Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 9 - I Will Not Give Up - full transcript

The castaways get more than they anticipated when Tree Mail arrives.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on
Survivor: Ulong was down to
>> It's hard; it's, like, we're
halfway through, but I feel like
we're at, like, a dead end.
>> PROBST: And at Koror, Coby
was fed up.
>> Janu is on her eighth
straight day of "Boo-hoo, I want
to go home."
Would you quit already?
I want to take all three
of those girls and push them in
that fire.
>> PROBST: At the reward
challenge, tribes ate balute,
a partially developed duck egg.
...and in the final
round between Bobby Jon and Tom,
Bobby Jon came up short.
Tom's got it!
Koror won 55 gallons of shower
water, and some much appreciated
bath products.
Back at Koror...
>> Maybe we should take off
that shower head and fill the
canteens right out of that
>> PROBST: ...Tom insisted
the shower water be used only
for drinking.
>> It's 55 gallons of water.
Come on, you can't let us use,
like, a gallon or two...?
>> PROBST: At Ulong, Stephenie
and Bobby Jon hung on to hope.
>> We are really kind of down
right now, but we're just gonna
keep trying and trying.
You know, we don't give up.
>> PROBST: And at the immunity
challenge, Ulong took the
>> There you go, Stephenie.
Take your time, baby, come on.
>> PROBST: No trouble with the
balance beams.
... but Coby helped lead Koror
to a comeback.
Koror wins immunity again.
Ulong, because there are only
two of you, there will be an
individual immunity challenge.
Loser goes home.
At Tribal Council...
First person to build a fire
with a flame high enough to
light their torch wins immunity,
stays in the game.
The competition was close,
but it was Stephenie
who lit her torch first...
Steph's torch is lit.
Just like that, this challenge
is over.
... making her the final
remaining member of Ulong.
Bobby Jon, the tribe definitely
did not speak tonight.
Nine are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?
(theme song playing)
♪ ♪
>> It was exciting
being the last Ulong member.
At the same time,
it was really scary,
because it's just me now.
Damn, where are those fronds?
I learned how to light a fire,
how to keep a fire, how to tend
a fire from Bobby.
I kind of feel bad, because he
taught me so well I beat him
tonight in the challenge.
I'm not sure I want to go to bed
tonight, because I don't want
to lose this fire.
I'm so scared, when it goes
out, I won't be able to get it
This is scary.
This is scary as hell.
This is the scariest thing
and hardest thing that I'll...
I'll ever do.
But I'll never give up.
I'm not a quitter.
Day 22.
I made it.
I was hoping I made it to this
All right.
22 down...
(sighs): ... 17 to go.
It's a huge shock, now that I'm
here by myself.
I mean, like, everything's
on my shoulders.
I have to do everything on my
I have to get water, I have to
keep the fire going, I have to
prepare everything.
I keep thinking, like, am I
gonna be able to do this?
I feel like I'm gonna, like,
starve to death.
>> What day is it?
It's day 22?
So we're on our way into the
final portion of the game,
and, uh, we're all feeling it.
We're hungry, we're tired.
We're getting skinnier.
But I think one of the reasons
everybody becomes so lethargic
is we get kinda drug down by
each other.
Coby and Janu have been pains
in the asses for the past three
or four days.
Janu does nothing.
She lays in the hammock all day,
just like the dysfunctional
aunt that lives in the attic.
Coby got, kind of, this
attitude to him, and really he's
become the pouter of the tribe
and it's really getting
>> I'm sick of the tribe, sick
of their attitude.
You know, Ian gets a piece of
fruit, or Tom gets a clam,
everybody throws a party,
and everybody sat on their ass
for 20 days except for, you
know, who works and who doesn't.
>> Mm-hmm.
>> So day 22, I decided, screw
it, I'm not gonna bust my butt
to keep these people in line.
Let us run out of firewood,
let us run out of food, I don't
I am very cranky, and everybody
knows it, so I'm trying
desperately to control my
I could sit here all day, which
is probably what I
plan to do for a while-- stay
here for an hour or two, so I
can stay away from the boys who
are pretend-fishing right now.
They're all looking at the
sizes of their hooks
and imagining all the fish
they're gonna catch.
It's a waste of time, if you
ask me.
You don't get food unless you go
get it.
I don't know what the hell
they're daydreaming about.
