Survivor (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - The Final Four - full transcript

The final 4 reflect on how the game has affected them and how they and the others chose to play. Richard, Rudy, and Sue plan to vote out Kelly - if she doesn't win immunity. In the end, only one will remain with the title of Sole ...

36 Days ago on this
remote Malaysian island

16 Americans began
the adventure of a lifetime.


They became castaways

leaving behind their jobs,
their loved ones,

and all contact
with civilization.

Their goal: work together
to build a new world,

but compete against each other
to become the sole survivor

and win $1 million.

It was to become
the ultimate human experiment.

We have to function together
or we fail.

I'm a redneck, and I don't know
corporate world at all,

and corporate world ain't going
to work out here in the bush.

I've been working my ass off,
and a lot of you

have been laying
on your ass, watching me.

So don't give me
any of that ...

The hardest part is

hanging around
with all these young kids.

I don't even know
what MTV means, you know?

At first,
the castaways competed

as two separate tribes:
Pagong and Tagi.

Survivors ready?


Every third night

the losing tribe would hike
deep into the jungle

to take part in Tribal Council
where they had

to vote one of their own
off the island.

Three castaways from Pagong
and three from Tagi

met their untimely fate
in these first 18 days.

On day 21, the tribes merged

and the competitions
became individual.


As the numbers dwindled

the stakes grew higher
and alliances were promised.

So, are we going
to stick to it?

I'm going
to stick to it.

You, me and Gervase could
definitely do something.

So, let's do it.

So, now it's you and me
to the end, period.

But as strategies deepened,
bonds were broken.

'Cause I trust her more
than I trust you.

Why? That's bull ...

I've been your friend
since day one.

At last week's Tribal Council,
Sean was voted off.

Now, only four remain,
but tonight

one of these castaways
will make it

through the last three
Tribal Councils

and become the sole survivor.

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Time is kind of out of my head.

I don't have a clock

or a calendar
or a watch or anything,

but for some reason,
I feel really, really

comfortable, really good now.

I, um, I think it has
to do with just how short...

how little time is left.

We're down to 60 hours.

So, 60 hours,
if you look at it that way,

I can deal with it for a chance
to win a million dollars,

but the hardest thing

for me here now has come down
to probably the boredom.

It's peach fuzz.

Scrape it off.

The girls got razor blades
in their care package,

so after they got done
under their arms

they shaved my face.

Looks great.


Just like uptown.

Yeah, you look great.

Hey, Rudy, clean shaven.

How's it feel?

Man, I was dying to
get rid of that thing.

We made about, uh...

200 pots of rice
since we've been here.

Sometimes we ate
three times a day,

sometimes twice a day,

sometimes once a day.

I'd say I lost 22 pounds
since I've been here.

How much do we got
here, Rudy?

Like, three-quarters
of a bowl each?


It's getting down
to the wire, eh?

I'm a wreck.

My hair is way longer
than I ever keep it.

This feels like a mop.

There's nothing left.

I used to have
a muscle here growing.

I think I've lost
a good 30 pounds

since getting here,
but everything's loose.

There's nothing that's firm
on this body anymore.

Basically, I'm a physical wreck.

I'm completely covered
in bug bites from head to toe.

I've lost some weight.

I've lost some muscle.

I've lost quite a hunk
of sanity.

Gosh, I don't think I thought

this was going to be as mental
as it ended up being.

What's it like
living with somebody

you don't care for
at the time...

sleeping next to your enemy?

You just do it.

You just hang out with them
and eat next to them,

and just treat them
like a civil person.

That's all you can do.

Of the four of us
that are here right now

we formed this alliance
way in the beginning,

and, you know, we were
in a position of power

where we could get rid
of anybody we wanted to--

we had 'em lined up--

but now we're finished
with the alliance

'cause the four of us are left,
so you're on your own.

I was really shocked
in the beginning

by how few people were planning.

It seemed a vacation
to 16 people who were told

what this was about,

who saw the logo that said

"Out wit, Out play, Out last,"
same as I did.

In the beginning,
nobody wanted the money,

but now it's all money.

You know,
it's on everybody's mind.

And in order to win the money

you got to make an alliance
or don't even show up.

When we got to the point
where the original four

were still here
as the final four,

that alliance had

gone through
a number of machinations

that changed it
from being the original four

to almost anybody's game.

I feel like I agreed to be
in an alliance,

and then I didn't want to be
in it anymore,

but I was too chicken
to tell 'em that.

And I tried to play both sides;

I tried to vote
how I wanted to vote

do what I thought was right,
but not let them in on it,

because, hell, I want
to stay in the game.

After Gretchen, she didn't vote
in any of the way

the alliance voted.

She was setting herself up

so that if she is the last two
at the end

she's going to make herself
look really good,

'cause we knew there would be

more Pagong on the jury
than Tagi.

I just bit off

way more than I could chew

and it just... it all exploded.

What it is is greedy.

She thinks she got...
like, five or six people ago,

it's like, you could see
her turn a little bit.

Then I was really irritated.

This has not been easy,
you know,

come out here on the island
and get bit up by bugs

and stung by stingrays.

So I told Kelly

my family's
my number-one goal.

I think I got a better chance
of winning the million dollars

with arrogant Rich by my side
than with her at my side.

Had Sue not informed me

that she had broken the alliance
and established one with Kelly,

I never would have known it

and the two of them would have
easily undermined me,

and I could have gone
at any point

if they'd maintained
that alliance.

So it's kind of neat,
cute, nice,

that the final four were
the initial four,

but it wasn't a continuous line

of "Ooh, initial four make it
all the way through."

So there's a different feeling
attached to it,

not that sense of
accomplishment I would have had

had the trust been unbreached
and we went through cleanly.

Message, message,
message, ooh.

"'Ode to the fallen comrades':

"Here are your targets
from Tribal Councils past.

"Hope you've learned
about the people you've sacked.

Come to the next challenge
with all your bags packed."

Oh! How cool-- like,
about their personality.

Somebody will go tonight

and we're waiting
till after we get back to eat

so we got more food,
'cause one mouth will be gone.

