Survivor (2000–…): Season 10, Episode 11 - I'll Show You How Threatening I Am - full transcript

A castaway attempting to secure a Final Four position must face the fact that things may not always be as they seem.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> What are we, junior high,


>> PROBST: Janu was fed up with

her tribe.

>> If I had something to say

about you, I swear to God I

would come up and say it to your


>> Janu is crazy.

She's a crazy person.

>> PROBST: Survivors ready.

At the reward challenge...


...the tribe was randomly split

into two teams of four...

Janu going out to help.

...and battled for the chance

to partake in a traditional

Palauan feast.

Janu, Tom, Caryn, Gregg win


( cheering )

And all talk of strategy was

put on hold as they shared in a

feast of local delicacies.

>> Oh, my gosh, barbecue.

>> PROBST: Back at camp,

Stephenie realized immunity was

more important than ever.

>> I definitely need immunity

because apparently I'm the

strongest girl, and I'm just as

much as a threat as any of the


>> PROBST: At the immunity


You'll all take a spot in the


As the tide begins to rise,

your breathing room will


One more thing-- first person

to bail on this challenge

will be taken to a new beach

and abandoned there.


After a short struggle, it was

Janu that dropped out first.

Just like that, Janu is out.

And in the end Tom walked away

with the immunity necklace.

That's it.

Tom wins immunity.

Left alone to fend for herself,

Janu struggled with obstacles

she had never faced before.

>> This is very hard, and it's

very frustrating.

>> PROBST: But she surprised

herself and her mood lifted.

>> Right now I'm really happy.

The moon and my fire.

>> PROBST: Back at camp...

>> Stephenie is a bigger threat

than Janu.

>> PROBST: ...Gregg led the

charge to keep Janu and vote out


>> Stephenie is a physical


She's got a strong will, she

wants to win this game.

>> We all agreed it was Janu

tonight, but for some reason

I have a feeling it's me.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,

Stephenie's worst fears were

realized when it became clear

that she was next to go.

>> The game is on and

eliminating competition is part

of this game.

>> PROBST: Stephenie, do you

feel you're in a hot seat


>> ( crying ): I know I am.

I guess I showed too much heart

and too much will.

>> PROBST: But Janu threw a

wrench in the tribe's plan.

>> I would be willing to lay

down my torch so Stephenie can

have a chance to stay in the


>> PROBST: Janu, per your

wishes, this game is over for

you, but you will not go home,

you'll return and be a part of

our jury.

>> Thank you, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Seven are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

>> What the hell was that?

>> When I got back, I felt a

little uncomfortable.

It's just wrong that they were

going to vote me out and this

girl that doesn't even want to

be here, Janu, they're gonna

keep around, just because she's

easy, you know, later?

I'm getting pissed off now.

She's not around, she's

basically saying, "I don't want

to be here."

And she's sitting here saying...

I don't know what the hell she

was saying.

I couldn't stop her.

I don't know who to trust.

I don't know who to talk to.

I almost don't want to talk to


I'm not going to shoot myself

in the foot, though.

>> But you know what?

Let me tell you.

It would have gone the same way.

She would have been going home.

>> You think?

>> After what happened.

>> I didn't think so. Really?

>> We came back to camp.

Tom played it off like, "Hey,

you know what?

We were gonna change our vote,"

and it was just, like, you

know, comfort Stephenie,

make sure that she feels

welcome and not disrupt tribe


>> I would like to point

something out.

My immunity became a moot point

tonight since it wasn't used,

but somebody did earn their own


That self-preservation speech.

So for tonight, that's yours.

>> Oh, stop it.

I didn't earn this.

>> Katie, Tom, myself and Ian,

we had a four-strong alliance

and now all of a sudden all the

tables are turning and I'm,

like, "What's going on?

Who's switching?"

I don't know, but whether I go

next or not, I will get to the

bottom of it beforehand.

>> That was ridiculous.

>> I'm upset by the fact that we

didn't vote Stephenie out when

we should have, which is the

first round, and by keeping her

around, she influences the team

dynamic and it scares me because

Stephenie progressing

in this game means that Koror

falls apart and starts to stab

each other in the back.

>> So, is the four strong gone?

Is that...

The original four--

me, you, Tom and Ian.

