Survivor (2000–…): Season 12, Episode 12 - Perilous Scramble - full transcript

Excitement over winning the Reward Challenge reaches a new level when the winners learn they can compete for a second Reward.

>> PROBST: Previously on


>> We've come a long way, baby.

>> PROBST: Terry was the lone

wolf from La Mina.

>> I've got a huge target on

my back, but the longer I hang

out, the longer I get to see

how they end up turning on one


>> PROBST: The reward challenge

revealed what the tribe really

thought of Courtney.

Who is the most annoying person

out here?

Everybody says Courtney.

>> God!

>> PROBST: Cirie answered the

most questions correctly.

Cirie wins this challenge.

Who are you sending to Exile


>> Terry.

>> PROBST: Terry.

And she chose Danielle and Aras

to go with her on a spa reward.

Back at camp...

>> I'm going to have to live

with this for the rest of my


>> PROBST: ...Courtney was

pained by the revelations from

the challenge.

>> I was so happy to be here,

like, yesterday.

I don't want to be here.

>> PROBST: Bruce's pain was


>> My whole back, my stomach,

the pain is just increasing.

>> PROBST: At the reward, Cirie,

Aras and Danielle enjoyed


>> If I'm out of the game

because of this, at least I got

to do this before I went.

>> PROBST: While back at camp...

>> Oh, God!

>> PROBST: ...Bruce's health

took a turn for the worse.

>> Are you allergic to anything?

>> PROBST: The medical team

arrived to assess him.

>> He can't stay here.

>> PROBST: And Bruce was


>> See you in a minute, Brucey.

>> PROBST: Alone in camp,

Courtney and Shane made a pact.

>> If I need your vote, would

you trust me and not break my


>> You know I want to be on

your backside, and I would like

you to be on mine.

>> Okay.

She is a dream to take to the

final two.

Anyone could win against her.


>> PROBST: When Cirie, Aras

and Danielle return...

>> Welcome home.

>> PROBST: ...they learn the

news about Bruce.

>> We lost a member.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Bruce went home?

>> Yeah. He was med-evac'd out

of here.

And I have no idea if he's in

the game, if he's okay.

I don't know anything.

>> Wow.

>> Is that Terry?


>> PROBST: Terry was picked up

from Exile Island...

>> Welcome, Jeff.

>> PROBST: ...and landed at the

camp beach.

Bruce is going to be okay, but

he is no longer in the running

for a million dollars.

We're hoping that Bruce will be

back and continue on as a member

of the jury.

It is now down to you six.

Nobody will be voted out


Six are left.

Who will be the next to go?

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>> What are you thinking of

using for bait?

>> I got hermit crabs.

I want to see...

We're running out of food, so

we got to use every method to


>> Bruce being gone out of this

game was a good thing for me

because I got to skip a


And pretty much every immunity

challenge coming down the road

I've got to take.

It is really imperative to try

to make some allies and,

hopefully, tie up one or two

members before the next

immunity challenge.

>> I was going to the rocks

today, and I saw this thing,

just like that, and it was


I was, like, wow, BlackBerry.

It reminded me of my BlackBerry.

So I grabbed it, and I've just

been playing with it.

It's got texting, e-mail, phone,

Web browser.

It's got everything.

When I think about something I

want to tell my partner, I

shoot him off, or talk about my

son, because my son can text on

his cell phone.

It's actually helped my day.

I'm communicating with people

not on this island.

>> Shane found a piece of wood,

and is actually calling it his


>> Look for the address.

>> And he sits down and he,

like, pretends like he's

communicating with people.

>> Send.

>> Come on.

>> Check mark.

All good.

>> He's nuts.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Ready to get to today's


>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: It is for reward.

Here's how it works.

You'll be divided into two

teams of three.

Each of you will be attached to

one long rope which runs the

length of an obstacle course.

On my go, you must follow the

rope while navigating the

various obstacles.

When you reach the final

platform, you'll unclip and,

one at a time, race across a

lily pad run.

You'll then jump into the water

and retrieve a bag.

There are three bags total.

Once you have all three bags,

clip back into the rope and

make your way back across all

the same obstacles to the


First team to get to the finish

with all three members and all

three bags wins reward.

Want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: The winning three

will leave here, fly to your own

private island, where you will

have a barbecue feast.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Steak, sausages, a

cooler of soft drinks and, for

dessert, chocolate cake.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Worth playing for?

>> Oh, yeah!

