Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 13 - It Could All Backfire - full transcript

One castaway is alienated and jeopardizes a position in the Final Four after a disturbing outburst.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously, on


>> I can't step out from five to

side with one right now.

>> Uh-huh.

>> PROBST: Caryn knew she was

in the hot seat.

>> I'm just hoping and praying

that something happens.

Otherwise, I'm going home.

>> I did make a promise to my


>> PROBST: Ian made a promise to


>> Katie and I had promised

each other if we won a challenge

we'd take each other, and

that's what we're gonna do.

>> PROBST: At the reward


Want to know what you're playing


>> Oh, yeah.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Yacht, shower, big


All right, pick up your cubes.

We'll get started.

Tribe members were quizzed on

island knowledge.

Correct answer is...

"True." Gregg wins reward.

Obviously, it wouldn't be much

fun alone.

Gregg chose to take Jenn and

Katie along for the ride.

>> Hey, guys, I am so sorry.

I will, uh, pay you back.

>> Oh, no, we'll pay you back.

( laughing )

>> PROBST: Back at camp...

>> We have lost control of the


>> PROBST: ...Ian realized it

was three against three.

>> I know they're ready to turn

on you, I know for a fact.

>> And you think Katie's in with


>> Definitely.

>> PROBST: So the three

concocted a risky plan to oust


>> I can go to Tribal Council

willing to take the rock.

I came to play a game.

>> That's the plan-- you and I

are both willing to choose


>> Tom and I have decided that

we're gonna force a tie at the

Tribal Council.

We've prepared ourselves for

the idea that we might be going


But this is a risk we had to


>> PROBST: Meanwhile, Gregg,

Jenn and Katie...

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: ...enjoyed a

surprise visit from their loved

ones... swam with dolphins...

>> Cheers.

>> Tom's a huge threat.

>> PROBST: ... and devised a

plan of their own.

>> It's us three to the final


>> PROBST: Tom misses.

At the individual immunity

challenge, Ian shot his way to


Ian wins immunity!

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Moments before

Tribal Council...

>> Things going okay?

>> KATIE: Yeah.

>> PROBST: ...Ian pulled Katie

aside to let her in on the


>> Caryn and Tom and I are gonna

vote for Gregg.

>> What?!

>> I'm gonna have to make a

decision so I can have a better

chance of winning.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Ian's gamble paid off.

13th person voted out of

Survivor: Palau and the fourth

member of our jury, Gregg.

Katie joined him, Tom and Caryn

in voting Gregg out before a tie

was forced.

Gregg, the tribe has spoken.

Now it's down to five.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

( quiet squeaking )

>> Gregg turns out to be voted


I had no idea, I was completely

blown away.

>> Oh... No, no, no, no.

>> He's definitely been a big

part of my existence out here

and keeping me comforted and all

that, especially at nighttime,


( voice breaks ): Really


>> But Jenn, you realize it

wasn't anything personal.

>> Absolutely.

You can't even... you've no


I was shocked for, like, two

seconds, and then I'm, like,

"Wow, okay, game on."

>> Jenn's a smooth operator,


She's, uh, she handled it

surprisingly well.

I know she's fuming on the


You kind of have to step back

and-and take a look at it and

see, "Okay...

what's really going on here?"

Jenn's playing the game to win,

so, she's smooth, and, uh,

right now Caryn has some loyalty

to Tom, Katie has some loyalty

to me.

The only thing I'm worried about

right now is the three girls

turning on Tom and I.

If we can avoid that in the next

24 hours, uh, we're money.

>> The days are really numbered,

and I'm not taking anything

here for granted anymore.

>> You know I'm sticking around

for another couple days.

Uh, I don't know, I want to see

you stick around till the end.

I, uh...

>> How do you foresee this...

going off?

>> I mean, Katie's the one

who... we had an alliance,

and that was a good thing, and

the three of us were tight.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Um, and then Katie wavered,

so I don't know, I'd rather it

be you, me and Ian.

>> Yeah, so would I, but do you

think Ian will, um...

agree to knock off Jenn and then


>> I think that's...

I don't see why not.

>> We need to, uh...

( whispers ): we need to take

out Caryn.

>> Even if Tom doesn't get

immunity tomorrow?

