Survivor (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Death of an Alliance - full transcript

A Tagi member is finally going to be voted out. Kelly and Sean feel vulnerable. Rich conspires to get rid of Kelly, whilst Kelly explains how she doesn't trust Rich. Sue and Kelly have a massive fight.

16 Americans marooned
for 39 days

in the middle
of the South China Sea.

Separated into two tribes--
Tagi and Pagong,

they competed
against each other

to remain on the island.

But now the tribes
have merged into one.

Rattana is the name,

and it is everyone
for themselves.

Every third night,

the entire tribe will hike
deep into the jungle

to take part
in the Tribal Council,

where they must vote one
of their own off the island.

In the end, one will remain

and will leave the island
with $1 million in cash.

Last week on Survivor:

The Tagi alliance
threatened to crumble.

It seems like Kelly might be

and planning strategies
at our expense.

When I turn around
and see somebody

starting to dig
a knife into my backside,

it just really pisses me off.

And island living was wearing
on the castaways.

It's not a fun game now.

Sean won a night
on a yacht

and a surprise visit
from his dad.


Kelly found herself
in hot water.

Kelly, on the other hand,
has no idea

that she's leaving
this evening.

But she saved herself

by winning
the immunity challenge.

Instead, Colleen paid the price

and was the final Pagong member
voted off.

Only five from the original
Tagi Tribe remain.

It's anyone's guess who will
be voted off tonight.

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Why are we leaving
Rattana, though?

That's the stupidest
thing I ever heard.

You think that
Rattana played on?


A bunch of individuals

playing a game.

Rattana was absolutely

Rattana was meaningless.

Yeah, Rattana was

Tagi was... meant something.

Our name.

Oh, yeah, especially

when we were up
against Pagong.

There's no such thing as...

for me, a Tagi Tribe
or a Rattana.

That was the stupidest thing
I ever heard.

Or... or any other tribe.

It never existed
and it doesn't exist.

It's a group of 16 people,

four of whom were in
an alliance

with me
and a bunch of other ones.

And it meant something.

Now it's five individuals

just playing a game
and hanging out.

That's good.

Yeah, everyone's hunky-dory
and all friends,

but they all come to me

and they say bad things
about Richard,

or they say bad things
about Rudy,

and then they go to Rudy

and they say bad things
about me,

and they go to Rich,

they say bad things
about Rudy and I.

Sean's just... you know,
talking to me all day about

making sure I convince
my man-- Rudy--

to vote for Sue.

If somebody gave me their word

that they are in this alliance
with me,

and I give my word,
my word is good,

and their word better be good.

If they betray me,
I'll get even with them.

Rudy talks about, "People
give me their word...

"I have friends.

"I have friends back at home

that take care
of people like that."

Oh, man.

I don't know
who I'm playing with here.

I'm, like, "Get me out of here.
Send me home."

something else.

I mean, it's a game,

but it's worth
a million dollars.

Money talks.

You've pretty much
got Rudy...


Under control.

He always just looks
to me and goes...

He goes,
"Hey, who?"

I don't care.
Don't worry about it.

You have my word
and I gave it to you...

Rich is a smart guy
and he's really tricky,

and, uh, I don't trust him
one bit.

I never really have.

Whatever it takes to win here
is the point.

It's a game, and call it
Machiavellian, sure.

I'd much rather
it be Rudy left.

Than Sue.

'Cause then you and I are,
you know, definitely...

to the top.

So Kelly goes next.

So it will now be
you, Sean, me and Sue.

I don't think you're any
better off against anybody else.

In other words, getting there
with anybody but me.

Hopefully, it
will be us three.

This is the most

conniving bunch of people
I've ever met in my life.

There's not an honest one
in the bunch.

Conniving, conniving,

Things are falling apart here

at Rattana Beach.

( voices arguing )

You told them you
weren't aligned with us.

Colleen told me that.

That's bull ( blip ).

I don't give a ( blip ),

because I trust her
more than I trust you.

Why? That's bull ( blip ).

I've been your friend
since day one.

