Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 14 - The Ultimate Shock - full transcript

Two Survivors get into a fight after one says the other doesn't deserve to be there.

>> JEFF PROBST: 36 days ago,

20 Americans began the
adventure of a lifetime.

Just behind you, there are
two immunity necklaces.

One for the first woman,
one for the first man, who can

get to shore and claim them.
>> I'll go!

>> PROBST: From the beginning,
it was clear that these

castaways were in for a whole
new game.

>> I was not going to let that
little young girl beat me.

>> PROBST: With no other
information to guide them,

no one knew what to expect.
>> We're not a tribe, we don't

have our buffs-- we don't have a
clue what's happening next.

>> PROBST: We're going to divide
into two tribes with nine

members each.
There are 20 of you.

Two people will get on a boat
and be sent home.

Ian and Jolanda learned the
value of the immunity necklaces

when they made the first of the
schoolyard picks.

>> Katie.
>> Bobby Jon.

>> PROBST: And in the end,
Wanda and Jonathan were left

At the first immunity

challenge, the Ulong tribe
stumbled with crucial decisions.

>> Come on! We gotta go.
>> I'm telling you, I think we

should go.
>> PROBST: And the older Koror

tribe proved that age didn't
matter when they won immunity

and flint to make fire.
Koror wins immunity and reward!

>> Yeah!
>> PROBST: At Ulong's first

Tribal Council, Jolanda's
strength did not prevent her

from taking the fall.
Jolanda, the tribe has spoken.

On day four, the tribes battled
it out again.

Ulong made a brief comeback.
Ulong wins reward!

But Koror was soon back on a
roll, winning challenge after

Koror wins their third immunity

challenge in a row!
>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: Koror wins their
fourth straight immunity

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: James.
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: You have not won a
single immunity challenge.

>> When we hear the word
"immunity," we subconsciously

sabotage ourselves.
>> PROBST: Ulong was losing

members fast.
Even though Koror continued to

dodge Tribal Council, an
alliance of five was exposed.

>> Katie, Jennifer, Gregg, Ian
and Tom are one unit.

We're definitely the underdogs

>> PROBST: Koror continued their
victory sweep...

Koror wins reward!
( whooping )

...losing only Willard at a
surprise double Tribal Council.

Willard, the tribe has spoken.
Ulong lost Angie...

then James and Ibrehem.
Ulong had dwindled to a tribe

of two.
>> You know, we tried to

prepare, we tried to
strategize; nothing has worked

for this tribe, I mean nothing.
>> I'm still ready to win,

and I won't give up hope.
>> Look at that!

How's that for a shot?!
>> Yeah!

( laughing )
>> PROBST: At Koror, Tom emerged

as the tribe leader.
>> Oh, wham!

>> Oh, now, who's the great
white shark killer?

>> PROBST: And Bobby Jon and
Stephenie continued to give it

their all at the challenges.
>> Swallow, swallow.

Swallow it, Bobby Jon.
>> PROBST: But Ulong continued

to come up short.
Tom's got it for Koror!

>> It just seems like Tom beats
me every single time.

It's something that's getting
real, real old.

>> PROBST: Gregg with a bit of a

On day 18...
Koror wins immunity again!

Koror won their seventh
straight immunity challenge.

For the first time, one tribe
had made a clean sweep.

Ulong, because there are only
two of you, there'll be no vote.

There will be an individual
immunity challenge.

Loser goes home.
>> Whoa.

>> PROBST: Stephenie and Bobby
Jon, who had worked so hard

to keep their tribe alive, were
forced to face off against each

Survivors ready?

Though Stephenie had doubts

about her fire-making skills...
Steph's torch is lit.

Just like that, this challenge
is over.

...she came out victorious.

>> See you later, Ulong!
>> PROBST: The next day,

Stephenie joined the Koror

>> Oh, my, God, I have friends!
>> Having somebody new in town,

it was like, a guest, you know?
>> PROBST: But secretly some saw

Stephenie as a very real

>> I'm really worried.
The longer she's with us, the

more she's gonna make friends,
and she's gonna weasel her way

I think she needs to go really

>> PROBST: But Coby took the

heat off Stephenie when he
exposed too many of the tribe's

>> All these people are playing

a game.
There's already alliances built.

We're going to pick each other

It's a game.
>> PROBST: Tom won the first

individual immunity.
And at Tribal Council, Coby's

loose lips cost him the game,
and he became the first member

of the jury.
On day 25, Janu was on her last

leg and fed up with her tribe.
>> What are we, junior high,

If I had something to say about

you, I swear to God, I would
come up and say it to your face.

>> Janu is a crazy person.
>> PROBST: Though Janu seemed

ready to go, Stephenie sensed
that she was in danger.

>> I mean, we all agreed that it
was Janu tonight, and Janu

wants it to be her, but for
some reason, I have a feeling

it's me.
>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Stephenie's worst fears were
realized when it became clear

that she was next to go.
>> The game is on, and

eliminating competition is part
of this game.

>> PROBST: Stephenie, do you
feel you're in a hot seat

>> ( voice cracking ): I know I

I guess I showed too much heart.

>> PROBST: But Janu threw a
wrench in the tribe's plan.

>> I would be willing to lay
down my torch so Stephenie can

have a chance to stay in the

>> PROBST: Janu, per your
wishes, this game is over for

>> Thank you, Jeff.

>> PROBST: In a last-ditch
effort to save herself,

Stephenie agreed to Katie's
plan for an all-girl alliance.

>> Who would be the first one
you'd want off?

>> You want to think I'm a

I'll show you how threatening I

>> PROBST: But hopes of an
all-woman's alliance crumbled

when Caryn spilled the beans to

>> What did you hear?
>> Just that the girls are

>> What did the girls say?

>> Trying to figure out which
guy to take out.

>> We can't get a female
alliance together because Caryn

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Stephenie's hard-fought battle
finally came to an end when she

was voted out.
Steph, the tribe has spoken.

With only original Koror tribe
members left, the real

backstabbing was about to

On day 31, Gregg won a reward
aboard a luxury yacht.

Obviously, it wouldn't be much
fun alone.

Gregg chose to take Jenn and
Katie along for the ride.

>> Guys, I'm so sorry.
I will, uh, pay you back.

>> Oh, no, we'll pay you back.
>> PROBST: Back at camp...

>> We have lost lost control of
the game.

>> PROBST: ...Ian realized it
was three against three.

>> I know they're ready to turn
on you.

>> And you think Katie's in with

>> Definitely.
>> PROBST: So they concocted a

risky plan to force Gregg out.
>> I can go to Tribal Council,

willing to take the rock.
I came to play a game.

>> That's the plan.
You and I are both willing to

choose rocks.
>> Tom and I have decided that

we're gonna force a tie at
Tribal Council.

We've prepared ourselves for
the idea that we might be going

home, but this is a risk we
have to take.

>> PROBST: Meanwhile, Gregg,
Jenn and Katie strategized on

their own.
>> We happen to have a good

This was our opportunity to

confirm that, "Hey, guys, it's
us three to the final three."

>> PROBST: But right before
Tribal Council, Ian let Katie

in on the plot to oust Gregg.
>> We're gonna flip it tonight.

Yeah, Caryn and Tom and I
are going to vote for Gregg.

There's only two people in this
game that I made promises to.

Tom's one, Katie's the other,
so I'm gonna stay true to that.

>> PROBST: Ian's gamble paid

Katie joined Ian, Tom and
Caryn, and voted Gregg out

before the tie could occur.
>> ( inhaling ): You guys are

>> I got it. I got it.

>> PROBST: Jenn was upset that
she had been left out of the

plot against Gregg.
>> Wow, okay. Game on.

>> PROBST: Ian and Katie's bond
continued to strengthen...

>> I did make a promise.
>> PROBST: ...when he promised

to take Katie with him on the
next reward he won.

>> Katie and I promised each
other if we won a challenge,

we'd take each other and that's
what we're going to do today.

