Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 4 - To Betray or Not to Betray - full transcript

The tribes are shuffled, and one Survivor's toe gets nibbled.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor, Lydia was relieved

she had been spared at Tribal


>> You know, I don't deserve to


I'm a hard worker.

So, you know, I'm happy that I'm


>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, the tribes played for

comfort items.

Survivors ready.


Yaxha started with a solid lead.

Take off your blindfolds!

Start assembling.

>> Girls on tie, boys build.

>> PROBST: But Nakum made up

time when they discovered how to

correctly assemble their tent.

Nakum wins reward!


Back at camp, the guys struggled

with how best to use their new


So Margaret spoke up.

>> If you're going to slant it,

you got to decide which way you

want to slant it.

>> PROBST: And Bobby Jon and

Judd got annoyed.

>> I'm 28 years old.

You just can't tell grown men

what to do all the time.

>> She's playing that mother hen


>> PROBST: At Yaxha, Brian

pumped up his team.

>> We got it, guys! We need it.

We're the underdogs.

Do it for your family, do it for

whatever, do it for each other.

Just do it!

And win, guys!

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, the tribes competed

in an ancient Maya court ball


Temperature update: 114 degrees.

Yaxha struggled when Amy

sprained her ankle and Brianna

and Lydia couldn't pull it


>> Why don't you move it!

I want to see some hustle.

>> PROBST: Nakum won their

second immunity in a row.

Danni scores!

Nakum wins immunity.

Back at Yaxha, Steph was


>> I'm frustrated because we

have Amy, she can't run.

And we have a fish monger.

And we have Brianna, who is a

makeup artist.

Why, just once, can't I just be

on a great tribe?

>> PROBST: With Lydia, Amy and

Brianna all at risk, the tribe

ultimately voted out the one

they considered the weakest.

Brianna, the tribe has spoken.

15 are left.

Who will be voted off tonight?

(theme song playing)

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(birds chirping)

>> Being here is the hottest

conditions I've ever been in in

my life.

Hotter than I could possibly


I mean, we're talking triple

digits every day, and it seems

like every day it goes up a

couple of digits more.

Just when you think like 104,

holy crap, that is the hottest

I could possibly imagine,

the next day it's 114.

>> I tell you, you take the heat

and you get near a fire, it's

even worse.

>> Uh-huh.

>> The tribe's pretty tired.

We're weak after yesterday's


It was like nothing we had ever

dreamed of.

Heat absolutely wiped us out.

It's brutal.

And you can't do anything.

You're sapped of energy.

And the mosquitoes are


>> I've never seen anything like

the bugs in my life.

In my entire...

you know what?

They just, it's like you ever

watch The Killer Bees, the


They're all over you.

I mean, they're literally, if I

didn't have my sweatshirt on,

forget about it.

>> We were smacking and kind of

fight sparring in the wind, man,

just trying to get the

mosquitoes out of there, but it

ain't gonna work, man.

It only works for about maybe a

millimeter of a second.

Then the thing goes and he's

right back at you.

>> I know, man, we have a bunch

of bites.

>> They're brutal today.

>> Yeah, this, this place

changes you out here.

I mean, between starving and the

heat and mosquitoes and bugs,

everything adds up, and it just,

you know, completely wears you


So I find it's just easier to

lay around and do nothing.

I guess, which is kind of

pathetic, but, I don't know,

we're still on top, you know.

We're beating the other team.

I mean, I can't imagine how the

other team feels if we're not

feeling very well.

I mean, God knows what it's like

around their place.

>> Now, that's the method we

need to start using.

>> Oops.

>> It's going down.

>> Quick, quick, quick.

>> I got him.

>> There we go.

>> How many you have total?

>> Four so far.

>> Whoa!

>> There's the ticket right


>> So the method for today was

sit this big pot down in the

water that had all the cornmeal

in it.

And then all the minnows swarm

inside of it in a big circle.

And then you pull it out

really fast and at least a

couple of them are still in


>> I saw it, I saw it.

There he is.

They hide in the bottom.

>> Basically, we're a finally

tuned fishing machine.

Gary and I, there's no stopping


These minnows are in trouble.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Looks like a croc, if you ask


>> I'd say you're right.

>> I think it probably is.

>> Wow!

>> We were all down

at the dock, and we look out

into the flat lake, and all of a

sudden, we see this huge croc,

and he seemed pretty long.

