Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 12 - Price for Immunity - full transcript

A bidding war breaks out at an auction when family members and loved ones show up unannounced.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Previously

on Survivor: Gary tried to lure

Lydia away from the Alliance of


>> But Judd was listening in.

>> I hear Gary working all over

Lydia, man.

Her eyes are bulging out of her


"Yeah, Gary."

>> I have to cover my own ass,

so if somebody approach me with

a better deal, I'm going with


>> JEFF: At the reward

challenge, the shift in loyalty

was exposed when Lydia helped

remove Stephenie from the game.

Steph not happy at all with

that, Lydia.

>> I haven't eaten.

Steph ate three times.

>> So did Gary.

So did Danni.

>> JEFF: And Cindy smashed her

way to victory.

>> Cindy!

>> JEFF: Cindy chose Rafe to

join her on the hot springs

waterfall reward.

>> You know, Cindy and I are

kind of in this together for

better or for worse.

This was, like, the best day.

>> JEFF: Back at camp, with

Lydia on board, Gary and Danni

concocted a plan to approach

Rafe to join them in an


>> JEFF: But Danni was

strategically keeping her

options open.

>> I've got to look at who is in

control of the game and play up

to it 'cause I'm not going to

go home.

>> JEFF: At the immunity

challenge, Gary and Rafe were

neck and neck, but it was Rafe

who won immunity.

Once again, Rafe wins immunity!

Before Tribal Council, Gary had

the opportunity to make his move

with Rafe.

>> Rafe told me that he didn't

trust Judd, so at some point,

they're going to turn on each


>> At Tribal Council, Gary

exposed Judd's lie about the

hidden idol.

>> He goes, "Okay, I'll tell


It's on the ground."

Well, I followed them out in

the woods the next day, and the

idol was in the tree.

>> JEFF: You got caught.

You got outed tonight for lying.

>> Okay, all right.

I lied about the damn idol.

>> JEFF: But despite Gary's

efforts, his tribe considered

him too much of a threat.

Rafe stuck with his alliance,

and even Danni and Lydia helped

vote Gary out.

Six are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

>> Well, last night at Tribal

Council, Gary got voted out,

and, uh, now that there's six of

us left, I'm next on the totem

pole, you know?

About ready to have my head

chopped off.

>> I was awake.

I was not delirious or anything,


I smelled sausage and eggs.

I really did.

>> Well, if you smelled bacon

and eggs or sausage and eggs,

Lyd, it's probably, uh, Steph

farting again.

So that could be a little bit of

a problem.

>> No, I went to the bathroom.

No more gas.

>> You know, usually when you

got, like, that egg smell...

>> Egg smell.

>> First thing in the

morning, they're not eggs, man.

>> It's funny how everybody

tries to play it off like

nothing happened when we just

had this heated Tribal Council

last night, you know, how

there's been a lot of lying.

And I think it's 'cause they're

all scared.

I mean, after everything's been

called out into the open, I just

kind of sit back last night, and

I'm like, "These people are


I have a feeling who's going to

win this one.

>> Style.

>> That's your style, right?

You're up.

>> Is it my turn?

>> Oh!

>> Wow!

>> Whoo!

>> Spunky.

>> That was pretty, man.

>> I think Judd's was better.

>> I'm definitely not going to

go down without a fight.

>> I mean, I'm going to work

something out.

I mean, I know Lydia-- she feels

like she's on the outs now with

this group, and so I know she's

definitely in with me.

And I think it would take one

more person, um, maybe, to-to

throw something.

Ooh, my shoe.


This perfect little alliance is

going to have to start breaking


It's going to have to start

attacking each other.

I mean, they-they can't all go

to the final spot.

I mean, it's just not going to


>> Ooh!

>> I thought were going to do a

back flip.

>> Wow.

>> That was beautiful, Danni.

>> Thank you, thank you.

I'm seeing stars.

>> JEFF: Come on in, guys.

Go ahead and take a spot on the


>> (laughs)

>> JEFF: Welcome to the Survivor


You each have $500 US.

Sharing of money is allowed, but

only the two people who pool

their money can share in the


The auction will end without


Everyone here is not guaranteed

an item.

If you see something you like,

you should bid on it.