>> PROBST: Ian wins reward.
But when Ian won a car and a

trip to a luxury mansion, he
chose to take Tom instead.

>> I told Katie I'd take her,
but I made a deal if there was

a car involved, that I would
take Tom.

>> PROBST: Katie was furious.
>> Ian pulled me aside

yesterday, and was, like, "I'm
telling you right now, I will

choose you over Tom," and then
he took Tom, and I feel like I

lost my best friend out here.
>> PROBST: So Katie resurrected

talk of an all-girl alliance.
>> If it's Ian, we vote out Tom,

>> Right

>> And if it's Tom, we vote out

>> That's right.
I'm all about that.

>> I love that.
>> PROBST: When Tom and Ian

returned from the reward, Ian
and Katie had an emotional

>> You said you would never lie

to me, and you did.
You didn't even think about how

that was going to make me feel
to have you go against your

>> Just please know that over

and above the mistake that I
made, that I hope you can

forgive me for it.
If you want me to step out, I

mean, I'll do it.
I'll do it.

>> PROBST: Tom stepped in to put
pressure on Katie.

>> So one of us goes home, the
other one is still here.

If that next one's physical, and
the guy who's left wins it,

then it's going to be you, and
that'll be the payback for

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Katie was still wary of Ian.
>> That was the darkest day I've

ever had out here.
>> It was the biggest mistake I

made in the game.
It was the biggest thing, and

not even from a game standpoint,
but from the fact that I really

hurt somebody that I care about.
>> PROBST: And Caryn brought all

of Ian and Tom's game playing
out into the open.

>> These guys are running the
game, and I felt really had.

>> PROBST: Caryn, you just
opened the vault and put four

people on their heels.
>> I'm sorry, I've had it up to

here, and I think the jury
needs to hear really what's

going on.
I mean, they're going to be

deciding who gets a million

>> PROBST: Caryn's tirade didn't
help her.

14th person voted out of
Survivor: Palau, the fifth

member of our jury.
Katie put her trust into her

friendship with Ian and helped
vote Caryn out.

Caryn, the tribe has spoken.
Now, only four remain:

Ian, Katie, Jenn and Tom.
Tonight, they will compete in

their final immunity challenges.
Two will go on to face the

One will outlast all the rest

and become the Sole Survivor.
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(theme song playing)
♪ ♪

(theme song playing)
♪ ♪

>> Day 37...
True colors came out last night.

Caryn did me a huge favor
last night by going off and

throwing all this stuff out

I mean, Ian and I had already--
everything was resolved, but I

wanted it to get out there
that Ian really betrayed me.

>> How did you sleep, Jenn?
>> Um, pretty well.

>> At Tribal last night, I got a
lot of heat.

My stock in the jury has gone
down, but going into the final

four, I don't think you want
to be necessarily the person

with the highest stock with the
jury because right now, I'm not

the biggest target-- Tom is.
So I feel real good.

Part number three.
>> Hmm?

>> Part number three.
>> Oh, my God! Help us!

>> We need help!
>> Oh, my God. What is that?

>> Oh, my God!
( shrieking )

>> It sounded like somebody had
all of a sudden been massacred

in the forest.
We see a cooler with a heavenly

light shining on it--
♪ Ahh ♪ like...

And there's breakfast in it.
>> Get out of here.

>> Ah, my God!
( whooping )

>> It's good to be final four!
>> Incoming!

>> Whoo!
>> We heard you screaming, we

thought a saltwater crocodile
got you.

"So you got some hunger, well go
ahead and feed it.

"A good breakfast gives you
energy, and you're going to need

"Congratulations tribe, you've

made the final four,
36 tough days behind you, get

ready for three more."
>> All right!

>> Woo!
>> There you go.

( smooching )
>> It's so exciting.

>> Nice.
>> Koror claws, everybody.

( all growling )
>> There have been no gimmes in

this game-- you fight for what
you get-- so to just get

something today for nothing,
just for making final four, it

was just like an "attaboy."
That's what we call it in the

You know, you get an attaboy.

>> Mm-hmm.
>> Mm-hmm.

>> Eating pineapple is...
It doesn't get better than this!

>> I love final four!
>> I like food.

>> I love final four!
>> We were able to eat and laugh

and drink and just enjoy each
other, even though we're just

about to slit each other's
throats because it's going to be

someone's last night here on
Rat Island.

>> Tom has dominated.
It's time for him to go.

If Ian or Katie or I win
immunity, he's gone.

>> And you're sure about that,

>> Yeah.
>> It's the best bet.

>> Yeah, I think it is.
I think it's my best bet.

I mean, right now, I'm at the
point right now where it's like,

like, it's four.
Like, game on, you know what I

I have a big responsibility

today at this immunity
challenge to beat the crap out

of Tom.
This is the moment that I've

been waiting for the entire

So I win the challenge, Tom goes
home, I don't win the

challenge, Tom's all of a
sudden my best friend again.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!
>> Oh, God.

>> You all right?
>> PROBST: How you guys doing?

>> Fantastic.
>> PROBST: Go ahead and take a

look around the Chevrolet SSR.
>> Whoo! Very nice!

>> Wow.
>> PROBST: The winner of today's

challenge does not win this car.
( Survivors laughing )

This car goes to the winner of

The other thing the winner of
Survivor wins is represented in

the glove box.
>> What? Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: A blank check for $1

>> Whoa.
>> PROBST: Just a little

reminder of what's at stake over
these last three days.

One of the four of you will have
your name on a check just like

that and you will be a million
dollars richer.

Let's get to today's challenge,
one of the things keeping you

from getting that check.
First things first.

Tom, give it up.
Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.
All right, for today's immunity

challenge, all four of you will
begin attached to a rope.

On my go, you'll make your way
through a tire crawl-through.

At three different points along
the way, you will stop and

untie a ring of keys.
Once you've collected all three

sets of keys and you've made
your way to the tower,

you'll release yourself from the
rope, you'll use the keys to

unlock a series of padlocks.
Move up to the second level,

where you'll untie a series of
ropes, release a trap door,

move up to the third level.
You'll use a grappling hook,

toss it out to retrieve four
ladder rungs.

Once you have all four ladder
rungs, build your ladder and

make your way to the top level.
The first two to untie their

flag and raise it move on to
the final round.

The two people who move on
to the final round

will race down a flying fox,
retrieve a bag.

In that bag are three numbers
to a combination lock.

Figure out the order, open the
lock, open the box, get another

flag out, and raise it.
First person to raise that flag

wins immunity.
Everybody ready?

>> Oh, yeah.
>> PROBST: We'll draw for spots

and we'll get started.
For immunity and a guaranteed

spot in the final three.
Survivors ready?

Jenn at her first set of keys,

wasting no time.
Ian through his first tire.

He's working on his keys.
Tom working on his keys.

Katie struggling already.
Jenn out to a quick lead.

Tom right behind.
Jenn and Tom in the lead.

Ian in there.
Katie bringing up the rear.

Jenn, Ian and Tom with their
second set of keys.

Ian has his.
Jenn has hers.

Tom has his.
Jenn and Ian trying to work it

Meanwhile, Tom in the lead.

Tom has all three sets of keys.
He's at the tower and releases

himself from the rope.
Ian right behind, Jenn right

Katie still bringing up the

Tom working on his locks.

Ian now working on his locks.
Jenn releases herself from her

Once you have all three locks

undone, slide those poles out
and move to the next level.

Tom has his first lock undone.
Ian has his first lock.

Jenn very close.
Katie is either very worn out

or not worried at all.
Tom has all three locks undone,

moving on to the second level.
Ian right behind.

Tom working on his ropes.
Three sets of knots to get

Jenn has all three poles.

She's moving on to the next

Katie still bringing up the

Tom working on his second set of

Ian right behind just finishing
up his first set.

Jenn is back in this making up
some time.

Katie has all three locks

She's moving on to the next

Nobody wants to go home tonight.
Tom through his last rope.