>> I mean, you guys willing to

take... take him out?

>> I don't know yet.

I don't know yet.

I'd say... I'd say...

>> Really?! Are you kidding me?

>> He's, like, your biggest


>> I know he is. But, like...

>> What are you thinking, are

you thinking "Nice guy, I want

to let him go to the top"?

>> No, I'm not thinking that at


I'm thinking, I'm thinking,

um... I just don't want

to go back on...

You know what I mean? Like...

>> Go back on his word.

>> I hate going back on my word.

>> So you'd rather take out one

of us than...

than Tom-- that's insane.

>> I'd rather take Caryn out.

I'd rather take Caryn out


>> You're safer with us, because

I know today Katie's gonna come

to you.

>> I know what's gonna happen

today, I know.

Katie's gonna come to you.

>> I know, she's gonna say the

three women have to go together.

>> Three women go together, get

rid of the guys, blah, blah...

>> Who do you have a better

chance against, Katie and me, or


>> Right, right.

>> And I understand, I do.

I understand that people are

getting attached to people,

but, dude... you're talking...

>> Yeah.

>> ...a million dollars here.

>> Yeah, that's true.

>> There's a lot of things you

have to think about.

>> Uh-huh.

>> So you've got a lot to think

about, and if you're solid...

>> Yep. I'm solid with this.

>> I know you're not gonna go

with it.

>> Right.

>> Because it's not a good deal.

>> It's not a good deal.

>> You're just gonna

be the third one out, and...

>> Right.

>> If you're going to be the

third one out, what are you

playing for?

>> Right.

>> ( whispers ): Shoot!

Tom just told me his

strategy, that he wants Katie

and Jenn out of the picture

and the final three to be

himself, Ian and me, so I don't

know if I'm being played.

Uh, I'm just not sure right now.

He seems believable, but, um...

I don't know. I don't, uh,

really know what he's thinking.

This could be, you know,

just part of the planning

and the plotting in the last

six days.

Let's put it this way.

I'm guardedly optimistic about

my chance to make to it to the

final three.

>> "Up the creek again.

"A paddle could help you out.

"Where in the world are you?

"Far from home, no doubt.

"Use your passion and precision,

and by the time you're through,

"you'll enjoy the great tastes

of home

and Palau's most amazing view."

>> Oh, boy.

>> Let's do it, let's go.

>> This is a big decision we got

to make in the next two minutes.

What's going to happen?

Let's go over this quickly.

>> There's a possibility that,

after this reward challenge,

Ian and I, we're gonna get


If one of us gets to choose one

other person, we can't choose

each other on this one.

We've got to take one of

the girls out of the mix,

so that they're not going to,

uh, be able to throw it to each

other, so who do we take?

>> I don't know. Caryn.

Eh, we could take Katie.

>> Then we've lost... we've lost

Caryn, and she becomes a loose

cannon with three.

I don't... you trust Katie

that she's staying with the

final three?

>> Yeah, I do. I do.

She wants to go final three.

I trust her.

>> She flipped on us once.

Why would you trust her?

>> Tom likes Caryn 'cause he

can depend on her vote in a

final three situation.

I like Katie for the same


Our views conflict, but it's

just a matter of who's gonna

be the better salesman, and

it's an interesting discussion

that's going on, 'cause we're

getting down to the wire,

and you don't have very many

choices left.

>> Right now, we have two people

who think they're going to the

final two, and that's good.

>> That's true.

I thought it was gonna be easy

getting to the final four,

and now I know that it's not.

I feel like I'm on the edge

of a cliff, and I just hope I

remember to strap my parachute


>> PROBST: You guys ready for

today's reward challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: This time I'm gonna

show you what you're playing for

before I tell you what the

challenge is.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: The winner of today's

challenge wins this.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: All new Chevrolet

Corvette, convertible.

Worth playing for?

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: All right.

Now let's get to the challenge.

Across the lagoon, there are

five pontoons, tied to each

pontoon is one of five colored


Using traditional Palauan

rafts, you will race across the

lagoon, retrieve the bag,

bring it back to your box.

Once you've collected all five

bags, open them-- inside the bag

you will find five mileage


These markers represent the

distance in miles from Palau

to five major cities.

