Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 4 - Sumo at Sea - full transcript

The Tribe that wins Reward is surprised by a prize that sends them a visitor for 24 hours.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> Everything I say you have

some snotty remark!

>> PROBST: Caryn and Katie went


>> Get off me!

>> She's crazy.

She's completely lost it.

>> PROBST: Survivors ready.

At the reward challenge...

Go! the tribes faced off

in hand-to-hand combat,

Koror took a beating...

Angie dunks Gregg!

...and Ulong dunked their way

to victory...

Ulong wins reward!

...winning material and a sewing


>> Ulong!

>> PROBST: Back at Ulong,

although morale was up...

>> That was so awesome.

>> We totally kicked their ass.

>> PROBST: ...Bobby Jon grew


>> I'm very disappointed with

my tribe right now.

>> Oh, so close.

>> Especially Kim.

I don't think she understands

the value of work.

>> PROBST: At Koror...

>> It's definitely a sea krait,

so be careful.

>> PROBST: ...the tribe tangled

with some deadly creatures.

>> That thing right there.

It's coming closer.

This is probably the stupidest

thing I've done in a while.

>> It's a game of survival and

we're going to get a shark.

>> Okay, here comes one.

>> PROBST: Before the immunity

challenge, Ulong faced a setback

when Jeff sprained his ankle.

>> It's totally my luck.

I hurt my ankle and we have

a challenge the very next


If I mess up today, it's on

my shoulders.

>> PROBST: Go!

Right away, Jeff's unclipping.

Jeff took no chances and bailed

out of the challenge, but after

a long test of strength and

endurance, it was Koror who

pulled through.

Koror wins their third immunity

challenge in a row.

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: Back at camp,

Jeff gathered his tribe.

I know there's no possible way

that I can get to the end

with a busted-up ankle.

If I stay in here, you guys

aren't going to get to the end.

>> PROBST: Some were not


>> I feel very strongly

that Jeff should stay.

We should get rid of Kim

for sure.

>> PROBST: But at Tribal

Council, Kim was spared when

the tribe honored Jeff's

wishes and voted him out.

Jeff, the tribe has spoken.

15 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> I can't believe this is all

that's left.

We started out with,

like, so many people.

>> I know.

>> Tonight at Tribal Council,

Jeff went home.

I am very sad he's not here.

He's great for the team.

He's a great friend.

It absolutely is horrible to

lose the strongest player on

your tribe, but that's what

he had wanted, and so that's

what we did.

>> Koror is using strategy when

it comes to the immunity


>> Yeah, but they're a

weak-ass team.

There's obviously something

going wrong because they're

not in shape and they're

kicking our asses.

>> We're not going to Tribal


You guys understand me?

I'm going to stomp

anybody's ass that lags.

You know what I mean.

>> He means it in a good way,


>> I don't know.

This tribe right now doesn't

have a lot of togetherness.

and closeness, like we thought

we had.

As it's built right now,

everybody's self-esteem's

getting down, but I'm hoping

we're going to turn it around.

I hope we do learn something,

but right now, I don't think

we have.

>> Tree mail.


>> I knew it.

>> "Today you must choose one

and only one tribal

representative to make some

important choices.

The tribe will then have to

live with those decisions."

>> Katie and I went to go get

tree mail this morning and it

basically says the we need

to send a tribal representative

out, and that we have to live

with the decisions that we make.

>> We need to figure out

what it is.

It could be a person swap.

>> Yeah, or what if the person

goes doesn't get to come back?

>> I think Gregg should go.

>> I'm not crazy about it,

but I'm not opposed to it.

>> Everyone else is up for it?

>> I am.

>> I would definitely be willing

to go.

>> I would do it.

>> I would do it.

>> I'll speak right out

on that and do a vote.

Ian, you've made many good

decisions, you've been the

team leader here.

You want to go?

I say you go.

>> Yeah, he'd be good.

>> Today we were volunteering

on who wanted to go, me,

Caryn and Janu all volunteered.

But it's like nobody listened

to us.

They just said, "So, should it

be Gregg or should be it Ian?"

"I want to go."

"Well, should it be Gregg

or should it be Ian?"

