Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 15 - Survivor: Palau - The Reunion - full transcript

In front of a live studio audience and the entire cast of PALAU, Jeff Probst reveals the results of the Jury vote and announces the Sole Survivor and winner of $1 million.

>> PROBST: Tom leading.

>> All right here we go!

Pick it up!

>> PROBST: Tom wins first

individual immunity.

Tom's got it!

>> I hit him with a machete.

>> Oh my God!

>> Wham!

He keeps whomping me.

You know you can only taunt

me so long before

I strike back at you.

>> The difference between

Tom is he's a man.

He's a man among men.

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: Palau Reunion Show.

For the first time, we have all

20 of this season's survivors

back together.

Great season.

Going to cover as much as we

can, starting with Tom.


Thank you, Jeff.

( cheering and applause )

Thank you.

And all of you, thank you.

>> PROBST: And, obviously, this

is your hometown.

You've got a lot of

crowd support out there.

>> Yeah, New York! Whoo!

Oh, yeah!

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: And I got to say,

Tom, you know, well deserved.

It was a season that there was

a lot of domination.

Your tribe, Koror, dominated.

You guys won 11 of 14

challenges, a Survivor record,

and you won five of seven

individual challenges,

also another record.

So you cannot say

you don't deserve this,

you didn't play it well.

What was the plan going in?

'Cause you had a very clear

strategy of how to get here.

>> You know, actually,

the way that this played out,

I owe to a good friend of mine,

and my wife, most importantly,

who, when I started concocting

plans of the role I would play

out there in Palau, and they

both just slapped me around and

said, you've got to go in there

and be yourself,

it's a winning strategy.

I thought I was going to be able

to hide underneath my gray hair,

and, uh, you know, it didn't

happen too well.

So I kind of, if anything,

I played a lousy strategy game

'cause I didn't hide well.

So, it all just had...

>> PROBST: This...

>> to play it all out.

>> PROBST: This is why you won,

right there.

That answer of saying nothing,

but just... continually not

offending anybody.

( laughter )

But, obviously, the two people

next to you-- key:

The relationship with Katie and

Ian formed at the beginning?

>> First night.

>> PROBST: Very unusual to see

an alliance make it that long.

>> Right.

>> PROBST: And, Katie,

let's address the fact

you took a lot of heat

in that final Tribal Council.

>> You think?

( laughter )

>> PROBST: And... Gregg.

Where's Gregg?

This is what I want to know.

She made a good point of saying,

look, I'm not the most

physically gifted,

but my strategy was to find

two people strong

and attach myself to them.

Why was there so much animosity?

>> You know, it's... there was,

and it's unfortunate, because...

when I was on the other side,

outside of the game, I looked at

these people as characters,

and I didn't take into account

the personal relationships

that I had.

And I can tell you that Katie,

for 33 days, for me,

she did entertain me,

she was my friend,

and she articulated her strategy

very well.

And, I mean, I love her,

and I love our friendship.

And for some reason, she was

just a character over there,

and I laid into her,

and I feel horrible about it.

>> PROBST: Well, and you also

said something to me before the

show that as far as you were

concerned, the game wasn't over.

And you wanted them

to earn this vote.

>> This game is about being

accountable for your actions.

And I do believe, in the context

of the game, that you need to...

you need to pay the price

to keep the game pure.

And you need to put people

in the hot seat, and I can tell

you that as soon as

I asked my question, you know,

to Katie, I lost focus.

I didn't know what was going on.

But as soon as we cast our votes

I went over and I gave both of

them a hug and a kiss,

and I said, "Great game."

You know, "This is what it's...

this is what it's about."

That was my last move.

But, you know, my last move

was that question.

But the hug and kiss

was where it mattered.

>> PROBST: Katie...

you seemed completely surprised

by the animosity towards

you, which surprised me,

knowing what I saw,

even at Tribal Council,

there were a few people

you should have...

you could have naturally assumed

were not going to like you,

based on what you said

about them and making...

Janu comes to mind,

you know, first.

So why were you so surprised

that there were going to be some

people frustrated with you?

>> Well, I wasn't surprised

by Janu-- I went in knowing

I wasn't, probably,

going to answer her question.