I mean, who's running

the show here, Gregg or Ian?

Not me. Somebody is.

Katie acts like she's my

friend and I can trust her.

And then I go to talk to her,

and she's, like, "I don't know,

I don't know who's leading."

She won't tell me anything,

so I need to talk to Tom.

>> You know, this game keeps

getting shaken up, and you know


>> I know.

>> The promise I made you on day

two was that we'd try to ride

this, but if we got split up,

we'd look out for each other.

>> Yeah.

>> I swear, I'm still trying to

look out for you.

>> That was totally what...

>> I just can't expose myself.

>> Mm-mm.

>> But I'm just, I'm looking

for an opening.

>> You're showing yourself way

too much as a survivor, is what

you are. But, um...

>> Yeah.

It just pissed me off to make

it this far...

>> I'm looking for a chink in

the armor.

>> I know.

>> There's a reason why

Stephenie has survived as long

as she has.

She's got great instincts.

I really see her as one of the

supreme players.

Now she's looking for her way,

though, to stay in the game,

being the true survivor that she

has demonstrated herself to be,

um... she's going to start

working on things and that's a


Probably the safest thing for

all is for Stephenie to leave.

>> It sucks, you know?

It's scary.

>> I know.

>> It's a scary feeling.

>> I think I'm in the same

position where I'm gonna be the

threat and they're gonna come

after me.

I've said this to a few people,

we're all here.

I'll say it again.

I'm pleading for my life, before

we even get to that stage of the

game, but my strength in the

challenges, it's part of what

got us to this point.

Don't penalize it because I

didn't hide it.

And nobody has won the million

dollars who's been a strong

winner of any of those rewards.

It's always, always somebody


I'm just saying, keep that in


Don't just, I mean, don't give

me the "Tom's a threat, we got

to get rid of him" line.

I'd hate to go under those


I said, "Listen, my game was

revealed because I was playing

real hard for the tribe."

I said, "Don't hold it against

me now and don't make me pay for

coming out so strong early."

All right, I think we're of one


And I'm just hoping that these

people don't hold it against me

to that level that, uh, I'm


>> What'd you guys think of his

little plea this morning?

>> Mm...

>> Kind of...

>> I'm not sure it was that


>> It totally, it totally, I


The fact that he's winning

totally makes him a target.

>> I know, and he's, like,

"Don't make it.

No one has ever won..."

>> There's a reason that no

one's ever won.

>> Right.

>> Because they get voted off.

>> Right. Exactly.

>> Tom's plea, that did nothing.

The plea, you know, "Oh, I

brought this tribe," you know?

"Helped this tribe get as far

as we got," you know?

Yeah, whatever-- you're the one

that said it's an individual

game now.

So that's what we're playing,

buddy, sorry.

I know that I'm aligned with

people that are really good,

so to go up against people that

are really good in the game,

that's a challenge for me.

If any time, this would be the

time to switch over.

>> Would you really want to do

that to Gregg?

>> To get farther, I mean...

>> The person we really need to

talk to is Caryn, 'cause she

could end up going with them.

I think it's an awesome idea.

>> It'd be crazy.

>> They're already outnumbered.

>> Jenn and Steph and I

discussed the fact that we have

four women and three men here,

so we were just kind of

entertaining the thought that

maybe if we all got together,

we could have some power here.

>> But we haven't talked to

Caryn about it, so now I have to

discuss it with her.

Say you've got immunity.

Who would be the first one you

would want off?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> I'll do it if you guys are


( all talking at once )

I... I don't think I'm that big

of a threat.

No matter how threatening you

think I am, those three men

are more threatening, and, um...

if I get voted out next, no

matter what kind of

relationships they think they

have, when it comes to a

million dollars, you can think

you have the best relationship

in the world, doesn't matter.

Those guys will take you out.

>> Food.

>> Yeah.

>> I can be a good persuader,

manipulator, so I work my

angles when I can and I hope

I've shown them all.


You want, you want to think I'm

a threat?

I'll show you how threatening I


>> Tree mail, anyone?

>> Tree mail!

All right!

>> "The rewards you play for

today mostly involve eating and


The only way to the good stuff

will involve strategic


>> Oh, my God.