"I want to go," I just kept

repeating myself.

>> I just don't want to lose


>> I'll be back.

We'll see each other again.

Is that cool?

>> It's definitely

the tribe's vote.

Everybody seems to go for Ian.

I'm not going to fight for it.

By picking the team leader,

the separation of the group

is just obvious.

Katie, Jennifer, Gregg, Ian

and Tom are one unit,

so that makes five against four.

Once we saw them all band

together, it was obvious that

we're definitely the

underdogs here.

>> "Today you must choose one

and only one."

>> So somebody is going to be

the top dog here.

We represent you.

>> Hey, we're picking out of a


>> How do you feel about

doing it, Kim?

>> I'm fine with it.

I think you're good at it,

too, though.

>> Maybe we'll draw straws

or something.

>> I don't know.

I don't agree with the

drawing straws.

It seems like nobody likes

to sit down and think about it

for a second.

It's very impulsive, and I'm

sure that it won't be the best

decision once it's made.

>> Want to see what the

challenge is and then go from


>> Yeah.

We have to go fishing right now.

Let's go.

>> Yeah, let's do that.

>> Let's go fishing.

>> There's a boat coming.

>> This is like some kind

of World War II thing.

>> It's on its way.

>> Oh, look at it.

>> PROBST: What's going on,


>> Hey.

>> PROBST: Who's the


>> Ian.

>> PROBST: Ian, come on up.

>> Bye, Ian.

>> See you guys.

>> PROBST: All right, Ian,

for today's reward challenge,

your tribe is going to build

a bathroom, two sections:

a toilet area and a shower

and a wash area.

To help you build your bathroom,

we go to the Home Depot


(all exclaiming)

>> Oh, my God.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Who'd have thought I'd be

that excited to see tools?

>> PROBST: A few items.

You have a bush shower,

a shower curtain, some rings,

toilet seat, some twine, wire,

rope, lots of nails, right?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: In addition, timber,

and you get to pick six tools

from the toolshed-- six tools

that you will build your

bathroom with and six tools you

will keep for the remainder

of your time out here.

>> Jeff gave me the choice to

pick six tools out of

his toolbox.

It was a difficult decision.

But my dad owns

a construction company and I

grew up on a farm, so it

worked out okay.

>> PROBST: What's the last item

going to be?

>> It's going to be this one.

>> PROBST: All right, you have

one more decision.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> PROBST: Koror now has three

extra members.

You're sitting three people out.

They cannot participate in the

planning or the execution

of this challenge.

Keep in mind, Ian, you cannot

sit the same people out in

back-to-back challenges.

>> Oh, that's right.

Okay, we have a immunity

challenge coming up, too.

Okay, so we're going to sit out

Jen, Coby, Janu.

>> PROBST: Okay.

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to

come back with a judge.

The person doing

the judging is Jesse.

He's got a degree

in Construction Management.

He's been with the show since

day one, and his team builds

all the challenges out here.

He knows what's possible

to be built out here.

For the winning tribe,

Jesse will come back

with our entire construction

department, and they will build

a shelter the likes of which

has never been seen.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Worth doing?

>> Absolutely.

>> PROBST: All right.

Get somebody to come help you

get all of your tools

and get to work.

>> Nice job, Ian.

>> Are we okay?


As far as my choices go, I hope

the tribe's happy with it,

but I'm feeling fantastic,

the adrenaline's running.

>> Good job, James.

Bigger than what we've

been getting.

>> We found Nemo.

>> PROBST: Ulong, come on in.

Good to see you guys

out here fishing.

>> We're trying.

>> We try.

We try.

>> PROBST: All right, so, the

reason I'm out here--

who's your representative?

>> Can we ask questions or no?

>> Can we ask you questions?

>> PROBST: You have not picked

a representative yet?

You guys don't have a leader.

You can't even pick

a representative.

Give me somebody.

>> James.

>> James.

>> James.

>> PROBST: James, get up here on

the barge.

>> You okay with that?

>> All right.

>> All right.

>> PROBST: James is worried.

>> I wasn't trying to be

the leader.

