Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 3 - Dangerous Creatures and Horrible Setbacks - full transcript

The castaways are shocked to learn that both tribes will lose a member at the next Tribal Council.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> Oh, my God, there were three!

>> PROBST: With their flint

to make fire at the bottom of

the ocean...

>> Oh, no!

>> PROBST: ...Koror had a

horrible night at their new


>> It was a mistake for us

to choose this island.

I regret that we didn't

think it through.

>> PROBST: At Ulong, Angie was

still feeling like an outsider.

>> I'm just making myself

a valuable asset to this tribe.

If I don't, I'll probably be on

the chopping block again.

>> PROBST: Survivors ready?


At the reward challenge,

the competition was brutal.

And Angie redeemed herself.

>> Good job, Angie!

>> PROBST: Angie is across.

Ulong wins reward!

Ulong walked away

with their first victory

as well as fishing gear...

Here's fire-- who wants it?

...and their own flint

to make fire.

At Koror...

>> I got it!

>> PROBST: Ian saved the day

when he helped salvage

the lost flint.

( cheering )

>> Getting the box was like

running a marathon

and winning first place.

>> Make love.

Don't blow too hard.

>> Who wants theirs first?

>> PROBST: Back at Ulong...

>> No, thank you.

I'm not hungry.

>> PROBST: Ashlee refused to


>> If we have someone

slowing us down, I hope that

that doesn't bring down

our team.

I think I'm going to crash.

>> PROBST: And the tribe noticed

sparks between Jeff and Kim.

>> Kim's been snuggling

on Jeff a lot.

I mean, two-people alliance

is a very strong alliance.

>> PROBST: At the next


Kim, the only one yet to give it

a go for Ulong.

...Kim held Ulong back.

>> We gotta keep going.

We gotta keep going.

>> PROBST: Checking. Checking.

>> You sure?

>> PROBST: Koror!

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Koror won their

second immunity in a row.

Back at Ulong,

Stephenie wanted Kim out.

>> We need to break

Kim and Jeff up.

I mean, she didn't even try

at the challenge.

She sat out there.

>> Yeah.

>> She didn't go underwater.

>> PROBST: But there was a

divide in the opinions.

>> I was thinking Ashlee.

She's breaking down, man.

I can tell she's breaking down.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Kim and Jeff's relationship

came out in the open.

Kim, when did you feel

the first initial seeds

of any attraction?

>> It's hot in here

all of a sudden.

>> All jokes aside, there's no

alliances being built here.

>> PROBST: But when the votes

came in...

Second person voted out

of Survivor: Palau...

...Ashlee was sent packing.

Ashlee, the tribe has spoken.

16 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> I really can't go back

there again.

Not soon.

We cannot lose any more reward.

We can't.

>> And, oh, Jeff was pretty

tough today, I thought.

>> That's the way this game

goes, you know?

>> Yeah.

I think Tribal Council tonight

told a lot 'cause Kim and Jeff

both got votes.

If we would have went

with our original votes,

Ashlee'd still be here,

and Kim'd be gone.

I think Kim's aware,

and I think Jeff's aware, too.

>> Are you serious?

>> Mm-hmm.

I know, Jeff totally pinpointed

you guys, like, were a couple

or something.

>> I know. It was obnoxious.

>> And you know what?

You can't be like, "No, we're

just like really good friends."

You have to be like, "Oh, yeah,

we're kind of attracted

to one another."

You know, like...

>> It pisses me off.

It really does piss me off.

>> At Tribal,

Jeff was pretty brutal.

He asked me about Kim and I.

I just basically said that

we're keeping each other warm.


It really does help

to have someone next to you.

>> I think the thing

between me and Jeff

has just been exaggerated

by everybody talking about it.

I don't want people conjuring

this image up in their head

that's not accurate,

and thinking that

there's two personal lives,

it's like strategy or what.

I don't want that image.

>> Jeff Probst asked Kim and

Jeff if there's anything going

on, you know?

And they said, "No,

we're just buddies, cuddling."

Mm-mm-- everybody sees

what they're doing.

Right now they're cuddling.

Next week, they're going to be

making out.

You know, sucking face

and stuff.

She's a woman,

and all she has to her advantage

is her sexuality.

Kim's got to go.

I'm keeping an eye on them.

