Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 13 - Big Win, Big Decision, Big Mistake? - full transcript

One castaway who wins a car must decide if they believe in the "car curse."

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously

on Survivor:

>> Now that there are six of us

left, I'm next to have my head

chopped off.

>> PROBST: Danni felt vulnerable

but remained optimistic.

>> This perfect little alliance

is going to have to start

breaking up.

I'm definitely not going down

without a fight.

>> PROBST: Sold!

The survivors participated in an


>> $180.

>> $200.

>> Sold.

And Danni outbid the others for

a secret clue that could help

her at the next immunity


It needs to remain sealed.

We'll deal with it when you get

to the next challenge.

>> Okay.

( gasping )

>> PROBST: The last item offered

up was an overnight visit with a

loved one.

>> $60, $70, $880.

>> PROBST: Judd bought a night

with his wife, Kristin.

Judd, you have purchased the

right to invite two other loved

ones to camp with you as well.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Yes!

>> Cindy, without a doubt, and

I'm going to take my Jersey girl

with me.

>> PROBST: Cindy's sister Mindy

and Stephenie's boyfriend

Michael joined them.

Danni, Rafe, and Lydia were

exiled from the group and forced

to spend the night at the old

Yaxha camp.

>> This is lake water that we

got boil.

>> PROBST: While the loved ones

got a taste of camp life.

At the old Yaxha camp, Danni and

Rafe strategized.

>> We just need to catch Judd in

some kind of lie, so that we can

show Steph...

>> The only person I really feel

like I can't trust now is Rafe.

I'm important to have around for

him because they have to see '05

as the threat.

>> PROBST: The next morning,

Danni, Rafe, and Lydia returned

to camp and the loved ones said

their good-byes.

>> Bye-bye, you guys!

>> PROBST: Before the immunity

challenge, Lydia tried to ally

herself with Judd, while Danni

listened in.

In a mental challenge for

immunity, Danni used her secret

clue from the auction.

>> "Switch positions with any


I'm going to switch with Steph.

>> PROBST: The clue paid off

when Danni beat out Steph.

Danni wins immunity.

You are safe tonight at Tribal


Danni's next move was to target

Judd by exposing his earlier


>> I'd like to believe Judd, but

he's already been caught in

quite a few lies, and Danni

really hasn't lied at all.

>> PROBST: Danni's maneuvering


Judd and Cindy were taken by

surprise when Stephenie, Rafe,

Lydia and Danni banded together

and voted out Judd.

>> Thanks, guys.

Hope you guys all get bit by a

freaking crocodile.


>> PROBST: Judd, the tribe has


Five are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

( theme song playing )

>> It was just really hard for

me, because I had been really

close to him.

But as he spoke.

>> Scumbags?

>> Scumbags, and hopes we get

eaten by crocodiles.

I mean, he almost started to

turn into Jamie a little bit.

>> He was pissed.

>> Judd got voted out tonight,

completely blindsided.

Stephenie and Rafe broke that

alliance, and I had been praying

for a crack in that alliance.

>> Cindy, I wanted to tell you

so bad.

>> You didn't have to tell me,

but, you know, to talk to me,

and then you could tell by a

conversation with me, which way

I'm leaning.

I thought we were voting out

Lydia, and that was our plan

for, you know, the past few

days, but, apparently, I was not

privileged to the information.

>> Judd's gone tonight, and

you're still here.

Like, you know, I mean, it

wasn't like I was making a

decision whether to vote you


>> I just don't want to follow

in Jamie and Judd's footsteps,

but the pattern makes me


You didn't tell Judd that you

were voting out Jamie, and now

Jamie is gone, and then you

didn't tell me that you were

voting out Judd, and now Judd is

gone, so then where does that

put me?

Next thing you know, I'm going

to be gone.

>> No, it could be any of us.

>> I know it could be, but I see

a little pattern there, and it

makes me uncomfortable.

Judd is gone, and I'm still

here, so I'm going to have to

deal with it... move on.

>> How fitting is this that

you're the only guy left?

>> It's hilarious.

And the hardest survivor ever,

it's the gay guy and four women

in the final five.

>> All the boys pretty much are

on the jury.

>> I'm the last man standing.

I'm sitting around camp with

four girls, and I'm really


It's like Rafe's Angels around


>> Things we're not going to

miss about Guatemala.

>> Naked Judd.