Assign the markers to the right


First person to do so correctly

wins a Corvette.

In addition, you've traveled a

long way for today's challenge

for a very good reason.

The winner of the Corvette

will drive out of here up this

jungle path to one of the most

remote and beautiful mansions in


You'll have a barbecue feast.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: You'll spend the

night there, return to camp in

the morning...

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: When you get back to

the States, the car will be

waiting for you. Sound good?

>> Yeah.

>> Sounds great.

>> PROBST: We'll draw for

position, and we'll get started.

Here we go.

For reward, Survivors ready.


Tom's out first, followed by Ian

and Katie.

We got a traffic jam with Caryn

and Jenn.

You can go to any pole you want

in any order, but you can only

grab one bag on each trip.

Tom, going for his first bag,

Ian right there with him.

Tom has his first bag.

Ian has his first bag.

Katie going for her first bag.

Jenn right with her.

Ian and Tom racing back.

Caryn has her first bag.

Ian has his first bag, and he's

heading back out.

Going to run right into Tom

if he doesn't watch it.

Jenn back with her first bag.

( grunts )

Caryn moving in slow motion.

Men with a big lead.

Ladies have a lot of ground

to make up.

Ian has his second bag.

Tom has his second bag.

Caryn back with her first bag.

There's a head-on.

Just about takes Caryn out.

Ian back with his second bag.

Tom back with his second bag.

Jenn working for her second bag.

Ian unties his third bag,

looking for five bags total.

Tom right behind with his third


Jenn maneuvers back into her

dock with the second bag.

Ian has three bags

and he's heading back out.

Tom back with his third bag.

Tom and Ian both with three


Caryn with one.

Katie with one.

Jenn with two.

Katie back with her second bag.

Jenn has her third bag.

She's still in it.

Tom and Ian still dueling it out

neck and neck.

Ian noses Tom out.

Ian with four bags.

He's going out for his fifth and

final bag.

Tom gonna try and launch it,

and he misses.

Gotta get in and get it in the


That's gonna cost him some time.

Katie struggling to get to her

third bag.

Corvette convertible on the


Ian has his fifth bag, and he's

heading back.

Tom has his fifth bag, he's

heading back.

Ian has all five bags.

Let's see how well he knows his


You gotta match the five mileage

markers up with the right city,

relative to how far they are

from Palau.

Ian thinks Manila is closest.

Jenn back with her fourth bag,

she's still fighting.

Caryn's slowing down more and


Katie-- last place.

Tom now back with his fifth bag.

Ian deciding between London and

New York, which one's further


He decides New York is the

furthest away.

>> There you go.

>> PROBST: Ian... has it right.

Ian wins reward.

>> Oh, man!

( kisses car )

>> PROBST: All right, Ian, get

over here.

>> Wow. Yeah! Get in there.

( sighs )

>> PROBST: You're gonna drive

this car from here, you're gonna

go up to a mansion, and you have

also earned the right to invite

one person to join you.

Who would you like to take with


>> Well...

( Katie chuckles )

I made a deal if there was a car

involved that I would take Tom.

I told Katie yesterday that I'd

take her, but I-I shook hands on

it with him.

I made a promise to him, so I

can't, I can't break that.

>> PROBST: Tom, you're going

with Ian.

>> Have fun. Eat lots.

>> Thank you, guys. Thank you.

>> PROBST: All right.

Caryn, Jenn, Katie, nothing for


Grab your stuff, head on back to


>> Can you believe the day

you're having?

>> This is one to put in the

books, for sure.

( Tom laughs )

>> Whoo-hoo-hoo!

I've never had a car before,

I've never had the money.

So a Corvette, it's pretty


Look at this!

>> Whoo! Oh!

>> It was a really neat reward.

A night at a mansion...


...with the best view in Palau.

And all the food you can eat.

It was gorgeous.

This is the best place to have

a party in the entire world.

>> Look at that.

That is yours.

>> You know, at first when I

first won it and I brought you,

I felt bad for Katie.

But she had turned her back

on me for the last challenge.

And she challenged me

thinking of getting me out

with Gregg's help, so...

So I don't feel that bad.

This is a good glass of


>> But what we have to do is

bring her back into the fold

and convince her that we're all

going to play this thing to the


>> Yeah.