I got ears like a bat,

I'm telling you.

( distant thunder rolling )

( seagulls crying )

>> Oh, man, look at that out


>> It's the shower

we were all looking for.

It's been raining

a couple times a day.

We have kind of a lame shelter,

and we're kind of limited

to supplies here.

We're getting wet at night,

and we need a better shelter.

>> I've been digging and

digging-- a heavy day it's been.

I was not gonna let it go.

I'm trying to focus on

that damn shelter.

It's been three days,

and it's still not finished.

This is just going to take

a little thinking, girls.

( grunting )

Nine strong has its

advantages and disadvantages,

'cause, obviously,

we're all still together,

we're still strong.

Yeah, I think people are

grating their nerves even worse

'cause, you know, you can't

ever get rid of anybody.

You know you're stuck with them.

>> I need to ask you something.

If you can find more bamboo,

do you think you can?

>> It's hard to find.

>> Even getting something

on the other side if possible

to block out the...

Someone needs to get up

in that tree and do the top.

Don't you think?

>> Yeah.

>> Won't be me.

>> Katie is a very...

I don't know what the word is;

it's not outspoken,

it's tart, you know?

Just that she has something

to say all the time

about everything.

>> What are you going to do

with those?

>> I'm just filling gaps here.

>> I'm thinking we could use

those for the bed.

>> There's more, a lot more.

And it's especially true

with me.

For seven days, I've been not

saying anything,

and I've just had it.

And I just decided to confront

her; I want it to stop.

And I've just had enough!

Now, I don't want to make waves.

>> And you're making waves.

>> No, this is between you and


I'm not making a scene

in front of the tribe.

And I don't want to bring

anyone else into this.

>> Why are you all freaked out?

>> Because everything I say,

you have some snotty remark.

I throw a freakin' stick

in the fire, you're like,

"Oh, they say don't throw

sticks in the fire."

Don't tell me what to do, Katie!

Don't tell me what to do


I'm done hearing it.

>> I was just sitting

on the edge of the boat.

She just comes up to me

and she's, like,

"Do you have a problem with me?"

And I'm like, "What?"

And I started laughing

'cause she was so irate.

>> You said the guys said,

"Don't throw sticks in the

fire," like, everything I say,

you're on me.

Get off me!

>> She wouldn't even give me

the time to respond

to any of her accusations.

She wanted to come up to me

and just tell me off.

And then she went off

and she left.

She turns and frowns.

Like, I couldn't stop laughing.

She's crazy.

She's completely lost it.

I don't need you yelling at me.

I think there's a better

way of doing this.

>> Okay.

>> If there wasn't any

animosity, there is now,

'cause I don't like

people yelling at me.

>> The repercussions of my

confronting Katie will be that

she will not talk to me,

and that's just fine with me.


there might be some tension

around the tribe as well.

You will always run the risk

if you're too confrontational

of being the one who's voted

off, but I haven't heard

my name come up.

It could change now

as a result of what I did.

>> PROBST: I'll now bring in

the new Ulong tribe.

Ashlee voted out

at the last Tribal Council.

All right, you guys ready

for today's challenge?

>> We're ready.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Today's challenge

is for a reward.

It is once again physical.

Here's how it works.

On my go,

a life ring will be released

from the bottom of the ocean.

Your goal?

Swim out, retrieve the ring,

bring it back to your

tribe-colored pontoon.

First tribe member to get

a hand on the pontoon

while having a hand

on the life ring

scores a point for their tribe.

Here's the catch.

Aside from punching

or otherwise intentionally

trying to hurt someone,

you can pretty much do whatever

you want to get that ring

and keep it and get back.

Push, pull, dunk, splash,

keeping in mind that ultimately

this is a social game.

And to win it,

you will need the votes

of the people you are living

with and competing against.

How you play it,

ultimately up to you.

First round, one man

from each tribe will square off.

Second round, one woman

from each tribe will square off.

After that,

we'll switch things up.

First tribe to score three

wins reward.

Want to know what

you're playing for?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Full-on sewing kit.

>> Nice.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: I'm looking around,

I see a lot of people

in underwear.

We've got three buffs

working as skirts.

So, hopefully,

the reward will change

the way you guys look.

But if you are resourceful,

there are a lot of items

you can use around camp.

Worth playing for?

>> Hell, yeah.

