Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 8 - Neanderthal Man - full transcript

Anxious about a possible tribal merge, a Survivor makes one-on-one pacts with numerous others.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


Tom brought in the big one.

( laughing )

>> How did you get it?

>> I hit it with the machete.

>> Oh, now, who's

the great white shark killer?

>> And wham!

>> It's gonna be a lot harder

to vote him off now.

>> Yeah!

( Tom whoops )

>> PROBST: When tree mail

arrived, the tribes learned

they were to build an SOS signal

that could be seen from the air.

>> Little rain...

>> I say we burn

our friggin' shelter.

>> PROBST: Ulong jumped right

in, while Koror took a more

methodical approach.

>> The first thing that we want

to do is find the right


>> PROBST: When the plane flew

over Ulong, the drop master

was not impressed.

>> Unless you're flying

right over the top,

it would be hard to see.

>> PROBST: And although Koror

had trouble with their fire...

Do you have enough information

to make a decision?

>> Yes, I do.

>> PROBST: was their

signal that best caught the eye

of the drop master.

( cheering )

>> I'm so happy!

>> In the box was three

bottles of red wine...

>> Cheese tortellini

and tomato sauce.

>> And then we had all of these

military food packages

that you could heat up

and eat as meals.

>> To a great tribe.

>> PROBST: At Ulong, the tribe

took the loss hard.

>> We lost the reward challenge

because they worked harder.

Or I'm sure they worked

smarter, knowing them.

>> PROBST: At Koror, Jenn and

Gregg's budding romance

raised some red flags.

>> I'm concerned

with Gregg and Jenn.

It just could be a monkey wrench

that we don't see coming.

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Ulong couldn't get it


Ulong may be worse off

than when you started.

>> Back.

>> PROBST: And Coby moved his

tribe to another Koror victory.

>> Left-- empty spot,

and I swear we got it.

>> PROBST: And with that,

Koror wins immunity

for the sixth straight time.

Before Tribal Council,

Stephenie feared the worst

when Bobby Jon couldn't commit.

>> I thought we were sticking

together, no matter what.

>> Well, it's just kind

of a toss up, you know?

>> You're not sticking

with your word, then?

>> I don't really want

to talk about it.

>> I can tell by the way he's

acting he's gonna vote for me.

>> PROBST: But the votes came

in, and Ibrehem was voted out,

when Bobby Jon honored his

arrangement with Stephenie

to be the last

two members of Ulong.

Ten are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

( blowing )

>> There it goes.

>> I thank you

for keeping your word.

>> Yeah?

>> I was a little nervous.

I-I knew it was

a hard decision for you.

>> It's over. It's done.

There wasn't no good way

to do it, you know?

>> I know.

Tonight we went to Tribal

Council, and I was

really nervous.

I really thought

I was gonna be the one to go.

Bobby Jon, he beat

around the bush.

He didn't really want

to give me an answer on

whether he was going to vote

for me or Ibrehem,

but luckily he kept his word

and Ibrehem went home.

>> Ibrehem and I, we had a

friendship, we had a bond, but

in competition you have

to rule out feelings, and

I just thought

Stephenie has performed

better than Ibrehem

at challenges, so... I did what

was best for the tribe.

>> I'm glad that we're still


I'm still ready

to bring home a victory.

I think we can do it.

>> Yeah, I do, too.

>> It was tough with three,

and it's already weird being

here only with two, but

I don't feel

that my time is up here.

I'm still ready to win,

and it's clear now

that Bobby Jon and I

are the two people

best for the job right now.

( buzzing )

>> Eww! Go!

Get out of here!

>> What's with the rats today?

There's like six of them playing

in front of the steps.

>> They're looking for...

>> Yeah.

>> Just took them a few days

to lose their fear.

The rats, they're

going crazy today.

I don't know if, uh, if we've

gotten sloppy with food

or we're cutting the coconuts

too close to the camp or...

I just think it's that the rats

have got comfortable with us

and realize that we're not

a threat to them.

>> The rats have become

bolder and bolder, and it's all

our tribe's fault because nobody

will listen to me.

There's coconut everywhere,

so of course the rats are going

to become more and more bold.

They're eating our coconut,

which is all over the camp

because people won't clean up.