Moving on to the third level and
the grappling hooks.

Katie still working on those

Tom at work with the grappling
hook, going for his first

ladder rung.
Trying to hook that first ring.

He's got it.
Jenn and Ian, dead even.

Ian has his third set of knots

He's moving on to the grappling

Jenn right behind.
Ian's got one hooked on his

first toss.
Tom has his second ladder rung.

Tom has his third.
Ian has his second ladder rung.

Tom right on his last ladder

Can he get it?
He's got it hooked.

Tom pulling in his final ladder

Jenn falling behind,
can't figure out how to use the

grappling hook.
Tom begins assembling his

Ian has another rung hooked.

That's his third ladder rung.
Tom makes his way to the top

Tom has his flag raised, moving

Ian and Jenn fighting for that

second spot.
Jenn still can't get the hang of

Ian has his fourth ladder rung.

Ian putting his ladder together.
Ian makes his way to the top

Katie nowhere close.

Ian has his flag raised.
Tom and Ian moving on to the

Here we go-- for the final

round, you're gonna race down
the flying fox, retrieve a bag.

Inside that bag is the answer
to a combination lock.

Open the lock, get the flag out
and run it up the flagpole.

For immunity.
Survivors ready?

Tom and Ian racing back!

Tom and Ian racing back!

Tom with a bit of a lead.
>> Come on, guys!

>> PROBST: Tom out of the water

Ian right behind.
There are three numbers in that

The three numbers, in some

order, are the combination to
your locks.

Ian has his untied.
( Ian whoops )

Tom falling behind.
Ian already starting to work

on the combination.
Tom now has his numbers out.

Ian wrong on his first one.
Tom now working on his

A little bit of luck involved

Which numbers do you pick?

Tom wrong on his first one.
Ian wrong again.

Tom trying a new set of numbers.
Wrong again.

Ian doesn't have it.
Tom's got a new combination.

Is this gonna be right?
He's got it!

Tom has his lock undone; box is

Tom has his flag undone.
( frustrated grunt )

Tom raises his flag.
Tom wins immunity!

>> Nice job, Tom.
>> Ah! Good job.

That was a good win.
>> PROBST: Tom, get over here.

Couldn't come at a better time.
Turn around.

Tom, the only person safe at
tonight's Tribal Council.

Ian, Katie, Jenn, one of you
is going home tonight.

See you at Tribal.
Head on back to camp.

>> That was the biggest
challenge I've ever seen.

>> It was huge. It was huge.
>> It didn't stop.

It was, like, three hours long.
>> I went over and over it again

and again in my head, to send
Tom home if I were to win or

send Jenn home, and as it
turned out, I didn't win.

So it's gonna be Jenn that goes
home tonight.

>> You pretty much are
guaranteed a place in the

>> I know.

>> If he goes tonight.
>> The deal with Ian was to play

against everybody together
and then leave it at the end and

fight it toe-to-toe in the final
round, and I'm not there yet,

we're not in the final round,
and I can't turn on him, Jenn.

You know, it's a treacherous
game, and you tell lies, or

whatever you got to do to get

I'm just telling Jenn that in
spite of how tempting it is

to cut you loose and let you fly
tonight, ( laughs ): um...

I can't do it, I won't do it,
because of, you know, the bond

that we've made and-and the
promises, and, uh...

>> I'd rather have that than...
>> I believe so.

>> Yeah.
>> So things are good with us,

as far as within the game
and outside the game, um...?

>> Absolutely.
>> Okay. Jenn.

>> Absolutely. Thank you.
>> It has been a pleasure and an

honor to play this far into
this with you...

>> Me, too.
>> With everyone and you.

>> You know when the other guy
is gonna stand by you, and he

should know that you'll stand by

( sniffles )
I'm taking a risk.

>> Oh, little Jenn...
>> But that's my move.

>> I just felt like such a

In all the challenges, people'd
be, like, why does she deserve

to even be in the final three...
>> You guys are happy, I'm sad--

I think I just made a decision
that might cost me a million

>> Well, if I would've won

immunity today, it'd have been
a really difficult decision for

me, too, Tom, so I'm glad that I
didn't have to make it, and, um,

you know, I appreciate you
sticking with me.

>> I thought that it was an easy
choice, and he told me, "Wow, I

was glad I didn't have to make
it, that would've been a tough

one," and I thought we were
rock solid, and when he said

that, I was, like, well, maybe
he wouldn't have chosen me.

Makes me think.
Makes me think.

When I told Ian that it was a
tough, you know, I said, no, I

said, "You knew it was you,"
and he said, "I'm glad I didn't

have to make it, that's a tough

>> Uh-huh.
>> And I'm, like...

>> Right. Right.
>> I acted like it was no

decision, and, then, now I'm
realizing that he would've been

deciding whether or not to play
it the way we...

>> He said he was gonna vote you

He said if you would've lost
today, you would've been gone.

>> Who'd he say that to?
>> Me.

>> Come on.
>> Us.

>> Oh, oh, I'm sorry, you didn't
know, but that was the deal,

that was the deal.
If you would've lost today, the

three of us were gonna vote you

>> Let's talk to him right now.
>> Yeah, all right.

>> Ian.
>> Yes?

>> My friend, come talk to me.
>> Yes?

>> You just floored me-- when I
told you, you know, like, it was

a no-brainer, and you said, "I'm
glad I didn't have to make that

decision, it would've been a
tough one to make for me."

>> Right.
>> And I'm, like, what am I, I'm

the fool who's doing the right
thing, and to you, it was gonna

be a decision if we came to this
point of the game.

>> There's a lot of things that
are said in the game, Tom, and

you know...
>> That's a big thing you just

said, that was a big slip.
>> That's true, and it's a

decision that I didn't have to

>> What did you say to Katie and
I about if Tom lost immunity

>> That's right, yeah.

Well, I'm playing the game, just
like everybody else.

>> I'm just saying, he just
needs to know.

>> Yeah, sure, absolutely.

>> What did you say?
Tell me what you said.

>> I-I-I told them
that if I won immunity today

that I was gonna vote you off.
But I, Tom, like...

>> Okay, that's all I needed to

>> PROBST: We now bring in the
members of our jury.

Coby, Janu, Steph, Gregg,
and Caryn-- voted out at the

last Tribal Council.
Well, here's what I know.

Tribal Council usually starts
right about sundown.

We are way past sundown, which
tells me something was going on

back at camp.
Tom, fill me in.

>> It was a tough immunity
challenge today.

There was so much at stake, and
I wasn't even in panic mode,

because I thought, I got a solid
thing-- it's only Ian and I

against each other, and it's
gonna be Jenn tonight because of

her promise from day two.
>> PROBST: Meaning, even if you

don't win immunity and Ian does,
he's got your back, you're fine.

>> So I thought, and then Ian
said, "Yeah, I'm glad I didn't

win immunity, because I don't
know what I would've done,

that's a tough decision."
And I was, like, am I the fool

being played here that's risking
a million dollars to go

toe-to-toe with this guy just
out of honor, and I might not

have gotten that in return?
I take a walk down the beach

to think about this, and then
Jenn came down and said, "Ian

said today if he won immunity,
Tom's got to go."

I go back to camp, and I said,
"Did you say that?" and Ian

says, "Yeah, I said it, but it
was just game talk."

>> PROBST: Ian, you've had this
cloud sort of swirling around

you the last couple of Tribals
that you can't seem to get out

from under.
>> Yeah, well, the-the bottom

line for me is-- and I want to
make sure that I say this just

in case I do leave tonight-- Tom
and I went so far as to make

this gentlemen's agreement that
said we would try to take each

other to the final three, so
when this whole thing came up,

Tom came back to me and said,
you know, "What's going on?"

I said, yeah, these are
discussions that've been had.

