Survivor (2000–…): Season 11, Episode 1 - Big Trek, Big Trouble, Big Surprise - full transcript

Sixteen castaways hike through 11 miles of rugged Guatemalan jungle to find Maya ruins and a big surprise.

>> JEFF PROBST: We're in Patan

in northern Guatemala surrounded

by ruins that are thousands of

years old.

Hidden deep in the jungle these

ruins are a monument to a once

powerful and sophisticated

civilization, the Maya.

Best-known for their advanced

celestial knowledge and uncanny

ability to calculate time, the

Maya culture thrived and then

mysteriously vanished.

Today, these jungles are home to

exotic and dangerous wildlife--

jaguars, poisonous snakes and

crocodiles that lurk in every

body of water.

It is an unforgiving

environment, where extreme

temperatures, high humidity

and torrential rainstorms

bring even the strongest

to their knees.

It is here that a group of

Americans have already begun the

adventure of a lifetime.

They have been divided into two

tribes, hiking to a destination

unknown with no idea of the

surprise that awaits them.

( howling )

It is the ultimate challenge.

18 strangers forced to work

together to create a new society

while battling the elements and

each other.

They must learn to adapt, or

they will be voted out of the


In the end, only one will remain

to claim the $1 million prize.

39 days, 18 people, one


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>> PROBST: Welcome to Survivor:


You are standing in the ruins of

an ancient Mayan civilization

that is literally thousands of

years old.

For the next 39 days, you will

live amongst these ruins like

the Maya did.

Already been divided into two


Nakum, wearing yellow.

In the back, you'll hold that.

Yaxha, wearing blue.

All right.

You'll both live at separate


Waiting for you at each camp

will be a few items used by the

Maya that will help you live

like the Maya did.

In addition to the things

waiting for you at camp, each

tribe will have one other tool

to aid you in this game.

Come on out.

( laughter )

( applause )

>> PROBST: I'm sure you guys

recognize Bobby Jon and

Stephenie from Survivor:


Come on down.

These are two proven Survivor


They've been through this


They know how to make fire.

They know how to source food.

They know how to build shelter.

With Stephenie, you have

arguably the strongest woman to

ever play this game, and

somebody who has proven she will

not quit.

With Bobby Jon, a strong

competitor at challenges

and in day-to-day camp living,

arguably the hardest-working

survivor ever.

>> What's up, guys?

>> PROBST: Stephenie is a member

of Yaxha.

( cheering )

>> I'm, like, in love with


So, when I found out she was on

our team.

I was, like, "Oh, we're winning.

We got Stephenie, like, we're

good to go.

>> I cried.

I couldn't help but just cry.

She is such an inspiration.

>> Like all the girls are crying

when they saw Stephenie because

that's their hero.

I didn't shed a tear when I saw


I was, like, "How am I going to

win $1 million, now that she's


>> Bobby Jon is a member of


( cheering )

>> We're really happy with Bobby

Jon on our tribe.

A man is just stronger than a

woman is and it makes it easy on

the eyes around the tribe, so

that's always a plus.

>> We were just thrilled to have

Bobby Jon because he's not going

to quit for anything, and he's

not going to disappoint somebody

on his tribe.

>> Bobby Jon is a tough worker

supposedly, so I hear.

I don't know.

We'll have to see, but, you

know, kind of a little bit dumb,

I guess you'd say.

>> Let me be perfectly clear

about this.

Stephenie and Bobby Jon are

full-fledged members of your


They are players in this game.

You can use their backbone and

their experience to further your

own tribe or, if you think it

makes more sense, they're

certainly an easy first vote off

the first time you go to Tribal


All right.

Let's get to your first


It is for reward.

It is a grueling 11-mile race

through the jungles of


>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: It is going to be


It is going to be hot.

There are poisonous snakes at

every corner.

There are crocodiles in every

body of water out here.

The trek finishes at the better

of the two camps.

The winning tribe claims the

right to the better camp, which

is also a natural Maya ruin.

They also get flint to make

fire, critical in this game,

right, Steph?

>> Right.

>> PROBST: Losers, you get the

lesser of the two camps.

