Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 7 - The Great White Shark Hunter - full transcript

One castaway, in danger of being voted off, becomes invaluable at the Immunity Challenge.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> I was pissed at you.

You cost us the game.

>> PROBST: James and Ibrehem

squared off after Tribal


>> If you was listening,

I said I dove down.

I was at two bottles.

>> All we know is,

you went down three times,

didn't come up with a bottle.

>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, it was Stephenie's

sharp shooting that carried

Ulong to a much-needed win.

Ulong wins reward!

( cheering )

>> We won!

>> PROBST: Ulong savored their


>> From here on out--

>> We win.

We needed this to boost

our spirits and morale,

and basically,

it was a whole new

chapter for us.


>> PROBST: ...and enjoyed a

once-in-a-lifetime experience

at Jellyfish Lake.

>> They're just all just coming

at you.

It's just kind of like a

euphoric type of feeling,

and I just kind of wanted

to cherish every second

'cause I was

at a place in this world

where I won't ever go again.

>> PROBST: At Koror, a violent

storm raged...

>> You awake?

This isn't going to go anywhere.

There's no way.

>> PROBST: ... causing Janu to

question the strength of her


>> It's so hard.

>> It is hard.

>> And I'm so depleted.

>> Janu is losing it.

She gets totally

caught up in her head

And I think she's grating on

everybody's nerves a little bit.

>> PROBST: At the immunity


Koror has their rope undone,

pulling it up.

...Ulong's comeback

proved to be only temporary.

Koror wins their fifth straight

immunity challenge!

Back at camp,

Stephenie and Bobby Jon

hatched a plan to ensure their

safety at Tribal Council.

>> I'll vote for James with you.

>> Right.

>> That's only if you

promise if the three

of us are still here,

you and I go to the end.

No, we'll go to the end.

And we'll vote Ib off.

He wanted to make an alliance

with me that I vote

for James tonight.

He wants to vote

Ibrehem out next.

I really don't know

where I stand right now.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Stephenie voted for

Ibrehem, causing a tie vote.

Two votes Ibrehem,

two votes James.

Steph, Bobby Jon,

you will vote.

It's your last chance

to change your vote.

But when the second round

of votes came in,

Stephenie had changed her vote.

The seventh person voted

out of Survivor: Palau.

And James took the fall.


I had to.

>> PROBST: James, the tribe has


11 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

>> How many people do they have?


And we're down to three.

So they're still up

in numbers, but

sometimes the best

finish, you know?

The people in last

always turn around,

like a second-half team, almost.

I mean, it can happen.

I mean, the odds

aren't in our favor, but...

>> I mean, it just feels weird.

Like three people are left.

It feels like

so long ago when we had nine.

I'm really surprised.

I mean, I thought I had

this all figured out,

and now having our tribe, Ulong,

lose every single

immunity challenge--

I'm completely

shocked and surprised,

and I'm embarrassed.

I wish we could have won,

but everything

happens for a reason.

I know I did the best I could.

>> This is kind

of weird, the situation.

Have you ever spent this

much time with people?

>> No.

>> The same group of people?

>> No.

>> Day in, day out.

>> No. Not my boyfriend...

>> That's what I'm saying.

>> Not my fam...

not even people I love.

>> It was definitely weird

trying to feel like

a tribe when you're down

to three freakin' people.

It does almost feel

almost like a group of friends

rather than a tribe.

If we had to go

to Tribal again,

I think it would probably

be very, very emotional.

>> Like, let's just

bring on the merge.

Let's just do it.

>> Yeah.

I have a feeling

that that's going to happen.

>> We're down to three people,

and Koror, they have eight,

and I don't know, maybe it's

meant to happen like this.

Maybe this is going

to get me, Stephenie and Bobby

further in the game

than we expected.

Maybe in some kind of weird way,

this is gonna pan out and work

out in a, in a good way for us.

>> Yeah, I'm, I'm pretty, I'm

happy with our decision last


>> I think it was right.

I mean, you got

to make alliances

some time or another,

or you won't even...