>> PROBST: That's another thing,

while we're on it.

You make it all the way... you

make it all the way to day 39.

There are seven votes.

It takes four to win,

and you gave one up.

You just gave it up.

>> I didn't give it up.

I mean, I knew going in,

there was...

How many times did I say,

"I will not win against Tom"?

I tried to take him out.

I love him, but come on.

You can't beat this guy.

>> PROBST: Janu, was your

mind made up?

>> It was, Jeff.

>> PROBST: It was. All right.

( laughter )

>> Sorry.

( applause )

>> PROBST: Tom, I thought there

was an interesting thing going

on between you and Gregg--

to show you how quickly

the game can flip.

You guys both approached this

with a lot of game theory--

that is, trying to figure out

what the other person's best

move is and making your move

based on that.

Gregg, that was the case

with you, right?

>> That was all my prep, yep.

>> PROBST: You said you would

sit up at night

and think about everybody

and what they were going to do.

>> I would go through, you know,

the line that we were

sleeping in-- "Okay, what's

Caryn's best move right now?

What's she thinking?

What is she going to do?"

And try to make my move subtly

by making... assuming everyone

else is playing logical

and gonna make the smart move.

>> PROBST: And your plan was to

get to five and make your move.

>> That's right, worked well.

>> PROBST: Tom figured...

( laughter )

Well, you know what?

Tom was telling me--

you figured it out--

that based on what you knew

about Gregg,

why he wouldn't do that.

Tell me about that.

>> Um, you know, Gregg really

believes when you're on a plan,

you stick with that plan,

and nothing derides the cart.

And it's that good analytical

thinking that makes him great

in business.

He finds out what's wrong with a

company and where you have

to streamline it.

He had a really good firm he was

working for, Koror Incorporated,

and he didn't want

the partners unhappy.

And he just said, "Let's go,

I've got time.

I've got time,"

so I believed he was going to

stay with it right to the five.

I was told later, "No, no, no,

he's coming for you," so...

but I believed that he

would stay with it

just based on the fact that, um,

he liked the way things

were going, he knew that...

>> PROBST: So to be clear,

you figured out,

"He's going to wait till five.

I get him at six."

>> I was told

that he was coming for me.

I would've waited to five,

and then, and still played...

I was going to hold to that word

also and just say,

"All right, we'll play to five,

and then we'll start

the picking off."

>> PROBST: This is complicated

for me, and I've already talked

to you guys about this stuff,

and now I feel like

I'm getting played.

Caryn, talking about making the

best move, if you make it

to this game--

this is my opinion, obviously,

I've never played it--

but if you make it to five,

without any alliances,

suddenly, you become the most

valuable person on the island.

There are two here and two here,

and you in the middle.

What happened?

How did you go home that night?

Why weren't you guaranteed

a spot in the final three?

>> Well, I'm not sure exactly

what happened,

because I wasn't privy

to everything that happened,

but when I wouldn't give up

information on the beach

that Jenn and Katie and I

had made an alliance,

I think I ticked off Tom

and Ian.

I mean, Tom and Ian

were definitely considering--

at least I thought,

I could be wrong--

taking me and getting rid

of Jenn next, but I think when

I didn't give up any information

that it didn't work.

You know, I wasn't useful

to them anymore.

And then Katie flip-flopped

on the all-women alliance,

and so I wasn't useful there

for them, either,

so I went home, I went packing.

>> PROBST: Ian?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> PROBST: You're 11 hours

into a challenge.

You find yourself final three

with your two allies

and the two people

you have betrayed, so severely,

you don't know what to do.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: 11 hours, almost--

yeah, it was 11 hours-- longest

challenge we've ever had,

you finally decide to step down.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Now some will say,

"Hmm, it's a little suspect."

Were you really processing

the whole time?

>> Absolutely-- I mean,

there wasn't too much else

to do, unfortunately.

I mean, you're on a buoy,

and, uh... a lot had happened

in the past 24 hours,

and, you know, I came

into the game wanting to play,

you know, from where I'm from

and with the values that I came

to the game with, and I realized

at the 11th hour--

I guess, literally, this time--

that I hadn't been doing that.