They picked me, but luckily

they did pick me

because if they didn't we

wouldn't have got

the tools we needed to build

our lavatory.

My stuff.

I used to build houses.

>> PROBST: So you've got a

background in construction.

>> I got a background.

This is hatchet with a hammer

on one end, hatchet

on the other.

>> Good choice, James.

>> PROBST: Okay, here's what's

what's going to happen.

Some of the guys from the

construction department

are going to build,

for the winning tribe,

the most kick-ass Survivor

shelter ever.

>> Oh, really?

>> PROBST: Sound good?

>> Hell yeah.

Leadership is not a role

I want to take on,

but when a reward challenge

is at stake, somebody's

got to step up and say,

"Hey, get up off your asses

and let's get to work."

>> The Koror construction crew

is in high gear.

We have a plan now, so we're

gonna pull all the stops out.

Koror is going nuts with this


>> Nice.

>> Got a nice pathway going.

>> Willard, we couldn't have

planned it better ourselves.

Look at that notch-- my God!

>> If you watch Tom and Ian,

they are very careful not to go

through the day without saying,

in front of the group, something

good about everybody in the


>> Yeah.

>> I am carving "Watch your

step" to put before the walkway

to the latrine.

>> That's great.

>> Time for lunch and a team


>> Tom is a leader.

That's what he does for

a living.

He's an officer in the

fire department.

He's highly motivated.

He works hard.

He's our little motor that

makes the train run.

>> Here we go.

Add water.

>> Every leader for every

project is always Tom.

That's the way it is

in this tribe.

Everyone is "Oh, Tom, oh, Tom.

Yes, Tom."

The women won't even throw

a stick in the fire without,

"Tom, Tom, can I throw a stick

in the fire, Tom?"

It's a little crazy.

>> Now, I'm taking a shower

and I want a little bit

of elbow room, you know,

so... 35 inches right here.

Mark it.

Big arrow.

Being the boss, it's a

big responsibility,

but I'm feeling pretty good

that I can take some skills

that I've learned and build us

a little outhouse, so we can

win us a shelter.

So measure from right there,

down there.

>> You look real funny right


>> I do, don't I?

>> It's about 22.

>> 22 sounds good.

>> What if we laid them this way

because this is going to not be

real sturdy?

>> Oh, honey.

>> What?

>> We've got to nail it.

>> Yeah, I know.

>> It's going to be a frame.

I promise, it'll be sturdy.

Turn that back.

>> Sorry.

>> I'm happy to have James

as a team leader, but he can

be very fatherly, which can be

annoying at times.


>> Okay, now...

Press, you understand?

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> I use a staple gun

every day at my job.

It makes me mad that James is,

like, "Oh, do you need help

with that nail?"

Because I know what I'm doing.

When I have something broken

at my house I fix it.

Landlord don't fix it, I fix it.

>> What's wrong?

>> I'm really weak.

Like I need food.

And I know you guys need food,

but it seems you guys can go

better than I can without it.

Like I'm so dizzy I could

pass out right now.

>> What do you want to do?

>> I don't know.

>> Why don't you start taking

that shower curtain and sew on


>> Kim's a little bit useless.

She's always trying

to get out of things.

Finally we found something she

likes to do, which is sew.

Something she can sit on

her ass, and...

But really, we've got five

people doing all the hard work.

Hey, Bobby Jon, I need some

trees about that big around.

>> When I started working

hard on something,

my whole body and soul

just goes into it,

every ounce of it.

You've got to want it,

you've got to want it

and that's what winners do,

winners keep fighting.

Champions keep persevering.



>> It sucks to be on a team

with completely "gung-ho,

I'll work until I die

and bleed to death"

type of people.

>> It's jammed.

>> Don't point that towards

your eyeball.

You want the honest truth?

I think I'm the smart one

sitting in the center of a bunch

of people running around with

their heads chopped off.

What are we doing about the


We need to get cracking.

We've got a lot of time now.

Let me tell y'all something,

that's why construction jobs

don't get done on time,

because people freak out.

Don't freak out.

>> James, he's going to end up

driving people insane

and I'm slowly watching

everybody mentally lose it,

so I'm kind of stepping back

and letting the beast

attack the beast.