>> PROBST: Koror, because you

have two extra members,

you're sitting two people out.

Who are you going to sit out?

>> Caryn and Willard.

>> PROBST: Caryn and Willard

will sit this one out.

Everybody else take a spot,

wait for my go.

All right, guys, first round

will be man versus man.

Who's running?

Tom and Jeff in the first round.

Survivors ready!


Strategy and physical are

going to play a part in this.

Jeff is going to hang back.

Jeff is going to let Tom

do the work.

>> Yeah!

>> Come on, Tom.

>> PROBST: The showdown is on.

Tom just put it around his


>> Good idea, Tom.

>> Drag him.

Drag him, Jeff.

Drag him.

>> Drag him, Jeff!

>> PROBST: Jeff dragging Tom,

using Tom's strategy against


>> Drag him, Jeff!

>> Drag him!

>> PROBST: He's lost the life


Jeff has it.

Tom has it back.

>> Get it, Tom!

>> PROBST: It is a tug-of-war.

Jeff still pulling Tom.

>> Go, Jeff!

>> PROBST: Getting closer to his


>> Yes! Yes!

>> Go, Jeff! Go, Jeff!

>> Come on, Jeff!

>> PROBST: Jeff very close.

Jeff has it!

Ulong scores the first round.

>> It's all right, Tom.

>> PROBST: Next round is going

to be woman versus woman.

It's going to be Jenn and Steph.

Steph and Jenn.

Survivors ready.


>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Steph with a big head


>> Come on, let's go!

>> PROBST: Steph, strong


>> Come on, Steph!

>> PROBST: She's got the life


( cheering )

>> Go! Go right!

>> Come on, Steph!

>> PROBST: A little splashing

going on.

>> Don't let her do it.

Get her!

>> PROBST: Good old-fashioned

cat fight.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Jenn trying to dunk

Steph, but Steph takes Jenn


Steph seems to be pulling Jenn.

>> Keep swimming! You got it!

>> You got it, Steph.

You got it.

>> PROBST: It is a tug-of-war.

Steph getting closer

to her pontoon.

( cheering and whooping )

>> We got it.

>> Ulong scores the second


>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Round three is one

guy and one girl from each

tribe-- Bobby Jon and Angie

taking on Gregg and Janu.

Ulong wins this,

they win reward.

Survivors ready.


Gregg hanging back defensively.

>> Come on, Angie!

>> Relax, buddy, relax.

>> Ready to...

>> Angie, dunk her!

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Angie dunking Janu,

taking her out of it.

Janu didn't like it.

>> Wow!

( cheering )

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Angie dunks Gregg!

>> Yeah!

>> Get her!

>> Come on, Angie!

>> PROBST: Gregg dunking

Bobby Jon.

This is as physical

as it's gotten.

Angie grabbing on to Gregg,

trying to hold him under.

>> Bobby, get over there!

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon pulling


>> Get up here! Come on!

>> You got it!

>> PROBST: Gregg fighting back,

but it's not enough.

Angie gives him another dunk.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon very close.

( yells )

>> PROBST: Ulong wins reward!

( cheering )

( yells )

>> That's my boy.

>> Awesome job.

>> Yeah. Yeah.

>> PROBST: Koror, not much

to say.

It's a tough physical challenge.

Ulong earned it; they won it.

I got nothing for you.

Ulong, nice job.

Good strategy.

You guys worked well together.

Here's your reward.

Be inventive.

Head back to camp.

>> That was so awesome.

We totally kicked their ass.

>> You're so awesome.

You're so quick.

>> It was a total shutout.

I'm going to tell you what.


That's what I'm talking about.

We kicked tail today

and we won a lot of things.

We can make a lot of different

types of garments.

We have so many tools.

>> Look.

>> This is elastic.

>> You could use these...

>> This is what we need. fishing hooks.

>> The reward we won

was a big, huge sewing kit.

I'm not a sewer.

I'm not a seamstress.

I have no idea

what I could do with it.

Buttons, and a jar.

We can do something

with this jar.

>> This here, you...

That's is going to be

our fishing line, right?

>> Yep, that little red, gold


>> I know I'm going to use

some of the line that we have

and some of the metal posts

that we have for fish hooks.

Slip off, whoever wants

to slip off,

whatnot, whatever, and, uh,

we'll get some of the minnows.

