Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 5 - Crocs, Cowboys and City Slickers - full transcript

The winners of the Reward Challenge receive a crocodile-proof pool.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor... Yaxha dodged deadly


>> Wow.

>> It ate something.

That could have been one of us

if we were swimming across its


>> What?

>> A fish got me.

>> PROBST: Then everything

changed when the tribes were

unexpectedly switched.

Drop your buffs.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Danni, Brandon,

Bobby Jon and Blake were the new

members of Yaxha, and Jamie,

Lydia, Rafe and Stephenie

joined Nakum.

At the new Nakum tribe,

Stephenie and Jamie approached

Judd about turning on his old

tribe mate Brooke.

>> Then we'll get rid of Brooke.

>> Like I said, man, I'm all

with you guys, man.

I'm all for that, man.

>> PROBST: And Margaret felt

uneasy about Judd's loyalties.

>> With this switch-up today, I

don't feel safe at all.

>> I know I'm the big gun around


You feel like you're King Kong,


( deep, raspy hooting )

>> PROBST: At Yaxha, Brian, Amy

and Gary felt the pressure of

being outnumbered by their new

tribe mates, three to four.

>> We're decimated here.

>> PROBST: Blake and Bobby Jon

shared a private moment to

confirm their game plan.

>> Bobby and I, you know, had a

little bathroom break and a

little pep talk.

We already picked the order.

It's Amy, Brian and Gary out the


>> PROBST: At the immunity


>> Come on, Brian, keep on

popping them, Brandon.

>> PROBST: Yaxha threw their way

to victory.

Yaxha wins immunity!

Back at Nakum, Margaret

pressured Judd to vote off Lydia

and keep the four former Nakum

members united.

>> They're going to be four,

we'll be three.

They can pick us off one by one.

>> PROBST: And Judd doubted his

new alliance.

>> My biggest concern right now,

of course, is Jamie and

Stephenie not being as loyal as

they say they are.

So, when I go to Tribal Council,

I don't know who I'm going to


>> PROBST: But in the end, Judd

turned his back on his former

tribe mates and helped vote out


Brooke, the tribe has spoken.

14 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

>> God, I'm, like, so friggin'

sick of Tribal Coun...

Like, I don't ever even want to

go there ever again.

>> At Tribal Council, Brooke got

voted out.

It was me who went the opposite

of what my tribe went.

You know, I'm feeling good about


It's every man for himself out


You know, you do have to

remember that it is a cutthroat

game, so...

>> And you're absolutely right,


>> So, I mean, you can't throw

everybody on an island and play

this game.

It's a tough game, man.

>> It absolutely is.

>> We're all here to play a game

and we're all here to win a

million dollars.

>> Right.

>> And whichever way we do it

and how we do it is up to us.

>> I'm just really sad at what

Judd has done.

Judd flipped the very first day

the new tribe came to be, and he

didn't bother to look back.

He's a traitor.

>> Now that is an inappropriate


>> I mean, because they're not

in my shoes and they're not

playing the game I'm playing.

It's a tough game, man.

As long as my wife and my

daughter and my family love me,

that's all that matters to me,


The only thing that matters to


I want to see how it plays out.

I hope my alliance stays the way

it is.

Margaret, she's probably not too

happy with it, but I really

don't care whether she's happy

or not.

I can't wait until she goes,


>> This morning I'm sitting here

thinking about, you know, how am

I sitting in this game right now

and what chances do I have at

this point?

I think I've got a pretty good


The group I have over here, with

Yaxha, there's seven of us and

four of us from the original

Nakum: Bobby Jon, Brandon, Danni

and I.

I don't think it could have

worked out better.

We came over here with the new

Yaxha tribe.

We have the odds.

Gary and Brian and Amy are

amazing, but they've got to know

they got a target on their back

if we lose.

So I'm liking my odds right now.

>> Aah! What is that?

>> It's a beetle.

>> Get it out of here.

Get it the ... out of here!

I don't want it near me.

>> It's chasing you.

>> Whoa, it landed right on your


>> Get it off, get it off!

>> I'm just joking with you.

>> I didn't know beetles could


>> They're magical beetles here.

>> It sounded like a helicopter.

