Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 7 - Surprise Enemy Visit - full transcript

One tribe decides to visit the other tribe's camp.

>> PROBST: Previously on

Survivor: Margaret's negativity

was weighing on Nakum.

>> She just can't grasp the fact

that the old tribe ain't coming


>> PROBST: At the challenge,

tribes learned they would

compete for hamburgers and beer.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: But they also learned

that things were shaking up.

Tonight, both tribes are

going to Tribal Council, both

tribes are voting somebody out.

In addition, to the barbecue

feast, the winning tribe earns

the right to compete in another

challenge for individual


Survivors, ready... go!

The challenge was grueling, and

the tribes were pushed to their


Amy was down with a serious

ankle injury.

Amy is hurt.

And tempers flared when Jamie

and Bobby Jon squared off.

( both yelling )

In the end, Nakum claimed the


And they have it!

Nakum wins barbecue feast and a

shot at individual immunity.

Survivors, ready.


Rafe won the challenge.

>> Got it.

>> PROBST: Rafe wins immunity.

And was the only person to be

safe for one more night.

>> Great stuff!

>> PROBST: At Yaxha, Brian tried

to rally Amy and Gary to oust

Bobby Jon.

>> PROBST: But both he and Amy

were also at risk.

>> Amy and Brian are probably in

the biggest threat of getting

voted off.

You know, they are probably the

physically weaker players.

>> PROBST: Over at Nakum the

tribe indulged.

>> I've never had a hamburger

taste like this.

>> It doesn't get better than


>> PROBST: But Judd drank

himself into trouble.

>> Rafe, you sure you don't want

that beer?

>> There's only two beers left.

>> I definitely got one coming,

without a doubt.

>> Judd's got to watch his


He gets so pumped up, and his

mouth works before his brain


>> PROBST: During Tribal

Council, Judd turned up the heat

when he attacked Margaret.

>> Did you or did you not-- as

soon as you saw me, did you tell

me that I had A.D.D.

>> This is what it is like to

try to talk to him.

>> You should just shut up.

>> PROBST: Judd got his way and

Margaret was voted out of the


Margaret, the tribe has spoken.

Rafe sat in on Yaxha's Tribal

Council, where Brian was voted


Brian, the tribe has spoken.

Eleven are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

( theme song playing )

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( crickets chirping )

>> Oh, God! Thank the Lord, man.

Listen, I want to thank you guys

too, for, you know, my bark

ain't as big as my bite, man.

And that's damn true, man, you


>> We went over to Tribal

Council tonight and Margaret got

voted out; thank God, man.

She just pushed my button, man.

And she pushed it, and pushed it

and pushed it, and pushed it,

and kept pushing it.

I couldn't take it anymore.

So I kind of had a little

outburst and put her in her

place, man.

See, in the other tribe she was

the mom over there.

Everybody used to run around and

call her mom.

When she didn't have that role

any more, man, that just

devastated her.

>> I'm just glad this is all

over with.

>> I'm not a loose canon.

I mean, I blew up; but around

camp, I never do that, man.

I'm happy all day.

I'm just a big teddy bear, man,

you know.

Hopefully, I'll be laughing my

ass to the bank, and she'll

still be at home, making chicken

wings or something.

Somebody is going to badmouth

me, man-- listen, I'm not gonna

to sit there like a little wuss

and take it.

I don't care.

I ain't going to get up and hit

you either, though.

>> The thing is with Judd, he

has a big voice, you know, he's

a big guy.

So that scares a lot of people,

but it doesn't make me nervous.

If anything, it makes me want to

keep Judd closer, because I

could take him to final, and

then I would have all the votes

and Judd wouldn't have any

because he is going to keep

blowing up.

>> It's so cold.

>> This will hurt.

( tearing sound )

( exhales sharply )

That really hurt.

>> I hurt my shoulders pushing

the big ball, during the

challenge, but that's just a

part of the game.

Everybody over here at Yaxha has

these things all over them.

Um, I just got a couple of bad

ones, and I got one on my right

shoulder right now.

It is pretty bad.