>> I know.

I think it's beneficial.

Bobby Jon had

approached me yesterday

and said, you know, that

he thought that we could

go far together as a team,

and I feel that I can trust him

a lot more than

I can trust Ibrehem.

And I feel that we have

a strong alliance.

Ib is a good...

He's a good contender, too.

I just don't see myself

going real far with him.

I just think that we're going

to be real safe together.

I think we'll go far together.

>> Mm-hmm.

You got to do

what you got to do.

>> I was going to say,

do you see Tom doing crunches?

>> It tried to eat me.

It could have.

Be careful.

There's a lot

of meat in there

>> Whoa.

>> Holy cow.

>> Ian comes out

with the biggest clam.

It was like

"The Birth of Venus."

It was the biggest clam

you've ever seen.

You could stand inside of it.

It seriously looked like it

weighed like a hundred pounds.

>> It's probably older

than you, Ian.

>> Probably.

>> Older and heavier.

>> One...

>> Get your hand in there.

>> ...two...


I got the clam, thinking,

"Okay, look at me,"

like keeping

the role of the provider.

>> Clambake.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> I'd say we probably had

six or seven pounds of meat,

so everybody had

almost a half a pound of meat.

That's more meat

than we've had at any meal.

>> Mm-mm.

>> So we just kind of set the

big clamshells out by the shore.

There was still a lot of blood

left over from the clam.

So we were just kind of

kicking it by the table.

>> And all of a sudden,

somebody sees a shark.

>> Oh, there it is!

That's not bad--

Right there.

>> Ian and I both jumped,

grabbed the spears,

and jumped in the water

ready to get him,

and, and they're quick.

You know,

they take off right away.

Let's sit back for a bit

and then run in.

>> Look at that one.

>> Where?

>> Oh, dude.

With the nail?

I had to go to jump the boat

and I cut my foot open.

So I was kind of disabled.

And then, everybody saw Tom

running down the beach.

>> Tom, out of nowhere,

he caught a shark.

( Gregg laughing )

>> How did you get it?

>> I hit with it the machete

and cut it in half!


( laughing )

Look at that!

How's that for a shot?

Look at that!

>> Watch it, watch it, watch it.

>> It was one of the most

amazing things

I've ever seen for-- especially

for a, a city boy

from, from New York.

>> And wham!

>> He's a madman.

>> Yeah!

That's what I'm talking about!

Oh... is that me?

>> How's that feel?

>> How did you get that?

>> Whoo!

>> Oh, my God.

>> That's intense.

>> He just jumped

in the water and stabbed it.

>> I whacked him.

He started thrashing around.

I jumped on him,

worked down to his tail

and then just pulled him out.

>> You're a madman.

>> Geez!

You try to be the provider.

All you're trying do is bring

in enough food for the tribe,

and then somebody

has to come along

and one-up the hell out of you.

>> The adrenaline is leaving

now; I'm scared.

What did I just do?

>> I got a big giant clam

and then Tom came back

and got the shark.

So, next, I guess, the next step

for me is to get,

like, a humpback whale

or something and bring it in.

>> Tom, that was

one of the most unbelievable

things I think I've ever seen.

>> I say, he keeps one-upping


>> ( whoops )

>> The cat's out of the bag

that I'm a strong player

and I'm fit and I'm not

the oldest guy on the tribe.

I would think the butcher

wrapped it, huh?

With a little butcher

string and stuff.

You can't go back

and, and now pretend

that you're less than you are

or that you're--

you know, don't have


It's kind of done.


>> Mm-hmm.

That's good.

Here, I'm grabbing...

Oh, now who's the great white

shark killer?

>> I seriously don't think

I can eat any more.

>> So we had all this meat.

Everybody was all excited, so

Tom went to here

catching the shark.

And so it's like, "Oh..."

The second he caught it,

me and Gregg both

looked at each other and went,

"Hmm. It's going to be a lot

harder to vote him off now."

You know, you can only

taunt me so long

before I strike back at you.

>> Hmm.