Make sense?

>> Yes.

>> JEFF: Get to the first item.

A plate of beef jerky.

>> Oh.

>> JEFF: A little protein.

>> Twenty.

>> JEFF: Danni's on the board

for 20.

Steph, not even interested.

Nobody else wants this?

Going once.

Going twice.

Sold to Danni for 20 bucks.

Pretty good bargain at 20 bucks,


>> Right.

>> JEFF: Let me tempt you with


>> Oh, no.

>> JEFF: You can keep your beef

jerky for 20 bucks or you can

trade it for what's covered.

>> I'm going with the beef


>> JEFF: Come on up.

>> 20 bucks.

>> JEFF: You know what you have.

Let's see what you didn't take.

Uncooked corn.

>> Whoo!

>> (laughing): Oh!

>> JEFF: Something nobody wants.

Ready for the next item?

Three chocolate chip cookies.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Oh, my God.

>> JEFF: Tall glass of milk.

>> Twenty.

>> JEFF: Lydia says 20.

>> I'll go 40.

>> JEFF: Cindy in on that at 40.

$40 to Cindy.

Anybody else want it?

Going once.

Going twice.

Sold to Cindy for 40 bucks.

>> Yay!

Cookies, cookies.

>> JEFF: Take a bite of one of


Dipping right in.

>> Got big chunks of chocolate.

That makes me happy.

>> Let me see.

Oh, those are nice cookies.

>> JEFF: Next item is not a food


Individual mosquito net.

>> (gasps)

>> Twenty.

>> Forty.

>> Sixty.

>> I'll split it with you for


>> Can we split it 80?

>> JEFF: Rafe and Danni at 80.

>> Hundred.

>> JEFF: Lydia, 100 bucks for

the mosquito net.

>> Hundred twenty.

>> JEFF: Rafe and Danni going


>> One forty.

>> JEFF: 140 to Lydia.

Going once, going twice.

Sold to Lydia.

>> I need it.

>> JEFF: You need it?

>> Yes.

>> JEFF: All right.

It's yours.

>> Okay.

>> JEFF: You don't need to share


Boy, you do have a lot of bites

on that back.


>> You haven't seen nothing yet.

>> JEFF: Got it on the booty,


>> Yeah.

>> JEFF: Next item.


Going to stay covered.

>> Oh.

>> JEFF: Could be the steal of

the day.

>> Twenty.

>> JEFF: Lydia, 20.

>> Forty.

>> JEFF: Danni to 40.

>> Sixty.

>> A hundred.

>> A hundred.

>> 120, Judd and I.

>> JEFF: 120, Judd and Steph.

>> One forty.

>> JEFF: People got an inkling

this is something good.

>> 160, Jeff.

>> JEFF: 160 to Steph and Judd.

>> Going once.

Going twice.

>> Okay, let's do it.


>> Okay, 180.

>> JEFF: Rafe and Danni, 180.

Too rich for Steph and Judd?

>> Yep.

>> JEFF: Danni and Rafe, sold

for 180.

Come on up.

$180 for this.

>> (screaming)

>> Oh!

>> Oh, my God!

>> JEFF: Got a Philly steak

sandwich, fries, ketchup.

>> Take a big old bite of that.

>> Oh, my God, it's humongous.

>> JEFF: Take it back.

>> Watch Cindy's head.

>> JEFF: Judd, how does that


>> Whew!


>> JEFF: Ready for the next


Something a little different.

Inside this envelope is a huge

advantage at the next immunity


Whether or not it is enough to

make sure you win depends on how

you use it, but if you think you

are in trouble, this is worth

bidding on.

>> Twenty.

>> Forty.

>> Sixty.

>> Eighty.

>> Eighty.

>> JEFF: Danni at 80 first.

>> Hundred.

>> Hundred twenty.

>> One forty.

>> JEFF: Steph, 140.

Danni, 160.

>> One eighty.

>> Two hundred.

>> JEFF: 200 to Danni.

Anybody else in this?

Going once.

Going twice.

Sold for 200 to Danni.

Here's the deal, Danni.

This has a wax seal on it.

It needs to remain sealed.

We'll deal with it when you get

to the next challenge.

>> Okay.


