Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 2 - Love Is in the Air, Rats Are Everywhere - full transcript

Tribes are quickly dividing as the stress of their situation takes an early toll.

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>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


In the island nation of Palau,

20 new castaways began their

adventure with a big twist.

There are two immunity

necklaces-- one for the first

woman, one for the first man--

who can get to shore and claim



With no other information

to guide them, the race was on.

Ian and Jolanda were the first

to claim the necklaces.

>> Whoo! Good job!

>> We're not a tribe.

We don't have our buffs.

We don't have a clue what's

happening next.

>> All right, see if we

can get this going.

>> PROBST: With all 20 on one

beach, and no fire to boil

water, things got even worse

on day two...

All right, Ian, take

a spot right over here,

Jolanda right over here.

...when the survivors finally

learned the value

of the immunity necklaces.

We're going to divide

into two tribes

with nine members each.

There are 20 of you.

Two people will be sent home.

(survivors groaning)

Ian and Jolanda made the first

of the schoolyard picks.

>> Katie.

>> Bobby Jon.

>> PROBST: And the two tribes

were chosen, one by one.

>> Willard.

>> PROBST: Willard was the last

member picked for the older

Koror Tribe.

>> Angie.

>> PROBST: And Angie was the

last picked for the younger

Ulong Tribe.

Jonathan and Wanda were out.


>> Go get 'em, Wanda!

>> I was really, really,

really sad.

I'm going to wipe my tears.

That's in the past.

It's a whole new game.

>> PROBST: All right.

Let's hand out the buffs.

Koror, you will wear brown.

You guys are Ulong.

You'll wear blue.

Survivors ready.


At the challenge, the tribes

competed for immunity

and whatever survival items

they chose to take.

The older Koror tribe took

only the flint to make fire...

>> Come on! We got to go!

>> PROBST: ...while Ulong

struggled with more supplies.

Koror is up and over.

>> Let's go!

>> PROBST: Koror's decision to

travel light secured them


Koror wins immunity and reward!

...and earned them the right

to choose a campsite.

You can either go back

to what you know

or you can start fresh.

>> New adventure.

>> PROBST: You're going to

take your chances.

>> We're going to take our


>> PROBST: But on the way

to their new beach, disaster

struck the winning Koror tribe.

>> Oh, my God!

>> All of the supplies to make

fire went straight down.

It was just like, "Did this

really happen?"

>> We're in a worse scenario

than we originally had.

>> PROBST: Back at Ulong,

Angie knew she was a target

going into Tribal Council.

>> You don't think I remember

exactly the order in which

we got picked for tribes?

The only reason we lost the

challenge is 'cause we didn't

leave soon enough.

>> PROBST: But Stephenie felt

Jolanda had held them back

at the challenge.

>> We made a dumb mistake,

and it's because of one person,

I feel.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Angie received three votes...

First person voted out

of Survivor: Palau...

...but it was Jolanda

who was voted out.

Jolanda, the tribe has spoken.

17 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> Another day in paradise.

>> Today we won immunity,

which was fabulous.

We won a great reward

which was the flint,

and up until that point,

everything was just wonderful.

And of course, then there was

a turn of events with the

capsizing of the boat, and...

the flint is at the

bottom of the ocean,

so we can't even get fire.

>> It's a bummer and a buzz

kill, but like we said,

it was just like a car accident,

and we just got

to get back from it.

Get around the shock of it.


(Janu shrieks)


>> Oh, my God, there were three!

>> There's a lot of them...

>> When I first saw the rats,

oh, my God, saw three of them,

and they were just

(trills tongue) going to town.


I hear them.

Like, they're right behind





>> You know what?

I saw something, but...

>> They're, like, walking


They're not afraid of anything.

See? They're right there.

>> Ooh!

>> Ew!

>> Get out!

>> They're right there.

>> I know it's mind

over matter, and I know

if you don't mind,

it doesn't matter,

but, ooh, I mind and it matters.

I just can't stand those things.

They're huge.


>> Tom, I love the, uh,

the new campsite choice.

