Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 12 - We'll Make You Pay - full transcript

One castaway's in hot water for breaking a pact.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously ON

on Survivor:

>> What the hell was that?

>> PROBST: After Janu shocked

her tribe by quitting the game,

Koror's plan to oust Stephenie

was out in the open.

>> STEPHENIE: I don't know who

to trust.

I don't know who to talk to.

I almost don't want to talk

to anybody.

>> PROBST: But Stephenie's

presence in the game put

the men on edge.

>> Stephenie progressing

in this game means that Koror

falls apart.

>> PROBST: Tom was also feeling


>> I'm pleading for my life.

My strength in the challenges,

it's part of what got us to

this point.

>> PROBST: But the women saw

an opportunity and a plan

was hatched.

>> I think it's an awesome idea.

>> Who would be the first one

you'd want off?

>> You want to think I'm

a threat?

I'll show you how threatening

I am.

>> PROBST: Before the immunity

challenge, Tom turned to Caryn.

>> I think that we do have some

kind of a sympathetic thing

going where we're going to

look out for each other.

It was a good move on my part

to be friends with Caryn.

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, the pressure was on.

There are five tiles for

each of you.

First person to break all five

of their tiles wins immunity.

But Ian was handed victory

when Tom took out his last tile.

Ian wins immunity.

>> Thank you, guys.

>> PROBST: Back at camp,

Katie approached Caryn about

the women's alliance.

Stick with the women

and take out the men?

>> PROBST: Caryn leaked the


>> What do the girls think?

>> Trying to figure out

which side to take out.

>> PROBST: So Ian confronted

Katie when he learned of

her plan.

>> Caryn is spreading that

you're trying to get all the

girls against the guys.

>> I just hate for it to be such

a sweep and Tom just takes

the whole thing and none of

us have a chance.

>> PROBST: All hope for the

women's alliance was crushed...

It's already been too much

of the Stephenie show.

Stephenie needs to go.

Too much of the Stephenie show.

Stephenie needs to go.

>> PROBST: But Steph still clung

to hope.

>> I've said my piece,

I planted my seed.

If they're smart, Tom will be

the next one to go.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

although Caryn received one

vote, Koror stuck together.

The third member of our jury,


And Stephenie, the only

remaining Ulong member,

was finally voted out.

The tribe has spoken.

Six are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

(man groaning)

>> Poor girl.

Did you see her face?

She was probably stressing out.

>> It was horrible. I know.

>> I felt bad.

>> Stephenie was the one

voted off.

I thought that it could

have been me last night.

I wouldn't blame them.

If I was playing against me,

I'd want me out of here, too,

but they didn't do it;

it was a relief.

They're holding true to the

five, and would I like to

believe that it will continue

to do that.

>> Everything's good;

everything's good.

>> I'm going to tell you I've

been trying to think of

different things.

I'm up all night running


>> Me, too.

>> Caryn and I spoke on the way

to tree mail.

She's more nervous than a long-

tailed cat in a roomful of

rocking chairs, at this point.

She knows that she's outside

of an alliance of five,

so she feels she's next.

I can't step out from five to

side with one right now.

>> Uh-huh.

>> And what you've got to do

is pull your own savior;

your salvation.

>> I've been telling Tom and Ian

that Gregg and Jenn need to be

split, and he said he knew that,

but that he could not turn

against the five people that he

had the alliance with, so...

I am definitely the most

vulnerable of the six remaining,

no question about it.

I'm just hoping and praying

that something happens.

Otherwise, I'm going home.

>> Scamper, scamper, scamper.

We got tree mail.

>> We're up, we're up, we're up.

>> "Care for a bit of R&R?

To be pampered would be nice."

>> ALL: Oh!

"To get the VIP treatment, some

island knowledge is the price."

>> "You'll soon know who your

friends are.

In love and war, all is fair."

>> "But there can only be one

winner, the one who keeps

their name up in the air."

>> Oh, man.

>> It sounds like, uh...

What we've been waiting for,


>> I know.

>> Everybody wants this.

>> Katie and I promised each

other, if we won a challenge,

we'd take each other if we have

the ability, and that's what

we're gonna today do.