No. I'm going fishing.

That's bull ( blip ).

Will you talk to me?

No. I don't have to.

What did you
just ask Sue?

Sue feels that

I ( blip ) her...

or have ( blip )
the four of us...

I don't understand
what that's coming from.

Because... because I tried
to make the Pagong team think

that we weren't going
to eliminate them one by one?

I thought that
was part of the game.

Kelly made all the rest of us
look like a bunch of idiots.

Then she made all the rest of us
look like the bad guys

and her the one good guy
out of the whole five of us.

That's what irritated me.

Sue doesn't have
all the facts.


I was trying to pretend

that we weren't going
to eliminate

them one by one,
as I've said before,

and I thought that was
part of the plan.

We had said
when they come,

we're going
to split up,

we're going to hang
out with them.

I wasn't trying to work them
for myself at all.

They all wanted to vote you off.

They tried to come to me
and say,

"Hey, we can be in the majority.
We can vote Rich off."

I didn't.

I know.
I think it was a smart decision.

Sue said many times that
she wasn't part

of an alliance either.

So, now all of a sudden
I'm two-faced and I ( blip ) her

when she had approached me
and said,

"Hey, Rich and I have formed
an alliance

"to vote you off at the end,

"but I'm not going to do that.

Let's you and I vote him off."

If I was trying
to plot against you

and plot against Sue...


...and trying to use them
in my best interests,

then I would have
voted for you.

But I decided...
Yeah, I don't think
that's true.

...I wanted to stay true
to our... to our alliance--

to our four that
we decided on from
the beginning.

Right. Right.

When Kelly said to me, um,
"Are you pissed off at me?

It seems to me like you
and Sue are pissed off at me."

Well, that was my opportunity
to come in

and smooth things,

as opposed to be the one
who upsets the applecart.

Thanks, Kells Bells.

So certainly that little tiff
between Kelly and Sue

has been coming

and plays to my advantage,

Aw, it hurts.

This is my second ray sting
since I've been here.

Oh, and trust me, they hurt.

It's like an aching sting

and it hurts from my knuckle
down to about here,

and it's constantly pounding
and it aches

and it hurts really bad.

I might act like a tough girl,
but they do hurt.

They gouge me.

This one got me good.

Notice the hand.

The knuckles are still swollen
from that ray bite.

I seen that tail come in
and just slice that.

Ow, was I pissed.

Cause he was
in a little hole.

He couldn't go
anywhere but out.

You know, he couldn't
go back or forward.

He had
to come out.

At least you get
to eat the bastard.

Sixth day to the end.

Desperate to go home.

Really looking forward
to enter reality.

For me, this maintaining some
kind of a thumb

on ev... all of these different
people's personalities

that I care very little about,
uh, is exhausting.

I'm ready for the people

in my life that I've brought
into my life,

throughout my life.

And I'm looking forward
to getting back to that

with a vengeance.

I've been wishing for home

since the day I got here.

I haven't been away from
New York in this long ever.

I miss my favorite restaurant.

I miss the people
at the restaurant.

I miss my friends.

I miss my family.

You know, I miss
all those things.

I'm just looking forward

to talking to my husband
on the phone.

I can't wait for that.

I get anywhere
within a phone
to make a call,

that's what I'm doing,
is calling home.

I don't give a ( blip )
what time of day it is there.

The end of days

is what I'm thinking about
as I lay here on a raft

in the middle of the
South China Sea on a beach--

in my bed.

Yeah, it's very pretty.

It's a beautiful,
beautiful night.

Cloudy, but I like the clouds.

I'm just looking at the clouds,

thinking of going home.



with no watch.

Having no idea what time it is.

Just knowing that time
is passing slowly.


( laughing )

"Dig in."

"Dig in."

That's mud from
the mud volcano.

We got to dig in

to find the clue?


All it is is swamp mud.

I'm going
to rinse my hand off.

I think that's cool.


The bucket and the mud.

We're going to have
to do some kind of digging.

Oh, I found it.