>> We need to get back to our

original alliance of Tom, Ian

and Katie.

I'm hoping that Ian can bring

Katie around, because it really

is our only play.

>> Yeah.

Letting her know that

we're gonna be with her to the

end... a smart idea.

>> Yeah.

>> All right, what happened,


>> Uh, well...

>> Tell me how the whole thing

went down.

>> The whole thing went down

since day one, Caryn.

I mean, Ian and I made a promise

to each other that, um, we would

stick together till the end.

Um, he pulled me aside yesterday

and was, like, "I'm telling you

right now, I'll choose you over


You and I had a bond the first

day," and then he took Tom.

And I feel like I lost my best

friend out here.

Ian kept telling me, you know,

"I'll take you if I win.

I'll take you if I win."

And I was, like, "Okay, I'll

totally take you if I win."

It's a great deal to be made.

He won, and he picked Tom.

And so it meant my biggest,

closest ally out here is gone,

and that really bums me out.

And thinking about it, I mean,

when we were kind of at that

pivotal moment where it was

Steph was here, there was four

women, that was the time to make

a move, and we didn't make it.

But what I want to know is the

deal with you and Tom and what

your plan is.

>> Yeah.

>> I don't really have a deal

with Tom.

>> We know you have a deal with


>> I don't have a deal with Tom.

Yeah, he tells me, yeah, he told

me he'll take me to the final

two, but he also told me that

he's... has a final three

with Katie and Ian, so...

>> Oh, really?

>> He told me...

>> Yeah.

>> Is that true, Katie?

>> Yeah.

>> Oh...

Katie just cleaned house.

She told everything, and I have

not known any of this


And so, yeah, I'm a little wary

of Katie 'cause I think she's

been playing a real tough game

that I had no idea about.

>> Obviously, we know it's a

numbers game.

>> Mm-hmm

>> But one of the moves that you

have to make is when the person

that is in power starts to lose

that power, that's when you jump

over, and that's what just

happened today.

>> Uh-huh.

>> If it's Ian, we vote out Tom.

>> Right?

>> Yep. Right.

>> And if it's Tom...

>> Absolutely.

>> ... we vote out Ian.

>> That's right.

I'm all about that.

>> I love that.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Don't you think?

Yeah, I think.

>> I've told Jenn and Katie that

I am going with them.

This is the women's opportunity

to take the game.

But I have to really think who

do I have a better shot with,

the women taking out the guys

or the guys who are promising me

I'm going with them?

And I don't know.

>> Ian... it's a very immature

move today.

You just left three women...

And a... and a really upset...

like, best friend of yours...

>> One really upset best friend.

>> ...together? Don't go there.

>> A big mistake.

>> This is the only time to do


It's the perfect time.

>> Yeah.

>> I need to talk to Katie.

>> Why don't you go to her right

now while they're sleeping?

>> Yep, okay.

>> All right, girly.

Full report.

>> No time to talk.

Ian, I need to ask you

a couple questions.

>> Yeah.

>> Just be straight up with me.

>> Anybody flip? Anyone...

>> I want to hear him.

I want to hear him.

>> Okay, go.

>> Is it you, me, Tom?

Or is it you, me, Katie?

>> It's gonna be you, me, K...

Er, you, me and Tom.

>> Why should I believe that

when Katie says you will never

let her down, that you'll take

her all the way?

>> If she stayed loyal.

She didn't.

>> Did you say that to her?

That's what you meant.

>> I told Katie at the very

beginning of the game

that, that I was playing the

game with her, right?

>> Yes.

>> I wasn't... I-I-I told Tom

I was not going to make a

decision until tonight.

That's the deal.

So it could have been you,

it could have been Katie.

>> If you haven't flipped with

the girls, it's you.

>> Right.

>> We're... like, we're all

playing the game.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> So I mean, I can't give you

an answer right now.

It would be unfair for me.

>> Okay, I appreciate that.

>> Now, what's the other half of

this? What's going on?

What's Katie saying now?

>> I don't want to say anything.

I don't want to say anything.

>> We're telling you the game,

our half of the game, you're not

telling us.

>> He didn't tell me anything.

He didn't tell me anything.

>> You just gave away her vote


>> I don't think so.

>> You just screwed up.