>> Really?

>> Although, do you think

there could be a worse island

than this?

>> Oh, I'm sure there are.

>> You think so?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> It wasn't safe for us

to choose this island.

It was just a quick decision

we made, and I-I regret that

we didn't think it through.

Tom, having taken the leader

role in the tribe,

said, "Let's go for it.

It's an adventure."

It was a rash choice made in a

moment that could really affect

the game for this tribe.

The way the whole thing came

down, I think Willard said, "I

think we should take a vote."

And you said, "I think

we should do it..."

>> Oh... okay.

>> "We-We're on for another

adventure, it's part of...

we're here for an adventure."

Without having...

>> I-I just... I'm gonna

disagree just because...

I-I thought we should go

back, too, and then...

>> You did?

>> ...three guys-- three

people-- were all saying,

"No, let's go to a new place.

We're out of coconuts."

>> Can we agree that

we should have a vote?

>> Definitely.

>> Even if it... if it's just

to make a decision.

Okay, okay, guys.

Raise your hand.

Who wants to go? Stay?

Raise if you want to go.

>> Caryn's really annoying,

because she has not stopped

talking about how this island

sucks and how everyone didn't

want to come here.

(thunder crashing)

>> Oh, no!

>> We only had a second to

decide, and the majority was,

like, "Let's go," you know?

New tribe, new camp.


it was the wrong decision.

Oh, well, we're here.

Get over it.

(thunder crashing)

>> We went to our first

Tribal Council,

and we got rid of Jo.

I think it was a great decision,


I think our whole team thinks

it, our whole tribe thinks it


>> It's time to get up, y'all.

>> Mmm...

>> Without Jolanda around,

everybody's feeling good, you

know, 'cause there's nobody

telling people what to do.

We're not going

to follow a leader.

>> So what should we do?

>> Well...

>> Wake up first.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> We can make our own decisions

and be democratic about it.

We're Americans, and we're going

to do democracy.

Come on, y'all.

Gather around.

>> See what we got.

>> You ready?

>> Yeah.

Get your ass up here, Ibrehem.

>> All right.

>> I hear you.

>> Maybe not.


>> Go ahead, Bobby.

>> "Keep on your toes

while making this run.

"Your rivals will seek

to spoil your fun.

"You'll, too, have the chance

to spoil their mood.

Stay out of the water,

and you may catch more food."

>> I think we might fight


>> Yeah, we're gonna... yeah.

>> I'm not quite sure

of my game plan yet.

I know that obviously there are

people who did vote for me,

and so, uh, I just want

to make myself

a valuable asset to this tribe.

If I don't, I'll probably

be on the chopping block again.

>> PROBST: Come on in.

Take a spot on the mat.

We'll now bring in Ulong.

Jolanda voted out at the first

Tribal Council.

Koror, how's the fire

working out?

>> It's not too good.

We capsized yesterday.

>> We just kind of lost it.

>> PROBST: You lost your fire?

That made Jeff really happy.

>> As well it should.

>> We're going to find it.

We're the Bad News Bears, man.

Our back's against the wall,

and we're coming on strong.

>> PROBST: You guys ready

for today's challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: It is for reward.

Here's how it works.

You will attempt to cross

a balance obstacle course.

Moving one tribe member at a

time, you'll begin by swinging

over a trench.

You'll then make your way

over three rolling drums,

across a balance beam

and over a wobbly bridge.

Finally, you're going to cross

a rope bridge where' you'll

retrieve a flag and make your

way back to the start.

Along the way, members

of the other tribe are going to

try to knock you off by

swinging heavy bags of sand.

First tribe to collect

ten flags wins reward.

If at any time you're knocked

off the course or you fall off

the course, go back to the


Each tribe will assign

two members to be in charge

of swinging the heavy bags.

Only rule: everyone has to cross

the rope swing at least once.

Make sense?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Want to know what

you're playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: If you can't get food

with this, you don't deserve

to be out here.

>> Oh, hell, yeah!

Come on, man.