It doesn't mean that that's what
you're gonna do, that's just the

discussion that you and to make
sure that you can hear what's

going on.
>> PROBST: Did at any point you

go to your strongest ally in day
two and say, "Listen, I just

want to give you a heads up,
this is what's being talked

about, I'm playing into it, I'll
keep you informed"?

>> Absolutely.
>> PROBST: So why is this a

surprise to you, Tom, if Ian
told you all this?

>> He didn't tell me that.
And he just actually made a

third strike against himself,
because he said today, he

slipped at the fire and said,
"Wow, that would've been a tough

decision for me."
Then I find out that he did say

something today about, "Tom goes
if I get immunity."

And just now he said we've had a
gentlemen's agreement that

we would try to take each other
to the final three.

And we didn't say that we would

We said that we will go to the
final three in spite of the

physical threat to each other at
that point, drop the gloves,

fight it out, and move forward.
>> Tom and I made an agreement

that said we'd take each other
to the final three-- I'm sorry,

I didn't mean "try"-- we would
take each other to the final

But, like, from my perspective

right now, like, it.. I don't...
I-I'm really flabbergasted,

because I-I'm worried that Tom's
taking my word, which has been

good with him since day two,
against somebody who is in the

11th hour and cornered.
>> It's not Jenn's word I'm

listening to, it's your words
I'm listening to.

>> I never intended on going
back on Tom, I never intend...

I never intended it, I intended
on taking Tom and Katie

to the final three, or working
with Tom and Katie to get to the

final three.
That was my intention.

>> PROBST: What's really
interesting is the looks on

everybody's faces.
Tom looks angry, Katie looks

hurt, and Jenn looks delighted.
( laughter )

>> Right, and I may be a little
happy because it stirred up some

things that needed to be out.
It needed to happen, and people

need to hear these things.
>> PROBST: Katie, why are you so

pained by this?
>> Ian, obviously, is very

concerned about what Tom thinks
right now, but, uh, doesn't seem

to be very concerned about...
what I think.

And I have a vote here, too, you

>> The reason that I'm
approaching Tom about the whole

thing is, when we left the beach
today, that was the discussion

that was on the table.
>> Right. Tom seems pissed.

He might write your name down.
>> Mm-hmm.

>> And if he does...
>> I go home.

>> Not necessarily.
>> There's a good chance.

>> If it ties up, because if I
vote for Jenn-- but you're not

even considering that.
>> No, that's not true.

>> I just have one question
for you.

>> Okay.
>> Have you lied to me in the

last 24 hours?
Straight out.

>> Have I lied to you in the
past 24 hours?

No. Straight out.
>> PROBST: Everybody have all

the information they need?
The only thing we know is Tom's

not going anywhere because he
has immunity.

Want to give it up?
>> You know what?

I'm going to hang onto it.
Things are a little rocky over

>> PROBST: Everybody else is

fair game.
It is time to vote.

Jenn, you're up.
I'll go tally the votes.

Jenn, you're up.
I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final, person voted

out will be asked to leave the
Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote, Ian.

One vote Jenn.

Two votes Ian, one vote Jenn.

I'll read the last vote.

We're tied.
Here's what's going to happen:

Jenn, you will not vote again.
Ian, you will not vote again.

Only Katie and Tom will vote.
If neither of you change your

votes, we will be deadlocked
and we'll move to a tiebreaker.

Katie, you're up.
I'll go tally the votes.

Katie, you're up.
I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final, person voted

out will be asked to leave the
Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.
First vote...

One vote Jenn.

I'll read the other vote.

We're still tied.
All right, because there are

only four of you, one of you has
immunity, we don't draw rocks.

Tiebreaker works a little

Jenn and Ian, you will take part
in a tie-breaker challenge

involving fire that will decide
your fate in this game.

Take a spot behind one of the
fire-making urns and I'll

You each have a box of

fire-making materials.
The challenge is simple: build a

fire with the flame high enough
and hot enough to burn through

the rope.
When you burn through the rope,

you'll raise your flag.
First person to raise their flag

stays in this game, moves on
to the final three.

The other person goes home.
You ready?

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Go.

Jenn has a little something

Ian has a big flame, but a lot
of that is just coconut husks

The key is to build the flame

high enough and hot enough
to burn through that rope.

Ian got a legitimate fire going
right now.

It's hitting the rope.
Jenn needs to get something

Ian is very close.

He's got fire on the rope,
very close to burning through.

Once that flag raises, this
challenge is over.

And there it is.
Ian stays in this game.

Ian, go ahead and take a spot
next to Katie.

Jenn, you need to bring me your

Jenn, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

>> Good luck, guys.
>> PROBST: You three are the

final three.
I'm sure it's going to be an

interesting night at camp
tonight, as well as tomorrow

when you take part in your final
immunity challenge.

I suggest you try and get some

You're going to need it-- grab
your torches, head back to camp.

Good night.
>> I lasted 37 days, but it

didn't work out my way.
I am a little disappointed in

She had a chance to keep me

around a little bit longer,
and she went against that.

So, Katie, I don't know if you
have my vote any longer.

>> We came back to camp, and I'm
thinking, "Wow, I just cast a

vote against Ian and tried to
get rid of him."

He's still here.
And then you're saying to

yourself, "I am right, aren't I?
I mean, he did just try to

submarine me."
You know, it's a personal

grudge now.
It's kind of like it's

already out of the bag, so...
>> I know, but what do you want

me to tell you?
What do you want to hear from

>> Tell me the truth, which is

that you weren't going with me
to the final three to duke it

out like men.
>> That is not the truth.

>> And now I'm supposed to buy
the fact that just prior to me

winning immunity, you had made
up your mind to do the right

No, not after I won.

Not after I won the immunity.
>> No!

>> Come on.
You are like the worst liar.

It's all out now.
It's all going to be said.

>> That really sucks, because,
you know what?

Tom's been sticking up for you
this whole time.

"Ian's never wavered."
>> I did believe that that he

would never flip on you.
>> Gosh, Tom, you're twisting

the truth.
>> I'm twisting the truth?

Come on, you gotta be kidding

>> We sat there...
>> There's all three of us.

There's no more lying now.
Everyone's got different

>> No matter, no matter what I

say, no matter what I say, I'm
the bad guy tonight, and you

know what?
>> 'Cause you're lying to her

and to me.
>> Why don't you just fess up to

>> Fess up to what?!

>> Say that you...
Yeah, you told me you were

going to take out Tom with Jenn
and I.

>> I did, I told him that

We're playing a game!
>> Yeah, but...

>> We're playing a game.
We're playing a game.

>> We thought we were all
playing the game together.

>> Yeah, yeah.
>> I thought that was the plan,

we take this to the final three,
and I held to it.

I held to it right up to...
I was walking on to that beach

tonight to make my vote, and get
rid of Jenn and fight you

>> And you are crucifying me

for, for a decision that I
didn't even make.

>> You didn't get the chance.
You had the immunity necklace?

I'm home taking a shower right

I just wish you'd say that.
I just wish you would just be

able to say, "You're right,

>> It didn't have to be so ugly.
It just didn't.

>> I didn't... Tom...
>> What are you trying to

The game is what the game's

going to be.
>> I'm not trying to salvage,

I'm telling you.
I'm telling you what was going

through my mind and my heart and
my soul.

That's what I'm telling you.
>> Oh, it's your soul that's

speaking to us now.
>> That's where, that's where it

gets skewed, Ian.
Why don't you just say, "Hey,

I'm playing a game.
"I'm making double deals

everywhere, and I got caught"?
Why can't you just say that?

Why can't you understand that's
what you've been doing?

>> That's kind of refreshing.
Actually, you can borrow

that speech.
That was a good one.

I'd love to tell you that it's
time to just step up, be a man

and admit to the whole thing,
but, you know, that will, I

don't know, that will come with
age, I guess, where you just are

willing to fess up.
It's just weasely to still be

saying that, "I wasn't going to
do it, I wasn't going to do it."

You slipped tonight and you blew

>> Last night was probably one
of the worst nights of my life.