>> Oh, my God. Oh, God.

I'm fighting hard for this one.

>> Me, too.

>> PROBST: Come on in!

We are down to six.

For today's reward challenge,

I'm going to ask you a series

of questions about Palau and


Every time you answer a question

correctly, you earn the right to

drop another tribe member's

torch closer to the water.

After three drops on any one

tribe member's flame, that flame

goes in the water; they're out

of the challenge.

Last person left standing,

wins reward.

Want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> Yes.

(horn blowing)

>> Look at that.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Double-decker.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> For your reward, you will

board a luxury yacht, you'll

get a fresh shower, then you

will feast.

You'll spend the night

on the yacht.

You will return to your beach

tomorrow-- hopefully

rejuvenated, re-energized,

to get you through these last

few days.

Make sense?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Take a spot.

Let's go.

All right, pick up the cubes;

we'll get started.

First question:

"Palau is famous for its green,

"mushroom-shaped islands

"known as: A) Stone islands,

B) Rock islands,

or C) Mushroom islands."

Correct answer is:

"B) Rock islands."

Everybody got it right.

Tom, you're up first.

>> Oh, no.

I didn't want to be first to

start this nastiness.

>> PROBST: Gregg takes the first


>> We'll even it out.


>> PROBST: Jenn, you're up.

Who is Jenn going to hit?

Caryn takes her first hit.



(weak laugh)

>> Whoa.

> PROBST: Caryn takes her

second hit.

Every reward we get, Caryn gets

all the food.

Caryn, you get to pay somebody

back right now.

Heading over to Katie.

Katie takes her first hit.


>> Tom.

>> PROBST: A little payback?

>> Little payback, that's it.

>> I would expect no less.

>> PROBST: Tom takes his first



>> I'm out.

>> Surprise, surprise, surprise.

You also got a cheeseburger,


>> PROBST: Wow. Just like that.

>> Let's try to still be nice.

> PROBST: Caryn's out in the

first round and not happy.

Next question:

"In the early days of Palau,

stone was used as a form

of money.

The largest stone weighed up to:

"A) Five pounds;

"B) Ten pounds, C) 100 pounds,

or D) 10,000 pounds."

Correct answer is:

"D) 10,000 pounds."

>> Damn.

>> "Five tons."

Tom is the only one who got it


Make your move.

>> Keep with an all-boy theme

on this one, and, uh...

>> No, don't do that.

>> I'm sorry, my friend.

>> PROBST: Ian takes his first

hit, courtesy of Tom.

Next question:

"The islands of Palau are

encompassed in the north Pacific

Ocean and which other body of


"A) The Indonesian Delta,

"B) The Bay of Guam,

or C) The Philippine Sea."

Correct answer is:

"C) Philippine Sea."

Everybody has it right.

Everybody gets a shot.

Tom, you're up.

>> Just to level the playing


>> PROBST: Jenn takes her

first hit.

Chance for payback to Tom.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Not even thinking


Tom, one hit away from being


Ian could put Tom out of this

challenge right now.

>> And that's what I'm gonna do.

>> Sorry, buddy.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Tom takes a big dip

and a seat on the bench.

He's out of the challenge.

Everybody left in is even

at this point.

Gregg, lots of choices.

>> It's an easy one.

Sorry, "E."

>> PROBST: Ian takes his second


One hit away from being

out of the competition.

>> This is tough.

>> PROBST: Katie could put Ian

on the bench right here.

>> Don't let it come back to

haunt you.

>> He's out and can't vote

for you if you get him.

>> I'm getting you next.

>> Good point, good point.

>> Just so you know.

>> Would you hate me?

>> Would you hate me?

>> Yes.

>> Katie, no way.

>> Sorry.

>> You got to spare yourself.

>> You've got to spare yourself.

>> It's true.

>> Come over here, buddy.

>> PROBST: Ian is shocked,

and Ian is out of challenge.

>> I'm sorry, Ian.

>> Shot to the heart.

>> Oh.

>> PROBST: Next question--

"Palau lies in which direction

relative to the equator?"

"A) north, "B) south, C) east

or D) west"?

The correct answer is...

A) north.