Oh, cool! Read it.

Read it to me.

What's it say, Rudy?

"It might
be a dirty job,

"but now it's up to you.

Make like a hog
at the volcano..."

"carry mud..."

"for an ice-cold brew."

Another trip out
of here would be nice.

That's good news.

It is.

It's Day 35 on the island

and old friends
are becoming new enemies.

So, for today's
reward challenge,

the tribe members will head
to the mud volcano

and, perhaps,
calm things down a little.

This mud volcano actually
created the entire island.

the tribe members will engage

in some therapeutic
mud bathing.

Okay, here's
what I know.

A bit of a blowout yesterday,
shouldn't be unexpected,

so the idea today is to have
a different kind of a blowout.

The goal is pretty simple:

get as much mud
from the mud volcano

into your bucket
as you can in five minutes,

using your body
as the transport vehicle.

So you go over and lather up
as much as you can.

You come back over here,
shake off, squeeze out--

whatever you want.

If that doesn't
take the tension off,

takes the edge off

like a cold beer, right?

So, for the winner,

one Bud Light.

That's a warm-up for
what's going to happen later.

for the winner, later,

you're going to be picked up,

boated to a mysterious bar,

where you and I are going
to have a few more Bud Lights.

We're going to watch
the first five minutes

of episode one...


...of Survivor.


I like that.

That works for me.

Okay, I'm going
to set my beer aside.

Let's get ready
to do this thing.

Survivors ready...

Get muddy!

( whooping )

( laughing )

( squishing )

Looking good, Rudy!

Ten seconds!





Stop! Stop,
stop, stop.

All right.
That was fun.

That was a blast.

This is going to be close.

All right,
we'll start on the end.


Don't you have
to move over?

Stop bouncing.

Oh, this is going
to be so close.

15.9 for Kelly.

That's not
bad at all.

Yeah, Rudy, I don't
think you're as heavy.


No, that's not
going to do it.

Right at about ten.

Need a little
more coverage.

Susan, you've
got a big bucket.

25 pounds.

15.9 is the number.


No. Aw, they get the heavy mud.

15.9 is the number
to beat.

This is Sean.

Who's ahead?

Sean-- 16.

Sean was
using his hair.

Not going
to be enough.

Wow, Kelly.


One guy left.

15.9. I don't think

it's going to be enough.

It looks like it's too easy
for you to carry.

I think I'm having
a beer with Kelly.

Oh, you're out.

It's not even close.



Give you a big hug.

Give me a big hug.

I wish I had a bigger chest
to carry the mud.

I've been muddy,
but not this kind.

It feels good to,
you know, win something.

I haven't won much of anything,

but I won yesterday
and I won today.

I'd feel better if it was
an immunity that I won today,

but, hopefully,
I'm on a winning streak.

Everybody was very pissy
prior to the mud bath,

myself included.

Things really
changed here today.

There was a fight,
for the first time

between Kelly and Sue, but,

this little shenanigan game

at the mud bath thing
really paid off, I think.

And it did-- it rejuvenated us.

I think it rekindled, you know,
just, like, friendships

and laughing,
and things like that.

Yeah, the mud game
was a blast.

I had a blast. Fun--
totally a lot of fun.

When we got back from the mud,
we were washing...

helping each other
get the mud off

and things like that.

Let me clean my ears out,
then you take it.

It's bizarre to me

how people do the things
they do--

like how Sue and Kelly

are washing each other's back
and hair

and, you know, laughing, joking

and hugging,
and picking each other's zits

and all the rest of it

right now, after what

they went through yesterday.

Doing the mud thing really wore

a lot of energy out of us,

so it did key us down
quite a bit.

And Kelly's the only other girl
on the island with me,

so we're going
to hang together to the end.

This is my big
getting-ready moment.

I hear a boat.
I do, I hear the boat.

Here he comes--

the wondrous one.

Bigger boat, girl.

They brought your limo
to pick you up.

Have fun on your
night out, kiddo.

Have fun.
I hope there's...

Have a good one, kid.

See you later.

