Supernatural (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 3 - I'm No Angel - full transcript

Sam and Dean track down Castiel, while Bartholomew, a new leader of the fallen angels, tries to destroy him.

MAN: I'm trying to fix heaven.

Metatron is trying
to fix heaven.

WOMAN: Metatron isn't trying
to fix anything.
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He's trying to break it.


They're falling.

he took my grace.

DEAN: That means
you're human.

Cass, listen to me.
There are angels out there.

They're looking for you
and they're pissed.


WOMAN: Until their last breath,

they will seek revenge
on the angel that did this,

- who destroyed heaven.
- Stop.

That was beautiful, Clarence.

SAM: We're dealing
with a Reaper.

I could find you anywhere!

DEAN: Sammy's hurt.
He's hurt real bad.

This one goes out
to any angel.

This is Dean Winchester.

And I need your help.

- Start with a name.
- EZEKIAL: Ezekial.

There is a chance
I can fix your brother--

- From the inside.
- What, possession?

It's the best
of a bad situation.

How would it work?

I heal Sam
while healing myself.

Sam can eject me
at any time.

If Sam does eject me,
he will die.

Then we keep it
a secret for now.

Monsignor Casidy will join us
for dinner on Saturday.

And Mass, of course.

He can be a pain,

so, let's have everybody
on their toes.


we're looking for a man
we believe you may know.

His name is Castiel.


MAN: Work bus leaves
in ten minutes, gentlemen.

MAN: Hey, Clarence.

How much longer are
you gonna be with us?

I'll be moving on tonight
after work.

It's time.

Can I ask you something?

Yeah, sure.

Do you ever
tire of urinating?

I'll never get used to it.




You here?

Hey. Morning.

You've been outside already?


Woke up, went for a run.

Beautiful sunrise.

Cleaned up,
went and got breakfast.

Grabbed you
real bacon and eggs,

extra grease,
not even gonna argue.

Mm, perfect.


you went running?


Why do you look so worried?

Let's see, there's Cass,
who I told to haul ass here.

That was days ago,
he's still out there.

Urn, there's you.

What, me?

I feel great.

I'm sure you do.

But Sam, you went
through the trials.

Okay, they put
a big strain on you.

I just think it's better
if you took it easy, you know?

And didn't act
like you were...

Possessed by an angel.

He does feel better.

A work in progress, of course,
but I am slowly healing him.

That's great.

Urn, but Zeke--

I have news.

I've picked up chatter
among the angels.

Not all are wandering around
in confusion.

Yeah, some of them
are after Cass.

There is a faction
that is rapidly organizing.

And finding human vessels
to contain them.

Led by Naomi?

I have not heard
that name, no.

But it is this
faction's leadership

who want Castiel found.

You see, Dean,
I can be useful.

Well, so can my brother.

So why don't you go
check your email

and if I need your help,
I'll let you know.

- Dean.
- I said I'll let you know.

I mean, you know,
Cass is human now.

It's gonna take him
a lot longer to travel.

I'm gonna get whiplash.


Nothing. Um...

All right,
so, I was thinking that,

if the angels
are organizing,

then that makes them a lot more
dangerous than we thought.

Why do you think
they're organizing?

It makes sense.

My point is that
the more of them

that are after Cass,
the worse it is.


we gotta find him.

like I've been telling you,

we're in the
most sacred of times.

A legion of angels
reaches out for us.

Can you feel
their divine presence?

And if you do,
ifs nothin' to fear!

Heck, no!

If angels come a-knocking,

you just let them on in

and fill yourself up
with their grace!

This is Reverend Buddy Boyle
and the Going for Glory Hour,

wishing you
a most blessed day.


WOMAN: And we're clear.

MAN: Beautiful, Buddy,
one of your best.

Oh, well, that is
high praise, sir,

seeing as how you're an emissary
of the man upstairs himself.

Thank you, Bart

It's Bartholomew.

And I have to say,

God has personally
assured me that

he is highly pleased
with your work.

He prepareth
a special reward

for helping him populate
a true heaven on Earth.

Well, between you and me,
it's practically reward enough,

being one of the few humans,
of all time,

to get orders
from an actual angel.

But if he prepareth,
I am honored.


I'm ready.


Let me be a vessel
for the divine.

I give myself over to you.




if you're certain.




Oh, God...



What the hell!


...the simple truth is,
not all who are willing

are designed
to contain heaven's grace.

We have to expect a casualty
now and then.

It's a small price to pay
when you think about it.

Like the lamb
of the sacrifice.


