Supernatural (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 9 - The Bad Place - full transcript

Jack, desperate to prove to Sam and Dean that he is good and that he can control his powers, enlists the help of a dream walker named Kaia to help him find Mary Winchester and save her from...

[ Gasps ]

Patience: I saw what happened
before it happened.

Jody, behind you!

Dean: How did you...

Guess I'm psychic.

Sam: Jack is a nephilim.

He's Lucifer's son.

I know you think
that you can use him

as some sort of
an interdimensional can opener,

but I know how this ends,
and it ends bad.

Dean: You're trying to tell me
that your father

never reached out to you?

Sam: Jack, you all right?

Your daughter is psychic.

- Dad? Is it true?
- Yes.

Oh, my God.

I spent my entire childhood
terrified of monsters.

I didn't want that life
for you.

Maybe he's right.

He is. So if you get a chance
at normal, you take it.

Jody: You don't have
to listen to him,

to either of them if it's not
what you really want.

It's your choice.

But if you ever need someone
to talk to, someplace to go,

my door's always open.

Look, when we try
to bend the rules,

pretend that the bad guys
aren't so bad,

that's when people that
we care about...

I love you.
...get hurt.

[ Grunting ]

- Dean: Mom! Mom! No!
- Aah!

And then we end up doing
what we should've done

in the first place,
which is end the problem.

The "problem" might be
our only shot at saving Mom.

Mom's gone.
There's no fixing that.

Jack: I've only been on Earth
for a few days

and I've already hurt people.
[ Thud, crack ]


I know I should feel bad...
He's dead.

...but I don't feel anything.

I must be evil, like Lucifer.

[ All shout ]

Castiel: Jack!

He's gone.

[ Light jazz playing ]

That one keeps staring at me.

Well, don't look at it.

I have to go to work.

[ Chuckles ]

So who is this buyer anyway?

I don't know.
He e-mailed yesterday.

Must've seen
the "Examiner" piece.

Probably just
some gawking Wasi'chu.

[ Giggles ]

You know, if studio visits
led to actual sales,

I wouldn't be
two months late for rent.

[ Buzzer ]

Speak of the devil.



Welcome. Uh, you're...


I am.

Okay. Uh, well,
I will leave you to it.

Come on in.

Yeah, look around.

I work in oil, digital,
whatever suits my subject.

I just started a piece.

You're a dreamwalker.

Excuse me?
The article.

You talked about your process,
your inspiration,

how your mind moves
into different worlds.

It's just a story,
just for the catalogues.

You're Derek Swan, Oglala Sioux,

born and raised on
the Pine Ridge Reservation.

I get it.
You read the article.

Your father was a medicine man,
and his father before him.

Your lineage traces
all the way back

to the shaman Black Elk.

You can see other worlds.

Look, if you're not
gonna buy...

I want you to do it.
Dreamwalk, for me.

[ Chuckles ]
That's not gonna happen.

I can pay.

[ Clears throat ]

If I was gonna do this,

where do you want me to go?


I want you to go there.

[ Indistinct whispering ]

I'm there.

[ Exhales deeply ]

This place...
[ Exhales sharply ]

is not my favorite.

Keep going. You know
what to look for.

[ Exhales sharply ] I see...

I see a structure ahead.
[ Inhales sharply ]

A fortress.

I'm getting closer.

This world...

You have to keep going.

I'm not strong enough.
I... [ Groans ]

I-I can't.

No. Stay.
[ Groans ]

[ Grunting ]
[ Electricity crackling ]

[ Derek gasps, grunts ]
I-I see it.

[ Groaning ]

I-I see it all. I see...

[ Groaning ]

[ Water bubbling ]

[ Grunts ] Stop, please!


[ Door creaks opens ]


[ Door creaks closed ]

Hey, Derek. I'm...home.

Derek, what are you...
[ Gasps ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Screams ]

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The Bad Place
Original Air Date on December 7, 2

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[ Bunker door closes ]
[ Footsteps ]

Hi, you've reached
Patience Turner.

Please leave a message,
and I'll get back to you

as soon as I can. Thanks.
[ Beep ]

Patience, hey.
This is, uh, Dean Winchester.