>> He's coming this way.

>> Oh.

>> Oh, my God!

It's the Loch Ness Monster.


>> Wow!

>> He went and suddenly

he caught a fish and we saw that

big mouth eat it.

We were like, uh-oh, that could

have been one of us if we were

swimming across its path.

>> Ow!

>> What?

>> A fish got me.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Nakum getting your first look at

the new Yaxha tribe.

Brianna voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

Take a seat on the bench.

Well, it's day nine and you guys

have endured arguably the

toughest Survivor ever.

So you've earned a little


Today we're going to give you a

break from the challenges, and

instead give you a chance to

learn a little bit about what

your tribe mates think about


At the same time, you'll gain a

little insight into the other


I'm going to ask you a series of

questions about your tribe


You'll write your answers down,

reveal them to me.

Keep in mind each answer will

have a direct effect on those

tribe mates.

Make sense?

Let's get started.

First question: which tribe

member is most in need of some


You cannot vote for yourself.

I know everybody's hungry, but

which tribe member in particular

most needs some nourishment?

All right, reveal.

Yaxha is almost a slam dunk for

Jamie as most in need of some


For Nakum, everybody voting for


Danni, Jamie, come on up.

>> Oh.

(all sigh)

>> PROBST: They're yours.

Dig in.

Take a bite.

>> Whoo-hoo!

>> PROBST: It's not a race.

It's yours.

>> Mmm.

>> Go ahead, Jamie.

You deserve it.

>> PROBST: All right.

Next question: which tribe

member is the smelliest?

Who smells the worst on your


That's got to be a tough one.

Margaret says, nope, easy.

Let's reveal.

For Yaxha, we have three Jamies

and four Garys.

All right.

Gary gets designated the


And for Nakum, we have four

Bobby Jons.

That's enough.

Bobby Jon and Gary, come


>> Go get it, Gar.

>> PROBST: What I have for you

two is right over there.

Five gallons of fresh water and

a bush shower.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Nice backbones there, guys.

>> PROBST: Gary not wasting any


>> There's shampoo there, Bobby


>> Use all that soap.

>> Don't romance it, sweetheart.

>> Oh, he's scrubbing.

Look at the lather.

>> Oh, man.

>> Use all that soap.

>> PROBST: Margaret, you got

shower envy.

>> Oh, my God, I do.

>> Gary, we're going to

be smelling you all night, just


>> PROBST: I can't say you look

a lot different.

>> Thanks, guys.

Yo, baby-- mmm!

>> PROBST: Next question: from

your tribe, which man and which

woman most deserves a picnic

afternoon atop an ancient Maya

pyramid, returning to their camp

later this afternoon?

Put down one woman and one man.


For Yaxha, it looks like it is


The man.

And we have Amy, the woman.

For Nakum, we have Margaret.

For the men, it looks like it is


>> Yes, thank you, man.

>> PROBST: All four people, come

on up.

Amy, you look like you're going

to cry.

>> What is it, a tarantula?

>> PROBST: I wouldn't do that to


>> Oh, my God!

(cheering, sobbing)

Oh, my God, oh, my God!

>> PROBST: We have chicken,

potato salad, huge chocolate

chip cookies, and iced tea.

You guys have been rewarded with

a nice picnic.

Eat it all.

You can't bring it back.

There's no burden on you.

>> Guys, man, I love you,


>> PROBST: Next question, of the

people remaining, which tribe

member has the most tribe pride?

Who just bleeds Yaxha blue?

Who bleeds Nakum yellow?

Who has the most tribe pride?

Okay, reveal.

Yaxha, it is three votes Brian,

two votes Steph.

Brian noted as tribe member with

the most tribe pride.

For Nakum, Cindy has four votes.

Cindy noted as having the most

tribe pride.

So, Brian, you have the most

tribe pride for Yaxha.

It's only fitting you remain a

Yaxha member.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Take a spot on the

Yaxha mat.

>> Oh, no.

>> PROBST: Jamie, Rafe, Lydia

and Steph, drop your buffs.

You are now members of Nakum.

You're switching tribes.

Come on up, get a buff, have a

spot on the Nakum mat.

Cindy, meet your new tribe


>> Hey, Cindy.

>> PROBST: Now Nakum, because

you have one extra member, one

of you will remain a Nakum


The other four will join Brian

on the Yaxha tribe.