Caryn had two options-- go with

the girls, or go with us and

trust the guys.

And Ian just wavers and said,

"Well, I can't promise and I

can't do this," and I just said,

"Oh, my God."

He better be really tight with


>> Katie, we really need to

talk, we need to do it.

>> Well, that's actually the

last thing I'd like to do this


>> All right. Well, I'd still

like to talk to you.

It was like some horrible,

horrible nightmare.

It was like a bomb had exploded.

>> He's, like, "Can I talk to

you, Katie, soon as you get up?"

And I said, "Actually, that's

the last thing I'd like to do

this morning."

He's freaking.

>> It was a reward challenge...

for dinner.

This is like classic girl,

this is like girl troubles

back home.



Can I have five minutes to talk

to you?

I don't want to talk about the

game, I don't.

>> It's all the game, Ian.

>> All right, well, can I have

five minutes to talk to you,


Can you give me five minutes,

as opposed to listening to

everybody else?

>> Yeah.

>> Okay. Let's walk.

I won a reward challenge

yesterday, right?

48 hours earlier, the same thing

happened to me and to Tom...

>> Don't make me feel guilty

about that.

>> I'm not making you feel


>> That was not something I

want, stop that now.

It's not about the reward


>> Okay, all right.

Second point, no matter what

you heard from Caryn, no matter

what you've heard from Jenn,

I swore on this, that I...

there's no vote that would ever

go against you, ever.

That's the plan... that's still

my... that's...

I mean, I came in this morning

saying that's my plan.

I had every intention from the

very beginning of this game

to take you to the final two

and I told you that.

>> Who knows?

>> I feel like I'm dealing with

girl troubles back home...

>> Well, you know, I feel like I

lost my best friend yesterday.

>> How?

>> Listen to me for a second,


>> I am, I'm listening.

>> You promised me that you

would never lie to me and you

did yesterday.

I can't believe anything you say

to me.

I just... I can't.

I lost my best friend out here.

The closest thing I had to

family, you know?

>> Yeah, well...

>> And so, you're like, "I'll

take Tom, 'cause I can step all

over Katie."

>> No!

>> "She'll do whatever I say."

You didn't even think about how

that was going to make me feel

to have you totally go against

your word.

>> For, for... dinner?!

It's a little bit different...

>> It wasn't dinner, it was a


I was embarrassed.

( crying )

For you to come to me and tell

me, you know...

"Stay on this..." You went on,


"Oh, and by the way, we're

voting off Gregg."

Nice intro. Nice intro.

>> I'm sorry. Like... I'm sorry.

Yeah, sometimes friends make

huge mistakes.

>> I realize that, I realize


>> I wouldn't deliberately do

it, I'm a scatterbrain...

Like, and...

if you want me to step

out to show that it's true,

like, I mean, I'll do it.

I'll do it. Like...

I will, like...

>> I would never want you to do


>> Just please know that,

that... over and above the

mistake that I made, that I hope

you can forgive me for it.

I'm gonna try to be your

friend for the rest of my life,

and if you don't want it, that's

fine, and, you know, I'll stay

away, but, like, the bottom line

is, like...

I'm off my rocker in

so many different ways, and...

I'm sorry. That's...

I mean, that's all I can say.

All right, I'm sorry.

Can I...?

>> Was Katie really put out by,

uh, not going, or was that just,

was that her way to jump out of

an alliance that she was looking

to break anyway?

>> I don't know.

>> I mean, you saw her...

Do you think...?

>> Katie's, Katie's a good


>> I know she's great.

( coughing )

>> I don't really know the


>> And did she bring up the

women's alliance, was it her


Had they discussed who would go

first between Ian and I?

>> That's still up in the air.

I think immunity is key for

Tom and Ian, and they know it.

And I think they're desperate

and I think they're just

freaking out.

You know, the women are tired

of the guys pulling the strings

the entire game,

and now we're taking control.

>> Good morning, Koror.

We have mail.

>> Oh, wow.

>> Want to hear it?

>> Morning.

>> Good morning.

"You may have a memory

"like an elephant, but you

"better move like a gazelle.

"Brains and retention are

"paramount, but agility is

"required, as well.

"Concentration is only half of


"Losing focus would be a shame.

