Supernatural (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 2 - Devil May Care - full transcript

Sam and Dean reveal to Kevin that they have Crowley hostage, while Abaddon returns to hunt them all down.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Abaddon. She's a demon...

Who, it turns out,
is a knight of hell.

Knights of Hell are
handpicked by Lucifer himself.

I am your king.

About that...

Right now you and I are gonna
talk about regime change.

How do I stop?

Just let it go.

We will figure it out.


Sammy's hurt.
He's hurt real bad.

This one goes out to any angel
with their ears on.

This is Dean Winchester...
And I need your help.

Easy there, brother.

I heard your prayer,
and I am here to help.

You want to help?
Start with a name.


No, we had a deal.
I fight. You save.

There is a chance I can fix
your brother from the inside.

How will it work?
I heal Sam while healing myself.

And when he's healed?

I leave.

He's gonna wake up, right?
He will.

So, what he does -- what,

is he gonna feel you inside,
triaging his spleen?

He will not feel me,

There is no reason for him
to know I'm in here at all.

Without his acceptance,
Sam can eject me at any time.

And if Sam does eject me,
he will die.

Then we keep it a secret
for now.

So, what, Cass is human?


I mean, he's got no Grace,
no wings,

whatever the hell else he had.


Where'd he crash-land?

Called me from a pay phone
from Longmont, Colorado.

I told him just to make
for the bunker.

Well, you think he can handle
a road trip like that?

Well, Cass is a big boy.

Things go breaking bad,
he knows our number.

Right now,
I got bigger worries.

The Fallen Angels?


I mean,
thanks to Metatron,

we now have a couple of thousand
confused, loose nukes

walking around down here.

What do you think
they're gonna do?

I got no damn clue.

What about Crowley?

You, uh...

I would have loved
nothing better

than to ice
that limey bitch.

But then I thought to myself,
"what would Sam Winchester do?"

I'd have...

stabbed him in the brain.


Well, I figured the King of Hell
might know a few things,

so why not "Zero Dark Thirty"
his ass?


So, Crowley is alive?

Oh, yeah.

He's the junk in my trunk.

♪ Supernatural 9x02 ♪
Devil May Care
Original Air Date on October 15, 2013

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What the hell?


You're alive.

Yeah, 'cause you're
a crappy shot...



It's been
a bad couple of days.

I-I haven't slept or eaten.

I'm pretty backed up.

Okay, over-share.

After we talked,
this place went nuts, all right?

T-there was some alarm, and all
the machines were freaking out.

And t-the bunker
just locked down.

I couldn't open the door.
My cellphone stopped working.

I thought
the world was ending.


The Angels fell.

What does that mean?

Nothing good.

Listen, next time
the world's ending, grab a gun.

I got service.

It's back online.

Maybe when you opened the door
from the outside door,

it reset the system.

Yeah, okay.
Let's go with that.

Hey. All good?

Is it ever.
Come on.




Ah. Never get tired
of doing that.


Where did you get this
fantastic little tree house?

All right,
here's how it's gonna go.

You're giving us the name
of every demon on Earth

and the people
they're possessing.

Am I?

Doesn't sound like me.

I saw you break down,

When I was trying
to cure you,

I know a part of you was human
again, maybe still is.

Blah-blah. Boo-hoo.

'Cause this is what I know.

I'm not giving you anything.

Why would I?

You have no leverage,

You're not gonna close the Gates
of Hell because you didn't.

You're not gonna kill me
because you haven't.

So, what's left?

We have a few ideas.


Can't wait to see Sam
in stilettos

and a leather bustier

really putting the S-A-M
into S-and-M.

Honestly, boys,
what are you gonna do to me

that I don't do to myself just
for kicks every Friday night?

Have fun.


What's Crowley doing here?
Why isn't he dead?!

Why aren't you stabbing him
right now?!

All right, all right.
Chill out, Kevin, okay?

We need him.

Kevin, look,
if we can get Crowley

to give us the name
of every demon he's got topside,

we can hunt them down --
all of them.

He will break, okay?

And when he does, we'll hold him
down while you knife him.

Then we all go out
for ice cream and strippers.