DEAN: All right, so this is
where Cass called from,

on Tuesday,
Longmont, Colorado.

Each circle is how far
he might have gotten,

in one, two
and three days out.

Here we go.

Uh, same day
he called from Longmont.

Weird murder, same town.

Cops said it was like

the girl was blasted
from the inside out.

Angel kill.

Well, they might have
just missed Cass.

Unless they got him.

You got an Emory Park, Iowa?

Emory Park, Emory Park,
I just saw that.


Uh, a couple of days
outside of Longmont.

Okay, because two priests
were murdered there, Thursday.

Eyes blown out,
evidence of torture.

They were impaled on posts.

- Torture?
- Yeah.

Angels were looking for info.

I mean, if they get to him
before we do--


CASTIEL: Thank you.

I was so hungry.

Very kind of you to share.

It's okay.

You know,
I'm finding that often,

people with the least to give
are often the most generous.

Anyway... to plan better.

I ran out of food
very quickly today.

You're new at this,
aren't you?



sleep or passing gas.

It's all very strange.

And ifs occurred to me

that one day, I'm gonna die.


I'd better try falling asleep.

It's quite a process,
isn't it?

Try counting sheep.

Thanks, once again.

What sheep?


You're human?


Yeah, yeah.

I think I know this guy
you're talking about.

Sounds like Clarence.


The church runs
a shelter in town and

we work here.

We earn our keep.

Clarence spent a couple nights
and then had to move on.

And he left the day
the bodies were found?

Matter of fact.

Oh, man,
those poor guys were a mess.

They must have suffered bad.

But at least now,
they're with the angels.

I sure as hell hope not.

Clarence happen to mention
where he was headed?


He just said he always
had to keep going.


All right, well,
he's definitely been here.

Good news is,
he's getting cagey.

He's using a fake name.

That's what Meg
used to call him.

'Course, he doesn't get

that's the name
of a pretty famous angel.


It's a Wonderful Life.

Dude, seriously?

What'd you come up with?

Another angel kill.

Uh, outside a town
called Lafayette,

about a day's travel
east of here.

- Is that Indiana?
- Yeah.

Body was found
in a homeless camp.

Insides barbecued,
the whole nine.

Homeless guy?

No, a pharmacist

from Dayton.


MAN: Hot dog!
Come on, get your hot dog!

WOMAN: Reverend Boyle's
influence is astonishing.

I'll never understand
these people.

Our fallen
brothers and sisters

are finding vessels faster
than we'd even hoped.

They'd better.

And then they need
to help us find Castiel.

You know,

the one you let slip
through your fingers?

Our Dayton operative
is tracking him.


Because frankly,

you're hanging by a thread.



Our operative did manage
to find Castiel.

But Castiel was
somehow able to kill him.


He's a madman, sir.
And very dangerous.


I'm very dangerous.

Now you will find this madman
and you will destroy him.

Do you understand?

That may not be possible, sir.

I'm getting
a little tired of you.

Castiel has vanished.

We're unable to track him.

He must have found a way
to ward himself against us.



WOMAN: Please, Lord.

Mike is such a good man.

send your angels to heal him.

Thank you for hearing me.


Mike is your husband?

He's very sick.


So fragile.

I never--

Never realized how fragile
until recently.

I guess that's why we pray.

You get dealt such
a bad hand sometimes,

you need something
stronger than yourself.

That's a wonderful idea.



What if you were
to find out

that no one is listening?

That God had pretty much left?

That heaven had
gone out of business?

What would you do?

But that's not possible.

No, I think
it's completely possible.

You're missing the point.

It's not possible
because I have my faith.

But when I tell you
the truth--

Your truth...

not mine.

Your lack of faith
doesn't cancel what I believe.

That's not how it works.

You know,

I think you might feel better
if you tried it my way.

Someone is listening.

The issue is,

he's somehow managed
to ward himself against us.

Our ability to track him
has been jammed.

Which brings us to you.

My kind, we always get
what we're looking for, chief.

Yes, Reapers.

But some of you
have taken your skill-set

to a whole new level.

That's the rumor.

And are willing
to freelance.

For a price.

That's the rumor.

Jump-start me.

How do I start looking
for this Castiel?

I got one word for you.


Damnedest thing I ever saw.

Vic had a stab wound,
but that's not what killed him.

It's like his insides were--


It's been going around.

So, this guy was
a pharmacist from Ohio?


Total family man, religious.

One day, just hops
in an SUV, takes off,

dies on a bridge here
from God knows what.

This is his stuff.