Could be mine;
could be anybody's.

I think maybe
this challenge will be

they'll ask questions
about each person--

maybe how old they were,
what they do for a living--

which I don't know
and I don't care.

Rudy was just asking
what Sean did again.

Rudy won't do very well.

I think it's going

to be questions
about, um, these people--

seeing how well we knew them,

how well we listened to them.

I guess things like that.

It's cutthroat time.

I would say that Rich, Rudy
and I are getting along well,

and, uh, Kelly's the one we've
been wanting to get out of here.

I feel completely vulnerable.

I feel the odd man out.

It's really stressful
and it's kind of scary because,

you know,
I'm not "safe" anymore.

( whistling )

Kelly would have been gone
by now if she didn't ace

the last two immunities.

We're praying that one of us
three wins today

so we can boot her out.

The one person I did
actually care about was Sue

and she doesn't give
two ... about me,

so I don't give a crap
about anybody

on this island anymore.

Um, I'm here for me

and everybody else
can kiss my ass.

( gong ringing )

We'll go ahead
and bring our jury in.

Day 37...

down to two

We've invited
the jury in

because what we're going
to do tonight embodies

what Survivor's all about.

The game is called
"Fallen Comrades."

It's a simple quiz game
to find out

how much you've learned
about the other castaways

while you've been here.

We're going to ask you
ten questions.

There's one point

for each answer
you get correct.

The person with the most points
at the end of the game

wins immunity.

Immediately following,
we'll hold a vote.

Make sense?


Question one:

"Who received only one vote
at the first Tribal Counsel?"


Turn it over.

We're doing these one by one.

See everybody's vote.


One for Rudy,
one for Sue.

Now your answers are
suddenly valuable, Rudy.

I know it. They're all peeking
over my shoulder.

Here's the second question:

"In Treasure Island Relay

"name the Pagong members

"who ran the following
legs of that event:

"Number one is
The Swimming Leg;

"number two,
The Floating Bridge;

"number three, The Paddle;

"number four, The Run;

number five,
Who Did the Dig?"

Okay. Turn them around,
we'll go one by one.

The Swim was Colleen.

Number two, The Floating
Bridge was Greg.

The Paddler was Joel.

The Runner was Gervase.

And the last, The Dig,
there were two people:

Gretchen and Jenna.

One for Sue.

One for Richard.

One for Kelly.

Okay, question three:

"Of the former castaways,

whose shirt is this?"

That's a
good idea.

Rudy, all right.

Five seconds.


Kelly's right.

It was Jenna's.

Okay, Kelly and Sue
tied in the lead

with two each.

Question four:

"What state is
Gervase from?"

"What state
is Gervase from?"

Okay, let's reveal.

"New Jersey."

"New Jersey"
is right.

Sue, Rich and Rudy
each get a point.

Sue is in the lead.

You're off to
a good start.

Question five:

"Whose blue bandanna is this?"

Blue bandanna.

All right, reveal.

"Greg" is right.

Kelly is the only
person with the
right answer.

Sue and Kelly in
the lead, three
points each.

Question six:

"What are the names
of these two girls?"

Five seconds, guys.

Okay, won't waste it.

Flip around.

"No idea."
"No idea."


That's their middle names.

"...and Sadie."
Both right.

Kelly, moving out
into a lead.

We have four
questions left.

Question seven:

"Other than the raft
and personal belongings,

"what three items did
Pagong bring with them

when they moved
to Tagi Beach?"

You need
all three items.

Still writing,
Rudy? Okay.

Let's reveal.

The answers were
"mosquito net,"

"cooking pot"
and "a blanket."

Rudy, you're right.

"Blanket, mosquito
net, cooking pot."

Kelly, you're right.

So it's Rudy,
Kelly, Sue.

Each get one point.

All right, we have
three questions left.

Kelly in the lead.
Question eight:

"Name the two survivors
from Pagong who did not compete

in the obstacle course?"

Five seconds,


Let's see what you have.

"Gervase and Colleen."

"Gervase and

"Gervase and Colleen."

That's right.

Rudy, Kelly, Sue.

Wrong again, Richard.

Okay, Kelly in
the lead with six.

Sue, close behind
with five.

Rudy, you have four.

Question nine:
"Sean was the chief resident

of what department
in the hospital?"

"Sean was the chief resident
of what department

in the hospital?"






Okay, everybody
but Kelly.

Okay, last question:

Sue and Kelly are
both tied at six.

Rudy, you got five.

This could determine
the winner

in who gets immunity.

But if Kelly and Sue
both get it wrong

and, Rudy, if you
get it right,

then we'll have
a three-way tie,

in which case we'll
go to a tie-breaker.

Okay, here we go.

Last question:

"In order, list the survivors

voted off the Pagong Tribe."

Okay, let's reveal.

This is for immunity.

Number one was B.B.

Ramona was second.

Number three was Joel.

Number four, Gretchen.

Number five, Greg.

Six was Jenna.



Sue, Richard and Kelly
do get credit.

Okay, that was
our last question.

We have a tie between
Kelly and Sue.

This is our
tie-breaker question:

"What is Sonja's last name?"

She was in your tribe.

"What is Sonja's last name?"

You have five
seconds, Sue.

Let's reveal.

This is for immunity.

Sue, you
don't know.

Kelly, "Christopher"
is right.

Kelly, well done.


four in a row to Kelly.

You are on a hot
streak for sure.

Do you pay attention
to people usually

and learn about them?

I do. I listen.

Uh, I listen to people,

and I especially listen,

um, when it's people
I'm interested in

and people I like.

Okay. It's time to vote.

Rich, you're up.

Who knows why?


Her number was up.

It's time for Rich to get...
off the stage.


I'll go tally the votes.

As always, once the votes are
tallied, the decision is final

and you'll be
asked to leave

the Tribal
Council area

( sighs )




That's two
votes for Sue

one vote for Rich.


Our first tie.

Okay, so what

has already been a long day
and a long night

is going to get a little longer.