( laughter )

It's kind of like when Judd is

voted out, that the cool kid

kind of left the class, and now

we can all be like a little

bit dorkier, a little bit more


( laughter )

>> Make yourselves cross-eyed.

>> Ooh, that's very disturbing.

( laughter )

>> I know.

>> No, not quite.

>> What am I doing?

>> You're just opening them

really wide.

You're like....

( chuckling )

>> Rafe, he's a real gentle type

of a male, and he fits right in

with us, so we're looking at him

as one of the girls.

>> Justin Timberlake was

Backstreet, right?

>> 'NSync.

>> He's hot.

>> Yeah, he is.

♪ My one desire

Tell me why... ♪

In all honesty, even though

these four women are here, and

they could easily vote me out,

on a close, personal level, I

have a really personal

friendship with all four of the

people left in this game.

And, you know, that's the thing

that I'm hoping will get me to

the end.

( gasps )

>> Oh, my gosh!

>> Oh...

>> Oh, my gosh!

You guys!

Here, read it.

>> Shut the hell up!

Oh, God!

That's it.

>> That is insane, you guys.

>> One of us is going to own a

car today.

>> Oh, my God!

>> This might be one of the best

tree mails yet.

It looks like the reward is

going to be a car.

>> It's just a car key.

>> And I personally have never

had my own car.

So, I'm in desperate need of a


>> Lydia, look.

>> And they're trying to win a


>> My gosh!

I haven't really won anything,

so I just have this crazy

feeling that this might be my


This one's for my son.

He's 17 years old.

This is for him.

I'm going to have to work real

hard for it.

>> I know.

>> Could you imagine?

>> This is not a good time for

me to try to not chew my nails.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

>> Wow.

>> Wow.

>> This is crazy.

>> PROBST: We haven't even got

to the challenge and everybody's

already smiling.

( laughter )

All right, today's challenge is

for reward, and it's called

"Second Chance," because that's

exactly what it is, a second

chance at some of the challenges

from the past.

On my go, all five of you will

race across a balance beam,

untying three sets of mckannas

as you go.

The first three to cross the

finish line with all of their

mckannas move to the next round.

For the next round, you will use

those mckannas to attempt to

break a single tile, 30 feet


The first two to break their

tile, move on to the last round.

For the final round, you must

solve a puzzle based on the Maya


Once you solve the puzzle, you

hop in the cart.

Use the machete to chop the rope

which will release the cart and

send you racing down to the


First one to the finish wins


I think you know what you're

playing for.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: 2006 Pontiac


>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: The winner gets the


You will drive away and head

down to an archaeologist's camp,

where we've set up a barbecue


>> Oh, my God.

Steak, sausage, eggs, veggies, a

couple of bottles of rum.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: You will spend the

night, return to camp in the


>> Oh, my gosh!

>> PROBST: Worth playing for?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Here we go.

First three to cross the finish

line with all of their mckannas

moves on to the next round.

Survivors ready.


Steph off to a quick start.

Already untying.

Everybody at their first


Balance, patience; if you fall

off the beam, you must go back

to the start.

Steph, making good progress.

Steph and Cindy and Danni.

Danni almost falls off.

Rafe has his.

Lydia has hers.

Steph at work on the next set of


Lydia crawling up to it.

Steph has her second set of


Danni right behind.

Cindy right in it.

It's Steph, Danni, and Cindy.

Steph falls off.

She's got to go back to the


It's now Danni and Cindy.

And here comes Rafe.

Lydia falls off, back to the


Cindy teetering.

Hanging on.

Rafe falls off.

Rafe back to the start.

Suddenly Steph's back in it.

Three people moving on.

Cindy falls off.

She's got to go back to the


Steph back in it.

Lydia falls off and back to the


Danni on her last knot.

Steph getting close.

Danni has hers untied.

She's going to make a run for


She's got to stay on.

Danni's across.

Danni moving on.

Cindy's across.

Cindy moving on.

There's one spot left.

It's Rafe and Steph.

Steph with a bit of a lead on

the knots.

Rafe catching up.

Steph has hers free.

Steph, third person moving on.

Here we go.

First two to break their tile

move on to the final round.

Ready, aim, fire!

Ready, aim, fire!

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Danni nicks a tile.

Doesn't break it.

Ready, aim, fire!

Cindy, obliterates her tile.

Cindy moving on the to final.

Down to Danni and Steph.