I went to take my shirt off this

morning, and it was literally

pasted to it.

Got a long way to go in the

game, so I will probably get a

lot more banged up than this.

So, just right now you just be

tough and know that there is a

gold rush waiting at the end of

the rainbow.

>> Oh, man. That's disgusting.

I don't look like that, right?

>> They don't look like this.

They look like that one right


>> They do?

>> Yeah.

You got one on your chin, and

one right there, and then a few

dots right there.

It makes you look tough, I


>> Yeah, you like that?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> All right.

>> I have open, festering sores,

and it sucks.

I go into these challenges and

you completely forget about


I probably won't even feel it.

>> PROBST: Come on in, Nakum!

Yaxha, come on in!

Both tribes getting their first

look at the new tribes after the

last Tribal Council.

Margaret voted out of Nakum.

Brian voted out at Yaxha.

You guys ready to get to today's


>> Yeah.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Today's challenge

will require team work and a lot

of dexterity.

Four tribe members are going to

wrap 30 feet of material around

their bodies, and then unspool

that material as they make their

way down field to the finish.

Here is how it works:

First person will move around a

pole as quickly as they can,

unspooling the material off of

the pole and onto their body.

You'll then move to the second


You'll connect to the second

person, then together the two of

you will move around the pole,

putting the material around both

of your bodies.

Then the third person, finally

the fourth person.

So you will end up with four

people wrapping material around

the group.

Once you have all the material

around all four people, you

start moving down field and

begin unwinding the material off

of your body.

Each time a person unwinds, they

unclip, and head to the finish


There is one other person in

this challenge.

They are the winder.

Their job is to assist the other

four anyway they can by helping

them move around the pole or

helping them keep their balance.

First tribe to get all five

tribe members to the finish mat

wins a reward.

Want to know what are you

playing for?

>> Yes, sir.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Well, the Maya are

credited with a few things.

Relationship with the stars,

accounting system, Mayan

calendar, but there is one big

discovery you might not be

familiar with: the Maya

discovered chocolate.

Most would agree it might be

their biggest discovery.

Today you are playing for


>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Also, the winning

tribe will get a chance to take

part in a zip-line canopy tour

of the jungles of Guatemala.

You will literally glide over

these jungles.

When you're finished, chocolate

feast awaits you.

Worth playing for?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Nakum you have one

extra member.

You're sitting somebody out?

>> Judd.

>> PROBST: Judd's going to sit

this one out.

Give you a minute to figure out

who is going to be the winder

and who are going to be the four


Then we'll get started.

All right, everybody is at a

pole, clipped in, ready to go.

Amy is the winder for Yaxha;

Jamie, the winder for Nakum.

Here we go, for a reward.

Survivors ready.


Got to tag before you can start


Jamie's there first.

There's Amy, on the bad ankle.

>> Wait, wait, wait.

>> PROBST: You're wrapping the

material around your body.

>> Come on, Steph.

Come on.

>> Keep spinning, baby.

>> Come on, Brandon.

Come on, come on.

>> PROBST: Steph unclips.

Clipping in to Lydia.

Now the two of them have to wrap

the material around both bodies.

Brandon and Amy now back in it.

Brandon clips in to Gary.

The two of them now have to move

that material around both of

their bodies.

>> Back it up.

>> Steph and Lydia having a lot

of trouble at their second pole.

Get together, hug.

Now you got it going.

>> Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

>> PROBST: Gary and Brandon with

a lead for Yaxha now, working

together well.

>> You got the lead, just don't

mess up.

>> PROBST: Steph and Lydia have

a lot of time to make up.

Gary and Brandon moving up to

Bobby Jon.

>> Take your time.

>> PROBST: Gary, Brandon, Bobby

Jon got a decent lead.

Big reward at stake.

Nakum making up some time.

Both tribes at the third pole.

>> Spin, Bobby Jon.

No, spin your body.

>> PROBST: Yaxha seems to be

slowing down.

Nakum making up a lot of ground.

>> Keep going, keep going.