Here's how a tiebreaker works.

Rich and Sue
will not vote.

Kelly and Rudy
will vote again

but before
we do that

I want to give each of you
30 seconds

to make a
plea for why

whoever voted for you

should change
their vote.

So, Rich, I'll
start with you.


Well, Kells Bells,

somebody's got to go.

I'd appreciate your vote,
not against me.

Um, I'd love to stay.

I think, uh, it's been
an interesting road,

to say the least,

as it gets
more and more real

down to these days,
like some people may never know.

We worked well together,

and I think, uh, I have
a certain responsibility

for pulling the alliance
together from the beginning.

These are the four
we started with

and, uh, I'd ask
for your help.

Love you, Sue.

Me, too.
( Rich chuckles )




I'm not going to say anything.

I'm just leaving it
the way it is.

You know me.

You know how I
operate, whatever.

Whatever you want to do.


you're up.

Take this
with you.

Same reason.

Okay, Kelly.

I'm going to go
tally the votes again.

You guys have been through
a lot.

Let's do this.

Two votes;

one of you will be leaving
the Tribal Council area.

First vote...


Second vote...


Thanks, sweetie.

Cool. Hey, no problem.

I'm ready to go.

You need to bring
me your torch.

( Sue laughing ):

Have a smoke and coffee.


( chuckling )

Okay. That works.

The tribe
has spoken.

Okay. I'll see you guys later.

It's time
for you to go.


You guys need to
go get some sleep.

The last immunity
challenge is tomorrow.

I'll be waking you up.

I'll see you guys back at camp.

Oh, I appreciate being able
to talk to everybody

for the last time.

I said, "Oh, it'd be great

if I could finish
in the top four or five."

I finished top four.

Hey, that's good enough for me.

You know,
outside of the weather

and being cold and rainy
when it rained at night,

and the sand fleas,
this was a lot easier for me

than driving a truck through
Chicago every day of the week.

Th-that's a lot worse
than being out here in the bush.

Kelly, Rich and Rudy

are all that remain
of the Rattana Tribe.

Still to come:
two more Tribal Councils

and we'll find out
who will be the sole survivor.

Rich? Kelly?

Hey, it's Jeff.

Oh... yes, so it is.

Morning, morning.

Let me give you
a little morning
light here.

Put on something comfortable.

Rudy, when you're ready,
come on over and join us.

The end is near.

You ready to go, Rudy?

Got a long boat ride
ahead of us.

( bird screeches )

Today, this moment
really is for you guys.

It is the final
rite of passage

of this whole
Survivor experience.

At the other end
of the sand spit

is the final
immunity challenge.

To get there

you must first walk through
these palm fronds.

The natives are chanting

spirit is around you.

Then you all must pass
the staffs

of your fallen comrades.

As you go, take a moment
to reflect on them.

You'll then pass through
the bamboo curtain

and walk barefoot
across a fire pit

where the embers are burning
at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

For 38 days, this island,
sometimes a paradise,

and sometimes a nightmare,

has embraced you
as one of its own.

We have some mud
from the mud volcano.

But I think it's important
that a little piece

of the island goes with you
on this experience.

( chanting ):
Sandovar! Sandovar! Sandovar!

There have been so many steps
along the way

that you've stepped through
one door into another area.

What we want this to be, right
now, is a way for you guys

to take everything that you've
become over the last 38 days

and channel it
into one powerful experience.

This challenge
is very simple

in its nature
and its execution.

We're calling it
"Hands on the Immunity Idol"

and the challenge is
to simply keep your hand

on that idol as long as you can.

The last person remaining
with a hand on the idol

wins immunity going
into tonight's vote.

( screeches )

( screeches )

So, although you can't move
your hands,

you can lift your feet,

just don't let your hand
come off of this.

Good luck to you guys.
Hang in there

as long as you can.

The last person standing
gets immunity.

And we are now beginning.

I have a request
for "69 Bottles of Beer."

Anybody? Others?

What would your wife
think right now

if she could... if she
could have a picture
in here of you

in this mud
volcano war paint

holding the
piece of wood?

Walking through fire.

Walking through fire.

She'd probably shake
her head as usual

and walk away, you know.

"He's doing something
dumb again," you know?

Do you think she would walk
through the fire, Rudy?

Would she?


Yeah, if I told her to.

I'd tell her it's a lot
of fun, you know,

and she'll do it.

Yeah, she seems to like
to do all, you know,

she skydives and stuff
with him.

Do you know Rudy's
wife's name?


Very good.

I had no idea,

what your wife's name was
and then it hits me.

( yawns )

Hour and a half,
90 minutes.

Already, I know.

You're doing
a lot better.

It looks like maybe
the first 15 or 20 minutes
you weren't sure,

but now you guys look
like you've settled in
for a while.

Well, it ain't
tingling as much now.

Sooner or later

I'm going to have
to step away

and get some lunch
and I just want...

I don't blame you.

I'd get
breakfast first.

Put it right down here.

Oh, don't even try
and grab it.

We can't hold it?

Take a whiff.
Take a whiff.

I thought we could
just hold it.

No. You know, when
you're finished

they'll be here for you.

How about if we hold them
without eating them?

Yeah, that'd be nice,
but, uh...

I keep getting that inspiration
from the smell.

You don't
want to smell?

They smell...

I know what
oranges smell like.

You don't like
oranges, huh?


you don't know
what these oranges
smell like.

I don't need to.

You're sure?

Permeate your soul?

Nah. I'm thinking
oatmeal, Jeff.

I'll just put
yours here, Rich.

I think it's time
for a speech.

Okay, Rich,
let's have it.

I'm thinking
I'm probably never

going to outlast
you, Kelly.

I'm going to hope

that either one of you

just recognize
what I've done to get here.

Si, senor.

I wish you both luck.


Oh, my gosh!

I thought you were
going to make
a long speech?

Not long.
I said, "a speech."

This game is about
a lot of different things,

and one of those things is

mental strategy,
and I thought to myself,

"It's doubtful that I would
outlast Kelly

"because she just stands there

"until the cows come home,

"And it doesn't mean
I'm giving up a million dollars


How come?