>> ( imitates bottle

popping open )

What have we got here?

Want to read it?

>> "You're lost in the wild.

There's no one around.

"You find yourself thinking

you'll never be found.

"Use all your resources,

"'cause when push

comes to shove,

"build a signal on your beach

to be seen from above.

"Then a plane will fly by

and within the next hour.

"If your signal's the best,

he'll drop supplies to devour.

>> "So put your brains together.

"You can use only three.

"Creativity will reign


Which tribe will it be?"

So we have to build

some sort of signal.

>> We have to build a signal.

>> Something you can

see from the air.

>> I say we burn our friggin'

shelter, our old shelter.

>> I can knock that

bathroom down

and y'all can burn

all that lumber.

>> We got tree mail telling us

to build a signal

that is very creative,

that could be seen

from the air.

There's going to be a plane

that's going to fly over

and decide whether our signal

is better or whether Koror's

signal is better.

It's going to drop a load of

supplies and goods to devour.

We really need it.

We could use the food

and we could use

the, the just, morale boost.

>> So we're going to do "Ulong"

in fire?

>> Each of us get on like an end

and start lighting

the ends, you know?

>> Let's just gather as

many as we can now,

start the fire,

and then we can continue

to feed the fire in

the form of Ulong.

>> Yeah.

>> While those three are

doing this,

the rest of them are

going and getting

food and water and stuff.

We don't win,

we're going to have to go

get food after this.

>> It's all good.

>> You know what I mean?

Oh, yeah, it's all good.

I'm just saying.

That's what stinks about

being down in numbers.

>> We've been tearing apart

our old shelter

to use for this challenge.

We've been cutting bamboo and

using part of our bathroom.

We've used everything we can.

We really want to win this.

I'm sure the other tribe's

doing pretty good.

They've been doing pretty good

at everything else.

So I'm not underestimating

them one bit.

So far it seems like they have

a lot of smart people.

So we're just going to see

if work can overtake smartness

right now.

>> "So put your brains together.

You can use only three.

"Creativity will reign


Which tribe will it be?"

>> We can use only three people.

Who wants to perform?

>> I'd like to perform.

You want to be a team?

>> I'll do it, too.

I can do it.

I'll be in.

So who, me, Katie and Caryn?

>> I'd like to do it.

>> Go to it.

Make us proud.

>> The message said we had to do

an SOS, and only three people

could participate.

So through long talks and

discussion ,it turned out to be

Gregg, Caryn and Katie.

Which I actually think

is a good choice,

because Katie is very creative.

Caryn is a hard worker and

then Gregg's got the muscle.

>> Start bringing all

the bamboo down?

>> Yep.

>> We'll get the frame and

we'll get that stuff down?

>> Yep.

>> The first thing we wanted to

do is find the right location.

We're a little shortchanged

in terms of shoreline

back at camp.

So first thing we did was moved

our location

halfway down the beach,

which just getting our materials

there was a lot of work.

>> This is a tough challenge.

This is really...

It's high 80s, low 90s.

It's tough to stay hydrated

and refreshed when the sun is

beating down on you,

and we're working in the sun

because we want to be

in an open stretch of sand

where the plane can see us.

A boat in the water, right?

We don't have a beach.

It's a problem.

It's nerve-racking.

I'm sitting here like a cat

on a hot tin roof.

You want to be a part

of this thing.

You just want to help.

There's a lot on the line.

There's nothing you can do,

but be an observer.

And I don't like the position.

There's a lot of apprehension

from where I'm sitting.

>> Okay, so the idea is

to get as much attention

from above as possible.

So we're using bamboo

and coconut

to outline our letters,

which is "Got food?"

It's a great question.

We're making two big fire

bundles right here

that we're going to light

right when they get there

to get some black smoke going.

We're gonna see if the rope

soaked in kerosene works.

I think that would be a great

thing if we can use that

because that would be something

they wouldn't have.

>> It works, yeah.

Works good.

>> It's getting late, huh?

>> Yeah.

>> I just hope they don't wait

too late to start the fire.