Jenn has it wrong.

Gregg, Katie have it right.

Seven degrees north of the


>> That's why it's so damn hot.

>> Oh, no.

>> PROBST: Gregg, your shot.

>> Come on, not me.

>> PROBST: Your choices are

Jenn, Katie.

>> Damn!

>> I didn't take you out.

I could have, but I didn't.

>> Yeah.

>> That was a deal made, right?

>> It sounded like it.

I heard a promise.

>> Is that horrible if I hit

you, Jenn?

You'll never live it down, ever.

>> PROBST: Wait, Gregg.

>> Yeah.

Did you just ask permission?

>> Yes, he did.

>> Wow.

>> Is it okay, dear?

>> What a...

>> Gregg, be a man.

>> Don't do it, Gregg.

>> I can't believe you're doing


>> You said, "I'll save you."

>> If you hit me, she's going

to hit me, too, I'll be out.

>> PROBST: Wow.

>> You suck, Gregg.

>> PROBST: Gregg hits Katie.

Katie comes back and hits Gregg,

and no smile on that face.

Interesting how that works.

Jenn is now in the lead.

Gregg and Katie down to their

last drop.

Jenn still has two hits.

True or false...

"Palau was the first nation in

the world to issue the Elvis

Presley postage stamp."

Correct answer is true.

Gregg got it right,

Jenn got it right.

Katie got it wrong.

Jenn, you're up.

>> Sorry, Katie.

>> Don't.

>> I'm sorry.

>> PROBST: Katie is out of the

competition, takes a seat on

the bench.

Gregg's only choice is Jenn.

>> At least he didn't ask.

>> PROBST: You both have one hit


One person gets it right, and

the other person gets it wrong,

that's it.

"The coconut crabs which inhabit

the islands of Palau have the

special ability to do what after

they eat?

"A) change color;

B) leap up to three feet;

or C) replicate themselves?"

For reward, make your choice.

Jenn says B.

>> That is wrong.

>> Damn.

>> PROBST: Gregg says "A) change

That is right.

Gregg, make your final hit.

Gregg has no choice.

>> Oh, damn.

>> Sorry, Jenn.

>> PROBST: Takes Jenn, puts her

out of the challenge.

Gregg wins reward.

>> Sorry.

>> Good job, Gregg.

>> PROBST: Yacht, shower...

>> Sorry.

>> PROBST: ...massage,

big feast.

Obviously it wouldn't be much

fun alone.

>> Oh!

So pick one person to join you.

>> Sorry, guys.

Jenn, let's go.

>> Oh!

Thank you.

>> Ooh...

>> PROBST: I'm sure you guys

will have a good time together.

And two is very fun, but three

is a party.

Pick one more person.

>> Oh, God!

>> Oh!

>> Sorry, man.

>> Katie.


>> You are forgiven.

>> Hey, guys, I'm so sorry.

I will, uh...

I will pay you back.

>> Oh, no, we'll pay you back.


>> PROBST: Tom, Ian, Caryn, head

on back to camp.

All right, guys, your yacht is


Have a good night.

That's the icing on the cake.

We didn't come here for the


We came for the cake.

Let's go talk.

I have an idea.

>> You do?

>> Yeah.

>> Really?

>> Yeah.

>> I'm serious about it, yeah.

>> Today at the challenge, Katie

chose to throw me into the water

rather than Gregg, and I said,

"Wow, that's interesting.

If Katie is willing to sell me

out for a night on the yacht,

there's no way she's going to

hold on to me for a million


We have a couple choices to


>> Okay, go.

>> The way that I see it right

now, we have lost control of

the game.

>> Why?

>> We're not making the


Gregg and Jenn are.

>> Why, 'cause they won one


>> No, uh-uh.

I think that they got Katie, and

one of the three of us out.

Me, Tom, you.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> I think it goes in that


I know they're ready to turn

on you.

I know for a fact.

>> And you think Katie is in

with that?

>> Yeah, I think she is.

>> Caryn warned me that Katie

was looking to get rid of me,

but I still wasn't willing to

take her word over Katie's at

that point.

Now, Ian says Katie, she's now

become the shady lady Katie,

looking to dump us and go into

the final with Gregg and Jenn.