"Either move smart and swiftly

"or you could be next to leave

the game."

( groans )

>> Hmm...

>> At this point now, it's


You know, save your own neck,

and, uh...

You can take that alliance so

far, and then everybody looks

out for their own better

interests and it's usually

that weakest person in the

alliance who's gonna flop to

the other majority.

Katie's the weaker member, and

she's looking to better-deal us


I don't hold it against her for

doing it, but that is the

reality of this game.

My whole game, Ian's whole game,

hangs on you.

And I want to convince you that

your whole game hangs on us.

>> Man, it's early for this.

>> Because even if you take...

Listen, I know.

But if you take one of us

tonight-- and we might, because

it's a concentration game--

so one of us goes home, the

other one's still here,

if that next one's physical,

and the guy who's left wins it,

then it's gonna be you.

>> I know.

>> And that'll be the payback

for flipping.

>> Yep.

>> So, then maybe you don't

get to the final two at all.

>> This morning I've been

bombarded by Tom

trying to bully me, and now,

once again, I won't get his vote

if I take him out.

And, um, my only chance to get

down to the final two is for me

to go with him and Ian.

I just don't know who to trust.

Well, you don't have to trust


>> Yes, I do.

>> You go with what you know.

>> Tom sucks today, he's being


He's, like, threatening, and

it's, like, cold, and I don't

like it.

>> But you're going to make your

own decision, and...

>> I know, and I haven't made a


>> Really?

You're... Ian?

If you think that Katie's

with us, you're crazy.

>> She's in, I'm telling you.

>> She's playing you.

>> Maybe she is, but...

>> She is. She doesn't care

about the not going on the


She made that up just to save

face when she broke ranks with


She's been waiting for her

opportunity and we gave it to

her-- why wouldn't she take it?

So the only thing now is to

threaten her back into the fold

by telling her, "If you betray

us after we carried you in those

early days..."

>> Right...

Attaching myself

with Tom right now, I'm becoming

a bigger target, 'cause Tom's

changed his method.

Um, he's getting really worried

and he's strong-arming people.

>> That's the only thing that

will keep her loyal.

>> I will, I'll talk to her.

I'll talk to her.

If I had my wits about me, I'd

take Caryn out, but if I had

my brain about me, I might need

to take Tom out tonight.

Like I said, the game's changed

from game domination to

self-preservation, so...

It's Survivor, not, uh, not


>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to today's

immunity challenge?

First things first, Ian-- give

it up.

Once again, immunity back up for


Well, you are 36 days in and

today's challenge will test

how much you have left--

both physically and mentally.

For today's immunity challenge

you will make your way

across a wobbly bridge, over

a series of floating pontoons.

You'll then navigate your way

across a rope bridge where you

will find a memory puzzle

containing 15 different images.

Memorize the position of as many

of those images as you can,

then make your way back

where you will find your own

empty memory puzzle grid.

Start duplicating that puzzle.

First person to correctly

duplicate their memory puzzle

wins immunity.

Couple rules--

if you fall off an obstacle,

go back to the beginning of that


If you think you have your

memory puzzle solved

and you call out and I check it

and you're wrong, you gotta go

back and take another look

before you can make any changes

so, make sure you're right.

One note-- each puzzle is

unique, so looking next door at

your neighbor's will do you no


We'll draw for positions and

we'll get started.

All right, here we go, for

immunity, and a guaranteed

spot in the final four.

Survivors ready...


Caryn and Katie down in the

first obstacle.

Katie's caught up in it.

Jenn, Ian, Tom, making good


Tom almost goes down.

Jenn across, Ian across.

Katie and Caryn still back at

the start.

>> Oh, I know.

>> PROBST: Jenn, Ian, Tom,

making mental notes.

Caryn struggling.

Tom first to head back, Ian

right behind.

Jenn taking a long time to make

some notes.

Tom, struggling to hang onto

that bridge and he does.

Tom and Ian both working on

their puzzles.

How much do they remember?

Tom puts the first row together,

and he's heading back.

Katie's across.

Caryn's across.

Everybody's in it.

Ian heading out for another


Jenn finally heading back.

Jenn goes right to work,

wasting no time, lots of images.

Caryn on her way back.

Ian takes a second peek, on his

way back.