Bye, you guys.

See you later.

Now I'm going
to take you this way.

Hear that.

Oh, a bar.

There's cigarettes
if you're so inclined.

Can I get food, too?

And food, yes.

Okay, hold on.

Let me pull
your chair out.

Oh, a chair...
Look at you!

Okay, right over
here, actually.

Now sit down.
If you feel

like you're getting looks,
that's because there aren't...

More Americans blindfolded.


This looks normal.


Okay, want a beer?


Can we get two Buds?



Right on.

Thank you,
thank you.

All right, let's toast.

good stuff.

This Bud's for you.

Oh, thank you.




Oh, my God.

Thank you.

Look at this huge plate.

Let me get that salt.

So how you hanging in?

I'm doing good.


Yeah, the game's,
um... you know,

gotten weird.

It's finally
gotten crazy.

gotten intense.


I thought
I could trust Sue,

which was
my first mistake.

I guess you can't
trust anybody.

I don't lose any
respect for her

for playing the game at all.

We're not... you know,

I said something today
on the trail...

I was, like, wait a minute--
we're not evil.

We just play bad people on TV.

Whether it's every
man for himself

or whatever, I would like to,

smooth things over with Sue,

because that was just
completely... there was no...

It'll be interesting
to see how this plays out.

I know.

I have a very special friend

that I was going to show her
something on the TV.

Is that okay?


( patrons applauding )

All right.

( patrons cheering )

How many do I need?

Where's our box?

Where's the Tagi box?

You are witnessing

16 Americans begin
an adventure that will forever

change their lives.

They've been given two minutes

to salvage whatever they can

off this boat.

Yeah, go, Jenna!

That was awesome.

That was so cool.

The Tagi Tribe,
who will always wear orange,

consists of Rudy Boesch,
a retired Navy SEAL,

and Kelly Wiglesworth,

a river guide from Las Vegas...

( patrons cheering )

Oh, my God!

Good night.

I'll see you later.

Today is the fourth day

till the end of competition--

the 36th day of our game.

I've said it 14 times today

and I still can't keep it
in my head.

Let's keep it
fun around here

for the next,
you know...

Keep it fun?

It's going

to be tough,

between Sue and Kelly.

And Kelly, I think,
is going to be

a little sadder.

She's sitting over
there with her,
so that's good.

I'm waiting
to manage conflict.

Well, you got one.

I've come
to a conclusion.

I align with my family,
who I love dearly and...

There is four days left,
and we're all going to have
to live together.

And Sue and I,
we kind of patched things up

and she said,
"Hey, look, this is a game.

"I'm going to have
an alliance with Rich

instead of you."

I said, "Fine. That's cool.
Play the game."

If you feel that
you need to
align with Rich

to get you
as far as you can...

That's what I'm saying.

And you're
playing the game

and, you know,
I respect that,

but I didn't,
you know,

you were telling me
I was two-faced

and telling me
that I, you know,

betrayed you
or whatever

and I don't feel
that I have at all.

I said, "I think I deserve
to get to the four

and to get to the three."

She said,
"I'm not going to let you."

And it's the other way around--
I'm not going to let her.

I feel that I
should maybe

deserve to get
into the three

and then you guys
have at it.

Well, whatever, yeah,
but, no, I ain't going

to let you
into the three

if I can
possibly help it,

'cause you're a threat
to me in the end.

We'll keep to an agreement

that we'll treat
each other civil

till the time we leave here.

No sense to make it hard
on anybody.

And while we're here,
possibly together for
the next four days...

so let's
just be civil.

I know. That's
what I thought

we were being--
very civil.

I thought
we were, too.

I just wanted to...
to clear that up.

I felt that yesterday
was a confusing thing

and, you know,
whatever happens now, happens.

That's right. Yeah.

Check that out.

Look at the road

the ant highway,
up on the, uh, ceiling

of the, uh, hut here.

The canvas.

Two-lane highway.

You can see the ants
going in and out.

Got a really
great view from here.

We'll build the grill
when we get back.