>> I think Gregg is a dark horse

right now.

>> Yeah.

>> Nobody would vote against him

in the final two.

>> Nobody. Especially...

>> Why?

>> He's never made any enemies.

>> He hasn't pissed anybody off,

he's very affable.

He works hard.

>> What do you think?

>> We go for Gregg tomorrow


>> Do we?

>> We'd tie, wouldn't we?

>> Yeah.

Three would go against me,

and three would go against


What more do you propose?

>> I don't know what the next

step is.

>> Suddenly, the sequence of

events have fallen into place

that have really benefited me.

Those five had an alliance,

and, lucky for me, that alliance

is breaking down now.

I'm not sure exactly what's

going to happen.

The only thing I can do is

to keep close to Tom and Ian.

That's all I can do.

That's my only hope.

>> Gregg, you got to go on


>> This is awesome.

>> Oh, my God.

>> We get to the boat and

Captain Mike greets us and lets

us know this is a day of being

pampered, VIP treatment.

>> Rooms one and two.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> He shows us to the bunks and

when we walked in we found

our bathing suits which we

haven't seen since we left

for the island.


We were so excited to get on

to the next event.

So we quickly scrubbed up, threw

the bathrobe on and then we went

up to the deck for full-body


It felt like finally I was on

vacation in Palau.

(whispers indistinctly)

That feels great.

This is unbelievable.

I'm sitting there loving it,

just relaxing, and then I

noticed the hands feel a little

colder, feel a little different.

Next thing I know I get a hard

smack on the ass, and I do a

double take.

My eyes have been closed,

I've been daydreaming.

And my best friend from home,

Greg, is staring at me, and he's

like what's up?

>> Looking fine, dude.

>> Doing well, man.

>> Yeah, hell, yeah.

>> We were both in disbelief.

>> It was nuts.

We didn't know how to react.

>> Cheers.

>> I don't even know where

to begin.

>> Cheers.

>> Oh, my God, what's this?


Oh, my God.

>> Shrimp and...

>> What is this?

>> Dig in, man.

>> This is an onion ring.

>> This is beautiful.

>> Calamari.

>> This is, by far, the best

reward challenge,

I mean, obviously.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Oh, my God!

>> You got... you got all the


>> All of a sudden, I get a tap

on my shoulder, and it's my

sister Kim.

All I could do was bawl, like


That's all I could do.

I was just like, oh, my God.

She's here!

>> We're going to have a party!

>> Stan is my sister's husband.

He is the brother I never had.

My sister just had a baby,

so she wasn't able to come,

so it was the next-best thing

to having my sister.

I couldn't ask for a better


>> It was the most phenomenal

experience of my lifetime.

>> Now they're doing it.

>> But you're sure that she's

ready to go against me with


>> Yep.

>> Mm-hmm, I know that.

>> So Gregg should go tomorrow?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> It would be very easy

in a tie situation.

You put Gregg and Caryn up

against the wall.

>> And so we need to break this


>> Katie is forced to switch

her vote, because she knows that

if she doesn't, she has to pick

a rock.

>> Right.

>> The way the rules are, if

there is a tie at Tribal

Council, both members who were

voted on, those two will become

safe and it comes down to the

rest of us, reaching in a bag,

pulling out a colored stone.

Whoever gets the purple stone

is going home that night.

That's a calculated risk

on our part.

>> Maybe she picks the rock and

then we have to pick a rock

to see who goes home.

It sucks, but I can go to Tribal

Council willing to take the

rock, you know what I mean?

Like, I'm willing to make

that gamble.

I came to play a game.

>> That's the plan.

>> You and I are both willing

to choose rocks.

>> And we should be.

>> That's right.

Let's do this.

>> Desperate times call for

desperate measures, right?

>> We have a plan.

>> Tom and I have decided that

we're going to force a tie

at Tribal Council.

We've prepared ourselves for the

idea that we might be going

home, but this is a risk we

had to take.

>> It's a gamble.

Hopefully, Katie realizes that

she doesn't want to pick a rock.

She wants to stay in the game.

This is the biggest step that

you and I have to get to the

final three.