So much hinges

on that fire, you know?

>> Yeah.

>> How are you going to make

sure that stays lit?

If you're careful at first,

once it's lit, it'll

join in the hoopla.

>> Hoopla.

>> PROBST: All right, Bob,

Here's the setup.

Both tribes were given

instruction to build an SOS

That would be visible

from the air.

>> Got it.

>> PROBST: Your job as a

certified drop master,

check out both camps

and judge which one

is, in fact, most visible.

You ready to give it a go?

>> Let's go have a look.

>> PROBST: All right,

head over to Ulong.

>> Here he comes.

>> ( yelling )

>> PROBST: All right, Bob,

you had a chance

to look at Ulong's camp.

Give me your assessment.

>> Well, if you're not flying

right over the top of it,

it's very hard to see.

It's stuck way back

into the forest.

But it was big, it was visible,

It's not bad for three people.

>> PROBST: Head out to Koror.

>> How is it coming?

>> Don't worry about me, guys.

>> Here they come!

Come on, Caryn.

>> Get ready, Caryn.

It's working.

>> There's the plane.

>> Yep, here comes the plane.

>> Coming from here,

I don't see any

smoke or anything.

>> Yeah, I don't see any sm...

You can see it from here.

I don't see any smoke.

We could see what

they were doing from here.

I didn't see any smoke at all.

And almost their whole plan

was fire.

So my fear, I think, might have

come to truth

that I don't know if they got

the fire lit.

I think the odds are against

us, to be honest.

>> PROBST: All right, Bob, give

me your assessment

over Koror's SOS.

>> Well, Koror's SOS--

it was creative,

it was bigger,

but the big thing was it was set

down off the beach,

which makes it more visible.

>> PROBST: You're the judge in

this. Do you have enough

information to make a decision?

>> Yes, I do.

>> PROBST: Let's set up

for the drop.

( cheering )

>> I'm so glad for you guys!

>> I'm so happy!

I'm so happy!

>> Sweet, guys!


>> Brains over brawn once again.

>> That's right.

>> Ooh!

( cheering, applauding,

laughing )

>> In the box was three bottles

of red wine...

>> Cheese tortellini

and tomato sauce.

>> And then we had all of these

military food packages

that you could heat up

and eat as meals.

>> Fishing line.

We also got a bunch

of fishing equipment,

so we're going to take

our fishing life

or camp life up to the next

level now.

>> "Meals ready to eat."

>> Just like in the army.

You put it in and

that's how you heat it.

>> Wow, cool! Chicken,

spaghetti with meat sauce.

( cork pops )

>> Anyone want to give

the toast?

>> I'm just, I'm...

To a great tribe.

To a great tribe.

Our tribe really worked

together well.

We are like a well-oiled


>> For believing in us to win.

>> Thanks for believing in us.

>> We win a lot of challenges

for a reason.

I mean, it doesn't happen

by accident.

Peanut butter.

>> How good is that?

>> Poor Ulong.

There's three of them now.

I don't know how they can

maintain camp,

compete in challenges

and stay mentally strong.

I think they must just be

absolutely beat up over this.

( airplane approaching )

>> Here it comes.

>> I'm not sure what's going on



They coming to us?

Stop, stop.

>> Please!

>> Stop, stop...

>> Oh, that's so mean

if they don't drop here.

>> What are they doing?!

>> Oh, my God, no!

>> I guess we lost

the reward challenge

because the plane flew by

and didn't drop anything.

We worked hard on it.

>> I guess they worked harder.

>> Or I'm sure they worked

smarter, knowing them.

>> We thought we won.

>> Gregg and Jenn-- they joke

about it, about him

being the make-out bandit

and they kiss and blah, blah,

blah, blah, blah.

So I guess they think

they're dating.

I don't know.

I don't know.

I don't really care.

As long as I can get them

on my side and my vote.

>> Going once?

>> Where you going, Jenn?

>> She's going to get water.

I'll go with you, Jenn.

Should I put on my date clothes?