Listen, I know that I, uh,

told you to avoid this life,

but, uh...
me and my brother, we're --

we're looking for someone.

And we put an APB out
with every Hunter we know,


We really could use
a psychic's help on this.

So...if you could call me back.

[ Cellphone beeps ]
Any word from Cass?

Yeah. Uh, he says
he's still looking for Jack,

working a lead in Tucson.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Rings ]

[ Ring, beep ]
Hi, Jody.

Hi, Jody. What's going on?

Hey, boys.
I got something for ya.

Friend of mine from Bismarck PD
called with a lead.

He said that a local artist
was found dead

with his eyes burned out.

Sounds angel-y.

Yeah, that's what I thought,

except for that
there was a witness --

the victim's girlfriend.
She pegged someone at the scene.

She gave the police
a description.

I think it's your boy.

James: Patience?

I'll be down in a minute.

[ Sighs ]

Mr. Caruthers called.


It's one test.

So I got a C.
Not like I flunked.

So is that
the new standard?


Baby, you know the plan --
perfect S.A.T.s, perfect G.P.A.,

and you got your pick
of the Ivies.

You got twice the mind
I do.

You stay focused, there's
nothing you can't have,

nothing you can't do.

I can think of one thing.

[ Sighs ]

Dean Winchester called me today.

The Hunter?


He and his brother
want my help.

Psychic help.

And what'd you say?

Nothing. I didn't answer.

[ Sighs ] Patience,
what's going on?

Everything is working,
isn't it?

No visions?



That's him.

He said his name was Jack,
that he was a buyer.

Um...a buyer?


Some freaky stuff here.

Derek had quite the imagination.

He hated that word.

What? "Freaky"?


He liked to think of his art
more as reportage.


Reportage from where?

From the places he'd visit.

Derek was a dreamwalker.


[ Groans ]


So the lore on dreamwalking
is pretty inconsistent.

Uh, there are stories about it
across numerous Native Amer--

we gonna talk about it?

You saw that painting.


Well, it looks like
Jack gave up on us

and he's looking for Daddy.
Dean, we don't know that.

Don't we? A guy is dead.

Look, I hate this, too,
but we've gotta be prepared.

To kill him.

Look, this isn't
an "I told you so."

Okay? I mean...

I actually like the kid.
I do.

But, I mean, we're in
worst-case scenario land here.

Yeah, but, Dean,
we need more information.

I mean... [ Sighs ] we gotta
figure out what Jack wanted,

how -- how dreamwalking
even works.

Okay, well, then let's go
to a reservation.

Let's talk to a-a chief
or a tribal leader.

Or we talk
to a dreamwalker.

I hacked into Derek's e-mail.

He's been corresponding with
another dreamwalker for months,

a girl named Kaia Nieves.

He had been trying
to coach her

to teach her
to control her power.

All right. Where is she?

Man: I-I would've sold
my son for another hit.

I know if I wasn't here,
I-I probably still would.

Man: That's excellent
sharing, Frankie.


Would you like to share
with the group today?

Not much to say, you know.


One day at a time.
Every day's a gift.

Like the kitten poster says,
"Hang in there, baby."

Man: And the, uh,
the incident --

are you ready to discuss that?

Kaia, you overdosed.

You were found unconscious
in an abandoned tenement

with enough prescription
amphetamine in your system

to kill a small rhino,

not to mention the stolen pills
the police found in your bag.

I didn't steal them.
I bought them.

Yeah, from a dealer.
I don't know.

I like to think of him
as a small businessman

just trying to make it
in Trump's America.

[ Sighs ] The court
sent you here to get better,

but if you don't wanna talk
about this, then we can't --

I am talking about it. See?

Lips? Moving?

[ Indistinct conversations
in distance ]

Let's talk about
your scars.


Look, I know you're just trying
to do your job or whatever,

but please stop.

You don't know anything
about me.

I know you need help.

I don't. I...

I don't...
I don't belong here.

I'm not an addict.

[ P.A. tone sounds ]

We've all been exactly
where you are, Kaia,

denying the truth of
our situation.