>> Maybe we get money and we buy


>> A tree mail came in a


it looks like a purse

or a-a money folder,

and we really think today might

be the day where they give you

"X" amount of money and we get

to spend it on, mostly, food and


So the fact that it says

"mostly" to me means that there

may be some other things.

Right now I think I need a

little food for the soul, and,

uh... anything from home

would-would serve that purpose.

>> PROBST: Take a seat.

Find your name and sit next to

the wallet.

Everybody's got a wallet.

You've got $500 inside.

>> Oh, wow. For real.

>> Oh, wow! It's real money.

>> PROBST: U.S. currency, same

currency used here in Palau.

That is yours.

You can leave here with it, or

you can spend it at the Survivor


I'm going to bring up a series

of items.

Bidding will start at $20 and it

will raise in increments of $20.

The auction will stop without

warning so if you see something

you like, you better bid on it

and not hope for something

better to come up later.


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Get to the first


>> Oh, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.

>> PROBST: There it is.

>> You're not going to show us.

>> PROBST: No, it's covered.

Bidding starts at 20 bucks.

>> I'll do it.

>> PROBST: Ian at $20.

>> $40.

>> PROBST: Jenn at $40.

>> $60.

>> PROBST: Caryn at $60.

Everybody thinks this is

something good.

>> $80.

>> PROBST: $80 to Jenn.

>> I'll do $100.

>> PROBST: $100 to Ian.

>> $120.

>> PROBST: $120 to Jenn.

>> Too rich for my blood.

>> PROBST: $120 to Jenn.

Going once, twice.

Sold to Jenn.

>> $60, $80, $120.

>> PROBST: $120?

Let's see what $120 bought.

Good choice.

( all cheering )

>> Take a bite of that.

>> Oh, my God.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Chocolate,


( laughing )

>> That's ridiculous.

>> PROBST: Take it back, enjoy


>> Thank you.

>> I'm going to cry for you.

>> I can't even look at it.

>> Her hands are trembling.

>> PROBST: Next item.

>> $40.

>> PROBST: $40 to Ian.

>> $60.

>> PROBST: $60 to Caryn.

>> $80.

>> PROBST: $80 to Ian.

>> $140.

>> PROBST: $140 to Gregg.

>> $160.

>> PROBST: $160 to Ian.

>> $180.

>> PROBST: $180 to Katie.

>> $200.

>> PROBST: $200 to Steph.

Momentum taking over.

>> $220.

>> PROBST: $220 to Caryn.

>> $120 each, anyone?

>> I'll do it.

>> PROBST: Gregg and Ian gonna

split it at $240.

>> I'll split it with you,


>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Caryn and Steph going

to split it at $260.

>> $260.

>> PROBST: $260 to Caryn and


>> Want to do it?

>> No, I'm out.

>> No.

>> PROBST: $260 to Steph and


Going once, twice.

Sold to Caryn and Steph.

Come on up.

Now, you have bought this.

This is yours to split.

>> Right.

>> PROBST: Okay? We'll just set

it right here, just for a


>> Oy.

>> PROBST: You have five


Do you want this, which you own,

or do you want to trade it for


( sniffing )

( women whispering )

>> Uh...

>> PROBST: What do you want?

>> This one.

We're gonna trade.

>> PROBST: You're going to trade

this, which you bought, for


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Here's what you

bought, crackers and cheese.

>> I love crackers and cheese.

>> PROBST: But, using your

senses, which are so acute out

here, you made the right choice.

( winners shrieking )

Cheeseburger, fries and a soft


Take a bite of this.

>> Can we cut it in half?

>> PROBST: Yeah.

>> Oh, it's a double.

>> I'm so glad I smelled,


>> Yeah, you did great.

You smelled the fries.

>> Hang on, hang on.

>> I'm dipping. A little dip.

>> Okay?

>> Cheers.

>> Cheers.

>> Mmm!

>> Mmm!


>> PROBST: Next item.

>> $100.

>> PROBST: $100 to Ian.

>> $160.

>> $160.

Katie and I.

>> PROBST: Katie, Jenn at $160.

>> $180.

>> PROBST: $180 to Ian.

>> $200 for Katie and I.

>> PROBST: $200 for Jenn and


>> $220.

>> PROBST: $220 for Ian.

>> Yeah?