Next one to break their tile

moves on to the final round.

Ready, aim, fire!

Steph breaks her tile!

Steph and Cindy in the final.

We are down to Cindy and Steph.

2006 Pontiac Torrent on the

line, along with a big feast and

a night away from camp.

Survivors ready.


Cindy has her bag open.

So does Steph.

Both Steph and Cindy working on

the puzzle.

It's based on the Maya calendar.

You should know that calendar by


You've done this challenge


Steph making good progress on

her puzzle.

Cindy right behind.

Cindy working on that outer edge

of the puzzle.

Steph working from left to


Making some progress.

Two different strategies on

putting this puzzle together.

Cindy very close.

Cindy on her last piece.

She has it.

Cindy's good.

She's in her cart.

>> Go, Cindy.

>> PROBST: She has it!

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: Cindy with the ride

of her life.

Cindy wins reward!

>> Whoo-hoo!

>> PROBST: Here are the keys.

>> Oh, my gosh!

>> PROBST: To the 2006 Pontiac


You've also won a barbecue


And the right to invite one

person to join you on that


But before you answer... you may

or may not know, but in ten

seasons of Survivor, the person

who has won the car reward has

never, ever won the game.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Some people, the

superstitious kind, believe it

is the curse of the car.

So, I'm going to give you a

chance to get rid of that curse

right now, perhaps change your

destiny in this game.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: If you want, you can

give up your car and instead

each of the other four will get

a Pontiac Torrent.

>> Oh!

Oh, my God!

>> Oh, my God!

>> Oh... my God!

>> Oh, my God!

>> Oh, my God!

>> You've got to be kidding me.

>> PROBST: What's it going to

be, Cindy?

>> I normally don't believe in

superstitions, but I also want

them to have cars.

I also believe in making the

impossible possible, which means

screw the curse.

I can win the car and the

million dollars if I play my

cards right and if I do my best.

>> PROBST: Tough decision.

You gotta make a decision right


What's it going to be?

>> I think I'm going to say...

I would love to give everyone a

car... but I'm here to beat the

odds, and so far I have.

( clapping )

>> Good job, Cindy.

>> PROBST: Who's going on the

reward with you?

You will take one person with


The other three will stay back

at camp.

>> Normally in the game of

Survivor, if you come in

second, it'll get you nothing,

but today it's gonna get

Stephenie a reward with me.

>> PROBST: Stephenie, come on


>> Have fun, guys.

>> Thank you.

I would have kept the car.

>> PROBST: Cindy, go check out

your new car.

Steph, you're riding with her.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Cindy, this is beautiful!

Be happy!

>> There's no guarantees in this

game, and giving people cars

doesn't mean they're gonna say

give her a million bucks.

>> Exactly.

>> PROBST: Fire it up.

>> We love you.

>> Bye, guys.

>> A really nice car!

( clapping, cheering )

>> This s a freaking sweet car,


>> I'm just, like, looking


My mind is still just reeling

that this is even, you know,

taking place, and I just won--

first of all, I won a reward;

second of all, I won a reward

that was a freaking car!

♪ Driving around in my

automobile... ♪

>> Stephenie was just like, oh,

my gosh, overwhelmed with

enthusiasm for me.

>> This is beautiful!

Well, this zookeeper does.

>> She seemed to really

appreciate what this meant to


I don't think I've ever been

that happy in my whole life.

>> How cool was it to see three

chiquitas at the finish

line? Oh, my God!

>> Chicks rule.

>> It was awesome.

>> I was just like, man, chicks

rule in this game.

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, look at the lake.

Love this.

>> My God!

>> I'm so happy for you.

So we pulled up to the

archeological site, and there

was an archaeologist guy sitting

there, waiting for us.

>> Hey, guys.

>> Hello.

>> My name is Federico Farson.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> And this is the Yaxha

Archaeological Campsite.

I know you're hungry and tired,

but we've got lots of good

things for you.

>> Yay!

>> Food over here.

There's meat,

there's vegetables, there's rum.

Enjoy it.

I'll be back in a while, you

know after you have...

>> Come have a drink with us.

>> Yeah, I will.

>> Thank you. Nice to meet you.

>> Oh, my God.

Gosh, look at all that meat.

More meat than we've seen in 30-

some days.

>> Yeah, it is.

I'm so excited.

To your new car.

>> Thank you.

>> Cheers to that.

>> Thank you.