This is my
mosquito net sarong.

This is... damn it.

Really it's three days.

Right, this is the
fourth day to the end.

In three days, this'll be over.

All I'm thinking now is "win."

Do what I have to do.

Now I'm in it to win, you know,

and to just... just
be a nice guy

and to just do this,
that and the other thing

and pack it in is wrong.

So I got to win.

I'm going to have
to win immunity

and I'll have to finagle.

And I'm
going to have to try

to pick up the vibe on people.

If, you know, like right now,

Sue and Kelly
aren't getting along.

There might be something
I can exploit to my advantage.

I might have to do
stuff like that.

It's going to be a lot of work,
but I'll get there.

Yeah, I have one more

There's no rewards,
and you know what?

I'm not even thinking
I'm going to win anymore.

I want to win the last one,
like, oh, man, if I win any--

I'm praying, I'm praying

that I win
the very last immunity--

if I'm here, if I make it
through the next four,

which I think I will.

Oh, the mailbox
is getting further away.

There it is.

A camera.

"Last night, Jeff Probst
went missing."

"Last night..."

"his camera was all that
was found in the jungle."

All right, how do you
work the damn thing?

So who knows how
to play these back?

It says "play."

Okay. What the hell's going on?

Who saw the silly

Blair Witch
Project anyway?

I did. So watch.

This will tell us
where he's at.

This is... wherever
he's marked in the jungle.

Oh, look at the mask.

"What is the
immunity challenge?"

Survivor Witch Project.

Pagong Beach.


What was that? What was that?

What was that?

"Pagong Beach at sundown."

And "What is the
immunity challenge?"

We get no clues.

It's tonight at Pagong
Beach at sundown.

That's pretty
cool, though.

This island is Rich with
tradition and superstition.

Talk to the locals,
they'll tell you one thing--

disrespect the jungle,
you pay the price.

Today's challenge deals
with jungle spirits.

Each survivor will be
given a video camera

and will race into the jungle
in search of five masks.

Behind each one is a question
about island folklore.

The castaways
will use the camera

to record themselves giving the
answers and then take the mask.

The first one
to collect all the masks

and answer all five
questions correctly on tape

will appease the jungle spirits
and win immunity.

Everything I'm about
to tell you is true.

Malaysian custom says
that sacrificing a goat

can bring about good luck.

So the locals seek out

the largest Banyan tree
they can find

and a high priestess
makes the sacrifice.

This is how you protect
yourself in the jungle.

The one thing you want to do
to protect yourself is

never call out
somebody's name.

According to legend,

if you call out someone's name,
the tree spirits

can grab that name and literally
repeat that name later.

So you're out on your own

and you hear somebody say
your name-- "I'm over here."

So you start going this way.

So what you have to do
if this happens--

you got a piece of vine,
you make a circle out of it,

you step through the circle,

you say
your own name

and you reclaim
your name.

Every Tribal Council
I say, "Fire represents life.

Your identity is
represented by your fire."

Since the merger, every person
voted off the island

has had their torch mysteriously
blown out by the wind.

And without anyone noticing,

we had to re-light it
so it could be

snuffed out instead.

Also at Tribal Council,

I started blowing
this conch shell.

Okay. Folklore says
that the headhunters,
when they would

come back from
their headhunting,

they would blow the conch shell

and the rain gods
would release a storm

to cleanse them
of all their sins

that they had committed for the
people that they had beheaded.

What has happened
at every Tribal Council?

It's rained.

The last thing is probably
the most beautiful thing

about island life,
involves snakes.

The truth is
that when a snake

comes to your camp, it is
actually bringing you good luck.

If you treat the snake
with respect,

it will bring you good luck,
but if you disrespect

or taunt a snake,
it'll bring you bad luck.

Joel can
attest to that.

He chased a pit viper
away from the Pagong camp,

his fate was sealed.

Later that night

Joel was voted off the island.

The most important
thing right now is

if you have listened

I've given you everything
you need to know

to win tonight's
immunity challenge.

Take a camera

and pass it down.