>> PROBST: $220 at Ian.

>> $240 for us.

>> PROBST: $240 for Katie and


>> $260.

>> PROBST: $260 for Ian.

>> PROBST: $280 for Katie...

>> $280.

>> Split it?

>> $20 for a bite?

>> Sure.

>> PROBST: $300 for Ian.

Gregg's gonna chip in $20 for a

bite... assuming it's food.

Okay. $300 to Ian.

Going once.

Going twice.

Sold to Ian.

>> And Gregg.

>> PROBST: Before you get up,

let me make you another offer.

Here's what you bought for $300.

If you want, you can trade it

for what's in here.

Going to stick with what you


All right.

This is what you bought.

Let me show you what you didn't


Hate to disappoint you.

This is what you did not buy.

>> Ew...

>> That's what I didn't buy.

>> PROBST: That's what you

didn't buy.

We'll put the crabs back.

>> Good instincts.

>> Nice.

>> PROBST: Come on up.

Let's take a look at what you

did buy.

Gregg making sure to get his $20


>> Smells really good, looks

really heavy.

>> PROBST: Are you ready?

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: The home run.

Spaghetti with meat sauce,

garlic bread, Parmesean cheese.

>> Oh. Ohh...

>> PROBST: Aw, please.

Take a bite.

Wow, you smell, Ian.

Wow! You reek.

>> You tell him!

>> Yeah, you tell him!

>> We tried.

( all talking at once )

>> Oh, sorry.

>> That looks so good.

>> Oh, my God.

This is phenomenal.

>> PROBST: Enjoy.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Gregg's eyes have

not left that plate.

>> God, so much cheese.

>> Maybe I'll have to take a...

>> Go ahead, take your bite.

A $20 bite, Gregg.

Remember, this was 300 bucks.

>> PROBST: Ready for another


>> Yeah.

>> What is that?

>> A beer.

>> PROBST: One cold beer.

First $40 gets it.

>> I got it.

>> PROBST: Ian.

Sold to Ian. 40 bucks.

>> Doesn't do much for me.

>> PROBST: Crack that thing


>> Oh, man, that's good, Tom.

That's good.

>> PROBST: Ready for another


>> Yeah.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Go with something a

little different.

>> There's got to be letters in


>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Ian's right, letters

from home.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: One for everybody


>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Bidding starts at 20


Who wants a little love from


Gregg at 20 bucks.

Tom at $40.

>> $60.

>> $80.

>> PROBST: Caryn at $80.

Tom at $100.

>> $120.

>> PROBST: Gregg at $120.

Tom at $140.

>> $160.

>> PROBST: $160 to Gregg.

$180 to Tom.

Who knows what's in here?

Could be the inspiration you

need to get through this.

Could be some wisdom, definitely

going to be some love.

Steph thinking about it.

>> $200.

>> PROBST: $200 to Gregg.

>> Sorry, Mom and Dad.

>> PROBST: $220 to Tom.

>> Sorry, Paul.

>> PROBST: $220 to Tom.

Going once...


Sold to Tom.

Letter from home.

Well spent?

>> Thanks.

Thank you.

>> PROBST: Going to read that

now or you going to take it home

and read it later?

>> I know I'm going to peek.

>> PROBST: $220, a lot of money

for a letter from home.

( Stephenie laughing )

>> Connor's hand.

This is what I needed.

This is my nourishment,

and it was money well spent.

>> PROBST: $220 is what it cost

Tom to get his letter from home.

Anybody else wants theirs for

the same price, you can have it.

>> I'll take it.

>> I'll take it.

>> I'll take mine.

>> PROBST: Letter from home for


There you go.


>> Thank you.



>> PROBST: A lot of good stuff

in there.

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, geez.

I got to read it later.

>> PROBST: You just peeked


>> My whole family.

My boyfriend.

I can't read it now.

I'll lose it.

>> PROBST: This auction is over.

>> Yes!

>> No cheese and crackers?

>> PROBST: We're done.

The game is back on.

Head on back to camp.

>> Thanks, Jeff!

>> Thanks!

>> PROBST: See you.

>> Nice spending time with you.

>> PROBST: Yeah.

One of the few days you like me.

>> You're right.

>> Great reward challenge.

Got letters from our families.