>> Never in Survivor has the

winner of the car ever won the

million dollars.

So they, like, call it the

Survivor curse of the cars.

Oh, my gosh, they're going to be

so jealous, they're going to

vote us out right away.

It was really hard because you

look at all the four people,

and you're thinking, when in my

life will I ever have the

capacity to give four

people new cars?

Like, I don't know anybody who

has the ability to do that.

Maybe Oprah.

If you win, you win.

>> Yeah, why should you feel


>> I don't know.

>> I think at this point, there

are no guarantees.

They're not going to give you a

million dollars because you

gave them a car.

So I took the car, and I don't

think anybody was bitter about

it at all.

>> I was, like, shocked.

I just couldn't believe that

that was the decision Cindy


For me, that didn't seem like a


It was, like, you have to give

the car to the four other


Like, there was nothing else I

would have done.

Like, I never would have taken

the car for myself.

I was standing there, and I'm

going like, oh, my gosh.

This is so sad for Cindy.

She deserves that so much.

>> Uh-huh.

>> And now she has to give it

up, because there's, like, no

other choice.

>> Yeah, yeah, that's exactly

what I was thinking.

I was like, oh, no.

You know, I was just like, you

know, oh, my God.

I actually thought Cindy would

do it, because I would have done

it in a heartbeat.

Because you would have four

people who were very happy with


>> In my mind I'm thinking:

"Cindy, keep the car, you

deserve it.

You won it rightfully," you


>> She needed a car.

>> Yeah.

>> I was just thinking, like,

four people can have a car, or

one... you know what I mean?

I know that if Cindy had decided

to give the four of us cars,

there's no way on earth I could

vote her out at the next Tribal


But now you never know what's

going to happen.

>> My God, this is so good.

That steak is unreal.

That good?

>> Mmmm-hmmm.

( chuckles )

Hello there.

>> How was dinner?

>> It was so good.

There's so much to eat.

>> We have lots of leftovers to


>> Federico came back after we

had cooked our food, and he sat

down and told us story after

story about the Mayans and

the ruins and answered


>> They really ate that corn all

the time?

>> All the time.

Corn is the basic food of the

Maya then and the Maya now.

>> Oh.

>> He's a real-life

archaeologist, which to me, very


>> Yasha means green-blue.

>> That was our color, yeah.

>> And Yaxha means water.

So green-blue water is the lake

right there.

>> Oh, okay.

>> All the while, I'm listening

to his stories, and right behind

me, every time I turn my head,

out of the corner of my eye, I

can see this car sitting there

that's mine.

I get to keep that.

>> So nice to meet you.

>> Bye-bye.

>> Thank you so much.

♪ ♪

>> Look how cute that is.

Oh, my God!

Oh, there's candles!

And blankets.

>> How pretty is this?

>> Um, I've just been thinking,

I really like Danni, but I

really don't want to chance it.

>> And lose to her.

>> Right.

If she went further than me,

that would suck, or you or Rafe.

>> Danni?

>> Yeah, because, like, we were

the ones that came in with the


>> And we had the chance to get

to get rid of her and we didn't.

>> A number of times.

I mean, all it would take would

be me, you, and Lydia, but I

would like to include Rafe.

>> I think he'd be willing

to go.

I mean, it guarantees you

another day in the game.

I was able to spend a lot of

time with Stephenie and find out

what the heck was going on.

If we beat each other, that's

one thing, but she would beat us


>> And we'd look like total


We came up with the concept that

Danni was our biggest threat at

this point.

So, we should try to take Danni

out next.

Danni is just like the rest of


She's gonna come on stronger

by the day because the stakes

are higher.

>> Nobody promised her anything.

We'll bring it up to Rafe, see

how he feels.

>> I would think that Rafe would

understand someone as a physical


>> Yeah, well, Rafe's a smart


Hope he finally gets it.

>> Hi, guys!

>> Oh, my God!

( indistinct chatter )

>> So early.

>> Cindy, did you drive it okay?

>> Yeah, it drives so nice.

>> It drives so nice.

>> Like, I can't believe that

that car handles that way.

The suspension and everything is

so nice.

I mean, you barely even felt the


I was just like, this is like a

freaking luxury vehicle.

>> I really never expected I

would own a brand-new vehicle in

my entire life.

Like, every time I go out to get

in it, anybody who's with me,

I'm just going to be, like, you

like my car?