Jenn puts her entire board


Not ready to call out whether

she has it.

Tom's back.

Katie making her way back.

Jenn heading back to the master


Everybody working fast.

Ian heads back for another look.

Ian checks his board and heads


Caryn, struggling with the

wobbly bridge.

Ian just runs across.

Tom takes a big hit, and he's


Gotta go back to the beginning.

Ian thinks he has it.

You're not right.

Ian calls it out, something's


He's got to head back before he

can make any changes.


Tom goes down hard again, but

he's still on it.

Good recovery.

Jenn working hard on her puzzle,

she's still fighting.

Tom's back.

Jenn heading back to the master


Ian trying to figure out what he

did wrong.

>> Jeff, I think I got it.

>> PROBST: Tom thinks he has it.

Tom's not right.

Slow down and really pay


Look at these images.

Caryn not giving up.

Katie taking more notes.

Caryn working it.

Tom's heading back.

Ian heading back.

Katie still in it.

Did Ian figure out what he had


>> Jeff?

>> PROBST: No. No. No. Back.

Ian called it out, didn't have

it, headed back.

Jenn back to work on her puzzle.

Can she solve it?

>> Okay, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Tom thinks he has it.

Tom has it right!

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Tom wins immunity!

>> Whew.

>> PROBST: Tom, get over here.

>> I don't have to go across

the bridge...

>> PROBST: No more bridges.

You've earned a fair walk.

Guaranteed spot in the final


Tom, the only person safe

at tonight's Tribal Council.

Ian, Caryn, Jenn, Katie, one of

you is going home.

We'll see you there tonight.

Head on back to camp.

>> One... two... three.

Looks good.

I said this morning that

immunity was about as important

as it's ever going to be for me

today, and, uh... I pulled

another one out of the hat.

Just got lucky.

There may still be a female

alliance, and they may be taking

out Ian tonight, and, uh, if

he's gone-- um, and I've done

everything I can to keep him

here-- then it's an alliance of

three against me,

and any immunity I don't win,

I'm gone.

>> I was number one to get rid

of Caryn.

I was like, "Please can we take

her out?"

>> Right.

>> But...

>> My mistake? I was stupid.

I was stupid on both levels, on

friendship and game.

>> Just made me reconsider


>> Right.

>>'re loyal to.

>> I know that you... You know,

maybe all bets are off now with

you, and... I mean... I men...

>> I don't know, that's...

I told myself yesterday I would

not make...

>> Any promises.

>> ... any promises.

>> To anyone.

>> This is the, this is the


>> Yup.

>> This is my test.

( talking indistinctly )

>> After tonight, it's a

one-in-four chance of winning a

million dollars, and people are

going to be very scheming and

conniving to get it.

>> Big day.

>> Big day. Big day.

>> Big day. For somebody.

I am fearing what Katie will do

because Katie's holding the

cards right now.

Katie can decide to send Ian

home, or she can send Jenn and I


I don't know, I hope that she's

being genuine.

If not... Jenn and I have made

a mistake.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of the jury.

Coby, Janu, Steph and Gregg,

voted out at the last Tribal


Let's talk about the reward


Ian wins, he's got to pick

somebody to go with him, and he

chose Tom.

Katie, you didn't seem too happy

about it.

>> No, I was... that was the

darkest day I've ever had out


It wasn't about going and

eating a steak or driving in his


It was about a promise that he

made to me, and... he just broke


I had no idea he had a different

thing going on with Tom.

It just made me rethink

everything that's happened in

the past 33 days, and...

I don't know what to believe.

>> PROBST: Ian, did you

anticipate how tough it was

going to be on Katie?

>> It was the biggest mistake

I've made in the game.

It was the biggest, biggest

thing, and not even from a game

standpoint, but from the fact

that I really hurt somebody that

I care about.

And that, I, you know, Katie's

my... like, one of the closest

people that I've-I've...

No, the closest person I've

gotten to out here, and I made a

decision that hurt her.

And I felt really bad.

>> PROBST: Worried that it might

cost you?

>> Yeah, sure. Sure.

>> PROBST: Caryn. It's not a bad

thing to see two people out of

the five having a tiff.