>> Between Jenn and I,

we're a strong alliance,

but when we're talking,

I can't really have

a great conversation with her

'cause I'm, like,

are people looking at us?

How are they reading

this conversation?

People are going to be, like,

all right, they're talking


They're going to be suspicious.

They're not going to trust us.


>> Mm-hmm.

>> Really?

>> It's tough because

I am playing a game.

It's tough for me to play a game

and be, like, a good date,

you know?

I can easily get sidetracked

by women.

So I'm making a conscious effort

to play things cool.

Jenn felt I was just starting

to be kind of standoffish.

Because we had

you know, kicked things off

really well

and it was kind of exciting.

But then you kind of get into

the context of the game

and realize, you know,

that's your priority.

>> Mm-hmm.

I like Gregg a lot

and I think he likes me a lot.

But Gregg is very intensely

focused on this game.

It's all he can think about.

So there have been days

where he's very off to me,

and it's been kind of strange.

You know, until we spoke,

I didn't know

what was going on.

You know, I didn't know if he

was still, if he was still

in the same place,

if we're just going

to be that alliance,

but there is still

a romantic connection.

It's still there.

We'll just see if he can,

he can loosen up a bit.

>> I'm concerned with Gregg

and Jenn because they are tight,

you know?

What is going to happen

when all of a sudden

we have to tell Gregg or Jenn

that the other one

may be getting voted off

that night?

You're bringing in a whole

different volatile emotion

that is separate from this game.

So, uh, I'm, I'm concerned.

We're all watching

the relationship

and seeing where

the alliances lie.

The little romance or whatever

they've got blossoming,

it just could be

a monkey wrench

that we don't see coming.

>> Got a clam?

>> Uh-huh.

>> Way to go, boy.

>> Good job!

>> Damn.

>> Bobby Jon was able to catch

a pretty large clam,

and a nice little hand-sized

black fish.

Oh, man, when he got that fish,

we were all super excited.

>> Good, isn't it?

>> Yeah.

>> Well, we got something.

>> Yeah. Good job!

>> Gosh, hitting that fish felt

like making an extra point,

you know, to win the game

or something like that.

I felt like, like I had scored,

you know.

It felt nice.

I think that fish done.

>> I'm just going to try

to cut him up.

>> Finally we were able

to get some protein

in our bodies.

We ate the clam.

We ate the fish and we ate

I don't know how many pans

of coconut, so, you know,

we got protein, we got carbs,

we got everything.

>> I think it's pretty damn


>> Yeah.

>> I mean, I feel the protein.

The meal was good.

I mean, it was nice to be full

for a change.

I definitely think the food

will help us in a challenge

if we get one.

Oh, cool.

>> "The way to lose this one

is to be just plain lazy.

>> BOTH: "Don't think you need

to practice?

"Then you're just crazy.

>> "To keep your tribe together,

slot the pieces into place.

>> Got to heed this warning or

you could be out of the race."

>> Yeah, immunity.

That's supposed to be a star.

>> Yeah, it's supposed

to look just like that.

Okay, cool.

Let's go sit down.

>> Let's go sit down

and do it.

>> We just got tree mail,

we have an immunity challenge,

and something

to do with a puzzle.

And if we don't get it


one of our tribe members

could be going home.

Sliding them around.

This got to go up somehow,

it's got to go...

>> We always keep the faith.

We haven't won one yet.

Maybe today will be different.

We're ready.

We're full.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

What's going on, Koror?

We now bring in Ulong.

James voted out

at the last Tribal Council.

>> James!

You ain't lying.

>> ( mimics James ): Come on.

>> PROBST: And then there were


How's the fishing going, Ulong?

>> We got a little hand-sized

little black fish.


I'm just scared

to death of sharks, so I'm just

trying to get over all that.

>> PROBST: How about for you,

Koror, any luck with fishing?

>> We're doing okay.

>> Yeah, the beast master

came out

and Tom battled a shark

and he killed with it a machete.

>> We ate shark

until we were sick, actually.

We rolled it into a roast

and spit-fired it

and we cut nice steaks

and we had quite a feed.