>> Who wants to sit on the


We've got time for y'all

to try it out.

Get your asses over here.

Quit your whining.

>> Yes, the boat's coming.

>> Let's fall in, guys.

>> PROBST: Are you ready for us?

>> Yeah.

We're more than ready, Jeff.

More than ready.

>> PROBST: Koror, this is Jesse.

>> How you doing.

Welcome to Camp Koror.

>> PROBST: Jesse's our

production designer.

He's a tough judge.

>> We're a tough tribe.

We're okay.

>> PROBST: Good.

Let's go. Show us.

>> Tom, lead the way.

>> This morning Jesse and Jeff

Probst came to do the judging

so it was very nerve-wracking.

>> We have the path coming down,

it diverges.

We have a little sign here--

"Watch your step."

We'll take you over to the

latrine first, show you what

we've got there.

>> PROBST: Tom, you're a great

tour guide.

>> He is; he is.

>> I'll tell you a little bit

about some of the design

features-- we decided not to

enclose the walls.

>> Pretty good.

>> You can shake it.

>> Yeah, we notched out the


>> Got a newspaper?

>> We do have toilet paper.

You'll notice that we have...

>> It's not the stinging tree,

is it?

>> No, it's not.

>> The tour was terrific.

It was taking them through

our thought process, how we

worked and how we came up with

what we came up with.

I'm very confident.

I'd be surprised if we didn't

win and we need this.

We have Rat City, USA.

And we need a shelter.

>> Yeah, let's have a look

at the shower.

All right.

I like the path, a nice touch.

>> We mounted the actual shower

above the tree, and you're

able to adjust it

to whatever size

you want to go.

You want a demonstration?

>> Yeah.

>> I think I'm the dirtiest kid

in camp, so...

Hand me the soap, will ya?

>> PROBST: You got everything

you need?

>> Yeah, I think I'm pretty


That's good.

Thanks very much.

>> No problem.

>> PROBST: So here's the deal,

guys: Jesse's is going to judge

you based on creativity

and functionality.

If he decides that

your bathroom is the best...

you'll know it.

We'll return.

Fair enough?

>> Fair enough.

Thank you.

>> PROBST: See you guys.

>> Might see you guys soon.

>> I think we put everything

that we had into this challenge,

more so than any other


If I'm judging facial

expression, I think Jesse was

very impressed.

I don't think there's any way

we can lose this one.

>> Ulong.

>> Here he comes.

>> Uh-oh.


They didn't even see it.

>> They didn't even see it.

>> Hurry, hurry.

They're right here now.

>> That's it-- stop.

>> Right here.

>> Put the shovel up.

Put the shovel up.

>> PROBST: Looks like you guys

are still working.

This is Jesse Jensen--

he's the guy I told you about.

You want to give him

a tour or you want him

just to look around?

James is going to do that.

>> You ready for a tour, buddy?

>> I'm ready for a tour.

"For a good time

call Jeff Probst."

(all laughing)

>> PROBST: I hope you got the

right number down.

>> Yeah.

>> We've got our wash basins,

we've got a vase,

got a toothbrush holder.

>> Those your toothbrushes?

>> Yes. I haven't used it yet,

but they have.

I don't brush my teeth

because I'm a redneck.

>> You tend to bite down.

>> We've got our shower right

here and we have a drain.

>> Nice.

>> Surprisingly, our bathroom

area and everything looks

really good.

It's a lot nicer than we thought

it would ever be.

>> Let's have a look around

the back.

>> All these posts can be dug


>> We figured it didn't matter

if you saw through here, because

you're washing your hands.

>> PROBST: Seen enough?

>> Yeah, I've seen enough. Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, so here's

how it'll work, guys: If Jesse

decides your bathroom is the

best bathroom we will return

with our construction crew.

If we're not here by sundown,

pretty good idea we're

not coming back.

>> Fair enough.

>> Thanks, everybody.

>> Thanks for the tour.

>> PROBST: See you later.

>> Good job, James.

Really good job.

>> You did it.

>> You did so good.

>> Everybody did it.

I think we won, no doubt.

Look at it.

It's perfect.