I hate doing this to myself,
putting that junk in my body,

but it's the only thing
that keeps me awake.

[ Voice breaks ]
It's the only thing that...

that keeps me from...

from the Bad Place.

Yes, we've all...

we all have our "bad places,"
don't we?

The stuff
we're running from,

the things that we try to
blot out with drugs or drink.

But we have to face it
eventually, don't we?

[ P.A. tone sounds ]


Hey, there.

I'm Jack.

Hi, Jack. You're new.

Yes. I am.

So what's your poison?

Why are you here?

I like...


Okay, Suite Life.

Well, I don't know why
you're really here,

but you're gonna have to find
a new day one buddy

'cause it's not really
my thing.

[ Sets down cup ]
I know who you are, Kaia.

I'm a...friend of Derek's.

He told me about you,
said you were like him.

[ Whispers ] A dreamwalker.

He said you were

the most powerful one
he'd ever known.

And I need your help.

Look, I-I don't know what
you think you know

about dreamwalking --
And I can help you.

I can get you out of here.

Follow me.

[ Engine turns off ]


Kaia never knew her father.

Her mom died in an accident
when she was 12,

so her aunt took her in,
and then she died -- cancer.


Yeah, been on her own
ever since,

until her O.D. and arrest.

Bad hand.

No wonder
she ended up here.

Kaia, where you going?
Keep walking.

Hey, you're not allowed
to be in here.

[ Grunts ]

- What did you do?
- Don't worry. He's just sleeping.

You're not the only one
with powers.

[ Metal groans ]

That door was triple-locked.

Was it?

What are you?

That's a long story. This way.

Yeah, no.


Look, thanks for the jail break
and all, but I don't know you,

and I don't know what the hell's
going on, so I'm out.

No, we had a deal.

You said you'd get me out.
That's the deal I heard.

You can't.
Watch me.


You will help me.


[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

She hit me.

Yeah, good.
No, she's getting away. I --

No, no, no, no, no.
She can't --

Hey, we're not
letting you near her

until you tell us what's going on.
No, I need her.

You need her
like you needed Derek?



You don't...

I'm -- I'm doing this for you.

Oh, you killed Derek
for us?

Derek's dead?

Wait, hold on a second.
Jack, tell us what happened.


I left to try to get a grip
on my powers.

I wanted to prove to you
that I'm good,

to do one good thing.

So I did the thing
you wanted the most.

I experimented,
opening doors to other worlds.

I could almost do it.
I could get right to the edge.

But I couldn't see. I could only
feel around in the dark.

I needed eyes. A seer.

A dreamwalker.

[ Whispers ] Yeah.

So I researched,
like you taught me.

That's how I found Derek.


I didn't know if it would work,

but it did.

He dreamwalked,
and I joined him... apocalypse world.

[ Thunderclaps ]

I could see what he saw.

And I saw...

[ Thunderclap ]

No. I-I'm -- I'm sorry.
[ Panting ]

I-I didn't mean to...

And I saw her.

Your mother.

She's alive.

But she's in danger.

W-what does that mean?
What -- what kind of danger?

It's easier if I show you.



[ Electricity crackling ]

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Crackling continues ]

[ Thunderclaps ]

[ Groans, grunts ]

Help. [ Grunting ]


[ Thunderclap ]

[ Thunderclap ]

Somebody help me!

[ Exhales sharply ]

I was so close to her,
I could've touched her.

But Derek wasn't strong enough
to hold the connection.

[ Voice echoing ] Wait,
you didn't burn him out?

[ Voice echoing ]
No. I stopped.

Derek, he wasn't strong enough,
but he knew someone who was.

Kaia, she's the key.

[ Vehicle approaching ]

Where you headed, Miss?

Let me help you.
Door's a little...hinky.

[ Car door rattles ]
That's it.


[ Horn blaring ]

[ Honking ]

Man: Hey, get movin'!
Come on!

[ Gasps ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Chair clattering ]

We want Jack.

Cocaine boy?

The Son of Lucifer.


We tracked him to Derek,

but the artist was

We tortured him.