Like, it shouldn't be like

I basically got laid out.
I mean, just totally laid out.

My game that I've been playing
the entire time was, was put to

the fire, and nobody else
could do any wrong.

There was no other person that
ever told any fib or any lie.

>> You didn't have to sleep out

So what are you going to do

>> I have no idea.
>> Are you going to fight?

>> I'm not afraid to.
>> Well, I think you should.

>> I think I might.
>> Especially because then you

should pick me.
>> It was my intention in the

first place.
>> I'd like to believe that,

but, it's hard, you know?
>> Last night was really rough.

>> You can say that again.
>> It just, it stabs me.

( sobbing ): I didn't come out
here to play the villain.

I didn't come out here to, like,
be this, be the-the backstabber,

especially to those two.
Like, sure, you play the game

for yourself.
Like, you play the game for a

million dollars.
You play the game.

I came out here to win a million
bucks, and I would lie to

anybody if I wasn't telling them
that I wasn't playing the game

for myself, but the bottom line
is, I wanted Katie and Tom in

the final three, and we got

Am I wrong?
Is there something that

I'm really doing wrong here?
Or, you know, am I just playing

the game, just like everybody

Right now, I'm gonna fight.
I'm going to stand up there and

I'm going to take him to the mat
because I'm not afraid.

>> Tree mail.
Tree mail, Tom.

>> I'm going to go to the final

"15 were outwitted or maybe
just outplayed, but they were

definitely outlasted.
"Now remember the time that they

"You'll paddle together

northward to the giant rock,
"with the gate underneath

the archway, 15 torches there

"Take them on your journey and
bear them at sea then on to

your last challenge, the battle
of final three."

>> Today is one of the sweet
moments of this game

as you go to your final battle
and acknowledge everybody who

played with you, against you,
sometimes for you, and, uh,

give them a burial at sea.
>> Jolanda, fierce competitor.

>> She was a hard charger.
>> Yeah.

>> When people see me, they see
a very strong Black woman.

I mean, I won the first
immunity challenge.

You know, I was a threat.
This game, more than anything,

confirmed for me who I know
myself to be.

I have strength, and I'm going
to embrace it.

>> Ashlee.
>> Sweet belle of the South.

>> Yep.
>> This whole experience really

humbles you and teaches you
a lot about yourself.

I can go home knowing that I
pushed myself physically,

mentally, as far as I could go,
and, you know what?

I actually, I was okay.
I survived.

>> Who we got?
>> We got Jeff.

>> I made a big, bonehead
mistake, going out in the middle

of the night, rolled my ankle
on a coconut.

I don't know how much worse you
can go out.

But you know what?
I don't regret a second of it.

I wouldn't change a single

If this is how I had to go,
this is how I had to go.

At least nobody hates me.
>> Kim.

>> Kim.
>> I think being in this game

has allowed me to finally
embrace who I am and the mental

abilities that I have to see
people for who they are and for

what's really buried deep
inside of them.

>> Okay, got Willard.
>> Good-bye, Willard.

>> I wasn't nearly as grumpy
as I am in my day-to-day life.

'Cause I made a real effort not
to do that.

You know, I didn't win the
money, but I won the game of

life, and that's the important

>> Angie.
>> I've never really been part

of a team before.
Like, I've never had that

experience where, you know,
you're relying on somebody else

to kind of help get you through

I've always relied on myself
for just about everything.

I wanted to, you know, prove
that I could stick it out

and be as physical as some of
the other people, you know.

So I think they were really...
people were surprised

that I turned out to be as
tough as I was.

>> ( southern twang ): We've got

Made me laugh every time he
came to a challenge.

>> I'll tell you what, James was
a character.

>> He was a character.
>> Definitely a character.

It wouldn't have been the
same without him.

>> I come into this game
thinking I was gonna conquer


The most important thing I'm
gonna take home with me is not

take my life for granted

>> Ibrehem, the strong, silent
one, right?

>> Yeah.
>> Good guy.

>> From being rained on, being
hungry, being tired, then

having to come back and maybe
listen to people bicker a

little bit, I think me being
out here made me a little more

>> Bobby Jon.

>> Never stopped working.
>> Tough competitor; he was

always conducting himself
like a gentleman.

>> Did not like to lose.
>> You were hot.

>> I have no regrets at all.
I totally fulfilled my destiny.

I can honestly say that I left
every inch, every effort, every

blood, sweat that I had in my
body, every toenail out on that

>> Coby, Coby, Coby, Coby.

>> I played the whole game too
hard, which is why they saw me

as a threat, but I don't care.
This is my experience.

That's what I wanted.
So, no regrets, none.

>> Janu.
>> My experience in Survivor

was like a roller coaster.
I am glad that I made the

decision to lay down my torch
at Tribal Council.

I messed up the plans of those
that were trying to keep me in

and so I liked that.
>> All right, let's move on.

>> Steph. I love her.
>> Yeah, I do, too.

>> A good spirit.
>> A really good spirit.

>> I never knew how strong I
really was, both mentally and

physically, until I came into
this game.

To just continue to be the last
one standing in my tribe, here

it turns out that I was the

>> All right, guys.
This is a tough one.

>> For me to come away from the

experience and just be more
excited to get back to a life,

friends and family that I love
and have my integrity and be

proud of who I am and who I was
during this game, is just a

very rewarding experience.
>> Caryn and I had a lot of ups

and downs, but I actually,
genuinely like her as a person.

>> Yeah, me, too.
>> I respect her.

>> That's right, with respect.
>> I always knew that I could do

without material possessions,
but this is a whole other

You're in this game.

It's all-consuming.
It's everything, and then the

torch is snuffed out and you
are in another world.

>> This was a really hard one
for me.

>> Yeah.
>> Jenn was my best girl out

Definitely miss her presence,

sad to see her go.
>> Mm-hmm.

>> Love you, Jenn.
>> To a great competitor and

good person.
>> I would definitely say that

I've proved that I am not the
girlie-girl that people thought

I was.
And I think people really ended

up respecting me and my game.
It's been the most amazing

experience I've ever had in my
entire life.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.
Last time you're gonna paddle

to a challenge.
First things first.

For the last time, immunity is
up for grabs.

For your final immunity
challenge, you're going to bob

on a buoy for as long as you

Here's how it works-- there are
three floating buoys in the

Each buoy has a pole to hold

onto, and a small metal disc
to stand on.

Three rules:
You cannot sit down on the disc.

You cannot touch any part of
the buoy underneath the disc.

And you will do this barefoot.
Last person left standing wins

immunity, guaranteed a spot
in the final two and decides

who sits next to them at that
final Tribal Council.

We'll randomly draw for spots
and you'll swim out.

All right, everybody, get up
into your standing position on

the small disc.
The final immunity challenge has

>> Whoa.

>> PROBST: Ian, you think this
is going to go a while?

>> I think so.
>> PROBST: How 'bout you,

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Tom?
>> A couple hours.

>> PROBST: I'm guessing nobody
is going to willingly

step down off of this challenge.
>> Oh, no.

>> PROBST: Nobody trusts anybody
anymore in this group.

>> ( chuckling ) No way.
>> Are you kidding me?

>> PROBST: You've been out here
one hour.

What are you thinking about,

>> Winning immunity.
It'd be a nice one to win.

>> PROBST: How about you, Ian?
>> It was a pretty rough night

for me last night.
So, I'm thinking about a lot of

>> Whoa!

>> It's really windy right now.
>> Wow.

>> It really is windy, isn't it?
>> Yeah.

>> I'm getting really far over.
>> PROBST: The wind is

definitely picking up.
( thunder )

>> Wow.
>> PROBST: Here comes the rain.

Tom, is this rain going to make
this any more difficult?

>> Not as difficult as the sun
would be.