Help yourselves.

BOTH: Thanks.


Nothing weird.

Crappy music,
a lot of podcasts.

All the same one,

Reverend Buddy Boyle's
Goin' for Glory Hour.

Cop said he was religious.

Join me in a heaping
helping of glory, friends.

When you're in the presence
of the divine, you'll know it!

And if you let yourself,
you'll hear it.


So, remember,
when angels come a-knocking,

let them on in!

Angels can't possess a human
without permission, right?


So what,

they're using this guy
to find vessels?

It's a willing audience.

They're all religious types,
like our pharmacist here.

Buddy Boyle's telling them to
let the angels take them over.

Yeah, like body-snatchers.

How big a reach does
this Boyle guy have?

Pretty much the entire planet.

I'm not stealing.

And I'm not a cop.

It's a shame, isn't it?

So much is wasted
when there's so many hungry.

I never knew.

Peanut butter and jelly?

It's pretty good.

No, I can't take your food.

You're not.

I'm giving it to you.


I've had hard times myself.

Thank you.

DEAN: Look, for the billionth time,

we're just looking
for some information, okay?

We're not cops.
I mean, do we look like cops?

Well, we're not cops.

We just need to find a friend
who's in it deep.

Look, he might've been here
the night that guy was killed.

were any of you here, then?


Oh, okay, uh...

He's got dark hair, uh,
blue eyes, little out of it.

He maybe called himself

Clarence, yeah.

You two talk?

Not much.

And, uh...

Think he was on the run.

Did you see him with the vic?
Uh, victim?



He went off to sleep
in another part of the resort.


MAN: He's not there now.

Yeah, where'd he go?

I saw him running from under
the bridge to the highway.

You gonna pay us
for all this teeth-pulling?

Where was he headed?

He flagged a truck
heading north.

Detroit, probably.

Why Detroit?

Truck was marked
Motor City Meats.


Wow, ifs beautiful.

If you say so.

So you know, I don't usually
bring home strange men.

Am I strange?

Nah, I mean,

men I don't know.

But you look like you've
been to hell and back.

Few times.

April, by the way.

April Kelly.


One name?

Like God.

Or Cher.

Uh, not to raise any red flags,

but do you know
your shirt's soaked in blood?

Look at these chemicals.

You even read the label?

No, I read "pie."

The rest is just
blah, blah, blah.

Listen, when we hit Detroit,

we start
with the homeless shelters.

- Right.
- Then go to the encampments...


Yeah, and I can check
for vagrancy arrests.

Yeah, and you know,

odd deaths.


Who are you?

Why are you trailing us?

You call this rag a bandage?

You're lucky
this wasn't infected.

What happened to the guy
who attacked you?

Oh, I stabbed him.

He exploded.


You don't look like
the knife-fight type.

Or the homeless type, actually.

Yes, well,

guess I trusted
the wrong person.

Bad investment advice?

No, vanity.

I thought
I was more important,

more effective than I am.

That I could
fix everything.

And now, all I can do
is keep running.

Well, all patched up,

but God,
your delts are in knots.

You got to relax.

It's all new to me.



This feeling of being
all alone.

You're not alone tonight.



So, Maurice...

You bounty hunters are
like Delta Force Reapers.

Why would they sic you on Cass?

He warded himself.

Naomi hire you?

You really are
out of the loop.

Naomi's dead.

Resting in pieces.

So then
who's running things now?


Her protégé Bartholomew.

He's an up-and-comer.

So he figured
we'd lead you to Cass.

This Bartholomew,
he organizing the angels?


That's all I know.

You can kill me.

It won't matter.

If I don't find Castiel,
there are others that will.

Do what you want.



Say something.

There aren't words.


That was okay?

Very much so.


What I did, that was,
um, correct?

Very much so.




I can't help thinking,

you know, all that stuff
you said, earlier,

blame and guilt.

It seems like you've
taken on a heavy load

for such a sweet guy.

Believe me,
I've done a lot of

foolish and unwise things.

I'm no angel.

Well, whoever you trusted...

Can't they help undo this?

We're not in contact.

So what happens next
for you?

More of this, I hope.


I washed your stuff.

Find everything okay?

As a matter of fact,
something is missing.


It was with my jacket.
It's hard to describe.

Oh, you mean this?

What's up?

Chasing our tails,
all night.

No, Cass.

What's up?
I'm fried.

I think it's time for Plan B.

I'm not following.

I'm letting you know.


Letting me know what?

I'm letting you know.

What is it, Dean?

I need your help.

That is flattering.