>> Stop right here, right here.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon, Gary,

Brandon, unclip and move to the

fourth pole.

Danni clips in.

Yaxha must now wrap the material

around all four tribe members.

Nakum, you're still in it.

Keep moving, let's go.

>> Move those feet, Lydia.

Keep it going.

You guys can do it.

We're still in it.

>> Got it.

>> PROBST: Nakum heading to the

fourth pole.

>> Go to your right, Brandon.

There we go.

>> Keep going, you got it, you

got it, you got it.

>> PROBST: It's getting tougher

to move with four people.

>> Keep your hands up.

>> PROBST: Keep your hands up.

That's it, Nakum; that's


We're at the fourth pole, and we

are dead even.

Nakum has made up some time.

>> We got it, we got it.

We're beating them.

We got it.

>> Here we go, here we go.

>> PROBST: Nakum is good.

Jamie, you're done.

Nakum is unwinding.

>> One more round.

Come on!

>> PROBST: Jamie's first to hit

the mat.

( all shouting )

Amy, you're done.

Yaxha is unwinding.

Working hard, making up a lot of


Nakum seems to be slowing down.

Now Yaxha is back in the lead.

>> Come on Yaxha.

>> PROBST: Nakum, don't panic;

patience is key.

Danni's out of it, heads to the


Cindy is out of it.

Nakum takes a tumble.

Bobby Jon is out.

Nakum panicking, cannot get up.

>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Gary and Brandon with

a big lead for Yaxha now.

Nakum really falling behind.

Gary unclipped.

Rafe right behind,

not giving up.

Brandon is the last one!

>> Come on!


>> PROBST: Yaxha wins reward!

( cheering )

Yaxha, good work.

You remained calm.

Big reward.

Chocolate, zip-line canopy tour.

You are leaving from here, going

to that right now.

Nakum, flip side: you fell down;

you couldn't get up; you guys


I got nothing for you.

Head on back to camp.

>> This is crazy.

>> I'm afraid of heights.

>> We won a reward challenge


We really needed some momentum

on our side, and we got it.

Just to get out of camp and come

and do something new is just


>> I'm petrified right now.

The zip line-- you have this

harness thing on.

You buckle into this big cable.


And you're up high, which, of

course, I'm afraid of heights.

What happens if I get stuck in

the middle?

>> You won't.

>> I won't?

>> No.

>> You're just hanging there,

and you just have all your

confidence in the cable line.

It's a little frightening.

>> I'm going alone, right?

>> You got it.

( crying )

You're good.

>> Oh, my God.

I can't believe this.

>> There you go.




( monkey howling )

Oh, my God!

>> Way to go, Amy!

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Freakin' get me there!

>> Whoo!

>> Good job, Amy.

>> Yeah!

>> Oh, my God, are we done?

An unbelievable experience.

But probably, for me, just a

once-in-a-lifetime experience.

>> Yeah, Bobby Jon.

>> We got to swing through the

jungle on these cables, and it

felt just, just majestic...

Going through the jungle, the

wind hitting your face and just

looking at all these tall plants

and trees and stuff.


That stuff I see in the movies,

you know?

I've never done anything like

that in my entire life before.

I'll probably never do it again.

>> Oh, man, this is going to be


>> Woo!


>> Oh, man!

>> Man, I had no idea that you

could even do that.

Just flying through the air


God, it was so cool.

My God!

Holy cow, man!

( laughter )

Look at all that stuff.

Oh, my God.

At the end of the zip line was

the most chocolate I've ever

seen in my life.

I mean, it was a chocolate-fest.

Cake, pralines, cookies,

strawberries-- I mean, you name

it, it was there.

Cheers on a good win today.

>> Yes, absolutely.

Great win.

>> Momentum.

>> Oh, my God, cherries!

>> Holy cow, man.

That's a good piece of cake.

>> So much chocolate.

>> Man, I pigged out.

I mean, I have never pigged

out on chocolate that much,


Just looking at the muddy

ground-- 'cause it looks, you

know, like chocolate almost a

little bit-- makes me a little

bit sick.

