Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 6 - Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble - full transcript

The castaways are informed that both tribes will vote a member out.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously, on


Margaret felt betrayed by Judd.

>> It was me who went the

opposite of what my tribe went.

I'm feeling good about it.

>> Judd flipped the very first

day the new tribe came to be,

and he didn't bother to look


He is a traitor.

>> PROBST: Survivors ready, go!

At the reward challenge, Jamie

was left in the dust, giving

Yaxha a huge win.

>> (whooping)

>> PROBST: Yaxha wins reward.

>> Damn it.

>> PROBST: Back at camp, Yaxha

enjoyed the spoils of victory,

a floating croc-proof swimming


>> Oh, man, look at this!

>> The reward was spectacular.

I didn't imagine it was going to

be that good.

>> Yaxha! Whoo!

>> PROBST: At Nakum, Stephenie

was frustrated.

>> I mean, I'm sick of losing.

I just feel like I'm in a really

bad dream and I can't get out.

>> PROBST: Over at Yaxha, Blake

was getting on everyone's


>> My girlfriend's got big


>> Blake is such an idiot.

I have a new favorite game out


It's called "Bait Blake."

>> Blake, what is your absolute

best drunk story?

>> He is digging himself into a

hole and I'm going to do

everything I can to make sure

that he has a shovel.

>> PROBST: In the battle for

immunity, Nakum ended their

losing streak.

For the win, if Nakum gets it...

Nakum wins immunity!

>> Who's smiling now?

>> PROBST: With Tribal Council

looming, Gary, Brian and Amy

were outnumbered.

>> The Yaxha tribe is going

into the Tribal Council

tonight with four old Nakum

members and three old Yaxha

members, so the math is right


>> PROBST: So, they approach the

former Nakum members to turn on


>> I hate being the swing vote.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

both Danni and Bobby Jon shook

things up when they turned on

Blake and helped vote him out.

>> PROBST: Blake, the tribe has


13 are left, who will be voted

out tonight?

(theme song playing)

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>> The Blake vote opened my eyes

quite a bit because we were four


Then Blake got voted out.

I'm like, how the heck did that


You know, people will flip

things around on you.

And you'll find yourself voted


You won't even know how the heck

it happened.

>> What do you think, man?

Any regrets about last night?

>> Um, yeah, some, but that's

just... it was just a part...

a part of that... that was a

stage in the game where I had to

do what I had to do, you know?

I know I liked him.

I know you liked him.

But he was rubbing a lot of

other people the wrong way,

you know?

>> Yeah.

>> Voting off Blake was kind of

like a "get out of jail free"

card for me, Gary and Amy,

because, right now, the numbers

are even.

And so, the bottom line is that

we need to start knocking out

former Nakum members one by one.

It's got to happen.

>> What I don't see is why they

have to bite you through the


I mean, do they just have to?

>> This morning is kind of like

every morning.

The mosquitoes are horrible.

Every time it rains, they just

get worse and worse.

>> Mosquitoes are thick.

Like a hundred times worse than

I have ever seen in Florida in

the mangroves in the middle of

the night.

That's how bad it is.

>> Everyone is trying to get

along really hard.

Like, you know, I keep trying to

be positive and it's harder to

do that when someone is being

really a negative energy around

camp, which is what Margaret's

being right now.

After Brooke got voted off, she

was just devastated, and just

took it to so hard.

The six of us get along really,

really well and Margaret is

just, like, kind of fading out.

>> She is miserable, probably

because she got stuck with me

instead of getting stuck with


Instead of getting stuck with

Blake, instead of getting stuck

with Danni or one of them.

She got me.

>> I used to be much higher on

the food chain than I am now.

Now I'm absolutely on the

opposite end after the mix-up.

I'm sure Judd's waiting to get

me off.

I'm not giving up.

But I'm not going to beat my

head against the wall.

I will wait for there to be an


>> You have somebody that has a

sore thumb walking around camp,

man, miserable.

That puts the team down, man.

We don't need that right now.

>> She just can't grasp the fact

that the old tribe ain't coming

back, man, and this is what

you're stuck with.

>> PROBST: Come on in, Nakum.

Come on in, Yaxha!

Nakum, getting your first look

at the new Yaxha.

Blake voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

You guys ready to get to it?

First things first.

Glad to see that you brought

the immunity idol with you,

as instructed.

It doesn't play a part today,


I will explain that in a minute.