>> That sounds good.

>> Yeah, go get some minnows.

>> So we need to get

some wood up, too, before it

starts getting wet, 'cause it's

going to for sure rain.

It rains every afternoon here.

The win today definitely gave

us a huge momentum boost.

We still got a few things

to do, though.

There's a lot of stuff right now

that's not done

that we need to do,

so I'm just kind of like, if I

gotta do it, then I'll do it.

>> It's not much,

but I think they'll like it.

>> What are we going to do,

just sit here?

>> Looks like everybody died.

>> I'm very disappointed

in my tribe right now.

I mean, there's little things

that have to be done.

I'm not going to wait for

everybody to have a group


Let's decide.

Well, we need to decide

and that's time,

and time's wasting.

>> Oh, so close.

>> You know, the first few days,

it was fine.

I like doing stuff for people.

But, man, they're going to let

you do everything out here

if you keep on doing it.

( stick thudding on coconuts )

>> Goodness.

( thudding )

There you go.

>> Especially Kim, I don't think

she understands

the value of work.

There's lots and lots of work

to do.

She doesn't really see that.

>> Are you tired?

>> No.

>> Are you crazy?

>> Yeah.

>> Bobby Jon really works his

booty off, almost to the point

where we are constantly

telling him to sit down,

you need to chill out.

I think he's playing his cards

in the beginning to be safe

and cement his place into the

group, and he'll be of no use

if, you know, he keeps doing

this for two weeks and, like,

crashes and burns.

>> We all took a walk down the

beach and spotted a couple

of banded sea snakes.

It's definitely a sea krait,

so just be careful.

They are very venomous, one of

the most venomous snakes

there is.

We're hungry,

and it was a big motivation.

The plan was to just

pin it down, hold it down

and then lop off its head.

Okay, I can take one chop

and be done.

>> They are poisonous snakes.

They're very poisonous snakes,

and they can cause cardiac

arrest, coma...

they can cause death, um,

with just one bite.


>> Go.

>> Chop the snake!

Chop the snake!

>> We got him.

>> Keep going.

>> Sorry, buddy.

I'm sorry, buddy.

>> Ian chopped

the snake's head off.

He was so cute.

Like the whole time, he's all,

"Sorry, buddy, sorry, man.

Just got to do it, man, sorry."

( yells )

>> Okay, here's dinner.

>> You know, I work with


I love animals,

so to just kill a snake outright

and in cold blood wasn't for me.

So, I did feel bad.

>> Oh, no!

>> Koror!

Even without a head,

I'm still not convinced

he isn't going to bite me.

>> I was going to head back

with Katie and Jenn

to start the fire.

Tom and Ian, they found

three more snakes, and

they're, like, "Let's get these

while we can."

>> Nice little hari-kari stroke.

>> Are you ready? One...

>> Make it hard.

One, two, three.

>> He against the wall?

You got him?

>> Yeah, I got him pinned.

>> So he'll come out to fight.

When his head comes out,

man, lop it off.

There it is. There it is.

Get that head.

>> You got him?

>> We got him.

>> Got him?

>> That's it, Gregg.

>> Look, he's got something in

him, too, right, he just ate.

>> That's what we saw.

>> So it was maybe

a little foolhardy,

a little sense of adventure,

but, um...

obviously I've hooked up

with two other knuckleheads

who, uh, take fun in the

excitement of things like this.

And we're through.

>> Yes!

>> Ah!

We kind of let the carcasses

of the snakes hang out,

but as soon as we hung them

from the tree over the water,

we also noticed

that a young shark

came swimming and kept making

closer passes to it.

>> Oh, there it is.

That thing right there.

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You know it might be the blood

from the snakes dripping

in the water.

We kind of got interested

that maybe we could trade

our snake with a shark.

>> A few of 'em...

>> If I saw a shark at Jones

Beach on Long Island,

we would all be running

out of the water.

We see a shark fin go by here,

everybody runs into the water

with sticks in their hands.

>> Probably the stupidest thing

I've done in a while, but...

>> You know,

the motivation is there;

we have to get food in us.

>> See 'em?

>> They see it.

Yup, they're coming closer.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Oh, my friggin' gosh.

>> You think they're interested

in that?

>> Let's see if we can, uh...