So do we want to try and take

all this or just?

>> Take the whole thing.

>> Yeah.

>> I'm going to remember today

for two reasons.

The day I went rip-cording

through a jungle, and the day

that I ate the most chocolate

I have ever eaten in my entire


>> God, I hope I hold that down.

>> What do you guys want to


>> We'll play UNO.

>> I always try to do like

different things around camp

that will help us have fun and

pass time.

King is reverse.

Queen is skip.

We picked all these little

leaves from the tree and then

painted four different suits and

all the cards, so it made a deck

of 52 cards, with even two


>> The stems are the bottom of

the cards, Amy.

>> Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah.

>> Today happens to be my

birthday, so we thought we'd go

over and invite Nakum over for a

little pool party.

>> Skip me?

>> No, it skipped you and me.

>> Skip to me.

>> Nakum!


>> Guys, I think the other tribe

is coming to visit.

>> I think the other tribe is


>> They yelled it twice.

>> I heard "Nakum."

You guys going down there?

>> Yeah, let's go.

>> Nakum!

>> That is them.

That's them.

>> Probably out there on the


>> Why are they coming here?

There is nothing to do here.

>> I don't know, maybe they came

to invite us to their pool.

>> I ain't going to their pool.

>> These are our enemies at this


>> Yeah, but this has never


>> We were like, should we go?

I was like, yeah, let's walk


And then Jamie started saying,

I think it's a bad idea.

I don't think we should do this.

I was like, guys, what's the

worst thing that is going to


>> Oh, there they are.

>> Yo!

>> Judd the stud.

>> Hi!

It's my birthday, so we figured

we would invite you all over for

a pool party.

>> Oh, what are you guys up to,


>> What's going on?

>> We just wanted to come show

some love.

>> We have a few little bitty

birthday treats.

>> I'll go.

>> All right, let's get on.

>> Come on, let's go.

Let's get our boat.

Man, let's have a party.

Danni's birthday today, man.

>> We really just wanted to have

a party.

I mean, we have been here 17

days now, and I'm always big on

birthday parties, so we had to

do something.

>> I don't like these people, so

I don't understand why we're

going over to hang out.

>> I'm with you, man.

>> I'm right there with you.

>> I didn't want to go.

I thought it was stupid.

It's a long way.

It's hot, and I just found it


Why should we go and hang out

with the people that we want to

get rid of?

But, you know, I have to show an

interest in what the tribe wants

to do, so I went.

>> Amy, hey, how you doing?

>> This is nice.

>> What's up, guys?

>> That's nice.

>> How you doing?

>> What's up, man?

>> You guys should sleep out


>> We thought about it.

>> We've got some chocolate.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> How do you have extra


>> Are you serious?

>> Thank you.

Oh, my...

>> Happy birthday.

Thank you.

>> How old are you?

>> This is all for us?

>> Oh, thank you guys so much.

>> Oh, my God, the chocolate.

Like, that was the main reason I

was coming.

They said they had chocolate

for us.

I was like, hell, yeah, I will

go in your pool, and I'll eat

your chocolate.

It was unreal.

>> Unbelievable.

>> That is so good.

>> Aah! Man!

>> Thank you for the invitation.

>> Absolutely.

>> Today is just about a


We're coming together.

I mean, the chief of the tribes

in ancient Mayan times would go

and communicate with each other.

They would sit and they would

smoke, and they would be at war

later on.

>> This is like heaven.

I would just sit here all day.

>> We're not getting out until

we leave, man.

>> Woo!

This is paradise.

>> How old is your oldest


Mine is 39.

>> I was being quiet.

I was figuring everybody out,

whether Amy and Gary were with

them, or were they waiting for a

merge to try and get back with


I was worried that maybe

Stephanie was getting along too

well with other people.

Maybe she would, you know, form

bonds there.

I'm here for business, and

everyone else should be also.

>> We can go now.

>> Thanks for having us.

>> Thank you so much for the

chocolate, you guys.

>> Thank you for inviting us.

>> Bye, guys.

>> Thank you so much.