I love the way the tires are

shaped, and I love the way the

taillights look.

>> That's why I asked.

It's cute that Cindy is

really, really excited about the

car, but at the same time, I

think it's grating on people a

little bit.

>> I've never really never for

once ever in my life ever

considered that I would own a

brand-new vehicle.

I mean, the thought never

crossed my mind.

>> You can only hear so much

about something that everyone

else could have had, too.

>> You never expect stuff like


>> Like, if you can't read that

body language, um, no one

listening when you're talking

about the car, you know, it's

probably best to stop that talk.

>> There's no guarantee that

you're going to win.

I really don't think winning a

car has anything to do with it.

>> No.

>> You have a brand-new, nice-

smelling vehicle.

>> It was so unexpected.

They were excited to hear about

the car.

Everyone seemed to think that

choosing the car and the reward

for myself was the right thing

to do.

No one, um, seemed to have any

qualms about it at all.

>> She's so happy about the car.

I mean, that's all she talked

about was the car.

>> Really?

>> She felt bad.

Now, I'm like, why are you going

to feel bad?

Why are you going to give the

car up?

>> Yeah, well, see, Danni and I

both thought that she was.

>> So did I.

She was considering it.

>> I... I didn't-- Danni and I

both thought there wasn't any

other option than to give up the


>> What do you mean?

>> Like, if they had asked me

that, like, there's no way I

would have kept it.

>> Really? Why?

>> No way.

Because it's like four of you

guys could have a car.

>> You thought you had to give

it up?

>> Not that you had to, but I

just... I would have.

>> Really?!

I didn't think anybody would


That's a tough decision.

>> Yeah.

>> I don't think I would have

done it.

I could not believe he said, "I

would have gave the other four

the car."

I was like... no way.

Seriously, sometimes I just feel

like Rafe does try to play the

martyr a little bit.

That was like the first time

Rafe and I have ever disagreed

the whole game.

Wow, that's surprising.

I don't think I would have.

>> I would have in like a


>> But a car when you don't have


Lydia, you would have given up

the car?

>> I think Cindy made the right


>> Yeah.

>> The only thing that I was

thinking about is the fact that

you can give four other people

a car, and it seems like

everyone else was thinking about

what they could have.

So, it kind of made me think

like, am I playing this game too

nicely right now?

Like, should I be playing this

game a little bit harder than I


( bird squawking )

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Hello, everybody.

>> Hello.

>> So, tell me about the

reward, Cindy.

How did it go?

>> It was overwhelming.

We had, you know, some yummy

food, and all the while that

we're cooking and eating, I

could see out of the

corner of my eye that car

sitting there, and to know how

awesome it is and that it's


>> PROBST: All right, you ready

to get to today's immunity


First things first, give it up,


>> Oh, gosh.

>> Looks good on you.

>> PROBST: Once again, immunity

back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're

each going to begin attached to

one long piece of rope, which is

wound around a series of poles.

Your goal is to unwind enough

rope to reach the finish line.

In addition, your hands and your

feet will be shackled.

On my "go," you'll reach for ten


Use one of the keys to unlock

your hands.

Once your hands are free, you'll

move on to the next pole where

you'll unlock your rope and

unwind it from that pole.

When you reach the last lock,

you will also release one final


That will unshackle your feet.

If you think you've untangled

enough rope, sprint to your

flag pole.

First person to the finish to

release their tribe flag wins

immunity-- guaranteed a spot

in the final four.


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: We'll draw first

spots, and we'll get started.

Here we go.

For immunity and a guaranteed

spot in the final four,

survivors ready?


First thing you have to do is

unlock your hands.

There are ten keys, not all of

them work.

Steph finds her key very


Off to a lead.

Rafe right behind.

Working on their second locks.

Steph and Rafe.

Cindy, Danni, Lydia, still

searching for that first key

to get their hands free.

Cindy's now free.

She's working on her second


Danni and Lydia still not free.

Steph has her second lock


Cindy has her second lock


Now begins the unwinding of the


Hopping over rope, crawling

through and around a pole.

Cindy hopping around.

It's Cindy and Steph in the


Rafe still working on his second


Lydia has her hands free.

She's at her second lock.

Danni has her hands free.

Everybody's free.

Steph with a bit of a lead.

Cindy trying to catch up.

Rafe trying to get in it.

Steph working on her third lock.

Cindy moving slowly with those

legs shackled.