They'll be back in about...

I estimate two, three hours.

>> How long do we have to wait?

>> I think like an hour,


>> If nothing else works out,

we have a shower and a toilet.

Good effort.

The Koror construction crew did

a fantastic job on this

challenge, so we're really


But you never know what

rabbit Ulong is going to pull

out of their hat.

>> Is that a boat coming?

>> I hear something.

>> A boat.

>> Oh, yeah.

It looks like a Home Depot boat.

>> Yeah!



>> All right!

Yeah, bring it!

>> Oh, my g...

>> Yeah!


>> Come on, cartwheels

down the beach!


The barge boat came around

the corner again.

We could see the Home Depot

sign on it, and there was a lot

of, lot of joy in camp.

>> Yeah!

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah, we're going

to sleep good tonight.

>> We totally deserve this.

>> Bring it home.

>> Yeah.

>> I knew it.

>> Yes!

>> They'll be back.

>> I don't know, man.

I'm kind of thinking that

we may have lost.

Still trying to keep hope up

because the sun hasn't set

all the way.

It's not dark yet,

but it's looking kind of grim.

(hammer pounding, saw buzzing)

>> Instead, we get

a construction crew.

Like, come on.

We have a new shelter going on,

so, uh...

so a good day for Koror,

for sure.

Everything worked out the way

it's supposed to.

Oh, it's a frickin' palace.

It's like the Taj Mahal.

It's fantastic.

Gosh, thank you so much.

>> No problem.

You're welcome.

>> It's fantastic.

>> I can't even begin to explain

how great our shelter is--

it's beautiful.

It's not even a shelter,

it's a home.

We've got a hammock in there

and a lantern, and they

built us a picnic table

and, like, a little platform

for us to just hang out on.

It makes the quality of life

here so much better.

>> We got something else here

for you, a little housewarming.

>> Oh...!

>> What is it?


>> Yeah!


>> To you guys, thank you.

>> Thank you.

>> Oh, this feels so good.

>> Thank you.

>> Thanks a lot, guys.

Awesome. Thank you.

Thank you.

>> As if the shelter wasn't

enough, these wonderful people

turned around and gave us

a housewarming gift,

and it was a crate with two

bottles of ice-cold champagne

in it.

We don't even know

if it was the alcohol,

but it was the most delicious

thing you ever tasted

and it felt great.

I'm not that light yet.


>> Caryn?


>> I guess the other team won.

>> I don't get it.


>> Probably just because

they haven't won one yet.

>> No.

That's B.S.

>> Yeah, it is.

It seems that we lost

the challenge.

I was confident that

we had it, you know?

We worked hard.

It looks good.

It's a shame.

But that's all right,

'cause it just makes us

more angry that we lost.

We're ticked off,

so we're going after them

and we're going to run right

them like a dang bulldozer.

They won the first three times,

it was their time.

It's our time now.

>> Yo!

We got tree mail.

>> Oh, my God, it's

a gladiator thing.

We're going to have to hit

each other off beams.

>> That's what I'm thinking.

>> "Square off in a circle

against your opponents.

Balance and strength:

two crucial components.

David beat Goliath

using brains over brawn.

Be the one to lose this one,

you could be the next gone."

We're going to all have to

take on one person with that.

>> Oh, yeah, that's what

it's going to be.

>> I'm going to practice

a little bit.

I hate for things

to come down to the wire,

but it seems like

it has with us.

I mean, this next immunity

can make or break us.

If we don't get it, we're down

to five and they have nine.

We can't lose another

tribe member.

>> We're going to be like


>> All I know to do to win

this next immunity challenge

is just to fight, fight, fight,

fight, fight.

That's all I know to do.

You've got to block out the past

and worry about right now.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Guys ready to get to today's


>> Yes.

>> Yes, sir.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: First things first.


Immunity back up for grabs.

For today's immunity challenge,

tribe members will engage

one-on-one in a sumo-style

battle on a platform.

Using large padded bags,

you will attempt to knock

your opponent off the platform.

Two rules-- you got to keep two

hands on the bag at all times.

You cannot use your feet

as a weapon.