There are five buffs here.

One of them is Nakum yellow.

You're going to draw to decide

your fate.

You decide who draws and what


It's up to you.

Danni fields blue.

You're now a member of Yaxha.

Who's next?

Brooke, choose your fate.

You stay with Nakum.

That settles the rest of it.

Bobby Jon, Blake, Brandon,

you're all now members of Yaxha.

Gary and Amy will be returning

to the Yaxha camp later for a

bit of a surprise.

Nakum, Judd and Margaret will be

returning to your tribe, also in

for a bit of a surprise.

Head on back to camp.

Get to know each other.

>> Wow, man!

Top of the world.

>> How about a toast?

Guys, to Guatemala.

>> Yes.

(indistinct chatter)

>> The location of this

picnic was great.

We were above this whole area


We could see everything, the

whole lake.

You could see, I'm going to

guess, 30 miles.

>> Oh, my God!

It's so good.

Oh, wow!

>> Where are you from,


>> Boston.

>> Are you?

We were trying to guess your


It was either New York or


>> Boston.

>> That's what we were figuring


And we think you're a


And you're an ex-football


>> No, I'm a landscaper.

>> Are you really?

>> Did Danni say something about

being a football player?

>> She said you looked familiar.

>> I wish I was.

>> Margaret was asking Gary

a question about pro football.

Who knows, watch him be retired

and he's like a


I'll kill him.

I'll freaking kill him.

>> Oh, that was good.

I needed that, man.

>> I feel so guilty, though.

>> We just got back from

the reward challenge, which

wasn't so much challenge as it

was swap up the tribes.

There's our flag right up there.

>> Hey, we have fruit.




Welcome, Danni.

(indistinct chatter)

>> Welcome, man.

Nice to have you guys.

You guys are tough.

>> So I was getting the feel,

you know, who they were,

showing them around the new

tribe, playing host, and being

like I'm so glad I have you


This is great.

Guys who are new to Yaxha, I'm

with you guys.

We're awesome.

We're going to win.

>> You like mad dog?

>> I haven't been tired yet.

A lot of other people in my

tribe have felt tired.

>> Don't overwork yourself,

though, dude.

We need to save ourselves for

those challenges.

>> No, you're right.

That's why you guys are winning.

>> The thing that sucks is that

there are four Nakum on our new

tribe and three Yaxha.

If it's a numbers game, they

could easily pick us off one by


So I was like, Oh, my God, what

am I doing with four new people?

Is that Amy down there?

Amy, Gary, welcome back, guys.

There's water over here with the

rest of our team.

>> What?

>> Here's Johnny.

>> Hey, hey.

What's going on?

>> Get the ... out of here.

What the ... is going on?

Is this a joke?

>> We're Yaxha.

Thanks for having me.

>> Hey, what's up?

>> They switched us up.

>> I was like completely

blown away.

Hey, what's up, guys?

Hey, nice to meet you.

I'm looking at Gary.

I'm, like, we're decimated here,



>> Commercial real estate.



What do you do?

>> No football?

>> Landscaper.

Who did you think I was?

>> Oh, I thought you played for

Central Michigan.

>> I went to Central Michigan,

but I didn't play there.

>> No? Oh.

>> I thought Gary was gonna die

when he looked at me, because

I called him out right away

on the whole quarterback thing.

I don't know, maybe he just

doesn't want anybody to know he

was a former professional

quarterback because, you know,

you think right away, he doesn't

need the money.

>> Where you from?

>> Kansas.

>> I'm totally gonna deny

that I'm Gary Hoogebum until the


I'm not going to blow my

strategy, and that's my cover.

So I'm keeping it.

>> How are you all doing?

>> Hi, guys.

>> What are you guys doing over


>> There's been a little team


>> No way, no way.

No way.

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> I thought you guys

were just sitting here for a


>> You came over and I was

like why is she so surprised.

>> I'm like, we have company.

(indistinct conversations)

>> It's all we can do, man.

You know what I'm saying?

>> They have more men.

>> With this switch-up today, I

don't feel safe at all.

Not at all.

>> Damn, this is the first time

it rained.

>> My head and my stomach

are so mixed up right now,

with everything that's

happened today, I'm trying

frantically to scramble in my

head to see, you know, what

we're going to do.

I think the old Nakum tribe,

myself, Cindy, Brooke, and Judd,

is going to stick together with

the old Nakum tribe.