It means that

whoever is immune
has to pick

between the other
two people

as to who goes to the jury.

Each of them could,
50-50, pick me.

I really can't tell.

Even if I am somebody
that she'd be better up against

I don't know that
she would do that,

and even if Rudy's been loyal
the entire time,

I don't know that he'd continue
to be so.

I think so.

It's all a game of odds,
and who knows

what somebody's
going to actually do.

Thirsty, Rich?

Oh, thank you, Jeff.

Since you're out
of the game.

Appreciate that.

Lemon, even.

Just for when you guys
finish up.

I'll just put 'em
over here.

Thanks, Jeff.

With your orange slices.

Thank you.


Don't take your hand
off the idol.

But step down off
the logs.

So think about this
before you do it.

Get a good grip on it.

What you're going to do
is rotate positions.

We're going to do that
every 30 minutes.

Rudy, you walk
to where Kelly's at

and vice versa.

You'll have
to reposition, exactly.

Were you surprised to see
Kelly change her vote?

It's about what's in
your best interest.

We all four joined
an alliance.

And Sue and Kelly joined
a sub-alliance.

Against you guys?

Yeah... to get to the top.

Sue and I had
formed an alliance to go...

Which makes sense.

Suballiances developing.

But for Sue to flip-flop
again and come tell me...

Undermines Kelly...


Undermines her trust.

I did trust her
earlier in the game

and I knew better.

I knew better
not to really trust anybody,

and I did and I got burned.

Me, too.

So she and I
had spoke,

also earlier, about getting
to the final vote,

the final three,

and she said, "Well,
I'm not going to let you

to get down to the final three."

And you don't tell me
you're not going

to let me do something
or I can't do something.

And then after I won that
immunity after the mask,

she was, "Hey, are we still
this, this, that and the other?"

And I said,
"What's this 'we' ... ?"

All of a sudden.

All of sudden, you know,

I won and she was buddy-buddy
with me again.

When Sue went behind my back
and made an alliance with Kelly

I went immediately to Rudy,

'cause there were
only four of us--

Sue and Kelly were in
an alliance against me--

I went to Rudy,
who I thought I could trust

and said, "Rudy, are you still
open to that alliance?

Here's what happened
from the beginning."

I had one with Sue

it's why I couldn't promise
you I'd make one with you...


"You want to make one?"

And that got you
to the final four.

Final two.

With him it was
to the final two.

Let me just throw an idea out
that just occurred to me.

When you said earlier

that you guys
had the alliance,

maybe the strongest one.

Yet you just kind of hopped
out of this game

well over two hours ago,

leaving Rudy
to carry the ball

for at least six, seven,
15, 20 hours.

I didn't think
it would go this long.

You effectively organized
a quit on this one;

"You know what?
I can't do it.

"I'm just gonna say,
'Rudy, you owe me, man.

I'm going
to sit here...'"

I don't even think
he owes me.

But he gave me his word.

What he does with that--
Well, okay.

and it's a game--
I'm not going to hate the man

if he changes his mind.
But, you know...

Or if he gets tired
in the sun.

Or if he gets
tired in the sun.

That's a problem
you're in.

This really is
your alliance,

but now it's out of your hands.

It is out
of my hands.

For the first time,
it's out of your hand.
I took that chance

and if I'm third, okay.

Does it bother you
that he's sitting there

and dropped out

Yeah, I ought to be
sitting there.

I'm going to force him
to stand up here.

I know.

Yeah. He didn't give
you that option.

Yeah, by him jumping off,
it changes everything again.


'Cause I was
planning on him
to do this.

To continue this one?

Yeah, and I knew I couldn't.


He took
his hand off.

I think that's that, Rudy.

Well, I'm done.

Nice job.

Nice job.

Nice job, Rudy.

Hug time.

Oh, give me
a hug.

There you go.

Five in a row.

That's a record.

I knew a 100%

the only way that I
was going to get to

day 38 and now tomorrow, day 39,

was with this little thing
around my neck.

The last immunity challenge
was standing there

attached to a... an idol.

I thought...

ugh... no chance in hell
of me doing that

given who I was up against.

I felt I was forcing the game
to go on unnecessarily.

So Rich just gave
a little speech and said

"I hope you appreciate what
I'm doing for the both of you,"

and let go, which I thought
was kind of funny, like...

he was tired, his arm hurt,
he wanted to let go

and he was trying to make
some big noble sacrifice

for me and Rudy--
yeah, whatever.

'Cause even if
I'm voted off tonight

I think it's the best decision
I could have made.

You know, it's out of my hands.

So when I won today

it was just like, "Okay,

"that's it, chill out,
relax, breathe... sleep,

whatever you got to do."

Um... so it was
just unbelievable.

Overwhelming sense of relaxation
and, uh, relief.


It was a dumb move on my part.

I gave away a million bucks.

I would have won a million bucks
if, uh, if I, uh, stayed there,

didn't let go of it.

It ain't nobody's fault
but mine.

I'm nervous.

I'm not nervous
about the vote tonight.

I'm extremely nervous
about tomorrow.

I'm nervous about if and what
I'm going to say tomorrow

and what impact and effect
that's going to have

on the jury.

I'm hoping that there
is little likelihood

of my being voted off,
but I'm not

all that confident.

I'm not really sure.

I think it's in Kelly's
best interest

to keep me here,

but I don't know
that she'll do that.

I'm hoping she will.

Well, I think me and Kelly

would fare better...

I know some people
that would vote for me.

I don't know of hardly any
that are going to vote for Rich.

He stepped on some toes,

and people ain't going
to forgive him.

Hey, Rich.


Hey, Rudy.

Dang, that's hot.

Grab a seat.

We'll bring in our jury.

Well, Kelly, you have
a tough decision

to make tonight.

Rich and Rudy's votes

effectively cancel
each other out.

Rich can't vote for himself.

He can't vote for you

because you
have immunity.

He has to
vote for Rudy.