So every bit of rat that we get

all over us is deserved.

>> You are?

>> Uh, I'm not smelling

it anymore.

I've told people for days.

I have told Tom every day

since he caught that shark

to move his damn shark head,

because it stinks,

there's flies everywhere.

It's not even 20 feet

from our camp.

So I got up this morning,

I moved the shark head,

I moved the guts because nobody

was doing anything, as usual.

I'm the one who has to get the

firewood, I'm the one who has to

keep the fire going, I'm the one

whoa has to boil the water.

I'm the one who has

to go hunt food.

Those girls don't do anything,

especially Jennifer,

Katie and Janu.

Katie and Jennifer don't do

anything all day long.

I've never seen them touch a

piece of wood since we've been

here, and now Janu is on her

eighth straight day of,

"Boo-hoo! I want to go home."

Would you quit already?

Get out of the game.

You know, I'm too much of a

feminist to watch this happen.

These Alpha males are just

totally waiting on them hand

and foot, and the girls

are loving it.

They're eating it up.

It's making me sick.

I want to take

all three of those girls

and push them in that fire.

( sighs ): Oh...

>> Come on in, Koror.

We'll now bring in Ulong.

Ibrehem voted out

at the last Tribal Council.

>> Hi.

>> PROBST: You're only two,

but you're still a tribe.

>> Yep.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get

to today's challenge.

It is going to require

an adventurous spirit,

a willingness to try

something new

and an overall open

attitude toward life.

It is a food challenge.

The food you're going

to be eating is a delicacy.

It's also very nutritious.

It's from this part of the

world, and it's called balute.

Balute is a fertilized egg

that contains

partially-formed duckling.

These ducks

are about 20 days old.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> PROBST: You can see the

beak... and it is full of


Here's how it'll work.

We're gonna go in rounds.

Each round, we will

increase the number

of balute you eat.

In the first round

you'll eat one balute,

then two balute,

then three balute

and finally four balute.

There will be four rounds.

Each time you get it down, you

score a point for your tribe.

At the end of four rounds,

whoever has the most

points wins reward.

Makes sense?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> PROBST: Want to know what

you're playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: I know you both have


What you don't have for

those showers is fresh water.

First part of your reward,

55 gallons of fresh water

in a tank with a showerhead

delivered to your camp.

That's water

you don't have to find,

water you don't have

to bring back,

water you don't have to boil.

To go along with that,

because, trust me,

you guys reek...

( laughing )

...a little

luxury gift bag here.

>> Wow.

( cheering )

Everything you need to get

clean, get that taste

out of your mouth,

get that smell off your body.

Do not underestimate

how revitalizing that can be

to get clean again.

That's what you're playing for.

Koror, because you have

six extra members now,

you're sitting six people out.

Just tell me the two

that are going to compete.

Ian... and Tom.

It'll be Ian and Tom

versus Steph and Bobby Jon.

Everybody else,

take a spot on the bench.

Round one, come on up.

This is not a race.

This is just get it down.

Here's how you know

when you're finished.

Show me an empty mouth.

I'll say you're good.

Once I say you're good, if it

comes back up, it's fine.

Balute is served.

>> Oh.

>> PROBST: Survivors ready?

>> Ready.

>> Ready.

>> PROBST: Eat.

>> How's it, Tom?

>> PROBST: Bites right in.

>> Come on, Tom, it's beer.

>> PROBST: So does Steph.

>> Down.

>> PROBST: Tom's clean.

He's good.

>> Give me a wink, Tom.

Come on, show me something.

All right.

>> PROBST: That's good.

Koror and Ulong both score.

We're tied one-one

after the first round.

>> Watch the beak.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Next two, come on up.

>> "Watch the beak."

>> PROBST: Survivors ready?


>> Mmm!

That was a juicy one.

>> Echh.

( Ian chuckles )

>> Oh... Umm...

What's going through

your head, Ian?

>> There was some egg shell

in that one.

>> PROBST: Sure that was what

was the crunchy part?

>> I don't know.

>> I don't either.

>> But I need the soap.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon, we got a

little piece right there on the


Let me see that thing.

That'll work.

All right. That'll work.

>> All right, Ian.

>> Good job, Ian.

