Supernatural (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 10 - Wayward Sisters - full transcript

When Dean and Sam go missing Jody Mills calls Claire Novak and tells her to come home they need to find the Winchesters. As they search for Kaia the dreamcatcher who opened the rift Jody is worried about Patience's vision.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Whatever you want from me,
I'll give it.

- If you want, I'm here.
- What?

This is some sort of
halfway house for wayward girls?

If you ever need someplace
to go, my door's always open.


Losing everything
you've ever known or loved,

no one can understand that.

You can.

I've been hunting. Alone.

And I know it's not what
you wanna hear,

but this is something
I have to do on my own.

I'm Sheriff Donna Hanscum.

You know,
if you want any pointers

on how to fight this crazy crap,
I'm willing to fill ya in.

I'd like that.

Your mother, she's alive.

What? But she's in danger.

What? What kind of danger?
It's easier if I show you.

I experimented, opening doors
to other worlds.

- Help!
- I saw her.

Somebody help me!

But I needed... A dreamwalker.

Kaia Nieves.

We need you
to dream walk for us.

I only go to one place...
The Bad Place.

It's just blood and monsters.


Jody, I had a vision.

Something bad's coming.

Wanna hear a joke?


Don't play with your damn food.

Knock, knock.

Come on, girly.
I said, “Knock, knock.”

Who's there?


Who's there?


I think you got the wrong house.

Your name's right on the box.

You Hunter bi...

Amanda Fitzmartin?

I'll be right there.



Who the hell
do you think you are?

I kill monsters.

That's who the hell I am.

Your mother's
been looking for you.

It's gonna be okay.


Like I said,

totally okay.


Hi, Jody.

Hi, Claire. It's...
it's Sam and Dean.

They're missing.

Where the hell are we?

They were on a hunting trip,

and I haven't heard from them
for a few days.

It's time to come home.

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Tried Donna, Walt.
Nobody's heard anything.


Hi, Jody.

Alex. You miss me?

Not really.

It's just a werewolf.
No big deal.


When did we become huggers?

I'm just glad you're home safe.

There's somebody
I want you to meet.

This is, this is Patience.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Patience drove up from Atlanta.

She's been staying with us
for a few days.

- You a Hunter?
- Psychic.


You're wearing my sweatshirt.


She sleeping in my room, too?

Actually, the guest room
is storage now. So...

It's fine.

I'm the one who left.

So... Sam and Dean...
What do we know?

Hey, Jody. Thanks
for your help earlier.

So listen, we're looking for
someone... Kaia Nieves.

She might be the key
to saving Mom.

- So if you hear anything...
- Gotta go. Call you later.


That was three days ago.
Haven't heard anything since.

What about the girl? Kaia.

Yeah, I ran her name
through the system.

She was picked up
for possession in Minnesota,

and then she escaped from
courtordered drug rehab

three days ago.

Warrant out for her arrest.

Check the rehab center
and the local hospitals.

Already did.

911. What's the nature
of your emergency?

You gonna be okay?


All right.

Where you going? Night shift.

So Sam and Dean are missing,
and you're bailing?

I have a job, Claire.

Well, so do I.
It's called hunting.

Good luck.

What is she talking about?


If this is about
me hunting alone,

I know I should've
called more...

No, hold on. Hold on.
But I'm fine. I'm good.

- I'm safe.
- No, you're not.

Patience had a vision.

That's why she's here.


I saw you die.

Claire, she's the real deal.

So every vision you have,

it always comes true?

I don't know.

I'm still figuring all this out.
So you might be wrong.

Claire, this is serious!
I'm trying to protect you!

Jody, that's always your excuse.

Every time we'd go out on
a hunt together, you'd end up

taking care of the monster
while I just wait in the car.

That happened one time!
It happened every time, Jody!

You... you've never
even seen what I can do.

if I put the brakes on you,

it's because you can't go
divebombing into every fight.

Yes, I can!
That is how you save people.

Sitting back
and making the perfect plan,

losing time...

that's how people end up dead.

And if you end up dead?!

I won't.

Claire, you can't just
run away from this.

Watch me.

The patient in Room 11's
been released.

Her room needs to be sanitized.