>> PROBST: Mask and snorkel,


>> Oh... Yes.

>> PROBST: ...spear.

>> I love you, Jeff.

>> PROBST: In addition, Ulong,

since you haven't won it yet,

you're playing for flint.

>> You the man.

>> PROBST: Koror, who are going

to be the two people responsible

for swinging the bags?

>> Myself and Gregg.

>> PROBST: Tom and Gregg.


Jeff and Ibrehem.

Okay, Koror, you have

one extra member.

You're sitting somebody out.

You cannot sit out the same

person in back-to-back


Who's sitting out?

>> Willard.

>> PROBST: Willard's going

to sit this one out.

Take your spots.

Wait for my "go."

Here we go for reward.

Survivors ready.


James and Coby both across.

James making quick work.

>> Come on, baby!

>> Whoo!

>> James!

>> Go, Coby.

>> You got it, baby.

>> Come on, James.

>> Come on, James.

>> PROBST: James has a flag.

He's heading back.

>> Come on, James.

>> PROBST: Coby's in.

Ian on the course.

Oh, no!

He doesn't make it.

>> Go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon's on the


>> Relax, relax, relax.

>> Get that thing off me!

>> There you go...

>> PROBST: He's still on!

Ian has a flag.

>> Yeah, you got it, Ian.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon has a flag,

he's heading back.

Ian trying to make up

some ground.

>> Oh, you're in!

>> PROBST: Oh! Ian's in.


He's hanging on the barrels,

he's hanging on.

He's still on, still on.


And he's out.

>> Go. You can do it.

>> PROBST: Katie having trouble.

Katie has to get across

before Koror can continue.

Angie is across.

>> Way to go, Angie!

>> Whoo!

>> Go, go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Angie's got a flag,

heading back.

>> Get down low.


Good job, Angie.

>> PROBST: Angie making

a run for it.

>> Whoo!

>> Yeah!

>> Way to go, Angie.

>> PROBST: There she goes.

Angie puts Ulong on the board

with their first flag.

Ashlee's across.

Katie still struggling.

>> Whoo!

>> You can do it.

That's okay.

>> PROBST: Ashlee has a flag.

She's going to start

heading back.

>> Go, girl. Come on.

>> You got it. You got it.

>> Ashlee almost there.

>> Swing! Good, good. Yes!

>> PROBST: Ulong up 2-0.

Stephenie's across for Ulong.

>> Good job, Steph.

>> Katie, keep your knees up.

You're dropping them too soon.

>> PROBST: Stephenie has a flag.

She's going to start heading


Katie's across!

She's on the course!

>> Let's go, girl.

>> PROBST: Steph is across!

Ulong leads 3-zip,

but Koror is now back in this.

Kim is on the course for Ulong.

>> You go, girl.

>> That's it, Katie.

>> Come on, Katie.


>> PROBST: Kim passes Katie.

>> Come on, Kim.

>> PROBST: Kim coming back.

>> Good job, Kim.

>> Come on, Kim, you got it.

>> PROBST: Whoa, just misses


Katie spent a lot of time

on the course.

>> Katie, if you're too tired,

just bail.

>> PROBST: Kim's there.

Ulong in the lead, 4-zip.

Angie back on the course.

Too tired to continue.

Katie just bails.

Janu on the course

for the first time.

>> Get your knees up.

>> PROBST: Angie's unstoppable,

back with another flag.

>> Angie, you frickin' rock.

>> PROBST: Ashlee's across!

Janu has a flag,

and she's heading back.

>> Let's go, Janu!

You're doing fine!

>> PROBST: Ashlee has a flag.

She's going to start

heading back.

>> Yeah, Janu!

>> PROBST: Janu across

with the first score for Koror.

Ashlee's across.

Ulong leads 6-1.

Jenn's across and on the course.

>> That's it, Jenn.

>> All right, Jenn.

>> PROBST: James is on the


>> Lean your head down!

You got it. Yes!

>> PROBST: Jenn and James

on the rope bridge.

>> You got it, James.

>> Good job, James.