I have letters from all four of

my brothers, my sister-in-law.

My beautiful nieces and nephews,

my parents, my boyfriend.

I have, like, 12 letters.

I come from a great family,

strong group of people who have

always been positive and very

motivational and that's why

I am the way I am and it just

makes me try all the harder

just to stay in this game.

I feel like I've conquered so

much, but I want it all.

I mean, there's been talk,

us girls may get together,

but you can't trust anybody.

Having these letters is all the

food and all the energy I need

because I will read these

letters and I will think

of these people, and I'll go in

there like wildfire and I will

win this.

I know it.

>> I'm taking a bath.

>> Whoo!

>> Heard it before.

>> Believe it when we see it.

Hey, hey, hey.

>> Jeff commented that I reek

pretty bad, so today is bath

day, in honor of Jeff Probst,

who noted that I definitely


I may need you to help me out.

>> With what, your back?

>> Yeah.

I just can't see it.

I have long, monkey arms, but I

couldn't get all the dirt off

my back so I asked Gregg to

help me out.

Thanks, buddy.

>> Filthy, dude.

>> Is it coming off?

>> The picture out there with

the men bathing each other,


I think it's pretty comical.

I think they could have asked

a girl to loofah their backs

if they wanted to.

>> So Ian and Gregg had a little

moment out in the water.

Maybe that's the secret alliance

we don't know about.

You never know.

>> Thanks, dude.

Had a Grecian bath.

I think we were totally made fun

of for that one, but I'm

comfortable with my sexuality.

It's not a big deal.

Hey, can you check my neck and

just make sure there's no, like,

real big brown spots back there.

>> No, there are and I'm not

going to clean it for you.

But you look nice and clean.

>> Good.

>> I know that the target's on

me, I know that that's coming.

I'm anything but confident in

the game.

I just, you know, right now I'm

in an okay position, but that's

going to change this afternoon.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> So this is... I mean, you

have this alliance and it gets

you through to the end,

but you think Ian wants to deal

with me?

You think I want to deal with


>> Right.

>> I know that a lot of the

tribe members are going to be,

like, "This may be our last

chance to take him out.

Let's do it right now."

So I'm prepared for that.

My only protection is to keep

the five tight, and I've also

got to bring in Caryn as a


If there's a little trouble

brewing for me, I want Caryn to

think that I'm looking out for

her interests, she's looking out

for mine.

And I know that the target's on


I still think your good move

would be to be, like you say,

there's a strong five, be the

strong sixth yourself with us.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Talk to me before you make

that jump.

>> Tom is my in right now, and

Tom said to me, "Caryn, I'm

going to watch you as long as I


He said, "I want you to go as

far as you can."

I feel like you've worked really

hard to keep me in the game.

I'm just not going to bite the

hand that's been feeding me.

>> All right, well, I appreciate


I think we do have some kind

of a sympathetic thing going

where we're going to look out

for each other for the best that

we can.

>> Right.

>> So it was a good move on my

part to be friends with Caryn.

What happens, happens at this


You know, you just, you play

your cards as best you can.

If I don't win the immunity

challenge, I'll be ready to see

my name written a few times.

>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: Okay.

Let's get to today's immunity


First things first, Tom.

Give it up.

Immunity once again back up for


For today's immunity challenge,

you're going to be up on a


20 feet away is a wooden grid.

On that grid-- ceramic tiles.

There are 35 tiles-- that's five

tiles for each of you.

Using coconuts, you're going to

toss the coconut and attempt to

knock out one of your tiles.

If you take out somebody else's

tile, that counts for them.

First person to break all five

of their tiles or have their

tiles broken by somebody else

wins immunity.

Lose, Tribal Council tonight.

This game will end for somebody.

We'll randomly draw for colors.

Get your names up on the board

and we'll get started.

All right, Ian.

You're in the number one slot,

going for red.

Choose your weapon.

( sighs )

Goes small.

First shot.

Look at that!

>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: Off the bat, Ian is

on the board.

>> Good one.

>> PROBST: Katie up, going for




Gregg, looking for a blue tile.

>> Wow!

>> PROBST: Gregg takes out his

first tile.

Gregg on the board with one.

Jenn is up, going for orange...

>> Thank you!

>> PROBST: ...and instead

she takes out Caryn...

