Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 14 - Thunder Storms & Sacrifice - full transcript

With only three days left, the Final Four face off in an intense battle to make it to the end.

>> JEFF PROBST: 36 days ago

among the ruins of an ancient

civilization, 16 Americans began

the adventure of a lifetime.

Their first surprise came in the

form of two previous castaways.

Bobby Jon and Stephenie, the

last remaining members of their

tribe in Palau return to compete

one more time.

>> What's up, guys?

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon joined

Nakum and Stephenie joined


>> My main fear coming into the

game was maybe they just want to

get rid of me.

>> PROBST: Survivors ready.


Immediately they faced their

first reward challenge, an 11-

mile race through the jungles of


It lasted through the night...

>> Wait please.

>> PROBST: And into the next


>> We need to, like, get right

on their asses.

>> PROBST: Though both tribes

pushed themselves to the


>> Oh, yeah!

>> PROBST: was Nakum that

crossed the finish line first

winning flint and the better

tribe camp.

But their victory came at a high


>> How you doing?

>> Huh?

>> His eyes are rolling back.

Bobby Jon?

>> These big strong guys, strong

as ox's and they are all down.

>> PROBST: At the first immunity

challenge the Yaxha tribe made a


Yaxha wins immunity!

...sending Nakum to

their first Tribal Council where

Jim, the most ailing of the men,

was voted out.

The tribes continued to fight

hard at the challenges.

Temperature update: 114 degrees.

And Yaxha's comeback proved

short-lived when they lost

Morgan and Brianna in back-to-

back Tribal Councils.

On day 10, the tribes were


Drop your buffs.

>> Oh, my god.

>> PROBST: Gary, Brian and Amy

found themselves outnumbered

three to four on the new Yaxha


>> We are decimated here.


>> PROBST: And at Nakum,

Stephenie and Jamie mixed things

up when they immediately bonded

with Judd.

>> You know when you have a

natural click.

>> Yeah, you can you feel it.

>> Go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Amy is down!

The rivalry between the tribes


And intertribal conflicts boiled


>> She comes to camp; "You have

ADD. Do you know that?"

When you first meet somebody is

that something nice to say?

>> This is what it's like to try

to talk to him.

>> You should just shut up.

>> PROBST: Nakum lost Brooke and


And Yaxha lost Blake, Brian and


On night 18, the tribes merged.

>> We have new buffs for you.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Merge, baby, merge.

>> PROBST: And tree mail brought

news of a small immunity idol

hidden in the jungle.

>> There's an immunity idol

about this big in a

jungle that's this big.

>> PROBST: At the first

individual immunity challenge, a

tribe divide was exposed when

some members of the former Nakum

tribe chose to sit out and feast

while the former Yaxha's all

played for their lives.

>> Brianna and Bobby Jon know

they have a chance of going home


>> I thought we were one tribe.

>> You know it's not one tribe,

so why are you saying that right


>> Because I can and I will and

I want to.

>> PROBST: The tension between

the two former tribes didn't

ease at Tribal Council.

>> Somebody is sitting there

saying "Go, Judd, Whoo-woo!"

I'm just, like, that's just no


>> He can think what he wants to


I am the bigger man.

>> Man, just shut up, dude. God.

>> PROBST: Before we get to the

vote, an immunity idol was

hidden at your camp.

If anybody has found that, now

is the time to present it.

>> PROBST: When the hidden idol

didn't surface, Brandon was the

first member of the outnumbered

Yaxha's to get the boot.

Things were not looking good for

Danni, Gary or Bobby Jon.

Jamie doesn't knock Judd out.

When Judd won a clue to the

location of the hidden immunity

idol he shared it with


>> "It's not buried or concealed

nor directly on the ground."

>> That'd be, like, in a tree.

>> PROBST: Then Judd lied to the

rest of his tribe.

>> It is totally on the ground.

>> PROBST: Gary was suspicious

when he caught Judd looking for

the idol in the trees.

>> If it's on the ground, I

wonder why he is looking in the


No doubt in my mind that Judd is


>> PROBST: At Tribal Council

Gary stunned his tribe when he

revealed that he found the

hidden immunity idol.

>> Oh, my God. Gary.

>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: Gary was safe for one

more night and Bobby Jon became

the first member of the jury.

Bobby Jon, the tribe has spoken.

>> Thank you very much.

I enjoyed it.

>> PROBST: By day 27, Jamie's

paranoia had begun to wear on

the members of his alliance.

>> He's like, so you're sticking

with the six, right?

And I'm, like, "Jamie, you're

driving me insane."

>> PROBST: The 11th person voted

out of Survivor: Guatemala.

His tribe assured him he was


The tribe has spoken.

...Jamie was voted out.

>> Blind-sided... Nice!

Now, that's how you vote

somebody out.

>> PROBST: Gary and Rafe both

heading back with their last


Gary continued to give it his

all, but when Rafe won his

third immunity challenge...

Once again Rafe wins immunity!

...Gary attempted to stir things

up when he exposed Judd's lie at

Tribal Council.

>> Way back when he got the clue

about the idol, he goes, "Okay,

I will tell you it is on the


I follow him out in the woods

next day and he is looking in

all the trees.

And the idol was in the tree.

>> Okay. I lied about the damn

idol. Okay.

>> PROBST: 12th person outted of

Survivor: Guatemala, Gary.

But all of Gary's game playing

couldn't save him and he was

voted out.

Danni was the last remaining

member of the former Yaxha tribe

and Lydia was on the outs with

her former alliance.

The odds against them both were

almost insurmountable.

>> I've got to look at who is in

control of the game and play up

to it.

Because I'm not going to go


>> PROBST: At the auction, the

loved ones of the survivors were

revealed and Judd bought an

overnight stay with his wife


That night at camp Stephenie

assured Kristen that she and

Judd were tight to the end.

>> PROBST: But Stephenie didn't

know Danni and Rafe were

conspiring against Judd.

>> We just need to catch Judd

with some kind of lie.

You can't trust a person like


But you can trust that you can't

trust them.

>> PROBST: Just when she needed

it the most, Danni won immunity.

Steph is out.

Danni wins immunity.

Well played.

Then she pulled out all the

stops and worked on turning

Stephenie against Judd as well.

>> I'd like to believe Judd but

he's already been caught in

quite a few lies and Danni

really hasn't lied at all.

>> PROBST: Judd never saw it


Stephenie joined forces with

Danni, Rafe and Lydia and voted

him out.

>> I hope you guys get bit by a

freakin' crocodile.

Scum bags.

>> PROBST: As it all came down

to the wire, Rafe and Danni made

a promise to the end.

>> Danni's promised me she would

take me to the Final Two.

That's a huge degree of security

at the end of a crazy, crazy


>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge Cindy won a new car.

Cindy wins reward.

But she was put on the spot when

she was given a difficult


>> PROBST: In ten seasons of

Survivor, the person who won

the car reward has never, ever

won the game.

I will give you a chance to get

rid of the curse.

You can give up your car and

instead, each of the other four

will get a Pontiac Torrent.

Cindy chose to keep the car.

>> I would love to give everyone

a car, but I am here to beat the

odds and so far I have.

>> PROBST: Rafe was angry with

Cindy's decision and lobbied to

have her voted out.

>> You do?

>> PROBST: But Stephenie was


>> I vote off Cindy, I won't

get Jamie's, Judd's or Cindy's.