>> PROBST: James has a flag.

He's heading back.

Jenn has a flag.

She's heading back.

>> Come on, James.

>> PROBST: James easily deflects


>> Jenn, you're looking great.

Let's go. Nice.

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: Ulong leads 7-1.

Bobby Jon's on the course.

>> That's right.

>> PROBST: Jenn's across.

>> Come on, Jenn.

>> Let's go, Bobby Jon.

>> PROBST: Koror now with two.

A lot of ground

to make up for Koror.

And just like that, Caryn takes

a hard one on the hip.

Ian on the course.

Ian... off the course.

Bobby Jon has a flag.

He's heading back.

>> Mind over matter.

Let's go.

>> PROBST: Coby getting


>> There you go.

>> PROBST: And it...

doesn't help.

Coby's out.

>> Come on, Bobby.

>> Let's go, let's go.

>> PROBST: Janu not giving up.

>> You got it, Janu!

>> PROBST: Give her some room,


Share that pontoon.


>> Take your time.

Take your time.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon is across.


And he beats himself up

as a reward.

Ulong with eight flags.

Janu worn out.

Stephenie back on the course.

Stephenie... Whoa, whoa!

>> Good job.

>> Beat her there,

beat her there, Janu.

>> PROBST: Janu and Steph

on the rope bridge.

Janu has another flag.

Steph has a flag.

Janu working the barrels.

>> Come on, Janu,

you're almost there now.

>> You got it, Janu.

>> You got it, Steph.

Come on!

>> Go, Steph!

>> PROBST: Janu across with

a flag for Koror.

Stephenie's across

with flag number nine.

9-3. Ulong leads.

Ulong needs only one more flag.

Kim could be the winner.

At stake: fishing gear and fire

for Ulong.

Ian has another flag.

Kim has a flag.

Both heading back.

>> Stay low, Kim.

>> PROBST: Tom, ooh, just


>> You got it, Kim.

>> Good job, Kim.

>> PROBST: Koror with four

if he can hang on,

and he doesn't.


Kim is this close to victory

for Ulong, and she's across.


Ulong wins reward!

>> Good job.

>> PROBST: Ulong, nice job.

Here's fire.

Who wants it?


>> PROBST: You now have fishing

gear and fire.

It should completely

change life at your camp.

Koror, I know what you're doing

this afternoon.

You're looking for that flint.

Head back to camp.

(all whooping)

>> Oh, my God.

That was so awesome.

>> We need to go catch us

some fish.

>> Hell, yeah.

>> I want to get some water.

>> 16 fish would be good

for us tonight.

>> After winning the flint

and the sling and the snorkel

and mask and fins,

now we can eat.

Now we can actually have

some protein.

>> Angie!

>> I'm tougher...

>> Motivated us all, girl.

>> When people think...

I know I am.

Everybody was like, "Wow, you

did so great, you did so great."

And I was like, "Oh, my God,

I needed this so badly."

This is exactly what I needed.

I was like, I was ready to cry

'cause I was just so relieved.

>> She... she showed

me something.

>> I definitely judged Angie

way too quickly.

She went into a challenge

and dominated.

I mean, completely dominated.

I don't know what got into her,

but it was good

and it totally changed

the whole morale

of our whole tribe.


>> Oh!

>> Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


>> Oh, my God.

We're gonna drink water.

Oh, my God.

>> I love fire.

It makes me want to cry.

>> The second we got fire

started, I wanted to try and see

if we could catch some fish.

Maybe even go explore and see

what's all around us.



>> There's got to

be bigger fish somewhere.

>> I saw some big ones

in there, dude.

>> Well, at least we know

that if there are some

big fish, we can get them.

You know, I didn't get a whole

lot, but I got enough

so that everybody could have a

couple of pinches of protein.

>> Are you serious, bro?

>> That's what I'm talking

about, Jeff, bring in the bacon.

>> Being well-fed and

well-nourished is the huge

advantage at the next immunity


I'm happy that they don't have

their flint, and I hope

they don't find it.

>> We're getting our flint

and steel.