>> Thank you, Jenn.

>> PROBST: ...with the white


Caryn on the board with one,

hasn't even taken her first


You could jump into the lead.

Going for white.

Just short.


He's won back-to-back


Going for green.

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: And instead he takes

out Katie.

>> I'm on the board.

>> PROBST: Stephenie with her

first shot going for yellow.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: And instead she takes

out Caryn.

At the end of one round, here's

where we're at: Caryn in the

lead with two, taken out by Jenn

and Steph.

Ian, Gregg and Katie with one.

Jenn, Tom, Stephenie not yet on

the board.

Ian back up, looking for red.

And he does it.

Ian now with two.

Katie going for brown.

>> Damn!

>> PROBST: Katie takes out Jenn.

Jenn on the board with one.

Gregg up, going for blue.

And he takes out another Ian


>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Ian now moves into

the lead with three.

Jenn on the board with one,

going for orange.

Looks good... oh! Too short.

>> That-a-girl. That-a-girl.

Thank you.

>> PROBST: Jenn takes out Tom.

Tom is now on the board with


Caryn going for white.

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: And she takes out


Katie moving into this game

suddenly now with two.

Tom going for green.

Look at that.

Lofts a nice little one in

there, Tom now moves into two.

Jersey still not on the board.

>> "Jersey."

>> PROBST: For yellow.

>> Come on.

>> PROBST: Aw...

( yells )

>> PROBST: Nothing.

At the end of two rounds Ian in

the lead with three, Katie,

Caryn, Tom with two, Gregg and

Jenn with one, Stephenie still

at zero.

Ian going for red.

Ian puts himself in very good

shape with his fourth tile.

Katie with two, looking for her


Going for the close one.

And instead she takes out Jenn.

Jenn now in this game with two.

Gregg with one, looking to get

his second.

He's going for blue.

Look at that.

Drilled it.

Gregg now with two.

Jenn is up.

Jenn going for orange.

There it is.

There it is!

>> All right, good shot.

>> PROBST: Nicely done.

Jenn with three.

Caryn going for white, sitting

on two and she takes out...

>> I'm on the board!

>> PROBST: Stephenie finally on

the board, thanks to Caryn.

Tom trying to get back in this.

Going for green...

and he does it.

>> Tom's getting good at this.

>> PROBST: Tom now on the board

with three.

Steph going for the corner


Just misses.

>> Second time in a row, same


>> PROBST: End of three rounds,

Ian in the lead with four, Tom,

Jenn with three, Gregg, Katie,

Caryn with two, Steph with one.

Ian has one tile left, immunity

at stake.

For the win.

Oh, no!


>> Man.

>> PROBST: Stephenie on the

board with two.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Katie trying to stay


Katie takes out her own, now

with three.

Gregg sitting on two.

Wants to stay in this.

Looking at blue.

Look at that.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Dead on.

Gregg now with three.

He's back in this game.

Jenn sitting on three.



Hit three tiles and

none of them went out.

Ian hoping somebody will

accidentally take him out, he'll

win it.

Caryn going for white.

>> Ooh, short.

>> Bad toss.

>> PROBST: Tom with three.

Could move him into a tie with

Ian for first.

Going for green.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: And instead he takes

out red which is Ian.

Ian wins immunity.

>> Thank you.

Thank you guys.

>> Damn.

>> PROBST: Steph, your toss

doesn't count.

Nobody can catch Ian.


Ian safe from the vote tonight.

Everybody else fair game.

I'll see you at Tribal.

( thunder )

>> So mother nature throws this

little curveball and, you know,

we're gonna have a rainy day.

So I think it would be very

funny if the sun breaks out and

you just see seven people

scatter out of the tent in

individual groups just going to

explode with the things that are

building up inside them

while we're stuck inside.

It's going to be a fun day.

>> The girls want to vote the

guys out one by one, so I think

they're just going to tell


So I'm, like, are they really

going take me and us four really

take out the three men?

We'll see.

>> Stick with the women and take

out the men, or go with the men

and take the rest of them,

kicking our ass in a big way?

We have four and they have


I hate to do it, but I knew I'd

have to jump ship at some point.

I just didn't know when it would


>> Katie asked me if I wanted

to make an alliance with the


She said, "There's four of us

and three of them and now is the

time to do it."