I told him I felt bad because we

already turned on Judd and Cindy

is in our alliance and now we're

going to be turning on Cindy and

this might be another vote I

could lose when it comes time

for the jury.

>> PROBST: At the immunity


Steph wins immunity.

...Steph secured herself a spot

in the Final Four.

>> Finally I won something!

>> PROBST: And at Tribal Council

she risked alienating another

member of the jury when she

sided with Rafe and helped vote

Cindy out.

>> I'll think about you guys

when I will see the stars

through the sun roof of my new


>> PROBST: Cindy, the tribe has


Now, only four remain.

Rafe, Danni, Lydia and


Tonight they will compete in

their final immunity challenges.

Two will go on to face the jury.

One will outlast all the rest

and become the sole survivor.

( theme song playing )

>> Good morning, Lydia.

>> I woke up with a smile on my

face, just like I predicted.

Waking up this morning and

realizing I was one of the Final

Four was one of the greatest


I always felt like I was the odd

man out.

Why am I here?

Is it my destiny?

Somebody is watching over me.

>> Thanks, Lydia.

>> Okay.

This is a nice batch, too.

>> This morning around camp, I

was trying to be relaxed, but I

was a total wreck.

I am a huge Kansas Jayhawk

basketball fan.

In the last four years we have

gone to the Final Four twice and

haven't brought back the


So I feel like all this pressure

on me to go back home and bring

home a championship.

>> Happy breakfast, Final Four.

Cheers to the Final Four.

>> Congratulations.

>> It feels really good to be

sitting here proud of every

decision I made in the game so

far, and like happy with the

people I am here with in the

Final Four.

It is really nice.

>> Oh, my God.

This is a good one.

I got the... out of the jar.

♪ Oh, la, la... ♪

>> What is it?

This morning we got this tree

mail and Lydia comes running up

the hill screaming and yelling

in weird sounds like it's a

basket of goodies or something,

you know, for being in the Final


>> What is it?

>> It better be good, Lydia?

>> It is.

"37 days living amongst over

2,000 years of history, these

ancestral grounds are still

considered sacred.

These temples, still altars, as

you will soon see, the spirit

and culture of the Maya is still

alive today... and you are now

part this history.

Embrace it. Enjoy it.

Appreciate it."

We're gonna celebrate.

>> Wait, but does it say

celebrate anywhere?

>> No, but you see, this is what

I gathered from all of this.

I am excited.

That's right.

>> Lydia, I thought you were

bringing up a freakin' seven-

course feast.

>> No. You guys don't understand

my language?

Do you not comprehend what we

are saying here?

Look, I have... I have this

vision that we are going to go.

>> Who decided to keep her


>> I was so certain about a big

feast and everything.

But, perhaps, the Mayan people

might come into our camp and do

some kind of ritual.

>> Oh.

>> Oh, my God. Hi.

>> This family of Mayans come

walking up to camp.

There were two women and three


And they came with these big

baskets and incense burning.

>> Hello. Hi. How are you?

>> None of them spoke any


And they pretty much went over

here in front of the biggest

pyramid we have and kind of made

a circle with sugar and they lit

all these candles and all this


There was rosemary and poured

a bottle of honey on the fire.

And it was like hello, we want

the honey.

>> ( speaking native language )

>> The oldest gentleman, I

believe it was the father, he

was chanting the whole time,

chanting a prayer in each

direction that you, like, bless


When they want to give thanks to

their ancestors, I guess that's

what they do.

They had this chicken that I

thought was dead but was alive.

I was, like, oh, are we going to

get to eat the chicken?

>> ( speaking native language )

>> As soon as the chicken came

out, Steph was like, oh, will

they kill it?

It was like, I really think this

is a sacrifice we are watching.

>> ( speaking native language )

>> ( chicken clucking )

>> They pulled off the chicken's

head and threw it in the fire.

And Steph was like, "did they

kill it, Rafe?"

I was like they ripped the

chicken's head off and threw it

in the fire.

It is a dead chicken.

I just got so much out of

watching the ritual and just

hearing them speak Mayan.

>> Gracias.

Being of Latin heritage and

Hispanic background myself, it

made me have a kinship, you

know, a place in my heart what

they did out here.

They also offered us the most

delicious tamales.

>> Gracias.

>> Gracias.

>> Stephenie had her eyes on

that yard bird.

She was like ask them, ask them,

Lydia, if we can eat the bird.

>> Okay. ( Speaking Spanish )

>> No.

>> No.

He says, "Oh, no, this is an

offering to the Mayan gods.

This is something that we're not

going to eat."

>> It is the way of saying thank

you to the earth, thank you to

the sky, thank you to the water

and thank you to the ancestors

who built this temple.

>> ( speaking Spanish )

>> I have been waiting to have a

cultural experience here the

whole time, because...

To me, you don't understand

where you are until you have met

and experienced the people.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

First things first.

Steph, give it up.

You didn't have it very long,

but it served its purpose.

Got you to the Final Four.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge is

the most complex Survivor-maze

ever constructed.

It is based on a very famous

Maya deity, the Seven Macaw,

which was a monstrous bird that

ruled the land at one time.

On my "go" the four of you will

race into the maze to collect

your assigned color of puzzle


There are six stations but there

are eight pieces.

Some pieces come in pairs.

Every time you find a piece make

your way across the center of

the course, across the pontoons,

up the ladder and put the piece

in your puzzle board.

To get back into the maze, cross

a rope bridge and go down

another ladder.

Once you have collected all

eight pieces you must solve the

puzzle to reveal one of three

Mayan images: the jaguar, the

croc or the monkey.

The first person to solve it

correctly, immunity around their

neck and guaranteed spot in the

Final Three.

Worth playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: I hope so.

We'll get started.

Let's go.

Here we go for immunity and a

spot in the Final Three.

Survivors ready?


This is a huge maze.

A lot of area to cover.

A lot of dummy stations.

Only a few that contain puzzle


When you find a piece, it is up

to you if you are loud about

sharing it or quiet to conceal


Stephenie coming back with her

first pair.

Lydia right behind.

Danni has a pair.

Steph finds the center of the


Lydia... crossing the pontoon.

Steph first on the board.

Danni's found the pontoon.

Lydia on the board with her

first pair.

Danni on the board.

Everybody found their first


Danni and Rafe, side by side.

Lydia has another piece.

She is trying to find her way


Rafe and Danni, neck and neck.

Rafe with his third piece.

Danni with her third piece.

Everybody now with three pieces.

Four more stations left.

You have only just begun.

Already everybody is winded.

Rafe across the pontoons with

his fourth puzzle piece.

Steph hustling back.

Still very tight.

Danni back with another puzzle


Danni, Rafe, Steph all with four

puzzle pieces.

Lydia with three.

Physically demanding. Day 37.

You are worn out.

You have to dig deep if you want

to win this.

Rafe back with another puzzle


Steph leaps across the pontoons

and makes up a lot of ground.

Rafe with his fifth piece.

Steph with her fifth piece.

They are neck and neck.

Heading back out onto the


Lydia coming back with a pair of


Lydia with five pieces.

She is back out on the course.

Danni and Rafe both have found

another piece to their puzzle.

Steph has another piece to her


Danni back with another piece.