Eventually, he told us where
Jack was headed -- to you.

Then we killed him.

Due diligence
covering our tracks,

yet the Winchesters got
involved anyway, as they do.

So we needed
a new strategy.

We needed bait.

Yep, all right. Thank you.

[ Cellphone beeps ]
Cops are looking for Kaia, too.

We gotta find her fast.

You were right.

About Mom. You were right.

This whole time, we should've
been looking for her.

Dean, I was just hoping.
I didn't know.

Anyways, it doesn't matter.
Now that we do know --

We find her,
no matter what it takes.


Kid, you okay?


You thought...

You both thought
that I could do that,

that I could kill Derek.

Jack, we, um...

We didn't know
what happened.

We figured, m-maybe it was
an accident or -- or...

Like the security guard.

Yes. Exactly. Like that.

Jack, we were worried,

You know, when you disappeared,
you were in a dark place.

And we didn't know where
you were going and...

Thought you were looking
for your dad.

You mean Lucifer?


I was scared. I was upset.

But...why would I look for him?

He's no one to me.

You, Castiel --

you're my family.

Yes, we are.

Finding Mom, you...

You did a good thing, kid.
You did a real good thing.

[ High-pitched ringing, screaming ]
[ Groaning ]

[ Tires screech ]


[ Ringing, screaming stop ]
[ Grunts ] That...

It was angel radio.

They've got Kaia.

[ Engine idling ]

What about school?

[ Zips up bag ] I'll miss a few days.
No big deal.



A friend's in danger.
[ Sighs ]

They're going to be
in danger.

You had a vision.

They never stopped.

I see things
before they happen.

Usually small things --
a conversation,

what someone will
be wearing the next day.

I tried pushing them down,
ignoring them. But now?

I can't.


this is who I am.

If you get involved
in that...

Look, I was wrong to lie
about Grandma.

But you know what
happened to her.

You raised me to do
what's right,

and this is what's right.

If I don't go,
people will die.

Patience, don't.

You go now,
you choose that life,

you don't come back.

Your plan? It sucks.

They won't come for me.

What do you mean?

I mean, you picked
the wrong bait.

I'm not the kind of girl
folks come for.

In this world, I don't even
rank a milk carton.

No one is gonna
come for me.

I'm not white, rich,

No one's gonna fight for me.
I don't matter.

Of course
you don't matter.

But they think you do.
They'll show.

And when they do,

we'll kill them
and take the boy.

Dean: That so?

You know, the girl's right.

Your plan does kind of suck.

Give us the girl.

She's not what we want.

Jack, I don't wanna
hurt you.

I wanna help you.

You should be among
your own kind.

My kind?

The kind that kills people?

That kidnaps people?

You don't belong
with them.

Come with us. Come home.

I am home.

[ Whoosh ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ] Aah!

[ Wood clatters ]

[ Whoosh ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Thud ]

- I got her.
- Are you okay?

What the hell was that?!

Sam: They were angels.
Bad angels.


Yes, and we're Hunters.
We kill things like them.

And he's the Son of Satan?

I am. Yes.

You're insane.

Yeah, the whole world's insane.
You get used to it.

She took off. She might be back,
she might not.

Yeah, we should move.

[ Train whistle blows ]

We'll protect you.
I don't think so.

Wait. Hey, hey. Kaia, look,
I'm sure this is a lot.

But... [ Sighs ]

Look, we need you. Okay?
My brother and I,

our -- our mother is
trapped in -- in another world,

and -- and if you can
tell Jack where it is,

then he can open a door --

And we can save her.
[ Sighs ]

So what's the play?

Derek said there are
sacred sites,

places where the walls
between worlds are thin,

where it's easy to
cross over.

I was taking Kaia
to the Wind Caves.

The Wind Caves?

- Let's roll.
- No.

We just saved your life
in there.

Thanks, but they only wanted me
because of you.

Kaia, we need you
to dreamwalk for us,

to use your gift.

It's not a gift. It's a curse.

When Derek walked, he was free.

He could go
see beautiful things,

to worlds that were paradises.

I wish it was like that for me,
but it's not.