>> PROBST: How confident are you
right now that you can win this,

>> Pretty confident if someone

makes a mistake.
>> PROBST: Ian, how confident

are you that you can win this

>> Pretty confident.
But you never know what's going

to happen.
>> PROBST: Think you can beat

>> Yup.

>> This hurts.
I'm not enjoying myself right

>> PROBST: What's hurting?

>> My back.
>> PROBST: Coming up on five

>> My back.
>> PROBST: Coming up on five

Katie trying to find a

comfortable spot.
>> I'm in a bad way.

Good luck, you guys.
>> PROBST: Katie has just

stepped down, taking herself out
of the challenge and might have

just cost herself a shot at a
million bucks.

Tom and Ian, last two left
standing, last immunity

challenge with everything you
two have been through.

What's hurting right now, Tom?
>> Everything is numb from the

knees down.
>> PROBST: How about you, Ian?

>> Feel pretty good.
>> PROBST: I'm amazed that we

>> Feel pretty good.
>> PROBST: I'm amazed that we

have been out here eight hours.
>> Whoo-hoo!

>> PROBST: There hasn't been one
word spoken in the last four and

a half and never once has even
the notion of a deal come up.

>> What, have you got pizza?
>> I'm gonna say, are there

French fries or something?
>> Um, if I beat you at this

event I'm taking Katie to the

If you step off that perch, I'm
taking you.

>> Okay, I won't step off the

>> I think you should take the

>> You're that afraid of going
to Tribal against me right now,

all your persuasive language

>> Tell you what, you jump
first, we have a deal.

>> ( chuckles )
>> Okay, I'll count to three.

>> Yeah, right.
>> Come on, Ian.

Final two.
Just step down, and pay a few

college loans-- $100,000.
That's not chump change.

>> I thought you wanted to duke
it out, Tom.

That's why I can't step down.
And won't step down.

>> As you know, I've had a,
uh... interesting day.

Um, I'll, uh, I'll go down, you
take Katie.

And I'll give up the million,
um, to get back your-your guys'

>> PROBST: Wait.

You will step down...
>> Yes. I will step down.

>> PROBST: He doesn't take you
but, instead, takes Katie as a

way to show that you do care
about these guys.

>> To show that, yeah.
>> You would do that?

>> Yeah. I would do it.
>> PROBST: Just to be clear, Tom

has been offering to take you
and give you a shot.

>> Right.
>> PROBST: That doesn't sound as

good as taking back your
integrity and giving up any

>> That's right.

>> PROBST: And giving somebody
who's been out of this challenge

now for ten hours.
>> Yes, I've, I've thought about

it for the past 24 hours, how to
reconcile my differences.

My hole gets deeper and deeper.
I, I can't leave this game with

that on my shoulder,
so I will dive right now if you

take Katie.
I said all along the friendship

was more important, I feel like
the longer we sit up here, the

more and more I feel like a
traitor to that, and a traitor

to myself, so, yeah, I'll do it.
>> PROBST: Tom, would it be

Would he be accomplishing what

he's trying to do?
>> Without a doubt.

Ian would have my friendship
after this game anyway, but he

wins my respect back.
>> PROBST: Ian steps down.

wins my respect back.
>> PROBST: Ian steps down.

Tom wins final immunity.
Nobody would have predicted this

Tom wins final immunity.
Nobody would have predicted this

>> I was about to fall off, too.

I'm surprised you did that.
>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Put this on.
Let me ask you guys something.

Tom, you have immunity.
Is there any reason we shouldn't

hold Tribal Council right now?
>> I'm going to ask Ian one more

time because I think we're both
a little punchy and delirious.

Are you taking yourself out,
and-and do you want me to hold

to that?
>> We made a deal.

Yeah, absolutely, yeah.
You guys need to go

to the final two.
>> PROBST: All right, here's

what's going to happen.
The only person who votes is

Give me a verbal vote.

Who are you voting out of this
game tonight?

>> Uh, I'm going to vote out my
buddy Ian.

And as bad as I felt last
night, I feel ten times better.

Um, he's just a hell of a guy,
and I respect him.

>> PROBST: Ian, you are the 16th
person voted out of this game.

You'll become the seventh
member of the jury, with,

potentially, a very big vote.
So, Tom, Katie, you two are the

final two.
You have one more night here in

Tomorrow night, we will hold our

final Tribal Council.
You two will get in your

outrigger, head back to the

Ian, you'll stay here with me.
I'll get you to the jury.

Good night.
>> All right, I'm going to tell

Good night.
>> All right, I'm going to tell

you a dream I had.
You tell me your dream.

Let's find out if it really

I don't see anybody else here in
camp, and I had a dream that you

and I are the final two.
Is it possible?

>> It's possible.
It's day 39.

>> Day 39.
>> Oh, my gosh.

Can you believe it?
>> The time is almost here.

>> Yes.
>> One more day here.

>> Whoo!
That was the last night, Tom!

>> That was it.
>> I woke up this morning and I

was, like, "Oh, my God!
This is it, this is our last

"Wait, it's just Tom and I.

Wait, I made it to the final

>> Katie, that's a good
testament to you.

It's been 39 days, but I know
I'll miss you tomorrow,

when we're not doing this again,

>> Yeah.
>> Katie is so likable, and

she's such a character, that,
you know, you just don't know

if people just say, you know

I've had enough of Tom and his
immunity necklace.

I'm going to give it to the one
who was able to make it there

just by riding with Tom.
To be here today as one of the

final two is almost

I'm, you know, really having
trouble, um... processing it.

It's like I'm kind of numb to
the whole thing right now.

Final Tribal Council is

We won't be back to this beach.
This is our last day here.

And, uh, you know, it's

it's been tough here, but it's

been the experience of a
lifetime and, uh...

I think we're going to take this
place apart with a little lump

in our throat.
>> Right, whoever wins gets

that, right?
>> Is that right?

>> Yeah.
>> Okay, good enough.

Ready? One, two, three.
We're going to get a good

bonfire going, and it'll be
a celebratory bonfire, and the

picnic table won't be used
by any other tribe, or family

That's... it fed this

tribe, this family, and, uh...
it's a great day to be here.

( both whooping )
>> Careful.

I'm telling the fireman to be
careful around the fire.

>> That's good advice.
>> I played this game in a

different way than Tom, but
just as hard.

There's this scary beast in
there-- inside Tom.

He's threatening, he's

I, once again, will be candid,
and let the jury know, you know,

what Tom has been up to, and
what kind of steps that he took

to keep himself in the game.
( whistling )

Good-bye, coconuts, cemetery.
>> Good-bye, coconut, is right.

>> Bye, rats.
>> We're done with that.

That's it, the rats get it
back now.

>> I'm really proud of myself
for getting through this, and I

hope people can appreciate the
game for what it is.

I hope I get some credit for
the way that I played this

game, and the choices that I've

>> The jury tonight-- no
treachery or half-truths or

sugarcoating things.
Whatever I did got me to where

I am right now and, uh, so be

Now it's in their hands, not

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in
the members of your jury--

Coby, Janu, Steph, Gregg, Caryn
and Jenn.

We'll now bring in the last
member of our jury-- Ian-- voted

out at an impromptu Tribal
Council last night.

All right, we have a lot to get
to tonight, so let's get

39 days you slugged it out in

this game, and now all the power
shifts to seven people that you

had a hand, either directly or
indirectly, in voting out of

this game.
They now hold your fate in their

Tonight, they will question you.

They will hold you accountable
for your actions out here.

And, based on what you tell
them, they will vote.

Here's how it's going to work.
Tom and Katie, you will get a

chance to make an opening

This is your chance to pitch
them on why you deserve the

title of Sole Survivor and $1

After you've made your comments,
they'll get their first chance

to address you since being voted

Once they've had their say,
you'll get a chance for a

closing comment, and then we
will vote-- sound good?

Let's get started.
Tom, you're up first.