>> PROBST: All right, we'll

randomly draw teams and get


It's Terry, Danielle and

Courtney taking on Cirie, Aras

and Shane.

For reward, survivors ready?


Strategy is going to be key in


>> Help me up.

>> PROBST: Aras helping Cirie


She takes a hard fall right


Courtney, Terry, Danielle

through the hitching post.

Cirie, Aras, Shane right


Terry, Danielle, Courtney first

to the pole.

Cirie's there.

Somebody's going to have to


Gotta follow that rope!

That's all you gotta do is

follow that rope.

We are still very tight.

Now it's going to get a little

tougher having to crawl under

and over.

Cirie back into the water.

>> All right, back up.

Aras trying to help Cirie.

>> You're going to go


>> PROBST: Terry through the

bamboo crawl and on to the


Danielle's on the platform.

Aras, Shane, Cirie, they have

twisted themselves up.

They have really slowed down,

and they're really in a mess.

Courtney up on to the platform.

Terry unclipped and making his

way across the lily pads.

You gotta jump in and get a bag

out of the box.

Terry up with the first bag!

Aras, Cirie, Shane, you need to

get moving!

You are taking too much time!

Terry back with the first bag.

Danielle making her way easily

across the lily pad.

No trouble.

Shane, Aras, Cirie are all

knotted up, can't figure out

what to do.

Danielle back with the second


One bag left.

Courtney has no trouble with

the lily pads.

Courtney has the third bag, and

heading back.

Cirie, Aras, Shane are falling

out of this challenge.

Courtney back with the third


Clip in and head back!

Cirie, Aras, Shane almost look

like they've given up.

Get your asses out of that


Let's go!

Terry, Danielle, Courtney, this

is their challenge to lose now.

Shane finally up on to the


Shane unclipped.

He's going to give it a go.

Wastes no time!

Hanging on!

Terry, Danielle, Courtney back

at the rope twist with nobody


Shane back with the first bag.

Terry, Danielle, Courtney

through the rope twist.

Home free.

Cirie, Shane, Aras still


But it's going to be too little,

too late.

Terry, Danielle and Courtney

with one obstacle left.

Terry across.

Danielle across.

Courtney across!

Terry, Danielle, Courtney win


Terry, Courtney, Danielle, nice


Barbecue feast is yours.

And a big decision to make.

Cirie, Aras, Shane-- one of

those three is going to Exile

Island; give you a second

to talk about it.

>> What do you want?

>> Whatever you guys want.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Who is it going to


>> Aras.

PROBST: Aras, you know the


Grab your stuff, boat's coming


>> More beans for us, Cirie.

>> PROBST: Cirie and Shane,

sorry, got nothing for you.

Head on back to camp.

>> Enjoy.

>> We'll see you tonight.

>> PROBST: Terry, Courtney,

Danielle, before we get to your

barbecue feast, you will

compete head to head in another

challenge with an additional

individual reward up for grabs.

Here's how it works: you'll use

a slingshot to fire marbles at

three ceramic tiles.

First person to knock out all

three tiles wins fully loaded,

2007 GMC Yukon.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Oh, my God.

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: Sound good?

>> Excellent!

>> PROBST: Take your spots.

We'll get started.

In order for a tile to be

considered hit, it must break

away from two of the four ropes

connecting it.

You can hit the tiles in any


First person to break all three

tiles wins the Yukon.

Ready, pick up your slingshot,

get your marbles.

Here we go, first round.

Ready, aim, fire.

Courtney nicks hers, but not


Ready, aim, fire.

Danielle breaks her first tile.

Terry clips one, but he's only

broken one rope.

That is not a hit.

Ready, aim, fire.

Terry finishes what he didn't

do the first time, knocks his

first tile down.

Danielle clips a second one,

but not enough.

GMC Yukon on the line.

Ready, aim, fire.

Courtney smashes her first tile.

Terry breaks his second tile.

Danielle just low.

Terry down to one tile left.

Danielle, Courtney both have

two tiles left.

Ready, aim, fire.

Danielle misses left.

Courtney breaks her second tile.

Terry clips his third tile.

That's not enough.

Courtney and Terry both only

have one tile left.

Either one could win this

challenge on this shot.

Ready, aim, fire.

Danielle just misses.

Courtney just misses.

>> Yes, yes, yes!

>> PROBST: Terry gets it!

Terry wins the GMC Yukon.

>> Unbelievable.