I was like, what is that?

>> Amy, she lived her whole life

in the city.

She said she's never been

camping or anything.

I don't know. I'm from Kansas.

The great state of Kansas.

And I don't know, I'm used to

more farming type of people--

maybe the rednecks, the hicks,

you know, that kind of people.

>> What do you farm?

>> Wheat, milo, soybeans.

>> So then, when you go and it's

done, you go and pull it out?

With my new Yaxha tribe, a lot

of people are constantly talking

about farm stuff.

I have no idea.

Wheat, what do you do with it?

>> Wheat?

Wheat's used for bread...

>> No, I know what it's used

for, but how do you...

Tell me about the process.

>> If you go out there and get a

planter and you put a bunch of

seed in your planter...

>> I'm like from the city, so,

when they talk about farming and

stuff, I definitely am the odd

man out.

>> You got little plows in front

of it and you got seed bins in

the back.

>> We prefer John Deere.

>> John Deere.

>> Most of these people I

probably wouldn't be friends

with outside of the game.

They come from different parts

of the country, you know.

I'm very New England, I'm very

blue state, and they're very

Texas and, you know, they're

from Tulsa, Oklahoma, or...

it's just not my style.

>> Wow.

You know, they're good people,

so I don't dislike them at all.

But they're just not the kind of

people I'm used to hanging out


>> Dear Heavenly Father, in

Jesus' name, Lord, we thank You

for this day, thank You for

every day out here, Lord.

>> Our tribe is a very religious


We say grace before every meal.

We pray before every challenge.

We thank Jesus for everything.

You know, and I'm not a

religious person at all.

But I'm not going to object to

it, that would be stupid.

You'd be stupid to say, like,

you know what, guys?

I don't want to thank Jesus for

this meal, thanks.

Because then they'd vote me

right out-- that's dumb.

Even if I object to something,

you have to grin and bear it.

That's the strategy out here.

>> Amen.

>> Amen.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Yaxha, come on in.

Nakum, come on in.

Yaxha, getting your first look

at the new Nakum tribe.

Brooke voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

Tell me about life at Nakum.

Steph, what's the water


>> We can't go in the water.

The water is very muddy and

murky, so we just dump the

bucket over our heads to try to

stay cool.

>> PROBST: It's been over 100

degrees every single day we've

been out here.

The only relief you have is that


>> It's miserable heat out here,


I mean, it sucks life out of


Not to be able to just dive in

and swim around in that pretty

green water is a bummer.

We float in, we sit in waist

deep and splash water on

ourselves and just kind of enjoy

the beach.

>> There was a croc five feet

from our dock, so I'm always

like bitching for them to get

back in.

>> PROBST: Wait, this is news to

me. You've seen a croc?

>> I saw one this morning.

>> PROBST: You saw one this


>> I got up this morning to

watch the sunrise and one swam

right on the shoreline.

He came out.

I just watched the five, six-

foot crocodile swim out to the

big part of the lake.

>> PROBST: All right, let's get

to today's challenge.

It is for reward.

Here's how it works.

On my go, both tribes will race

to the first station where one

tribe member will cut through a

rope using a sharp stone, just

like the ancient Maya would


Once you cut through the rope,

you'll release two hammers.

Untie them, take them with you

to the second station where

a different tribe member will

chop through a log to a second


Once you've chopped through the

log and the rope, you'll release

two more handles.

You now have four handles.

Take those with you, race up the

platform, where four different

tribe members will take the

handles and put them in a

turnstile and begin cranking it.

As you crank that turnstile, you

will bring a cart up the hill,

closer and closer toward you.

Once that cart reaches the top,

all six tribe members who have

participated thus far get in the


That leaves one tribe member


Their sole responsibility, take

a machete, chop the final rope;

that will release the cart and

send it screaming down the hill.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> PROBST: First tribe to the

finish wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yes, sir!

>> PROBST: Very few things can

take the edge off of an

unbearably hot day.

This is certainly one of them.

For the winners, margaritas,

chip and dip with guacamole.

Granted, it would be nice if you

could go back to a refreshing

body of water, as if there

weren't crocs-- make it a little

better, wouldn't it?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Second part of the

reward for the winning tribe, a

floating, crocodile-proof swim


>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Delivered to your

camp, complete with decking,

lounge chairs and an umbrella.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Just for today?