Let's get to today's challenge.

Each tribe will put two people

on opposite sides of a giant


On my go, both teams will push

the ball against each other.

The object is to maneuver the

ball over your own goal line.

First, you'll put up two women,

then you'll put up two men, then

one of each.

First tribe to score three goals

wins reward.

Want to know what are you're

playing for?

>> Absolutely.

>> PROBST: It's pretty decent.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Oh, my God, oh, my God,

oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Got a barbecue grill,

seven hamburgers, seven hot

dogs, buns, condiments, cold

beer and cold root beer.

So the good news is the winning

tribe will feast today.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: The bad news is

tonight, both tribes are going

to Tribal Council.

Both tribes are voting somebody


Two people are going home.

There is another element to


In addition to the barbecue

feast, the winning tribe earns

the right to compete in another

challenge immediately following

this one for individual


One tribe member will win this

immunity necklace.

One tribe member will be safe at

their Tribal Council tonight.

That person will also sit in on

the other tribe's Tribal Council

where they will be able to

gather information.

And in a game where knowledge is

power, this is a crucial


Nakum, you have one extra


You're sitting somebody out.

>> Lydia.

>> PROBST: Lydia, take a seat on

the bench.

We will randomly draw for each


Steph and Cindy taking on Amy

and Danni.

Survivors ready?


The race for the ball.

Cindy and Steph there first, get

a bit of a lead.

>> Go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Danni makes a big


>> Push!

>> Go, Amy!

>> PROBST: Danni and Amy getting


Danni squeezing that tree.

>> Come right, Amy.

Push right!

>> PROBST: Danni has to work

around the tree.

Cindy and Steph still with a bit

of an advantage.

>> Coming your way, Amy!

>> To the right!

Amy, get on the other side of

the ball!

The other side of the ball!

>> PROBST: Amy and Danni getting

some movement on that ball.

>> Push!

>> Go around.

Go around!

>> PROBST: Amy and Danni with

another surge.

Cindy and Steph on their heels,

Amy and Danni got a lot of

momentum now.

Cindy and Steph fighting to keep

them off.

>> Other side!

>> This way, Steph.

>> PROBST: Amy pushing, she

wants that barbecue.

>> Go, go, go!

>> PROBST: That's it.

Yaxha scores!

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: One-zero.

Next round, it's the men:

Brandon and Bobby Jon taking on

Judd and Jamie.

Yaxha leads one-zip,

playing to three.

Survivors ready, go!

It's a race to the ball.

Both guys bang into the ball!

>> Push it out! Push it out!

>> Push it out, let's go.

>> PROBST: Judd and Jamie making

a surge.

Judd and Jamie picking up


>> Good work, guys.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon and Brandon

pushing back now.

Bobby Jon and Brandon making up

a little ground.

More ground.

Bobby Jon with a big push.

>> Good job!

>> PROBST: Yaxha making up a lot

of ground all of a sudden.

Amy and Judd go left.

>> Yes, Judd, yes!

>> PROBST: Brandon on his feet,

on his knees.

Brandon down again.

Jamie and Judd working hard,

making up a lot of ground.

Jamie and Judd, down to 10 feet,

down to five feet!

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Nakum scores!


>> PROBST: Next round, one man,

one woman from each tribe.

Judd and Steph taking on Gary

and Amy, we are tied 1-1 playing

to three.

Survivors ready?


It's a race to the ball.

>> Good job! Good job!

>> PROBST: Judd and Steph get

the early advantage.

Gary and Amy now wedging Steph

against the tree.

>> Push it this way!

>> PROBST: Steph and Judd make

the quick maneuver, make up some


Amy's down!

Amy's down!



>> PROBST: Amy's hurt!

Big advantage for Steph and


And they're taking advantage of

it, pushing it further and

further back.

Gary and Amy giving it up.

Nakum scores!

Nakum leads 2-1.

Amy is hurt.

Amy, next round is women again.

>> I should do it.

>> PROBST: Are you ready to go?

>> Not really, but I'm going to

do it.

>> PROBST: All right, good.

Next two women take a spot.

Here's where we stand:

Nakum leads 2-1.

We're playing to 3.

It's women on women.

Yaxha only has two women, Amy's

got to go again, even with a

hurt ankle.

For a reward and a shot at

individual immunity--

Survivors, ready, go!

>> Come on! Come on!

>> PROBST: Margaret and Cindy

with a big advantage right now.