Jamie is like, hey guys, are you

guys ready? Out of nowhere.

He's like, I think we should

leave soon, and he's like, no, I

kind of want to go now.

>> You are so shady.

>> You are like the shadiest


>> My being quiet?

>> Yeah.

>> Well, I don't care.

I'll like those people after

this game is over, you know.

I think we stayed too long,

because it's getting way too

friendly over here.

It's kind of making me sick,

they were all getting along

so well.

>> I'm still sticking to the

game plan we got, though.

>> Well, we have to.

>> No, I'm not going to stick to

the game plan because we went to

a pool party.

>> Hey, y'all can vote my ass

out if you all want to.

>> Jamie, what is wrong with


>> You said I was being shady.

>> You are, I think you are

losing it in Guatemala.

>> Jamie sometimes, like, freaks

me out.

I just don't understand where

the kid's head is at sometimes.

I'm not going to back down to

somebody like him.

So there could be a clashblac

between he and I, because I,

can't take it.

>> These things are eating this


I almost caught one in my mouth.

>> I think we're going to win

immunity because we have good


And you know what, when we win

immunity, we could have options.

If we don't win immunity, we're

going to have to be for

ourselves, right?

>> It's you or me.

Those three are tight.

>> Right now, there's five of us

in the Yaxha tribe.

Three original Nakum members,

and then Amy and myself, who was

originally Yaxha.

So Brandon, Danni and Bobby Jon

I think were tight when they

came over here.

They might be leaning towards


So Amy is vulnerable if we lose

our next immunity.

>> If we don't freakin' win

immunity, right...

I'll be honest, I'm not going to

lie about anything, I'm just

going to sell myself.

You can lie.

>> I can lie.

>> But I'll kick your ass


I'm going to find you in


I'll put in Gary Hawkins, 46.

It'll come, bing, bing, bing.

Cell phones, address, maps.

I'll call the locals over there.

You can give me the lowdown on

Mr. Gary Hawkins,

ex-professional football player.

>> Ex-professional, yeah, I


>> Yeah.

If you are and I find out after,

I'm going to beat you down like

a stepchild.

>> What do you want me to do?

>> I'm going to beat you...

'cause, I don't care.

>> I know, can I make something


>> I want people to give me

their word.

So I hope Gary doesn't

disappoint me.

If Gary is playing me, I'm going

to kick his ass.

I'm going to kick his ass.

>> Let's just not lose the

immunity, so you don't have to

cut my throat.

I'm trying to keep a straight


I'm trying not to let her read

me, because she thinks she can

read people so well.

But, uh, she'll never find Gary

Hawkins in Grand Haven because

there is no such thing as a Gary

Hawkins in Grand Haven.

So she could be searching for


>> "The history of the ancients

in this place have been


Archaeologists unearthed the

mysteries, but still secrets are


So you'll have to do some

digging to excavate the clues,

fail to put them together first

and one more tribe mate you will


Right now, it's a numbers game.

We need to win this challenge as

a tribe, so if there were a

merge, we've five on five.

>> Are you nervous?

>> In a good way.

>> Yeah, anxious.

>> I'm glad I'm in there.

If we don't win, and if we do

merge, we're going to be in a


We're going to be out-numbered

by two people, and they are just

going to pick us right off.

Today's the biggest day ever.

Bigger than any reward we're

going to see.

Bigger than anything for this


I mean, this is it.

I mean, this is it.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

All right, shall we get to

today's challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Once again, immunity,

back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge will

test your ability to work

together as a team while solving

a puzzle.

Here is how it will work:

Three members from each tribe

are responsible for retrieving

giant puzzle pieces from the

sand pit.

On my go, one at a time, you'll

run out, attempting to find a


Each time you find a piece, you

bring it back, drop it in front

of your mat, and the next person

goes out.

Each person has to make at least

one attempt.

After that, go in any order you


Once you have collected all 12

pieces, two different tribe

members will race to assemble

the puzzle.

It resembles the Maya calendar.