Just stay away from him,
all right?

So, now what?
I got to make some phone calls.

You need to hit
the Angel tablet,

see if you can find anything
on the spell that Metatron

used to empty out heaven.

maybe we can reverse it

before the God squad
does too much damage.

Yeah, if we're lucky.

All right. Check the net
for anything angel-y.

Or demon-y.

Or monster-y
or ghost-y or --

It's gonna be a busy year.

My name is Abaddon.

But enough about me.

Let's talk you.

Jason tells me

you're all violent,
power-hungry opportunists.

maybe you can tell me

what the hell
happened to Hell.

And demons. I mean...

You call that a meat suit?

I closed 72 deals
last year.

Kids love grandma.

And that's the problem.


We're paying
for what we should be taking.

Who put Crowley in charge?

What's the matter?
Hellhound got your tongue?

You took orders from him!

He's the King.

He's a salesman.

A king fights.

A king conquers.

A king does more than sit around
reading contracts.

But the King's dead.

Long live the Queen.

I can train you.

I can get you new bodies.

And we will march into Hell,

where we will be greeted
as liberators,

and demonkind will rise up
and sweep over the Earth.

And all the humans

and all the Angels,
with their clipped wings,

will bow to me,
or they will burn.

What about Crowley?

Crowley's dead.


Well, uh, n-no offense,

but we all thought you were dead
until, like, a week ago.

And what if Crowley
does come back?

Look, a lot of us
were scared of him.

A lot of us still are.

Prove that Crowley's
really gone,

and then maybe this scheme
of yours will work.

Or not.

Honestly, I always thought
you Knights were overrated.

You go to hell,
and you tell them I'm coming.

Yeah, Irv.
Fallen Angels.

That's a wrinkle.

Well, trust me, they're
just monsters with good P.R.

So, if you run into one,
torch his ass with holy oil.

Oh, and if they drop, uh, like,
a silver sword, grab it.

Those pig-stickers
come in handy.

Okay. Criminy.

Hey, look,
I know this is weird, but --

Hell, Dean-o,
weird's what we do.

I remember this case me and
Bobby worked up in Saskatoon.

Had these two --
the werewolf siamese twins.

He told you about that?

Every time
he drank Labatt's.

So, if you run into
any problems, give a call, okay?

And, uh, spread the word.

The more hunters that know, the better.

So, this is your first
weekend pass into town, right?

So, I set it all up.

Jamie's waiting at the bar
and has a thing...


...for men in uniform.

you just start buying shots,

then you can thank me
in the morning.


Now, that is more like it.

Need some help?

Um, yeah.
I-I-I-I don't know.

I...think the thingy broke.

Well, I could give you
a lift into town.

That would be amazing.


♪ Oh, rockin' down the highway ♪

♪ Oh,
rockin' down the highway ♪

♪ Oh...

Nice hunting.

Oh, God.

This place reeks of sulfur.

Between the stink,
with the freak thunderstorms,

and every cow dead
within three miles,

I'll take demons
for $1,000, Alex.

Agents Stark and Banner, FBI.

Just need to have
a look around.

Why? This is a military case,
not a federal one.

Well, that's not
what our supervisor said.

That so?

Then maybe him and I
ought to have a chat.




Hey, boss. Uh, we got
a little problem here.


Yeah, just a local badge
needs confirmation

we're supposed to be here...

How the word came down
from FBI headquarters in D.C.

Wait, w-what?

This is
Sergeant Miranda Bates.

Who am I talking to?

Uh, Kevin...Solo.

How old are you?

Old enough.

And I'm with the FBI, so you
have to do what I say or --

Listen, kid.

I don't have to do anything,

and I don't take orders
from the Feeb,

so unless you can give me
one good reason

you got a couple
of pretty-boy agents

poking around my crime scene,

I'm gonna put them in cuffs
and spank your ass raw.


Cabo last June.


That's my reason.

Oh, my favorite's
you in a sombrero

doing a body shot off some
naked guy in a Luchador mask.


How did you find that?

'Cause I'm
Kevin frigging Solo.

So, unless you want this

to your commanding officer,
Major Velasquez,

I suggest you give my guys
anything they want.