Steph, you guys are struggling

just to get by,

and Koror is winning

and then finding shark

and eating big meals.

>> I'm not a good loser.

And for them to win the rewards

and win the immunities

and get lots of food,

it's pretty tough.

>> PROBST: All right.

Let's get to today's

immunity challenge.

First things first.

Katie, I'll take it back again.

Immunity is back up

for grabs.

In tree mail, both tribes

received a miniature version

of a sea star puzzle.

For today's challenge,

both tribes will have identical

life-size sea star puzzles

floating in the ocean.

One person will be your caller.

Two other people will be


for moving the pieces around.

First tribe to solve the puzzle

wins immunity.

All right, Koror.

Gregg, Caryn and Katie

participated in the reward.

You guys are sitting this out,

along with two other people.

Who are the two

other sit-outs?

>> I'm sitting out.

>> PROBST: Tom and Ian

are also sitting out.

Who's going to be your caller,


>> Me.

>> PROBST: Ulong, who's going to

be the caller?

>> Myself.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon.

>> Yes, sir.

>> PROBST: Swim on out to the

pontoons, wait for my go.

Here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


>> The one on the right needs

to go to the empty spot.

That one right there.

The one to the right of you

needs to go to the empty spot.

>> PROBST: Coby definitely has a


>> Let's go back.

My fault. Let's go back.

>> Go back?

>> Yeah, go back to where it


>> You think if we moved this

over and up, that one over,

that one down, this one over?

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon and Steph

working together,

but not sure on the progress.


There's a spot.


Finally got that part.

>> PROBST: Top edge.

Koror looks to have a bit

of an edge at this point.

>> Attaboy, Coby.

>> You want to move...

I want that one to be up here.

>> Which one?

>> This one's got to go here.

That one's gotta come over,

that one's gotta go down.

I think if we move

this one back

and start from that side

and bring it up?

>> PROBST: How you doing,

Bobby Jon?

>> I'm trying to get our corners

in order right now.

>> PROBST: Ulong may be worse

off than when you started.

Janu just having a hard time

holding her breath.

>> Behind you, empty spot.


We're halfway done, you guys.

>> PROBST: Koror is halfway


>> Good job, Coby.

>> All right.

>> All right.

>> This corner, Steph,

the one you got your hand on,

uh-uh, right here.

>> Right here?

>> Yeah.

Wait a minute,

that is that corner.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon, I'm not

sure you've made any progress

since we started.

Steph, want to get up here

for a second?

>> PROBST: Ulong going

to switch out callers.

Switch 'em out and see if we can

get a little more progress.

Steph going to take over

for Ulong.

>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: Steph surveys.

You in good shape

or bad shape, Steph?

>> We're not in that good

a shape. Um...

>> PROBST: Steph going to have

to make up a lot of ground.

>> That next one, come forward.

This one there needs

to come up here.

>> PROBST: Steph hustling,

trying catch up.

>> Back, empty spot.

>> PROBST: Janu, you look like

you've swam a marathon right


>> That one's got to go

in that corner,

that one's got to go back there.

That piece over there's

got to come here.

That one is going to come.

We're going to go full circle.

Bring that back around.

That one to the left.

>> PROBST: Ulong picking up.

>> Back, empty spot.

>> PROBST: Koror down

to their last few pieces.

They won't be easy.

>> PROBST: Coby very close for


He can see it.

>> Come on, Coby!

>> Left empty spot and that's

where we got it.

>> PROBST: Koror one move away

from their sixth straight


>> This is it.

This is the last one.

( Koror cheering )

>> PROBST: And with that,

Koror wins immunity

for the sixth straight time.

Koror, once again,

immunity going

back to camp.

Nobody from this tribe

going home.

Ulong, you started making

some progress at the end.

Too little too late.

It's the same old song.

Tribal Council again

and it's going

to be Bobby Jon,

Ibrehem or Steph

who's going home.

Head on back to camp.

I'll see you at Tribal.

>> When we got back to the beach

after the challenge,

we were all shocked

that we couldn't believe we were

going back to Tribal Council.