We've been through this.

I cannot be making
public appearances.

I know, I understand that.

I'm not asking you to walk
the red carpet, Zeke, okay?

I need your help finding Cass.

It cannot be done.

He is warded.

I know that.

But maybe you can use
your intergalactic,

hyper-space, X-ray eyeballs
to find someone else.

There might be
a Reaper for rent on his ass.

Could you find them?

I can try.

It's probably pointless,

washing the blood
out of your shirt, really.

It's the kind of thing
the real April would have done.

I'll miss being her.

Very sweet.

Didn't mind me
entering her one bit.

Why didn't you just
attack me right away?

My briefing said you were
dangerous and powerful.

And you did arrive armed.


I needed information.
So I had to gain your trust.

And that required intercourse?


Well, I am allowed some leeway
for executive decisions.

And I can't say
I didn't find you attractive.

Who hired you?

I assumed with Naomi gone
things were in chaos.

New sheriff in town, Cass.

He hired a bunch of us.

I got lucky.

But enough questions
from you.

I have several of my own.

Let's talk about
your buddy Metatron.


All right,
let's try this, again

and one of these times,
we'll get it right.

I knew nothing about
Metatron's spell.

I didn't know he was gonna
cast the angels out of heaven.

I was cast out, too.

Oh, dear.

Nothing but re-runs
on this channel.


These blades are marvelous,
aren't they?

They really do
a number on humans, too.

I told you last night,

and I meant it, I was naive.

I had no idea
what he was planning.

You're lying.

It's known you helped
Metatron enter heaven,

collaborated with him.

Because we were going
to restore heaven.

Bring the factions together.


He lied to me.

You were with him
when he unleashed the spell.

You know how the angels
were cast down.

I didn't know
he was assembling a spell.

I only knew

that I was
the final ingredient.


MY grace.

It's why I'm human.

He took my grace
for the spell.

Or you gave it.

It may be unwise to kill me.

If my grace were the key
to empowering the spell,

I may be key to countering it.

Are you negotiating
with me, Castiel?


This girl is popular
with all the boys.




No, no.

Sam, he's gone.





And Sam.

You okay?

Never do that again!

All right.

But I'm confused.

I know she stabbed me,
but I'm...

I don't appear to be dead.

Well, you got dinged.

And, uh...,
I made a deal with her.

I said she wouldn't
get kebabed

if she brought you back.

She brought you back.

You lied.

I did.

I do that.

SAM: You know,

you never answered
my question.

How did you know
where to find Cass?

I told you, I went through
Maurice's pockets,

I found an address,
I took a shot.

I never saw you go through
Maurice's pockets.

What are you talking about?

Look, I don't see half
the nerdy stuff that you do.

Doesn't mean that
you don't do nerdy stuff.

I am really
enjoying this place.

Plentiful food.

Good water pressure.

Things I never even
considered before.

There really is a lotto
being human, isn't there?

Ii ain't all just burritos
and strippers, my friend.


I understand
what you're saying.

You do?

Yes, there's more
to humanity than survival.


You look for purpose.

And you must not be defeated
by anger or despair.

Or hedonism, for that matter.

Where does hedonism
come into it?

Well, my time with April
was very educational.


I mean, I would think that
getting killed is something.

And having sex.


You had sex with April?

Yeah, that would be
where the hedonism comes in.


did you have protection?

I had my angel blade.

Oh, he had the angel blade.

- Um...
- CASTIEL: In any event, I...

I do now
see how difficult life can be

and how well
you two have led it.

And I think
you'll be great teachers.

Thanks, Cass.

Are there any more burritos?

Uh, yeah.


Oh, our little Cass.

He gave it up to a Reaper.

That is--

Castiel cannot stay here.

He will bring the angels
down on all of us.

No, no, he's got
the Enochian tattoo.

He's warded.

He was warded
when April found him.

And she killed him.

Yes, and you brought him back.

And I thank you for that,
but this is Cass.

Okay, who vouched for you,

when I didn't know
you from jack.

The bunker is safe.

is massing a force.

We cannot stand an incursion.

Castiel is in danger.

And if he is here,
lam in danger.

Wait, you're in danger?

From who, the angels?

If he stays, I am afraid I will
have no choice but to leave.

Well, no, you can't do that.

Sam's not well enough,
all right?

If you leave his body--

I know.

I am sorry.

This ethnic food,

I can't get enough.

Cass, uh, can we talk?

Of course.

Dean, you know I always
appreciate our talks

and our time together.

Listen, buddy, um...

you can't stay.
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