>> JEFF: Next item up for bids

coming right around the corner.

>> (screaming)

>> (laughing)

>> JEFF: Cindy, there's your

twin sister, Mindy.

Rafe, your mom, Lonnie.

Danni, your brother, Drew.

Judd, your wife, Kristin.

Lydia, there's your brother,


And Steph, your boyfriend,


Rafe, a little odd to see your

mom out here?

>> This is so random.

I can't believe she's standing

in front of my eyes.

>> JEFF: Lydia, this is first

time in two years you've seen


How's he look?

>> Good.

Real good.

>> JEFF: How's Lydia look?

>> Strong.

>> JEFF: Okay, you are bidding

on an overnight stay.

Your loved one will come back to

camp with you.

They'll spend the night.

They'll see how you've been

living for the last month.

Only two people can share money,

but only one person gets their

loved one, so somebody would be

helping somebody else out.

>> Bidding starts at 40 bucks.

>> Forty.

>> JEFF: Steph, 40.

>> Eighty.

>> JEFF: Judd at 80.

>> Hundred.

>> JEFF: Lydia with 100.

>> Hundred and thirty.

>> JEFF: 130.

>> Hundred and forty.

>> JEFF: Cindy, 140.

>> Three hundred.

>> JEFF: Rafe goes to 300.

It's gonna get down to sharing

of money now.

>> How much do you have?

>> I got 200.

>> JEFF: Steph asking Lydia for

a favor.

>> Will you give me 200?

>> JEFF: Cindy, you're giving

him everything you have?

>> I was already out.

I already didn't have enough.

>> JEFF: Steph takes all of

Lydia's money.

She's counting it up.

Judd has taken all of Cindy's


>> 40, 60, 80...

>> JEFF: Who's getting a visit

with their loved one?

>> 20, 40, 50...

There is 750.

>> JEFF: Steph has $750

combining her money with Lydia.

>> 20, 40, 60, 80, 700.

20, 40, 60, 80, 800.

40, 70, 880.

>> JEFF: Eight eighty.

Steph has done everything she


>> Judd has bought his loved

one for 880 bucks.

>> Kristin, go give him some



>> JEFF: You're going with him,

Kristin, like it or not.

Judd, in addition to having

Kristin spend the night, you

have purchased the right to

invite two other loved ones to

camp with you as well.

>> Judd, please...

>> Oh, yes!

>> JEFF: While you and the loved

ones will all go back to your

camp, the three survivors who

you do not pick will go back to

the old Yaxha camp and spend the

night alone.

They will not get anything, not

so much as a hug.

So you're going to make two

people really happy and three

people really unhappy.

>> I mean, Cindy, of course.

If it wasn't for her, my wife

wouldn't be here.

>> JEFF: Mindy, you are going to

get the Survivor experience.


>> She's still strong.

>> JEFF: All right, Judd.

Now you got a big choice left.

Rafe, crying at seeing his mom.

Stephanie tried to outbid to you

to see her boyfriend.

Lydia hasn't seen her brother in

two years.

>> I'm going to take my Jersey

girl with me.

>> JEFF: Michael, give her a


>> (laughing)

>> (applause)

>> JEFF: Steph, take Michael

back over to the bench.

>> This is Judd.


>> JEFF: Got three very happy

survivors and three survivors

who are going to have a rough

night alone.

Say your good-byes, guys.

>> Take care.

Keep up the good work, all


>> Bye, Joe.

>> Bye.

Be tough.

>> (sobbing)

>> (mumbles)

>> Love you.

>> JEFF: All right, Lydia,

Danni, Rafe, head on out.

>> Bye, guys.

>> JEFF: All right, guys.

Take them back to camp.

>> Welcome home, folks.

Michael, Kristy and Mindy, this

is what we call home for 31

days, man.

And that's how we get our water,

our wood and everything.

This is why Uncle Chub lost 40


This is where we live for 31


This is what we call home, man.

This is what we've been living

in, so welcome to beautiful


>> Thank you.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> Finally.

>> Judd, you learned how to make


>> I'm, like, the Iron Man.

>> Get out!

No way!

>> My wife was pretty shocked,

man, at my camping skills.

She was digging it.

She thought it was pretty hot.