You get no flint.

You got no fire.

You're off to a real rough


Big stakes right away.

Pace yourself.

This is a marathon, not a


You'll know you're near the

finish when you see your tribe


Yaxha you will head up these

steps, around the path to the


Nakum, you will head up these

steps, follow the path to the


Waiting for you is a compass and

a map.

You'll also find water, fruit,

bags of corn.

It is up to you to decide how

much you want to carry with you.

I'll be waiting for you at the


Survivor: Guatemala is set to


Survivors ready.


>> When we first saw all the

fruit, all the water, we had to

decide what stuff we were gonna

carry with us.

It was kind of a little bit of

mass chaos.

>> Grab the bananas.

>> Somebody bust something open

and let's eat it while we're


>> None of us have ever talked

before, so to figure out a

strategy on the spur of the

moment was a little tough.

>> Take a thing of corn.

>> I say we just go ahead and

start going, guys.

>> Let's go, guys.

>> Being a farmer and

everything, the last time I

hiked 11 miles was never, but,

uh, I took off after 'em, you

know-- yeehaw!

You know, ready to do this, man.

>> Oh, yeah. Feels good.

>> We'll get over there, man.

Just lay down, relax.

>> Yup.

>> Just hang out, sing some


Being back in Survivor, I was

glad to get a new start.

I felt like a million bucks at

the beginning of the race.

But we've got to make time

because I guarantee you, Miss

Stephenie is over there running

things, and she won't, she won't

take time.

You drop it, you leave it, you


>> So one person in the water.

( overlapping voices )

>> No, I'm all right.

>> All right.

>> My main fear coming into the

game was that, yes, I may be

sort of like a tool 'cause I-I

have experience and I kind of

came in almost like an outsider.

But Yaxha welcomed me with open


>> Stephenie, you're the reason

why I'm here.

>> Oh, stop it.

>> Totally awesome.

>> But I still have that

nervousness that maybe they will

see me as too threatening or

maybe I'm not as spectacular as

they thought I would have been.

And maybe they do want to just

get rid of me.

>> Let's roll.

>> Let's go.

>> How do you pronounce our


>> Yasha.

>> Yasha.

>> Yasha.

( howling )

>> "Use your compass to walk a

straight line until you hit the

old archeological road."

>> One and a quarter mile.

>> Oh, man.

>> We're gonna have a leader?

>> Why don't we leapfrog?

Go right for that big, tallest

tree right to your left, uh,


>> Might need to come this way.

>> Come to your right, Blake.

>> What?

>> Come to your right.

The jungle, you know, you

can't move ten feet straight


So, I put one of my tribesmen


I'd have him walk up to a point

on my compass.

And then we all walked to him,

and it was slow going.

Can we see him, anybody?

>> Um...

>> No.

>> Oh, I see him, I see him.


All right, stay right there.

Most of the people couldn't

read a compass.

I've done it before, you know,

in the Marine Corps, but you can

walk in circles in that stuff if

you don't do it right.

>> Is everybody here?

>> Yeah.

>> It's going to get too thick

to do this.

>> Well, it's gonna get too dark

to do it, is what's gonna


>> Yeah.

>> Okay, weave to your left.

>> Right here?

>> Yup.

>> To the large mound?

>> Check it out.

>> "Travel left past the large


>> Hey, uh, Gary, you going the

right way?

>> Yeah, you're right.

>> That way. We go left.

>> Go right around 'em.

>> No question, straight south.


>> On Survivor, the leader

always gets friggin' voted out

first if someone steps up and

takes leadership.

And it was clear at the

beginning that Gary was our


He's taller than everyone.

He's gray-haired.

He was our leader, no question.

>> West through...

>> No, we need to turn right

now, north.

>> Gary, what do you do?

>> All right.

>> You know, they've asked me

what I do, so I told them I was

a landscaper.

15 years ago, I was in the

NFL for 11 years.

My real name is Gary Hogeboom,

but I don't think anybody needs

to know that, because I'd be

voted off immediately.

I don't see any markers.

What do you think?

If somebody does recognize me,

I'm just gonna say that's not


I'm Gary Hawkins.