>> There's not many fish down
there, and I don't see any
Gonna have to go, maybe, get
coconut or something.
I have to get them somehow.
(grunting): Come on.
No, no, no, no.
One coconut.
It's a big one, at least.
(heavy sigh)
I'm done.
Went fishing, no fish.
Went clamming, no clams.
Tried to do that bamboo thing,
almost dislocated my shoulder.
I don't know what else to do.
It's tough.
But if I win...
(voice breaking): ... it'll be
worth it.
That's for damn sure.
That would be awesome.
"Do not open.
Give to Koror tribe.
It's a map.
"Dirty, hungry and all alone;
"This is no way to be.
"Pack your canoe with all you
(crying): And paddle out..."
"Pack your canoe with all you
want, and paddle out to sea."
"The lone Ulong... Survivor.
"You're the only to endure.
"The next phase of your
adventure starts with a trip to
(crying): That's awesome.
Oh, my God.
It's a merge.
I'm gonna have friends.
And food.
Oh, thank God.
I'm getting the hell out of
I hope I don't cry when I see
It'll be, like, "What is wrong
with this lunatic psycho?"
All right, see you later, Ulong.
I'm ready... for a new camp.
>> Oh, there-- here she comes.
>> It's Stephenie.
>> Guys, it's Stephenie.
>> It is. It is.
>> Uh-huh.
>> No way.
>> Hey-hey!
What's up?!
My boat is like a mile back.
Oh, my God. I have friends.
>> I thought you'd be back.
>> You did?
I'm so happy to be here.
>> Good to see you.
>> All of a sudden, Stephenie
shows up from Ulong, which was a
sight for sore eyes.
Having somebody new in town was
like, it was like, it was
like... a guest, you know.
>> I missed you.
>> My God, that's so cool.
I missed you guys, too.
I was all alone; I almost had a
nervous breakdown.
>> You're gonna have to tell us
all about that.
>> Oh, my God.
This is for you guys.
>> Great. Thank you.
>> "Do not open.
Give to Koror."
>> I'm so glad to leave that
camp, what a nightmare.
>> Okay, let him read it.
>> "Ulong has been conquered,
so enjoy the spoils of war.
The blue buff gets retired
and one more now joins Koror."
"In honor of your victory,
you deserve some help at least.
"Visitors will be arriving
shortly, but you'll have
to work to get a feast."
>> Give her a buff, give her a
>> I was so quick to give up
that damn Ulong buff, and it's
not anything against Ulong.
It's just, I'm so done with
This is a new chapter in my
life, I feel like.
I'm ready to start winning with
This is our shelter.
Here's a hammock,
in case you want to get in it.
>> Look at the clothing line.
I love this camp.
It's so much better than ours.
There are places to sit.
Oh, my God.
There's a roof.
There's a toilet that's working.
There's clean water.
You just use it to drink?
>> Yeah. We just drink it.
>> That's smart.
It's amazing.
This is like heaven compared to
where I came from.
>> Sharks come right up here.
>> Sharks?
>> Yeah.
>> Hi, Jenn.
>> Hi, baby!
>>... out of the shower.
>> Oh, I love you so much.
Every time, I'm like
"Oh, she belongs on our side."
>> And everyone loves you here.
>> Do you see my face?
>> Every time there's a
challenge, we're like,
"Everyone but Stephenie's okay."
>> Stephenie, the new girl.
I met Stephenie and hit it off
with her the very first day.
But that was before I knew
that she was such a stiff
I'm really worried that the
longer she's with us, the more
she's going to make friends
and she's going to weasel her
way in.
>> Like, I had no connection
with anybody.
>> Yeah, it didn't seem like it.
>> No one. Kim wanted to leave.
Just, every time.
>> As much as I'd like to have
her around, I think she needs
to go really fast.
>> She was just not in a good
mood, her and Jeff hooked up.
>> Eww!
I often wondered about that.
>> They kissed.
>> Jeff and Kim hooked up?!
>> Jeff and Kim hooked up.
>> Everybody started kissing
Stephenie's butt the second she
got into camp.
That was hilarious.
I wasn't expecting that.
Katie shot up Stephenie's
butt the second she got here,
and she's like, "Remember the
first day, when we landed?
Remember the first..."
We get it.
We all saw each other the first
day, Katie.
You don't have a special bond
with Stephenie.
Here's water, by the way.