>> PROBST: Stays at your camp.

Give you a minute to strategize

and we'll get started.

Here we go.

For reward.

Survivors ready?


>> Let Jamie go.

>> PROBST: Strategy critical in


Jamie and Brandon getting to

work on the rope using the


>> Go, Jamie!

>> PROBST: Brandon kind of

hacking at it.

He's through the first rope very


Brandon's got a strategy, using

some leverage.

Jamie's still working on that

first rope.

Time is critical at this first


Lose it and it's hard to make


>> Got it, Jamie! Come on!

>> PROBST: Jamie still on the

first rope.

Brandon on the second rope.

Brandon has it.


( teams shout encouragement )

Bobby Jon quickly gets to work

on the log.

Yaxha with a big lead.

Jamie's still back on the first

rope, losing a lot of time for


>> Come on!

>> Switch rocks if you have to.

>> Come on, Jamie.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon getting


>> Hit it, hit it!

>> PROBST: Nakum still back at

the first station.

Jamie having a heck of a time.

Bobby Jon nearly through.

Jamie still struggling.

>> Come on, Bobby, come on,

Bobby, come on, Bobby!

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon releases

the second batch of handles.

Jamie through the first rope.

One more to go.

>> Come on, Jamie.

>> PROBST: Up the platform with

all four handles.

>> Go, go, go! Go! Go!

>> Over here, buddy.

>> PROBST: Yaxha really wants

this reward and has a huge lead.

Jamie still back at the first


Nakum very frustrated.

>> Go, Yaxha!

>> PROBST: Yaxha-- margaritas,

chip and dip, cage to swim in.

>> Guacamole.

>> PROBST: Guacamole!

Jamie still back at the first


One of the biggest blowouts thus

far in Survivor: Guatemala.

That cart getting closer and

closer for Yaxha.

Jamie not giving up, but not

anywhere close to finishing.

>> Keep going, buddy.

>> PROBST: Judd's turned his


>> Bang it, man!

>> PROBST: Yaxha very close.

Two more pulls and they'll be


>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Go.

>> Pull!

>> PROBST: All six in the cart.

>> Damn!

>> PROBST: Yaxha going to cruise

past Nakum.

>> ( whooping )

>> PROBST: And there they go.

>> ( whooping )

>> PROBST: Yaxha wins reward!

>> Yeah, buddy! Man!

>> PROBST: Jamie still working

on the rope.

>> I got it.

>> Good work, Jamie.

>> Y'all wanna finish?

>> It's okay, Jamie.

>> You just untie this and...

>> Just leave it go.

>> Y'all want to quit?

>> Jamie, the challenge is over.

>> We're not quitting.

We're done.

>> You finished the job, guy.

You finished.

>> I'm good.

>> Sorry, guys.

>> PROBST: Yaxha, great victory.

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: Great reward:

Pitcher of margaritas, chips,

healthy portion of dip, swim

cage with a deck, lounge chairs,

umbrella-- should make for a

nice, refreshing afternoon.


Nakum, an absolute blowout.

Jamie, it falls on you.

Head on back to camp.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Oh, yeah!

Oh, man, look, at this!

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Whoo! Is that awesome.

Today, Yaxha, we're superstars.

>> This is amazing.

The reward was spectacular.

Look at this setup, man!

Oh, my God!

>> No crocodiles in that water.

>> Oh, man!

I'm so excited about the dang


It's a huge pool with, like,

lounge chairs.

The whole thing is caged in.

I thought it was going to be

like one cage for one person.

We all fit in there.

I didn't imagine it was going to

be that good.

>> Jackpot, baby!

>> Take everything on it and


>> Cheers.

>> Cheers.

>> God.

>> Brandon, you kick butt.

>> He made that contest not even


>> Man, I was hacking at that


I was just practically bashing

it apart.

You could say that I won it for


I mean, I'm not trying to take

all the credit or anything.

But gotta go in there and give

it 110 percent, you know...

Give it your all.

>> Why didn't anybody on the

other team tell Jamie to chop?