>> PROBST: Here's how it's

going to work.

You're going to fly to an


When you land, your car will be

waiting for you.

It will be loaded with

everything you need for your


>> All right, all right.

>> PROBST: You'll return to camp

back later today.

>> Excellent.

>> PROBST: Grab your stuff and

head on out.

>> All right, let's go barbecue!

>> At this point in the game,

from what I understand, the

idol's not here anymore.

It's been found, and now it's

hiding somewhere in Terry's bag.

And so I won't really waste any

of my energy looking for it or

stressing about it because that

part of the game is now out of

my control.

Kind of makes my stay here

pretty unnecessary in terms of

the positives.

>> We were airplaned off to a

far island where we were to

have our feast.

>> Oh, it's gorgeous!

>> Oh, my God!

>> At the end of the runway,

there in front of us was a

brand-new, spankin' Yukon, and

it was righteous, man.

>> Wow!

Oh, mother of...

>> This is gorgeous.

>> The last thing my wife said

going out the door was, "Damn

it, just bring me home a car."

Let's see what this bad boy can


In pile the girls, and off we

drove to this beach feast.


>> This is so nice to, like, be

on the winning side of things.

That's like, seriously, like,

was, like, the dream team.

>> Salud!

Congratulations, Terry.

>> Thank you.

>> I would do anything to get

us to a final three.

>> I'm 100% behind you.

I mean, that's a great final

three, wouldn't you say?

>> I'm going to start putting

out some feelers to Courtney

and Danielle today, try to

forge a relationship with those

guys in order to take us to the

final three.

>> The thing is, if you just

win the next immunity challenge

and take Aras out, and the next

one, one of us will win, and we

take Shane out...

>> Shane out.

>> ...and boom, we're final

four, done.

It's been in the back of my

mind to join up with Terry for

like a long time because going

against Terry is one pretty

good shot of actually winning

the million in the final two.

I think that's kind of how

people are looking right now is

who do you want to be up

against in the final two?

>> Well, D, I was talking to

Courtney while you were gone.

You know, we talked kind of

like the dream final three,

final four, whatever.

And if you were with us, and

it was us three and Cirie, you

would have a 75% chance of

winning immunity, and that

would be pitting us three up

against Cirie.

If I can produce the hidden

immunity idol, then, you know,

even so, we've got three people.

We'd have to beat Cirie.

>> Uh-huh.

Terry brought up the fact that

his ideal four would be the

three girls and him, and that's

just a given.

I mean, obviously, he wants

Aras out.

For his sake.

I like that idea, but he's

going to have to change up his

strategy a little bit, too.

I'm not going to make this so

easy for him to win.

>> It's just the two of us, and

we can talk about strategy all

we want.

We're through to the five,


>> Right.

>> If Terry wins immunity, me,

you, and Aras are still

through, because we're going to

vote off Danielle.

>> But then there's still


It will be me, you, and




If he could take Courtney to

the final two and he may just

win a million dollars.

Against anyone else, I don't

know how good his chances are,

and I think he knows that, so

Courtney to me is more

dangerous now than having Terry


So I just want to get rid of

Courtney as soon as I possibly

can, and then go from there.

Oh, damn, they're getting out




>> You do?

>> Yeah.

>> With what?

>> With...

>> A fishing pole?

>> Yeah, where is the hook?

Oh, I see it.

All right.

I'll be back with fish.


I figure how hard can it be?

I've fished before when I was

younger with my dad with a

standard fishing pole.

So I figure, well, everyone

else has tried it.

Let me try it.

Oh, gosh, sorry, snail.


This is so gross!

I need a bigger rock.



Oh! I think I got a fish!

It's going! It's going!

Oh, no!

What's that?

Is that a puffer?

What is that?

Shane is going to be so happy.

I'm scared it's going to come


I can't touch it.

Hold still.

Don't move! Don't move!

Wait till I can get...

Somebody needs to help me.

Dead yet?


♪ Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you. ♪

>> Unbelievable.

How did that happen?

>> I was so happy.

I was so, so happy to have

caught a fish, especially a

fish that big, and it's Shane's


>> Unbelievable!

>> Happy birthday.

>> I'm so proud of you!

>> To see the look on Shane's

face, it was priceless,


>> Cirie Fields caught the

biggest fish out here, the girl

from Jersey.

Captain America has been

swimming around for three

weeks, nothing.

How great is that?

>> Oh, here they come!