They got, they got...

They keep getting...

Oh, here comes on.

Okay, here comes one.

Don't move. Don't move.

There he is. There he is.

Holy... Oh, he saw me.

>> Gosh, he came so close.

>> Hey, Jenn, you want

to chop up some more,

some more snake?

They really were close.

They were wily.

Close enough to make you

nervous, like, they come

straight at you and make you a

little bit heebie-jeebie.

Yeah, that's good stuff.

Nice and bloody.

Oh, that's nice and bloody.

>> It's a game of survival

as well as strategy,

and the survival aspect of it

is more real

than I ever imagined,

and also, the thought of having

shark steaks on a frying pan

is the motivation that takes

you past the fear of a shark.

>> There he is.

Oh, my gosh, he's right there.

Uh, two.

Two left.

Oh, man.

There's three of them around.

Bam! Bam! He took it.

Got really close.

>> They would get to just out

of reach of us.

I took a lunge at one

and missed,

but they knew we were there,

and would just probe so far,

but no closer.

We had sharpened sticks,

which I don't think would

really go through shark skin.

He's big enough to put a

hurting on you, that guy.

>> Yeah.

We're going to back off the...

the snakes and redouble our

effort on the sharks,

I think is our plan right now.

We're going to get a shark.

>> Ow.

Going out to use the little

boys' room real quick,

and came walking down the beach,

stepped on a loose coconut.

Just my luck, rolled it on my

ankle that I had problems with

last year.

I'm just going to try

and keep it up right now.


get all the fluids out of it.

Maybe wake up in the morning

and be a new man.

Let's hope.

>> What's up, buddy?

>> How you doing?

>> Pretty good. How are you?

>> I'm all right.

Making yourself a diaper?

Be careful, buddy.

You might be piercing something

you don't want to pierce.

You need help, but I'm not going

to help you.

>> Right, right, right, right.

No, it's all good.

>> There's a lot on my mind

this morning.

Got a lack of sleep last night

because of my ankle.

I tried to keep it elevated

throughout the night,

but the pain is still there,

so I'm going to try

and take it easy today

and, you know, I want to try

and save my energy

until maybe our next challenge

so that I can do my best.

>> We got a challenge.

>> We got a challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> How's your ankle feel?

>> Horrible.

>> Horrible?

>> "The weight of the weak lay

on the shoulders of the strong.

Today's challenge will show you

where in the tribe you belong.

'Can I go any further?'

You may have reasonable doubt,

but let your tribe down, tonight

your torch could go out."

>> We got tree mail, and it was

the one tree mail that's talking

about pure strength,

and I've got it.

I just, at this point,

hope to God I can use it.

It's totally my luck.

I hurt my ankle, and we think

we have a challenge

in a couple days, but we have it

the very next morning.

If I mess up today,

it's on my shoulders.

I want to win this challenge

more than I've wanted anything.

I want to carry this tribe

all the way

to the end of this game,

and I'm going to do anything

I can to do that.

>> PROBST: All right,

first things first.


Take back immunity.

Immunity back up for grabs.

Before we get to the challenge,

I got to ask, Jeff--

you were hobbling in here.

What happened?

>> I rolled it last night

in the middle of the night

on a coconut, and heard a snap,

crackle, pop.

And I'm just trying to take care

of it right now the best I can.

>> PROBST: All right, you guys

ready for today's challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: It is for immunity.

Here's how it works:

You're each going

to be wearing a belt.

That belt will be clipped

to a common rope,

so you will move together

as a tribe.

In addition,

you'll be carrying a backpack

with 20 pounds of sand in it.

Starting on opposite sides

of an oval course,

you will race, trying to catch

the other tribe.

If a tribe member gets tired,

and they want out, they can

opt out of the challenge,

but they have

to take their weight off

and give it to another

tribe member, then unclip.

So they're out of the challenge,

but the weight is still

in the challenge.

Somebody will have

to carry that burden.

First tribe to catch the other

tribe and touch one

of their tribe members

wins immunity--

doesn't go to Tribal Council.

For the losers,

somebody going home tonight.

Big enough stakes?

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Koror, you still

have two extra members.

You're sitting two people out.

Who's sitting out?

>> Jenn and Janu.

>> Jenn and Janu.

>> PROBST: Jenn and Janu are

sitting out.