I think we've...

This has to be a record.

Seven times in a row

for one tribe.

Good God.

I don't want to vote.

>> You got to vote.

>> I just hate it, though,

'cause I think all

of us deserve to be here.

I guess it's always good

to, you know,

expect the worst-case scenario


>> Yeah.

Here's the thing.

You're fighting

with these two people

for a million dollars,

but at the same time,

they're still on your team, and

you want your team to do well.

So which one do you pick?

Right now, I'm like a swing


I got Stephenie who wants me

to go with her

and then I got Ibrehem.

Ibrehem and I have had

pretty much had a little trust

thing since day one.

We're from the same state.

One, two, three.

And we just kind of got

a common theme going

and we know that.

I know that and he knows that.

He's never went and said, "Oh,

you and I have an alliance,"

because I think in some ways

that's kind of stupid,

but in some ways it does matter.

You got it?

>> Way to go, boy.

>> There ain't no fish down


>> You straight?

You getting tired?

>> No, I'm all right.

>> All right.

>> I know Ibrehem would take it

like a man if he wins or loses,

and I know Stephenie would be

a little upset

if I vote, you know, for her

because she thinks

that she and I made this,

you know, big-time agreement.

>> I should have never got

myself in a situation

with two guys from Alabama.

I feel like my fate

is in these two boys' hands.

And it just sucks because

they're the same age,

they're from the same state,

they got a lot in common.

And I'm, like,

the outcast, kind of.

My plan is just get Bobby Jon

alone and talk to him.

I thought we were sticking

together no matter what.

>> Well, we are sticking

together, but it's kind of a

toss-up, you know, between me,

you and him, you know.

I don't deserve to stay

no more than nobody else.

You know?

I mean, really.

>> I think we deserve to stay.

>> I think we do, too.

But, I mean, I ain't

going to count my man out,

which I know what you

and I, you know, discussed.

And I know what he

and I have discussed.

>> So you're not sticking

with your word, then?

>> I've been sticking with

him since day one.

But now I'm sticking

with you, you know.

The way I look it is, we're

going to say okay zip it.

>> I thought...

Yeah, I know, but I thought

that we said if it was us three,

we would vote Ib out.

Yeah, yeah, but I want

to kind of wait

before we start

talking about all that.

I don't really want to talk

about it, you know what I mean?


I'm not going to rule anybody

out until the tribe has spoken.

>> It was a little wishy-washy

his answer.

But I can tell by

the way he's acting,

he's going to vote for me.

I'm just pissed.

It's just wrong.

It's the wrong decision.

It's not my time.

I would love to turn

the tables on him.

Bobby Jon knows how bad

I want to stay,

and I'm not ready to go yet.

And I don't plan on going.

And there's no reason

for me to go.

I mean, I'm thinking about doing

it, 'cause he promised me

and I know he promised you, too.

And why leave it in his hands

when we could end it right now?

>> Yeah.

>> But now he's, like,

undecided, and if we vote for

each other we're going to let

him decide, so I'll vote for


If you want.

>> I'm just being honest, I'll

shoot it to you straight.

I don't know...

I don't know what the hell

I'm going to do.

I hate we're even

in this situation.

>> PROBST ( hoarse voice ):

I want to apologize for my


I know it's hard to hear.

Bobby Jon...

>> Yes, sir.

>> PROBST: ...who decided that,

that you should be the set of

eyes today, the caller?

>> We all did.

We all did.

And, obviously, it wasn't a

good idea because I think I made

more of a mess than I did

create something that was

supposed to happen,

and it didn't happen.

>> PROBST: You agree with that,


Did Bobby Jon screw it up?

>> We just assumed that...

or agreed that

he would be the best, and

he wasn't able to get it,

so we switched out.

I wasn't able really

to get it either, so...

>> PROBST: How frustrating was

it for you today, Steph?

>> It's...

it's so frustrating.

I mean, losing this many times,

it's so frustrating.

>> PROBST: How much do you

scratch your heads at this?