I can't wait to get Stephenie
alone, 'cause the second
I get Stephenie alone, I'm
telling her every alliance,
every plan.
She's going to know it all
and she can see just how tight
we are as Koror.
We're so "tight" and "sweet" and
Yeah, right, whatever.
(all talking at once)
>> Here comes our visitors.
>> Wait, wait.
>> Oh. Oh.
>> Oh, my God.
What do they have?
>> Hello.
>> Hi.
>> Do you want some help?
>> Hold the shoulder.
>> I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
How are you?
>> I'm Joe. Hi.
>> Thanks for coming.
>> Joe.
>> Gregg.
>> Joe.
>> Nice to meet you, Joe.
>> Nice to meet you. Gregg.
(everyone gasps happily)
>> Well, we, uh... we just got
some visitors who look to be
traditional Palauans and it
looks like our feast is going to
be learning how to fish Palauan
style, and I'm so excited.
The fish hooks...
>> Hang your hooks together.
>> Now we're going to catch our
>> All right.
>> This style of fishing is...
>> Oh, wow.
>> Give a man a fish and you
feed him for a day; teach
a man to fish and you feed him
for the rest of our time here
on Rat Island so, uh...
this is what we need, and we
need to learn how to get these
fish, how to get the bait
and it looks like we've got
the guides to do that now, so...
>> Well, that was worthless.
>> You have to catch your bait,
otherwise you cannot go out
You cannot go out without bait.
>> I agree.
>> So, some of you guys stay
I'll show you, and I'm going to
get some of the group to show
them how to catch the fish.
>> Well, there's four of us.
Two do bait, two go fish.
>> Okay.
>> I'll stay and do bait.
>> Tom, you and I want to go
out and catch fish?
>> I'll go catch fish.
>> With the mask?
>> Okay.
>> Two people stay do bait,
two people leave.
>> Joe said that he needed
two people to stay and keep
working on the bait.
Coby jumped up immediately and
said, "I'll work on the bait,"
which was fine, and then he
started suggesting that Ian also
stay and do the bait.
Would one of the ladies like to
try the bait catching, too?
Three of us will go.
Can you take three?
>> The three of us, too?
>> Okay.
>> I want to go out there.
>> I'm the one to be left out
again as usual. That's fine.
I'll stay with the girls.
>> You just said you'd like
to stay and do that.
>> Because I thought we were
halfing it.
But whatever. That's fine.
>> I'd like to go fishing-- I
made the poles; I'd like to go
Ian's been out there with the
We've been making fishing
We've been trying different
things, and Ian didn't belong
back on the beach trying to
catch bait, at this point.
He belonged out there learning
how to fish and I spoke up.
>> Do you want me to stay...?
>> No, y'all go fish.
Seriously. Learn.
>> Okay.
>> Coby!
It's cool with Coby.
You want to come and learn to
Coby got kind of huffy about
the whole thing and you know,
complained that he was getting
split off from the group again.
It was just, he was being a pain
in the ass, like, come on.
Anyone want to catch fish?
>> Yeah.
>> Yeah.
>> Yeah, a lot of the girls.
>> If it gets caught on the
bottom, just kind of loosen it,
don't snap it...
You don't have to throw it that
You can almost stand out here...
>> I can show them, Tom.
I'm in charge of the bait thing.
"Tom, shut up, I'm bait man,
you're fish man.
"Get out of here.
Leave me alone.
I can do it myself."
So I walked off with the girls,
stomped off, and tried to do
bait and I just don't want
to see him again today.
I hope he stays out there
fishing for the rest of the
night, 'cause I don't want to
see his face anymore for the
rest of the day.
Good luck, you guys!
Even you, you ass, Tom.
>> Oh, man!
What is it?
>> It's a... pretty fish.
(men laughing)
Striped... fish.
>> Did it strike because of the
movement, as you bring it
back in?
That's what makes them go for
>> No.
You have to move so they can
>> So they can see.
>> Where's my bait?
Where's my bait?
>> Hey! Oh, man...
>> Hey!
>> Fishing in the boat was
great, man.
It was an awesome experience
to be out there with these two
Palauans in their, in their home
What kind of fish is that?
>> Grouper.
>> A big one.
>> Grouper?
Ah, you know, experts at-at-at
>> Another red snapper.
Joe, I think he hit like, seven
in a row, just kept reeling them
>> Got that right?
>> That's right?