>> And then we'll just see how

it works out from there.

>> Right.

>> You know, I love Tom.

>> Yeah.

>> I will cry when I have to

write his name down.

>> Me, too.

>> But I've accepted that I'm

going to have to write his name

down or else he's going to win.

>> I really have to think it

through, I mean...

I've been down with Tom, so

this is a whole new thing that

I really have to think about.

I mean, I don't have, like, the

word "alliance" with anybody.

I'm watching out for Tom.

Tom is watching out for me.

>> What's going on?

>> I just told you I would tell

you if your name came up and

your name is coming up all over

the place.

>> What's going on?

>> Um...

>> What do you hear?

>> Just that the girls are


>> What do the girls say?

>> Trying to figure out which

guy to take out.

>> And why are you telling me,

as opposed to siding with the


>> Because I told you I would.

>> Mm-hmm. I understand that,

just, but, I mean, you also have

to protect your own neck.

You know that you're safer with

me, you must.

>> ( stammering ): I'm just

telling you because I promised

you I would tell you.

If I heard anything about you

I said I'd tell you.

>> Well, that was Caryn just

letting me know that the girls

are talking about eliminating

some of the guys and that my

name popped up.

I'm still just a little wary

of why Caryn's giving me the

information, you know, she'd be

better off holding on to that

information and just surprising


And Katie said she's ready for

me to go?

>> She's not sure.

She was just talking.

She was just throwing around

possible scenarios.

>> Okay.

It's an interesting day here.

I've got to get off with Ian,

do a little planning there, too.

>> I think everybody's starting

to play the game and Caryn's

kind of telling stories to

everybody and trying to get a

way into a situation where

she can be on top.

So my mind's going about

four-and-a-half miles a minute

and I'm trying to figure out

what the next best move is.

>> Caryn's spreading that you're

trying to get all the girls

against the guys.

>> I don't know what the (bleep)

you're saying.

>> I'm, I'm strong.

Listen, Caryn's spreading a lie.

I'm getting really pissed off.

>> I don't like that.

I don't like that she just did

that at all.

That really bothers me.

Caryn went back and told Tom

I was planning to get all the

women, which is not what I was


I was just entertaining the

thought, but we can't get a

female alliance together because

Caryn sucks.

>> I can go Caryn first.

You think it would be better

to get rid of Caryn than Tom?

>> You don't have a chance.

I don't have a chance against

Tom, I don't think I have a

chance against you either,

but I'm sticking with you.

If I can avoid writing

your name down until the end,

I'm good with that.

>> I'm, I'm still 100% true to

you, like...

>> Yeah, me, too.

I-I just feel really bad

about the Tom thing, if you

think about it.

We should take out Tom.

I believe Tom stands a huge,

good chance that he can win

every immunity from here on out,

'cause he's smart and he's


I just hate for it to be such a

sweep and Tom just takes the

whole thing and none of us have

a chance.

>> It's not going to happen that


>> I think the biggest obstacle

is getting Ian on my side.

And to vote off Tom, I think I

can get Ian to do that, I think.

Just, I mean, when are you going

to be ready to get rid of Tom?

'Cause every time I bring it up,

you're like...

>> Tom realizes that he's the

biggest threat and while I kind

of, you know, I kind of

comforted him through the whole


That's not the whole way it is;

for me it's very up in the air.

I just want to make sure

you're still good to go.

>> Yeah, absolutely.

It's not a question, it's just

who I think should go.

>> We need to fill the bucket.

>> This is where the game gets

really, really difficult.

Caryn needs to go home,

Stephenie needs to go home,

so my big dilemma today is

do I vote Tom out?

>> I think I'm screwed because I

think Ian told Katie that I'm

playing probably both sides of

the fence and so I might be in


So, I don't know where I am

right now.

>> Stephenie needs to go.

It's already been too much

of a Stephenie show.

She brings a complexity to the

game right now, and the sooner

we get rid of her, the easier

it is for us to go back to what

the plan is.

Don't mess with the plan.

Don't mess with the plan.

I'm going to get pissed off.

I am going to get so pissed off.

>> I feel like this whole game

I've had stuff hanging over my

head and I've made it through


If these people are smart and

they know how to play the game

for themselves, their best bet

is to not get rid of me tonight.