>> PROBST: We're good after two


Tom and Steph,

we are tied at two-two.

You now have three balute

to get down.

Survivors ready... and eat.

>> PROBST: Thinking at all about

what you're eating, Steph?

>> Eggs.

>> PROBST: Eggs.

It's just eggs.

>> Just don't look at it.

>> I got a chirp out of that


>> Mmm. Mmm.

>> PROBST: Tom has three down.

He's clearing that mouth.

That's good.

>> Damn, Tom.

>> Hungry.

>> I can feel the feet

a little, too-- they scratch.

>> PROBST: That looks good.

Tom and Steph--

they've downed three balute.

We are tied three-three,

moving into the last round.

Ian, Bobby Jon,

four balute waiting for you.

Survivors ready...


>> Come on, Ian.

>> Good job, I.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon not messing


He's almost done.

>> Come on, I.

>> Come on, I. Just keep...

>> It's all right, I.

Get it down.

>> PROBST: Open that mouth,


That's good.

Ian gets down all four

just like that.

Head back.

We are tied four-four.

>> PROBST: Okay, moving into

a tiebreaker.

You'll pick

your strongest person.

You'll eat five balute.

It's a time trial.

First one to get five down

wins reward.

>> I was hoping

for a few more of these.

>> PROBST: Who's it going to be

for Koror?

>> It's going to be Tom.

>> PROBST: Tom's going to take

the five.

>> Got it.

>> PROBST: And Bobby Jon.

Come on up.

>> Come on, Tom.

>> Attaboy, Tom. Come on.

>> PROBST: At stake:

55 gallons of fresh water.

That is a lot of water.

Plus everything you need

to get clean-- get this taste

out of your mouth.

First one to get all five down,

show me an empty mouth,

wins reward.

Survivors ready...


Bobby Jon two-fisting it.

>> Good job. Good job.

>> PROBST: Tom trying,

taking nibbles from both.

>> Come on, now.

>> PROBST: Gonna come down

to an empty mouth.

>> Guiness, Guiness.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon shoving

that fifth one in there.

>> Get it down, Tom!

>> PROBST: Keep it in there.

Keep it over the plate.

>> You can do it, Tom.

Mind over matter, fireman.

>> You got it, Tom.

>> Nice job. Nice job.

Nice job, Tom.

>> Come on, Tom.

You got it, Tom.

Come on, now.

>> PROBST: Tom's got his fifth

one in his mouth,

but he's got to get it down.

>> Nice work, Tom.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon trying

to shove it down.

>> Come on, Tom. Koror!

You got it, Tom.

( clapping )

>> Think about how dirty I am

now, come on.

>> You can do it, Tom.

Show him that mouth.

>> Come on, Tom.

>> Just swallow, Tom.

Hurry, before him.

>> Bobby Jon's getting it.

>> Hurry!

>> Swallow. Swallow.

Swallow it, Bobby Jon.

>> He's almost there. Come on.

>> PROBST: Tom very close.

( Bobby Jon retching )

Tom's got it for Koror!

( groans )

( cheering )

Might as well finish it.

Right, Bobby Jon?

>> Good job.

>> PROBST: Tom?

Rinse that out of your mouth.

A little Scope will make

that taste go away, huh?

>> Hook a brother

up, will you?

>> This tastes good enough

to drink.

>> PROBST: This challenge is

over for Ulong.

Grab your stuff,

head on back to camp, guys.

>> Man, I almost had him.

>> PROBST: Koror, 55 gallons of

fresh water in a tank, with a

showerhead, will be delivered to

your camp.

You can take this back with you.


>> That's the soap.

I'm getting the dirt off!

( cheering )

>> All right!

>> Whoo!

>> The challenge today

was for a reward.

We got 55 gallons of water,

which is great,

and we won a basket of shampoo

and conditioner and toothpaste

and toothbrushes.

>> Cheers.

>> I'd say I'm a big fan

of the Scope mouthwash.

I particularly like

the Citrus Splash.

Tastes a little bit like


( chuckling )

>> We all took a swig,

and just... it felt so good

'cause it was just tingling.

It was wonderful.

>> Did y'all want to come see

what you won back here?

New water thing.

>> Seeing the big drum up


Oh! We have a shower.

