have teams?

Like, you lose some, you win


Get over it.

>> Listen, I'm not worried about

anybody but me now.

>> I know you're not.

>> And guess what?

Everyone is in big trouble

'cause I'm going to do whatever

it takes.

If you and Cirie don't make me

absolutely believe that it's

still the three of us...

>> Mm.

>> ...I'm turning the whole


I mean, look at me, look at me.

I'm in the game now.

I'm in the game.

>> I know, and...

>> And everyone's in a big, big


>> I tried not to get into it

with Shane.

All of it was basically his

insecurity about where he


In my thinking, the last thing I

need is Shane on the loose

really changing this game up,

so just let him say his piece.

We'll get him down.

We'll calm him down.

We'll gain back his trust, and

hopefully, Cirie will peace it

with him, and we'll be all good.

>> First, as far as the game

part is concerned, I've never,

ever wavered about me, you and


Did you see me there?

Did you see me?

"Oh, okay, it's just you and


It was so hard because I know

how you felt.

Did you not think it was hard

for me to not take you after


>> Yeah, but, I... yeah.

I didn't...

I didn't know that it was...

I had no idea that you and

Danielle had the type of...

Like, I watched it, but I was

just, like...

>> That's what I'm saying.

It's not like a type of thing

like we have.

Nothing like that at all.

Shane is so hurt because he

feels like he deserved the

reward way more than Danielle.

He just thought it would be a


If I won, me, him and Aras would


>> Uh-uh.

>> All right.

>> Yes?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Me, Cirie and Aras are in an

alliance, officially, and will

be until we get to the four.

The whole discussion was a big

rant and was absolutely

calculated by me in order to get

ahead of Cirie and Aras

mentally, and it played exactly

the way I wanted it to.

I think, subconsciously, I

control that-that threesome for


>> I'm just cleaning, um,

Bruce's Zen garden, and I wanted

to write the words, like, "Love,

Bruce," just to send him love

right now, 'cause no matter

where he is right now, he's-he's

having a hard time.

I was going to put l-u-v, "luv

you," on this side.

>> That would be great.

>> Bruce was just go, go, go,

go, go.

That was his mentality, and I

gave him a lot of credit.

I mean, I looked at him as like

a father figure.

I mean, I really connected with


You know, I said my prayers for

him last night.

I just really hope that Bruce is


Um, you know, it was...

I had, like, an eerie feeling

last night that he wasn't even

in the shelter, and I just pray

to God that everything's fine

and he's healthy.

>> He would love it.

He would love it.

>> I don't even care about the

game aspect of it.

I just want to make sure he's


So I hope we find out soon!

>> Here comes a boat.

>> Terry has a red shirt with

blue sleeves, right?

>> Yeah.

>> It's still three, whoever it

is, man.

>> Is that Terry?

>> Yeah, that's Terry.

>> It's Jeff.

>> Isn't that Probst?

>> Shut up!

>> And Probst?

>> Yeah, and Probst is with him.

>> Jeff and Terry.


I need to go find out what this

is about.

>> PROBST: What's going on,


>> A lot, apparently.

>> It is Terry.


>> Well...

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: How you doing?

>> Good to see you, sir.

>> PROBST: Nice to see you.

(indistinct chatter)


>> Hello.

>> Hi.

>> PROBST: Where's Courtney?

You heard about Bruce?

>> I haven't heard anything.

>> PROBST: I'll give you the

whole low-down.

>> I haven't heard anything.

>> PROBST: Let's do it up at


>> PROBST: Wouldn't have a...

I don't know if you guys got

seats or anywhere you can plop


Okay, I know everybody wants an


I have an update.

First, we got to catch Terry up.

I think everybody was pretty

clear that when we went to the

last reward challenge, Bruce

wasn't feeling very well.

Had a lot of stomach pain, was

having trouble walking.

Reward challenge ends, pain


Bruce asks for medical to come

in and check him.

Medical checks him out, runs

some tests, says you need to go

to a hospital.

And it is a good thing that he

got there when he did.

They ran some tests and found

out that his entire digestive

system-- his colon and his

bladder-- were blocked.

Nothing was coming out.

And I know everybody's concerned

about Bruce's well-being.

He's going to be okay, but he

will not return to the game as

a player.

Bruce is no longer in the

running for a million dollars.

It is now down to you six.

There will be no immunity

challenge today.

Nobody will be voted out tonight

at Tribal Council.

We're hoping that Bruce will be

back for the next Tribal Council

and continue on as a member of

the jury, but we're waiting for

approval from the doctors.

So, that's the update.

You have the afternoon off, and

the game continues on.

Make sense?

>> Sure. Thanks for coming.

>> PROBST: Sorry it was bad


>> Thanks, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Later, guys.

>> Bruce is the master sensei.

You know, he'll be back.

He's a fighter.

I-I don't think any one of us

could have put up with the pain

that he put up with in the hopes

of, uh, staying in the game, and

to see him go this way is a

shame, 'cause he's a warrior, a

total warrior.

57-year-old master sensei in the

true sense.

Captioned by

Media Access Group at WGBH

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> Look for the address?

>> Shane found a piece of wood

and is calling it his


>> Send.

I'm communicating with people,

not on this island.

(cuckoo clock chimes)

>> PROBST: Want to know what

you're playing for?

The survivors are in for a


>> Yeah! Yeah!

(Cirie shrieks)

>> PROBST: And Cirie faces a