Danni with her fifth piece and

Rafe crossing the pontoon with

his 6th piece.

Rafe drops off his 6th piece.

Steph right on his tail.

Steph and Rafe have one station

left each.

Danni got to keep moving if she

wants to be in this.

Danni has a piece.

Lydia tailing her.

Lydia will have a piece now.

Danni coming back with her 6th


Lydia lost.

Danni now with only one station


Steph finds her last station.

Lydia still fighting.

Those short little legs working.

Rafe coming back with his final

pair of pieces.

Stephenie right on his tail with

her final piece.

Going to be Rafe and Steph

putting the puzzle together.

Danni trying to stay in it.

Got to find her last station.

You are trying to form one of

three images.

The croc, the monkey or the


Danni has her last station and

has to get back here to work on

the puzzle.

Lydia still searching for her

last piece.

Danni has her last pair.

She's got to get back up here.

Danni racing across the


Rafe and Steph with a huge head


Danni now in it.

First one to solve the puzzle

correctly guaranteed spot in the

Final Three.

Lydia not giving up.

She has her last piece.

Steph working.

Patience is key.

Do not panic.


>> Okay, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Rafe thinks he has


Rafe has it.

Rafe wins immunity.

>> Good job, Rafe.

>> Good job, Rafe.

>> Last piece.

>> PROBST: Rafe, come on over.

Rafe, got to feel good to have

this again.

>> Yeah. Especially at this


>> PROBST: Rafe safe for

tonight's vote.

Lydia, Steph, Danni, 37 days.

For one of you that will be it.

Somebody going home tonight.

You have the afternoon to figure

out who it will be.

Head on back to camp.

>> It was.

That was real serious.

>> It's weird to have the

immunity necklace and know I am

going to the Final Three.

>> You did great, Rafe.

>> Thank you.

It is incredible.

It is like I really believe I

can get to the end of this game

and maybe win it.

>> So am I.

I am not freakin' giving in.

Basically my strategy consists

of me getting to the Final

Two with Rafe, because I feel

Rafe's the only person I have a

chance to win the $1 million

against, because we have double

crossed the same people; we

played a very similar game.

We never lied to each other.

>> Not once this whole game.

>> I know.

From a strategic standpoint, if

we want to guarantee ourselves a

Final Two spot, most likely we

should take Lydia.

In a Final Three challenge,

guaranteed Lydia is not going to


>> I don't see us having a


>> I don't either.

>> Steph is like, the two of us

need to get to the Final Two.

And we should keep Lydia and

then we'll have a better shot of

winning the Final Three immunity


I mean it's possible it is a

better strategic decision, but I

promised Danni that I would go

to the Final Three with her.

>> Right.

>> Rafe promised me top three.

But you know how that goes.

Everybody goes back on their

word, and so I am very uneasy

about it.

>> I thought we had a plateful.

>> Is that chicken carcass still

over there?

>> Yeah, you want to check it


>> Can we do that or no?

>> I would try it.

>> I could tell since we had

that ritual that Steph wanted to

eat that chicken.

>> I will go check it out.

Lydia, want to check that

chicken out?

>> Looks like it may be good.

>> It is. Look. Oh my gosh.

>> Oh, we got to eat it.

>> Bring it over and see what

people think.

>> Um, look at all these ants.

>> I've already asked him.

But he hasn't given me an answer


You have a chance to be bouncing

something on your head and win

and I would rather go with you,

me and Rafe than you picking


>> Okay. Will you let me know?

>> I will.

>> Thank you.

>> Actually, I think Stephenie

is leaning towards taking me to

the Final Three because I don't

have no threat when it comes to

immunity challenge tomorrow.

You know, if I wasn't voted out


>> You guys, it looks so good.

I mean, we can say a little

prayer or something, if you

want, to make you feel better.

>> Are you guys okay with this?

We are surviving out here.

We have no food but corn.

>> We haven't eaten in 37 days.

There's a chicken over there

that's cooked with honey...

>> Oh, no, I will eat it.

I will so eat it.

>> You know what?

This is part of survival, right?

>> Got to be okay to eat it,

right, Lydia?

>> My gosh, it is delicious.

Rafe, are you okay?

It is cooked chicken, man.

You would eat it if your mom

cooked it.

>> It was kind of a powerful

experience today to watch the

ritual and I felt that I learned

so much about sacrifice.

>> Rafe, what's the problem?

>> I don't know.

It is like they just came and

sacrificed it.

So I felt like for me to eat the

chicken would just be totally

pointless and I would lose

everything that I learned from

the ritual because the ritual

was about not eating the


>> We are surviving out here.

>> I think I will pass.

You guys eat it though.

>> Okay.

>> Okay.

>> It is day 37.

You're gonna let the chicken

just sit there and let the bugs

get it? No way.

I am going to eat it.

They came, they did their

sacrifice and we prayed with


But it's hours later and the

chicken is still there and I am

eating it.

>> After eating the chicken, a

huge storm moves in, lots of


Actually, the biggest since we

have been here and we started

talking about, "Oh, no, maybe

there is something to this."

(thunder crashing)

>> That is freaky.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury.

Bobby Jon, Jamie, Gary, Judd and

Cindy voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

So take me through the day.

Rafe, it started with a very

unique ceremony.

An authentic Maya blessing?

>> Yes.

We started out the day and had

five Mayans came up to camp and

kind of put all this stuff on

the ground and sacrificed the

chicken in front of the temple

to thank the ancestors for

building this place and kind of

get their connection to the


>> PROBST: Does it connect you

more to this land after being

part of something like that?

>> Yes, it defintely does.

To see this is a place that

these Maya are living today

actually come to do rituals.

It was like, wow, we are really

here and really a part of what's

going on in this culture.

>> PROBST: So you get back to

camp, Lydia.

I don't know about you.

It poured where I was.

Did you guys get a storm?

>> Yes. A big one.

Thunder and lightning.

Not only that, Jeff.

Well, there's a possibility with

something that we did.

( laughter )

>> Damn it, Lydia.

Explain it.

>> I don't know how to explain


>> Okay, Jeff.

You know what, being here 37

days, you know we have only had


Well, you know that chicken that

they gave to the temple and to

the gods?

>> PROBST: You ate the chicken?

>> We ate the chicken.

>> PROBST: Wow.

>> And, Jeff, after we ate the

chicken, I know for a fact the

Mayan gods were upset with us.

Because why would it thunder and

lightning and pour down rain?

I mean, it was scary.

>> PROBST: Rafe, you really

don't respect the ceremony?

>> Actually, I didn't eat the


>> PROBST: You did not eat it.

>> PROBST: Danni did you eat it?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Steph, you ate it?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: I am not judging you

guys whether it was right or

wrong, but we're definitely

going to talk about it.

>> I respected the ritual.

I thought it was amazing.

But we have been here 37 days

and we're starving and we

decided collectively, as a

group, we were going to eat it.

The storm was weird.

Yeah, I mean, we really thought

the reason it did storm was

because we did eat the chicken.

>> PROBST: All right.

So, Lydia, how surprised would

you be if it is you tonight?

'Cause it's a one-in-three

chance it is you.

>> I feel that I don't pose a

physical threat to anybody.

I have not won anything since

day one.

So if they choose me to stay in,

they have a better shot in going

to the Final Two.

They really, really do.

>> PROBST: Danni, Lydia makes a

good point.