>> That's good.
>> Nibbling.
>> You start to pull it away...
Fish on.
Oh, he's heavy.
>> One, two...
>> We caught about 13 fish.
>> Shut up!
>> Lobster.
>> Oh, my God, look at the
>> Good day, huh?
>> The guys caught about 13
fish and a lobster.
And big ones.
Like, some were small but some
were like this. It was amazing.
>> Oh, my God.
>> Don't mind if I do!
>> What is it?
>> A little rum.
>> Nice.
>> Liquor?
>> Yeah.
>> It's good.
>> I'm staying.
>> There was this big
celebratory mood, you know.
We were so happy, we actually
have dinner on the table
when they hand over
these bottles of rum.
They open up some coconuts,
and they poor the rum into the
It was so good.
>> Where's Tom?
>> Drinking from the bottle.
>> Drinking it straight up.
(laughter and indistinct
conversation continues)
>> Hey, Steph!
I'd love to tell you it's been
like this every night here,
but the party came with you.
Let's hear it for Koror.
>> The fish is ready.
Let's have dinner.
>> Okay.
>> Okay.
>> Best meal ever!
>> Jenn, pass that little...
>> Man, oh, man.
>> Let's put this kind of food
on the table every night.
Steph, what, you thought
you were going to come in
as the stranger to this tribe?
>> I knew if I came here,
I would be welcome.
>> Oh, I love you.
>> We love you.
>> Obviously, we need new...
we need new... new legs.
What have you got for us?
>> Tom, you're not driving
tonight, okay?
Tom kinda looked to be a
lightweight, though.
What's going on with the
strongest guy in our camp
getting wasted?
It was weird.
Tom's draggin'.
>> You all right?
>> Yeah, I'm good.
>> Sit.
Go sit down on the...
>> All right. I'm good.
>> We slept in a cave for 22
>> Right. Welcome to our
version of hell.
>> Thank God.
This is not hell-- it's like
being better prepared.
>> Tom, are you okay?
>> Yes.
>> All right, Tom, let me put
this bed thing down.
>> I like everybody in this
Originally, I really connected
with Tom, Katie, and Ian,
but it's been a long time.
It's been 22 days.
I don't know
how they're feeling.
I don't know if they still feel
the same.
I know it's tough.
I mean, I'm coming into a tribe
of eight and I'm the outcast,
so I'm a little nervous.
>> Good night, John Edwin.
>> I could be the next to go.
You know, you always have that
in the back of your mind, you
could be going.
You're stupid if you don't,
in this game.
(Joe shouting)
>> Ah, feeling good, you know.
We're just raring to get out
there, get a couple of fish.
It was a big party last night.
Uh, a lot of fun.
I'm missing a few gaps in it.
Uh, 21 days without food.
A couple of shots of rum.
It was lights out for Tom, so,
uh, today, I'm ready to go, you
I'm first one up, trying to
catch some bait and whatever Joe
and Edwin could impart in one
day and share with us, I think
we got.
Thanks for coming and helping
We appreciate it.
>> Thank you so much.
>> All right.
If you pass by this island
in the next few days, stop by
and see if we're doing okay, all
Joe, thank you so much.
It was a touching thing to meet
these Palauans, them impart
their knowledge, which I imagine
was passed down from their
father and their grandfather
before them.
And they got to show a couple
of greenhorns from New York
and Ohio and Dallas and all
over the place,
how they do it here in Palau,
and now we're going to get to go
out there and see if we can keep
it going, so it is a good
>> That was really, really cool.
Having these guys come and show
us how to get a meal.
I was talking about watching you
get drunk last night.
>> (laughing): Oh, that was
cool, too?
(laughing): Oh, man.
>> Today, when the two Palauans
were leaving, Tom would not stop
kissing their butt and just
laughing at everything they
He has this fake laugh he
brings out, and he would say,
"If you're ever around our camp
(mocking Tom's laugh)
>> Mm!
That is just like
chicken soup.
>> That's what I'm sick about my
tribe-- act like we're so honest
and sweet and nobody's
playing the game.
>> There you go.
>> Wow.
>> Stephenie's going to add
a whole new layer to the game,
even though nobody thought she
I will work Stephenie into this
game as hard as I can because I
want Stephenie in.
Stephenie's a true survivor,
she lasted the longest in her
tribe and she deserves
to be in the top.
>> Stephenie.