>> When we returned from our

reward, we got a pleasant


>> I caught a fish, girl!

>> You did?

>> Wow! Awesome, Cirie!

>> You speared it?

>> No, I just fished with the

little thing.

Who would've thunk Cirie could

catch a fish?

That's the joy in waiting for

them to see the fish, for me.


I love it, love it, love it,

love it.

>> Right, right, I agree.

Danielle asked me about, "Well,

if you win, who are you going

to take to the finals?"

You know, "Are you going to take


Because it might be easier for

you to win the million if you

took her."

To be honest with you, if I had

my druthers, I would take

Courtney to the finals, and I'm

sure Danielle would take

Courtney to the finals.

>> I know.

>> I want to make sure that

we're going into this agreement

in a very fair way, so final

three challenge is, top two

finishers go to the finals.

And-and I'm all for that.

You got to beat the best and be

the best.

>> It was extremely insulting

to me when she said, you know,

"I don't want to have someone

being carried in here."

And she didn't even see that,

you know?

I was, like, "Do you underst..."

Like, of course I'm going to

be mad.

Who are you speaking to right


"Someone being carried in."

You're referring to me, because

I'm the easiest one to beat.

>> What is she talking about?

Um... whoever wins what?

I don't know, I've lost that


>> If Terry came in first...

>> Mm-hmm. Whoever came in

second should be the person he'd


>> Yeah.

>> Of course he would tell you

that, because if you look at the

three of us, who do you think is

going to come in second?

Since their little thing

yesterday, Danielle... they done

brainwashed her, and I keep

trying to point out to her, she

wants to go with Terry and

Courtney and myself, which, of

course, I'll be number four.

Come on, now, I'm not stupid.

But why would you want to take

her with us and give her first

or second place?

I keep... I don't know why she

can't see that.

If we take away the person he

wants to take second, he doesn't

have to know who we're gonna


He can think we're going to

vote Aras.

You can't let him dictate what

y'all should do, and that's

basically what he's doing:

"No, go with me, and then I'll

see who I decide who I want...

I'll take second, maybe the

most athletic, but nine times

out of ten, I'm going to take

Courtney, because I know I can

beat her.

But I'll tell Danielle, yeah,

that's what we'll do,

whoever is number two, then

that's who I'll take."

Yeah, mm-hmm, and I got a

bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

I want to get rid of Courtney,

like, yesterday.

Some kind of way, Courtney's

going, believe that.


>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Aras,

returning once again from Exile


You guys ready to get to today's


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Terry, give it up.

Three individual immunity

challenges, three times Terry's


We'll see if that continues


Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, you are

going to hold your own weight.

Here's how it works.

You are going to each kneel at

the end of a long plank

suspended over a pit of water.

You'll be holding on to two

ropes that are connected to a


Hanging from the hook is weight.

We'll start with 20% of your

body weight.

Every 15 minutes we'll add more


As the weight gets heavier, it

will get harder to hold on to

those ropes.

When the weight becomes too

much, the ropes'll slip from

your hands, the platform will

fall, you'll drop into the


The last person left standing

wins immunity, guaranteed a

spot in the final five.

Ready to get at it?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, weigh in.

Get started.

All right, everybody has their


We're going to release the


Three, two, one.

This challenge is on.

You are holding 20% of your

body weight right now.

Shane, Cirie, Aras, Terry

all holding right around 34


Danielle and Courtney holding

about 24 pounds.

And we're just getting started.

When we reach 15 minutes, we

will add another ten percent of

your body weight, roughly

another 12 to 15 pounds for each

of you.

Shane feeling those ropes

slipping through his hands.

>> I'm not going to make it.

>> PROBST: Shane has lost one


He's down to one rope.

That rope is not coming back.

Shane now holding all of his

weight with one hand.

Shane lets go.

Shane is the first one out of

the challenge.

Okay, it's been 15 minutes.

We're going to add another ten

percent of your body weight to

the hook.

Three, two, one.

Everybody has another ten

percent now.


>> It's burning my hands, the


>> PROBST: You guys have made

it 30 days.

Nobody give up.


It's slipping.

>> PROBST: Cirie, second one out

of the challenge.

We are down to four.

Aras, Terry, Danielle and


Aras struggling to get a

different grip.

Danielle struggling to hang on.

Danielle, third one out of the


We are now down to three.

Aras, Terry, Courtney holding

30% of your body weight.