>> I don't know.

>> Not one of them said "chop."

Brandon used that rock like

an ax on that rope.

We've got a new superhero on our


I know Kansas is loving him and

so am I.

>> This is to kicking ass and


( all whooping, shouting )

>> Yaxha, baby!

>> There you go, Brian.

>> Oh, my God.

God, to just, like, sink into

the water... no, but I got to

keep eating.

I can't go in yet.

We are having an amazing day.

Yaxha is on cloud nine right


>> Oh, man, Gary goes all in!

How deep is that?

>> Oh, my God, this is the best.

( all laughing, shouting )

>> The Guatemalan sun, 120

degrees, it's a killer out here.

We've been wanting to swim for

the longest time.

I'm a fish back home.

I love the water.

So to be able to swim, even in

a tiny square... is heaven.

>> One, two, three, Yaxha!

( all whooping )

>> There was no way in hell you

were going to bang it with that

little rock, so...

>> I could, like, I tried to

bang it.

It wouldn't bang, you know.

>> Don't worry about it.

>> That kid was an animal though

with that thing.

It was a hard challenge, you


I just feel bad to lose, you


That was a good reward and I

lost it.

But no one could cut rope as

quick as Brandon can.

I take all of the blame.

>> You did the best you could

and that's all the tribe asks.

>> That's it, brother.

That's it, Jamie.

>> You did a great job.

>> Jamie apologized to

everybody, but I can see in

people's faces that they...

it's just like, man, what the

hell, what the hell did he do,


We just got our asses kicked.

You know, we're a team, man.

You can't fall apart.

You can't blame anybody.

A team doesn't work like that.

Jamie, he tried every freakin'

thing he could do.

What are you gonna do, man?

>> None of us could have done

anything more.

>> I just thought it was going

to take... I knew the technique,

but I thought...

>> Well, if you know the

technique, then you got to step

up, man.

>> No, but I don't have the

shoulder and upper body strength

that you or Jamie would have.

>> I'm just saying, by all

means, if you and Margaret ever

want to step up to the plate,

man, be my guest, man.

You step up to the damn plate

and you do what you gotta do and

get one of us out of the spot...

>> I understand.

If you think you can do better,

then do it-- right.

>> You go at it, man.

>> I understand that.

>> Get us out of the spotlight

for a little bit and shine like

the star that you think you are.

That's it, man.

That's all I'm saying.

>> When we got back from the

challenge, Judd was mouthing

off about if you think you can

do something better, it's time

to step up, don't put all the

weight on all the guys.

So it made me really mad.

Some of these people are just

going out of their way to

irritate the other ones, and

I just don't think that's a very

smart thing.

>> Bobby Jon's in the cart

kicking his legs, cheering like

a frickin' girl.

I wanted to knock him out.

I'm happy for Bobby Jon, that

he's winning, because I know how

it is to lose, and it sucks.

But it annoys me when I watch

him win.

He cheers like a freakin' girl.

So, I think it's obnoxious.

And I think...

I'm jealous, basically.

He's so gay.

He gets so gay.

I can't stand it.

>> He's overly dramatic.

>> Right, like, get over it.

>> I didn't know how to cut that

rope that way.

>> Can't do it all, kid.

>> No, no way.

>> Jamie is a very cocky kind of


He's, like, "I can cut rope with

a rock, no problem.

I can fly right through that."

And he gets in there and gets

his ass beat by a 22-year-old

farm boy who basically saws

through the rope in, like, 30


They get the whole challenge

done and frickin' Jamie can't

even cut the second rope.

You don't have to make it that


I'm just pissed.

I mean, I'm sick of losing.

I can't do this again, but I am

just trying really hard, when

I'm up in camp, to keep my mouth


I'm never going to cry in front

of any of them, ever.

I'm never going to tell them how

I really feel, but deep down in

me, my heart is breaking.

I mean, inside, I'm like

collapsing really.


I just feel like I'm a really


I'm in a really bad dream and I

can't get out, no matter what.

( thunder crashing )

>> Whoa!

>> Oh, my God.

>> I do not want to relive what

I just went through on Palau.

And the same thing is happening

over again.

For some reason, the group I'm

always in is the less able

group, and the group that

basically... sucks.