I was looking forward

to feeling human for one day.

You think you should

use all that for showers?

Given that we're all still

drinking poisoned water.

>> We should use none of it

for showers.

>> I agree.

>>> I think we should

take off that showerhead

and fill canteens right out of

that spigot.

>> I think most people want

a shower, though.

Don't you?

>> Let's see how much

is over there.

>> Can we just have

one shower, and then...

>> We can, but we're still in

a survival situation here.

Jenn was crestfallen that she

wasn't going to get in.

I had to assert myself,

and it's something

I've been trying not to do.

But there were people

within the tribe who

actually thought that the first

fresh water that we've seen

in 19 days should actually

be used for shower purposes.

It's ridiculous.

>> What do you think, Jenn?

>> Jenn wants a shower.

>> Everybody takes a shower,

we're down to two-thirds.

I agree.

>> Tom is the one who spoke up.

"Well, I think we need

to, uh, conserve, you know,

and use that water

for drinking."

And it's 55 gallons of water!

I mean, come on.

You can't let us use,

like, a gallon or two?

>> I vote for not using the

fresh water, but like, I know

there's some people who

really want a shower

and really want

that comfort, so...

>> No, it's all right.

>> Nobody wants to speak up,

and I'm not going

to be that person.

I could see that coming back

to haunt me.

"Oh, Jenn really wanted to use,

you know,

the clean water for her bath."

>> So we're okay?

Everybody's good

with the decision?

>> Everyone's good, or...?

>> Yeah. Yeah, makes sense.

>> He really is not letting it

be a vote.

Maybe, in the end, that'll

make him be voted off, you know,

for being such a sourpuss

about the whole thing.

>> You see how much of that

stuff I had left in my hand?


>> Yeah, I know.

It's always like that.

It's, like, we're there, but we

miss it by, like, an inch.

>> Today's defeat

is heartbreaking.

I mean, I had my throat open

as much as I could,

shoving it in there, but Tom,

he shoved his in faster.

Well, I'm getting tired

of losing to him, you know?

>> Right.

For some reason, you keep

matching up against him.

Well, you're the strongest

on our tribe, and he's

the strongest on theirs.

That's why.

>> I feel like I can beat

anybody else on that tribe.

>> I know.

>> If you want to

know the truth.

>> I know you can.

That's why you're not

going up against anybody else.

You're going up against him.

>> It just seems like Tom

beats me every single time, and

that's something

that's getting real, real old,

so I'm real pissed right now.

I mean, I see fire.

>> Bobby Jon?

I think he's been

too positive about the losses.

He's, like, "It's okay.

We lost again.

We'll get them next time."

But he's starting

to get frustrated.

I don't know.

I guess guys

need to throw things,

punch things, make noise--

whatever they can to feel manly

when they're pissed off.

But, half the time,

he scares me.

Bobby Jon is sick of losing,

and I think he's finally,

finally starting

to take it to heart.

So, I was actually happy

to see him mad like that.

>> Being undefeated is glorious,

but it's a lot of days

of monotony.

We've been with the same people

for many days now, but

things are going to change real

quick around here.

No more Happy Koror Day.

No more... ( cheering )

It's going to be...

( growls )...

eating each other.

>> If they turn, then they need

to be broken up.

Gregg and Jenn-- they're part

of the alliance.

But I'm still worried about

them switching over and trying

to pick Tom and I off.

They're two votes strong.

That makes it a threat.

I think they're definitely

using their relationship

for strategic advantage, so we

know, going into it, you know,

that we're going to need to take

one of them out eventually.

We're all family, but there's

a business side to it, too,

so we are on the verge

of utter ridiculousness,

for sure, and I can't wait.

>> Well, listen, we

got good news.

Stephenie's still there...

>> We really need...

we're gonna need...

>> We needed that.

We have to keep that quiet here.

You can't slip in front

of Gregg, you know, and Jenn,

'cause just... 'cause we

are all together.

You got to keep that quiet.

Katie and Ian and I hooked up

on day two, and said let's see

how far we can take this.

And Stephenie also

was part of that group.

Except for myself,

Ian and Katie,

nobody even knows that there is

a relationship that Stephenie

would be the wolf

in the sheep's clothing

that they wouldn't

even see coming.