She thought I was a sexy camper.

This is how we get our water,

'cause you're always dehydrated


This is lake water that we got

to boil.

Just drink it right out.

>> Really?

Can I have a little?

He knows what he's doing.

I never thought he'd know what

to do.

I'm shocked, 'cause he seems

like he's doing it all.

I'm very proud of him.

I'm impressed.

>> Usually, we take our palm

fronds and we spread them out

all over here.

People who sleep by the fire.

And I sleep right here.

>> I'm excited to be here,

because this is what I grew up


Playing wilderness people was

our favorite thing to play.

It's, like, our greatest

adventure yet.

>> The first two days was an


5-mile hike.

We had to stop and just sleep in

the jungle somewhere.

Through thick jungle.

It was horrible.

We thought we were going to die.

Oh, my God.

To have Mike here-- it's a dream

come true.

I owe Judd big time, 'cause this

is the second time he's given me

a sweet reward and shared a

sweet reward with me.

>> This is all coming down to

the wire here, but we-we've got

got a tight alliance here.

It's me, Steph, Cindy and Rafe

in an alliance right now that's

tight as can be.

Steph, I hope, goes my way.

That takes me to the final two,

if all goes well.

>> It's been awhile since we've

been here, Rafe.

>> No kidding.

>> Wow, this is our...

>> It's been, like, 20 days...

>> Day one camp.

>> We came back to the old Yaxha

camp today after the reward

challenge, and it was like a

homecoming of sorts, getting to

the camp and seeing that old


How long are we going to be


But also, like, a fight for


I think we should be really

careful about, you know, what's

happening, and I trust you a


>> It's hard to trust anybody.

That's why Gary told me I could

trust you.

He's like, "Just, you know,

stick with Rafe."

>> And that's same thing he told


Judd's the only one that I feel

is, like, ready to break.

>> Yeah, he's...


>> You know?

>> He's a threat.

He's definitely a threat.

The only person I really feel

like I can trust now is Rafe.

I think he knows that I'm

important to have around for

him because that alliance is

going to start wanting to vote

somebody out, and they have to

see Rafe as threat.

Um, so he needs another buddy.

I'm sure Judd or Cindy is going

to approach me, 'cause they're

going to have to number-wise.

>> Right.

>> If he talks to me or talks to

Lydia, tries to vote against

you, we'll just let you know.

>> Well, he's in control kind

of, but also in a really tenuous

position because you and me are

way closer than him and me.

And, like, we just need to catch

Judd in some kind of lie.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> So that we can show Steph

that that's...

'Cause right now, she really,

really trusts him.

I know that Judd is threatened

by me.

I know that Judd might want to

get me out before he says he

does, so I have to make back-up

plans so that if he tries, then

I'll be safe.

You can't trust a person like

Judd, but you can trust that you

can't trust him.

>> So, so, Cindy, we-we should

be all right for...

still with

our final four.

The reason I'm saying that is

because Danni does have that


Okay, good, take that clue,

fine, you know what I mean?

Go ahead.

>> She's not usually a front-


>> No, she's not a threat at

all, so that's good for us.

>> Mentally or physically, she's

not usually a front-runner.

One thing she's good at is

shooting basketballs.

>> That's it, so we have an edge

on her.

>> She must have something if

she made it this far.

>> If she wins, that's-that's


I mean, it's not the end of our

world right here.

If she wins it, that's fine.

Then we get rid of Lydia.

God, I'm so glad this worked out

this way.

>> They told me the mother lode.

I just get my whole bunch, then

I'm good for the night.

That's all we do.

We make two wood runs a day.

That's it.

(mosquitoes buzzing)

>> (grunting)

>> It's a lot more barren than I

had expected, that's for sure.

They have nothing, and it's so

much work.

Everything they do is just such

a chore, really.

>> This is a real deal, and most

people would not survive out

here in a, you know, a day.

It's crazy.

>> Hmm.

>> We're back.

>> Hey.

>> Hi, guys.

>> Hey!

>> Hey, you!

Still there.

>> Hi.

>> We just started making corn.

>> What do you say there, Mr.


>> We just came back and walked

in, and we didn't think that the

family members would still be

here, but they are.