>> Well, yeah, she does, but

she ends up in the Final Two,

Lydia is your clear winner,

because everybody loves Lydia.

I think that's why she would be

a bigger threat.

>> PROBST: Steph, at this point

in the game, what do you base

your vote on?

>> Lydia is a huge, huge mental

threat and she's well-liked.

Same thing with Danni, though.

Danni is a pretty big threat and

she's also really well-liked

because she's never really had

to back stab anybody.

So for me, it is a pretty hard

decision tonight.

>> PROBST: All right.

Just to be official.

Rafe, you have immunity.

>> I'm keeping it.

>> PROBST: Rafe is the only one

you cannot vote for.

It is time to vote.

Rafe, you're up.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read the

decision is final and the person

voted out is asked to leave the

Tribal Council area immediately.

I will read the votes.

First vote: Danni.


One vote Lydia.

One vote Danni.


Two votes Lydia.

One vote Danni.

I will read the last vote.

15th person voted out of

Survivor: Guatemala, Lydia.

Lydia, you need to bring me your


>> Thank you.

Thank you. Stay strong.

>> PROBST: Lydia, the tribe has


It's time for you to go.

Rafe, Danni, Steph, you have

survived another Tribal Council

and made it to the Final Three.

Tomorrow you will take part in

your final immunity challenge.

Hope the gods have forgiven you.

Grab your torches and head back

to camp and try to get some


>> This was by far the hardest

experience I have ever had in my


The heat and the mosquitoes and

hardly any food.

So I am very proud of myself.

You know, just the history alone

and being in the ruins all on a

daily basis for 37 days was a

very, very incredible


And I would not trade this for

the world.

(monkey howling)

(howling continues)

>> That monkey is so annoying.

>> It's day 38, we were up a lot

earlier today than we have been

up in a while.

Monkeys were really loud.

Louder than usual.

Trying to boil water, it poured

last night, so everything is


>> Oh, my gosh.

It smells so bad.

The corn is, like, disgusting.

There's maggots in it.

It is moldy.

It is nasty.

But, um, it is day 38.

So you have to be happy--

whether you eat or drink or not.

>> "Congratulations, Final


Today you will pay tribute to

your 15 fallen comrades.

Hike from camp to the temple

ruins where you will find the

torches and images of survivors

who played the game but were

outwitted, outplayed and


Take the images of your former

tribe mates and immortalize

their memory by sacrificing them

to the fire.

At the end of this journey you

will compete in one final

immunity challenge.

Tonight one of you will join the

15 who are already gone."

>> It is such a huge honor to go

through and reflect back on the

game and everybody we played


There were some tough, tough


>> Jim. He was one tough guy.

Led us through the jungle.

If it hadn't been for him we

wouldn't have won the first

reward challenge.

>> He was a great guy.

>> Being in a game is something

I thought about ever since that

first Survivor.

Who doesn't say I can do that,

but who says that when you are

63, you know?

I am not out to be some hero.

I am out to prove things myself

and maybe to motivate somebody.

>> Hi, Morgan.

>> She was definitely a fighter.

>> I look like this sorority

girl that can't do anything.

It didn't turn out to be so

hard for me physically.

It was hard in a way I never

expected it to be.

It was hard socially and that's

where it got me.

>> Brianna.

>> Who expects some girl that

goes shopping every day to go

out and survive in the jungle?

I couldn't have asked for more

of a culture shock.

I take away a whole new respect

for everyone playing this game.

It is hard.

It is brutal out there.

>> Hi, Brookster.

>> The whole experience was a

lot more difficult than I


But I was really surprised at

how my body was able to adapt to

the whole situation.

I realized that limits were very

much in my mind and there's so

much more I can accomplish if I

don't stop myself.

>> The golden boy.

>> Golden boy!

( laughter )

♪ With the golden hair. ♪

>> I came here with some focused

goals and one was to always have

a smile on my face.

That was tough being that my

body shut down so bad.

I came out with my honor and

integrity, two things I would

rather walk with, than $1


I am young.

I will make that money


>> Margaret.

>> Margaret. One tough mama.

>> I learned that I was a strong

woman, much the motherly,

nursing, nurturing kind.

But not so vulnerable and weak

to lay down and be rolled over.

I kept my integrity.

I have a great deal of pride

about how I played the game.

>> Here's Brian.

Happy trails, Brian.

>> I played this game so hard

for every second I was in it.

I honestly believed I was going

to win this game.

But I have absolutely no

regret, because if you're going

to go, go the way I went where

you are blind-sided.

As far as I am concerned, that's

the way to go.

>> Here is our Amy.

>> Oh, my gosh.

I never heard more swear words.

>> When I came into this game I

was never going to give up.

When I sprained my ankle and had

to go out again, I sucked it up

and dealt with the pain and won

the match.

I think back and wonder what did

I do?

I feel good about where I stand.

>> Brandon. Oh, my gosh.

Nobody could cut ropes like

Brandon. That's for sure.

>> It was like nothing I have

ever experienced.

Pretty much one big blurry ass-

whooping and I got voted off.

Being from the Midwest, I have

always wanted to travel.

Having come out here made me

think it is not that hard.

Just going to go out there and

seize it.

>> Good ol' Bobby Jon.

>> This go around I am supposed

to be this person that was such

a hard competitor.

I am Bobby Jon.

I am tough. Right. Whatever.

I got humbled by mother nature.

It showed me, hey, guess what,

big shot, you ain't the man.

It was a refining moment for me,

and I needed it.

>> Jamie.

>> Jamie...

>> Yeah...

>> See you later, Jamie.

>> The thing I missed the most

was being able to trust people.

That's what I am sure everybody

misses most in the jungle is

someone that actually cares.

I wish I would have had four

people that wasn't going to harm

me, but it's gonna make me a

more honest person.

>> Gary.

>> Like a father figure to me

out here.

>> Me, too.

>> Me, too.

>> There's no doubt in my mind

that competition is just like


You have to communicate, be part

of a team, work as hard as you

possibly can if you want to get

to where you want to be.

That's what I'm going to take

back with me.

>> Sounds good.

>> It's Judd.

>> Judd.

>> I call this Survivor

experience for me like a mental


I never went camping before.

So I am going back a whole new


I mean, much more relaxed.

I won't be a hot head and run

around like a lunatic.

>> Cindy.

Bye, Cindy.

>> Never in a million years

could I have conjured up the

past 36 days of my life.

I made the most of the situation

and left the game with a brand

new car.

So, I can't think of anything I

can possibly complain about,

other than not winning.

>> Oh, Lydia.

>> Lydia, oh, Lydia.

We didn't want to get rid of ya.

>> For 37 days, I always thought

that I'm just a provider.

I am more than that, and I never

thought I was.

It really brought me out of my


I am very proud of myself.

But I tell you, no more corn for

me-- I guarantee it.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Ready to get to the final

immunity challenge?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: First things first,


For the last time, immunity is

back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge will

require balance and intense


Here is how it works.

You must balance on a wobbly

platform for as long as you can.

The platform swivels 360

degrees, offers very little


For the first hour, you will

have the aid of two ropes--

one for each hand.

That will help you find your

center of balance, get

comfortable with the platform.

After one hour, you will release

one rope.

This is when it becomes more


You still have one rope to hold


If after 30 minutes you are

still hanging on, you'll release

the second rope, and you'll go

it alone.