Everybody else, take your spots,

wait for my go.

Here we go, for immunity.

Survivors ready.


Right away,

Jeff gets rid of his weight.

He's unclipping.

Can't run on that ankle.

Going to take strength

and strategy to win this.

>> Wait! Wait!

>> Faster, Caryn.

>> Wait!

>> Somebody's down.

>> PROBST: Caryn's down.

She gives her weight to Tom,

and she's unclipping.

Tom is now carrying 40 pounds.

Caryn is out of this


Ulong gaining some ground.

Willard's out of the race.

He gives his weight to Gregg.

>> I can't do it.

>> Give me the belt!

>> PROBST: Kim falls down.

She's out.

She gives her weight

to Bobby Jon.

He's now carrying

three backpacks.

Angie opts out.

James has her weight.

Ulong down to four members.

Koror with four members,

as Katie drops out.

Stephanie the only woman left

in this challenge.

It is very hot out.

Heat really taking its toll.

>> Coby, dig deep, will ya?

Come on!

>> PROBST: Walking through this

water, harder than it looks.

>> All right, here we go!

Pick it up!


Come on.

>> PROBST: Tom leading Koror


Gregg doing well.

Coby trying to keep up.

>> Yo, they're going to catch us

if we don't jog.

>> No they're not.

>> Yes they are, they're getting


>> Look at Coby.

>> PROBST: Coby going to opt out

of this challenge.

Gives his weight to Ian.

Ian gives the weight to Tom.

Tom now carrying 60 pounds.

Tom, Ian and Gregg

against Ibrehem,

Bobby Jon, Steph and James.

Ulong trying to make a move

in a full-on sprint,

carrying a lot of weight.

Steph showing no signs

of slowing down.

All right, let's have a burst

or something.

No one's holding us back,

all right?

We hit the shallows, we dash.

>> Just think

of Tribal Council, guys.

We don't want to go.

>> PROBST: Koror trying to make

up a little ground each round.

>> Come on, guys!

>> Guys, they're getting closer.

>> James, give me

one of them bags.

>> Wear them down, guys!

Wear them down.

Come on. In front of me!

In front of me!

>> PROBST: James, giving another

bag away to Bobby Jon.

I'm good.

>> PROBST: Koror making up some

ground, closing that gap on


That kicks Ulong into gear.

>> Come on! Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on! Come on!

Come on!

>> PROBST: Ibrehem winded.

>> Close, guys.

Come on.

>> They're wearing out.

Look at them-- they can't even

go through the shallows that


We can, so let's do it.

>> PROBST: Ulong really slowing


James going to opt out

of this challenge.

Bobby Jon now with 80 pounds.

The longer this challenge goes,

the deeper the water is getting.

The tide is coming in.

We're down to three on three.

It's Tom, Gregg and Ian

for Koror.

Really closing the gap.

Ibrehem, Bobby Jon and Steph

for Ulong.

Ulong going to have

to kick it into gear.

Do they have anything left

in the tank?

Ulong's been to two

straight Tribal Councils.

Doesn't want to go back again.

>> I think we have to jog.

>> PROBST: Koror has yet to go

to Tribal Council, and

there's no rush to get there.

Koror making a move.

Bobby Jon now takes the lead.

>> Let's do it, guys.

Burst. Little burst.

>> PROBST: Koror is making up

ground in tiny increments,

closing the gap

slowly but surely.

Steph looking over her shoulder

as Koror gets closer and closer.

Does Ulong have anything left?

>> Go, guys! Koror! Whoo!

>> PROBST: Koror is making

a move.

Ulong very close to going back

to Tribal Council.

Immunity at stake!

Koror wins their third

Immunity Challenge in a row!

( cheering )

>> Koror!

( cheering )

>> PROBST: Koror, once again,

immunity going back to camp

with you guys.

No Tribal Council,

safe from another vote.

Ulong, sadly, you're getting

all too familiar

with Tribal Council.

Tonight, you will return

and vote out yet another member

from your tribe.

Head on back to camp.

>> All right, everybody,

I want to talk to all you guys.

First all, I think everybody

tried their heart out today.

I'm really sorry that

I couldn't help participate.

But I know there's no possible

way that I can get to the end

with a busted-up ankle,

especially in these conditions.