>> What?
>> Come here.
I need you for a sec.
>> I was going to wash my face.
>> Well, you can wait, sweetie,
because I've waited two days
to get you alone.
>> Oh, geez.
>> What's on your mind, hottie?
>> ... like, "Let's talk about
Like, dude-- and it's so obvious
what he's doing right now.
>> Yeah.
>> They're all going to be so
I don't give a...
I really don't care.
>> That you're talking to me?
>> Yeah, because they know
what I'm doing, because I was so
bold about it.
I did it on purpose, in front of
Katie, 'cause I'm sick,
whatever, I'm so tired of their
Okay, so here's the main
Ian, Tom, Katie, Jennifer,
Gregg, the five of them.
>> Okay.
>> Caryn, Janu and I are on the
outskirts 'cause Willard was in
our group and then he was off.
>> Okay.
>> But here's the secret part...
>> Okay.
>> ... that you get to hear.
Jennifer and Gregg really want
to turn against Tom and Ian.
>> And Janu won't just
quit now, especially right,
like, they're going to vote me
>> I don't know if it's you or
I know that Jennifer is your
main foe right now because
Jennifer is so jealous
of you.
>> Is she?
>> Yeah, because, you know,
every challenge we ever did
y'all were pitted against each
other and you kicked her ass...
>> Oh, stop.
>> ... and she's kind of bitter
over it.
>> Yeah.
>> The team's mentality, of
course, was to pick whoever
it was to come over, off.
>> Keep it all Koror.
>> And keep it all Koror,
but you're very well liked.
>> Aw...
>> And so that's going to help
and hurt you 'cause I think Tom
and Ian really like you,
but Jennifer and them are
threatened, so I don't know
which way they're going to go.
>> Yeah.
>> Me and Stephenie have
always gotten along
and I think she really
appreciated the fact that I was
talking to her strategy first.
I knew that it would almost
be like claiming land;
whoever got to her first
would make a bigger impact,
so I did it first.
The second I got through talking
to Stephenie,
Katie and Jennifer grabbed her--
the second she walked back to
camp-- and they went and talked
to her.
That's all right.
I talked to her first.
>> And he said, uh, it's Janu or
me are going.
But he wants to keep me around
as long as possible because he
thinks I deserve to stay in the
game, but you guys are all
jealous of me.
>> That's great.
>> Do you know what I'm talking
about now? Like, where...
>> Right, right.
>> Where does he come up with
>> And you guys want me to go
and, um...
>> No.
>> So Steph talked to Coby
and immediately came back over
to me and told me everything
that he said.
She's, like, I want to make sure
that I'm okay with you guys
'cause we told her when we were
on the other tribe we're all
We're going to try and stick
with that as much as possible,
but Jenn thinks she's a very
big threat.
Coby has also told Steph
that Jenn wants to kick her out,
which isn't good.
>> I mean, not that you're dead
man walking, there's other
people who are leaving here
before you, and, uh, you know...
>> Means a lot.
>> Yeah.
You know, I mean,
I wanted you to look, I wanted
you to still know that we're
thinking of you and there's four
of us...
>> I'm so excited to be back
Do they still feel the same way?
Oh, my God.
>> We'll look out for you as far
down the road as we can.
>> I would not...
>> I can't tell you
the order of the vote or that I
know what's going to happen in
the future...
>> Right.
>> ... with the immunity.
I'm just telling you you've got
friends on this tribe that are
going to keep you alive.
>> That's so awesome.
I come into this new tribe,
um, you know, one Ulong person
going in this whole Koror tribe
that's stuck together this
entire time, and they tell me,
you know, "Your head's not on
the chopping block, so don't
worry, you're not going to be
voted out."
So I don't know what's going on.
I don't know who to believe.
I don't know who to trust and I
don't know who to talk to.
I almost don't want to talk
to anybody, but then I might
shoot myself in the foot,
so I've got to figure some
things out.
>> PROBST: All right, you guys
ready to get to today's
>> Oh, yeah.
>> PROBST: First things first.
>> Oh, good-bye.
>> Last time.
>> I never even touched him.
>> PROBST: Steph, you want to
get one hand on this?
>> Thanks, Jeff.
>> PROBST: There you go.
It's the last chance you'll have
because tribal immunity
is no more.
Individual immunity is what you
From now on, all immunity
challenges will be individual.