>> It's been raining for a

couple hours, maybe an hour

or something like that.

We're huddled under a frickin'

umbrella and it sucks.

>> Somehow, Brian and Blake are

still sleeping, man, under the

shelter that we've got, and we

couldn't sleep under it worth a

damn, and somehow, those guys

haven't come out yet.

Either they found a dry spot or

they're just beefing through the

wetness and the rain.

>> Golden boy.

>> Golden boy.

>> It's like, ♪ ahh... ♪

I came up with the name Golden

Boy for Blake 'cause he always

comes up smelling like roses.

He's going to make out great in

life, you know?

That's just him.

Plus, he also has the greatest


>> I started skydiving...

>> Really?

>> Yeah, I've got about 70

skydives in.

State champion tennis player

in high school...

Now I'm 24 and not married.

I was dating a lot and now

I have a girlfriend, a pretty

amazing girl.

I see a lot of older women, and

that kind of got me in trouble

for a while.

So it was like, I slowed that

down and...

>> Blake talks about himself all

the time.

All this, you know, he seems

like Captain America.

He's always talking himself up.

It's like, you know, God.

>> My girlfriend, she's got

double D.

She's got big boobs.

>> Really?

>> But then she got the pill and

they get bigger.

Geez, they just keep growing.

They were D's and now, they're

like almost double D's.

>> Man, that's too big.

That's gross.

>> I'm not even a boob man.

Bobby Jon and I were talking.

We're legs and ass kind of guys.


>> Novelty-size boobs, I don't

know about that.

>> Anyway, we went to Victoria's


>> Blake is such an idiot.

He has to make himself look like

such a pretty boy, frat boy,

wealthy boy-- it's great.

I have a new favorite game out


It's called "Bait Blake."

Blake, what is your absolute

best drunk story?

>> Oh, God.

My roommate-- we were all gone

all summer at camp, I thought

I'd have a party at my place.

We're doing shots, everybody's

getting hammered...

>> I'm trying to make sure he

tells all his stories around

people like Danni and Bobby Jon

so they see what a moron Blake


This is awesome.

>> So what you're saying, Blake,

is that I wouldn't want one of

my three daughters to date you?

>> No, no.

I'm pretty feisty, Gary.

You wouldn't want 'em anywhere

near me.

>> He's just digging himself

into a hole, and I am gonna do

everything I can to make sure

he has a shovel.

>> Yeah.

>> Uh-oh, tree mail.

>> Oh, geez.

>> Look like something Hercules

would throw over the head.

>> Maybe we have to throw that.

>> ( hooting )

>> "Half your bodies, half your

minds, will have to move as one.

Communicate or fall apart,

Work together, this could be


Race around, push and shove,

Will old friends be respected?

Fail to catch immunity, you may

be the next one here ejected."

We just got tree mail.

It looks like it's going to be

very strenuous.

I have unfortunately seemed to

have been on one tribe that was

on a losing streak, and now I

got switched up and I'm on

another tribe that just recently


So I'm trying to get this bad

luck that is dwelling over my

head away from me.

>> Are we ready, guys?

Are we psyched?

>> I'm ready.

>> Yeah.

♪ Here we come to save the day!

The Nakum tribe is on their way.

♪ Here we come to save the day!

And I will cut some fruits for

you. ♪

>> Lydia's drunk.

>> So many things have been, you

know, getting us down and out


And this morning I got up and I

said to myself, you know, forget

about all this crap about being

down and out.

You know, I'm going to be a

motivated person today.

Oh, disappeared.

( laughing )

You know, let's party on.

Listen, it's miserable out here.

Mosquitoes everywhere and...

Do the pancake!

( rhythmic singing )

>> Whip it, whip it, whip it!

>> Go, Rafe, go, Rafe, go Rafe!

>> And flip it...

>> Do it now, uh-huh.

>> What the hell happened to you

between yesterday and today?

Where is Lydia and when do we

get her back?

>> We need a little bit of that

this morning, don't you think?

>> You look like you're having a

seizure, though.

>> Elvis may be the king of rock

'n' roll, but I'm the queen.


Shut up.

( laughing )

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

How's everybody doing?