You understand?



Yes, sir.


What the hell
did you just do?

All military computers
are linked to the same network.


I hacked it.

Hey, Kevin.

Good job, buddy.

Hey. Anything?

Yeah, this guy was shot
in the heart.

That what killed him?

Maybe --
15, 20 years ago.

Every one of these bodies has
a fatal wound or two or three,

but they're all old.

we're looking at meatsuits?

The bodies took a licking,

and the demon inside
kept them ticking.


I think they were possessed,
and now those soldiers are.


Excuse me, agents.

We pulled this off
a security camera.

You might want to take a look.

Abaddon? Seriously?

Thought you Kentucky fried
that meatsuit.

I did, Dean.

You -- well, then,
how did she get it back?

Thank you.

And why's she playing
G.I. Joe?

No clue. Why don't you ask her
when we find her?

Oh, I will. Then I'm gonna chop
her freakin' head off -- again.

All right, Pete.

The Winchesters --
where are they?

Bite me.

I said
where are the Winchesters?

And I said bite me,
crew cut.

Let me show you how it's done,

- Help me!
- Help!

You can scream
all you want to.

No one's gonna hear you!

let's talk Sam and Dean.


This is Dean's number,
but you're not a Winchester.

Who are you?

I'm nobody.

Well, nobody...

I need you to give those boys
a message for me.

I have something
they might want.

Kevin, wait. Wait. Wait.
Slow down.

She gave me these coordinates --
44.053051 by -123.127860 --

and two names,
Irv Franklin and Tracy Bell.

Irv's a friend.
Don't know Tracy.

All right, the lady said
they were hunters

and that if you didn't go save
them, that she would kill them.

Yeah, I've heard
that song before.

Dean, who was she?

She's the bad guy.

All right, new job.

Dig up everything men of letters
have on Knights of Hell.

Knights of Hell?

You find a way
to kill one --

I mean permanently --
drop a dime.

Thanks, Kevin.

The numbers point to a spot on
the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon.

You know
this is a trap, right?


And we're just gonna walk
right into it?

Guns blazing.

You with me?

You know it.

You're the third trial,

Where do I start...

You're our bitch. even look
for forgiveness?

Your demon ass

is going to be a mortal ass
pretty damn quick.

None of this
means anything to you?

You're my Marnie, moose.

A-and Hannah -- she just --
she needs to be loved.

She deserves it.

We deserve to be loved.

I deserve to be loved!

I just want to be loved.

I just want to be loved.


Kevin, I know it's you.

I'd recognize the pitter-patter
of those little feet anywhere.

That's right.


It's what you do.

I understand. I do.

You're --

what's the word? --


Hiya, Kev.

The hell happened here?

A local chemical plant
sprung a leak years ago.

They evacuated
three square blocks.

it's still contaminated.

Wait, so this whole place
is poison?


That's not gonna help.

It doesn't hurt.


Irv? Hey.

Where's Abaddon?

been torturing hunters.

She's trying to get intel
on you boys.

Do you know why?
I seriously doubt

she wants to add you
to her Christmas-card list.

Now, do you want to make
with the rescue or what?

Right after you take a shot
of holy water, huh?


- Sorry about that.
- Don't worry about it.

Last thing you need
is us popping black eyes.

You're Tracy, right?
I'm Sam Winchester.

Good for you.

She's new.

We did a shifter job
in Sacramento together.

but got a mouth on her.

Let's gear up.

So, what brings you
to my boudoir, handsome?

You're gonna tell me
how to kill a Knight of Hell.

giving you trouble, eh?

Tell you what.

You let me go, and I'll spit
roast the little whore for you.

Sound good?

You're bluffing.

You don't know.

Oh, I know plenty.

For example,
I know she'd love you --

skinny, submissive.

You're just her type.

Shut up.


That's not what you came for
anyway -- not really.

What's on your mind,

You can tell me.

We're friends.

You tortured me.

I torture all my friends.

It's how I show love.

I was raised in a dysfunctional
home environment.

You killed my mom!

Did I?

I mean, are you sure?

Did you ever see a body?

I mean, how could you be sure
she's dead?