>> Let's go, guys.

>> We're going... we're going


>> Gary and I, very early on, we

both took a compass and we were

the navigators, basically.

Make sure we're going the

right way.

It's hard in an 11-and-a-half

mile hike to not get lost or,

you know, miss a trail or


We going the right way?

>> What's the compass say?

>> Well, this is... this is

where we thought we were just

right now?

>> Yep.

>> I think that's leading us to


>> Well, that's not so good.

>> We made some bad decisions,

and, uh, I was the one with the


But, uh, oh, my gosh, you know,

how many young people we got


Morgan, Brianna, Steph, Jamie,


They're, you know, what are

they, 21, 22?

I don't want to be a leader, but

my paternal instincts will kick

in with these kids.

Keep up those spirits.

>> Watch out.

It's very thorny.

Watch where you step.

( yells )

>> Got it there?

>> I'm stuck.

>> Watch out for this tree.

>> Here I come, baby, coming

full force at you.

11 miles in a jungle is

absolutely insane.

I mean, you're just sitting

there fighting things coming

down, and just getting to where

you want to go, and just...

It was, by far, one of the

toughest things I've ever

done in my life.

I'm just a freaking doorman

from New York, man.

I never even went camping.

>> I hope this is over really

soon, because... it's getting

dark awfully fast.

Bobby Jon, right past that.

Look at, look at that... tall...

>> Yeah.

>> See that?

>> Got it.

>> Go down, go right down there.

>> Got it.

>> Okay.

>> Even if we're off a little


>> Stay a little to the left,

Bobby Jon.

( yelling )

>> Oh!

>> That's got thorns in it.

>> Oh, no.

>> Great.

>> the shoulders...

>> We're going through the

jungle, and one of these trees

that have briers that look like

spikes, actually broke on

Blake's shoulder.

>> The branch, I mean, it didn't

even, like, deflect.

Like it cracked over my



>> A porcupine tree.

>> Whoa.

>> I think it was just one of

those reality checks that, you

know, a scorpion could sting

you, a snake could bite you.

It's any one of us.

>> I've got two in here.

>> All right, get after her,


>> Hold on.

I'm a nurse by trade.

I've been a nurse for 25

years, most of it trauma.

Does that hurt?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Okay, it's out.

That really took him down a

couple notches.

Do you feel any more?

>> No. I don't.

>> Okay, stand up.

>> Watch these trees right here.

Trees right there...

>> Hold up just a second.

>> Let us know when you're


>> Porcupine tree.

>> Whoa.

( sighs )

>> We're going the right


We've just got to try to speed

it up.

Catch up, anyway.

>> This is all trees.

It's so dark.

>> Guys, wait. Wait, please.

>> You want to stop?

>> What's right here?

>> It's kind of a clearing right


>> Right here.

Pick a spot right here.

>> Yeah, yeah, we should stop.

>> We really didn't want to


You know, it just got so dark

and we are in thick jungle.

>> Don't cut yourself when you

go down on the ground with your


>> Nakum is probably right in

front of us.

We'll get up as soon as the sun

starts to rise, and we will

hopefully pull ahead.

I mean, this...

I'm not starting off...

in Guatemala on the losing team,


( howling )

( retching )

>> Yeah.

Let me just catch my breath.

>> Okay.

>> You know what?

Why don't we get some palm

fronds to put down so he can lay


>> Got my shoulder knocked real

good back there, and it's just

slowing me down.

The thorns went deep inside,

and... I think I'm a little

dehydrated, my body...

my hand is a little

tingly and...

I'll be all right.

( retching )

>> Yeah.

>> Okay.

>> Oh, son of a bitch.

>> Blake, we're really worried

about him.

The problem is his shoulder hurt

so badly, I think it's causing a

pain response to make him sick

to his stomach.

>> Thanks, Margaret, I

appreciate it.

>> We're hoping that he'll feel

better in the morning.

( retching )

( howling )

>> As soon as the sun came up,

we started hearing some noises.

It reminded me of Predator.

( howling )

I looked up, I saw a monkey

going from tree to tree.