>> Hold on, Aras.

>> PROBST: Aras just lets go.

Two days on Exile Island, too

tough to overcome.

We are down to two: Terry and


>> He's wavering, honey.

You're going to beat him.

>> PROBST: You've reached 30


We're going to add ten more

percent of your body weight.

Three, two, one.


>> PROBST: You are now both

holding 40% of your body weight.

Terry is holding 68 pounds,

Courtney holding 49 pounds.

Terry digging down deep.

Immunity on the line.

>> Watch your weights, Court.

They're getting close to the


>> I know. I know.

>> Hold on, Court.

Hang on, honey, he's failing.

I can see it. He's dying.

>> PROBST: The only way to make

sure you do not get voted out

tonight is to win this


>> Hold on, Court.

>> PROBST: Courtney down to one



She can't do it.

Courtney's in the water.

Terry wins his fourth straight


Terry, come on over.

For the fourth straight time you

win immunity.

You're the only person to wear

this necklace so far in this


Once again, you're safe at

Tribal Council.

For the rest of you, after 30

days, one of you going home


See you at Tribal.

Grab your stuff.

Head on back.

>> Oh, I tell you what.

Winning today was awesome.

Somebody from Casaya is going

home tonight, and I think Aras

knows that he's the target, and

he is.

>> Aras is still our biggest


I mean, no one can beat him in

the final.

>> Right.

>> He's still, like,

competitive, but at least we're

secure for final four.

>> With me, you, Danielle, and


>> Yeah, I mean, that's, like,


So we're gonna agree,

you, me, Danielle and Terry all

vote Aras.

And then Aras and Shane are

gonna vote Danielle out.

And we'll pretend like we're

voting for Danielle.

>> Yeah, please don't say

anything to Shane.

>> I won't.

I can deal with it later,

but not now.

>> Okay.

>> Cirie and I decided Cirie and

Terry, Danielle and I are all

going to vote for Aras.

Shane thinks that I'm going to

do whatever he says and he wants

me to vote Danielle out, and he

wants Cirie to vote Danielle


So I'm going to be dealing with

the wrath of Shane for sure

tonight, and I'm not excited

about it.


>> You kicked my ass.

>> I could have kicked your ass.

>> You kicked my ass.

>> But we're working this out

so we're gonna make this a joint

effort, okay?

>> Okay. I'm confident with

Courtney and Danielle and I'm

feeling pretty damn good.

We're going to send Aras home,

and with that, we'll have a

three-to-two advantage, and you

know what?

It's gonna be nice.

>> Yeah.

>> What'd you say?

>> Courtney, are you okay?

>> Yeah.

>> You sure?

>> I mean, no, nothing's okay.

>> Right, but I mean, this is

the game, that's it, Danielle,

one, two, three, four.

And we each move on one more


>> Shane wants to take Courtney

to the final two.

He's told me that.

Terry wants to take Courtney to

the final two.

That, to me, makes Courtney the

most dangerous person out here.

I want to kind of mess up

Terry's plans and mess up

Shane's plans and hopefully we

get rid of Courtney next, and

then it could possibly give me,

Aras and Danielle a little

more leverage in this game.

I just wanted to make sure you

knew exactly what was going on


>> Cirie was quick to fill me

in on the situation.

She really has my back, which

is nice.

She let me know about the


And basically what's going on

now is we're going to vote for


>> But the only way to save you

is to vote Courtney.

But I need to talk to you, too.

>> I'm just trying to see what

would be the best situation for


Would I rather be with Terry,

Courtney, Cirie and I, or would

I rather be with Aras, Cirie

and I?

I'm just trying to see what the

best situation for myself would


>> Well, anyway, we're gonna

have to keep telling Shane that

we're going to vote you.

I swear to God I won't vote you.

And me, you and Aras vote

Courtney because Shane is

gonna vote you.

Terry and Courtney are gonna

vote Aras, and me and you and

Aras are gonna vote Courtney.

Absolutely positive, that's why

you have to let Courtney think

that me, you, her and Terry

are gonna vote Aras.

But if you wouldn't be here

tomorrow, me, you and Aras have

to vote Courtney.

I'm hoping Danielle just stays

strong 'cause Danielle gets

real nervous and it's easy to

turn her.

I'm hoping she just stays calm

tonight and follows through

with the plan.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury.

Austin, Sally...

and Bruce...


...returning from a brief stay

in Panama City Hospital.