Danni and an injured Amy trying

to fight them off.

>> There you go.

>> PROBST: And they're doing it

right away with an advantage.

Danni and Amy pushing Margaret

and Cindy back.

Margaret and Cindy pushing back


Margaret and Cindy, now trying

to hold off Danni and an

injured Amy.

>> Push!

>> Get on the left!

>> PROBST: Cindy wedged up

against the tree, they lost

a lot of ground.

Amy and Danni with huge


Yaxha scores.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: We are tied 2-2!

>> Yes!


>> PROBST: We are tied up 2-2,

this point will decide it,

barbecue feast, shot at

individual immunity at stake.

We have a new matchup for


Bobby Jon and Brian taking on

Judd and Jamie for Nakum.

Survivors, ready, go!

>> Go, go!


>> Your ball, your ball!


>> PROBST: Brian shoved against

the tree.

He's lost a lot of leverage.


Judd is down!

Bobby Jon and Brian pushing,

making up ground into the


>> Go! Go! Go!

>> PROBST: Jamie and Judd get

some momentum going.

Bobby Jon and Brian trying to

hold them off.

Judd and Jamie getting closer

for Nakum.

And they have it!

Nakum wins a barbecue feast and

a shot at individual immunity.

>> PROBST: Yaxha, good effort.

Amy coming back strong,

not enough.

No reward, no shot at individual


The only thing you have to look

forward to is Tribal Council


I will see you there.

Head on back to camp.

Nakum, good effort.

Two victories in a row.

Barbecue feast is yours.

But that is later.

We're not through here yet.

One more challenge.

Somebody is going to get

individual immunity for

tonight's Tribal Council.

Follow me and I will explain.

All right, the barbecue feast is

already yours.

But this is what you should be

concentrating on now.

One of you gets a shot at

individual immunity.

Here's how it works:

On my go, all seven of you will

race out into the field to

collect three bags of letter


Each time you untie a bag, you

got to bring it back to your


Once you've collected all three

bags, untie them, empty out 11


Use those 11 letters to form a

two-word phrase.

First person to spell that

phrase correctly wins immunity,

safe tonight at Tribal Council.


Take a spot.

We'll get started.

For immunity, Survivors ready?


Each time you untie a bag, you

bring it back to your station.

Once you have all three bags,

you untie the bags, empty out

the letters, start spelling the


Steph back with her first bag,

Cindy back with her first bag.

Margaret back with her first


Lydia, Rafe, Jamie, back with

his bag.

Judd bringing up the rear with

his first bag.

Stephanie back with bag number


Cindy back with bag number two.

Margaret and Rafe with their

second bags.

Lydia with her second bag.

Jamie with bag number two.

Stephanie has her third bag, she

can begin emptying the tiles.

Cindy back with her third bag.

Rafe in it now.

Margaret and Jamie in it now.

Judd in it now.

Two-word phrase-- when you think

you have it, yell it out.

Steph has all of her letter

tiles out.

Margaret has all her tiles out.

>> I can't get it freakin' out

of the bag, man.

>> PROBST: Judd having trouble

even getting his tiles out.

Margaret trying to figure it


Rafe very close.

Ancient ruin... ancient ruin...

ancient ruin.

>> PROBST: Two word phrase, when

you think you have it, yell it


>> Got it.

>> PROBST: Stop!

Rafe has it first.

Ancient Ruin.

Rafe wins immunity.

>> Rafe?

>> Thanks.

>> Thank you.

>> Judd had it, but he didn't

have the puzzle.

Damn! I had it!

Next time I got to keep my

mouth shut, man.

>> PROBST: So Judd, you weren't

in this challenge at all, you

figure out the phrase and say it

and Rafe gets it.

>> I didn't know I was that

smart, man.

>> PROBST: Rafe is wearing


Rafe, come on over.

>> Great stuff!

>> PROBST: Turn around.

You are safe tonight at Tribal


So, you guys have a barbecue


Grab it and head out.

>> (whoops)

>> Oh, my God!

>> Way to go, Nakum!

>> Good job!

>> Whoo! We did it again, kids.

>> We're on a winning streak.

>> Today was an amazing day.

Today we won the barbecue and

then we had individual immunity

and I won the first individual

immunity, which is awesome!

>> Good job!

>> Right here, baby.


That was just an all-around

good day, man.

>> No kidding.

