Supernatural (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 6 - Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox - full transcript

When hunters gather together to celebrate the life and tragic death of one of their own, Sam, Dean and Mary must take action when a demon starts picking off hunters one by one.

Heil this.

Dude, you killed Hitler.


Saving people
and hunting things,

this is our life.

I think we make the world
a better place.

I spent my life
running from hunting.

You were good at this,
weren't you?


The thing is, Hunters?

No matter how good they are,
they all end up the same way.

- No!
- Bobby!

I know all about you,
Dean Winchester.

Don't hurt her. That's
a human possessed by a demon.

Regna terrae...

An exorcism?

You're gonna
burn in hell.

Vade, satana...

How about some pie?
Maybe later.

Ever since Mom left, you've been
a little, uh, cranky.

What, she took some cash,

she took a cellphone
she doesn't answer,

and she bailed on us.

You know,
sometimes families do better

after a little time apart.
Yeah? Yeah, who? The Mansons?

Aah! Uhh!



this is your house?

Look, you did a great job
of pointing directions,

but words are helpful.

And names. Like me?
I'm Mary. Winchester.

Asa. Fox.

That's a great name.

You're gonna be fine.

I know it doesn't seem like it,
but you are.

What was that...thing?

A werewolf. One I've been
tracking for a long time.

We had history. Come on.


You kill werewolves?

I hunted a lot of bad things.

“Hunted.” Like past tense?

I'm retiring. Well, officially,
I'm already retired.

Just tying up
a few loose ends.

But if you retire, who's gonna
save people like me?

Uh, your mom in there?


Hey, let me just...

That's better.

Good enough.

Well, go on.

♪ We rented a truck
and a semi to go ♪

♪ Travel down
the long and the winding road ♪

♪ Look on the map, I think
we've been there before ♪

♪ Close up the doors,
let's roll once more ♪

♪ Cop's on the corner,
look, he's starting to write ♪

♪ Well, I don't need no ticket
so I screamed out of sight ♪

♪ Drove so fast
that my eyes can't see ♪

♪ Look in the mirror,
is he still following me? ♪

♪ Let it roll ♪

♪ Down the highway ♪

♪ Let it roll ♪

♪ Down the highway ♪

♪ Roll, roll ♪

♪ Look at the sign,
we're in the wrong place ♪

♪ Move out, boys,
and let's get ready to race ♪

♪ 454's coming over the hill ♪

♪ The man on patrol
is gonna give us a bill ♪

♪ The time's real short,
you know the distance is long ♪

♪ I'd like to have a jet
but it's not in the song ♪

♪ Climb back in the cab,
cross our fingers for luck ♪

Hey, you know
they make new cars, right?

I don't want a new car.
This is my lucky car.

♪ Down the highway ♪

♪ Let it roll ♪

♪ Down the highway ♪

♪ Roll ♪

♪ Supernatural 12x06 ♪
Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox
Original Air Dat

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Ahh, Netflix,

what do you recommend
to fill my day off?

Speak to me.

Wow! You look terrible.
What's wrong?

Sure, we'd love to come in.

Hey there.

Yeah, we just, uh, finished
a hunt in Brookings.

And you couldn't
take a shower first?

Ha ha.

Figured we'd stop by
on the way home,

see you, Claire, and Alex.
Aw, that's fun.

Unfortunately, the girls are
in Omaha for the weekend,

being angsty
at a Radiohead concert.

But I can feed you.

Yes. All right.

Oh, uh...Since the last time
we saw you?

I killed Hitler.

Thank you?

You're welcome.

Jody, you watching

some kind
of chick flick here?

Well, Dean, I'm a chick.

No. No, no, you're --
you're a badass sheriff chick.

You're not a-a Rom com chick.
Wait, are you a Rom com chick?

Are you?

He's more of a, uh...

animated Japanese
erotica chick.



I need to leave this
scintillating conversation.

Don't tell her that.

Don't tell her what?

It's Jody, man.

Dude, be proud
of your hobbies.

Make sure you are. the end zone,
throws it.

Touchdown! Game over!

Jody, what's up?

Friend of mine died.


Asa Fox.

Asa Fox. Why does that name
sound familiar?

Isn't he the guy that Ellen used
to tell stories about

back at the Roadhouse?

Yeah. Supposedly, he killed,
like, five Wendigos in a night.


Yeah. Yeah, he was a Hunter.

He, uh, he rolled into town
a few months back,

tried to convince me he was
FBI Agent Fox Mulder.

He was chasing a pack of ghouls,
and I helped.

He'd pass through every once
in a while after that,

and we'd grab co--
coffee or...something.

Oh, he was a good man.

The --
the wake's tonight, and, um,

they're gonna salt
and burn the body tomorrow.