And I wasn't ready to sacrifice,

you know, what I was going to

take back to my family

and my friends back home

for a million bucks, so...

>> PROBST: And no regrets

on that?

( applause and cheering )

>> Absolutely not, no.

>> PROBST: Interesting stat,

as, uh, as we go to break

on this segment,

seven of the ten winners

have been 30 years or older.

The average age is 34

of winning this game,

and it brings up an interesting

topic, which is maturity,

because everybody else

was playing this game, too.

Maybe they were playing it

better, but it seemed like you

just grew up a little bit out


>> Absolutely, I mean

the game changed my life.

And I had the opportunity

to play with somebody

almost three times my age, so...

( laughter )

So it was, uh, I learned a lot

from the people

that I played with, so...

>> PROBST: On that note, up

next, we will hear from

Survivor's favorite hairdresser


Still to come, on of the most

popular survivors ever,

Stephenie, but first, this

season's challenges were some

of the most physical ever.

Take a look.

>> Come on, we got to go!

>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Angie dunks Gregg!

Gregg dunking Bobby Jon.


Still on!


>> Swallow it, Bobby Jon.

>> We're not going back

to Tribal Council!

( all cheering )

( screams )

>> Oh, my God!

There were three!

( gasps )

( applause and cheering )

>> Aw, how cute.

>> PROBST: Well, Survivor: Palau

had some big characters,

some big challenges

and some big twists.

We also had

some very big revelations.

We've already talked about Ian's

realization regarding integrity.

Another great story this season

was Coby--

what he proved to others,

what he proved to himself.

You like this pressure,

don't you?

( all cheering )

Coby does it.

>> As a kid, I was always called

the girlie-guy, you know,

as a sissy.

People would pick on me,

and I would just give up.

I ended up quitting school

because people made fun of me.

>> PROBST: James comes on strong

out of the gate.

Coby fighting back.

>> Coby, go!

>> But I wasn't going to let

anybody make me quit this time,

no matter how hard it is.

>> PROBST: And he's got him!

James is in!

( cheering )

( applause and cheering )

>> PROBST: Aw, Coby.

What... was that

part of the appeal?

Did you come out here to try

to get rid of some demons?

>> I did-- my demons were, when

I was a kid, you know, I wasn't

popular in school, so Survivor

really is kind of like high

school, so I wanted to be

popular, you know?

I wanted to be the prom queen,

but... but I'm not.

And to be part of a team

was definitely an appeal.

>> PROBST: To be part of a team?

>> A team-- 'cause I'd never

been part of a team, you know...

That's why this was such a

nightmare, because it started

off as my childhood nightmare

with the pick 'em.

It was awful, it was awful

to watch that happen.

>> PROBST: And so you ended

up being part

of the most dominating team

in the history of this show.

>> Yeah!

Sorry, Bobby Jon.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: And so are

you different?

Did you go home

and have some skeletons gone?

>> I did that day.

When they showed me crying,

that day, I completely

put it all to rest.

I really did.

It was the best moment

of my life, one of them.

>> PROBST: Wow!

( applause and cheering )

Well, one of the...

I know one of the favorite

moments for me

was a great showdown:

Coby, the gay hairdresser versus

James, the self-proclaimed

redneck from Alabama.

>> Come on! Come on.

>> PROBST: And you know

what was great

about that was that...

was that you beat James,

and James was so...

You were so complimentary

about it.

I mean, you really were.

And I have to imagine the next

day after that episode aired,

when you went in to work,

your buddies had a couple

of things to say.

This is America--

am I wrong, or not?

>> This is America,

and to be honest with you,

I've been unemployed...

( laughter )

'cause I can't get work

because I'm a redneck...

>> PROBST: James...

>> but I'll tell you what.

Folks I've been around... yeah,

my old friends from the mill,

you know, they saw it,

and I'll tell you what,

I tell them straight up,

"That boy whooped my tail."

He's 210 pounds, 155.

That ain't no excuse,

because I was pure steel

from the steel mill, you know?

And I thought

I was going to whoop Coby.

You know, I'm thinking in my

head, "This is a gay

hairdresser, he's feminine.

I'm going to whoop his tail--

I'm a steel mill worker."