And I'm, like, "Oh, my God.

I can't believe this."

( howling continues )

>> Hey, guys, if we want to beat

Nakum, I think we should start

getting up and going.

>> In ten minutes, it'll be


>> Well, in ten minutes, they

might be going, and they're

already ahead of us.

I wanted to get a move on

because I knew that Nakum would

start at daybreak.

People were a little cranky, but

they knew that I was right and

we did need to go.

>> Let's go.

>> We actually found the other

tribe, Nakum, which was great,

because we were... last we knew,

we were hours behind them.

>> Yaxha, come on.

>> Let's go, guys.

We got to move.

>> Come on, guys.

>> Meeting up in the jungle with

the other tribe took quite a bit

of air out of our balloon.

>> The other team's on our back.

>> Let's go.

>> Hey, we got road!

>> Yeah, baby!

>> Everybody coming?

We came out of the jungle

into a more open trail before

the other tribe, but they were

still right behind us.

>> Come on, Yaxha!

>> We cannot lose this entire


>> We-We just wanted to get them

off our tails.

>> Come on, pick it up.

They're behind us.

It was like the movie Sea

Biscuit, when he sees his

competition and he kicks it in.

I was just like...

I felt like I couldn't put one

foot in front of me and all of a

sudden I'm running down this

trail in the muck.

>> We need to get right on their

ass, if not pass them.

>> Yeah. Come on, guys.

Push it.

We had Nakum.

They were right in front of us,

and then, all of a sudden, a

couple people, unfortunately, on

our tribe-- like Lydia and Amy,

who aren't as fit-- they were

kind of like lagging behind.

And it's a challenge that

you're only as strong as your

weakest link and we had to wait

for everybody till we could move


And we had them.

They were right in front of us,

and we lost them completely.

>> You want me to take that


All right. Ready?

We're gonna do a slow jog



>> Yeah.

>> Let's go, Nakum.

>> Come on, Bobby Jon.

>> All of a sudden, I just got

cold as ice and my body

severely, severely cramped.

>> My hand's cramping.

>> Okay.

>> I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

>> Okay, it's okay.

>> Get some water, please.

>> All right now.

>> Bobby Jon started getting

really bad cramps.

It's dehydration, overexertion.

He carried two bags of corn the

entire trek.

So, here comes Margaret the

nurse lady, and she just talked

him through it.

>> All right, I'm-I'm good.

>> Keep this leg...

Bend this leg up first.

>> Here you go, Bobby.


>> I have to try. Let's go.

>> Okay.

>> I think people were

surprised, because this guy's in

better shape probably for this

and knows what to expect more

than anybody and he's going down


I don't think anybody expected


>> Okay?

>> Can we move faster, guys?

Can we move faster?

>> Yup.

>> All right.

>> How is everyone feeling?

>> You guys, everybody doing


>> Everybody good?

>> Yep.

>> Because we have a chance to

catch up with 'em.

>> Okay. Good job.

>> Hey, do I see water?

>> Guys, we're almost there.

>> Ow! Ow!

>> When I saw the boats, by that

time I was just absolutely

winded, but I knew that's the

light at the end of the tunnel.

Here we go.

>> "Paddle your canoe west-

southwest to the first wooden

pier, which is attached to the

stone steps.

Follow the path up to the Maya

ruins to the winners' camp."

>> All right, let's go, guys.

>> Everybody in, pile in.

When the other team shows up,

it's gonna be a race to the


>> Come on, guys, paddle.

Get it together.

>> Here they are.

>> There they are.

>> Guys, we have to pick it up.

Just stay hard.

Slow but hard.

( shouting )

>> Emerging from the jungle, we

see Nakum right there in the

middle of the lake.

We were so much closer than we

thought we were.

And we just booked it to our


We knew we had caught up.

It was a huge morale booster.

>> Stroke.

>> Come on, guys.

>> Stroke.

>> I think we need to get in a


>> Never give up, guys, come on.


( indistinct voices )

>> As close to the dock as


>> Get up there, Judd, and pull

us up.

>> Ah!

>> We get to the dock, and old

Judd jumps out of the boat.