>> Honestly, that tiff was a

revelation, because after Gregg,

Jenn and Katie went on the

yacht, the minute we landed on

the beach, Ian says to me, "If

we don't vote off Gregg and

Jenn and Katie, they're going

to run the game."

And he devised this whole

strategy that if I would go with

Tom and Ian, I would be in with


And then, after the whole thing

with Ian taking Tom on the

reward, and Katie saying,

"Well, he's made these promises

to me and he swore on his


And I'm thinking, "Oh, my gosh,

he's promising me this and he's

promising Katie this."

So, this is a revelation.

These guys are running the game,

and I felt really had.

>> PROBST: Caryn, you just

opened the vault and put four

people on their heels.

>> I-I'm sorry, I've had it up

to here.

I'm just telling it the way it


And I think the jury needs to

hear really what's going on.

I mean, they're going to be

deciding who gets a million


>> PROBST: There's a lot of

accusations being made.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Ian, a lot of fingers

pointing at you tonight.

>> We went... we went about the

plan, and we took Gregg out.

But Caryn's just as much a part

of it as the three of us were.

Gregg needed to go.

And I want to make it clear

that-that I never had any

intentions of voting off

Katie, and Jenn, for that


>> It's baloney.

>> That's not true.

>> PROBST: Tom?

>> What happened when we got

back to the beach now, Caryn has

informed me that Katie and Gregg

have decided I'm the next to


>> ( gasping ): Oh...

>> they said it's her,

and then me.

>> My gosh! Tom!

>> No?

>> You are such a liar.

>> Oh!

>> Tom, I made one promise to


And the promise that I made to

you was that if I ever heard

your name mentioned, I would

tell you about it.

>> If I could finish my half of

this story.

>> Okay, fine.

>> I talked to Ian, and Ian said

"Well, if Gregg is targeting

you, you're number five, I'm

number four, Gregg's got to go."

>> Right, exactly.

>> That's where the decision was


>> PROBST: So you guys suddenly

are at the bottom, and you want

to remedy that.

>> Right.

>> Ian so did not trust Katie

that he didn't tell Katie until

five minutes before we left for

Tribal Council that Gregg was

going out.

Because he was so concerned

that she was going to run...

>> Absolutely not true.

>> Gregg and to Jenn.

>> Katie knows when it was,

so she knows.

>> It was actually right before

we left.

>> PROBST: Ian, why didn't Katie


>> Well, what's, like, what's

the benefit to me to Katie not

knowing ten minutes before or

three hours before?

>> Because you're telling me,

you're telling me what's

happening rather than me saying

"Okay, let me think on that."

Maybe I might want to go with

Jenn and Gregg.

It's kind of like strong-arming

once again, which keeps


>> That wasn't the intention.

>> No, but that...

>> Right.

>> I have no idea what's

happening here, I'm just saying.

Looking at it now, it's like...

>> Okay.

>> "Oh, really, is that what


>> PROBST: So what are you going

to base your vote on?

>> Honestly, I don't know what

I'm doing.

>> PROBST: Okay. Tom, based on

everything that's gone on

tonight, I'm sure I don't even

have to ask about you giving up


All right, time to vote.

Ian, you're up.

>> Best three seconds of my day.

Can't wait for you to go home.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read

the decision is final,

person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote, Ian.


One vote Caryn, one vote Ian.


Two votes Caryn, one vote Ian.

14th person voted

out of Survivor: Palau,

the fifth member of our jury,


That's three, that's enough,

you need to bring me your torch.

Caryn, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

You are the final four.

Over the next three days, you

will have three Tribal Councils,

two immunity challenges, one


I can't wait to see how this

plays out.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> It's good to be final four!

>> PROBST: With only three days


>> We were able to just enjoy

each other, even though we're

about to slit each other's


>> PROBST: ... the drama


>> I told them that I was gonna

vote you out.

>> Okay.

That's all I needed to know.

>> PROBST: Join us for the

two-hour finale, and find out

who will be the sole Survivor.

>> Sorry to be the bearer of bad

news, but too bad, all that

stuff happened.

You know, you want to shoot the

messenger, go ahead and shoot

the messenger, fine with me.

See where it gets you in the


Everybody's been very

deceptive, and I'm the one who

starts speaking about it, and...

you ultimately have to face the

music anyway.