The person left standing wins

immunity, guaranteed a spot in

the final two, and as

importantly, will decide who

goes with them to that final

Tribal Council-- who sits across

from that jury with a million

dollars on the line.

I know it's worth playing for.

We'll draw for spots and get


Okay, everybody, leap up.

Land your feet on the platform.

This challenge has begun.

We're going one hour with both


That swivel is very sensitive.

>> PROBST: 20 minutes.

>> Left?

>> PROBST: In.

You've only been up there 20


You just passed the 40-minute


( monkeys grunting in distance )

Howler monkeys saying hello.

( grunting )

Danni, you've had immunity once.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Steph?

>> Once.

>> PROBST: Once.


>> Four times.

>> PROBST: One minute left.

You need to begin to prepare to

release one rope.

Can be either hand.

If you lose your balance, you

are not out until your feet hit

the base of the platform.

>> PROBST: Five, four, three,

two, one.

Release a rope.

Steph in trouble.

Steph fighting to stay on.

Got to get back to that board.

She's still alive till her feet

hit the ground.

Danni's swiveling, she's in


Don't let those legs hit.

Rafe's starting to wobble.

Rafe's in trouble.

Everybody hanging on by their


Rafe trying to get back.

Do not let your feet touch.

Steph has found a position.

Barely hanging on.

Rafe's struggling.

Danni's found a position.

Rafe has found a spot.

Everybody found the same spot.

Everybody's instincts kicked in.

Everybody utilized everything

there was in this challenge.

Now it's going to be endurance.

How long can you stay in this


>> PROBST: Down to one minute.

When your hands come off that

final rope, your hands are no

longer a part of this challenge.

I want to make sure everybody's


Your hands cannot touch the


Ten seconds.

Same as before-- when I say

"release," release.

Five, four, three, two, one.



Your hand touched the pole.

You're out.

Have a seat.

Rafe lost his concentration.

That's how quickly you can be

out of this challenge.

Rafe, you look either very sad

or out of it.

>> I can't believe I just lost

focus for, like, two seconds.

( Steph grunts )

>> PROBST: Steph, when we

started this part of the

challenge, you were about four

feet further up on that post.

( Steph sighs )

>> I know.

>> PROBST: That hat was at the

small of your back.

It's now in the crook of your


>> My lower back is killing me.

>> PROBST: How are you feeling

now, Danni?

>> Feel the same.

>> PROBST: How about you, Steph?

>> I can't move.

( sniffles )

( pained sigh )

>> I can't move.

>> PROBST: Steph is out.

Danni has won final immunity.

( Steph crying )

>> Danni, I want to, um...

I want to release you from any

promise you made to me about who

you take to the final two, and

like, take whoever you want


I'm really serious about that

and I really mean it.


>> Okay.

You are a great guy.

>> That's what I mean.


>> You did such a good job.

>> I sucked.

( Steph sniffles )

Oh, God.

( Rafe speaks indistinctly )

>> You don't suck.

You're here.

>> I cannot move my back.

>> PROBST: Danni.

>> Oh, sorry.

>> PROBST: You don't need to


>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Immunity.

You are safe tonight at Tribal


Big decision.

You're going to the final two.

Who's going with you... Steph or


You have the afternoon to figure

that out.

See you guys tonight at Tribal.

>> Oh, my gosh.

You did so good.

>> You really did.

>> I am shocked that I am in the

final two.

It's just overwhelming to think

about having the numbers against

me, and here I am.

And I'm just blown away about


I am happy I won but I hate

being put in... I just hate


>> Don't feel you have to do it

just because you made a promise.

You know, you should make your

decision tonight based on

whatever you make your decision


>> You know, it's was horrible

coming into camp.

It's like you have this high

from winning immunity and then

you realize I'm going to have to

vote out, you know, one of the

two-- Stephenie or Rafe-- that

have been... really have been

loyal to me.

Originally, I was set on taking

Rafe because I gave him my word.

But then Rafe told me, he goes

"I will release you from any

promises or bonds.

Do whatever you need to do."

So that puts even more pressure

on me.

>> I hate being in this


She fought so hard today.

>> She did.

That's why I feel like, you


>> Her legs were shaking.

>> I sat there and watched it.

It was horrible.

And that's why I felt, like, I

don't know.

I just didn't feel right going

into Tribal Council tonight,

like, it being a done deal

just 'cause you promised me


You know what I mean?

>> Yeah.

>> I mean, obviously, I still

would like it if you took me

to the final two.

Danni wouldn't be here if it

weren't for me.

But I feel good about letting

Danni out of her promise because

to me, tonight, like, I want

Steph and I to still be fighting


We have been fighting together

since day one.

I feel like Steph deserves a


>> You don't have to give me


You don't owe me anything.

>> No, I-I do.

I owe you and Rafe both.

>> Rafe and I could have

guaranteed ourselves the final

two spot if we took Lydia.

>> I really don't think I have a

shot really over either one of


Because, I mean, everybody loves


And then, you know, you were so

tight with that group.

But they, uh, you know, they

tend to forget all that stuff.

>> I think I have a 50-50 chance

right now.

I have no idea what Danni's

gonna do at this point.

And if she decides to bring Rafe

to the final two then, you know

what, I played the best game I

know how to play.

And I'm not gonna be ashamed of


>> Stephenie, I really don't


>> I know.

Why don't you just go with your

heart, you know, when you get


Go with it.

>> Oh, God.

I am still really torn between

Rafe and Stephenie.

You know, I am competing for a

million dollars, you know, and

you have to really think about

what you're gonna do here at

the final two.

And it's so hard.

It's such a hard decision.

But, you know, you're here to


It's definitely going to be a

game time decision.

I'm not gonna be ready until I

have to walk up there and write

a name down tonight.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of the jury.

Bobby Jon.





And Lydia, voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

So... Rafe, Danni, Steph.

The last Tribal Council, after

weeks of voting out the

strongest, just when you are on

the cusp of your last challenge,

you vote out not one of the

strongest, but the weakest.

And for two of you, it could be

a million dollar mistake.

Steph, any regrets looking at

Lydia over there?

>> I don't.

I mean, I didn't know if today's

challenge was gonna be

completely physical or

completely mental.

So, it could have gone either


>> PROBST: But wait.

Let's hold off on that.

In 95% of the challenges, Rafe,

Danni, Steph, Lydia's gonna be

the weak person.

>> Well, the only chance I had

was to tie it up at the last

Tribal Council.

Because Rafe already gave Danni

his word and he wasn't changing

his vote.

But that still wouldn't have

even guaranteed Lydia staying


So you know what, go against the


And if she beats me fair and

square, she beats me fair and

square and she deserves it.

>> PROBST: Danni, did you ever

imagine a guaranteed spot in the

final two and you decide who's

gonna sit next to you?

>> I am so blown away that I am

in this position.

I can't believe I won immunity


I went back to camp and I'm just

like, "Did that really happen?"

I mean, I cannot believe that

I'm still here.

It was an absolute miracle.

>> PROBST: Steph, you were very

emotional when you finally went


>> It was such a tough


I was in so much pain and I just

felt like a failure.

You know, I went until I

collapsed and I just sat there

and pretty much just cried for a

couple minutes.

>> PROBST: Rafe, you said

something to Danni right after

the challenge.