He'll continue on and be a

member of our jury from here on


Let's talk about the reward


Terry, was there some bonding

going on between the three of


>> It was a team bonding, you

know, because we came together

as a team, gave us maybe a

little time to forget the game

and just dig in on a standard

beach barbecue.

So, you know, it was, it was


>> PROBST: Cirie, when you hear

Terry say it was nice to put the

game aside for a little bit, do

you buy that?

>> No, please.

I mean, it's a game.

And he may want us to think

that they were just having fun

and barbecuing, but we all know


As long as you're here and your

torch is lit, the game is still

going on.

>> PROBST: So we get to today's

immunity challenge, once again,

Terry wins.

Four individual challenges,

Terry's won four times.

Has anybody started to approach

you and say, "Hey, let's work

something out 'cause you seem


>> You know, people aren't

running up to me going, "Hey,

T.D., let's do this, let's do

that," you know?

This tribe has been pretty damn


So you know what?

The pressure's up; every

immunity challenge I got to


>> PROBST: So, Aras, Casaya

still holding strong.

>> From my perspective, I think


I mean, the reality is tonight

someone from Casaya has to go

home, and I'm fully aware that

the target is nice and large on

my back.

>> PROBST: Let's talk about the

pros and cons of keeping Aras

in the tribe.

On the bad side, you're a


But on the flip side, if Casaya

is staying strong, you hold the

best chance of defeating Terry.

Fair to say?

>> I think I do have a good

chance of beating Terry, and do

people feel comfortable voting

off the arguably the most

athletic member of the Casaya


I think they have a better

chance with me.

>> PROBST: Shane, what do you

base the vote on when you're

getting rid of one of your own?

Would it be a mistake at this

point in the game to start

thinking about who you want to

take to the final two?

Is it too early for that?

>> Tonight, we have to eat one

of our own, and that's...

Sounds dramatic, but it's going

to be dramatic.

I mean, I know that, like,

people are running stuff in

their head about who they might

want to position themselves to

be around.

We're going to have to shrink a

little bit before the path is

over, for sure.

>> PROBST: How about you,


Thoughts through your head

about this is who I would like

to sit next to in the final two,

and this is who I don't want to

to sit next to?

>> My brain is, like, about to


I can't stop running numbers in

my head, to be honest with you.

>> PROBST: Courtney, a couple

of challenges ago, you took

a lot of hits.

>> Please, let's get through...!

>> PROBST: You were labeled the

person who wouldn't shut up,

the most annoying, the biggest


Do you imagine whether people

would want to take you to final

two or not take you based on the

perception of the tribe of who

you are?

>> Um, I think that when it

comes down to who people want to

take to the final two, I think

that decision has to be made

much further down the line.

I'm not holding onto that


I don't think anyone else is.

It's sort of like you're on a

clean slate.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get to

the vote.

Terry has individual immunity.

Any chance of giving that up to

someone else?

>> Negative.

>> PROBST: There is still the

hidden immunity idol which has

yet to come into play.

If it does, you'll let me know

after the votes are read.

It is time to vote.

Cirie, you're up.

>> This is just a strategic


I can't settle for third or

fourth place after the things

I've heard.

>> You are the ultimate


I couldn't have asked for a

better rival, but you are still

the #1 threat.

>> You get to eat as much as

you want, and I will never yell

at you again.

>> You're so beautiful, brother,

but this is for strategy.


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


>> PROBST: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council

area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Aras.



Two votes Aras,

one vote Danielle.


That's one vote Courtney, two

votes Aras, one vote Danielle.


That's two votes Courtney, two

votes Aras, one vote Danielle.

The 11th person voted out of

Survivor, Exile Island:


You need to grab your torch.

>> That was a shocker.

>> PROBST: Courtney, the tribe

has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, after tonight's vote, I

don't think there's any doubt

that this is now an individual


Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

Captioned by

Media Access Group at WGBH

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> PROBST: Aras and Cirie

cover their tracks.

>> In my viewpoint there is no


>> PROBST: Aras has had enough.

>> You're starting to offend me.

>> PROBST: And Shane is brought

to his knees.

>> Oh!

>> I'm just completely shocked

right now.

My sisters-- that I

unfortunately trusted-- turned

on me.

I guess they saw me a little

bit too much of a threat for

going to the final two.

But that's the way it goes.

And life goes on from here.

You know, I'm gonna continue

to live my dreams and make it

happen, and that's what matters.