But who knows what Yaxha can do?

It's still four against four.

So, food is in our belly.

There's been a major turnover,

and game is on.

(thunder rumbling)

>> I thought they were

just visiting.

>> I was just like,

whatever, man.

I don't give a crap.

>> I know I was shocked, but my

stomach is like...

>> But honestly, when I first

saw these people back at camp,

I was like, ah, whatever.

Who cares?

Tribes have been switched, man.

It's great, I love it, man.

It didn't bother me at the least


I know it bothered Margaret, and

Margaret's still walking on

eggshells, man.

I'm just glad that I'm not

involved with all those other

guys, man.

I mean, we had Bobby Jon.

We had Blake.

We had Brandon and me, which was

kind of, you know, a male

testosterone thing.

Now over here, man, I know I'm

the big gun around here, man.

I know it.

You feel like you're King Kong,


Ah, feeling good, baby.


>> What's her name?

What's that girl...?

>> Brooke.

She's cool and everything, but

she's not an athlete.

Want to get rid of her?

>> We could try to start with

her if we had to.

They're down in numbers.

If we can keep us four tight,

we really need to.

>> I bet Brooke is better than

Lydia is at stuff.

>> I know.

But as soon as we get rid of

Lydia, if we have to, they could

get rid of us one by one.

>> I know.

>> We're going to push for

Brooke so we can keep the old

Yaxha together, just in case,

just to always have the numbers

and keep Lydia around just

because she is a hard worker.

>> Let's just let them approach


>> Okay.

>> Okay? 'Cause you don't want

to be too pushy.

Because then people back away.

>> Judd told me, he goes, I'm

with you, man, he goes, I got

your back.

>> Yeah.

And Judd's from Jersey.

We know a lot of the same kind

of things.

>> We connect.

Okay, we'll see what's up.


>> Hey, Judd.

>> Yeah.

>> Jimmy, the first guy

that went out, threw out his


He never got to come up here.

>> Oh, really?

>> Yeah, he couldn't make it up


>> Who's the strongest girl?

Margaret, right?

>> Yeah, she's strong.

Cindy's tough.

>> The two weakest we see is

Brooke and Lydia.

>> Who's your strongest?

>> Who are you like tighter

with, Cindy or Margaret?

Like, if we were to like...

>> It's hard to say, you know, I

can see you guys, I'm kind of

more personable already with you

than I am with any of the girls

that I was on my team with.

I don't know.

>> Right.

>> It just didn't kind of click.

>> You know when you have like a

natural click.

>> Yeah, you can feel it.

You can see it.

It's all just natural.

>> That's what I was

saying to Jamie.

I'm obviously sticking with you.

Got to stick with the strongest.

>> I mean, I'm-- like I said,

man, I'm all with you guys, man.

If it goes this way, we get

rid of, uh, we get rid of...

>> We get rid of Brooke

and we get Lydia.

Then we can get rid of Margaret

or Cindy.

Then we've got Rafe.

Rafe will vote whatever we say

to vote.

>> Yeah, Rafe will do

whatever we do.

>> Yeah.

>> So it's kind of hard,

though, because we're still in

that newlywed type phase.

We're like...

>> Still learning.

>> You don't go a day without


>> I'm all for that, man.

Like I said, I'm basically, now,

this is the game.

The game's started.

>> Yeah.

>> Here I come, you know?

I mean, I like where I'm sitting

right now.

I feel-- feel very good, man.

Me and Stephenie and Jamie hit

it off already.

I think we got a little alliance


We're not eating the peel right


>> Yeah, I am.

>> Oh, you eat the peel?

I have no problem talking to my

old tribe, man.

I really don't, because I didn't

feel the love, man.

I didn't feel the love there at


I felt no love there.

So they got to go, man.

They got to get out of my

jungle, man.

Get out of my jungle right away,

man-- go.

See you later.

>> This new world of mine,

I have some concerns.

I really do.

I mean, look at the tribe we


Bobby Jon, Blake, Brandon,


There's four of them and three

of us.

They're just going to pick us

off, one by one.

>> Bobby and I had a

little bathroom break, and a

little pep talk.

We were like, you know what, we

have the four on three in this

camp, we have the physical team.

When we do lose, and it is time

to vote, you know, we already

picked the order.

It's Amy, Brian, and Gary out

the door.

>> Water's warm.