I caught a couple of words.

>> Yeah. Danni had promised me a

long time ago that if I could

somehow get her to the final

three and she won the challenge,

she'd take me to the final two.

And so, I told Danni, "I release

you from the promise."

>> PROBST: Why would you do


It sounds like you put

everything on today's challenge

and nothing on the past 37 days.

>> I am saying forget about that

one promise that you made and if

you think that I'm worthy of

going to the final two, then

take me to the final two.

If you think it's Steph, then

take Steph.

>> PROBST: So Danni, what's

going through your mind right


You have a huge decision.

Pick the right person, you're a


Pick the wrong person, you're

$900,000 not as rich.

>> I mean, to be secure in the

final two is amazing.

But you want to make sure you

make the right decision.

I mean, when you look at it one

way, there's 10 million

different ways it's right.

You look at the other way, it's

10 million different ways it's


So it's so hard.

>> PROBST: Give me one reason

why picking Rafe is the right


>> Since the merge, he's really

been an awesome friend to me and

has helped me along so much in

the game that I wouldn't be in

this position if it wasn't for


>> PROBST: Why would Steph be

the right choice?

>> Well, she made a lot of

people mad at her in the game

and would be the easier choice

if you wanted a better chance at

winning the million.

>> PROBST: Steph, when you

listen to Danni, what are you

thinking inside?

>> If she wants to stick with

her heart, she will go with


But if she wants to guarantee

herself a little bit of a better

chance, she should take me.

Because I think that everybody

on the jury thinks that Rafe's

more likable than me.

So she's got a pretty tough

decision to make.

>> PROBST: Rafe, how about for


>> I don't think that the jury

necessarily likes me a whole lot

more than they like Steph

because I screwed over the same


( chuckles )

And they know it.

You know, I think Danni is a

person who almost all the way

through this game has said she

goes with her heart.

So it is kind of nice to hear

her say, "If I go with my heart

tonight, I'll go with Rafe."

Because that's the way she

played the game up until this


>> PROBST: Okay, here is how it


Rafe, you cannot vote for Danni.

You can only vote for Steph.

Steph cannot vote for Danni.

She can only vote for Rafe.

Your votes cancel each other


The only person voting tonight

is Danni.

Danni, it's time to vote.

>> PROBST: I'll go get the vote.

>> PROBST: Once the vote is

read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council immediately.

I'll read the vote.

16th person voted out of

Survivor: Guatemala...


Need to bring me your torch?

( Rafe speaks softly )

>> PROBST: Rafe, the tribe has


It's time for you to go.

>> Good luck tomorrow, guys.

>> PROBST: Danni, you've clearly

made your decision.

You kept the person you think

you have the best chance of

winning against.

The only thing left to do is see

if you were right.

You'll have one more night in


You will return here tomorrow

night for your final Tribal


Grab your torches.

Head out.

>> Well, I feel like I played a

smart game, um, and as honest a

game as I could.

So, I am really proud of myself.

I'm proud of what I did.

You know, I stayed true to my

moral compass and I betrayed

people when I thought I should.

And I stuck with people when I

thought I should.

Danni, I understand the decision

you made, and I thought you were

the one person who would take me

to the final two.

And you didn't.

So, Stephenie, I'm absolutely

rooting for you.

I think you played a great game.

And, um, I will be voting for

you tomorrow night.

( birds chirping )

( monkeys grunting )

( monkeys grunting )

( Steph sighs )

>> Did you sleep?

>> I did. Did you?

>> I tossed and turned quite a

bit, but...

>> Oh, my God.

>> Here we are in the final two.

>> Danni and Steph are the final


Both names in yellow.

>> Yeah.

I can't believe this.

>> It is day 39.

Danni and I woke up this morning

with smiles on our faces

'cause last night was the last

night that we are sleeping in

the Guatemalan jungle with all

these crazy creatures.

( monkey grunting )

>> I was the one who overcame

every odd.

I was the one with the target on

my back.

And then to get to the last day

in the final two?

You know, I'm really proud of


I can't believe I would ever, in

a million years, be able to do


>> This is it.

Last time to the pool.

>> Yeah.

No more mosquitoes.

>> Absolutely.

Stephenie and I are so much


It's just so funny that we ended

up together at the end.

The two jocks, you know.

And to outlast all the boys, you

know, it was kind of fun.

Two tough girls.

>> For me, it was a lot of mind

over matter out here.

Again, if you are not strong-

minded, you'll just collapse.

>> Sorry.

Just leave it there.

>> I am so freakin' weak.

>> Yeah.

>> Now, after this, I know for a

fact there is nothing that's

ever gonna stand in my way.

>> Last time we have to wash our


Last bath.

>> Oh.

>> Stephenie was the best


And to make it as far as she did

is tough.

And she's definitely the

toughest competitor.

I think it's great to go to the

final two against the toughest


>> You can't predict this game

at all.

>> Everything happens for a


>> Mm-hmm.

>> I'm gonna miss Guatemala.

This has been a great


It's something not everybody

gets a chance to do, obviously.

But it's been awesome.

>> Should we get all of the

palm fronds out of the

shelter and put them here?

>> I can't believe it.

>> We figured because we're not

gonna sleep here anymore, why

don't we just start breaking

down the shelter and just burn


So we started to burn some of

the pompoms.

Burning everything.

Sacrificing everything for the

Mayan gods.

>> We made it all the way.

That's the more the amazing


>> I can't be happier with the

way everything turned out.

I think everybody back home will

be so proud of both of us.

>> To know you made it every


>> Right.

>> It's such an amazing


>> I know.

>> No matter what situation in

life you are in, you may be

down, but you are never out.

That's a huge lesson I learned


For the jury tonight I plan on

being myself and try to be a

nice person, the all-American

girl next door.

So it just kind of depends on

the questions they ask and how I

need to react to it.

>> I did everything in my power

to get me as far as I could in

this game.

I don't know what the jury's

gonna throw at me.

But whatever they throw at me,

I'm definitely going to have an


I mean, I have good reason for

every move I made in this game.

None of them are gonna scare me.

Bottom line is I outwitted,

outplayed and outlasted every

single one of them.

And that's why I'm in the final

two and they're not.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the jury.

Bobby Jon.






And Rafe.

Voted out at the last Tribal


Danni, first things first.

You can take off your immunity


You don't need it anymore.

Well, congratulations on doing

what 16 other people could not

do in this game, and that is

make it to the final two.

The jury composed of seven

people that you had a hand

either directly or indirectly in

voting out, now holds your fate

in their hands.

And based on the answers that

you give them to their questions

tonight, they will decide which

one of the two of you they think

is most deserving of the title

of Sole Survivor and the check

for a million dollars that goes

with it.

Here is how it'll work.

You two will have a chance to

make opening statements, a

chance to try to convince them

why you are the most deserving.

Then they will get their first

chance to address you with a

question and a statement.

Then you will get a chance to

make a closing comment.

And then we vote.

Make sense?

>> Uh-huh.

>> PROBST: Let's get started.

Danni, opening statement.

>> Okay, um...

Gosh, I don't know where to


I just feel honored to be in

this position.

Because making that merge from

Yaxha over to Nakum and being in

that numbers game, I thought

there was no chance in heck that

I would ever be sitting in this


And I was surprised that nobody

really thought that I was a


Because I do have a little bit

of an athletic background, and I

knew I couldn't be stopped when

it came to endurance because

I've overcome a couple of

hardships in my life that

made me strong mentally.