That boy, he's got some tail,

I'm telling you.

Wore me out.

( applause and cheering )

I respect that.

>> Thank you, James.

>> PROBST: And, James, you know,

you were a big character

out there, and I don't want to

take a long time on this,

but you said something

interesting to me, which was

you actually changed, too.

You said you don't take

your kids for granted anymore.

>> Oh, Lord, no.

It changed me.

You know, me and my family--

rocky-- but when I got back,

a lot of things changed.

I went and did with my kids,

I went and roasted hot dogs

and marshmallows,

first thing I did,

and I don't take my wife

for granted no more, neither.

>> PROBST: Good.

>> It changed me.

( applause )

>> PROBST: Another revelation

this season, showgirl, was Janu,

who... you know, this was more

than you bargained for.

It seemed to be.

And you had some tough days,

disappointing at challenges,

laid around camp a lot--

even you would agree with that--

and then your worst

nightmare comes true:

you get thrown on an island by

yourself, and it turns into be

the biggest moment of your life.

>> It was great.

It was amazing

to be there by myself.

It was supposed

to be "exile island,"

and it just came together

for me.

It was full circle.

And I learned the appreciation

that I had for family and

friends and life in general

was just that.

I was satisfied.

And I knew, going in to Tribal.

>> PROBST: And I want to-- this

is something I haven't asked

you, haven't asked anybody else

who was at Tribal Council

that night.

Yes or no, did I coerce you

into quitting?

>> No, you did not.

>> PROBST: Anybody at

Tribal Council that night

feel that I did, who was there?


I couldn't have convinced

anybody else to quit.

'Cause the point I'm getting at

is, you know, when somebody--

if you come into this game

thinking you can quit,

you probably will quit, and if

you come to Tribal Council

looking to quit,

you're probably gonna quit.

'Cause if I smell it,

I'm going to find it, 'cause

every time somebody quits,

there's 50,000 people at home

going, "I wouldn't have quit."

So I just wanted

to get that out there

because there's another form

of quit that we're going

to talk about now

which is the engineered quit.

And I'm looking at you, Jeff.

>> I knew it was coming.

I was waiting for it.

I'm, like, "Bring it on."

>> PROBST: Because there's

another way to get out of this

game and that is to say,

"Vote me out."

And it may not always play

as a quit, but in my world

it's kind of a quit.

And I want to hear you defend

why you should have left

the game with a hurt ankle

when you clearly could have

chopped coconuts, made fire,

tended camp

in a lot of different ways.

>> Well, I mean, first of all,

I am officially "Coconut Boy."

I mean, anywhere I go,

anybody that talks to me,

I'm "Coconut Boy."

That's how it goes, I mean...

It can't get any worse

than that.

>> That's hot.

>> But, for me, it really did

come down to I knew my strength.

I knew my limits,

and, at that point, I had

already injured myself

to the point where I knew

that was it.

It wasn't going to go further.

>> PROBST: Okay, what I'm

asking, Bobby Jon saw you, he

walks by-- there's a great

moment in the show

when he sees you

chopping coconuts and says,

"Kim is not doing anything.

Jeff is at least contributing

to camp."

Bobby Jon, would you have left

the game with an injured ankle?

>> Uh, you'd've had to cut my

head off and carry it

in a five-gallon bucket...

( loud applause and laughter )

...'cause I wouldn't have left;

I wouldn't have left.

But, you sometimes,

you can't help it, though.

When you get hurt,

I mean, you're injured,

and he just had surgery on it.

So I know he was really hurt.

>> PROBST: I'm not debating you

were hurt, don't get me wrong.

I'm just wanting you

to defend it.

>> I've defended this a lot,


>> PROBST: And you know, Ashlee

on one side of you,

and Kim on the other,

we could possibly make

the same argument for you guys.

Ashlee, would you agree

with that?

That, in some ways, you kind of

had enough of that game.

>> Jeff, I completely

had enough of it, yeah.

Unfortunately for me, I thought

that I was tough, but, no.

Not tough enough to last.

>> PROBST: All right.

And on the end, two people

who never had a chance to quit,

Jonathan and Wanda,

because you didn't get picked.