Same with Rudy.
Can't vote for you.

Can't vote for himself.
Has to vote for Rich.

So you guys won't
vote tonight.

Kelly, you're going
to be the only one
casting a vote.


The good news is
you're going to
cast the vote.

So let's just look at a few
of the factors

that come into play.

Certainly, from day one,
the alliance has been a factor.

Four Pagong members over there

voted off one by one
because of it.

It's probably a wash, though.

It's a Tagi alliance.

You guys are all Tagi.

So it really comes down
to relationships,

the friendships you have,
the impressions

that have been made
on other people.

The bottom line is this:

Tonight, you are
the queen of the island.

You have earned it.

Five challenges in a row.

That gives you power.

You can't guarantee

that you're going to win
the million dollars,

you need them for that,

but you can guarantee
one thing--

that one of these two guys
will not get a million dollars.

You're going to go up there

and you're going to write
four letters down.

It's going to be "Rich"
or it's going to be "Rudy."

In effect, you're saying,
"You're not getting the money."

You ready to do this?

Let's cast your vote.

You know the drill.

One of you will be

leaving Tribal
Council area.

There's one vote.

The 14th person
voted off the island...

is Rudy.

You need to bring
me your torch.

I don't blame her.

In this case,
Kelly has spoken.

It's time
for you to go.

That way?


Good night.

So here's how
it will work tomorrow.

Each member of the jury
will get one question.

You guys will get to respond,

and then you'll get
a chance at the end

to sort of state your case.

Now the tables are turned.

The power's out
of your hands.

It's up to them.

Hope you can get
a good night's sleep,

and I'll see
you guys tomorrow.

Good night.

I never thought
I'd come this far

and I got three votes,
then I got two votes,

then I got one vote

and then they forgot about me,

and I figured,
"I'm right in the middle

where I want to be now."

And I didn't get a...

today's the first time
I got a vote since...

a month ago.

And it was the fatal vote.

( chuckles )

Only two remain.

Stay tuned to find out
who will be the sole survivor.

Woke up and it was very weird.

Richard said to me,
"Okay, you're not dreaming.

It's the last day
and it's really just us two."

It's nice to, to chill out.

I mean, tonight's
going to be a big deal

and it's going
to be crazy.


I think I'm going
to go visit my tree.


For a little while.

Have fun.

I will.

Say good-bye.

I know. That's what
I'm going to do.

This is just
where I like to be.

This is where I prefer

to stretch and chill out
and do my thing.

My last little yoga session
here on the beach.

It's something that I've done
pretty much every day

since I've been here.

It helps me to relax

and to quiet my thoughts.

I've had a lot of moral issues.

I regret being part
of the alliance.

That didn't make me
feel so good.

I regret... trusting Sue,

being vulnerable to her.

That really hurt me
in a lot of ways.

It's kind of nice
to be one of the last two,

and it's nice to have Kelly
as the other member.

I think I'm, uh, reflecting

a little bit on what's happened
for the 39 days.

I think I'm also thinking
a little bit about questions

that will be asked
by the jury tonight,

and how to approach
some potential questions.

It's an interesting morning,

and I intend to stay
completely out of the sun

and try and do nothing.

But it's been
really hard, mentally.


people trying to...

My brain is just...

I can't think about anything,
really, right now.

Burn, baby, burn.

The end of the spoons.

Fire, fire.

There's been some...
moral low points

for me in playing this game.

I've had some, kind of,
not-so-proud moments,

and, uh, that's things

that I'm leaving here

on this island,
and with this game,

and, uh, that don't belong
in, uh... my life.

Burning the flag.

I think it might have been
cathartic for Kelly

to pack things up, organize,

and burn some of the stuff
we just don't need anymore.


I'll stay out
of the fire.

You just...

Good-bye, camp.


Burn, camp, burn.

W-what will you miss the most?

What will I miss the most?

Just kind of
looking at sunsets,

or watching the stars
or things like that.

Those quiet moments,
just recognizing where I am

in the middle
of the South China Sea

on this...

uninhabited, rain forest,
tropical island, and...

I just want to get through today

and get through
the firing squad tonight.

I don't think
any of these people

are vindictive or anything.

I think it might just be...
really fun.

I'm really grateful I'm here.

Um... I feel lucky to be
in the... the final two.

I'm nervous
about the decision tonight

because Rich never pretended

that he wasn't in it to win,

and he never pretended
that he wasn't, um...

scheming and conniving,
and all of that,

from the beginning.

He's playing the game and
he's never acted like he wasn't.

So I-I do respect that.

Okay, can we uh...

Let's get our stash.

Turn off the lights,
and, uh...

Turn off the lights.

make sure the oven's
off and everything.

If I get second place
I will not be sad.

I will be happy that
I've earned a hundred grand,

and had a great time here,

and played a game that I'm
proud of, the way I played it,

but I want the million.

I really want the million.

Oh, my God,
it would change my life.

The question: "Does the end
justify the means?"

these two contestants

did whatever it took
to get to the end,

but, you know, it's not
the end of the contest yet,

in my opinion, because
they haven't suffered

all the ramifications
of getting there yet.

Kelly's an all-around
nice person.

I think she just
did what she had to do

to get to the spot
of the final two.

She stayed low
under the radar.

You never really heard

too much about Kelly,
but when it came down to it,

ended up winning
five challenges at the end.

I'm really quite impressed

with the way
she played the game.

I liked Rich all the way
through this thing.

He's a good leader.

He's smart,
and he's the guy

that got this alliance going,

which brought
the four of us right

to the final stage, and that's
what we were really after.

It was interesting
to watch Kelly,

'cause I felt like Kelly
went through, like, uh,

identity crisises on TV,
but not really crisises,

but like various
identities on TV.

"I'm a hippie,
but I'm not a hippie."

"I'm a double agent,
but I'm not lying."

"I'm here for the money,
but I'm not."

You know, it was
interesting to watch her, uh...

watch the various identities

This is a really difficult
vote because, I mean,

does anybody really think,
you know,

"Go, Kelly.
She's number one."