You can do better than that,
little man.

That's right.

Let it all out.


All right,
we got Jesus juice,

guns loaded
with Devil's Trap bullets.

Shoot a demon,
put him on lockdown.

The angel blade works.

They're coming.


They've got
assault rifles.

Okay, less good.

So, what's the play?

Come and get it,
you dicks!

Down now!

Come and get it,
you dicks!

Come and get it,
you dicks!

Damn it.

All right.

We got to flank SEAL team douche
in there, so, uh,

Irv, you and me
will go left.

you and Tracy go right.

Let's move.

Don't touch me.

What's the problem?

My family's dead
because of him.


I watched a demon
slaughter my parents,

and the whole time, it talked
about how it was celebrating.

How some dumb kid
let Lucifer out of his cage.

all right, we got to move.

Uh, girl's with me.

Let's go, son.


Now that you've felt your feels,
maybe we can talk.


I'm gonna make this simple,

Let me go...

And I'll give you back
your mother.

She's dead.

Oh, she wishes she was.

After what I had my heavies do
to her, she's begging for it.

But when have you ever known me
to let anyone off easy?

You think Sam and Dean
care about her? Huh?

You think
they care about you?

You're just here
to serve their needs.

Nothing more.

You're gonna lose, Kevin.


It's just a matter of time.

When the Winchesters
are done with you,

they'll toss you aside
without a second thought

because they can.

Because they think
they're special.

And because, well...

There's always another Prophet
waiting in the wings.

I'm the one in chains,

We're both prisoners here.

What say you let me go and we
walk out those doors together?

What say we both win?

Okay, I think
they're still inside.

We wait till they come out,
and we pick them off one by one.

Listen, for the record,

Sam's not the only guy
who thought he was doing right

and watched it
all go to crap.

That's just part of being --

Being a hunter.

Being human.

Look, you want to be pissed off
at Sam, that's fine. I get it.

But if you want to
go after somebody,

you make sure
that they got black eyes.

Got to know who the real
monsters are in this world, kid.

Sam, you copacetic?



Now hand me that toothpick

and you and Dean and Tracy --
you beat feet out of here.

I'm going in there alone.

I'll buy you as much time
as I can.

Irv, that's death.

Yeah, well,
it's what I got coming.

It's my fault, Sam.

I was in some dive
and I was sloppy and lonely

and I met some girl,
and the next thing you know,

I'm strapped to some bed

and she's twisting things that
ain't supposed to be twisted.

"She" who?


I gave 'em up.

Pete, Tracy --
I gave 'em all up.

So you hand me that blade

and you let me do what I got to
do, or so help me --


Nice grouping.

Beats magic bullets.

I love the future.

my car is three blocks over.

Go get more bullets, more
holy water -- get everything.

No, no, b-but what about you?
Just go! Go! Now!

Alone at last.

I missed you.

Did you miss me?

I didn't miss the best part.

So appreciate you boys
coming when I call.

I think that's what I like most
about you Winchesters.

You're so obedient.

And suicidally stupid.

I like that, too.

Are we gonna fight
or make out?

'Cause I'm getting
some real mixed signals here.

I want Crowley --
or what's left of him.

What's in it for me?

I let you die.

You give me Crowley's head,

and I will snap your neck
quick and clean.

You won't feel a thing,
trust me.

And if I tell you
to get bent?



You know, I've loved this body
since the moment I first saw it.

You're the perfect vessel,

You give a girl
all sorts of nasty ideas.

So go ahead
and play hard to get,

and I'll peel off this
"no demons allowed" tattoo

and blow smoke up your ass.


Well, I got to tell you,
between you and me,

it is a horror show
up there.

It can get worse.

Trust me.

'Cause once I'm on top,
I'll make you watch.

And I'll use your body.

Have you ever felt an infant's
blood drip down your chin?

Or listen to a girl scream
as you rip her guts out?

Because you will.

You and me, lover.

And we'll have
a grand old time.

And here I thought

all you Winchesters
were supposed to be tough.

An Angel?

What, you think we'd roll up
to this mouse trap

without some backup?

They were going to kill him,


What the hell did you do?

I was protecting
your brother.