Your immunity challenge
tonight is to go into the jungle

and there
you'll find

five masks
for each one of you.

Behind each mask
is a question.

Take the video camera,
point it at yourself,

record the answer.

When you're finished,
take the mask with you.

First one back with all the
correct answers wins immunity.

Let's do it.

This is for immunity.

Win this, you're going
to the final four.

Survivors ready?


"What is one event..."

Their torches going out
at, uh, the council.

"How can you turn the good luck
from a visiting snake
into bad luck?"

Don't bother it, don't taunt it.

Not taunting it or anything.

Don't taunt it, don't do
anything to it. That's one.

I don't know.

"What will the sprits do
when they hear the conch shell?"

They'll cause it to rain
to cleanse the, uh...

sins of the headhunters.


Uh... say your name

and step
through a hoop in vines.

Say your name
and it will be all cleared up.

"...from Tribal Council?"

I don't know.

"According to legend,
what must you do

to respect the spirits
in the Banyan tree?"

Kill a goat.

Drain the blood from the goat.

And then pour the blood
around in a circle.

"If the spirits cause you to..."

I don't know.



Do you have
all the answers?

Sure do.

Let me see it.

Four for four.

Last one.

I guess you get
to keep this.

There you go.

Good job, Kelly.

Nice job, Wiglesworth.


Thanks, guys.

The rain's coming sideways.

If it was coming straight down,

we'd be over by the fire
underneath the parachute.

That would be good
over there, eh, Rudy?

Yeah. Parachute might blow away.

I hope it's just
an afternoon of this, Rudy.

I hope it's not
raining tonight

when we got to march
up to tribal.

I don't know how Sean
could sit up there.

Thought he had enough of it.

Cold and hungry.

I'm winning this thing.

You know, it's going to be
an uphill battle for me,

but I'm winning this thing--
the whole show.

So we're back to...
where we were, eh?

We were just talking

about whether
it's Sean or Rudy.

Myself and, uh, Rich

are going right to the end.

You know, we hope that
it will be us two in the end

where the jury picks one of us.

Yeah. It should be
an interesting council.


The balance of power

I don't believe has shifted
from me to Kelly,

but certainly I've lost
some footing.

Kelly wins immunity,
and all kinds of things

have to change
and shift quickly.

So it's not as easy
to remain a solid alliance

in the midst of a lot of flux

with so few people.

Rich has said--

since he knows
that Sue was plotting

an alliance against him--

he has had to rearrange
his strategy.

So, maybe they're not
voting together.

I don't know.

To me, that just means game on.

I think I've always
looked at it,

the next Tribal Council,

there'll be, you know,
a lot of votes cast

in different directions

that were never previously
cast before.

I think the three people
that are likely to vote for Sue

are me, Richard
and potentially Rudy.

Rudy's kind of swinging.

Rudy wants to...
wanted me whacked

about three weeks ago,

so, you know...
he's a good guy.

We sleep together, but he's
ready to slit my throat

in this contest any minute now.


I'm going to vote
for either Rich or Sue.

Um... it's time to get dirty.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

I... as I said, I don't know.

It's every man for himself.

Grab a seat.

I'll bring in the jury...

which is growing.

Now, Greg, Jenna,

Gervase, Colleen.

They'll take a seat
here to observe.

One of you will be
joining this group tonight.

The other four
will be moving on.

Tribal Council number 12.

This is big tonight,

because if you make it
through this vote,

you make it
to the final four.

Obviously the only person
here doesn't have
to worry tonight--

Kelly Wiglesworth.

Kelly, how much did you need
to win that immunity?

Desperately. Desperately.

You're convinced you
were gone if not?

Pretty much, yeah.

In the situation
we're in tonight,

as a result,
you go from somebody

who might well have
been voted off

to the absolute
swing vote.

You can't be voted on,

but you're going
to vote for somebody.


Did the mood around you
change at all in the last day?

I'd say so, yeah.

I think the mood, you know...

pretty much everybody
with the whole group

and the new dynamics

and three days left
has changed quite a bit.