>> Okay.
Um, it's an honor to be sitting

in front of what has been our
tribe, and our family

for the last couple of weeks,
and I don't sit here pretending

that I deserve this seat any
more than you, there's a million

things I do want to say,
and you can ask me things,

and we'll get to specifics,
but judge me on who I was,

the fact that I came out, I
played real hard, tried to

provide, went out, did my work,
and never had a nasty word

for any of you, and tried to
keep it light.

It's been an honor, and this is
humbling, and I cherish you

people for going through this
experience with me.

>> PROBST: Katie.
>> Okay.

Um, what I would like to say is
that there's two very different

people sitting here.
Um, I'm not going to pretend

that I am even close to Tom in
some aspects.

The whole goal of this game is
self-preservation, and that's

what I've, that's what I've

I never sat here and had
immunity around my neck,

but I'm sitting here right now.
I'm sure a lot of you are

probably thinking, "Yeah, she
skated by."

"She aligned with two really
strong people."

Well, that's the game.
That's exactly what I did, and I

came in with a plan, and, um, I
executed that plan, and I hope I

really didn't hurt anyone and
everyone can understand that and

respect that, that I played the
only cards I can play.

By far if I can say anything, I
definitely outwitted, and I'm

just honored to be sitting here
right now.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Katie.
All right, jury, in a moment,

you're going to get your first
chance to address Tom and Katie.

I'll give you a minute to think
about what you want to say

or what you want to ask.
>> PROBST: All right, Tom,

or what you want to ask.
>> PROBST: All right, Tom,

Katie, you've made your opening
statements, it's now time for

the jury to address you.
Coby, you're up first.

( Coby exhales )
>> Hi, you guys...

>> Hi, Coby.
>> Hi, Coby.

>> So this is going to be

I have issues, I'm bringing

>> Bring them on.
>> Bring it on, Coby.

>> I respect the fact that I was
outplayed by the two of you, but

that doesn't mean that I have to
respect the way either of you

played the game. So, Katie...
Ooh, you're making this hard

with that little grin, but the
fact of the matter is, is that

if you get my vote tonight-- and
I need to make this clear-- it's

not for how you played the game,
because in the challenges, you

sat out of most of them.
At camp, I rarely saw you muster

enough energy but to stir

Your self-proclaimed social
skills really don't lie anywhere

outside of your alliance.
The only quality that I actually

saw you bring to this game was
maybe the value of riding the

coattails of people who do play
the game.

So realize, if I vote for you
tonight, it is not for you, but

it is against Tom.
Which brings me to Tom.

My main problem with how you
played this game, Tom, is that

you played this game almost as
dirty as I would have liked to,

and you played this game every
bit as dirty as Ian did, whether

you want to admit it or not.
And I've seen you come into

every Tribal Council, you dance
around some of your lies, and

you skirt around your issues,
and you're very good at it, I'll

give you that, but I'm not
buying it.

So tonight is your chance, if
you want my vote, to finally

bring out that badge of courage
that you wave of honesty and

truth, and I want to hear it.
So I am now going to sit down,

and I'm going to listen to every
word you say, and you know that

with every word it could cost
you a million dollars.

>> PROBST: Gregg.
>> Uh, my first comment and

question is for Tom.
When Koror was a tribe of seven,

you didn't have immunity.
You were at risk, and you were

pretty nervous about it.
You and I had a conversation,

once or twice actually, about
how anyone that would break the

five-person alliance would have
to pay for it when it came to

the jury.
Well, here I am today, I'm part

of the jury, and, you know, I
kept my word.

I saved you, and you didn't do
the same.

You didn't pay the same respect.
So why, why on Earth should I

give you my vote?
>> Gregg, when I voted you out,

I did think that you had
threatened me; I believed it.

I apologize for that.
I was taken in because I didn't

think I had any reason to doubt
Ian, but when he came and said,

"You're the next to go because
you're winning too many things,"

I believed him, and I apologize
to you for that.

>> Regrets?
>> Totally. I was taken in.

Let me tell you, I can't believe
that I had the number played on

me that I did.
Um, total regrets.

>> Katie, you were...
worthless around camp.

You were insignificant, even
embarrassing on challenges.

You would think that the least
that you could do was, you know,

make some friends around camp.
Yet I still can count a number

of instances where you've
ridiculed, made fun of almost

all these jury members, and even
betrayed them at times.

So my question to you is,
explain to me and the jury how

being so pathetic is your
"plan"-- and not your plan to

get an invite to number two--
but a plan to win you a million

>> Wow, Gregg. Um...

I don't even know where to begin
with that.

I'm-I'm really sorry that you
feel like I'm pathetic, um, and

I'm sorry you had to go there,
because I would never say

anything like that about you,
um, because you're not, and

I'm-- I don't think I am either,
you know.

I played with the cards that I

I don't have an athletic card.
I'm sorry if you feel like I was

pathetic, but that's not all
this game is about.

It's about getting here, and
going in with a strategy, and I

have never wavered on that
strategy, ever.

>> Okay.
>> PROBST: Thanks, Gregg.

>> Well, congratulations to both

of you for making it this far.
Tom, I get to Koror on Day 22,

and you take me aside, you tell
me, um, I'm not a dead man

and that you'll do whatever you

can to take me as far as you can
because you know that I deserve

it, and that you'll fight for

And, unfortunately, I don't
think you fought at all or hard

enough because I'm not the one
sitting next to you.

So what I kind of want to know
is, you know...

when my name was brought up
at camp, what did you do to

fight for me, and I don't want
to hear it was strategy or it

was a numbers game.
I want to hear specific things.

>> Um, I went as far as I could,
and then it came to the

five-person alliance.
I couldn't step forward and just

say, "No, no, no, Stephenie,
it's got to be Stephenie."

So to preserve the alliance that
I was in, I had to acquiesce,

and I did say, "Okay, it's

For me to lose my alliance and
still not save you from, uh,

from getting voted off just
didn't make any sense within

this game.
>> Okay.

And, Katie, what I want to
know from you is why should I

not vote for Tom?
>> I really was hoping that this

wouldn't be as ugly as it was.
I guess it has to get that way.

Tom actually came to me before
you came and said we need to

take out Stephenie.
You pulled me aside and you

said, "Whether it's Stephenie
or Bobby Jon, we gotta take 'em

out, and we need to take 'em
out first."

>> Why would I tell a person,
who maybe had an alliance with

the four of us-- Ian, myself,
Katie-- that we had to get rid

of you?
You were an ace in the hole that

was the last person I wanted to
see voted off.

There's no sense to that at all.
>> I swear I remember that

>> PROBST: Satisfied?

>> Perfect.
>> PROBST: Thanks.

>> Thanks, guys.
>> PROBST: Janu.

>> Well, okay.
Tom, I'll address you first.

Now, you being the man that you
are, tell me how hard was it

to compromise your integrity
to be in this game and to get as

far as you did, and how do you
reconcile that?

>> This game is what it is,
and we all know the rules, and

there are lines that we each
have to individually draw and

choose whether or not we cross
over them.

I didn't get to any of those
lines and cross them and-and

have that problem.
I played the game as well as I

I played it with as much honor

as I can.
I mean, you cannot play

Survivor and not mislead,

I went out of my way to never
hurt people,

but the real goal was to get
myself into this seat and to be

judged by how I played the game,
and I welcome that chance now.

>> PROBST: As the rain comes
down, Janu, address Katie.

>> I will now go to Katie.
My question to you, Katie, is if

you could please give me
three positive and negative

adjectives that best describe
you and how you played this

>> Actually...

I don't expect your vote, Janu.
So I don't know that I need to

do that, to give you positive
and negative.

I mean, I can I do that if you
need me to, but I don't expect

your vote.
>> You're assuming that you

don't have my vote.
>> Right.

>> You don't know this, but if
you're willing to sit back and

not answer my question, then so
be it, and I'll return to the

Fair enough then.

Okay, thank you, both.
>> PROBST: Thanks, Janu.

>> Caryn.
>> Tom, my question to you is

simple: What was I to you in the
game, Tom?