>> Final four is me,

you, Stephenie and-and Katie.

>> Right.

( grunts )

>> You all right?

>> Yeah. I just make noises.

I feel like if I scream

at it that, uh...

>> My boyfriend does that,

and I want to friggin' kill him.

>> Really?

>> It's hard being here

with just Bobby Jon.

Sometimes I don't know what

to say to him, you know?

It's just the two of us left.

We don't have a lot in common.

It's just tough.

( Bobby Jon burps )

Bobby Jon is totally turning

into a caveman.

( blowing gourd )

I mean, I'm not going to lie.

Like, I am disgusting,

but I scrub so much

with that sand--

my armpits, and my whole body--

that I really don't think

I smell that bad.

But Bobby Jon?

He's just gross.

He is always dirty.


( crunching )

And then he eats everything

and anything.

Like, today, we caught a crab.

And he's eating the whole

thing, and I'm, like, you know,

you're supposed to eat the

white meat inside.

Not the shell.

Oh, man...

>> I know that's gross.

>> Snot rocket.

>> I'm sorry. I got to do it.

>> Occasionally, I will turn

around and see him

blowing a snot rocket

straight out directly in

the middle of where we sleep.

He does apologize, but, um...

it's nasty.

It's hard, 'cause I-I think

about Koror all the time,

and I know that they are just,

like, living the life

over there.

They're having

the time of their life,

and here me and Bobby Jon are,

you know, busting our butts

to try to keep the fire

in the cave going.

I thought this was going

to be a piece of cake.

I could do this.

It's totally me.

I'm totally cut out for this.

And I am.

And I still believe that.

But it's tough.


>> Got to let it down.

>> Holy crap!

Oh, man, need help?

( grunts )

>> Just getting that outrigger

into the water

damn near killed us.

Good job.

>> One, two, three.

( grunting )

( loud grunting )

>> Rest.

>> If I make it through this,

I can make it through anything.

( grunting )

I mean, it's tough physically,

it's tough mentally,

it's tough emotionally.

It's hard, it's like

we're halfway through,

but we have so long to go.

( voice breaking ): And...

I'm trying to be so strong

and it's like,

you can only do so much work.

And it's hard, it's like,

you're out here with no one.

And it is really hard.

I won't give up hope,

but I feel like we're at,

like, a dead end.

>> We are really

kind of down right now

'cause we're really tired

and we're really hungry,

but we're just going to keep

trying and trying.

You know, we don't give up,

and I-I value that.

>> I got one. I got one!

>> Wow!

Good job!

>> A school of needlefish swam

up, and I just shot

right in the middle of them

and happened to get one.

So I kind of felt like,

you know,

like I'd accomplished something.

Golly, the meat!

( whistles )

>> That's going to be

a lot to eat tonight.

Oh, my God.

>> How good is it?

>> Oh, my God.

This is so good.

There's so much meat.

The fish that we had, it was

like the best thing I ever had

in my life.

You can feel the protein going

into your body.

>> This is the breakfast

of champions.

>> We are having a feast.

It's been 21 days

and we've barely had any fish,

so it was a really nice treat

to have that.

And that's all we needed

to really get our spirits up.

>> Puzzle.

>> "Sink or swim."

>> "Sink or swim.

Think and swim."

>> "Today they mean the same.

For the tribe who can't do

either, one more will

leave the game."

>> It's imperative we win today,

because it's for immunity,

and if we lose,

there will be no more Ulong.

It's pretty much do or die.

>> It really is.

>> We're pretty tough

competitors, so I think today

immunity is going to be

Ulong's, finally,

'cause I'm pretty good

at this stuff.

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to today's challenge?

>> We are.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Janu has it today.

Immunity once again

back up for grabs.

Ulong, that means

anyone can win.

Okay, for today's challenge,

you're going to swim out

to a series of pontoons.

Underneath the pontoons

there's a rope

that leads to four bags

of puzzle pieces

spaced out along the course.

First person will swim out,

pull yourself along the rope

to the first bag of puzzle

pieces and unclip the bag.

You'll then hop up on the

pontoon, cross the balance beam

come back to the start.

Then the next person will go

out to collect the second bag.

You will alternate

until you have all four bags.