Already done, and I processed
her discharge paperwork.

Well done.

Nice outfit.

It's a uniform.
What's your excuse?

I look great.

You look like Biker Barbie.

Thank you.

You knew?

About the whole vision thing?

Yep. And I knew how you'd react.

So... you have a job?

But you still help Jody
with cases?

I thought you wanted out of
the whole monster thing.

If she needs my help
with anything...

The dishes, monsters...

I'm there, for her.

Unlike me.

Alex, the way things were going,

if I'd stuck around,

she just would've worried
all the time.

Claire, she never stopped.


I'm guessing you didn't crash
my job for a hearttoheart.

What do you want?

Two minutes in your system?

I told you. Already checked.

Well, did you run
rock star aliases?

From metal gods to
obscure hair bands. Nothing.

Okay, what about the girl, Kaia?

Yes. You try Jane Does?

I did.


An unidentified woman
was just brought in.

- Where?
- Here.

So your vital signs are stable

and your concussion's minor,

but we're gonna need to keep you
here under observation.

Where you going?

Hey, I get it.

If I had the cops on my ass,
I'd be racing outta Dodge, too.

Who are you?

I'm a friend of
Sam and Dean Winchester.

And I think you know them, too.

Leave me alone.


So let's talk.


What's under the mask?

Let's find out.

You've seen one of
those things before?

In my dreams.

And not just one of them.

Those things, they...
They travel in packs.

They pick up your scent
and they don't stop.

So you fight them.

Fight? No.

I run.


sometimes, they catch me.

Is that how you got that?

I've got others, all over.

Me, too.


Ghoul bite.

Bar fight with a vampire.

He threw me through a window.

And this one?


heroic battle with a doorknob.

I tripped.


What happened?


Don't scream.

Mnh. Might puke.

What is that?

- I don't know.
- She does.

It's okay.

You can tell.

I'm a dreamwalker.

It means when I sleep,
I see another world...

this other dimension.


The Bad Place.

It's where that came from.

Your friends Sam and Dean,

they wanted me to help them
open a door to another world.

And we did,
but something went wrong.

Okay, so then how did
this thing end up here?

The door's still open.

If we find it,
we find Sam and Dean.


If they're there,
they're already dead.

No, don't... don't tell me
it tastes like chicken.

No, Sam, it's a lizard.

It tastes like a lizard.

And we really gotta get moving,

keep looking for that door.

Yeah, if there is a door.

Well, last time we opened one,
it stayed open.

Yeah, for a few hours.

We've been here for what?
Two days and change?

I mean, look, man, I hope
you're right. I really do.

But if you're not,
and we're stuck here

in this freaking MonsterLand?

I mean, nobody back home
even knows

where to start looking for us.

So what are you saying?

I'm sayin'...

eat up.

That sound closer to you?


What do you think it is?

Let's not find out.

So... you're leaving?

If I go now, maybe my dad
will take me back.

Is that what you want?

To go back home,

pretend you're
Little Miss Perfect

and not a powerful psychic?

This is just...

all way too freaky.

I mean, your mom's out burying
a monster in the backyard.

Well, you gotta bury him


I came here to tell Jody
about my vision,

and Claire just blew it off.

And I am not a fighter.

I couldn't even imagine
going up against

one of those... things.

You don't have to be a fighter.
I'm not. Not really.

You know, we help in other ways.

I'm sorry.

I can't do this.

We have to go. Now.

- What?
- Those monsters, they're coming.

Lots of them.

They're after me.

Then we should stay and fight.

There's too many.
They'll kill us.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Look, I gave up a lot
to come here,

to do what was right,
to save you.

You wanna brush that off? You
wanna think I'm a fake? Fine.

But I'm telling you, right now,
we're all in danger.


Believe me now?

Why are we stoppin'?

Taking a breather.
I called in some backup.

Like what? The National Guard?


Hiya, ladies.

Hey, Donna.

Okay, you, too, Rainbow Brite.

Come on, bring it in.

Patience, Kaia, this is
Sheriff Donna Hanscum.

She's, she's killed
a lot of vampires.

Ya know. I do what I do.

Anyhoo, brought the basics.

Why do you have all this?