First tribe to six wins


Koror, because you have

three extra members, you're

sitting three people out.

And because this is men versus

men, women versus women,

you have to sit out

two men and one woman

to even up the tribes.

Who's sitting out?

>> I am.

>> PROBST: Ian, Katie, Willard,

sit out.

Everybody else runs.

Take your spots.

Wait for my go.

All right, first round,

man versus man--

it is Tom for Koror

and Bobby Jon for Ulong.

>> Here we go, Bobby.

>> Come on, Tom.

>> PROBST: Survivors ready.


(yelling, cheering)

Both guys going strong.

Tom is down.

Bobby Jon pushing.

>> Come on, Bobby! Go!

>> Come on, Bobby! Go!

Come on, Bobby!

>> Push! Push!

>> PROBST: Tom back up.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Tom pushes Bobby Jon


Koror scores the first point.

>> Yeah!


>> PROBST: East coast versus

west; Steph versus Jenn.

>> Go, Jenn.

>> PROBST: Survivors ready.


Jenn comes on strong, but...

Steph not budging,

and pushes Jenn off easily.

We're tied one-one.

Gregg versus Ibrehem.

Survivors ready.


Ibrehem with a big reach


>> Yes!


>> PROBST: Both hands on the

bag, Ibrehem.

>> Throw him off balance, Gregg!

>> PROBST: Gregg pushing hard.

Ibrehem lost his bag.

Ibrehem's in.


>> Gregg!

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Koror leads two-one.

Angie versus Caryn.

Survivors ready.


>> There you go!

Push her off that way!

>> PROBST: Angie makes the first

move, she's pushing.

Caryn's on the edge,

and she's in.

Angie wins.

We're tied two-two.

James versus Coby.

Survivors ready.


Coby comes out strong.

James is in!

Coby wins.

Koror leads three-two.

First tribe to six

wins immunity.

Kim versus Janu.

Survivors ready.


>> Come on, Kim,

Come on, Kim!

>> There you go!


>> PROBST: Kim makes the first

move, but it backfires.

Kim is in.

Janu wins!

Koror leads four-two.

Got a rematch.

Bobby Jon versus Tom.

Tom won the first round.

Survivors ready.

>> Come on, Tarzan!

>> PROBST: Go!

Bobby Jon coming on strong


Tom fighting back,

Bobby Jon's in!

(groans, cheering)

Tom wins again!

Koror leads five-two.

We have a rematch.

Steph versus Jenn.

Last time Steph won--

different stakes this time.

Jenn wins, Koror wins

their fourth straight immunity.

Come on, you got it, babe.

Survivors ready.


Steph comes on first.

Jenn pushing back hard.

Steph has to stay alive,

or Ulong's out.

(indistinct shouts)

Come on, Steph!

Jenn wins this,

they win immunity.


>> Go! Go!


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Jenn fighting back.

Steph pushing hard.

She comes on strong,

knocks Jenn down.

She's back on her feet!

Jenn back down again.

Scraping those knees

but not giving up.

Steph pushing harder.

And Jenn is in!

Steph wins.

Ulong stays alive.

Koror leads five-three.

A victory by Gregg

wins immunity for Koror.

Survivors ready.


Ibrehem with a big push!

Gregg is in!

Ulong stays alive.

>> Good job!

>> Good job!

>> Good job!

>> PROBST: Ulong continues to

fight back.

Koror now leads five-four.

It's another rematch:

Angie versus Caryn.

Survivors ready.


Angie wasting no time.

Caryn's in!

Ulong has battled back,

five-five tie!

>> We're not going back

to immunity!

>> PROBST: Angie's so excited,

Tribal Council!

Angie's so excited, she doesn't

know what to say.

>> Take that and see how it


>> PROBST: It comes down to


We are tied at five-five.

James versus Coby--

immunity at stake.

Winner of this match claims

victory for his tribe.

Survivors ready.


James comes on strong

out of the gate.

Coby fighting back.

Using that height.

>> Come on, Coby!

>> PROBST: That reach has got

James going backwards.

He's got James down.

>> Coby, yeah!

>> PROBST: Pushing him.

James fighting back,

squirreling around.

Coby still on it.