Once you have all four bags

of puzzle pieces, open them up,

start putting together

a word scramble puzzle.

Once you have the puzzle

put together,

start circling the words

that are on your puzzle board.

Any time two words intersect,

take that intersecting letter

and write it on a letter cube.

When you've found all the words,

take the intersecting letters,

use them

to form a three-word phrase.

That phrase holds the key

to immunity.

Koror, you're only running

two members.

The only people who cannot

participate are the people

who participated yesterday,

that's Ian and Tom.

Who are the two today?

>> Me and Coby.

>> PROBST: Coby and Gregg.

All right, everybody else

take a spot on the bench.

Wait for my "go."

Here we go, for immunity.

Survivors ready... go!

Gregg and Steph

into the water first.

Pull yourself underwater looking

for a bag of puzzle pieces.

Steph gets to the pontoon first.

Gregg right behind.

>> Come on, Steph.

>> PROBST: Gregg and Steph both

up with their puzzle pieces.

Puzzle pieces are not light.

Working the balance beam.

Gregg with a bit of a lead.

Steph right behind.

>> All right, Gregg.

Looking good.

>> PROBST: Gregg's back.

Coby heading out.

Steph back,

Bobby Jon heading out.

Bobby Jon trying

to make up some ground

almost walked on water.

>> Let's go!

>> PROBST: Coby trying to find

the puzzle pieces.

Bobby Jon making up some ground.

Coby's got them, he's up.

( applause )

Bobby Jon's got his, he's up.

We're dead even.

>> Good job!

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon is taking

the lead for Ulong.

>> You got it, Bobby Jon!

>> Bring it in, Cobe!

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon heading

back with the second bag

of puzzle pieces.

Steph heading back out

for Ulong.

Gregg heading back out

for Koror.

Steph has the third bag

for Ulong.

>> There you go, Steph,

take your time, baby, come on!

>> PROBST: Gregg has the third

bag for Koror.

Steph-- no trouble

with the balance beams,

making short order of it.

>> All right, Gregg!

>> PROBST: Ulong with their

third bag-- one more to go.

Bobby Jon heads out

looking for that last bag.

He's got a big lead.

Coby heads out, lot of ground

to make up for Koror.

Coby's making up some ground,

closing that gap.

>> Whoo!

( panting )

>> Bobby Jon!

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon struggling

to get that last bag.

Bobby Jon has it for Ulong.

Coby has it for Koror.

We're dead even.

>> Good job, Coby.

>> Yeah, Coby.

>> Push, push, push!

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon is back.

Start opening.

Coby is back, now moving on

to the puzzle phase

of this challenge.

It is anybody's game.

Koror going right to work

on the puzzle board.

>> Come on, bring it up there.

>> PROBST: Koror making


Koror has their puzzle together.

They are going to start solving

the word scramble.

>> It's not there.

>> This has got to be it.

The one we had before.

Are we missing a piece?

>> PROBST: Ulong struggling

to get the puzzle together.

Koror is already finding words.

Ulong has solved their puzzle.

>> Go, start going.

>> PROBST: Koror has all of

their words, they are now

looking for a three-word phrase.

Steph not embarrassed

to just look next door.

>> Hell, no, not now.

>> PROBST: Coby going to cover

it up now.

Ulong not quitting.

>> Right here.

>> This is wrong.

>> Jeff.

>> PROBST: Koror thinks

they have it.

"Victory at sea."

Koror is right.

Koror wins immunity again.

( cheering )

>> Awesome!

Koror, once again immunity

is going back to camp.


>> Good job, guys.

>> PROBST: Ulong, I wish I had

better news.

Tribal Council tonight,

because there are only two

of you, there will be no vote.

There will be an individual

immunity challenge.

Loser goes home.

>> Whoa.

>> PROBST: Grab your stuff.

I'll see you at Tribal.

>> Nice job!

>> Yay!

>> Clean sweep.

>> Way to rock it out, guys.

>> A lot of effort.

>> We won another immunity,

which means that we've won

every single immunity.

It's mind-boggling.

I never fathomed coming into

this game I would be on a team

this strong.

>> I loved that we started out,

it was like,

the three oldest people,

the gay guy...

>> The skinny, gangly guy...