We dropped the box,

and we gotta go find it today.

>> We went out at the absolute

worst time,

and the current was ripping

like I've never seen

the ocean tide rip.

It was like, almost like being

in a fast-moving river.

We were paddling as fast

as we could and just barely

holding position.

Come on, Ian!

>> Give him the anchor. Go!

On your right.

>> You've got to keep paddling.

>> I don't know if

we were that far over.

>> I don't think

it was that far over.

>> But I do think

it was slightly that way.

They're going to be so

disappointed when they come

back, if they don't get it.

>> Okay, I see it, I see it,

I see it.

(screams excitedly)

Don't lose the spot.

Don't lose the spot.

We're drifting.

It was definitely

the strongest current

I've ever faced in my life.

And the box

was about 25 feet down.

We tried everything;

we tried hooking the anchor

into the handle on the box

and bring it up, that up,

but it kept slipping.

>> Got it?

(Ian grunts)

>> I feel like I lost it.

>> Do you see it?

>> As I got more and more tired,

it became more and more

difficult to get to the bottom,

became more and more difficult

to tread water.

So, there were a couple of times

when I was like, "Okay,

"you know, I'm underwater;

I don't know if I'm going to be

able to make it."

I had it hooked again.

You see it?

>> That it right there?

>> I saw it when I just

scratched the box.

>> I got it!

Hey, guys, just bring it over

quick, please.



(screams excitedly)

(yells and laughs)

>> Ah-ha-ha!

>> Yeah!

>> Yay!


>> Yay!

(screaming jubilantly)

>> Getting the box

and having it was like,

I mean, it was like

running the marathon

and winning first place.

Once we got it into the boat,

it was like, man, it was like

holding on to a big piece

of gold.



>> Nice job, Gregg.


(laughing elatedly)

>> It's one of the happiest

moments of my life.

It was definitely a high

for all of us.

And even though

we lost the challenge,

it really felt like

we won the day.

>> Come on, fire.

>> Okay, okay, blow.

Don't blow too hard.

>> Oh, my God.

(indistinct voices)


>> Good job, guys.

>> A group effort, right there.

>> Isn't that beautiful?

>> I'm so proud of you guys.

>> A good day. A good day.

We can be proud.

>> We got a lot of clam.

>> Look at all of them.

>> You want just to cook it all?

>> Yeah. Yeah.

>> You know, I hate clams, but

I know this is going to be good.

>> Yeah. I haven't had

giant clam before.

>> Well, first time for

everything, right?

>> Tonight is gonna be

our first time we had fire,

our first time we have water

and our first time we're eating

in four days

since we've been here.

We're all famished

and we're ready to chow down.

>> Oh, my God, it's so good.

How's the seaweed?

>> Oh, my God.

You know what?

We can't complain

right now, for real.

>> Oh, I know.

>> Hell, no.

>> We haven't eaten in four


>> We, for the first night,

had actual food besides


Ashlee didn't want any of it.

>> You don't like clam?

>> The way we're gonna

advance ourselves

is be a strong team

all the way through,

and if we have someone

slowing us down,

I hope that that doesn't

bring down our team.

>> Ashlee went into the shelter,

and she went to sleep.

This fire was a big, big thing,

and she should have

came outside and just

kind of sat there.

Sometimes we do things

we don't want to do,

but it's just things you need

to do, 'cause we are a tribe

here and, you know, people will

get voted off this tribe

in this game we're playing.

>> I'm passing out.

>> I'm fighting to stay

awake right now.

>> Yeah, I-I think I'm gonna...

I'm gonna crash.

>> Kim's been snuggling on Jeff

a lot, and I'm not

quite sure how that...

if she's playing him or not.

I mean, two-people alliance

is a very strong alliance,

and so I'm not sure

if they're kind of

buddying up to make an alliance.

And so I'm kind of waiting to

see how that all will play out.

>> Oh, look.

>> What do you think it is?

>> Dishes. Military dishes.

It's a code.

Lear... Learn.

>> T...

>> "Learn this."