Um, and so it's been kind of


We got to meet them all, talk to

them, see that they're not

loving camp life at all.

>> So, what'd you think about

this experience?

>> I've never camped ever before

in my life.

I don't know how you do it.

>> It felt great having my wife

here at camp.

I haven't been eating, so I feel

like she actually made me full

just by looking at her.

It's like eating 25 White Castle

cheeseburgers, man.

(all saying good-byes)

>> I'll see you soon.

>> Nice meeting you.

Good luck.


>> Nice meeting you.

>> We all walked down here to

the boat dock and had to say

good-bye to our loved ones.

And it was hard, but I'm glad

she was here to see it.

She wished me lots of luck and

she knows I can do it, man.

I'm going to do it.

>> You've made it through the

hard part.

>> I know.

>> I love you so much.

I've missed Judd so much.

The longest I've never spoke to

him was, like, 24 hours.

And, um...

I just can't wait for

him to come home.

>> I just thought it was really

incredible that my sister got to

be here.

It's just going to make it even

more of a memorable experience


>> Bye.

>> Bye, you guys.

>> Bye, you guys!

>> It was bittersweet, but it

was more sweet than anything


I hate good-byes.

So I can't wait to say hello.

>> Oh, thank you.

>> Judd was talking about how

it's important to get rid of the

strongest, um, you know,

survivors that are left.

And Rafe has the, uh...


to me the day before and said,

you know, "If Judd says anything

about voting me off, I think we

can get Stephenie's vote against


And I know Lydia and I are


We'll, you know, stick with him.

>> Judd, you know what?

Maybe it's time we make a deal.

>> You know what?

I don't have a problem with


>> It's funny.

The longer you stick around, the

more problems you can cause.

You know, more doors will open,

so it seems like I have a little

bit of a crack.


>> JEFF: Come on in, guys.

First things first.

Rafe, give up immunity.

You've had this for awhile.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

All right, let's get to today's


It is for immunity.

It requires smarts.

It's a bit of a human chess


Here is how it works.

One at a time, you're each going

to make a move on our multi-

level board by flipping a tile

to its red side and stepping on


You can move forward.

You can move backward.

You can move side to side.

You cannot move diagonally.

Once you stepped off the red

tile, no one can step onto it


In addition, the top platform is

a spinning platform, so if at

any time, you want to

strategically relocate yourself

to somewhere else on the board,

spin yourself to a new spot.

As you all move around the

board, there will be fewer and

fewer white tiles to flip over.

At some point, you'll run out of

tiles to step onto.

When that happens, you're out of

the game.

Last person left standing wins

immunity, guarantees themselves

a spot in the final five.

Danni, at the auction, you

purchased an advantage...

>> Yep.

>> JEFF: ...

to today's immunity


You still have the envelope?

>> Yes.

>> JEFF: Okay, let me see it.

Still sealed.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> JEFF: Good, don't open it


>> I'm a good girl.

>> JEFF: Take a spot on the

board, and we'll get started.

All right, we've drawn for spots

on the board.

Danni, time to open your

immunity advantage.

>> See what it is.

>> JEFF: Read it out loud.

>> Switch positions with

any player.

>> JEFF: So, what that means is,

at any time in this game you can

trade spots with any player one


If you understand how to play

this game, that is a huge


If you don't, it might just

extend your life a little


>> Let's find out.

Everybody make your first


Everybody's on the board.

Danni, you're up.


Danni goes sideways.

Cindy goes forward.







Cindy continues to move





Anxious to go.


Everybody with a slightly

different game plan.

Cindy, going up to the

spinning platform.

Going to spin herself into a

new spot.

Lydia, which tile is she

going to move?

Cindy, surrounded by a sea of


No more tiles to flip over.

Cindy can't move.

She's first one out of the game.

Take a spot on the bench.

Steph is up.

Steph's carved out a nice

piece of real estate.

Danni, your move.

>> Can I switch?

>> JEFF: You can switch any time

you want.

Immunity and a spot in the final

five is riding on this


>> I want to switch with Steph.

>> JEFF: Danni uses her immunity


Steph doesn't like it.

Danni, Steph, switch


Only time will tell if it was

the right move.


Takes her last move.

>> Last move.