I only go to one place --
the Bad Place.

It's just...

blood and death and monsters.

Well, it sounds like a lifetime
of bad dreams, but --

Bad dreams?

When I get hurt over there,
I don't wake up sweaty.

I wake up bloody.

This scar, it's not
the only one.

I'm sorry about your mom,
but I can't help you.

All right, fine. Um...
we can find another way.

We, um...

[ Gun cocks ]

Get in the car.


Get in the car.

Get in the damn car!

We're going to South Dakota.

[ Lowered voice ]
So now what?

We get Kaia to the Wind Caves,
and then what?

Force her to dreamwalk
at gunpoint?

We get Mom back,
no matter what.


I'm sorry...
about all of this.

I was like you, Kaia,
afraid of my powers.

But it doesn't have
to be like that.

You said that you wished that
things could've been different,

and that's why
you reached out to Derek.

Derek thought
that you could help me,

and I could help you.

Why do you keep
saying his name?

Derek's dead
because of you.

Five seconds.


Give me five seconds
to show you what Derek saw,

what I saw with him.

It wasn't
just the Bad Place.

It was...



Five seconds.

[ Electricity crackles ]

[ Inhales sharply ]

[ Exhales ]

[ Whoosh ]

Our powers can be good.

We can do good in
this world.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Engine revs, tires screech ]

[ Tires screeching ]

Oh, crap.

[ Tires peal ]

Sam: Okay, let's go.
Let's go!

Out, out, out, out.
Jack, come on.

Hey! Get 'em in the boat.

[ High-pitched ringing, screaming ]

Come on! Go, go, go!
Come on! Go!

Need that boy,
Dean Winchester.

Heaven's running out of angels.
Only he can save us.

As far as I'm concerned,
you dicks can fry.

Yes, well, you first.

[ Spraying ]

What's happening?

Don't worry. We'll be fine.

We're screwed.
There's too damn many of 'em!

We gotta go up. Let's go!

[ Spraying ]

- How long will this warding hold?
- I don't know.

Hey, Dean,
maybe if we let 'em in

and then [ Spraying ]
we blast them all away.

No, they get in here,
we're dead.

[ Loud clank ]

Jack, can you do anything?
I can try,

but they'll hit me
with angel radio again.

[ Zaps ]

Okay, all right, so then
we go out guns blazing.

We take out as many
as we can.

Kid, sorry to drag you into
this. This was not your fight.

[ Zaps ]

[ Ground rumbles ]

If they get up here,

they'll kill you all
and take me.

No, they won't.

You said I could help you
find the door

to another world, right?

[ Zaps ]
Let's do it. Let's get out of here.

Hey, can you take us
to our mom?

[ Zaps ]

Can you do it?!
I don't know. I think so.

What if something goes wrong?
[ Zaps ]

Something already is
going wrong! Jack, do it.

[ Zaps ]

Are you ready?

No. Let's go.

[ Zaps ]

[ Zaps ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Zaps ]

[ Electricity crackling ]

Kaia: Okay, I'm there.
I'm in the Bad Place.

[ Zaps ]

Let go.

[ Creatures growling ]

-I can't.
-Yes. You can.

[ Zaps ]


[ Zaps ]
Dean, you gotta see this.

Come here!

[ Rumbling ]

Jack, now!

[ Mary grunts ]

[ Thunderclap ]

I see her.

[ Zaps ]

[ Zaps ]

Dean: All right,
they're almost through.

[ Thunderclap ]

Jack: [ Gasps ] No!

- Focus.
- [ Grunts ]

I'm losing it!

Almost. Almost!

[ Zapping ]

[ High-pitched scream ]

[ High-pitched scream ]

[ High-pitched scream ]

[ Animals calling ]

Hey! Sam, could you
call me back?

[ Knock on door ]

I just need to know
you're okay.


Jody, I...I had a vision.

Something bad's coming.

[ Wind blowing ]

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Groans ]

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

No, no, no, I'm good.

[ Groans ]


Come on.

Where the hell are we?

[ Growl ]

[ Foliage rustles ]

[ Roar in distance ]

[ Heavy footsteps approaching ]

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