"I am so happy she made it
to the final two,"

or, "God, I'm glad Rich
made it there. Big winner"? No.

But I think we just want
to end it, you know?

Let's go home.

I'm actually very happy
I got out when I did,

thank God, because
I couldn't have been ruthless.

People would
see right through me.

I can't even lie.

I can live with myself,
and that's the important thing.

Tonight, actually,
I'm looking forward

to being able to come in,
because I'm a hunter.

I got both guns loaded
all the way

and I'm going to fire 'em

and I will walk away on top,

holding my values,
true to myself.

Oh, yeah. I can't wait
to get up there tonight.

( gong ringing )

We'll bring in our final
Tribal Council jury.

Tonight, these seven
former tribe mates

will decide your fate.

Here's what's at stake:

One of you will be awarded

for your 39 days here.

The other...

will be awarded with...
a new Pontiac Aztec

and $1 million
to do with whatever you want.

39 days ago, all you guys
came here with probably only

the vaguest idea
of what you were getting into,

and I just want
to congratulate all of you.

You all made it
to the final core of nine.

You endured harsh island living,

lack of food,
very unpredictable weather,

sometimes very, very hot,
and sometimes very, very wet.

You created a new civilization
and you lived within it,

and you all played the game
very well--

a game that definitely parallels
our own regular lives in ways

that we probably never imagined.

Extremely complicated.

If we were voting tonight
for the... sweetest person,

you can make a strong case

for Sonja maybe, or Gretchen.

If it was the most athletic,
maybe Gervase, Joel.

Certainly if it was the best
outdoors person, probably Greg.

So we could go around here
and find positive attributes

for why everybody is worthy,
but the fact remains

Rich and Kelly
are the two sitting here.

Clearly, these two
played the game the best

and that's what we came here
to do, play this game, Survivor.

So let's begin
the final Tribal Council.

We'll start with opening remarks
from Rich and Kelly--

a chance for you
to state your case

as to why you're
still sitting here tonight,

and why you deserve
to be the final survivor.

We'll start with you, Kelly.

Um... I'm not a politician.

I didn't come here

to campaign for myself.

I think we're all adults here.

I think we all know that,
you know, this is a game,

and, uh, I hope nobody has taken
anything personally.

I haven't, uh... or I don't know

that I necessarily haven't
taken anything personally.

I've tried not to,

or I hope we're not
going to be judged here

on how we chose
to play the game.

I'm hoping what
we're going to be judged on,

or I, personally, will be judged
on is the person that I am

and the conversations that we
had, the time we spent together,

the things we talked about,

you know, with,
with, that game

we played the other night--

how well did you
get to know people--

um, things like that...

I didn't have
the conversations I had with you

an-and want to know
the things about you

and share my life with you,

because I thought I was going
to be quizzed on it

or because it was part
of some strategy.

Um, it was because
we were all here together

and I cared to know all of you.

I don't know. Maybe, as Jeff
said, if we were voting

for the sweetest or the nicest

or things like that,

um, maybe neither
of us would be up here.

I don't know
that the best person

is sitting up here,

but, uh, hopefully, you know,
the better person will win.


I take a little bit
of a different approach to it.

For me, it's
not about you

deciding who the
best person is.

I-I don't think
you really know who I am

and probably don't know
who Kelly is.

My approach to the game

was one of strategy
from the beginning.

Before I even got here,
I started to think

about what it might take

to get through 14 ejections,
and it got really complicated.

And I couldn't really plan it
as well as I thought

and it certainly didn't turn out

to, uh, uh,
go according to plan,

but I certainly had a strategy,

and I came to play a game,
and I was playing a game.

There were a lot
of sincere interactions,

but no matter
how sincere they were,

I don't think
anybody really knows

who we are in only 39 days.

I think the starts
of friendships

are certainly
things that have happened,

but, uh... for me,

instead of who's
the better person

it is about
who played the game better,

and I'm hoping you just respect

my having approached the game
from that perspective

from early, early, early on.

All right, jury,
now it's your turn.

Take a moment,
collect your thoughts,

then you'll each have
an opportunity

to address both Rich and Kelly.

All right, jury,

it's your turn now
to address Rich and Kelly.

Each of you will be given
an opportunity to ask a question

or make a comment.

Gervase, we'll start with you.

( clears throat )

Kelly and Rich,

how's it going?

I just wanted to know is there

any one, two
or three things
you would change

from your 39 days
on this island, or
nothing at all?


Hmm, good question. Um...

Well, I got
too comfortable

believing that I could
trust what was said,

and was really
surprised to learn

that I couldn't,
at one point,

and that was something
that shocked me.

I thought, "Ooh, damn. I need
to stay on my toes even more,"

because I'd been surprised.


The one thing
I probably would change

is I probably wouldn't have, um,
joined an alliance, uh...

when I did, um,
just because

of the emotional
and moral issues that I had,

and, uh, certainly
some votes

that I cast

for myself--

alliance, no alliance--
it was about, you know,

playing the game
and that was hard,

voting off competition,

voting off people I liked,
people I enjoyed.

Um, that's about it.

Great. Thanks, Gervase.


Kelly, Rich,

you guys have a remarkable
opportunity tonight--

a 50-50 chance at getting
a million dollars.

Yeah, that's
a big deal,

and so I
want to know

if you could take
and put two people

in your place
in lieu of yourselves,

who would it be and why?

Wild question:
"Who would it
be and why?"

Okay, Rudy would be here,

because it's a game

and because he and I made
an alliance very early,

and, uh, I really appreciated
his integrity and loyalty,

even in the midst of this game,

so I would put him here
because I thought

he played
very, very well.

Wow, another person
I would put here.

I might have to say Greg.

He and I didn't get
a chance to really
get to know each other.

I think he's
pretty guarded,

but, uh, we did take a walk
and I was trying to figure out

who he was,
and I thought

he was certainly, uh,
my biggest competition,

so I thought
he was probably trying

to plan something,

but, uh,
I never did get

to find out
whether he was or not, so...