That's why it's important that

he does not see it coming.

Any leaks and we're done.

The game's over for us.

It's a delicate operation that

needs to be handled with the

utmost of care.

It's kind of like taking a bag

of potato chips from a fat man.

You can do it, but you'd better

do it quick.

Otherwise, he'll turn around

and sit on you.

>> You've been acting the last

two days like you're about to

be sent home.

>> Uh-huh.

>> Continue to act that way.

>> Okay.

>> Do not say a word...

> Don't be chipper.

Be down and dour.

>> Okay.

>> Okay.

>> Okay?

>> Yep.

I can do it.

I'm psyched.

I'm totally psyched.

This is really working out well.

I think we can pull this off,

I really do.

Because you know what?

I'm a very good actress,

very, very good.

>> This is so gorgeous.

We're on a boat going to this


We're just thinking snorkeling,

we have no idea.

>> I don't know.

>> Oh, my gosh, there's


>> All of a sudden, all of us

see these fins that are just

swimming through the water and

we're like oh, my God, no way,

no way!

>> Hi.

>> Hi.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Swimming with the dolphins

was, by far, the most magical

moment I've ever had.

It was something I've always

wanted to do.

I mean, it's like my dream.

>> Hi!

>> Oh, this is...

>> Oh!

>> I'm so happy.

>> It was the most surreal

experience I've ever had,

and to be able to share that

with my sister was just


I kept going, "I can't believe

you're here for this."

It's just the experience of

a lifetime, and she got to

share it with me.

I never wanted it to end.

It was unbelievable.

>> Cheers. I can't reach.

>> After the day of snorkeling,

and hanging with the dolphins,

we were able to do a little

strategy talk.

This was our opportunity

to confirm that, hey, guys,

it's us three to the final


We happen to have a good bond,

and it just also benefits

the three of us to go to

the final three.

>> I came into this knowing that

I might have to jump ship, if

it comes down to it.

My strategy is to stick with

those people that make the

decisions until those people no

longer have any power, and then

jump to the next person that

makes the decision.

>> Yeah.

>> We all realize the threats

that Ian and Tom are, so it was

good to get agreement with that.

It felt real.

It felt true.

And I believe that that bond

is-is tight till the end.

>> I hear a boat.

>> I think it's them.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Here we go, guys.

>> Let's do this right.

>> I'm sour and dour.

>> Hey, hey!

>> What's happening?

>> Who's that?

>> I don't know.

>> That's their families.

>> Oh, no.

>> Oh, no.

>> Oh, no.

>> Those are your families.

Today I think my worst fears

were, uh... realized.

Only three family members got

to spend time with their loved

ones, and the other three are

left on the beach to, uh, hear

the stories.

>> How you doing? I'm Tom.

>> This one cuts and twists,

and, uh, it's tough.

>> We're almost there.

>> I know.

>> We'll plow through.

>> Yeah.

>> Get-Get this thing done.

>> It'll get tough, you know,

when you guys get down to

picking people that you care

about off.

>> Sure.

>> Well, if there's one person

that, uh...

>> You've got somebody looking

out for her out here, it's me

looking out for her, so...

>> Good.

I appreciate that.

>> When my friend Greg had to

leave, it was just really tough.

>> Remember, we're all proud

of you at home.

>> You know, it was only a year

ago that my dad passed away,

and the grieving still happens

every day.

Just tell my mom that I love

her so much and I cannot wait

to just spend time with her

when I get back.

Will you tell her that?

>> I will.

>> Just tell her...

>> This might have been the last

love fest in camp.

>> Let's do a really cheesy...

(indistinct voices)

>> Now it's time to get control

of the game again, and focus on

the coming six days and what

needs to be accomplished.

It has been a good run, but it's

about to get a little rough.

That little trip that they took

may cost them big.

>> Tree mail.

>> What have we got?

>> "Some played hard, some

just watched and others just

skated by.

To make your chances one

in five, give this one your

best try.

"Usually this is a second

chance, but for some it's

all brand new.

So embrace the challenges of

the past, or tonight you could

be through."

>> What?

>> Wow.

>> In order for our plan to

work, a lot has to happen today.