He had a premature evacuation.

And he gets into this mud that's

almost like quicksand.

>> It's hard to get out of, man.

( indistinct voices )

>> Stroke. Keep paddling.

Don't stop.

You got it.

>> Come on, babe, let's go.

Come on!

>> Bobby Jon's got this.

>> I'm trying, dawg.

>> Okay, left side, left side,

come on.

>> Pull.

>> We're almost there, guys.

Come on.

>> Pull.

>> Oh, my God.

Getting out of the boat was a


I knew it was dehydration, but

I've never felt that type of

pain before.

I knew the other tribe was

definitely on our tail, so it's

kind of like you got to suck it


But it was just tough.

>> They're right there.

Everyone give it.

>> Oh, yeah!

>> Yeah!

( whooping )

>> PROBST: Welcome, Nakum.

( cheering )


>> Nakum!

>> PROBST: Nicely done, guys.

( groaning )

>> PROBST: So, 11 miles, 24-hour

trek, you guys definitely earned

the better of the two camps.

Here is your tribe flag.

More important, who wants it?

Margaret, flint.

>> Thanks.

>> PROBST: Take care of that.


Good luck.

>> Awesome.

Still got some spring

in those steps.

>> Nice job there, guys.

Nice job, nice job.

>> PROBST: Don't get too

comfortable, you're not staying.

This is not your camp.

I think it's fair to say, given

that this was an 11-mile trek

through the jungle, a very close

finish, but in Survivor, close

gets you nothing.

This is where you will not be


This is a map to where you will

be living.

Who wants it?

Okay, you've got more paddling

to do.

Here's your tribe flag.

All right, guys.

Take your stuff and go.

>> Bye, guys.

>> Bye.

>> Bye.

>> See you later.

>> You know, we lost, but we...

I thought we kicked butt.

I thought we did really well.

I think it was the most

difficult challenge the game's

ever had.

>> So we leave the ruins, we

leave the winners, and we're

bummed, because, you know, it's

taken us 24 hours to get there

and we worked really hard.

>> So we've got to go down

there, you guys?

>> Yes.

>> It kind of stunk for us,

because, you know, we get all

the way there, we lose, so we

had to paddle all the way across

the lake to get to our camp.

So it was a lot of extra work.

>> You want to check out where

the camp is before we carry all

this crap?

>> We're just gonna leave it on

the dock.

Let's just unload as much as

we can.

>> Come on, Yaxha, I know we're


>> Let's go, you guys.

>> All right.

>> When we started walking up to

our camp, we didn't know what to


>> I see it, you guys.

>> Our home.

>> Whoa, what's up with the


>> That's for the corn.

>> That's a perfect one to cook


>> We finally got to camp.

It sucks we don't have water,

but we're making do.

>> So, maybe we should talk

about shelter and where we want

to build it and how we want to

build it.

>> Okay.

>> Yeah, this isn't bad.

>> Let's go.

>> Making a lean-to'd be

awesome, 'cause you know, water

runs off.

>> Okay.

>> Yeah, actually this is an

incline, guys.

>> I'm just gonna shove 'em


You just got to pull them

where you can.

>> I'll build you your dream


>> I am so psyched.

Finally I'm on a tribe that's

got as much heart and

determination as me.

>> Yeah, see how good that is?

>> Good job. You got it.

It's under.

>> Yes.

>> We were dead tired, but all

we had left was, you know, this

Yaxha spirit, like, "We can do

this and we don't care if we're

coming in second.

We're giving it everything we


>> That's going to be good, I


( retching )

>> How you doing, Blake?

( panting )

( retching )

>> Breathe through your nose,


The combination of going through

the jungle and trying to get

here has dehydrated so many of


( retching )

>> Judd, you okay back there?

Judd's down.

( groans )

Blake's down.

( retching )

Jim's not doing well, and

Bobby Jon's down.

They're all vomiting.

They're all cramped up.

>> Bobby Jon.

Bobby Jon.

>> Huh?

>> Oh, his eyes are rolling


Bobby Jon?

Bobby Jon?

Come on, Bobby Jon.