Rafe trying to catch up.

Danni and Lydia still behind.

Steph on her third lock.

Cindy now working on her third


It's Steph and Cindy.

Rafe trying to get enough slack

to get his feet over and not

fall over.

Lydia has her second lock


She's back in it.

Lydia moving quickly through

these ropes.

Steph still working on her third


Lydia is now at her third lock.

Cindy at her third lock.

Rafe now at his third lock.

Danni has her second lock


Steph's been at her lock for a

long time, trying key after key.

Everybody's still in it.

Who's going to find the key


Steph has her lock undone.

Steph now moving towards her

fourth and final lock.

Cindy has her third lock undone.

She's in it.

Steph working on her fourth and

final lock.

Rafe's in it.

He's got his third lock undone.

Steph has her final lock undone.

She has the final key.

She's got to unshackle her feet.

Steph, very close.

Cindy not giving up.

Steph, unshackles her feet,

Cindy racing, Rafe's back in it.

Steph getting as much rope as

she can, taking off to the


Got to reach the flag and

release it.

Will she have enough?

Steph just short.

She's got a knot, trying to undo


Cindy in her final lock.

If she can get it open in time,

she's got a shot.

Steph did not have enough rope.

Still doesn't have enough rope.

She's got another knot to undo.

Cindy fighting to get back in


Steph within a couple of feet.

Will she have enough rope?

Guaranteed spot in the final

four if she does.

Cindy is at her final lock,

can't get it open.

Steph releases the last knot.

Will this be enough?

Steph wins immunity!

Guaranteed spot in the final


>> Oh, my God, finally I won


>> PROBST: Is this your first

individual win?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Steph, you've come a

long way from day one when you

weren't sure you'd make it

through the first Tribal


With this, you're guaranteed a

spot in the final four.

>> Good job, Stephenie.

>> Good job, Stephenie.

>> PROBST: Rafe, Cindy, Danni,

Lydia, 36 long days about to

come to an end for one of you


Tribal Council should be a very

interesting afternoon.

Grab your stuff, head back to

camp, I'll see you at Tribal.

♪ ♪

>> Way to go, Steph.

Your family is going to be so

proud of you.

( indistinct chatter )

Day 36.

Mark it on your torch.

>> I know.

>> 36.

>> Cindy, you were right behind

me, right?

>> Didn't get the right key.

>> I finally won individual


It's the most amazing feeling,

like, ever.

I just guaranteed myself a spot

in the final four, and I did

not think I was going to get

past the first Tribal Council in

the game.

>> I really feel like I can

trust Rafe.

He said that he wouldn't vote

for me.

I don't know, you can't really

trust anybody out here, but he

seems to be a pretty honest guy,

so hopefully I'll be okay


If I somehow win immunity or

something happens, I will.

>> Danni promised me she'd take

me to the final two.

That's a huge degree of security

at the end of a crazy, crazy


I think it's definitely possible

that people could want to get

rid of Danni at this point, but

nothing could really change my

mind about voting out Cindy.

You know, the reward challenge

was the first thing where I

stepped back and was, like,


Maybe I'm not going to be

Cindy's biggest fan.

It will come down to my powers

of persuasion here, but I'm

pretty sure that I can convince

Steph we should vote out Cindy.

>> You do?

>> For sure.

You know what I mean?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah, but now if I vote off

Cindy, there's another vote,

I'm not going to get Jamie's,

Judd's or Cindy's, if I get the


>> Wait. Did you make a deal

with Cindy?

>> No.

I mean, I told her that I was

pretty sure that we were

sticking together, me and you

and her.

It seems like Rafe is leaning

towards getting rid of Cindy,

and I told him I felt

really bad because we already

turned on Judd, and Cindy is in

our alliance, and now we're

going to be turning on Cindy,

and now I don't know if this is

gonna make me look worse,

because Cindy just took me on

a reward, and this might be

another vote I could lose when

it comes time for the jury.

But the same time, she's a huge

threat in this game, and she

knows it, and she has a car at


So, I don't know what's going to

happen. I don't know.

Earlier today, I was, like...

talking about, Danni, right?

And he's like, "I was," but

he's like, " We kind of think

that Cindy is a bigger threat

because he'd rather go up

against Danni.

For some reason, they think

like you're this huge threat.