Worst case scenario is Gregg

wins immunity, so we really

need to work hard today and

make sure that doesn't happen.

I didn't come to play for sixth

or fifth or fourth or third or


I'm going to do my damndest

to make sure that I come across

the finish line first.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

How's it going, everybody?

>> Hey, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Ready to get to

today's immunity challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: First things first,

Ian... give it up.

Immunity once again back up

for grabs.

It is rare in this game

of Survivor that you get

a second chance.

Today's challenge provides just

that-- a second chance to

revisit some of the challenges

from the past.

It is a Survivor

elimination-style challenge.

All six of you will

race up the net maze.

The first five to finish will

move on to the next round, where

you will race to a symbol-- a

land version of the sea star


The first four to finish that

will move on to the next round,

where you will eat three balut,

a partially-developed duck egg.

The first three to get the balut

down the quickest move on to the

next round, where you will race

to untie a box, retrieve a flag,

string it up the flag pole.

The first two to finish that

move on to the last round.

The last two Survivors will

compete in a head-to-head

shooting competition.

The first Survivor to knock

out their three targets wins


Take your spots, get started.

All right, for immunity, first

five to finish move on to the

next round.

Survivors, ready.


Tom and Ian and Gregg up first.

Tom and Gregg neck and neck.

Ian right behind.

Jenn in it.

Tom is across.

Gregg's down, moving on.

Ian's moving on.

Jenn's moving on to the next


Down to Katie and Caryn.

Katie moves on to the next


Caryn, you're out.

Have a seat on the stump.

Moving on to the next round.

This is what you're trying to


First four to finish their sea

star puzzle move on to the next


Survivors, ready.


Everybody making some good


Gregg has the bottom row.

Ian has the bottom two rows.

Gregg getting closer.

Uh, Jeff, I think I'm done.

Ian has it.

Take a spot on the mat.

Tom has it.

He's moving on.

Take a spot on the mat with Ian.

Tom and Ian moving on.

Looking for two more to join


>> Okay. There we go.

>> PROBST: Gregg has it.

He's moving on to the next


It's down to Jenn and Katie--

one person moving on,

one person sitting down.

>> Wait, I got it.

>> PROBST: Jenn has it.

Jenn moving on.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Katie, you're out.

Take a seat with Caryn.

>> Damn it!

>> Jenn, Gregg, Ian, Tom,

moving on.

Reveal the balut.

The first three people to get

their balut down the quickest

move on to the next round.

Survivors, ready.


Ian shoving them in as fast

as he can.

Jenn staying with the guys.

Ian has all three in his mouth.

Tom has all three in his mouth.

Gregg and Jenn bringing up the


Tom's good, and moving on.

Ian's good, and moving on.

It's down to Jenn and Gregg.

First one to finish moves on.

Jenn puts the third balut

in her mouth.

Gregg has all three in his


Jenn very close.

Jenn moving on to the next


Gregg is out.

First two to untie their box,

get the flag out, clip it in

and string their flag up

to the top of the pole move

on to the final round.

Survivors, ready.


Ian using his mouth.

Jenn making quick work

of the knots.

Ian and Tom very tight.

Got to get your flag out

and up the flag pole.

Keep moving, Jenn.

You're falling behind.

Ian has his flag.

Tom has his flag.

Tom's clipped in.

Tom to the top, moving on.

Ian moving on.

>> Damn it.

> PROBST: Jenn is out.

Join the others.

All right, moving on

to the last round.

Ian, you're up first.

First person to knock out

three targets wins immunity.

>> I'll go with blue.

>> PROBST: Ian takes his aim.

Ian connects with his first


He's up one-oh.

Tom looking to even the score.

Tom misses.

Ian leads one-oh.

Ian looking to extend the lead.

And he does.

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Ian drills his second


Tom needs to get on the board.

Tom nicks it, doesn't break it.

Tom, still not on the board.

All Ian has to do is knock

out his last blue target.

And he does.

>> Whoo!

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Ian wins immunity.

>> Nice job. Good shooting.

>> PROBST: Ian, get over here.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Nicely done.

>> Thanks.