Let's see.

You got a tweaker.

It's swollen.

>> Oh, my God.

I hurt my ankle going

out the first round in that

Mayan ball game.

Everybody knows I have a

sprained ankle.

I'm not sure if they know how

bad it is.

You know, I'm trying not to

wince as much around them

with everybody, but, you know,

there's some pain there.

>> You want your ankle taped?

You want it wrapped?

>> It's killing me, but the

fact that I'm not limping, yes,

it's on purpose.

I want them to think I can walk.

I just think I'm a major target

right now.

There's no doubt in my mind.

If I don't do well in the next

challenge, I'm gone.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

All right.

First things first.

Cindy, give up immunity.

So Nakum has decorated the

immunity idol.

Brian, got to be a little


>> It's going to be a blue

feather tonight.

No problem.

>> PROBST: All right.

Let's get to today's immunity


Here's how it works.

On my go, both tribes will

paddle out and retrieve three

tribe-colored bags.

You will then race back to


Once you're back on your mat,

untie the bags and empty them

into a basket.

Inside each bag, you'll find

Maya war clubs.

You'll then throw the clubs at

three targets which are 30, 40

and 50 feet away.

First tribe to break all three

tiles wins immunity.

Losers, Tribal Council.

Two rules.

No individual tribe member can

break more than one tile.

Second rule: if you're not

having any luck, tag out, let

somebody else take a shot.

Nakum, you have one extra


You're sitting somebody out.

Who's it going to be?

>> Lydia.

>> PROBST: Lydia, take a spot on

the bench.

Everybody else, take a spot on

the start.

Wait for my go.

Here we go, guys.

For immunity, Survivors ready?


>> Push in a little bit.

>> Everybody together.

On the count of three, go.


All together.

>> PROBST: Both tribes paddling

very well.

>> Grab it.

>> PROBST: Yaxha at their first


Amy working on it.

Nakum at their first bag.

Rafe trying to untie it.

>> Bite it hard.

>> Pull, pull.

>> Okay, got it.

>> PROBST: Nakum has their first


>> Good job.

>> PROBST: Yaxha has their first


They're back in it.

It's a race to the second bag.

>> Ramming speed!

>> Paddle, paddle, paddle.

>> Paddle harder.

>> We can't.

>> Rafe, push them out of the


>> Paddle, guys, we're so close

to ours.

>> PROBST: Nakum is pushing

Yaxha off the course.

Don't let them in!

Nakum at their second bag.

Yaxha in trouble.

Big advantage for Nakum.

>> Come on, guys.

>> Let's go, Bobby.

>> Everybody in, come on, go.

>> PROBST: Nakum has their

second bag, heading for their

third and final bag.

>> Don't let go.

>> Come on, baby.

>> PROBST: Nakum at their third

bag now.

Yaxha has their second bag,

heading for their third and

final bag.

A lot of ground to make up.

>> Come on.

>> PROBST: Nakum has their third

bag, racing back to shore.

>> Everybody go.



>> Come on.

>> Go, dig, Yaxha!

Come on.

>> Good job.

Good job.

Good job.

>> Heave.

>> PROBST: Yaxha has their third


They're heading back.

>> Come on.

>> Hard, hard, everybody hard.

Go, go, go.

>> PROBST: Nakum is first at the


They're racing to their mats.

Everybody got to get to the mat

before you can start untying.

Pick it up.

>> PROBST: Steph going to be the

first for Nakum.

>> Let's go, let's go.

>> PROBST: Yaxha back to shore.

>> Steph, you got it.

>> PROBST: Yaxha closing the


>> Come on, Steph.

>> Steph, get mad!

Do it, girl!


Good job, Steph.

>> PROBST: Steph connects with

the first tile.

Judd in.

Brian going to be the first

thrower for Yaxha.

Nakum with one tile lead.

Judd going for the last target.

Going deep.

First tribe to break all three

tiles wins immunity.

>> Brian.

>> Tagging out, what?

>> PROBST: Brian switching out

with Danni.

Judd still trying to connect

with the second target for


>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Just misses.

>> Keep throwing it, momma.

>> PROBST: Danni very close.

Danni connects.

We're tied 1-1.

Blake now in.

Judd still throwing for Nakum.

>> Judd, do you want to switch


Let's switch out.

>> Let me get this middle


>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Second tile for


Yaxha now in the lead.