First tribe to get it together

correctly wins immunity and a

one-in-ten-shot at a million


Losers, Tribal Council, somebody

going home.

Nakum, you have one extra

member, you're sitting somebody


Judd sat out the last challenge;

he cannot sit out this one.

>> Lydia.

>> PROBST: Lydia's going to sit


Give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

All right, running for Yaxha, it

is Brandon, Bobby Jon and Danni.

Running for Nakum: Jamie, Judd,


Here we go.

For immunity, Survivors, ready?


Brandon and Jamie first into the


Both quickly get the first


>> Good job, Jamie!

>> PROBST: Judd and Bobby Jon

coming back with the second

pieces for both tribes.

Cindy is the first to start


Danni trying to find a piece she

can handle.

Cindy has got a piece.

They're heavy with that sand.

>> Good job, Cindy.

>> Good job. Good job.

>> PROBST: Cindy dragging back

the third puzzle piece for


Jamie back out.

>> Keep digging, keep digging.

>> PROBST: Danni found a piece,

but she can't lift it.

>> Tag out, Danni.

>> Tag out, Danni.

>> PROBST: Danni gives up.

Brandon back out.

Jamie with the fourth puzzle

piece for Nakum.

Nakum four, Yaxha two.

Brandon coming back with the

third piece for Yaxha.

Judd with the fifth piece

for Nakum.

>> Way to go, Judd.

>> PROBST: Nakum leads 5-3.

Cindy back out in the sand.

Bobby Jon, man-handling a huge

piece for Yaxha.

That's four for Yaxha.

There are only buried pieces


Both tribes are going to have to

dig now.

>> Come on, Cindy.

Good job, Cindy.

There you go.

>> PROBST: Brandon back with

another piece for Yaxha.

Tied, five each.

Cindy with the sixth piece for


Jamie back out.

( grunting )

Bobby Jon has another piece.

Both tribes now with six puzzle


Danni has unearthed one.

>> PROBST: Danni coming back

with the seventh piece for


Brandon back out.

>> Come on, Jamie!

>> PROBST: Brandon has the

eighth piece for Yaxha.

Jamie back with the seventh

piece for Nakum.

Bobby Jon, searching but not

finding anything.

>> Come on, brother!


Judd with the eighth piece for


Jamie back out.

Bobby Jon has another piece.

Yaxha with nine pieces, Nakum

with eight.

Jamie has another piece for


We are tied, both tribes with


Danni with the tenth piece for


Yaxha has two pieces left;

Nakum has three.

Judd and Brandon on top of each


Judd has a big piece.

And it's for Nakum.

>> Keep digging, Brandon.

>> PROBST: Both tribes with ten


Hard to find those last pieces

in all that sand.

Brandon, still looking.

>> Jamie, over to your left,

right down there.

>> PROBST: Jamie has another

piece for Nakum.

>> Right here, Jamie.

Right here.

Jamie just threw the piece right

into Steph's shin.

>> Sorry.

>> PROBST: Nakum with one piece


Yaxha with two pieces left.

>> I can't find it.

Cindy searching for that last

Nakum puzzle piece.

>> Come on, Cindy.

Cindy with the 12th piece for


Nakum is finished.

Nakum can now begin assembling

the puzzle.

Steph and Rafe go to work.

>> Come on, Brandon!

>> PROBST: Brandon with the 11th

piece for Yaxha.

>> Go, go, go.

>> PROBST: Yaxha has one piece

left; Nakum already started

putting the puzzle together.

Bobby Jon, searching for that

last puzzle piece.

Yaxha falling behind.

>> Keep going, Bobby Jon.

>> I got it, I got it.

>> Okay, hurry, hurry.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon with the

final piece for Yaxha.

Gary and Amy, starting to put

the puzzle together.

>> There you go.

>> Good job, Yaxha.

>> PROBST: They've got some time

to make up.

Remaining calm will be the key

to this.

>> Let's see this one.

>> PROBST: Steph and Rafe with a

big advantage for Nakum.

Gary and Amy trying to catch up.

>> That one, right there.

>> Good job, Gary.