Breathe through your nose.

Bobby Jon?

Bobby Jon?


Stay with me.

Stay with me.


Bobby Jon, stay with me.

Okay, okay.

Let's just rub your legs here.


Just keep them up like that.

Keep them up like that.

Just a little. Little tiny...

>> He'll throw it up, if...

>> I started having the shakes,

just was cramping everywhere

that I never knew I could cramp.

If it wouldn't have been for

Margaret, I really felt I might

have had a seizure.

It was a nightmare.

Palau was recess compared to


( retching )

>> Blake good?

>> We are messed up!

>> These big, strong guys,

strong as oxes, and they are all


( groans )

>> What do we need to do?

>> We need to just make rounds

with them and give them water.

That's all we need to do.

The girls are holding up

remarkably well.

>> Big enough so you don't get

sick again.

>> But we didn't expect the guys

to go down so quickly.

Don't get up, lay down.

Stay down, stay down.

>> It was a bittersweet victory

because we won.

We got there first.

We got the fire and the best

camp, but some of us were in

such bad shape, you're thinking

if we lose 'em, it's not even

worth having all this.

>> Oh, my God, it's an oar.

>> Let's go back, let's go back.

>> "Your first two days were

grueling, but now is no time to


You've come too far to lose it


This will put you to the test.

You'll be competing like the


This is more than just a game.

Fail to pull your weight today,

and be the first to lose your


>> Okay, here's what I've

learned from my thing...

Uh, for me, this is really

exciting to have another chance

at immunity and possibly come

out with a victory.

Usually the person who steers

is one of the strongest, 'cause

they row both sides and steer.

But also it's a lot of pressure,

because if we lose this

challenge I'm going to be really


>> Tree mail.

>> It says we're going to be

competing like the Maya.

>> Definitely our tribe not

being in tip-top shape right now

is a concern.

>> We're all staying here


>> Yeah.

>> Nobody is going home.

>> I think the girls

right now are the strongest

physically, but if our guys

go up for this challenge

and turn it on like no other

then we're definitely going to

have a good day today.

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to your first immunity


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Let me show you what

you're playing for.

This is it.

( applause )

The game revolves around


As long as you have it in your

possession, whether as a tribe

or an individual, you're safe.

If not, you're in danger of

going home.

Okay, let's get to the


It is based on the method that

the Maya used for transporting

materials to build their


Here's how it works.

On my "go" all nine of you will

paddle out in a boat, around a

buoy, grab a torch, come back.

Once you reach the shore, you'll

drag your boat up the beach and

attach it to a rope.

At that point, four people will

race up the hill and begin

pulling on that rope.

As you pull, you'll move the

boat over a series of rolling


This is how the Maya did it.

Every time you clear a log, four

other people will take that back

log and move it to the front.

That'll keep the momentum


That leaves one person left.

Their sole responsibility is

carrying that torch.

Once the boat crosses the finish

line the person with the torch

lights the fire.

The first tribe to get their

flame lit wins immunity.

For the losers, Tribal Council.

First person will be voted out.

Yaxha, you still need fire.

Win this challenge,

you get your fire.

>> We're going to get it, guys.

>> PROBST: Pick your spots.

Wait for my "go."

Here we go.

For immunity, Survivors ready.


>> Let's go, guys. Let's go.

>> Come on, guys.

( indistinct voices )

>> PROBST: Both tribes out

pretty even.

>> Come on. Dig.

>> Come on...

>> Come on, you guys.

( shouting )

>> PROBST: Dead-even at the

buoy; Yaxha has their torch.

They're making their turn.

Gonna have a collision.

>> Nakum struggling at the

buoy, trying to get their torch.

Yaxha working well.

Navigates through.

Chance to take the lead.

>> Come on, Yaxha.

>> Row! Row! Row!

>> Stroke!

( indistinct shouting )

>> PROBST: Very tight coming

back to the beach.

Yaxha getting off their boat.

Nakum off their boat.

Going to take strength

and working together.

Got to work together.

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Nakum has their rope


Bobby Jon, Brandon, Blake, Judd.

>> He's had enough.