I thought
that was what you wanted.


Right, yeah, no, I-I --

I'm just still getting used to
this whole thing.

As am I.

But Sam's okay?

He was knocked unconscious.

In a way, he still is.

Sam will not remember
any of this.

So what the hell am I supposed
to tell him when he comes to?

That was why
I used the knife.



You are troubled still.

it's just that, uh...

Yeah, this is on me.

I was the one who talked Sam
out of boarding up hell.

so every demon deal,

every -- every kill
that they make,

well, you're looking
at the person who let it happen.

You were protecting
your brother.

I am in Sam's head.

Everything he knows,
I know.

And I know that what you did,
you did out of love.


Uh, look, Zeke --
I'm gonna call you Zeke --

I'm not really with the whole,
uh, love

But it is why I said yes.

Yeah, and if that goes sideways,
that's on me, too.

That is not
going to happen.

This is nuts.

I mean, you're Sam,
but you're not Sam,

and normally he's the one I'm
talking to about all this stuff.

I'm trusting you, Zeke.

I just got to hope that you're
one of the good guys.

I am.

But I suppose that is
what a bad guy would say.

Dean Winchester,
you are doing the right thing.

Sam? Sammy?

Hey. Whoa.

What the hell happened?

You took a shot to the head,

and I came in and saved
your ass, like usual.

You killed three demons?


I took them by surprise.

Got a little messy.
I got a little lucky.

Oh, and, uh...

I'm awesome,
so there's that.



You are pretty damn awesome.

Hey. You okay?

Yeah. You?

More or less, yeah.


I got everything,
but guess I'm late to the party.

Lucky you.

Let's blow
this toxic waste dump.

Burgers and silkwood showers
on me.



Who worked you over?

Martin Hayward
and Brandon Favors.

They did this to you?

No. They're demons.

You asked for names,
I'm giving you names.

They're underperformers.

Spike them,
you're doing me a favor.

You break easy.


Your little plan to have me stew
in my own delicious juices --


You want intel.

I want things, too.

Maybe we can come
to some kind of arrangement.

Quid pro quo, gentlemen.

So, these are what, then?

Not at all.

You can consider them
fair trade

for the enjoyment
that Kevin gave me.

What the hell
is that supposed to mean?

He's my new favorite toy.

Wind him up,
watch him go.

You check the names.
I'll go find the kid.

Where do you think
you're going?

Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey!

Whoa, whoa.
Talk to me.

You can't keep me
locked in here. I'm leaving.

Like hell.

Man, we told you
not to talk to Crowley, okay?

He messes with your head.

He said my mom's alive.

Crowley said if I let him go,
he'd give her back to me.

And you believed him?

He's still in there,
isn't he?

Crowley's lying.

And if he's not?


If she is alive,
then she's dead.

In every way that matters,
she's dead, Kevin.

I'm sorry.

I know you're dying to bolt,

I get it.

But out that door,
it's demons and it's angels,

and they would all love to get
their hands on a Prophet,

so even with Crowley here,

this is still the safest place
for you.

It just is.

And we need you, man.

'Cause I'm useful.

Because you're family.

After all the crap
we've been through,

after all the good
that you've done...

Man, if you don't think
that we would die for you...

I don't know
what to tell you.

Because you, me,
Sam, and Cass --

we are all we've got.

But, hey,
if none of that matters to you,

then I won't stop you.

Kevin's passed out
in one of the back rooms.

He's a tough kid.

He'll bounce back.

What's up with you?


It's just...

What Tracy said about me --

she wasn't wrong.

Sam, listen to me.

You have helped a hell of a lot
more people than you have hurt.

So all of that --
that was then.


Here's to now.

So, you ready for it?


The Fallen Angels?


Cass losing his halo?

Crowley in our basement?

Crap. We're living
in a freakin' sitcom.

What about you?

How's the, uh,
the engine running?

Honestly, um...I feel better
than I have in a long time.

I mean, I realize it's crazy
out there

and we have trouble
coming for us,

but I look around
and I see friends and family.

I am happy with my life
for the first time in...


I-I am.
I really am.

I-it's just things are...

things are good.

Never better.

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