Was I just a pawn?
Did we have a legitimate, real,

genuine friendship?
>> I didn't tell you you were in

an alliance.
I never lied to you and said,

"Caryn, you're in."
I told you, "We're the parents

of this dysfunctional family.
"You know, we should look out

for each other's backs."
I did it for you, and now I

found out you did it for me.
I thought that you were lying

to me.
I didn't believe you.

I thought it was game-play.
I thought that you were stirring

up a hornet's nest,
saying that people said things.

It nearly cost me the game.
If I didn't win those two

back-to-back immunities, I was
going home.

>> So was I a pawn, or did we
have a real friendship?

>> If you were a pawn...
>> Within the confines of this

>> You know what?

>> Was it legitimate and
genuine-- what we were saying

to each other or was I a pawn?
>> I'll tell you what.

I won't even answer that

I'm going to let you find that
for yourself in your heart,

>> Okay. Fair enough.

Katie, I'm going to tell you
the things I did observe, okay?

You were phony and cruel to
everyone except Tom and Ian.

Aside from that, I also
observed: laziest person at

camp, mean, bad at challenges,
unkind and betrayed me.

Give me one reason I should vote
for you.

>> Um, well, Caryn, I'm sorry if
you think I'm unkind.

I'm not unkind, but, you know,
whatever you want to think

about me personally, um, is your
own prerogative.

If you don't vote for me, Caryn,
it's not going to change how you

feel about me as a person.
Obviously, that is ruling how

you're making your judgments on

>> No, the question was, Katie,
these are the things I observed.

>> I understand.
>> Okay, tell me if there's

something, other than making an
alliance with two strong people

who carried you that I'm

>> That the game is about making
alliances, and that's why you're

sitting over there, because you
didn't make one.

>> I got it, Katie, thanks.
>> PROBST: Jenn.

>> Congratulations, you guys.
Um... Okay...

Tom, my take on you is
that you are, uh, in my mind,

a little chauvinistic.
I believe that you didn't

respect me or my game.
Um, I am a woman with a vote,

and I would like to know why I
should give you the respect of

my vote when I don't believe
that you respected me or my

>> Sure, um, my respect for your

game, I'll agree, came late.
When you came up and told me,

ask him right now in front of
me, were you going to vote Tom

out the last two days, confront
Ian right now, and I did, then I

said, "Hey, you're really
playing hard and I do respect

So your whole game was that you

hid your game.
I had no game to see.

>> Okay, Katie, to me, what's,
what's worse than being

disrespected is being someone
who just gets disrespected over

and over and just takes it and
lies down.

You know, I think you had
opportunity after opportunity

to play this game like a strong
woman, and I just want to know,

am I wrong?
I mean, did you play it like a

strong woman, like, or a

>> Um, by preserving myself and
my alliance, I believe that

makes me a strong person, by
realizing how-how to play

this game, how to get where you
get to.

I mean, you make sacrifices.
I'm not here to, um, prove that

I'm a strong woman.
I-I believe that I'm a strong

Um, by me sticking to my plan,

um, and my-my strategy, yeah, I
feel, I feel good about my game.

>> Okay. Okay. Thank you.
>> PROBST: Thanks, Jenn.

>> Yeah.

Uh, answer as honestly as you

It's gonna be the same question
for both of you.

Um, what's the biggest reason
that we, as a group, shouldn't

give you a million dollars?
Katie can go first.

>> Um, the biggest reason would
be because you felt that because

of my personality, because of my
sense of humor,

which I thought a lot of people
got a kick out of, if that's

what you're judging outwit,
outplay, and outlast on, don't

vote for me.
>> Go ahead, Tom.

>> Uh, you shouldn't give me
a million dollars, I think,

because I've already had my
payday, I, uh...

The experience of being here,
with you guys has been genuine.

Uh, being out here, you know,
being a 40-year-old man with

responsibilities at home and
putting it all aside and having

a little boy's adventure, where
your biggest, uh, choice of the

day is do I get out of the
hammock and go chase snakes or

sharks is kind of unique.
And it's a once-in-a-lifetime

thing, and, uh, I've been

>> Okay.
>> PROBST: Thanks, Ian.

>> Yep.
>> PROBST: All right, Tom and

Katie, you've heard from a very
vocal jury.

I'm going to give you a minute
to think about your closing

>> PROBST: All right, Tom and

>> PROBST: All right, Tom and

Katie, you've heard from the

Based on what you heard, you now
have one last opportunity to

address them with a closing

Tom, you can begin.
>> Um, when I found out I was

coming out here, and you turn
into a panic, and you start

saying, "Well, how am I going to
play it?

"What's my best personality?
How am I going to act?"

'Cause this is a truth serum,
you don't hide who you are.

Good or bad, uh, you met Tom
Westman, and I stuck with the

people who I said I'd stick with
in the beginning, um, even at

folly, and because of that, I
did hurt some other people along

the way, and I apologize for

Somehow I ended up here, and,
um, I'm glad I did, and I'm

willing to be judged on how I
played the game, how I treated

you; and however you vote,
there are no hard feelings

from this end, and I have loved
these days, and I think we all

Thank you.

>> PROBST: Katie.
>> Uh...

I'm sorry if I hurt anyone.
I want to start off by saying

Um, I knew coming into this, Tom

was my biggest threat because
he's such a stand-up guy.

He's totally athletic.
He's been true.

That's why I aligned with him.
That's why I aligned with Ian.

My plea to you guys is give me
a chance, you know?

Like, I knew I had nothing going
up against this guy, but I came

into this, and I played with
everything I had.

And it might not be things that
you respect.

You know, you might not respect
my sense of humor, but it got me

All I can say is that I came

into this with a plan, I did it.
I'm leaving with my

I might not be leaving with

>> PROBST: Thanks, Katie.

Thanks, Tom.
Okay, now we get to the vote.

Tonight the vote is a little

Tonight you are voting for

You are voting for the person
you think most deserving the

title of Sole Survivor and the
million dollars that goes along

with it.
Tom and Katie, this is the one

time you want to see your name
on the parchment.

For the last time, it is time to

Steph, you're up.
>> ( quietly ): Tom, I'm voting

Steph, you're up.
>> ( quietly ): Tom, I'm voting

for you because I walked away
with an incredible experience,

and that was due to the fact
that you chose me on that day

when we chose tribes.
So thank you, and good luck to

>> ( quietly ): I asked for

>> ( quietly ): I asked for

honesty tonight, and I got it...
But it wasn't from you, Tom.

>> PROBST: Jury, thanks.
Tom, Katie, I know it's been a

long night.
There's only one thing left to

I'll go get the votes.

As much as I know you'd like me
to read these tonight

and get this over with, you know
it's not going to happen.

I'm going to take the votes back
with me to the U.S.

We'll read them there.
Good night.

( cheering and applause )
>> PROBST: Let's get to it!

( cheering and applause )
>> PROBST: Let's get to it!

( cheering and applause
continuing )

Let's do it.
( whistling and cheering )

All right!
Take a seat!

Been a great season.

Kudos to you guys.
Big night.

Obviously, a lot at stake.
Let's get to it, here's what

you're playing for.
For the winner: 2005 Chevy

title of Sole Survivor, and a

check in your name for a million

That's your jury.
These are the guys that you

played this game with the

They know you.
They hold your fate in their

They've made their decision;

it's right here.
Tonight, you do want to see your

These are votes for a winner.

There are seven votes in here;
it takes four to win.

I'll read the votes.
>> Go, Tom!

>> Go, Tommy!
( cheering and applause )

( cheering and applause
continuing )

>> PROBST: Here we go, guys.
First vote...

( cheering and applause )

( cheering and applause )

One vote Tom, one vote Katie.

Two votes Tom, one vote Katie.
( cheering and applause )

( cheering and applause )

That's three votes Tom, one vote

The winner of Survivor: Palau.
( cheering and applause )

>> Tommy!

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