> PROBST: Back-to-back

challenges, safe tonight

at Tribal Council.

Tom, Jenn, Gregg, Katie, Caryn,

not the same for you.

One of you is going home


Should be a fun afternoon

back at camp.

I'll see you at Tribal Council


Head on back.

>> I remember the jungle course

being a lot easier on day three.

(Jenn laughing)

>> Ian won immunity for tonight.

That darn gun, man, that is my

Achilles heel.

It's very fortunate I became a

fireman rather than a cop,

because it would just be

dangerous for everybody.

Well, that's okay.

'Cause you know what?

I was going five, you were going

four, so rightfully so, I should

be the one taking the risk.

We've got a plan in place.

Ian and I are gonna pretend that

there's nothing going on,

everything is fine.

But the three of us--

myself, Ian and Caryn--

will vote for Gregg tonight,

the other three will vote

for Caryn, and then we'll

go to a draw and be forced

to pick a stone.

But it won't be Ian who has

to choose-- he won immunity.

It'll be me.

So I'm very vulnerable, but it's

better to play it hard and go

home tonight than to sit around

here and just wait to be

eliminated by their threesome.

>> So, we're good with the

immunity today.

We needed Caryn not to get it.

>> Yeah. We should all be pretty

proud of the fact we looked

around and said, "Hey, five

of us."

>> Right.

>> Yeah.

>> We're there.

I was a little nervous

stepping away from the game for

a while, so it was comforting

to come back and get no

mysterious looks or no...

people trying to connive.

So, I can say with a lot of

confidence that Caryn will be

going home tonight.

I mean, you could tell, she's

just out of commission today.

>> Caryn's in a Janu place, huh?

>> Yeah.

>> Well, that's what happens

when you know you're done.

>> Caryn is winning an Academy

Award right now.

She is lying in the hut, down

and sour, like she thinks she's

going home.

Perfect. Just the way

we told her to.

So, this should be a total

surprise tonight.

>> I think so.

>> Interesting or...

>> No. Just it's gonna be...

>> It's always interesting.

>> Yeah.

>> I'll start getting some


>> All right.

>> I just feel so rejuvenated.

>> Yeah.

>> We have a good advantage.

The next one, though, is the

big one.

>> It's big, yeah.

>> Yeah.

Oh, exactly.

>> Things going okay?

>> Yeah. Yeah.

>> Good. Good.

>> I was just thinking today

a lot about family, and I just

wanted to talk to you about it.

I told Stan right before he

left, uh, I was gonna watch

over you.

>> Aw...

>> And that I was gonna

protect you.

>> That's still the deal for me.

>> Good.

>> There's only two people in

this game that I've made

promises to; Tom's one, Katie's

the other-- I told Katie I

wouldn't write her name down,

and I told her brother-in-law

I had her back, and that means

a lot to me, so...

I'm gonna stay true to that.

What I wanted to talk to you

about was, we're gonna flip

it tonight.

>> Yeah.

>> What do you mean?

>> Um, Caryn and Tom, um, and I

are gonna vote for Gregg.

>> Yeah.

>> What?!

>> Yeah, we're flipping the game


We're gonna force a tie, unless

you vote Gregg.

>> If it's a tie, then what


>> It goes to rocks.

You know, that's why I wanted to

give you the heads-up.

>> Ian pulled me aside, like,

right before we went to Tribal

Council with the idea of taking

out Gregg.

I had some issues with it.

I'm, like, you know it's really

unfair for you just to come in

and say, this is what we're

doing, this is what the plan is.

Think about it-- for you and

Tom, that's great.

But I'm just thinking as

far as I'm concerned, I was

in a good place.

>> I know that you're playing

the game, and I know that you

don't want to take me to the

finals because you're afraid...

>> 'Cause I wouldn't win, Ian.

>> Katie, if you and I go up

against each other, it's gonna

be a lot closer than you think.

>> That's such crap.

>> He's, like, "Do I have a

reason to feel paranoid?"

I'm, like, I don't think so.

>> No. I mean, that goes without

saying, right?

>> I just don't want you to get


I'd rather see you in the final

two with me.

>> Right.

The reason Ian wants me with him

in the end is so he'll win.