>> JEFF: Step on it then take a

spot on the bench next to Cindy.

Lydia, second person out of

the game.

We're down to four.

Danni, Judd, Rafe on one side

of the board.

Steph alone on the other.

Judd, your move.

Rafe's turn.

Starting to get interesting.





Rafe and Danni closing in on

the same tiles.


Danni makes her move, and in

doing so, ends the game for

Rafe, who has nowhere left to


>> Good job, Rafe.

>> JEFF: Rafe joins Lydia and

Cindy on the bench.

We are down to three.



Judd makes his last move.

>> I've got one more.

>> JEFF: Judd, you cannot move


Nowhere left to go.

You're out of the game.

We're down to two.

Danni and Steph.

Danni made Steph switch

positions with her.

Steph, only so many tiles

left to work with.

Just play it out now.


With that, Steph has only one

move left to make.

Steph is out.

Danni wins immunity.

Well played.

Well spent.

>> Well spent.

>> JEFF: Money well spent.

Danni, come on up.


A lot of things bid on at

that auction.

Nothing more valuable than

this right now.

>> I love this thing.

>> JEFF: Well played.

You are safe tonight at

Tribal Council.

Steph, Judd, Cindy, Lydia,

Rafe, after 33 days, one of you

is going home tonight.

See you at Tribal Council.

Head on back to camp.

>> Good job.

>> Good job, Danni.

>> Thank you.

>> I don't know about you...

>> I thought I'd be going next

for sure.

That was like the biggest

immunity I could ever win.

There's lot of things going on

right now.

So something may work out even

more so in my favor tonight.

>> Where did Judd go?

>> I'd like to believe Judd.

I believe Judd for the most part

but already made clear that he's

playing this game and do

anything to win.

He's already been caught in

quite a few lies.

And Danni really hasn't lied at


>> Whoa.

>> Said a million times he's

like, "I'm here to win.

I'll do whatever it takes."

>> We have to be...

>> We've been trying to be


>> For the most part.

>> Like I don't know...

>> We were saying if he goes

tonight we'll want Lydia to go

next then we'll go to the four.

>> Yeah.

>> With Cindy.

>> Yeah.

>> I mean, what do you think?

What if Cindy...

if we vote for

Judd, they all vote for us.

>> I think Lydia will vote for


>> She said she would vote for


>> I think she would.

>> You do?

And what, do we tell Cindy?

>> What do you think?

>> My heart tells me get rid of

Lydia because Judd and I have

been really close.

>> At the same time, if someone

is going to slit your throat

because they like your company,

hell, no, they got to go.

>> I love Judd, though.

I do.

I told his wife that we were

sticking together.

I feel horrible.

But if he's likely to turn, I


You know, I never...

>> I basically told Stephenie

what was going on now.

And now she's kinda thinking

maybe we might vote Judd out


So hopefully my plan worked to

rat Judd out.

>> Absolutely.

>> It's weird how the original

plan was to take Danni out.

She won immunity on the day that

she needed it, you know what I'm


I'm here if you want to use my


If not.

Auf Wiedersehen.




>> Nobody is safe here tonight.

If you think you're safe in this

game, you're crazy.

>> Yeah.

>> You're absolutely berserk.

>> If anybody needs me for their

vote, I'm here for them.

You know what I'm sayin'?

I'm not about to give up.

I'm not about to quit.

>> We have alliance to me,

Cindy, Stephenie and Rafe.

And we had agreed if Danni won

immunity it's going to be Lydia.

>> Do you know if she's lied?

>> She's working, man.

I said it could be me, it could

be you.

>> It could be Rafe.

>> That's what I said.

I said it could be anybody here.

>> That's funny.

>> No, it's not.

But you got to say something.

I mean, you can't just sit


You know what I mean?


>> I know what you mean,


>> Yeah, I'll miss Lydia around


I'll miss her singing and

dancing, all that.

But one other person goes I move


No hard feelings.

So, you know, pretty glad

somebody's going home right now.

As long as it ain't me, man,

I'll always have a smile on my


>> JEFF: We now bring in the

members of our jury.

Bobby Jon, Jamie, and Gary voted

out last Tribal Council.

So let's talk about the loved


Steph, you and Michael have been

going out seven years?