It's "Learn this."

We need to learn this code.

Hey, guys!

>> Guys, we got tree mail.

>> It's Morse Code.

>> The tree mail just came

and we're about to all

learn Morse Code.

Right now, we've all

broken it off into sections,

'cause there's eight people.

We don't know if that's

a good strategy or not,

but we think it's

the best one we got.

Does anybody want to quiz me?

>> All right, W?

>> Dot-dash-dash.

>> Winning the other day

definitely gave us

a confidence boost,

but we're going to have

an immunity challenge here,

and we got to win that, too.

>> PROBST: All right, first

things first.

Give it up, Caryn.

Immunity back up for grabs.

Ready to get to today's


>> Yep.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: You received

tree mail this morning.

It said learn Morse Code.

I hope you did.

On my "go," you'll swim out

to a floating platform.

You'll dive down ten feet,

where you'll find a rope

that's strung through a barrel

and attached to a footlocker

that is 50 feet away.

While underwater,

you're gonna pull on a rope,

and as you do you'll bring that

footlocker closer and closer.

Every ten feet, a marker buoy

will pop up showing you

how far you have to go.

Once you've released all five

buoys, that footlocker will be

right in front of you.

You can open it.

Eight mess kits will pop up.

Bring them back with you to

shore, you'll then use the Morse

Code painted on the mess kits

to decode a hidden word.

First tribe to solve

the puzzle wins immunity.

Safe from the vote.

For the losers, a trip

to Tribal Council, you will vote

one member out of your tribe.

Make sense?

Koror, you have one extra

member-- got to sit somebody

out; you cannot sit out the same


Willard sat out in the last


Katie. All right.

Everybody else take your spots.

Wait for my "go."

Here we go. For immunity.

Survivors ready.


All eight have to get to the

pontoon before you can dive


Got to have everybody

at the pontoon before you

can start pulling on the rope.

Willard falling behind.

(indistinct talking)

Ulong, go down.

>> Go. Go.

>> PROBST: Koror has to wait.

They cannot begin until

Willard gets to the pontoon.

Ulong getting a big head start.

Steph heading down.

>> Let's go.

Come on, Willard.

Let's get him, pull him up.

>> PROBST: Go, Koror.

Coby, Tom going down together.

Both tribes underwater.

Ulong making progress.

They're only 40 feet away now.

Tom made up a lot of ground

on that.

Angie's heading down.

Ian and Tom, going down


Koror has a buddy system.

>> PROBST: Koror with the lead.

>> Got 'em on the run.

Let's go.

>> PROBST: Ashlee going down

for Ulong.

>> Aah!

>> You guys ready to go?

Ready to go next?

>> PROBST: Kim, hanging on.

Tom heading down for Koror.

Koror pulling ahead.

Jeff taking a good long rest;

he heads back down.

Jeff not down very long.

Ibrehem also right back up.

Koror, getting that footlocker

closer and closer.

Only ten feet to go.

>> Guys, we're way ahead.

>> PROBST: Ulong falling behind.

>> We gotta keep going.

We gotta keep going.

>> PROBST: Kim, the only one who

has not been down for Ulong.

Steph heading back down.

Ulong with a lot of ground

to still make up.

Ian heading down for Koror.

Koror's got their trunk.

Got to open your trunk

and release the mess kits.

Ian releases the locker.

It's open.

Koror has to unclip

eight mess kits.

>> I got two here.

>> PROBST: Let's go, Ulong.

Immunity at stake.

Ulong still struggling to get

their footlocker to them.

We got 'em all.

We got 'em all.


Koror has all eight mess kits.

They're heading into shore

to solve the puzzle.

>> All right, guys, you got


>> PROBST: You're good.

Take off the burlap.

>> "Immunity."

Did you see...?

>> PROBST: Let's go, Ulong!

>> Come on!

>> I...

>> Y...

>> I...

>> I...

>> T...

>> Use the other "I."

>> No, "M" is...

"M" is dash, dash...

>> Dash, dash...

>> M...

>> Willard...

>> That's not...