>> Great.

>> PROBST: Danni, how is this

tribe doing as a group?

>> We're having a great time.

Swimming by the pool has really

brought us all together.

We're really doing...

We're doing great.

>> PROBST: Nakum, nobody is


Jamie looks irritated, Judd

looks frustrated, Margaret looks

ticked off.

That's just what I'm seeing.

Am I wrong, Jamie?

>> We're hungry for the win.

We're not smiling until we win.

We're mad right now.

>> PROBST: The reason I asked

about how you guys are getting

along, is that is critical in

today's challenge.

You have to work well together.

The tribe that does that the

best will win immunity.

The tribe that doesn't,

deservedly, will go to Tribal

Council and vote somebody out.

Let's get to today's immunity


First things first.

Immunity, back up for grabs.

Here's how today's challenge

will work.

Each tribe will divide into two

groups of three.

Those groups will take a spot

downfield and you'll be holding

a Maya catch net.

That leaves one tribe member

from each tribe.

They will alternate launching

balls from a catapult downfield

while the groups maneuver to try

to catch the ball.

You can catch any ball from

either tribe member at any time.

The first tribe with five

catches wins immunity.

Losers, Tribal Council, somebody

going home.

Give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

Brian is launcher for Yaxha,

Lydia for Nakum.

Brian's up first.

Makes his selection.

Places the ball in the trough.

He is locked and loaded.

Once the ball is in the air, you

can leave your mat.

Brian takes his aim far right.

And he launches.

Heading towards Bobby Jon, Gary

and Danni.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Score for Yaxha.

>> Good job, Yaxha.

>> PROBST: Yaxha leads.

One, zip.

Lydia takes her first shot.

>> Come on, Lydia!

>> PROBST: Lydia takes a spot at

the catapult, takes a little


Her first shot and it's


It's deep.

>> Right, right, right.

>> PROBST: Oh, Yaxha had a shot

at it, couldn't do it.

>> You guys, we gotta be a

little faster.

Yeah, but I got to box it, too,


>> I know, but listen to me,

because it's going deep.

They'll never get near us.

>> PROBST: Steph, Judd and Rafe

talking it through.

Brian's up.

Brian takes his aim.

And he launches high and short.

>> Got it, got it, got it!

Got it, got it, got it!

>> PROBST: Nakum steals one.

Judd, Rafe and Steph!

We're tied, one-one.

Playing to five.


>> All the way, Lydia.

>> PROBST: Lydia going right

back to the same spot.

And it's in the air.

The tribes moving.

Brandon hits the deck.

Nobody gets it.

Good defense by Yaxha.

>> It's all right.

>> PROBST: Still tied.

Brian up.

>> Turn it as much as you can,


>> I got it.

>> You guys, get ready to back

up, they're on the left.

>> PROBST: Brian takes his aim,

far right.

He launches it quickly towards

Gary, Danni and Bobby Jon.

But they can't connect.

Stephenie plowed into Bobby Jon.

>> They didn't catch it.

>> PROBST: Lydia going back to

the same spot.

Lydia launches one deep toward

Rafe, Judd and Steph...

and they connect!

>> Yes!

Nakum leads, two-one.

Brian up for Yaxha.

Yaxha connects.

Yaxha ties it up.

Two, two.

>> Good job, Bri.

>> PROBST: Lydia, quick aim.

She launches.

It's deep.

Nakum could get it.

And they do.

>> Whoo! Yeah!

>> Good shot, Lydia!

>> PROBST: Nakum back in the

lead, three, two.

Brian up.

Immunity on the line.

>> I'm not looking, I'm just

going straight back, you guys.

>> PROBST: He launches.

>> Got it, got it, got it.

Nakum steals one.

>> Wow!

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Nakum leads.

Four, two.


>> This is it, Nakum.

>> PROBST: Nakum could win it


>> Yaxha, knock 'em down.

>> PROBST: Yaxha needs to steal


Launches it.

For the win if Nakum gets it...

And they do!

Nakum wins immunity!

>> Who's smiling now?

Who's smiling now?

>> Whoo!

>> Yes! Lydia!

Come here! You!

You did it!

( whooping, shouting )

>> Go get that...