Jonathan, you're a more

unlikely target for that.

I mean, I think people look at

you, you're a strong guy,

you're young, you're fit.

What happened?

>> I jumped out of the boat.

And, I guess, swimming

against that current

didn't really pan out.

You know, I thought

I was going to swim

twice as fast as the boat,

get to shore, get immunity--

and it just kind of all fell

apart from there, I guess.

>> PROBST: So, that's the reason

you didn't get picked is...?

>> I mean, honestly...

>> PROBST: Angie, you're waving

your arms.

>> Um, no,

I don't think that's just it.

Like, I knew this question

was going to come up,

and you seem like a very nice

person now,

but when we were out there,

I think you gave me

one conversation,

and I think the conversation

you gave me wasn't very nice.

And I think maybe that happened

to a few other people,

and the fact was,

you're very nice in person,

but I think when we were

out there, you weren't.

I think you kind of picked and

choosed who you talked to,

and you made a little

bit of enemies that way.

It wasn't just about...

'Cause I never looked at it

like that.

>> Yeah, but 20 people going

all in different directions,

right when we get to the beach,

that's kind of hard for,

you know, to form a relationship

with everybody in three days.

>> PROBST: All right, all right,

all right, we're not going

to play it out.

But obviously, there's

a little dissension,

and first impressions matter

in this game.

Obviously, Wanda,

you were the other

one on that end of the stick.

And your attitude seems to be,

you're okay with it.

I mean, you went off singing.

Was that true or were you hurt?

>> It was devastating,

absolutely devastating,

but they called out, "Sing us

another song, Wanda."

There was some pleasure in it,

even though they had a couple

of curmudgeons who managed

to complain about it.

And so they asked for a song.

I never let my fans down.

( cheering and applause )

>> PROBST: Okay, I gotta ask,

Wanda... I have to ask.

I'm guessing

you prepared a song for...

>> You betcha.

>> PROBST: I hope it's short.

Go for it.

( to melody of "Oh, Susanna"):

♪ We were stranded

on Palauan shores ♪

♪ With coconuts and rats ♪

♪ We survived the heat,

found some food to eat

♪ And some survived the spats ♪

♪ We're survivors, we faced

and passed the test ♪

♪ And in history,

all the world will see ♪

That Survivor Ten was best. ♪

PROBST: No, you're done.

( cheering, whistling )

All right, thank you, Wanda.

She was the first person off the

boat and the last remaining

Ulong member.

One of the most popular women

ever to play this game.

Stephenie is next!

>> PROBST: Stephenie, the only

woman left in this challenge.

>> I've been an athlete

my entire life.

I'm just not a good loser.

>> PROBST: Steph does it again!

>> She can do anything

a man can do, I tell you that.

>> Oh, wow.

>> PROBST: Good old-fashioned

cat fight.

Steph not budging,

and pushes Jenn off easily.

>> This is the scariest thing

and the hardest thing

that I'll ever do.

But I'll never give up.

I'm not a quitter.

One coconut.

It's a big one, at least.

( sighs )

( applause and cheering )

>> PROBST: Steph, nobody ever

in that situation before--

one tribe member left, spending

the night out on your own.

Did you know going in

that you had that in you?

I mean, you're an athlete.

Obviously, you've been in a lot

of competition, but that

was severe circumstances.

>> Yeah, yeah it was. Um...

( clears throat )

I knew I'd be all right

in the challenges

to a certain extent.

I didn't know how I would fare

with no food,

and then losing every single

immunity challenge

was like really...

No, it's not your fault.

Um, that was really,

really tough.

So, no, I mean, I didn't know.

I had no idea I was, you know,

gonna be able to do that well.

>> PROBST: Was there a defining

moment, when you think back on

your time out there, where you,

where it all crystallized,

and you knew you were all right?

>> It was probably that night

when I was by myself.

It's like, can't get

any worse than this.

I'm the last one left.

I mean, there's nothing...

You know, I'm here by myself.

I don't know

what's going to happen.

And then I got to join Koror.

Then I was, like, forget it,

I can do anything now.

>> PROBST: What's been the

reaction on the street from


Because you're one of the most

popular women, certainly, to

ever play Survivor.