James recovers; now he's got

Coby down.

>> Go, Coby, go!

>> PROBST: Coby still pushing.

James on the edge.

>> Get him, James!

Come on, James!

(indistinct shouting)

>> Come on, James!

>> PROBST: Coby trying to push

him over with his shoulder!

And he's got him!

James is in!

Koror wins their fourth straight

immunity challenge!




For the fourth time.

No Tribal Council tonight.

Nobody going home for this

tribe-- staying strong at nine.

Ulong-- nothing to say.

Four straight visits

to Tribal Council.

This tribe of six will become

five tonight.

Head on back to camp.

>> I thought we would have

it today.

>> Me, too.

>> I didn't know Coby was that

much stronger than James.

>> Feels terrible to have my

butt whooped by a homosexual,

you know, but a lot of gay folks

are strong, man.

They all working out at the

gym and all, you know.


>> We got our butts kicked


Imagine that.

That's what's been

happening here lately.

I personally got my butt

whipped, and now we got to go

to Council tonight and we

got to vote somebody off.

>> I am so sick of losing,

I don't know what to do.

I've never lost

this bad my entire life.

I'm about to flip out.

When we got back

from the challenge,

I was so mad and upset

and embarrassed and just pissed

because James lost it for

all of us.

We could have won immunity,

and there it was out of our

hands again, four in a row.

We lost.

I'm friggin' embarrassed.

>> Yeah.

>> I'm mortified.

>> Well, at least we know

that we're doing our part.

>> Right.

>> We didn't fall off.

>> Angie and I, we did the best

we could do.

We won both our heats,

so thank God for the women,

'cause the guys, they're

getting their butts handed

to them.

>> Hey, Kim.

>> What?

>> Tonight, we ain't playing

the game.

We ain't even going

to talk about it.

We're just gonna go write

a name down, you know.

We all know whose name's

going down.

>> I'm laying right here in

the shade.

>> Kim, she sits on her butt,

but that's it, you know.

She don't do nothing.

She might drink some

coconut juice, you know.

That's about the most work

she will do, you know.

Come on.

So she's gone.

>> James told me, don't talk

about your vote.

Like, if anybody else had

said it, it would have been

fine, but ever since then,

it just makes me cry.

>> If you get voted off,

it's going to be three guys

versus two girls.

And they're just going to vote

the girls off, one-by-one.

Kim, she knows she can be the

next one to go.

Everybody is completely

fed up with her.

But if we vote Kim out,

and three guys and two girls,

Angie and I are in big trouble.

I don't even know what to do.

>> Kick all the guys off.

I think the girls

definitely see the value

of us sticking together,

and I would more than be

willing to see some of these

guys go because they aren't

the greatest.

>> It's a slam dunk for me, man.

Kim, I just think she's

not a very strong girl,

so I just think it's smarter

to vote off the weakest link.

Way to go, man.

>> They're just going to totally

take us out.

>> Yeah.

>> So what are we going to do?

>> Well, I just feel like

we need to take control.

>> Me and Steph are definitely

talking about trying to vote

trying to vote one of the guys

out instead of Kim.

We'd have the upper hand,

but then again, we might just

lose another immunity challenge

because she's not pulling

her weight, so what's the lesser

of two evils?

Trying to keep somebody around

and hope you may not get voted

off, but if she helps us lose

it, then-- pfft!-- you know,

somebody's going anyways.

>> The tide's never up this

high-- what the hell?

>> It could go either way.

I could go or one

of the guys could go

because this is a group

that actually won't make

final decisions till it's time

to pick up that pen and write

down the name.

>> PROBST: I saved your seats

for you from last time.

>> Appreciate it.

>> PROBST: Let's talk about

some of the facts.

Seven challenges,

you've lost five of them.

Steph, how frustrating is it

for you to continue to get beat?

>> It's so frustrating.

I feel like I've never lost

this much in my life.

Like, I don't know whether

to scream, flip out, cry...

I mean, I feel like we are

giving it our best and it's

not enough.

Or at least I know I am

and it's, it's killing me.

>> PROBST: Angie?