>> Yes.

>> JEFF: It had to be just

wonderful to have him out there

and experience that with you.

>> Yeah, it was really special

and really awesome because now

he can really understand what

we've all been going through,

and it was just like, "This


He's like, "You guys are tough."

>> JEFF: Let's talk about the

immunity challenge.

Danni, you are smiling from ear

to ear right now.

>> Oh, my, gosh.

When it came up in the auction

to get the advantage, there was

no way I was going to let that


And fortunately it worked out.

And like I started to cry.

I've cried twice over spaghetti

and over immunity.

So I was very, very happy and

needed it.

>> JEFF: Cindy, take me through

that process emotionally of how

it becomes more difficult to

vote tonight.

>> You have to consider the

person you're voting out and how

their alliance is going to

affect your alliance with

whoever is left.

Also the person that's going

home is going to have some say

if you end up in the final two

and whether or not you win.

So you got 20 things going

through your head that you have

to consider.

>> JEFF: Rafe, have you started

to consider how it's going to be

different after tonight's Tribal

Council when you are now down to

odd number, five.

>> It's like, you don't know

exactly who to trust, but you

have to like kind of believe

that you have the right gut

feeling about who you can trust

around here.

Because that's the only thing

that's going to get to you the

end of the game at this point.

With this few people left you

have to have strong trust to get

to the end of the game.

>> JEFF: Steph, how important is

it to you how you vote somebody

out of this game?

>> For me it's important to vote

somebody out and know that

you're making the right choice

and be able to, if you make it

to the final two, to explain


Explain your reasoning behind


And it's hard.

Because you let your emotions

get to you.

We are all fighting for a

million bucks, but we're

like family.

We really are.

>> JEFF: Judd, somebody in this

family will be going tonight.

>> Well, I tell what you, to be

honest with you, no matter what

they all say, everybody wants

somebody to go home.

I mean, they're sitting here

making believe like, oh, man,

going to stink.

That's not the case, man.

Everybody wants somebody to go


That's the bottom line.

That's what we're here for.

Only way you move on is somebody

goes home.

No hard feelings, but deal with


That's basically the way I look

at it.

If somebody goes home, that's

better for me.

You just got to trust and love

the ones you're with right now.

>> JEFF: Danni, you paid a lot

of money to get that immunity

around your neck.

I can't imagine you're giving it


>> No, I think I'm going to keep


>> JEFF: Danni is the only one

you cannot vote for.

Everybody else is fair game.

Time to vote.

Rafe, you're up.

>> You're always saying we're a

bunch of squirrels trying to get

a nut.

Well, sorry, I had to write your

name down, but I had to do what

I had to do today.

>> Hey, Lydia, you sang and you

danced your way right out of

the jungle.


>> JEFF: I'll tally the votes.

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Judd.


One vote Lydia.


Two votes Lydia, one vote Judd.


Two votes Judd, two votes Lydia.


That's three votes Judd,

two votes Lydia.

One vote left.

13th person voted out of

Survivor: Guatemala: Judd.

>> Thanks, guys.

Hope you guys all get bit by a

freakin' crocodile.


>> JEFF: Judd, the Tribe has


Time to go.

>> JEFF: After tonight's vote

one thing should be very clear:

you can no longer rely on what

used to be because this game

just took a change in a very big


Grab your torches.

Go back to camp.

Good night.

>> ANNOUNCER: Stay tuned for

scenes from our next episode.

>> JEFF: Next time on Survivor:

>> I see a little pattern there,

and it makes me uncomfortable.

>> JEFF: Cindy is consoled after

Tribal Council.

>> He's not privileged of the


>> Really?

>> JEFF: The strategy deepens.

>> That's tough decision.

>> JEFF: And the tribe is

shocked with an awful dilemma.

>> Oh, my God.

>> I'm really pissed off.

I mean, I feel I was pissed on,

pissed off, lied to, betrayed.

It doesn't feel good being

blind-sided and it sucks being

lied to, man, because one thing

I didn't do was lie to anybody,


Hey, get rid of the biggest

target, and that's what they

did, man.

So, I really believe that you

are a bunch of scumbags, and I

can't wait till the final two,

man. I'll have a lot more to