( cheering )

>> I don't know.

It's weird, you know.

I'm so grateful that

everybody's been so supportive.

Thank you, everybody.

( scattered applause )

Um... it's just, everywhere I

go, people, you know, come up to

me and they say, you know,

"You're my daughter's hero.

You're my hero."

Just a nice thing

to hear, I guess.

I get a lot of letters;

lot of really nice letters

from high school women,

even men.

So I don't know. I don't know.

>> PROBST: Yeah, go figure.

Uh, Bobby Jon, your partner...

for some reason,

even though, watching

the Ulong tribe dwindle,

it was kind of fun

toward the end,

because you'd never

seen it happen.

>> Absolutely.

>> PROBST: I'll admit.

When it got to Bobby Jon and

Steph, it just seemed different.

It seemed like it really was

this tribe of two, and suddenly,

we certainly realized, "Wow,

this has never happened before."

Bobby Jon,

you never got voted out.

>> Didn't get voted out.

That's right...

>> PROBST: You only are out

of this game

because we had a tiebreaker,

somebody had to go home.

>> That's right. I got beat.

Didn't get voted off.

Still feels good,

but you still lose.

And I wear my winning hat

like a man, I wear my losing hat

like a man.

>> PROBST: So, no sour grapes?

>> No, not a bit.

>> PROBST: Hey, where does your

work ethic come from?

Because, if Stephenie's

one of the most popular women,

it's fair to say you're one

of the hardest-working people

that has ever been out there.

You never slacked off.

And that doesn't seem

like a strategy.

That just seems like Bobby Jon.

>> That's me;

I would have to definitely

give credit to my family

and the people of Troy, Alabama.

That's all they know

how to do is work.

When you go there, you work.

And I was brought up good.

( applause )

>> PROBST: One other, one other

question I have for you.

You got to experience something

that was so spectacular--

Jellyfish Lake.

Did it last?

Did it stay with you?

Is that a moment you can

go back on and remember?

>> If you go back in the Rolodex

in your brain, that's the one

I go back to is Jellyfish Lake.

Because, for me,

that was peace.

Not many times people can go

and find peace like that.

And for me it just, it was

really just complete peace.

>> PROBST: Jolanda, first person

to win immunity and be the

first person voted out.

>> Yep.

>> PROBST: And you're obviously

strong and a competitor.

What happened out there?

>> I think a lot

of things happened.

The way that

we had to choose tribes

sort of threw off the dynamic,

because I thought I'd get

to pick a team, but I didn't.

I got to pick one,

and I ended up being on a team

full of young adults.

And anyone who's a parent knows

that when they start turning 18,

21, 25, 30, you want to prove to

the world that you know

everything, and they didn't want

leadership, and they didn't want

to be a team,

and we were duplicating effort.

And I knew, when I got voted

off, that we were going

to self-extinct, and I knew it.

I wanted them to do better,

but, I mean, when I go back

to when I was those ages,

I didn't listen, either, so...

>> PROBST: Angie, why...

Is she right?

Why was Ulong so unsuccessful?

>> She is right about

not listening.

Nobody... I mean,

we'd go to challenges

and we weren't listening.

We'd talk to each other

and we weren't listening.

And it's, it's one

of those things,

like, you see the other tribe

getting together so well

'cause they'd listen

more to one another.

And it was,

it's kind of sad, like...

>> Something about our team,

is we totally--

the young people did--

underestimated Koror.

>> We had great ideas.

>> They're old,

they can't do anything.

And I kept saying,

dude, we're not old.

We think.

We can't run as fast, we can't

jump as high, but we think.

And then we make a plan.

And it was, like,

"No, we got all the muscles.

We're young."

>> Oh, I didn't believe that.

>> PROBST: Ibrehem,

you told me that you

changed your game plan

because Jolanda was first out.

And you thought, "You know what?

Being strong ain't a good idea."

>> Well, I don't think her being

strong was the problem.

I thought that was something

good that we needed.

But I think people couldn't

handle her strong personality.

And I guess I didn't want

to jump out there

and do the same thing and get me

out of the game quick.

>> We got put on

a cursed island.