>> PROBST: Nakum... immunity.

A break from Tribal Council.

Hopefully that will lift the

spirits a little bit.

Yaxha-- other end of the

spectrum, somebody going home.

You have the afternoon to figure

out who it's going to be.

See you at Tribal.

Head on back.

>> It was our time to lose.

>> This doesn't feel very good.

>> No, it don't.

>> Jamie's like, "Who's the

baller now?

Who's the baller now?"

>> I didn't even hear him say


>> I'm like, "Jamie, why don't

you just shut up and go cut a

rope or something?"

>> All that frustration on that

rope came out.

>> Uh-huh.

>> Oh, that burns me up.

There's a way to win and there's

a way to lose.

He's from Georgia, too.

Alabama, Georgia kind of have


>> Really?

>> Yeah.

>> We lost immunity, which was


The Yaxha tribe is going into

Tribal Council tonight with four

old Nakum members and three old

Yaxha members.

So the math is right there.

It's four to three.

So you would think that it would

be either me, Gary or Amy going

tonight, and it very well may


What have you been hearing?

>> Nobody is talking to me.

They don't talk about


I know that Blake's driving

everybody crazy.

>> So, hopefully...

>> So, I know Danni and Brandon

and Bobby Jon are pretty tight

>> Yeah. We are at risk.

I don't know what they're going

to do.

But would you be okay voting for


>> Oh, in a second.

He's driving everybody crazy.

>> I really feel like Danni

would vote for Blake before

she'd vote for me or you.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> I hope.

>> We've just got to make sure

that one of them votes for

Blake, yeah.

>> Okay.

>> Good, good, good.

>> This Blake thing, driving

everybody crazy has been really

good for us Yaxha members.

Our only hope in the game is to

get somebody to turn from the

original Nakum against Blake.

I just want to see somebody

that's hard-working that has a

good attitude win it.

>> Mm-hmm, I feel the same way.

>> You know?

You hate to see somebody get

to the final four that doesn't

deserve it.

We just can't let that happen

this time.

You know, I do agree that's

best, though if that needs

to happen.

I just don't want to start, you

know, going back on words and

all that.

I've given Blake my word that,

you know, I wouldn't vote for


But I listen to Gary a lot

because he's smart and he knows

about team unity.

I do know there's going to be

some times where I am going to

have to switch my vote, and I

feel like right now is not one

of those times.

>> Uh-huh.

>> I know you're with him from

the beginning.

>> I feel the same way.

>> I talked to Bobby Jon.

>> What did he say?

>> He wants to vote for Brian.

>> I think maybe Bobby Jon

thinks we all have an alliance,

which we do not.

None of us were aligned


>> No. At this point in the

game, I want good people to go


>> Yeah.

>> I want Blake gone first.

>> Gary came up to me to talk

about Blake.

And Gary just said he couldn't

vote for somebody who didn't

deserve to go any further, so I

said I felt is same way and I

just needed to go talk to the

rest of the team.

>> Gary swears he's with us.

>> You've talked to him about


>> I've talked to him about it.

>> I'm going to tell you right

now, I'm not going to vote for


You know, because we're strong.

We got 'em... right now.

I'm probably going to vote

for... I don't know, Amy or


>> Lights come on, pull

over, gives us both a warning

for not having proper signal

devices and whistles.

I'm like, dude, we rented these

for two hours.

We don't live here.

We live in south, downtown


>> You know, the whole Blake

situation, we're not sure what's

going to happen with that.

Everybody is getting a little

fed up with him.

I like the guy, he's a good guy.

He's just young and it's just

typical frat boy stuff.

I don't like that frat boy stuff

at all.

>> Yeah, the girl I almost lost

my virginity to.

So they're...

>> But he's really valuable

because he's so athletic.

He's great in challenges.

Brandon and Bobby Jon said they

wouldn't vote for him.

And so it kind of comes down to

my vote.

And I hate being the swing vote.

I mean, it's just... that's a

part of the game I just don't


Because it's going to hurt

peoples' feelings, but it has to


Unfortunately it's just the way

it goes sometimes.

>> PROBST: Welcome to Tribal


Before we get started, how bad

was the storm last night, Gary?