>> PROBST: Gary with another

piece for Yaxha.

Nakum making a lot of progress,

puzzle coming together nicely.

>> Yeah, good one.


>> This piece I think goes over


>> There you go.

>> Great, just leave it there.

>> PROBST: Nakum getting closer

and closer.

Yaxha is not that far behind.

>> That one goes right there.

>> PROBST: Very close.

Very close.

>> Help me out, help me out.

>> PROBST: Nakum stuck with

their last few pieces.

Yaxha with only four pieces left

You guys are very close.

You got to move, Gary!

You got to move Amy!

Nakum may have figured it out.

And they have!

Nakum wins immunity!

>> Yes!

( cheering )

>> PROBST: Nakum, unlike in the

reward challenge, you worked

well together this time.

You did not panic.

Immunity is yours; no Tribal

Council tonight.

( cheering )

Yaxha, sadly, for one of you,

day 18 will be your last.

Tribal Council tonight, somebody

going home.

Head on back to camp.

I'll see you at Tribal.

>> It's a devastating loss.

It's a loss for my tribe, and

it's a loss for myself.

I knew going into this, if we

didn't win immunity, I felt that

I had an uphill battle, like I

had that feeling.

>> The one thing, you know, if I

were you, I'd mention to Bobby

Jon and Brandon, there will be a

merge soon, I would think so.

Thing is Danni, I probably could

never outlast anybody here,

or outplay anybody here.

But the biggest attribute that I

can possibly bring, to the

people left here, is to outwit


There is no one better on this

island right here.

>> You know, I would hate to

vote Bobby Jon out, because last

time he didn't get to go to the

merge, you know?

But that's like with anybody,

nobody's had the chance to go.

>> Is that an option?

>> I don't know.

Not going to be asking somebody

like me back.

>> I thought that wasn't fair at

all for both of them to come

back, because it's such a big

advantage for the two of them.

>> The fact that you just said

that, opens another door.

But we bring somebody else with


Could be Gary.

>> When Danni mentioned Bobby

Jon's name, I said, there is my


Nobody wants to vote anybody

off, but Bobby Jon has been here

two times in a row, so I'm

thinking if I can get Gary to do

it and then we get Danni, you

know, that's my last shot,


>> Danni brought up Bobby Jon's


>> Well, here's the deal.

Danni and Brandon are running

the show.

>> You're right.

>> Okay, and if they are looking

for loyalty, I got to show to

them loyalty.

If they decide to go with Bobby

Jon, I am with them.

Danni's your play.

>> I know, but do I have you?

>> If you got Danni, you got me.

>> My angle right now is Gary.

And I got to hope on Danni.

Hopefully, there will be three

votes for Bobby Jon.

It will be a miracle, but I have

had miracles in the past, so I

won't be giving up on that.

( thunder rumbles )

>> This feels worse than it felt

in Palau, right now.

>> What, the nervousness or?

>> I'm just so close, man,

you know, but you just ain't

there, and getting close.

This situation doesn't count.

You know, I might get voted out


I'm going to feel real, real bad

off if I don't make... make the


But you know what?

That's life, bro.

>> I want to make it to the


To me that would be a lifelong

dream come true.

>> Nobody gets second chances.

And I have been given one,

and I just don't want to blow


( thunder rumbles )

>> This is definitely the

hardest decision, and I want to

make sure we're all together on


Hey, cowboys.

I don't want any of them to

go home.

And, um... I don't know what to


>> God, I was... hoping it

wouldn't come to this, you know?

>> Yeah.

Bobby Jon and Stephanie had a

chance to play this game before,

and none of us have.

>> Yeah, like, she is probably

more deserving being here than

Bobby Jon, and that's what has

been getting to me, you know?

Because you form alliances and

then you end up voting out

people that may deserve to be

here more than other people that

are in your alliance.

>> Right.

>> I'm somewhat conflicted

because here I have my alliance

with Bobby Jon and everything,

but I believe that these other

people, you know, Gary and Amy,

maybe, deserve to be here a

little bit more than he does

because he has already had his


This is probably the most

complicated spot I have been in

the game, and it's really taking

a toll on my mind.