>> What happened to Bobby Jon,


>> Today in that reward

challenge, man, Bobby Jon hit a

flip switch, man.

I was just waiting for him to

swing, 'cause I was just going

to block that and knock him

right there.

>> He always does that.

>> Why? I'm like why?

>> Is he crazy?

>> The guy got right in my face

and started screaming because I

was happy because we won.

So I started screaming back.

I thought it was about to go to

blows, you know.

Just Southern people, we're

crazy and we know it.

>> Here's to Nakum.

>> To Nakum.

>> And our families that can't

be with us.

>> Thank you, guys.

>> Thank you, God.

>> Who the hell wants to go to

Tribal Council?

It sucks.

You know?

Two in a row, one night after

the other.

It's horrible.

>> Keep going.

You too, Danni.

>> Well, we all gave everything,

I mean, you know.

That's just, they're just

bigger, more weight, that's all.

>> We just can't dwell on it.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Whoa. Whoa!

>> Jamie is kind of cocky and

arrogant and there is a line

crossed with me.

And he crossed it today.

And I just went over there and I

put him in his place.

>> You know, there's another

bear out in the woods, too.

>> I am concerned.

I felt I let them down when I

fell that second time I went out


I went to go push back and my

same ankle goes and it snaps.

I wasn't sure what actually


But, you know, it's okay, 'cause

I went out there the next time.

It's swollen, but I can live

with it.

>> As a tribe, we're three

former Yaxha, and three former

Nakum, everybody is vulnerable.

You know, it might be an easy

vote to vote out Amy tonight,

but would it be our smartest

vote down the road because Gary

and I will be outnumbered by

three former Nakum.

>> Brian wants to rejoin Yaxha

to stay strong, but the weak

part of his plan is, why would I

get rid of Bobby Jon, one of the

strongest players on this team?

>> We will win the next one,

I guess.

>> Amy and Brian are probably in

the biggest threat of getting

voted off.

Because I don't know what kind

of alliances they have.

But you know, they're probably

the physically weaker players.

>> Of the six of us, any one

could go home tonight.

There's no one who is safe.

Nobody has immunity and we're

all looking to get each other

out of this game so we can get


And I'm just hoping that Gary

and Amy aren't pulling the wool

over my eyes and everybody just

ends up voting for me.

Because honestly, anything,

anything can happen at Tribal

Council tonight.

>> Oh, my God!

>> I never had a hamburger taste

like this.

>> It doesn't get better than


>> The only thing that sucks

about this, man, is that we've

got to go to freakin' Tribal


I just hate that.

>> Just gearing up for that,

it sucks, man.

>> Even though we won the

reward, the barbecue, and I won

individual immunity, both tribes

still have to go to Tribal


So it kind of takes a little

something out of the victory

because nobody ever wants to go

to Tribal Council.

>> So we're down to what, we

lose Margaret tonight,

then we're down to how many,

what, six, right?

>> Yeah, six.

>> I think Margaret knows she's


She's not even trying to put up

a fight.

>> She's always on the

sidelines, man.

>> I go to Tribal Council

tonight, man, not a damn worry

in the world, man.

Hell, no, man, they need me,


I'm one of the big guns here,


I'm not saying I'm going

overboard, but I feel, you know,

I can do what I want around

these people.

Rafe, you sure you don't want

that beer?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah, man, I got no problem

taking it.

>> Judd is the person, I think,

as a tribe member and

as a person, is the most

offensive to the tribe.

>> (belches)

>> I give you the whole beer,

you give me your hot dog.

>> You want to switch?

>> Absolutely.

So now I got two beers.

>> Well, no, there's only two


>> Judd does what Judd wants to,

when he wants to and how he

wants to.

The funny part is Judd's

Judd's biggest enemy.

>> There's only two beers left.

>> Uh-oh.

>> I definitely got one coming,

without a doubt.

>> No, one beer's mine.

These are mine.

Each were supposed to have

two beers and one root beer.

But, somehow, it ended up that

what's left does not equal out

to what is owed.

So basically, we have a

beer-root beer conundrum.

>> Who's hiding the beer, man?

>> There's three beers left.

What are you talking about?

>> One is Cindy's half-full one.

>> Whenever Judd screws up, Judd

makes a big deal about it,

and tries to make it a whole

explosion so it kind of diffuses

the focus on him.

>> I don't understand this whole

beer thing.

How are we not...?

>> I don't either.

>> It doesn't make any sense.