>> PROBST: Yeah, yeah, blame

it on the island.

All right, up next, couples

updates from Jeff and Kim

and Gregg and Jenn.

That should be interesting.

Plus for one survivor,

the experience in Palau

led to a dramatic life change,

and we will share that with you.

But first, take a look

at these record number of events

that had never happened before--

Survivor firsts.

>> PROBST: Tough to say, but

guys, it is time for you to go.

>> We couldn't believe that

we were going back

to Tribal Council.

This has to be a record.

>> It was exciting being

the last Ulong member.

At the same time,

it was really scary.

>> "Ulong has been conquered

and one more now joins Koror."

>> PROBST: We have a tie.

We're tied.

We're tied.

Ian, we're still tied.

>> If I don't step down,

I'm gonna beat you.

>> That's why I won't step down.

>> PROBST: Who are you voting

out of this game?

>> I'm going to vote out

my buddy Ian.

( band playing )

( applause and cheering )

>> PROBST: By the way, all

the music you hear every week,

on every episode of Survivor

is those guys right there:

Russ Landau,

David Vanacore-- great

musicians and composers.

( applause and whistling )

Okay, Jenn, give me the update.

You and Gregg were a

couple on the island.

Are you a couple now?

>> We were on the island.

We had a... a good alliance;

we had a good bond, and it was

a good friendship, too,

and we're still continuing

to be friends,

and let the dust settle

after this whole thing

and see what happens.

>> PROBST: All right.

Kim, Jeff, same thing.

You guys posed in a magazine.

Are you a couple now, are

you friends? What, Kim?

>> We are amazing friends.

Um, I actually live

out in California now,

and we get the chance to

hang out and have fun,

and a great time on the island.

I'm just glad to have him

in my life as a friend.

>> PROBST: Nice!

Hey, one other thing,

I'll put, Willard, with you,

that didn't make the show that I

thought was really interesting--

you're an attorney, but you

didn't tell people that.

You told them...

>> I told them I was a mailman,

and I'd actually been a mailman,

a long time ago,

when I was an undergraduate.

But my theory was--

you take a random selection of

Americans, a significant portion

of them know lawyer jokes,

dislike lawyers.

Nobody dislikes the mailman.

>> PROBST: And they all

bought it.

You guys didn't know.

( all murmuring )

>> Willard told me.

>> I told Caryn,

but Caryn was a lawyer, too.

We could smell each other out

like sharks...

( laughter )

>> That's exactly right.

PROBST: One other thing

we have to share,

very big surprise with,

I think, everybody here,

except for one person,

and that person is Coby.

You came back home--

big life change.

Tell us about it.

>> Well, everybody

keeps saying family

and how important family is.

And one of the other things

that Survivor did for me

was it helped me put away

a lot of the guilt about being

a gay man in society and that

I can't have my own family.

So, when I got back, I started

looking into adoption.

And I was looking

at international adoption,

and my cousin was actually

brave enough to call me,

and odd enough, she was pregnant

and couldn't keep it.

So I actually adopted

a little girl.

( applause, cheering

and whistling )

>> So awesome.

>> And, and...

>> PROBST: One more part

to this story.

>> Close...

I named her Janu.

( all sighing )

>> That's sweet, man.

>> Oh, my God.

( indistinct chatter )

( applause and whistling )

>> PROBST: On that note,

where is Survivor going next?

More stories to come.

We'll tell you, right after


( band playing )

( applause and cheering )

( band playing, applause,

cheering and whistling )

>> PROBST: Tomorrow morning,

on The Early Show, here on CBS,

Tom will get a check

for a million bucks.

( applause and cheering )

And along with that, you get

something else, which is

a 2005 Chevy SSR.

You guys saw it

out on the island.

Nice little rig, and, uh,

I have the keys right here.

>> Nice.

>> Cool.

>> PROBST: Good hands.

There you are.

( applause and cheering )

>> That's too cool.

Well, as Survivor: Palau

comes to a close,

there is a brand-new batch

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These stunning cities

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While Europe

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It was a world of great kings,

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18 survivors will be marooned

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For the first time, the

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Also, if you think

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That's the great thing

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Everything you need to know

We will see you all

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Good night!

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