I've said my peace, I've

planted the seed.

If they're smart, Tom will be

the next one to go.

Whether they choose to go with

it, that's on them.

>> PROBST: We now bring in the

members of our jury, Coby and

Janu who quit at the last Tribal

Council, but per the rules, will

remain a part of this jury and

will have a vote at the final

Tribal Council.

30 days in started with 20.

We're down to seven.

Ian, is the paranoia starting

to drift into camp?

>> Well, it's starting to creep


I mean, you know, you go to the

bathroom and you're, like, "Hmm,

I wonder if anybody's talking

about me."

But, uh, all in all, I think

it's still a pretty solid


>> PROBST: Steph, you narrowly

escaped being voted out at last

Tribal Council.

What was the reaction when you

got back to camp?

Because, clearly, this tribe

wanted you gone.

>> I thought it was going to be

really uncomfortable, but it


I hear that they have their, you

know, plans and stuff, but, um,

they made me feel really


And, unfortunately, I don't have

immunity on my neck, but, um,

you know, I'm playing as hard as

I can and whatever is meant to

happen will happen for me.

>> PROBST: You're a part of this

group, but you're still a bit

of an outsider.

What's going to happen to this

group as it dwindles and people

start going over to the jury,

bitter that they're no longer in

this happy family?

>> I think it's going to be

tough because they haven't

really had to, like, scramble

and start, like, kind of

backstabbing yet, so it's really

getting intense.

Like, people are starting to


I mean, I've been stressed out

since the first time I came to

Tribal Council, but it's the


>> PROBST: Caryn, when did you

notice the intensity pick up?

>> Probably the day after the

last Tribal Council.

I started noticing more people

going off and talking,

and, you know, I think other

people have noticed it, too.

>> PROBST: So if it's you

tonight, surprised?

>> Not all that surprised.

I could be the next one.

You know, you feel like you know

what's going on,

but at any given time, I might

not know what's going on.

>> PROBST: Tom, seems like from

early on, you've been somewhat

of a leader on this tribe.

You certainly haven't held back

at any of these challenges.

Was that a conscious decision to

say "I'm going for broke.

"I'm going to let them see I'm

strong and see how it plays


>> No.

Uh, my doing well in any

of the challenges became

happenstance that I didn't


I thought I was going to hide

behind being a little older

than the crowd, but the need for

Koror to beat Ulong was

paramount, so I revealed my


Um, you know, I hope it's not

held against me, and I don't

mind that I've come out and

played hard, and I'll live

with those consequences.

>> PROBST: Okay, Ian, you have

the immunity necklace.

As always, if you felt

compelled, you could give it to

somebody you thought was in


>> I'm going, I'm going to keep

it for myself tonight, Jeff.

>> PROBST: All right, you cannot

vote for Ian.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Caryn, you're up.

>> You're one of the fiercest

competitors I've ever met.

My heart hurts to let you go.

>> This is absolutely nothing


I'm just voting

with the rest of the tribe.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

The first vote:



One vote Steph, one vote Caryn.


Two votes Steph, one vote



That's three votes Steph,

one vote Caryn.

12th person voted out and the

third member of our jury, Steph.

That's four votes.

That's enough.

Bring me your torch.

>> Good luck, guys.

>> PROBST: Steph, the tribe has


>> See ya.

>> PROBST: It's time for you to


Well, relatively speaking,

another easy vote.

Last Tribal Council, somebody


This time you vote out the last

remaining Ulong member.

We are now down to six original

Koror members.

This happy family's about to be

broken up.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for

scenes from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

>> Today I think my worst fears

were realized.

>> Oh, no.

>> Oh, no.

>> The next one is the big one.

>> PROBST: And paranoia


>> I know they're ready to turn

on you.

I know for a fact.

>> And you think Katie is in

with it?

>> Definitely.

>> I don't know what the next

step is.

>> I'm really psyched and I'm,

like, really proud of myself

because it was, it was a hard


Our whole tribe just got blown

away person by person, and here

I am the only one left standing.

And I go to this new tribe,

thinking I'm a dead man walking,

and I made it one in seven.

I was outnumbered by an entire

tribe, and I am.

I'm actually really proud.