I know, myself, in three weeks,

my ankle may start

getting better.

>> Really?

>> In these conditions.

I'm not, I mean...

>> You don't even think,

like, a couple of days...?

>> To tell you the truth...

There's no way.

I can barely put

any weight on it right now

without clenching my teeth.

Like, every time I step,

I feel like a tear is going

to come out of my eye.

If I stay in here, you guys

aren't gonna get to the end.

>> I don't want you

to leave here, though,

and in two days your ankle

will be feeling fine

and us be like...

>> So we're going to vote out

someone else instead?

There's no reason to

vote off anybody else.

All right?

>> Yeah, we want you to stay.

>> Soon as we got back to the

beach, old Jeff said, "Guys,

you need to vote me off."

Oh, we were sad, you know.

We didn't want to vote him out.

He's strong, you know, he does a

lot around here, you know?

And the person we were planning

on voting out, which is Kim,

does hardly anything.

>> We vote Jeff off, it's going

to be like two people gone

anyway, 'cause she ain't did

none of the challenges.

She ain't do nothing

around the camp.

>> Yeah, she's down there laying

up, ain't doing nothing

down there.

>> She's so happy 'cause she

thinks she's okay tonight.

>> That boy's tough.

>> Yeah, I'd rather,

nurture him and feed him.

I feel very strongly

that Jeff should stay.

We should get rid

of Kim for sure tonight.

Jeff's weakness is our strength.

Even when he's down, he's ten

times stronger than Kim.

I'm definitely going to go talk

with other people in the tribe

and see what they think.

>> Bobby Jon, I don't

know about you,

but just to let you know,

I'm voting for Jeff.

>> You are?

>> Oh, yeah.

I planed on voting for Jeff

as soon as he hurt his ankle.

>> Okay.

>> And I'm not swaying from it.

>> Okay, cool.

Well, I ain't voting for him,

'cause I'm voting for Kim,

because I'll be danged

if I'm going to feed somebody

when they don't do nothing.

>> Yeah.

Some of the other tribe members

want to vote off Kim,

and I can see that

because she didn't really

do much, but I'm kind of hoping

once Jeff goes

she'll start maybe doing

a little bit more instead

of just thinking about Jeff.

>> Yes!

Check it.

Hey, I can cut them

right in half with one cut.

>> Watch this.

You watching?

>> What are they doing?

>> Come here, come here,

come here, come here.

Come here... come here!

>> What's he cutting, coconuts?

>> Just watch. Just watch.

Watch, watch.

>> Yes!

>> You're just doing it

to be a bad ass now.

>> Now I am. Heck, yeah.

>> She can't do that, okay?

>> Okay.

>> She's gone.

Or is he going?

Still tough?

>> Still tough.

We'll see.

>> Perfect day to leave.

Beautiful, warm.

>> We need you.

>> I know what you're saying,

but just let me enjoy this

one day.

>> It's not logical

to get rid of you.

I think you're afraid

that somebody else is going

to get voted off.

>> Huh?

>> Well, it is

right before Tribal,

and, of course, people

are whispering,

and I don't know what

conversations are taking place.

They could be all

be over there conspiring

and, "We're not

going to vote for him.

We'll see what his ankle does."

>> That's cool.

>> I think that's cool.

>> I'm feeling vulnerable.

I mean, there's no way of

telling what could happen.

I definitely think

there's a chance that

Jeff could be here tomorrow.

>> PROBST: You guys got to be

getting tired of seeing me here.

>> Oh, we're tired of it.

Very tired.

>> PROBST: Ibrehem.

Three immunity challenges,

three losses.

After tonight,

three tribe members gone.

Koror still

standing strong at nine.

Gotta be a little frustrating

to continually get pummeled

in these challenges.

>> Uh, it is very frustrating,

but honestly, today,

I know if we would have

had one person in there

who we really needed,

we would have won.

>> PROBST: You're saying

if you had Jeff

you'd have won the challenge?

>> I'm saying, if we would

have had Jeff, we would

have won the challenge.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon.

Jeff really

the difference in this?

>> No, he wasn't.

The difference was,

is-is Tom for Koror is what the

difference is.

He's a man.

He's a man among men,

and he single-handedly

whipped us, I think, today,

to be honest with you.

>> PROBST: Ibrehem, you're

shaking your head.