And I tried to play the game the

best that I could, as honest

that I could.

And I just hope at the end of

all this, after everything is

done, that we'll be able to have

you guys come to Kansas City and

eat some good barbecue and go to

a ball game.

>> PROBST: Steph, opening


>> Um, I just, I first want to

start off by basically thanking

all of you for making this an

amazing, amazing experience for


I never thought coming into

this Survivor that I would even

have a shot at making it past

even the first Tribal Council.

So, to be sitting in the final

two next to Danni, I am

completely honored.

And I know that there are a few

people that are a little upset

with me so I can't wait to talk

to you, and I hope can I ease

your mind a little bit.

I will be as honest as I have

ever been.

You know, this has been a great

ride, and I am glad I could have

experienced it with all of you.

>> PROBST: All right.

Jury, in a moment you get your

first chance to address Danni

and Steph.

I'll give you a moment to think

about what you want to say.

>> PROBST: Okay, jury.

You've heard their opening


It's your turn now to address

them with a question and/or


Bobby Jon, you're up.

>> How is it going?

>> Good.

>> Thanks.

>> First of all, I want to say

after a long 39 days or

whatever, nobody can ever take

away from you for making it to

the final two.

>> Thank you.

>> That's for certain.

Steph, I will start with you.

I know the only reason I am

standing right here is because

of you.

So I do appreciate that.

I really do.

But my first question for you is

how proud are you of yourself of

playing this game up until now?

>> Actually, I am proud of the

way I played this game.

I know there are two people in

particular that I have sort of


And other than that, I have

played the best game I know how

to play.

I came into this game with a

huge target on my back just like

you did.

>> Right.

>> And there's nothing I regret.

And there's nothing I'd take

back that I did.

>> Good answer.

Danni, I guess the same thing.

I wanna ask you is up until now,

are you proud of how you played

the game?

>> I am.

I'm happy with the way I played

the game.

And I was surprised at how long

I stuck around and feel just

grateful to be here.

And the only thing I wish that

could happen differently is that

we would have won a few more of

those immunity challenges so

when we merged over,

we would've...

>> Right.

>> Had our group together 'cause

we had so much fun.

>> That's all I got.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Bobby Jon.

>> Thanks.

>> PROBST: Gary.

>> I think this game is still

going to be played until the

last answer that you give


So I'm gonna judge my vote

tonight on who I think gives me

the most honest answers.

Straight out, no garbage.

I want to start with Steph


I want to know why I should not

vote for you tonight.

>> Why you shouldn't?

>> I guess the first thing was

we made an alliance the first


And I said, you know, no matter

what, we'll try to stick


And then we got separated and I

formed another alliance.

And when you came over, you

know, I didn't.

I voted you out.

So, yeah, maybe there is a

reason why maybe you shouldn't

vote for me.

>> Okay.

Thank you.

Danni, same question.

>> First of all, I definitely

had an alliance with you.

But also, I was aligning myself

with Rafe.

That was maybe the wrong thing

to do.

So I made a selfish move at that


And that's one thing I'm never

normally is selfish.

But in this game you have to be

at times.

And that is the main reason.

I'm sorry for that.

>> Okay.

Thank you very much.

>> PROBST: Thank you, Gary.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Jamie.

>> What an adventure.

( laughing )

I will say that.

I will go to Danni first.

I've always believed it is not

where you go; it's who you go


My question to you is if you

would have had numbers, who

would your top five been and


>> Well, definitely, Bobby Jon

and Gary.

Those two, and then Brandon.


Brandon and I had a good bond.

If we would've had four of us

there together, something would

have happened.

But I would have liked for it to

end up that way for sure.

>> Okay.

Stephenie, you get a little bit

of a tougher one.

>> Thanks.

>> My question to you is: I

wouldn't talk to people if I was

going to vote them out.

I am not good with getting close

to people and letting them go.

And with you, you'd be the best

friend till we were in Tribal


And then you'd vote them out.

And my question is how do you

think the jury who has to

decide, how do you think they

feel about that when they saw


>> That's a good question.

I'll start with you.

The day your name came up to get

voted out, it was not my full


I mean, there was a group of us.

And I have a hard time saying to

somebody, "I'm voting you out."

Because like you said,

blind-sided is the best way to


So I would only hope those

people will see I had really

good reasons in doing so and

they would respect my game and

award me their vote because they

think I am deserving of it.

>> That's good to know.

Thank you.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Jamie.


>> Stephenie, I have been loyal

to you since day six of this


>> I know.

>> But you voted me out.

So, why should I vote for you


>> Actually, I want to thank you

for being so loyal to me the

entire game, Lydia, and you

absolutely were.

Even though you and I had been

together since day one, if I

took you to the final, I would

probably have a better shot of

beating you than Danni.

But then, what does that say for


Who is super-competitive and


And I'm gonna take Lydia because

I think I can beat her?

I mean, that's not what really

competitive people do.

So, I went up against the best

and I'd like to beat the best.

And that's why I'm sitting next

to her right now.

>> Okay.

And question for Danni.

Danni, you told me that "I am

going to take care of you.

Trust me."

And I did.

What happened?

Why should I give you my vote?

>> You totally could trust me.

And remember I talked to you and

let you know what I heard and

you had let me know what you


And we kept those lines of

communication completely open

and honest.

We are all here to win a


But everybody's trying to come

out the winner.

And sometimes you're gonna have

to do some lying or manipulating

or something in part of the game

to try to outwit.

And sometimes you have to do

that-- it is a game.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Lydia.


>> I will do Danni first.

If you could remove one of the

jury members, who would it be,

and why would you want that

person eliminated from the jury?

>> Definitely it would be Rafe

because I know for sure he is

voting for Stephenie because

they've had that bond since the

very, very beginning.

And of course you want to win.

So that's who I would remove.

>> That's pretty honest.

Um, same thing for Stephenie.

>> Oh, my God.

I don't know.

If I had to take somebody off

the jury, I guess it would be

Bobby Jon because he was the

first one that made the jury.

That's my answer.

I don't know.

I wouldn't want to take anybody

out of the game.

>> Okay.

That sounds okay for me.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Cindy.


>> Um, first off,

congratulations on being the

final two.

You two were really like sisters

to me out here.

And like I am proud that one of

you is gonna win a million

dollars tonight.

I'm gonna go with Danni first.

You said, "Rafe, if I ever get

in a situation where I am in the

final three and I can take the

person I think I'll beat over

the person I think deserves to

win, I'll take the person I

think deserves to win."

So, I'm wondering what happened

when you had that decision right

in front of you and made the

opposite of what you said you

would make?

>> Well, first of all, one thing

that changed my mind was during

that immunity challenge

yesterday, I saw Stephenie over

there crying, her legs shaking,

giving everything she could.

She said, "I'm not stopping

until I pass out."

And I felt like somebody who

came into the game who had a

target on their back from the

very beginning who fought

through all the odds shows

that she really is the best


I mean, she knows how to play

the game.

So, I mean, it's a toss-up

between who was the strongest

between the two.

Or even who's the most


Because I think either one of

you would be just as deserving.

>> Okay.

That's good.

I wanted to understand why that

decision changed.