You getting that rain past us?

I mean, it doesn't say in

Survivor rules' that you have t

deceive, manipulate, cheat.

You don't even have to make


You are doing this stuff, why?

So you can get one step closer

to a million dollars, and it's

like you're selling your soul or


>> PROBST: So, Danni, Day 18,

seven people are gone, you're

still here.

It's got to feel fairly good at

this point.

>> Well, nothing feels really

good today.

I mean, to have to come to

Tribal Council tonight because

we've all bonded so well, it


>> PROBST: Gary, what is

different today than was

different the last time you guys

came to Tribal Council?

>> I think this group that we

have here is so tight just

because the energy, the attitude

and how close we have gotten

after competing as hard as we

can and going through some tough

times and going through some

great times.

>> PROBST: Amy, how would you

characterize this experience so

far, 18 days in?

>> This is the bomb, right here.

I went through things that I

will never experience anywhere

else, you know?

You get to know these people.

You go through tough times and

you bond together.

I mean, I love these guys.

>> PROBST: Brandon, when you

come to Tribal Council, you are

voting someone out.

You are sending them home.

It's over, torch out, bye-bye.

>> As ugly as that.

>> PROBST: How much more

difficult is that for you than

you anticipated?

>> It's a lot more difficult

than I anticipated.

The hardest part is justifying

why you voted them out.

Everything comes into


You're like, okay, okay, I made

alliances, and this person is

not my alliance, got to vote

them out.

On the other hand, you think

maybe a person in your alliance

may not be as deserving to stay

in this game, I mean, really

shouldn't you keep the person

that is deserving?

>> PROBST: Danni, did you

anticipate this dilemma of

"deserving" because of how they

play versus "deserving" because

I gave them the word?

>> Oh, I mean, yeah, I know that

is how it goes.

I feel it is just part of the


But giving your word and keeping

it sometimes is going to be hard

in this game.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon, what do

you do when you come to Tribal

Council and you don't want to

vote anybody out?

Do you look at every person and

say they are valuable, or is it

simply alliances, what is it?

>> My only answer would be what

kind of deal did you make with

somebody on day two, on day

three, on day four.

For Bobby Jon, that's the only

answer I have.

I don't know about the other

guys, but that's my answer.

>> PROBST: Well, right or wrong,

it is time to vote.

Bobby Jon, you are up.

>> You know, Amy, you're the

strongest, most real human being

I have ever met in my entire

life, my entire life.

I won't ever meet anybody more

real than you, ever.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote, Amy.

Bobby Jon.

One vote: Amy; one vote: Bobby


Amy-- that's two Amy.

>> Eighth person voted out of

Survivor: Guatemala: Amy.

That's three and that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> Play cool, guys.

>> PROBST: Amy, the tribe has


Time for you to go.

Well, I am convinced after

tonight's Tribal Council that

you really have become a close

group, and, hopefully, that will

help you because you are about

to embark on a new challenge.

The four of you will not go back

to your camp.

You will go directly to Nakum's


You and Nakum are no longer two

tribes; you're going to merge

into one new tribe.

All of your personal items, all

the rewards you've won will be


These are your new buffs.

You guys are responsible for

taking these buffs, delivering

them, handing them out.

And the ten of you need to

decide on a new tribe name.

Whole new game.

Grab your torches, head out.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on Survivor

Nakum awakes to a big surprise.

>> What's going on?

What happened?

>> Merge, baby, merge.

>> PROBST: The Survivors must

choose their fate.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> PROBST: And tempers flare at

the new tribe.

>> I don't care what you do.

>> Dude, shut up, man.

Shut up, man. I can't listen to

you right now.

>> I'm very proud of myself

getting this far.

You look down at your soul here

out in Guatemala.

You have absolutely nothing, and

I have learned a tremendous

amount of things I never knew

about myself, and I will

continue to learn about myself

after this journey is over, when

I get home. I made some

great friends, and I had a great

time, and, uh, I wouldn't want