I'm from Minnesota.

Kaia, where were you
when this went down

with Sam and Dean? I don't know.

We were heading west
out of Mankato,

towards Sioux Falls.

So... Route 14.

We got run off the road.

We pulled into
an abandoned boatyard.

I didn't see a sign.

The Larsen Brothers Shipyard,

just off Route 14.

Shut down in '08.

We'll check it out. Yeah.


Come here.

So... who knows how to use
a flamethrower?

Claire, I know you're not
gonna like this,

but I need you to stay here to
keep Kaia and the girls safe.

Just until we've checked
things out, okay?

Okay, Jody.


Look, Dean, I don't think this
is just a different world.

I think it's
a different universe.

Yeah, well, this universe sucks.


What was that?

You think this is the place?


You betcha.

Room over there?

You're scared.


Jody always said
I'd get myself killed.

Hunting. And I'd be like,
“Good.” Yeah.

I'm gonna go out,

then that's how I wanna do it,

doing something great.

But Patience's vision...

It's one thing thinking
that you're gonna die.

But actually knowing it?

For once, a part of me kinda
just wants to sit back

and let Jody handle it,
you know?

Stay safe.

But Sam and Dean saved
my life, and...

I can't sit this one out.

Then don't.

If you go, I'll go with you.

Maybe together,
we can save them.


There it is.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

We're gonna go back, right?

You know, tell the girls?

- I'm going in.
- What now?

If I don't, she will.

Donna, I cannot lose
another child.



- Is that a...
- Yep.

Come on.




What happened?

Hey, yo!

Darth Dickwad.

What the hell?
What was that all about?

I think it just rang
the dinner bell.

Patience, give me your keys.

Jody's not picking up her phone.

Something's wrong.

We make a run for
the truck, we're dead.

We stay here, we're dead.

All righty, then.

I called. You didn't answer.

We worried.

Where's the other one?
There's another one?

Probably bolted.

Is that the door? Claire.



Claire, please, wait!


- What?
- It's getting smaller. It's closing.

No, Claire. Wait!

Jody, I know you're trying
to protect me,

but I need to save Sam and Dean,

and you have to let me.

I know.

You ever shot a gun before?


Okeydoke, here ya go.

Aim in their general direction,

relax, and squeeze.

Squeeze. Don't pull.

There he is.

Hiya, buddy.

Upstairs! Move!

Jody. Little help!


- Jody!
- Jody!


I'll protect you.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

This way.


Come on.

They're gone?

Damn it.

Dean, you hearing that?


Hey, boys.

My hero.
Hey. How did you get here?

The door, it's still open.

For now. Where's Jack?

I think he's in
the other place with your mom.

- It's time go.
- Yeah, we gotta go. Gotta go.


Anything gets in here,
take it down.


You got this.

All right, girls.
Let's go to work.



- No, no, no, no, no! Claire!
- Aah!

- Come on. We gotta go.
- Go, go, go! Go, go, go!




Bye, guys.

You know, I tried
talking to her.

Yeah, she's, she seems
pretty shut down.

Claire's gonna need
a lot of time.

Well... um...

when she is ready to hear it...

You tell her “thank you”
from us.

Jody, that rift
was open for a while.

More of those things
may have come through.

Now we've seen some freaks,

but over there,
it's a whole new world of bad.

We will handle it.

Come on. You guys
take care of the world.

We got Sioux Falls covered.

Damn right you do.




You were right.

Now this isn't on you,
not all of it.

No. I told you to go.

I didn't even think.

I just raced in. No plan.

I said I'd protect her.

I get it now...

why you are
the way you are with me.

Because of the...

this feeling.

You don't have to do this alone.

When you're ready,
if you want...

we're all here for you.

I killed a monster.


Welcome to the family.

I came back to Sioux Falls

to save Sam and Dean Winchester.

And... I did.


We did.

Here. Here.

We saved Sam and Dean.

All of these amazing women.

My family.

They don't know it yet.

They think I'm staying
because I'm broken.

But I'm staying
because I need them.

My family.

My army.

The thing that killed Kaia
is still out there.

And I don't care if
I have to tear another hole

in the universe.

We're going to find it.

And I'm going to kill it.

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