That means everybody's going
to compete, and for some of you
on Koror, that's going to be a
real shock because a lot of you
have not competed in a lot of
these challenges.
Immunity necklace around your
neck, you are safe at Tribal
You cannot be voted out of this
Ready for today's challenge?
>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Very simple:
It is willpower.
That's it.
Each of you are going to be
standing on a perch in the
If you fall off that perch,
if you jump off of that perch,
or if you sit down on that perch
at any time, you're out.
Last person left standing on
their perch wins immunity.
Immediately following this
challenge, we will go directly
to Tribal Council, and we will
vote out the tenth person from
this tribe.
That person will become the
first member of the jury, so the
game is shifting right now.
You're now going to be voting
out people who are going
to have to come back and vote
for you to win.
Ready to get started?
>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Head over.
This could go awhile.
Tom, you had to look at Steph's
arrival-- it's a free vote.
Koror can stay intact and you
can vote off the new person.
>> Sure, you could look at it
that way.
I guess we'll see tonight.
>> But I mean, let's not all be
All these people are playing
a game, there's already
alliances built.
They want Stephenie as a vote.
They know they can't control
certain people and we're going
to pick each other off-- it's a
>> PROBST: You've been out here
one hour.
>> Doughnuts.
>> No, you didn't.
>> Damn!
>> Do we have to decide in a
group or is it the first one in
or what?
>> PROBST: I've got a few more
What are you, what are you
>> If I jump in right now, I
want every one on the plate.
>> You add a glass of milk to
that, and I'm your man.
>> That may be the best thing.
>> No way I'm turning down a
>> This is really hard.
I really could wet myself.
I don't know what to do.
>> PROBST: I can definitely do
two doughnuts each.
Coby's coming in for the
And giving up immunity in the
>> I'm going, too.
>> PROBST: Janu going to join
>> 'Cause my back is killing me.
>> PROBST: Two are for you,
two for Janu.
>> Okay.
>> Oh, man.
>> Damn!
>> Cob, save me a bite?
>> Damn.
>> Let me rip it apart.
See how fresh the...
>> They suck right now, so bad.
>> Oh, stop.
>> Don't give it...
>> Cheers.
>> Cheers, woman.
>> PROBST: What does it say when
two people voluntarily give up
immunity for a couple of
>> Either they want to go home
or they don't think they're
in danger of going home.
>> What are you going to jump
for, Jenn?
>> Chocolate sundae.
>> Oh, ho, peanut butter.
>> I would take my clothes off
for some chocolate and peanut
butter right now.
>> PROBST: Nobody wants to see
that, Ian.
>> Got any baluts?
>> I'd jump for a couple
of baluts.
>> Absolutely.
>> PROBST: No baluts.
>> Good job, you guys.
Stay strong.
>> PROBST: Listen up.
15 chocolate chip
cookies in 15 seconds.
>> I'm going for it.
>> Oh, my God.
>> PROBST: Four people in.
That just changed the whole
>> Holy cow!
I didn't see that coming.
You pressed the button, Jeff,
you pressed the button there.
>> PROBST: I'll let you be in
There are 15 cookies, one glass
of milk, four people.
Oh, my God.
(indistinct conversation)
>> PROBST: And then there were
Individual immunity on the line.
Way more important than 15
chocolate chip cookies.
>> How were they, Ian?
>> Totally worth it.
They were so good.
Oh, my God...
>> You think you could stay
>> I could stay, yeah.
>> You could?
>> I'm a stubborn Irishman.
>> PROBST: Okay, here's the
When I take this off, you will
have five seconds to get in the
water or not.
If nobody takes this, these guys
get it.
(Jenn gasps)
Here we go.
Five seconds.
>> Oh, my God!
>> PROBST: Steph is in, Caryn's
Just like that, Tom wins the
first individual immunity.
>> All right, Tom!
>> PROBST: Sorry, there's no
It's Caryn and Steph's.
Turn around here.
>> Nice job.
Good job.
>> PROBST: Tom, the only person
safe at tonight's Tribal
Council, and for everybody else
who was so eager to get off for
food-- for somebody, it will be
your last meal in this game.
Somebody going home immediately.
We're heading over to Tribal
>> PROBST: Welcome to Tribal
Steph, we've done this a lot.
Koror, we've done it just once.