>> Yes.

>> Check it.

>> You sure?

>> Check it.

>> PROBST: Koror...


wins immunity!


(cheering continues)

Koror, congratulations.

Nobody going home

from your tribe.

Ulong, good effort.

Sorry to say, another visit

to Tribal Council.

Another tribe member going home.

Up to you to figure out

who that's gonna be.

Head on back to camp.

>> When we lost the challenge

today, everybody was so

disappointed, and to make

matters worse, it was raining,

so our main priority was,

oh, crap, I hope our fire

didn't burn out.

>> Get this.

>> Luckily, we were able to

scoop up any hot coals that we

could and rushed to a cave.

>> Let's go to that cave

down yonder.

>> What cave?

Cave down here we have to go to.

>> They're behind us...

There we go.

>> There it is.

>> We're good.

>> Just run and go back and work

on everything else.

There you go.

>> What do you want to do?

You want to stay here or you

want to go help?

Both of us can't stay.

>> Oh, dude, no.

>> Ange, are you staying?

>> I'll stay.

I'll stay if you want

to go back to camp.

We can... whatever you want.

>> I talked to Ashlee a little


>> Yeah.

>> And I told her pretty much

that, you know, I was down

with any sort of alliance

'cause you guys really pulled

through for me last time.

>> I know.

>> Kim's not pulling her weight

as much as everybody else.

>> At the immunity challenge,

Kim didn't want to help

the team pull that chest.

So I'll tell you how it's going

to happen.

Kim is gone.

>> Oh, yeah, for sure.

>> And it's obvious to me

you're attracted to Kim, okay?

And right now, psychologically,

sociologically, I'm seeing Kim

as a threat, you know?

>> Yeah. I just... I mean,

I was thinking Ashlee,

to be honest.

She's-She's breaking down, man.

I can see it.

I mean, I can tell

she's breaking down.

>> She's not a threat,

though, at the moment.

>> James is definitely rubbing

me the wrong way.

He doesn't have the right

to come to me and say, "Oh,

listen, it's Kim over Ashlee."

Well, not to me it's not.

Ashlee has kind of changed

her frame of mind.

I can see her slowing down.

I mean at this point, let's vote

off our weakest link.

>> Hey, Steph.

>> What?

>> After kinda like thinking,

I think we push Ashlee.

>> Yeah?

>> I mean, just being honest

with you.

>> Honestly, Kim and Ashlee

are just...

they're about right here.

You know, one's up, one's down.

One's up, one's down.

So you gotta go with your gut


>> But I'm telling you that we

need to break her and Jeff up


>> I don't see what's wrong

with that, really, right now.

>> You don't?

But if they stay together,

they're going to go.

They're going to go to the end.

>> Mm, not necessarily.

>> I mean, she didn't even

try at the challenge.

She stood up there.

>> Yeah.

>> She wouldn't go down in the


The bottom line is we have to

think of who's going to be

better for the team right now

so we don't have to go back

to Tribal Council.

Angie, myself, James and

Ashlee still want to vote Kim


Bobby Jon is undecided.

So it's a complete mess,

because actually, now

it looks like four people

are voting against Kim

and four people are voting

against Ashlee,

so we're going to have a tie.

I don't even know

what happens in a tie.

>> What are you doing?

>> Dude, I don't even know.

>> I don't know now.

>> Is it me?

>> Between you and Ashlee.

>> Really? Who said me?

>> It's, like, the consensus.


>> I want to know.

If I'm going to get voted off,

I want somebody to tell me

that they're voting for me,

and I will respect the people

a heck of a lot more

if they can just be, like,

"Yes, I'm voting for you."

I don't want to frickin' go


I don't think I should have to

go home.

But, J, look at me.

I want you to swear to God

that you'll tell me if you're

going to vote for me.

>> I'll tell you.

>> Okay.

>> I promise, okay?

>> Bobby Jon wasn't sure.

He thinks it's gonna be you,


I'm totally not thinking,

like, smart at all.

>> Well, maybe they're trying to

do the same thing we're doing.