>> PROBST: Jim, going to stay

back with the women.

Yaxha right behind with Jamie,

Gary, Brian, Rafe.

>> Go, guys!

>> Go, go, go.

>> One, two, three.

>> Push.

>> One, two, three.

>> One...

>> One, two...

>> Ow!

My foot, my foot is under the


>> Stop, go back.

>> PROBST: Stephenie's foot is

caught under a log.

She's got it free, but now Nakum

is back ahead.

A lot of work pulling this heavy


Yaxha is really digging in.

They've closed the gap.

Both tribes are even.

>> Push wit your legs.

One, two, three, four.

>> PROBST: Yaxha now with a bit

a lead.

Margaret took one in the gut.

>> Hold up, hold up.

>> PROBST: Nakum falling behind.

( groans )

Danni is caught under a log.

>> It's on my foot! Go back.

>> PROBST: Cindy's stuck.

A log on her foot.

>> Let's go, girls.

We need you...

>> Hold on.

>> PROBST: Nakum really

struggling now.

>> Let's go.

One, two, three, four.

( grunts )

>> PROBST: Yaxha has taken a big


>> Pull!

>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Nakum not giving up.

( collective shout )

Yaxha very close to the finish.

>> Let's go, Yaxha!

>> PROBST: Yaxha has crossed the

finish line.

Lydia has got to light the fire.

Yaxha wins immunity.

( cheering and shouting )

>> One, two, three, Yaxha!

>> We've got immunity, baby.

>> PROBST: Yaxha, first immunity

goes to you.

Along with something just as

important right now for you

guys-- flint to make fire.

For the first time, Steph, there

will be a Tribal Council

in which you've been a part of

Survivor that you won't be at.

( cheering and whistling )

Nakum, Tribal Council tonight.

Sadly, somebody will be the

first person voted out.

Head on back.

>> Losing the immunity

challenge today was really


We worked our way up from having

four guys who were badly down


The heat sapped us.

It was... it was excruciating.

>> God...

>> It popped right when...

when we picked the canoe up.

I thought everybody else was

lifting, and I was lifting by


It just went "pop."

>> Lifted that bad boy up like I

never lifted anything before in

my life.

>> Yeah, and so was I.

We knew this challenge ought to

be something brutal, and it

turned out that it was.

My left bicep literally snapped.

>> Let me get a cloth for it and

see if I can put it behind us.

( groans )

>> I'm really starting to adapt

to this jungle.

Jungle Judd.

What about you?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> You enjoying the jungle


>> I'm doing good.

Oh, I'm surprised. I felt...

I felt all right after the 11


Since we lost the

immunity challenge we know one

of us has to leave and none of

us deserves to go.

I mean, I definitely don't want

any of the women to go yet and

we've really shown that we have

the endurance for 40 days.

I mean, I feel fine, and we...

I mean, all of us were able to

stick through it really hard

yesterday and do a ton of


And Brandon hasn't sat down yet.

>> Yeah.

>> So, I don't know.

I mean, Bobby Jon was the

sickest yesterday, by far.

I mean, his eyes were rolling

back in his head.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> He was the worst off.

( howling )

>> I need some of that water,


>> Here.

I don't know what's

going to happen at Tribal,

but we might send off one of

these crippled, you know,

broke-down guys.

I mean, I'm having doubts if

half of these people are even

going to make it.

Blake, he's all crippled up and

his shoulder is like killing


He's kind of, you know, still

throwing up, and he's getting

cramps really bad, and he's the

one I'm most concerned about.

>> You got to take a sip.

You still can dehydrate out

here, okay?

It has some lemon in it.

When there's at least three

people absolutely flat on their

back-- a third of your team is

out-- you know, strategizing is

a little bit tough.

I really like Bobby Jon.

I think he's a strong player.

Jim, he's a great guy.

He's got a lot of offer.

I-I like Blake.

In this tribe, they are all

great people, but it's-it's all

about who can help carry this

team forward.

>> PROBST: Behind each of you is

a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch

and approach the flame,

because in this game

fire represents your life.

When your fire is gone, so are


Take a seat.