>> I don't think Tom

single-handedly beat us.

Him and his team did it


We did good, but after

a while, you know, Bobby Jon

had 80 pounds on him.

We just needed that extra man,

and that's just point-blank

what it was.

>> PROBST: Steph.

How long after getting back

from the challenge

did the finger-pointing begin?

>> When we got back,

actually, Jeff sat us all down

and he just pretty much said

that he's really

hurting right now and he

doesn't know how much use

he's going to be to the tribe.

No one really got a chance

to point fingers.

He just gave us a lot to think

about coming into Tribal Council


>> PROBST: Jeff, you got

the weirdest look on your face.

You're smiling.

>> You know what?

Jeff, I've always been a team

player my entire life, and I

really think that I screwed up

my ankle, and it was a deathful

thing for me as well as my team.

I'm not saying that we would've

have won today had I been there,

but I know that we would

have had a better chance.

That would have been 20 pounds

off one of these guys' backs.

>> PROBST: What's your point?

>> My point is that I want to be

able to help the tribe

in any way possible,

and at this point,

right this second, I can't.

I can't do anything.

>> PROBST: Ibrehem.

What are the other reasons

that you're starting to notice

about why you might

vote people out?

Is it to a point now where

you're starting to notice who

really is doing the work you

need versus who is starting to

say, "You know, we're okay.

I think I can take

a nap this afternoon"?

>> I think everybody works hard,

but sometimes

people might get a little tired

and might not want

to put in as much effort

as everybody else.

>> PROBST: But when it comes to

voting somebody out of the


>> That can play

a big part in it.

That can play a big part,

in my opinion.

>> PROBST: Kim, you seem

very frustrated tonight.

>> It's not that I'm frustrated.

I mean, I'll admit to you, it's

it's hard being on this team

when you have these guys

that are super-strong and tons

of stamina and workaholics.

Like, I could never

measure up to Bobby Jon.

I mean, he's freaking Tarzan.

And it's frustrating losing.

I'm so sick of being here.

I'll be honest with you,

if he wasn't going home

then I would know

that I was one of the people

on the cutting block,

chopping block, whatever,

because our tribe's obviously

manifested itself to be a tribe

that the strongest stay

and the weakest go,

and it's not that I'm weaker

than the average person,

it just means in this tribe,

that might be where I fall.

>> PROBST: James.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: At any time today

was there any dilemma,

"Do we give him his wish

or do we keep him"?

>> Yeah, there's been a dilemma.

We've been debating all day long

on whether or not to keep Jeff

or let him have his way,

and we're probably

still debating.

It's just running through

our head, you know.

We don't even know what we're

going to do until we do it.

>> PROBST: Clearly this tribe

has not yet made up its mind.

Let's see which way

you're going to go.

It is time to vote.

James, you're up.

>> Kim... you are lazy.

You don't do anything.

You get out

of the race a day early.

You are not a helper.

>> You've become one

of my greatest friends

on this island.

I'm happy I got to know you, but

this is what you wanted,

so this what is I'm going to do.

>> Everything's fine, but

tonight I'm not going to play

you and Jeff's

little silly-ass game.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read,

the decision is final.

The person voted out

will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council

area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.



Two votes Jeff.



Two votes Jeff,

one vote James, one vote Kim.


That's two votes Kim.

Two votes Jeff, one vote James.


We're three votes Jeff,

two votes Kim, one vote James.

I'll read the last vote.

Third person voted out

of Survivor: Palau.


You need to bring me your torch.

>> Kill Koror.

>> PROBST: Jeff,

the tribe has spoken.

Time to go.

You had a tough

first eight days.

So the question is, how

do you turn tonight's vote

into something positive?

Grab your torches,

head back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

>> I've never lost this

bad in my entire life.

>> PROBST: Ulong gets desperate.

>> Don't freak out.

>> PROBST: And the tribes have a

big decision to make.

>> "Choose one tribal


to make some important choices."

>> What if the person who goes

doesn't get to come back?

>> PROBST: You have not picked

a representative yet?

>> There is a huge part

of me that wishes

that I had not injured myself

to the point of being unable

to help my team

advance in the game,

and it was my choice,

and I know

that by making that choice,

my team is going to be able

to advance further

in the game.

Ulong, it's time

to take Koror to the cleaner.