So, at today's first individual
immunity challenge, eight out of
the nine of you got down off of
the perch, gave up immunity
for either doughnuts, chocolate
chip cookies or pizza.
For one of you, that was a
million-dollar meal.
Steph, I'm sure you were
relieved to just not be alone.
On the flip side, you were
walking into a tribe that is
very tight, and you are a free
>> I absolutely am, and I was
thrilled to, uh, join Koror, and
they totally welcomed me with
open arms-- but I understand it
is a game and I know that I'm
adding another person to their
And I'd be stupid to think
they wouldn't vote for me.
They could just get me out
and keep their tribe together.
>> PROBST: Jenn, you two have
squared off in almost every
physical challenge we've had.
Had to be a little competitive
animosity seeing your rival
come into your camp.
>> You know, from the very first
moment I met her, I knew I liked
But I'm not gonna lie-- I mean,
yeah, we have that... a little
bit of a competitiveness.
But she just seems to be good
at everything, so...
She stands out a lot, you know?
That does make her
more of a target.
>> PROBST: Coby.
>> Steph shows up, Steph's
Everybody likes her.
This is a game of popularity,
and this is a game that changes
every day.
Steph's a target.
But, uh, you know, there's other
targets to be had, too, so...
>> PROBST: Janu, 24 days in, you
guys have built a pretty good
Now you know how to fish;
everything's going all right.
Who's not pulling their weight
at this point?
>> Honestly, Jeff, in the last
probably two, three days,
I have not pulled my weight
except but making coconut.
I have just kind of laid around
You know?
Like a dead fish.
>> PROBST: So it wouldn't
surprise you if it was you
>> Honest assessment...
I think it's me tonight.
You know?
But it doesn't worry me.
>> PROBST: Steph, scale of one
to ten, how worried are you
that it might be you?
>> About an eight or a nine.
>> PROBST: So if you're really
concerned, why would you get off
of the perch only three hours
in, for a few slices of pizza?
>> Well, my thing was, I knew
Tom wasn't giving up, and I'm
not so good with temptation,
and it was a huge chance.
So even though there was, like,
a good chance in my mind
that I'm going tonight,
I still have a positive outlook,
and I hope I'll have a chance
to continue on in this game.
>> PROBST: If it is your time
to go tonight, what will you
think about that pizza?
>> I'll be so mad at myself.
I'll be so mad at myself.
It'll probably be one of
the biggest regrets of my life.
>> PROBST: All right, let's get
to the vote.
Tom, you have individual
As always, you can assign that
immunity to somebody else.
>> I'm gonna hang on to it
tonight, Jeff; thank you.
>> PROBST: All right, Tom is the
only person you cannot vote for.
Everybody else is fair game.
It is time to vote: Tom.
You're up.
>> Buddy, it's like being in the
Mafia-- it's business, not
It's just your time to get
You're bad for business.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the
Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.
The person voted out will be
asked to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.
First vote...
One vote Steph,
one vote Janu.
One vote Coby,
one vote Steph, one vote Janu.
That's two votes Coby,
one vote Steph, one vote Janu.
Three votes Coby.
That's four votes-- Coby.
Tenth person voted out of
Survivor: Palau, first member
That's five.
That's enough-- you need to
bring me your torch.
>> Great game, you guys.
>> PROBST: Coby, the tribe has
It's time for you to go.
>> That was a great compliment.
Thank you.
>> Bye, Coby.
>> Bye, Coby.
>> PROBST: Well, I know tonight
was an unusual experience for a
lot of you, having to vote
somebody out.
Get used to it-- you'll be
coming to Tribal from here on
out, and the game has changed.
You are no longer one big happy
You are a group of individuals
fighting for a million dollars.
Grab your torches, go back to
Good night.
Stay tuned for scenes from our
next episode.
Next time on Survivor:
>> PROBST: Janu reaches her
breaking point.
>> If I had something to say
about you, I swear to God I
would come up and say it to your
>> PROBST: A reward to
remember... and the tribe can't
believe their ears.
The first person to bail will be
abandoned to live on your own.
>> God, what a group of...
wonderful, smart people.
They did give me the chance to
be a part of a team and helped
push me.
And, uh, you're very smart to
get rid of me.
Gosh, you're smart.
What a total compliment that
you didn't get rid of me
because I was lazy, you didn't
get rid of me because I wasn't
good in challenges.
Every single one of you said
you got rid of me
because I was a threat.