>> I was really, really upset

we didn't win that reward

challenge for that shelter,

and then, on top of it,

to lose, like, you know,

the next immunity challenge.

Oh, man, it's just devastating.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon, I don't

think we've ever had a tribe

lose this many in a row.

>> Right.

Yeah, things aren't good.

Yeah, we're, we're bad.

Right now, we're down.

Obviously, you know what?

I'm not doing something right,

and I mean, I consider my head

being on the chopping block,

if you want to know the truth,

'cause I have let our tribe

down in the challenges,

and I know I have and there's no

excuse for that, bottom line.

>> PROBST: Okay, tonight, we're

going to talk about


It is time to get to the bottom

of what is wrong with this

tribe, starting with camp life.


Is there one person

that goes fishing?

Two people?

Does everybody do it?

>> We all go out, but it seems

that Bobby Jon and James take

the Hawaiian sling

the most and go.

>> PROBST: When's the last time

you went fishing?

>> We all go out together.

We don't go into the water

and fish.

>> PROBST: So what are you


>> We sit on the boat.

>> PROBST: Well, how useful is


>> I mean, Stephenie and I

couldn't just row out there

all the way into the deep blue

and go fishing and turn

around and row back in.

I mean, you might have

to send a search team out.

>> PROBST: Steph, if you had no

men in this tribe, could you

guys survive?

Are you self-sufficient as

women or are you relying

on these guys?

>> I think we rely on them,

but I think we could be

self-sufficient if we had to be.

>> I'm not sure if the guys

think that us women are as

wieldy with things like the

machete and axes and the spear.

Like, when we were

working on our reward

challenge, people were

trying to help me nail-- now,

I nail a lot at home, okay?

I know how to hammer a nail,

it's not hard.

But the guys think we're

a little bit more delicate

than we really are.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon.

Is that fair to say?

>> You know, I've only been out

here 11 days, and I've learned

that these women right here

are just as strong or more

stronger than men.

If Kim can use that sling

and go and kill us a bear,

I mean, I want her to.

>> PROBST: Let's talk about

today's challenge.


Frustrating to lose to Coby?

>> No doubt.

I'm thinking, "Man,

he's a hairdresser.

He don't look like he's

got any muscle tone, I ought

to be able to whoop him."

I tell you what, that boy

right there has got some

ass behind him.

>> PROBST: Well, of course

you're going to say that...

>> Whooped my ass! Yeah!

>> PROBST: Today it took

six points to win.

Five of their six points

came from beating the men.

The women carried

this tribe again.

>> Yes, they did.

>> PROBST: Kim, today you

may have lost, but as a whole,

the women...

>> Were stronger.

>> PROBST: The women kept you

guys in the challenge today.

>> Yeah, definitely.

If we had had stronger guys

with a burning passion

and control with that passion

we would not be here right now.

>> PROBST: Okay, it is time to


Ibrehem, you're up.

>> Kim, you're a good girl, but

you're just not putting much

effort into the tribe lately.


>> My vote is for James.

James, just wary of dictating

a little too much.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


>> PROBST: Once the votes are

read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.



One vote Kim, one vote James.


Two votes Kim.

One vote James.


That's three votes Kim.

Fourth person voted out

of Survivor: Palau--


That's four.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> Good luck, guys.

>> Bye, Kim.

>> PROBST: Kim, the tribe has


It's time for you to go.

After a demoralizing first

11 days, the question is,

what are you going to do

to change the outcome?

Grab your torches, head back

to camp.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


While Gregg and Jen get cozy

at Koror...

>> They're gonna think we're

stupid if we can't tell

that they're together.

>> Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

>> PROBST: ...the Ulong tribe

gets lost.

>> Do you know the way

to get back there?

>> No.

>> I'm trying.

Don't get down my throat.

>> PROBST: And the game takes

an incredible turn.

>> I had a lot of fun

playing Survivor.

I wish it had lasted quite a bit

longer, but, unfortunately,

I guess tonight was my night

to go.

I hope the girls really

stick up for themselves,

because Lord knows, the guys

have proven that they're

nothing special on our tribe,

and I really hope that, in the

end, somebody from Ulong wins,

and not somebody from Koror.