Judd still throwing.

Brandon going for the last


Judd needs to catch up.

Got to break something.

>> Judd, throw like a tomahawk.

Come on.

>> PROBST: And Judd connects.

We're tied 2-2.

Jamie in.

One tile left.

It's Brandon and Jamie going for

the last deep tile.

Brandon clips it.

No, it's not broken.

>> Come on.

>> PROBST: Next broken tile wins


Losers go to Tribal Council.

Brandon just misses again for


>> Oh.


>> Come on, Brian.

Keep on popping it, Brandon.

>> PROBST: Brandon connects for


Yaxha wins immunity.


Yaxha, immunity is yours.

I have a feeling the yellow

feathers will be coming out just

like that.

>> Immediately.

>> PROBST: Saved from Tribal

Council tonight.

Guaranteed at least one more day

out here.

Nakum, Tribal Council tonight.

New mixture of members on your

tribe should make for an

interesting afternoon.

I'll see you at Tribal.

Get in your boats.

Head on out.

>> I just don't like losing.

They think they're a better

team now and they're not.

>> I know.

>> The bottom line is it's still

going to be 7-7.

We're still even.

>> Yeah.

>> No matter what happens.

>> Someone has to go home now.

>> I know. It sucks.

>> Tonight at Tribal Council,

it's this four Nakum, four

Yaxha, going head-to-head, and

all we needed to do, our plan

since we got here was to try

to flip one of them, so we

could get a leg up.

Hopefully, it will be Judd.

We need Judd to feel comfortable

with us.

>> Right. He does, he does.

>> He can't stand Margaret or...

it seems like.

>> I have what I hope, but

I would not be surprised for one

second if it was a 4-4 tie.

>> So what we're thinking is, I

think it would be wise to keep

the majority.

At the same time I feel bad for

Lydia puts her heart and soul

into it.

>> But that's all of us,

all of us are going home.

>> You can't win the game

worried about people's feeling.

>> All of us are going to go

home broken.

>> We just had an immunity

challenge that was a really

close call and unfortunately we

lost it.

And everyone at camp seems to be

under the impression we just got

to vote the weakest person off.

>> What are you telling Judd?

>> That we want Lydia?

>> That we're voting for Lydia.

That's what we're doing.

>> First, Brooke and Cindy and I

are going to stick together.

We have to decide where Judd

stands-- how much, you know,

loyalty he has to the old Nakum


>> So what's the word down by

the dock?

What are they talking about?

>> I'm kind of thinking that we

have to vote off whoever is the


You know? I mean it really


>> So, give me a name.

Who are they saying?

>> We're thinking Lydia.

Does that seem to be what

everybody else is?

>> Sounds fine with me.

Whatever you all want to do.

>> You know, I mean, I don't

want to, but...

>> I'd like old Nakum to stick


I really would.

>> Okay.

>> But we've got 4-4, right?

>> Uh-huh.

>> If they vote one of us, we

vote one of them.

>> I mean, at this point, you

basically want to go for the

weakest player, I mean, and it's

I mean, Lydia and Brooke are

like this.

I mean, they're both even.

So, you know, and then what

happens is then it goes back and


I lose one, we lose one, they

lose one, we lose one, they lose


>> It won't be that.

It's not going to do that.

Because they're gonna be four.

We'll be three.

They can pick us off one by one

because they'll always have


Whoever comes out with a

majority tribe tonight will have

majority all along.

>> Yeah, but listen, they don't

want to lose either, man.

They're gonna need us.

They need us bad.

They need me and you.

>> Absolutely. But...

>> They're not going to want to

get rid of me and you.

>> But they can also-- they can

also say, first, we'll start

with Brooke.

Then we'll go Cindy.

Then we'll go Margaret.

Then we'll go Judd.

That gets them into the merger,

because they can pick us off one

by one and they can use your


Because you're still not voted

off, but you're always in the


>> Well, if that's the case, of


I mean, it's four against one.

>> You're up in the air?

>> Just, right now, I'm just

like whoa, you know, but you

definitely got my wheels


There's no doubt about that.

>> My biggest concern right now,

of course, is Jamie and

Stephenie not being as loyal

as they say they are.

That leaves me vulnerable.

Now they've got four against my

one here.

You know, and that's a little


>> It's freakin' hot, man.

>> In this game, you can't

trust anybody.

You can't trust anybody.