>> The tall, skinny guy,

the dancer...

>> The skinny showgirl.

>> You know?

>> We were absolutely

the underdogs.

We were silly and goofy

and kind of quirky-looking,

and I cannot believe we won

immunity every single time.

>> We all made the jury.

Isn't that crazy?

>> It's a good thing.

>> Today meant a lot

because my whole life I've

wanted to be part of a team.

Because, you know,

when I was a kid,

the jocks would make fun of me,

I'd quit, I'd run off crying.

That was one of the reasons

I came here.

>> Good job, Coby.

>> You know what?

Every time we've

done a physical challenge,

you've stepped up, man.

Like, you've been very physical.

>> Don't make me cry.

I never got to be part of a

team,much less a winning team.

As a kid I never played sports.

I was always called the girly

guy, you know, I was the sissy.

People would pick on me,

and I would just give up.

I ended up quitting school

because people made fun of me.

( voice breaking ): I've given

up a lot in my life.

But I wasn't going to let

anybody make me quit this time,

no matter how hard it is.

So nobody was gonna, nobody was

gonna take this away from me,

and that's why

I've worked so hard.

'Cause I'm not quitting.

>> Well, we didn't get immunity.

The final challenge.

Today we lost our last shot

at immunity.

We had a great lead.

We just suck at puzzles.

And it's, like, what can we do?

It's over now.

>> You know,

we've tried to prepare,

we've tried to strategize, we've

tried this, tried...

nothing has worked for this

tribe-- I mean, nothing.

In a way I feel like, you know,

I lost the thing today, you


I felt like I was focused.

I felt like Stephenie

was focused.

I thought we were gonna win.

I don't know.

I've done all the grunting and

getting and going and climbing

and swinging from vines

and all that that I can do,

and now it's gonna be

between she and I.

I don't want to go home--

I'm gonna feel like a failure

if I go home right now.

You know how bad I'll feel?

>> That's what I said,

that's what I said.

>> Like, you know, like...

>> To not win one immunity?

I know.

Tonight we will go to Tribal

Council, and there will be

an individual immunity up for

grabs, some sort of challenge,

and we're gonna compete

against one another

to see who stays in the game.

>> There we go.

There we go.


You always get it started.

You think, like, tonight whoever

stays will come back here

by themself?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> It's kind of scary,

because I don't know

what's gonna happen.

Like, Ulong will then be down

to one remaining member, and I

guess that person will come back

here by themselves?

It's gonna be tough, just one

person trying to do fire,

water, go fishing.

>> Yeah.

>> It was scary

just coming back here

with Bobby Jon, but at least I

knew I had him, because he does

a lot of the work around camp

that I can't do.

So if I'm here by myself,

that will be really scary.

>> It's gonna be weird.

>> I know.

( laughs )

>> There may never be a merge,

and it may just keep on going

one at a time, and if it does,

then I'm prepared for it.

I'm good at getting fire,

I know where every coconut tree

is, I know where every little

fishing hole is,

so I can stay out here

for weeks by myself.

>> It's tough because we were

teammates all along, and now

we're competing

against one another.

So it's do or die.

If I don't win tonight,

I'm out of the game completely.

If I win tonight, there is

a whole variety of things

that could happen.

Hey, we need to talk

'cause I, like, have no idea

what the hell

this immunity thing could be.

It's definitely a challenge,

but what kind, do you think?

>> Stephenie thinks nonstop.

I think she even thinks

when she sleeps.

So she's thinking right now.

"How am I gonna kick

Bobby Jon's ass?"

That's just how she is,

and when it comes down

to being, you know,

bad-ass to bad-ass,

I'll-I'll get... I'll get

just as bad-ass with anybody.

>> Let's go.

>> Let's do it.

>> All right.

>> I been doing

this little team thing,

and that's fine and cute,

and I enjoy it and it's great.

But I'm kind of getting tired

of the team thing.

It's done, you know?

This is team Bobby Jon

right now.

>> PROBST: So, what's it like

being a tribe of two?

This is new.

Steph, what was it like today?

>> Um, just enjoyed our time

together and just talked, and,

you know, we both think that

the strongest members

of Ulong remaining,

and whoever wins tonight

deserves to be here.