>> I know.

>> We will never figure it out.

>> Yeah, but who?

Whoever drank the beer is

going home tonight.

>> Judd's got to watch his


He gets so pumped up.

And his mouth works before his

brain does.

>> You had two from you.

And you had one of his and whose


>> How many beers do I have


I had two, right?

>> I felt like I freaking

deserved it anyway, if I took an

extra beer, you wouldn't be

eating damn hot dog and this

cheeseburger if it wasn't for


>> You know what, everybody can

kiss my ass.

And I hope you enjoyed your hot

dog and your hamburger today.

>> He's got to stop and think

about what he's saying before it

comes out of his mouth.

Because outbursts of

inconsideration like that is

going to be a negative mark on

his slate.

And in the end, that could come

back to get him.

>> PROBST: All right.

Let's start with the

fun stuff first.

Steph, tell me about the feast.

>> It was awesome.

We cooked the hamburgers up

right away.

There were a coup of trades

going on, beer for root beer,

root beer for beer.

I traded Judd for a hot dog.

He took my beer.

>> Judd, you gave up food for


>> Oh, yeah, man.

Without a doubt, I'll give up a

hot dog for a beer, any day,


Out here in 122 degree weather,

I will take a beer any day,


>> PROBST: Let's talk about

today's challenge.

Jamie, what happened between you

and Bobby Jon?

>> I celebrated when I won,

because I had so much energy.

And he hates losing, so he was

in my face yelling.

I'm from the South; only thing

I know how to do is yell back.

>> PROBST: Margaret, does this

tribe have good sportsmanship?

Are you guys good sports?

>> That's tough, Jeff,

because Judd is very vocal and

Jamie can be very expressive.

And they don't hesitate to just

blurt it all out there.

Sometimes you have to learn to

control your emotions when you

are on the ball field.

>> PROBST: Judd, chomping at the

bit-- what's on your mind?

>> I don't know what the heck

Margaret is talking about.

I mean, it's not like we're

being bad sportsmanships at all.

We just go out there and we give

it 120 damn percent, man.

Whatever it takes, we'll give


That's what I did today, and

everybody ate good.

So, no matter what I do, I'm

giving it my damn all, man.

>> PROBST: Giving it your damn

all doesn't mean you are a good

sport or bad sport.

There is no equal sign between

those two words.

>> A win is a win, man.

If we did good, we are going to

go out there and go crazy, man.

It's like scoring a damn

touchdown in a football game.

That gives us more motivation to

keep going and going, man.

Drive it right to them, man.

Keep driving it to them.

That is what we are doing.

I mean, that's not bad


We just keep on driving and

driving, man.

We'll drive that ball all the

way down field until we score a

touchdown, man.

>> Judd.

>> You know what?

You probably never played a damn

sport in your life, anyway,

so you don't even know what it

is like, man, so you should just

shut up.

>> This is what happens all the


When Judd gets vocal, Judd plows

over anybody in front of him.

He trash talks anybody he

doesn't like.

And that's not good


I'm not saying the whole tribe

is unsportsman but I have seen

it, especially from Judd.

>> PROBST: Judd, you look like

if I would let you, you would go

over and strangle Margaret right


>> I'm just... you know, playing

sports my whole life, man,

I wouldn't consider myself a bad


>> Uh-huh.

>> This team that I have here,

man, is awesome.

I love it, man.

Except for Margaret, I love this

damn team, man.

>> PROBST: Cindy, does this

hostility between Judd and

Margaret concern you a little


>> Well, it concerns all of us

because we all have to live, you

know, in the same group together

and deal with it.

And when we have two people that

don't like each other very much,

it puts a little bit of

negativity into the air.

And negativity is not good for

the entire tribe.

>> PROBST: Margaret?

>> Judd doesn't listen to


Judd only listens to Judd.

>> Let's ask the other team if

Judd listens to anybody.

Cindy, do I listen to everybody?

>> Yeah...

>> Okay, Rafe, do I listen to


>> I... I honestly think that...

>> Rafe, have an opinion.

Just say yes or no.

>> I'm saying my opinion right



>> Stephanie when you talk to

me, do I listen to you?

>> Yes, yes.

>> Do I listen to you?

Do I listen to you?

>> Yes.

>> There you go.

>> But this is what Judd does,

Judd bullies, and that's just

what he does.

>> You're full of it, man.

Get out of here.