Sometimes you can't sleep at

night thinking about it.

You know, is it going to come

back and hit me in the face?

So when I go to Tribal Council,

I don't know who I'm going to


I mean, I don't know until I get


I mean, that's just the way it


I mean, I really-- I don't know.

>> PROBST: Welcome back to

Tribal Council.

Steph, this season in challenges

you've participated in, you're

now one for seven.

That brings your Survivor

total to four out of 21.

Maybe it's not bad luck

following Steph, but maybe Steph

is the bad luck.

>> I know.

I thought that today, too.

I was, like, is it me?

Do I just have this black cloud

that follows me around in the

game of Survivor, wherever I go?

You know, I like to think I'm

not bad luck, because that would


But for some reason, I end up on

the short side of the stick.

>> PROBST: Margaret, tell me

about the new tribe dynamics.

You guys were divided evenly.

Did you sense pairing off or

"we better stick together"?

>> There wasn't much pairing off

except on one occasion.

Judd was with Stephenie and


And they were... connected

pretty quickly.

>> PROBST: And did you read that

as something's going on or...

>> I hoped he was just


And I'm still hoping that he's

just socializing.

>> PROBST: Judd, did you know

people were watching you, and

were you trying to hide it?

>> I wasn't hiding nothing.

We were just out there taking it

all in, just hanging out, having

a good time, laughing, getting

to know each other.

I mean just met them.

They just came into the tribe.

I was just kind of shooting the

breeze with them.

I mean, "Hey, what's up, man?

I'm Judd.

How you doing?"

>> PROBST: Lydia, you've been to

Tribal Council quite a few


>> Three times. Too much.

>> PROBST: You feel a little

more confident now, with this

new tribe or just as vulnerable?

>> Well, Jeff, I have to say

that, you know, I do feel

a little bit vulnerable.

It's a new tribe.

They don't know me.

They don't know my strength yet,

you know.

I just have to put faith in them

and see what they think about


But all in all, you know, I'm

not ready to leave, so...

>> PROBST: Brooke, what

specifically worries you


>> I feel like if you have the

brute strength, you're safe on

your team, because it's about

winning the immunity challenges

right now, and so I feel, in

some ways, that the women are a

little bit more vulnerable than

the men at this point.

>> PROBST: Judd, in your

profession, you deal with all

different kinds of people every


How important is that in this

game, to be able to read people,

make a decision, and be right?

>> Oh, it's very important.

I mean, I know who I connect

with right away.

That's just the way I am.

Somebody's looking at me, I can

tell right away, wow, man, I got

a connection to you, and we

definitely have something in


I mean, you know, it's easy.

I can really pick people off

like that.

>> PROBST: Okay.

It is time to vote.

Brooke, you're up.

>> Lydia, I think you're one of

the hardest workers around camp,

but I'm just making this vote

based on the decision that we

need to win immunity challenges.

>> Brooke, you're an awesome

person, but this vote is for

strategy tonight.

If you go, I have a chance to go

a lot further.

I'm sorry.

>> Lydia, I have tribe


I gave Brooke my word, and I

won't go back.

Good luck.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote, Lydia.


One vote Brooke, one vote Lydia.


Two votes Lydia, one vote



That's three votes Lydia.


Two votes Brooke, three votes



We're tied.

Three votes Brooke, three votes


That's four votes Brooke, three

votes Lydia, one vote left.

Fourth person voted out of

Survivor: Guatemala, Brooke.

You need to bring me your torch.

Brooke, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Tribal lines and personal

loyalties are going to shift

throughout this game.

Just remember, every time you

shift, you make it harder to


Grab your torches.

Go back to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


Judd is on the defensive.

>> It doesn't work like that.

We're all here to win a million


>> He's a traitor.

>> It's every man for himself

out here.

>> PROBST: Cultures clash at


>> I'm not a religious person.

But it would be stupid to say,

you know what, guys, I don't

want to thank Jesus for this

meal thing.

>> Lydia gets wacky.

>> I'm the queen. Whoo! Shut up.

>> Even though I've only gotten

to be out here for 11 days, I

did so much stuff that I never

thought I'd be able to do.

I think I proved myself going

through the 11-mile jungle trek.

But I don't think my new team

members got to see that.

So I didn't get a longer chance

out here to prove how strong I

am. I want to wish the girls

from my original team good luck.

You guys are some of the