What about you, Rich?

What do you think
the take is on you

from the American public
point of view.

Hopefully, the people
who watch the show

would see somebody who's kind
of known what he was looking for

from the beginning,
and has kind of

worked toward
his goal

as ethically as he
could do it.

Rudy, you been
around a long time.

You're definitely the veteran
of this group.

You're flying low

under the radar.

What do you think

people are saying about
you at this point?

Well, I know the whole
Atlantic fleet is saying

"What's that old son of a...
doing in there?"

You know, and, uh,

I'll have to answer 'em
when I get back.

Do you think your buddies
are going, "Go, Rudy!"

Or, "I can't wait to see
this guy...?"

Oh, yeah, yeah.
They're behind me.

They'd better be.

Even after you said
you liked the homo?


That's a good
question, though.

You've made a couple of jokes,
you know, that Rich

is definitely
a friend,

but you wouldn't want
to be seen with him

around your buddies.

When we're done with this,
I'm going to shake his hand

and hope I never see you again.

That's it.

Is there a sense of dread

coming over
you guys

that, you know,
this whole idea

of the alliance now
has to be reckoned with?

Actions come into play.

At one point,

whether it was
happenstance or not,

Pagong members were
voted off one by one.

Now they're sitting
across from you

ready to say,
"Now it's my turn."

How's that sittin'
with you, Sean?

It's sitting fine with me.

I think the people
that got to know me,

got to understand me

and know where
I'm coming from...

But, you know,
like I said

I've conducted myself
in a different manner

than everybody,
you know-- unique.

Uh, was it smart?
I don't know.

Did it make me feel good?

Yeah. I mean, I'm
very comfortable

with them judging me
at this point.

Last question-- Sue:

At one point
you said early on...

I think, in fact,
it might have been to Rich...

I'm not sure.

One of the first few days
here, you said, "Listen--

"I'm just a redneck
and corporate America

isn't going
to play here."

Oh, she sure did.

But just a couple
of Tribal Councils ago,

you made a pretty good case

for the fact
that what goes on here

at Survivor
is really no different

than what goes on
in corporate America.
Oh, yeah.

So my question is
what has won out--

simple Midwestern values,
or the harsh reality

of corporate life?

It ain't over with yet,

so you can't say who's
won out yet, eh?

The idea of money--

money makes
the world go round.

Money is greed, money is
what everybody thrives for.

I don't care what
anybody says anymore.

Um... it's what spins us.

It can make life
a little bit easier.

If you're,
you know, struggling,

or whatever,

it helps.

Big fights, divorces happen
over shortages of money,

so... a lot to be said
about money, Jeff.

That's what we're talking about.

On that note...

it's time to vote.


I'm voting for Sue tonight.

Not for any particular reason.

She's a good friend of mine

and will always be
a good friend of mine,

but it's a self-
preservation maneuver

and, uh, needed to be done.

It was fun.

Good luck, buddy.

Fire definitely represents
life on the island.

Across from you now,
11 staffs.

Another one
will be added

to that
group tonight.

Four of you will
move on.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are tallied,
the decision is final

and the person will be asked
to leave the island immediately.

I'll read the votes.





You need to bring
me your torch.

Maybe the jungle
is speaking to us.

Wow... someone snuck up
behind me. Come on.

It went out
during the vote.


The tribe has spoken,
the jungle has spoken.

It's time
for you to go.

I'll see you in a few days.


Sean's torch went out

during the Tribal Council.

Since the merger,

every person voted off

has had their torch go out.

You guys have made it
to the final four.

We'll have a final
Tribal Council,

where the jury will decide
who leaves this island

with a lot
of bragging rights

and a lot of cash.

You can head back to camp.

I'll see you

I like to think I was
the last good person down.

I hope that's the way
America remembers me.

I conducted myself
very well here.

There are people
I genuinely like
on there,

but there are some very

um... callous, cold
and duplicitous people

in the contest.

Good luck, guys.

See you later,

It's been a blast. Bye.