>> PROBST: Rafe, put you on the

spot a little bit.

Are you intimidated a little bit

by Judd?

>> I'm really not.

I totally was really nervous

about being on the tribe with


Judd has a temper, it's obvious,

but he has been good to me since

the day I walked on to this


>> I just think Judd's high


He's a lot like me-- can't sit


It's hard for him to keep....

>> When I first walked into

camp, she's telling me that I

have A.D.D.

That's how you approach me.

That is what you like to say.

She comes to camp:

"You have A.D.D.

Do you know that?"

When you first meet somebody, is

that something nice to say?

Is that a compliment?

I have A.D.D.?

>> The other problem with Judd

is he has a problem with recall.

>> Yeah.

Did you or did you not, soon as

you saw me, did you tell me that

I had A.D.D.?

Is that true or is that false?

Don't ask me such a stupid

question, man.

>> This is what it is like to

try to talk to him.

>> Yeah, because I don't want to

talk to you.

And don't talk to me.

I won't talk to you, man, that's


>> PROBST: So, Judd, not a big

question who are you voting for.

>> Not a big question at all,


>> PROBST: I have really never

ever seen anything like this,

and I will be honest with you, I

have never seen such...

>> Hey, Jeff, can I say

something first?

>> PROBST: Of course.

>> Let me say something.

She was so miserable that the

other tribe wasn't coming back,

and she got stuck with me.

That's the bottom line, man.

I'm telling you, that's what


>> What happened, Jeff, is

within two hours, he was up that

pyramid, already flipping over

on us.

It was four old Nakum,

four old Yaxha.

We had a chance to stay strong.

He rolled over right away.

>> You would you have done the

same damn thing to me too, man,

if you had the opportunity.

>> I didn't. I didn't.

>> Trust me.

>> PROBST: Steph, how do you

trust somebody who so quickly

dismisses their old tribe and

says, "No, you are my new

friends now."

>> Because that is his old


We are the new tribe.

I think he embraced his new

tribe and is willing to go as

far as we can go together with

this tribe.

What's he going to be like, "Oh,

I'm not going to talk to you

guys, because my old tribe is

not on my tribe anymore"?

It's retarded.

>> PROBST: You know, tonight,

watching what is going on with

this group, there is a lot of


Cindy, do you think it ends with

tonight's Tribal Council?

Do you get rid of the bad apple

and now the tribe is sound and


>> I think it will be okay for


We'll have to see what happens

in the future.

But I think we all know what we

have to do.

>> PROBST: Well, let's find out

what it is you have to do.

Rafe is the only person you

cannot vote for.

It is time to vote.

Jamie, you're up.

>> Hey, Margaret, if you leave

this jungle now, it ain't soon

enough, man.

Get out, now.

>> Judd, you are a bully.

You are self-righteous, you're

rude, you're profane-- no one

like you deserves a million


My vote is for you, buddy.

>> PROBST: I will go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Margaret.


One vote Margaret, one vote


Margaret: two votes Margaret.

Margaret: three votes Margaret.

Sixth person voted out of

Survivor: Guatemala.

Margaret, that's four, that's


You need to bring me your torch.

Margaret, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, to paraphrase your words,

tonight you got rid of the


If that's true, it should mean

happy days at Nakum.

As part of winning individual

immunity today, Rafe earned the

right to listen in on Yaxha's

Tribal Council.

Rafe, you will move over to the

jury area.

Everybody else, grab your


Head on back to camp.

>> This is probably

physically the most challenging

thing that I've ever had to do

in my life.

And I'm so excited that I did


Best wishes to Nakum tribe.

I'm sure that a lot of tension

will be gone now.

But I think you will have

a lot of troubles with Judd.

So take care.

>> PROBST: Now bring in Yaxha.

>> PROBST: Rafe is going to be

listening in on your Tribal

Council tonight.

It is a right he earned

along with winning individual

immunity today.

Let's talk about today's


Bobby Jon, what happened with

you and Jamie?

>> I just got in the heat of the

moment, you know.

Sometimes when two males are

competing against each other,

it's like two bulls in a ring.

You just get aggressive and you

know it just kind of came out.

Two male people, a lot of

testosterone built up and we

both want to win.

>> PROBST: Gary, do you consider

Nakum to be good sports?

>> I would say, yes.

Every once in a while, I would

say maybe Jamie has a tendency

to get a little excited and

maybe talk some trash our way,

but on the whole, I would say


>> PROBST: Brian, you come

into this game with a certain

tendency to work up here.