Tom wants the same thing.

>> I'm ready to go.

>> When it comes down to it,

I'm gonna have to make a

decision so I can have a

better chance of winning.

I'm here to win a million

dollars just like anyone else.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of the jury.

Coby, Janu...

and Steph, voted out

at the last Tribal Council.

Let's talk about the reward


This late in the game, they can

be good news/bad news.

You don't want to be away from

camp and miss the politics.

On the other hand, if you don't

win, you might miss out on

something fantastic, like a

surprise visit from the loved


Gregg, did it turn out to be

a good thing?

>> Yeah, it turned out

to be a great experience.

But on the other side of the

coin, it-it did hurt to know

that I was leaving behind

three tribe members, and they

didn't get to share in the

opportunity, so, you know, it's

a tough situation to be in.

>> PROBST: Let's talk about

the reward challenge itself.

It is designed to bring out

the status of a tribe.

Caryn, you were first out.

Yeah, that was very hard.

>> For some reason, they felt

I had too many rewards.

And I didn't feel I had won that

much, but, you know, there was

obviously some resentment about

that, 'cause my torch went out

like that.

>> PROBST: Do you think that's

all it was, you had a little

more food, nothing else?

>> I do think so.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: How can it not have

more implications than just food

when you watch Gregg ask Jenn

for permission about what to do?


You guys are laughing;

I'm serious.

We're down to the nitty-gritty

here for a million bucks.

Jenn, you're clearly seen as

somewhat of a couple with Gregg.

Are you at all worried that

that's going to hurt you at some

point in this big, happy family?

>> I do worry about that

a little bit.

Um, but I do think that we're

both playing a very individual


>> I think people know that Jenn

and I do have a bond and a

relationship, and, you know, it

wasn't malicious or even

strategic for me to want to

spend some time with her.

But that's not gonna have people

turn against each other or, you

know, change your strategy for

just one day away.

>> PROBST: Caryn, back to you.

You were first out.

You brought more than anybody


It looks like you brought

everything you have.

>> I've been carrying my stuff

to every Tribal Council.

Janu, Willard, Coby and I were

not part of the five-person



I always feel vulnerable.

>> PROBST: Tom, it's now down

to six people who have been

together from day one.

Has it changed how you think

about voting somebody out?

Because you're gonna hurt


Somebody's going home tonight,

and they're moving right over


>> Right.

We are friends, and we are

looking to slit each other's

throats at night.

I think that right now you do

have an "all is fair in love

and war" attitude that's all

about advancing your move

down the board.

>> PROBST: All right, Ian,

once again, you have the

immunity necklace.

It is yours to keep or give up

to somebody else.

>> Um, I think I'll hold

on to it tonight.

>> PROBST: With that, it is time

to vote.

Tom, you're up.

>> Gregg, you're the dark horse.

And it's just time for the

dark horse to ride off into

the sunset.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final-- person voted

out will be asked to leave the

Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.


Caryn. Two votes Caryn.

Gregg. Two votes Caryn,

one vote Gregg.

Gregg. Two votes Caryn,

two votes Gregg.

Gregg. That's three votes Gregg,

two votes Caryn.

I'll read the last vote.

13th person voted out

of Survivor: Palau and the

fourth member of our jury...


>> You guys are good.

>> PROBST: You need to bring me

your torch.

Gregg, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, the message seems clear--

with six days left, nobody's

safe anymore.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp. Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes from our

next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on...


>> I don't really have a deal

with Tom.

>> We know you have a deal with


>> PROBST: The women compare


>> Katie just cleaned house.

>> PROBST: And Ian and Katie

have a blow-out.

>> You said you would never

lie to me, and you did.

>> Damn!

>> You didn't even think about

how that was gonna make me feel

to have you go against your


>> You want me to step out?

I mean, I'll do it. I'll do it.

>> I think I'd be lying if I

said I wasn't completely


My hat's off to 'em, though.

They got me, they got me good.

Um, I learned a lot of things.

An experience is nothing unless

you share it with other people

who you love.

Jenn, best of luck.

I appreciate your friendship

out on the island, and, uh, look

forward to... hanging out soon.