Before we get started, we have

to acknowledge where we are.

You're in the midst of the North


These are authentic Maya ruins,

and thousands of years ago this

is a spot where leaders would

decide the fate of their people.

Couldn't be a more fitting spot

for Tribal Council.

All right, so let's get to it.

This is the toughest beginning

to any Survivor we've ever had.

Blake, immediately your head

just went down like, "Yeah, I


>> It's been pretty tough, Jeff.

That first day, you know, Bobby

Jon, myself and Jim and Judd, we

were cramping all up and down

and sick to our stomachs and

couldn't keep anything down and

dehydration, and...

it was definitely a hard start

to this adventure, for sure.

>> PROBST: Bobby Jon, how about

for you?

>> I don't like getting beat

down like that this early in the


I've never had that happen to me


I mean, I know I could be saying

sayonara tonight.

I hope... I hope to God I don't

have to.

I mean, not many people get

two chances to win a million


>> Danni, looking at this group,

you've got a lot of young,

strong guys.

You had you to be a little

surprised to see four of your

five guys on their back.

>> Well, I was a-a little

surprised, but I think a lot of

times guys have more physical

strength, but women tend to have

a little more endurance.

Maybe that played a part of it,

but also, they were carrying at

the beginning, a lot of the load

and so they were throwing up and

getting sick and that's going to


That's just part of the game.

>> PROBST: Judd, you come out.

If I'm looking, I'm thinking,

"All right, I've got to rely on

Judd," especially through this

trek and some of these physical

challenges and you're on your


You have to be thinking "Am I in


>> Not at all.

I mean, I was... I was only on

my back for like an hour at the


I mean, I got right over it.

I puked and I got up and I went

to do what I had to do, man.

I mean, I don't know what to

tell you.

I'm ready to do a back flip if

you want me to.

I mean, I feel great.

>> PROBST: Wow, I just asked a

simple question.

( laughing )

Let's talk about today's


Jim, so what is up with your


'Cause you've made a

homemade sling over there.

>> Yeah, first thing out of the

chute when we picked up the

boat, I grabbed it with my left


And I was under the impression

everybody else had ahold of it.

Sure didn't, and it just tore

that bicep muscle.

>> PROBST: When did you know?

Did you know instantly?

>> I knew when I picked it up.

It popped. I heard it pop.

I was 50%, but I'm not blaming

it on my arm.

When you don't have everybody at

100%, it's going to hurt.

It's going to hurt the-the


>> PROBST: Margaret, three days

in, a lot of people have taken


What thoughts have you been

thinking about in terms of "What

do we need to do in this game?"

>> I mean, all of us are very

worried about how to pace our

team to put us in the winning

position for both the rewards

and not to be here at Tribal

Council, so we are trying to

realign our priorities and

conserve energy, keep ourself

healthy and think straight, so

that's what I see coming.

>> PROBST: Okay.

It is time to vote.

Blake, you're up.

>> One of the toughest dudes I


>> I know you're a fighter, and

I know you don't want to quit,

but I have to make this vote

thinking of the team for long


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Jim. Two votes Jim.


That's three votes Jim.


Four votes Jim.

First person voted out

of Survivor: Guatemala -- Jim.

That's five. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Jim, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

>> Thanks, Jim.

>> Thanks, Jimbo.

>> PROBST: You have 36 more days

out here, and it seems like the

dilemma for this tribe is how to

give it your all without

destroying yourself in the


Grab your torches and head back

to camp.

Good night.

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Stay tuned for scenes from our

next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor: Yaxha takes

desperate measures for food.

>> You want to eat ants?

>> We need protein.

>> I'm not going to be eating


>> PROBST: The challenges get


( yelling )

...and Blake hits rock bottom.

>> I'm really, really worried

about Blake.

He's struggling to get breaths,

and something's not right.

>> Well, I'm not particularly

surprised by the outcome of all

this, you know, given the

difficulty of this game and, you

know, being an older guy.

I'm proud of what I did at my


I'd like to motivate people to

get out and do things-- you

know, do something for yourself.

I don't blame the guys for

voting me out.

I wish them good luck, and, uh,