>> PROBST: Was today a little

bit bittersweet?

It's almost like

you're the final two,

but we're barely halfway

into this game.

>> You know, it's, like,

oh, we're the last two,

but, you know,

we've only knocked, like, one

little notch out of the game.

There's, like,

so many things left to do.

You got to go all the way,

and, you know, half's nothing.

>> PROBST: Has there been

a highlight for you

in these first 21 days,

Bobby Jon?

>> I think today was,

to be honest with you.

Catching, like, fish and, like,

having success,

you really learn that,

you know, hey, you know,

you can get by, and you can live

off, you know, Mother Nature.

>> PROBST: Steph, how do you

feel about your ability to


Have you learned a few things?

>> I have.

I learned a lot from

Bobby Jon, actually.

Still not so good

at spearing fish, but...

uh, I know how to...

>> She can get coconuts,

>> ...coconuts...

>> ...she can get crabs,

and she can start a fire.

>> I don't know how good myself,


>> She can do anything a man

can do,I'll tell you that.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon,

what would you say after 21 days

is the key to survival?

What have you learned

that's most important?

>> Fire. Fire.

Definitely fire.

>> PROBST: Ability to make it?

Keep it going?

>> Both.

>> Ability it make it

and keep it going.

You know, we came in today

and it was out,

and we had to restart it.

You know, we just kind of looked

at each other like,

oh, no, here we go again.

This could take

an hour or longer.

>> PROBST: So, Steph,

would you agree with Bobby Jon--

is fire most essential?

I'm, like, frantic without fire.


>> PROBST: All right,

let's get to your

immunity challenge.

You want to know what it is?

>> Yeah.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: It shouldn't surprise


It is the key to survival:

the ability to make fire.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: You're both gonna

have 25 matches.

You will have a box of kindling

and coconut husk.

The first person to build a fire

with a flame high enough

to light their torch wins

immunity, stays in the game.

Loser... goes home.

Both feel confident

in your fire-making skills?

>> Yeah.

>> I'm not that good.

>> PROBST: All right, take a

spot over there, and we'll get


>> Oh, man.

>> Good luck.

>> PROBST: Here we go.

Survivors ready.


Bobby Jon going right

for the coconut husk.

They each have the same box

of kindling and coconut husk.

And the same amount of matches.

And Steph going

for the coconut husk.

Bobby Jon has fire first.

Steph right behind.

Steph blowing on it.

That's using your brains.

Steph has a big flame.

Bobby Jon trying to keep up.

Steph has a big flame.

Steph's torch is lit!

Just like that,

this challenge is over.

Steph wins immunity.

Bobby Jon, I'm sorry,

for you it's over.

Steph, go ahead and have a seat

back on the bench.

Bobby Jon, you need

to get your torch.

>> Hey, good luck.

>> You, too.

>> Thank you. See ya.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon, the tribe

definitely did not

speak tonight.

Nonetheless, it's time for

you to go.

So long.

>> Thank you, sir.

>> Oh, my God.

This is crazy.

>> PROBST: It's just you.

>> It's just me now.

>> PROBST: What do you think

tonight's gonna be like?

>> It's gonna be scary.

I mean, I left camp

with the fire pretty stoked

and, uh, my bed already made,

in case I was coming back to it,

and lots of firewood.

So I'm kind of scared.

Hopefully, I'll have a good

night, and tomorrow,

God knows what that brings.

>> PROBST: We'll see what

tomorrow brings.

Grab your torch,

head on back to camp.

You're still alive.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> The three of us'll go?

>> PROBST: Tom offends Coby.

>> I'll be left out

again, as usual.

>> Coby... Coby...

>> Hello? I'm still here.

I'm still trying to participate,

you jerks.

>> PROBST: And Stephenie

struggles alone at Ulong.

>> This is scary as hell.

This is the scariest thing,

and the hardest thing

that I'll ever do.

>> I feel like a brand-new man,

I really do.

I wish I could keep going--

I have a lot left in me-- but

hopefully, I can turn that

energy and that attitude to

something positive from here on


I'm definitely proud of

Stephenie, 'cause I think

she's honestly probably

the top player in the game.

I would just tell Stephenie

just keep on doing

what she's doing-- I mean,

the girl's almost invincible.