And I think you answered that.

Steph, I think that you have

kind of given a clear reason why

you should win this game is that

you dominated it in terms of


You were the reason that a lot

of people were voted out.

And I, as a competitor really

respect that.

And I was the one who knew it

most because we talked strategy

all the time with each other.

What I am interested to hear

from you is what you think the

best strategic decision or move

you made in the game was that

you didn't tell me about.

>> Hmm.

I honestly do not think there

was one.

You are the only person I was

completely honest with in this

entire game.

>> Okay.

Steph, I really would like to

know why you think you should

beat the other person in your

closing comments.

Like why you think you should


>> Okay.

Thanks, Rafe.

>> Thanks.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Rafe.


>> First of all, I want to

congratulate you.

Good job well done.

First, Danni.

I want to know if you've ever

went roller-blading or ice

skating before?

>> Roller-blading or ice


>> Have you ever ice skated or

roller-bladed before?

>> I've done both, yes.

Not very well.

>> I think you're one of the

best ice skaters I've ever seen.

'Cause I believe your strategy

was to just skate right through

this damn game like you did.

The second question is were you


Were you a backstabber?

Were you a liar?

>> The one time that I did lie,

Jamie came up and asked me who I

was going to be voting for that


And I told him I would put

Gary's name down.

So, I lied in that situation.

And another time Brian asked me,

"Who are you gonna vote for?

Who are you gonna vote for?"

And I just plain flat told him I

didn't know just because I

didn't want to be there to be

much confrontation.

>> To me it sounds like you just

lied a lot.

So I would suggest when you get

back home, first thing you do is

go to confession.

>> You know, it's funny, Judd.

Because I do ask forgiveness

every day because it's not just

lying everyday that we do.

Believe me, I do ask


I ask forgiveness everyday about


>> Good answer.

Steph, I want to know if you are

still starving?

>> I'm starving.

>> I mean, you have eaten more

than I have eaten when I'm home.

I have been to three immunities

and all you sit there and say is

you're starving.

I'm like, starving?

This girl won four challenges.

>> I love to eat and you know


>> Well, the only thing you

should be starving for right now

is my damn vote, man.

>> And I am, Judd.

>> Basically, your strategy in

this game was just to backstab,

man, and lie and be deceitful.

>> That's not true.

>> Everybody that walked by you,


You backstabbed this one,

that one, that one, that one.

I think you backstabbed

everybody in this game.

>> No, I didn't.

>> But you crossed the line,

man, when you lied to my wife,

man, and you said that we have

the strongest alliance here, and

that was crossing the damn line,

man, and you should've just

never opened your damn mouth,

man, when my wife got there, so

not only did you lie to me, man,

you lied to my wife, and that's

pretty brutal.

And I'm gonna promise you

something tonight and I'm gonna

stick to my promise.

>> Judd, can I respond to that

or do you not want a response?

>> Of course.


>> Um, I actually didn't lie to


We had a strong alliance.

I planned on going to the end

with you.

>> Yeah, but you lied to her.

>> I wasn't lying at that


>> How's that not a lie?

Evidentially, you're there and

I'm here.

So you lied.

>> I had no idea I was going to

vote you out.

It wasn't my idea.

Listen, first of all, Danni came

to Rafe and I said, "I just want

you guys to know that Judd was

trying to get Rafe and then me."

>> Yeah, but I never told

anybody about I was targeting

you or Rafe.

They came up to me and asked who

was the biggest threat and all's

I said to them was, "Wow, man,

you shouldn't be in this damn

game if you know who the biggest

threat is."

But I like your answers.

Thank you.

>> All right.

I'm sorry.

>> PROBST: I've got to say after

39 days out here with the level

of competitors that are in this

game, the way they handled you

guys tonight, I don't think you

can ask more from a jury.

So you do have one last chance

to convince these guys of why

you deserve the million dollars.

I'm gonna give you a minute to

think about it.

>> PROBST: Okay.

You heard from the jury, very

candid jury.

Good questions.

Asked you to be honest.

You know what they want to hear.

They want to hear why you

deserve it.

Closing statements.

Steph, you're first.

>> Okay.

I just want to thank all you

guys for your questions and

comments and now I'd like to

prove to you why I think, um, I

deserve your vote.

First of all, I think the game

Survivor is, um, it's the

hardest game anyone will ever

play, and, you know, it's gonna

bring out some of the worst

qualities in people.

But it doesn't mean that we're

bad people.

And I know that I hurt a few

people along the way and I

sincerely do apologize.

But the fact is I came to this

game with a plan and it was to

ally myself with great people

and to try to always have the

numbers on my side and to stay

completely calm at all times.

I never let anybody make

decisions for me.

You know, fortunately, or

unfortunately, I had to take a

leadership role in this game,

and I think that I outwitted and

outplayed and outlasted the best

that I knew how to, and that's

why I am sitting here in the

final two and that's why I would

be honored to have your votes as

the Sole Survivor.

>> PROBST: Danni?

>> Um, I came into a merge with

this top, you know, six alliance

targeting me.

I thought my head was on the

chopping block, and I didn't

want to scramble too soon.

I wanted to... to sit back and

see who was in control of the

game, and it was clear Stephanie

and Rafe were completely in

control of the game and they're

the reason why each one of you

guys are sitting up there right


And I thought, "You know what?

I'm gonna try to align with the

strongest," and we ended up

becoming friends.

I mean, I really got along with

them great, and ended up getting

that bond, because otherwise, I

would have been gone.

So I feel I really did outwit

and I definitely outlasted.

And, um, I would appreciate

your, uh, your vote tonight,


And, like I said, there's no

reason why I should say I

deserve a million dollars over

anybody else, but it'll

definitely go to good use.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get to

the vote.

Tonight, you want to see your

name on the parchment.

Tonight, the jury is voting for

a winner-- the person they think

most deserving of the title of

Sole Survivor and a million


For the last time it is time to


Bobby Jon, you are up.

>> ( whispering ): I always kept

my promises, you never did.

I promise I ain't voting for


>> ( whispering ): This game is

about who you are.

Your character is your strategy.

And Stephanie, you made the most

of your strengths and you turned

your weaknesses into strengths

out here.

You are the ultimate Survivor.

>> PROBST: I'll go get the


>> PROBST: Congratulations on

surviving a long and tough 39

days here in Guatemala.

The jury has made their


The votes will remain a secret

until we get back to the U.S.

See you there.

( cheering and applause )

( cheering and applause )

( cheering and applause )

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: All right.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Let's get to the


(cheering and applause)

Jury... thanks for a good final

Tribal Council.

Steph, Danni... waited a long

time to see what's in here.

Well, wait no longer.

Here's what's at stake for the


2006 Pontiac Torrent, one of the

ones I think Cindy chose not to

give away.

Also at stake, title of Sole

Survivor and a check for one

million dollars.

( cheers and applause )

>> PROBST: Tonight, just to be

clear, you want to see your


These are votes for a winner.

There are seven votes, it takes

four to win.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Steph.

One vote Danni.

One vote Steph.


( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Two votes Danni, one

vote Steph.


( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: That's three votes

Danni, one vote Steph.

It takes four votes to win.

The winner of Survivor:

Guatemala-- Danni.

( cheering and applause )

>> Thank you, guys.

( cheering and applause )

( cheering and applause )

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