Um, if I could pick two people

I would probably pick Sonja
and Gretchen.

Uh, I really admire
those women.

Um, I felt
that they were very strong,

very smart
and very honest.

Maybe we have kind of
a different approach
to things, but, uh...

I really admired their character

and I would like
to see them up here.

Thanks, Jenna.


Hey, guys,
on being here.

I don't have
any questions.

I spent 36 days with you
on that beach

and, damn it, there's a lot
of things I want to forget

rather than ask you
questions about.

I just have a
few things to say--

nothing disparaging--
about both of you.

Kelly, thank you very
much for being as
capable as you are.

You and Sue

kept that camp afloat.

And, um...

Richard, dear Richard...

also, likewise, enjoyed
your company thoroughly.

You played the game
differently than I did,

and it was contentious
between us at times,

and, uh, you're there

and I'm over here, so go figure

what I know, but, uh,
either way,

congratulations on being there.

Thank you for
teaching me
a little bit

about myself, uh,
while I've been here.

I think you've
been very honest

and constructive
in any criticism
you have given me.

Your "F.N.F" idea--

the "fat, naked fag" idea
is extraordinarily funny

and a fat, naked fag
with a million dollars

is even funnier,
so I haven't made
up my mind yet

but when I get back
there, I'm going to
think about it,

and, uh, we'll see
which way it goes.

All right, guys,


God, he was nice.

All right, here we go.

No, I'm kidding.

Um, actually, I have
just a question

for myself and for
future players
of this game:

What three character traits do
you think got you where you are

and you think are essential
and really important

to be where you are
at this point?

Kelly, start
with you.

I would have to say, uh...

faith was one,
uh, because a week

or however long ago,

I was pretty certain
that I was out of the game.

I had said before,
the only thing

that kept me in this game
up to this point,

I honestly believe,
is that stupid necklace.

Um, but, uh, I knew
I wanted to get this far

and I think faith
really helped me.

Probably a strong will.

There was a lot of...
of ugliness mentally

and trying to figure out
who you are and, uh, you know,

what you like about yourself

and the people
around you,

and, uh, I don't know,

and maybe just a tinge
of likability, I hope.

Um, three things

I can think of

are, uh, self-awareness,
uh, observation...



Your game the
other day was funny.

You say

Like, of observing
other people.

But then you didn't do so good
in the game the other day.

True, it's a different
kind of observation.


When I say self-awareness,

first of all,
I think it requires

that I understand myself enough
to be comfortable

with playing the game
the way I felt I had
to play it to do well.

Then when it comes
to observation,

it's about observing
relationships more than it is

about learning who people are
to become friends with them.

Nothing against
becoming friends with
people-- I'd love to.

There are many people here
I'd love to interact with,
but I wasn't doing that.

That wasn't my focus,
and that showed, obviously.

I was observing what
people were doing,
who could be trusted;

who was planning or plotting,
who wasn't;

who was playing the game well,
who was trying to play the game;

who was having fun.

I wasn't judging
what they were doing.

I was just trying

to observe as carefully
as I could to determine

what people were here for
and what they were doing.

And then I said ethics,
because I think

I played as ethically
as is humanly possible.

I think I-I
played cleanly

and, uh, I think
it's a really
important piece,

because if you undermine
your credibility along the way

you stand less of a chance here

when you face the people
that you'd worked with

to get where you are.


I don't have nothing to say
to these two.

I'd just like
to let everybody here know

how dumb I feel

after the mistake
I made yesterday.






Choose a number
between one and ten.


Okay. Kelly, a number

between one
and ten.

Character is character.


Um, I have no questions.

I just have statements.

Rich, you are

a very openly arrogant,
pompous human being,

but I admire your
frankness with it.

You have worked hard
to get where you're at

and you started
working hard

way before you come
to the island.

So with my work ethic background

I give that
credit to you,

but on the other hand,
your inability

to admit your failures

without going into
a whiny speech

makes you a bit
of a loser in life.


the rafting
persona queen...

you did get stomped on
on national TV

by a city boy that never swam,

let alone been
in the woods or a jungle

or rowed a boat
in his life.

You sucked on that game.

Anyways, I was your friend
at the beginning of this,

really thinking that
you were a true friend.

I was willing to be
sitting there and
put you next to me.

At that time,
you were sweeter than me.

I'm not
a very openly nice person.

I'm just frank,
forward and tell
you it the way it is.

To have you sit there
next to me, and me lose $900,000

just to stomp on
somebody like this...

but as the game went along
and the two tribes merged

you lied to me,
which showed me

what the true person
that you are.

You're very two-faced

and manipulative to get where
you were at anywhere in life.

That's why you fail
all the time.

Hmm... interesting.

So, at that
point of the game

I decided then just to go out
with my alliance to my family

and just to hold my dignity
and values in check,

and hoping
I hadn't lost
too many of them,

and, uh, play the game
just as long as possible

and hang in there
as long as possible,

but, Kelly,

go back to a
couple of times
Jeff said to you

"What goes around
comes around."

It's here.

You will not get my vote.

My vote will go to Richard,

and I hope that
is the one vote

that makes you
lose the money.

If it's not,
so be it.

I'll shake your hand

and I'll go on from here,

but if I were ever pass you
along in life again

and you were laying there
dying of thirst,

I would not give you
a drink of water.

I would let
the vultures take you

and do whatever they want
with you, with no ill regrets.

I plead to the jury tonight

to think a little bit about
the island that we have been on.

This island is pretty much
full of only two things:

snakes and rats.

And in the end
of Mother Nature

we have Richard the
snake, who knowingly
went after prey,

and Kelly, who
turned into the rat

that ran around
like the rats do
on this island,

trying to run
from the snake.

I feel we owe it
to the island's spirits

that we have learned
to come to know,

to let it be, in the end,

the way Mother Nature
intended it to be--

for the snake
to eat the rat.

Okay, Rich and Kelly,

we'll now offer you
an opportunity

for closing remarks
if you have something

different to offer

from your
opening remarks,

based on what you've heard
from the jury.