>> The storm was terrible.

It was definitely a character-

building night.

Two of us slept through the

whole thing, so they got some

sleep, but everybody else was

out at the fire trying to keep

the fire going.

>> PROBST: Who slept?

>> Brian and Blake.

>> In my defense, I woke up and

took the late shift.

>> I just figured, they're

standing by the fire, trying

to stay warm.

They're just cold, wet and


I was like, I'm getting lucky in


I'm ridin' the rain out.

I thought everybody would come

back in and join me.

I didn't think it would be an

entire night out there.

>> Golden boy.

>> PROBST: Is that your


>> She did give me a nickname.

>> PROBST: Golden Boy?

>> Golden Boy, no matter what,

comes out shining.

He's the Golden Boy with the

golden flag-- ah!-- and that

sparkle in his tooth.

>> PROBST: Blake, you're a guy

that was gasping for air.

You had your arms on your chest

going... and now you're Golden


>> I crashed and now, you know,

I have perked up.

I've got my wind back in my


I just think it was something

my body had to go through.

Luckily, I'm feeling better and

now I think I'm ready to ride

out to the end.

>> PROBST: Brandon, day 14.

The social aspect of this game

is starting to pick up.

It's a lot more than just

physical challenges.

Are you seeing that increase?

>> Yeah.

I'd say it is starting to ramp

up a little.

I mean, getting to know these

people a little bit more.

You start to like people a

little bit more than others.

>> PROBST: Gary, two tribes


There's four former Nakum, three

former Yaxha.

What were those first few

moments like and how are they

different now?

>> The first few moments were

pretty scary because you don't

know where you stand.

The numbers are against you.

And trying to get to know

everybody was just like they won

over again.

>> PROBST: Amy, do you feel like

this is two groups of people

living together?

>> Well, I'm thinking we're one

group and forget what happened


This is my tribe and this is who

I'm loyal to.

Obviously we're at a

disadvantage, but you just try

to do the best you can.

>> PROBST: Blake, is that the

same for you?

Are you guys one tribe and to

heck with what happened before


>> We've all come together as

seven in the last few days,

but, yeah, I mean, there's

definitely bonds that I've

formed with Danni and Bobby

and Brandon that I haven't

gotten to experience with these


That'll certainly influence me

to some extent.

>> PROBST: Brian, what do you

guys have to do to encourage

this group to think as a group

and not down tribal lines?

>> If that's their game plan,

just to pick us off, I'm sorry

that it is, because we're good

people and we should take the

time to get to know one another

before you make such a snap


So, if it's me tonight, I'm

afraid I'm a victim of a


>> PROBST: Bobby Jon, tonight's

vote tough, easy, indifferent?

>> Every Tribal Council is a

tough vote for me.

Everybody in their own way

fought to get here, and

somebody's about to go home


Their journey is about to end.

So, you know, I don't like

ending somebody's dream.

I like to keep the dream alive.

>> PROBST: Okay.

It is time to vote.

Bobby Jon, you're up.

>> You may be the Golden Boy,

but I'm platinum.

I hope it's you.

>> You know, I think of the

three people on the original

Yaxha team, you're the weakest

right now.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote Blake, one vote Brian.


Two votes Brian, one vote Blake.


Two votes Blake, two votes



Three votes Blake, two votes


The fifth person voted out of

Survivor: Guatemala, Blake.

That's four, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Blake, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

>> Bye, guys.

>> PROBST: Well, I'd say based

on tonight's vote, this game

just took a big shift.

Grab your torches and head back

to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time, on

Survivor: At Nakum, Margaret

and Judd just can't get along.

>> Judd is irritating.

>> She just can't grasp the fact

that the old tribe ain't coming


>> PROBST: Amy takes another


Amy's down.

Amy is hurt.

And Bobby Jon and Jamie square


>> I didn't see it coming.

I don't understand the reason

for why, and that's why I'm

kind of perplexed right now,

and I'm kind of angry.

You know, I've stepped it up in

a few challenges, and I think

that they were just trying

to get out somebody strong.

Why would you do that?

That makes no sense.

But, you know, you don't want

all the strong players, I guess,

but again, playing the odds, I

don't understand why it