Right, well he knows that,


>> When I was on the reward

Stephenie, we talked about

eliminating Danni, but now I

know Rafe is more of a threat

than anyone, so if I could get

rid of Rafe, I think that would

be to my benefit.

I think the girls were having a

much better shot at, you know,

winning this.

Danni, just so you know, voting

me out tonight, you're keeping

in your strongest competitor

right there.

He's going to beat you guys in

all the challenges.

I know you guys think I'm a

threat because I've won a couple

of them, but he's just going to

beat you guys in the challenges

and then vote you out.

>> I know he's the strongest.

>> He can beat any of us in the


We already know that.

>> Yeah.

There's nothing he can't do.

Smartest thing would be to

eliminate him.

Have all girls go to the final


>> PROBST: I'll now bring in the

members of our jury.

Bobby John, Jamie, Gary and

Judd, voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

Okay, it's day 36.

There are five of you left.

Steph's going to be one of the

final four.

One other person is going home


Rafe, what was the mood like at

camp this afternoon?

>> I think everyone's feeling

threatened right now.

Except Steph, who has the

immunity idol, and there's four

guys in a row on the jury, and

I'm the last guy here, so I

certainly was feeling threatened

around camp today, too.

>> PROBST: Danni, what is the

temperature back at camp, in

terms of paranoia, or stick to

whatever plan you have?

>> Well, I felt uneasy since the

merge because, number-wise, I've

always been the odd man out, so

I always feel worried.

I mean, I'm so lucky to be here,

I mean, to be if the final five.

>> PROBST: Cindy, at the reward

challenge, you win the car

reward, and I tell you that in

ten seasons, the person who has

won that reward has never won

the game, and I give you a

chance to give it up and get rid

of that curse, and also gain

favor by giving everybody else a


You say no, I'm keeping it, and

I'm going to win the game.

Still feel confident you can

break that curse, keep that car

and win the million bucks?

>> Well, I don't feel like I

made the wrong decision because

in this game, there's no


They could very likely vote you

out the next day after you gave

them a car, then you're left

with nothing.

So I thought the curse thing was

silly, that if you win the car,

you're not going to win a

million dollars.

The curse is being a strong

competitor and winning thing,

regardless of what it is, a car,

a pile of cookies, whatever it


If you are a tough competitor,

that's your curse.

I don't think it has anything to

do with the car.

So, I'm totally content with the

decision that I made.

I think I made the right one.

>> PROBST: Who here do you think

is-is competitive?

Who else should have a target on

their back?

>> As far as the competition, I

think Rafe is the one that

people should be most concerned


We all have seen him win

challenge after challenge,

whether it's physical or mental,

so he's good at everything, and

people like him.

So, there you go.

That's the complete package.

>> PROBST: Okay, Steph, you have

the immunity necklace, just to

make sure-- you're keeping it?

>> I'm keeping it.

>> PROBST: Okay, Steph is the

only person you cannot vote for.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Cindy, you're up.

>> You're just a tough

competitor in all walks of

competition, and, dang it,

people just like you.

>> What a terrific person you

are, but you're very athletic,

very competitive and very

intelligent, and I'm voting with

the tribe.

>> Cindy, I've always known

you'd vote whichever way the

wind was blowing in a game where

I'm the biggest threat and it's

always blowing towards me.

I have to vote you out.

I love you, though.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Rafe.


One vote Cindy, one vote Rafe.


Two votes Cindy, one vote Rafe.

14th person voted out of

Survivor: Guatemala, Cindy.

That's three votes.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> I'll think about you guys

when I see the stars through my

sunroof of my new car.

>> PROBST: Cindy, the tribe has


It's time for you to go.

You've made it to the final


Over the next three days, you

will have three Tribal Councils,

two immunity challenges, one


Grab your torches, head back to

camp. Good night.

( theme song playing )

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


With only three days left....

>> I'm not going to give up.

>> PROBST: Everything is on the


>> I have a chance to win a

million dollars.

>> I'm going to give them hell.

I'm so nervous.

>> PROBST: The 15th person voted

out of Survivor: Guatemala.

Join us for the two-hour finale

and find out who will be the

sole survivor.

>> I think the one thing I'll

miss the most is the sounds of

the jungle.

The cicadas, the birds, the

howler monkeys, the frogs that

literally is nature's orchestra.

So, yeah, I didn't win the

million bucks, but I've got

memories that are priceless.

There are no dollar signs on

things that I'm gonna have in my

head, my heart, as a result of