And now are you being tested

with your body.

Do you feel a change happening?

>> I have always been an

athletic person.

So I knew I could take whatever

was handed to me.

So when it's time to bring out

the physical, I will definitely

bring it out.

But when it's time to bring out

the mental, I'll have that ready


>> PROBST: Bobby Jon, what's

your take on Brian?

>> I mean, if you want to find

a kamikaze that will bust a

wedge, this is the man who about

do it.

>> PROBST: A kamikaze that is

going to bust a wedge.

>> This boy right here, he's

constantly thinking Survivor.

The guy knows his game.

He is just a good old boy, you


He would be a great neighbor.

>> PROBST: Danni, did you ever

think you would say Bobby Jon

say about Brian, "He's just a

good ol' boy"?

>> You know, our first

impression of Brian, when we

were over at Nakum, was he's

strong, and he's just such a

gentleman, too, it is all I can

say about him.

He is definitely strong, he's

smart but he is a classy, classy


>> PROBST: All right, now let's

talk about Amy's chronic

injury to that ankle.

So Amy, how is the ankle?

>> It's good.

I tweaked it a little bit, but I

tripped and fell too.

>> PROBST: Tweaked it a little


>> Yup.

>> PROBST: Brandon, had to be a

little impressed because, after

Amy went down, she could barely

get off of that field, only to

turn around and have to go back

out again.

>> Oh, man, Jeff, you have no

idea how impressed I was.

I mean, Amy got that look on her

face and just started going at

it, limping and cussing and


I was, like, man, you know,

that is what I like to see-- I

mean, go above the odds, you

know, and Amy did.

I'm like...

I was so impressed with her


>> PROBST: So Bobby Jon, there

doesn't appear to be an obvious

weak link.

But you got to get rid of

somebody-- what do you base it


>> Jeff, that's a real good


I think today we all did a lot

of soul-searching and we know

that nobody has done anything

wrong to leave.

Everybody's giving 110% in

a challenge.

Everybody is giving 110% around


You know, you look up, and

somebody's throwing a corn cake

in your mouth, you know,

it going to be a tough

one but like you said, it's

going to happen and this is the

way it is.

>> PROBST: All right, one more

thing before the vote.

In addition to Rafe being able

to sit in and listen to your

Tribal Council, he also earned

the right to give one of you


Okay, Rafe, here's how it will


Write the name of the person you

want to give immunity to, put it

in an envelope, seal it, put it

in the voting urn.

Then come down and get your

torch and head on back to your


Go make your vote.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: You can leave your

immunity necklace behind.

Good night.

Okay, Yaxha, Rafe's choice for

immunity will remain a secret

until after your vote.

Gary, you're up.

>> This would be the outwit part

of "outwit, outplay, outlast."

>> Brian, you are a great kid

with a ton of heart.

You have done a remarkable job.

You should be proud of yourself.

>> PROBST: I will go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Bobby Jon.

Brian-- one vote Brian,

one vote Bobby Jon.

Brian: two votes Brian.

Brian: that's three votes Brian,

one vote Bobby Jon.

Brian: that's four votes, that's

enough to vote you out.

You have one shot left.

Rafe's immunity.

Brian, Rafe gave immunity to


Seventh person voted out of

Survivor: Guatemala is Brian.

>> Good jobs guys, good luck.

>> Good luck, Brian.

>> PROBST: Brian, the tribe has


>> Good luck, guys.

>> PROBST: Well, I got to hand

it to you.

You did a great job of pumping

Brian up and making him feel


And then you cut his throat.

If it could happen to him,

it could happen to you.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor, Amy confronts Gary.

>> Give me the lowdown

on Mr. Gary Hawkins,

ex-professional football player.

>> Yeah, I wish.

>> If you are and I find out

after, I'm going to beat you


>> PROBST: And Nakum gets an

unexpected visit.

>> Nakum!

>> I think the other tribe is

coming to visit.

>> I think the other tribe is


>> Hi!

>> Well, I certainly went down

fighting-- I know I played this

game very hard.

I did everything I could and I

did not see that coming, which

is how I wanted to go out.

So the fact they pulled one over

on me, I'm really proud of them.

I'm glad they are playing the


I never really had to push

myself like that before.

So I will take from this

experience the fact that I was

able to go into a really

difficult situation and come out