Because it's not like

you're taking on

the same four people.

You've taken on different

combinations of Koror,

and every single time,

they've whupped you.

When you go back to camp and

you're scratching your heads,

what goes through your

head in terms of what is it?

>> We don't...

I mean, we don't come back,

you know, after...

after a challenge,

after we lost, and start

jumping up and down

and giving each other

high-fives on losing.

This isn't fun to come here.

I mean, I...

Jeff, I've been looking at

myself all day thinking, I mean,

I might be the hex,

I might be a curse.

You just don't know

with this tribe.

>> PROBST: So what do you do


You guys have to be tight

to some degree.

You're all each other has.

Bobby Jon, are you surprised how

quickly you could become so


>> You know, like, I mean,

I don't drink unless

you know, she went to the well.

I don't get any coconuts

unless he went to the tree

and got them.

I mean, like,

you depend on each other,

and, like, we know which...

what each other is thinking

a lot of times around camp.

I mean, our camp

life is phenomenal.

It's just, we haven't

rose to the occasion.

>> PROBST: So then when it comes

down to writing somebody's name

down tonight, Bobby Jon,

what do you base it on?

>> Man, I tell you, Jeff, I'm

not going to know until the last

second I put that pen down

on that piece of paper.

>> PROBST: So, if it's Steph for

you, why?

Why would you vote

Steph out tonight?

>> For a threat.

That's why I'd vote Steph out,

'cause I think

she can go all the way.

>> PROBST: Ibrehem, if you knew

it was you tonight,

told you right now

you're the one going,

anything you'd want to say

to try and convince

these guys otherwise?

>> I think because I'm a...

I'm a really loyal person,

I think that's one

good thing about me.

If I say I'm going to do

something, I'm going to do it.

I'm not a dishonest person,

for the most part.

>> PROBST: So which is it,


Is it... Are you voting tonight

based on loyalty and friendship

or are you voting on

"I want to stay in this game,

and I'm getting rid

of the toughest guy"?

>> I'm actually gonna...

I think I'm going to vote on

what I think would

help me out as a strategy.

>> PROBST: Truth be told,

are you worried tonight

or are you feeling okay?

>> 90% worried.

I mean, it's just, you know,

there's three of us.

Two guys who get along real


I get along with both of them.

I respect both of them.

We all work hard,

but I feel really vulnerable.

And it's, it's sad,

'cause I'm not ready to go.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon, worried or

are you in the driver's seat?

>> To me right now

is like me trying to put that

puzzle together today.

It's tough because I think that

I'm just as...

I'm just as vulnerable, too,


I mean, why, why should I stay,

you know?

Why should I stay over them?

It's about to come down to it.

Anything can happen,

anything can.

>> PROBST: Okay, it is time to


Steph, you're up.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read,

the decision is final.

The person voted out

will be asked to leave the

Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,



One vote Steph,

one vote Ibrehem.

One vote left.

Eighth person voted out of

Survivor: Palau...


You need to bring me your


>> Good luck.

>> PROBST: Ibrehem, the tribe

has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

>> See you, Ib.

>> PROBST: Well, here's the good

news: In spite of the fact this

tribe of nine has been

decimated, you two still believe

in yourselves as a tribe.

Don't lose that spirit.

Grab your torches,

head back to camp.

Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> Get out of here!

>> PROBST: The rats move in

at Koror.

>> Get out of here.

>> The rats have realized that

we're not a threat to them.

>> Get out of here!

>> PROBST: And Coby's had


>> These girls don't do


I want to take all three of

those girls and push them in

that fire.

>> PROBST: ...while Ulong is

down to two.

>> Bobby Jon is turning

into a caveman.

( belches )

>> What can I say?

I totally didn't expect

to be voted off tonight.

So it was a big surprise.

I thought me

and Bobby Jon

had something,

but I guess

I was wrong.

I played the game

the best way I felt

like I knew how

without compromising

my character.

I think I walk away

with just a whole

new respect for life,

not taking things for granted.

It was an experience

I definitely enjoyed.