Those four in an alliance,

and then if one of us goes,

we're going to be picked off

one by one.

>> I really think it's going

to end up in a tie if everybody

sticks to where they're at right


Obviously, you can't assume

anything in this game.

So they might do something

totally different, and I don't


>> PROBST: Very subdued faces.

Tribal Council wasn't fun the

first time.

Not going to be any

more enjoyable tonight.

Well, first, let's start with

some of the good things.

Angie, from where I sit,

an amazing turnaround,

considering you were last

picked, thought you were nearly

out of this tribe, and then we

we get to this reward challenge

and you dominated.

Was there an impact with the


Did they recognize that?

>> I think that they did


I think that when somebody was

saying that I was a physical

weak link, I think that kind of

got into the heads of other

people, even though it wasn't

necessarily true.

>> PROBST: Well, here's the good


You did win the reward


And with that came fishing gear

and fire.

The bad news of what's happened

over the last couple of days,

you lost another immunity


Kim, what was the reaction

when you got back to camp,

knowing you were going to come

back to Tribal Council

and vote somebody out?

>> I think it was actually

total devastation.

I mean, we've become

really, really close.

I don't think you're prepared

for how quickly

you bond with people.

I mean, I... at home you never

feel this way after, what, six

days with somebody?

But we rely on each other so


>> PROBST: Jeff.

Any friendships?

Flirting? Adversaries?

Give me something.

>> Honestly, Kim and I have

gotten to know each other

a little bit more than I think

I've gotten to know

some of the other girls.

>> PROBST: Kim, when did you

feel the first initial seeds

of any attraction?

>> It's hot in here all of a



>> PROBST: Day one?

>> Actually, yes, it was day


Because I couldn't sleep

and he was staying up, so...

>> PROBST: Steph.

Have you noticed Jeff and Kim?

>> Yeah, they hang out a lot.

They cuddle.

>> We've all noticed.

>> All jokes aside, it really is

nice to have someone laying next

to you when you're cold.

It's a big difference.

>> PROBST: The problem with

that, Jeff, is you get into a

game that is based on

social relationships and it's

about voting and numbers.

>> I see that completely,

but I think everybody here

understands that there's no

alliances being built here.

>> PROBST: Kim, obviously, you

must feel the same way.

>> Under my observations,

I hope that they understand

that it's not... I mean, it's

never crossed my mind that

that's going to change anything

or influence anything.

>> PROBST: It's never crossed

your mind that they might look

and say... "Well..."?

>> Not until now.

Really, in all honesty.

>> PROBST: James.

What are you basing your vote on


>> I got my mind made up.

It's somebody that I think can't

hang with the rest of us,

they're lagging and they're...

ready to go home.

>> PROBST: Okay, it is time to


Steph, you're up.

>> Ashlee was the one that

picked me to be on this tribe,

so I just feel like I have to be

somewhat loyal to her right now.

>> I'm a man of my word,

and plus, you just bug

the hell out of me.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote Kim; one vote Ashlee.


One vote Kim; one vote Ashlee;

one vote Jeff.

Ashlee. It's two votes Ashlee.


That's three votes Ashlee;

one vote Kim; one vote Jeff.

Second person voted

out of Survivor: Palau:


Based on the votes cast,

four is enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Ashlee, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, I sense that tonight's

vote was tough.

I do believe you guys are a

tight tribe with a lot of good

energy, but my take?

Get a clear goal first,

then harness that energy.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> They're coming closer.

>> PROBST: Koror goes hunting.

>> There he is.

>> PROBST: Ulong faces a


>> I can barely put any weight

on it right now.

>> Everything I say,

you have some snotty remark...

>> PROBST: And Caryn and Katie

have it out.

>> Get off me!

>> She's completely lost it.

>> I'm just so incredibly

grateful to have had this


I'm not surprised

by the votes tonight.

I think that they all sensed

I was ready to go home.

The only regret I have

is that I did not use

the excuse that I was cold

to cuddle with Ibrehem

'cause he sure is a cutie.