Kelly, I'll start with you.

Um... Sue, I'm sorry
you feel that way.

Uh, to the rest of you,

um, I can sit up here

and, uh,
probably turn the tables

on Sue and, uh, tell you
many number of lies

and backstabbing things

that she has done to myself

and, uh, this person
sitting next to me.

I don't think anybody
in this game

is without, um, faults or errors

or, um, unproud moments
of themselves.

Uh, so I already...
I know how she stands on things.

So to the rest of you,

um, I hope you vote
how you feel,

um, not because of what
Sue says

or the things that happened
between she and I,

because that was between
she and I.

That doesn't involve
anybody else.

So, um...

It's in your hands.


Um, I imagine it's probably

a pretty difficult decision
for some people,

and I just want to say

that I appreciate, uh,
your making it.

I, uh, wouldn't change
anything that I did,

and I hope you respect that

that was what I felt
I needed to do to play the game.



A little reminder
of what's at stake:

One of these people

will be awarded

The other person--

something very

A new Pontiac Aztec...

and a treasure chest
full of $1 million.

Normally at Tribal Council,
we vote against someone.

We vote somebody
off the island.

We've done it 14 times.

Tonight you will vote
for someone.

You will vote for who you think
is most worthy; the winner;

the person who played this game
the best.

However you want to define it,

you are casting a vote
for who's going to leave here

with the money
and the title of survivor.

Gervase, we'll start with you.

My vote is for Kelly,
because I feel

Kelly played this game
better than anybody else.

She came into this thing,

she formed her alliance,
played both sides of the fence,

did her lying thing,
but you know what?

When it comes down to it,
it's all good.

That's what this game is about

and she did it
better than anybody else.

She stayed low under the radar
and just did her thing,

and I think
she really deserves this

more than anybody else here.

And just one of Sue's comments

that's what, in my town,
we call a "sore loser,"

because when Sue was doing
the backstabbing, the lying,

the throwing the knives
everywhere, she was happy.

If she was sitting
in Kelly's spot right now,

she wouldn't be thinking about
nothing but this million dollars

and that's it.

So that just goes to show you
how trite she is.

I mean, it disgusts me
what she just did.

It was so foul.

You know,
Sue put knives in my back.

Sue, she talks
about a rat and a snake?

Well, Sue, uh,
formed an alliance,

so that's her little snake part,
and then she did the rat part

where she lied to Colleen
in her face

when Colleen asked her
if she voted for her.

So, I mean,
that just goes to show you

how people play this game
when it comes down to it.

If it's saving their butt

they'll do anything
to save their butt.

When they're out of the game,
they cry about it.

They bellyache about it
the whole stinking time

and that makes me sick.

So, Kelly, I hope you win it,

and after you win it,
you can stuff it in Sue's face.

I am choosing Kelly.

I think Kelly displayed
a lot of the aspects

that I think are a survivor.

She befriended me,

and whether that was part
of a friendship or strategy,

it was all a part of the game.

Uh, she played it well.

She proves that
by sitting up there.

She endured not only
the physical but the emotional,

especially after
the last speech.

I felt for her.

I think she is a good person.

I think if she lied
and she manipulated

it-it was in
the spirit of the game.

But as far as Kelly,

I still get the vibe
that she's a great person.

And she certainly did survive
along with the rest of us,

and she made it, uh, very clear
in the last five challenges

that she could do this.

Uh, and she endured the rain
and the hunger,

as well, if not better,
than the rest of us.

So, uh, I think
she is a survivor,

and I think she deserves the
title and the million dollars.

Okay, guys, it's been
a long time coming.

It's been a long contest.

The general sentiment
in the jury box is that

this contest has degenerated
from a contest

of who's the most deserving
into a contest

of who's least objectionable.

I feel that way very strongly.

You both conducted yourselves
in different manners than me--

the way I would have wanted to--

um, and you put the whole jury
in a real difficult position.

Um, I don't think
either of you truly deserve it,

but I am voting for Rich

because Kelly was clearly
more deceptive,

more manipulative, um,
more double-faced than Richard

who's just
an out-and-out scoundrel.

But I like him, uh,
in some bizarre manner,

and I think that his
fat, naked fag idea is fantastic

and a fat, naked fag

with a million dollars
is just hilarious.

( sputtering lips )

( chuckles )

This is awful, really.

This whole... you know what?

I mean, take it,
and do what you want with it.

I don't care.

What got me tonight--
I'm changing my vote.

I came here voting
for the other person--

What got me tonight was that
you said "will" is required

in this game,
and that's something you had.

And, uh, even though you were
kind of wishy-washy and stuff,

you know, you wanted it
really, really bad

and Rich doesn't need it.

So, buy a raft and start
an adventure tour company

and do something good with it

and maybe this will make you
be nice or something.

Okay, that's all.

As I stated, Rich, I admire
your strong work ethic.

You started a long time ago
to get here

and you're honest
about why you're here.

So, you can have it.

We had an alliance to the end,

and I'm fulfilling
my obligation.

Okay, breathe.

( exhales deeply )

Well, this has been

an amazing experience.

I can't wait to see
how it turns out.

I'll go tally the votes.

16 of you were...

brave enough to be marooned here
in Borneo.

There will be one survivor.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...







That's three votes Rich,
three votes Kelly.

I need water
and oxygen.

The winner of the first
Survivor competition is...



( applause )


Nicely played.


Stay tuned to hear the final
words from the sole survivor.

Wow, I've won.

It's an amazing place to be,
a heck of an opportunity.

I'm not exactly certain
what I'm going to be doing

with the million dollars.

I hope to make the lives
of my family and friends

and those I care about happier.

I hope to remain who I am.

I'm pretty certain
I'll be able to do that.

It's-it's a wonderful feeling,

and I'm really looking forward
to getting home.

When I get home,
then I can really think

about what I'm going
to use the money for

and plan and act on that.

I've won a car.

That's just super--

uh, just a... just a nice, nice
thing to have had happened.

The million dollars
is a heck of an opportunity

that I hope I, uh, don't waste.