I can't believe I just said that
like it's something normal.

Well, we're gonna come
with you.


You don't have --
I'll be fine.

Yeah, no, Jody, we -- we know
you'll be fine, but...

You know, we never go to Hunter
gatherings, outside of bars.

Dad always said they were
trouble, so...

Yes, you'd be doing us a favor
if you let us tag along.

Thank you.

You're gonna
have to get cleaned up

before we spend five hours
in the car together. Yeah.

Five hours?
Where, uh, where we going?

O Canada.

That is a big house.

Family home.
Asa was just a guy.

Hey, buddy.

♪ I'm the man in the box ♪


Oh, Jody, thanks for comin'.

Mmm. Loraine, of course.
How you holding up?

Well, it's a house
full of loud, drunk Hunters...

and my son's dead body
is in the parlor.

But I haven't
slit my wrists yet.

Small victories.

We're very sorry
for your loss.

I know.

Everyone's sorry.

♪ Jesus Christ ♪

So...this is gonna be fun.

No label.
Well, that's a red flag.

Nah, fully safe.
I home brewed it myself.

Here. Not a twist-off.


Oh, hope you like
strong beer, buddy.

That's good.

Uh, Dean Winchester.

The Dean Winchester?

No freakin' way.

Aren't you dead?
Like, four times?

Yeah. It, uh, didn't take.

Wait. Your brother here? Sam?

Yeah, he's still alive, too.
He's --


Okay, good talk.

Yeah, sorry about Elvis.
He's, uh...Elvis.

I'm Bucky Sims.

Randy. Randy Bull.

Ah! Watch out for the horns,

Uh, you two Hunters?

Yes, sir.

Did you know Asa?
No, no, I never met him,

but, uh, heard some
crazy stories.

Yeah? Like what?

Well, I mean, come on.

Nobody can take out
five Wendigos in a night.

Hey! Our famous friend said
the magic word.

Drink, everybody.

“Wendigo”? Is that, uh --

Do it again.


Stop saying that or we're not
gonna make it to morning.

Didn't know the rules.

You think the stories
about Asa are crazy,

you should hear
what they say about you.

Wait, so you guys were raised
by a witch, but you're Hunters?


She was, like, a good witch.

Very Enya. It was the '90s.

Lots of crystals.


She taught me to hunt witches.
Uh, bad witches.

Sure. And what did
she teach you?

Uh, mostly how to seduce men.

She also taught him some magic,
which is actually more useful.

Eh, mostly the men thing.


Are you Sam Winchester?
You are, right?

Oh, this is nuts. Wow. Hi.


Uh, Elvis, um, Katz.

Wow. Look, so thing is,

I got this friend
down in the States, right,

who knows this girl
who knew your pal Garth.

Garth. Yeah.

And, well, he said that she said
that Garth said

that you were possessed
by the Devil?

Like, Lucifer,
the actual big, bad Devil,

and you lived?


Dude, you don't just ask someone
about something that messed up.

Seriously, back off.

But it's pretty amazing, huh?

N-- It -- it's really not
that amazing.

It -- it just kind of is
what it is. Um...

I'm gonna get a-a beer.

Yeah, you good? Yeah? Good.

So what's your guys' deal?

Could...could you, like,

go away from us now?


Oh, hi. This is
a real Angel Blade.


Did you know people
tell stories about us?

Yeah. Apparently,
we're a little bit legendary.

Yeah, but, I mean,
so was Asa.

Then a hunt went bad,

and he ended up hanging
from a tree, alone in the woods.

He died on the job.
No better way to go.

You really believe that?

Yeah. What, you don't?

I mean, come on, Sam,
it's not like we're in

the “live till you're 90,
die in your sleep” business.


This only ends one way.

We should get back.

Yeah. Oh, uh, don't say
“Wendigo” to anyone.

Thank you.

That was nice, wasn't it?

And Asa made us go
roller skating,

and right after these ghouls
almost got us.

So there's the three of us,
all banged up,

with a ton of ironic teenagers
skating under these neon lights.

You remember this, Jody?


Oh, it was classic.

I mean, you know,

until you two snuck off for some
sweet, sweet time alone.

Oh, yeah!

“Sweet, sweet time alone”?

You, Jody?
You didn't tell us

- you were in a relationship with Asa.
- Remember that.

Oh, it was just -- it was just
a casual thing. Sorry, Loraine.

Asa was always popular
with the ladies.

Yes, he was.
Our mom loved him.

She used to talk about him
all the time.


And, you know, I do have a life
when you guys aren't around.

Beer, anyone?

I'm good.

Ah. Okay.

And, uh, here's a news flash --
dating is hard.

It's not like I just turn
into a boring small-town sheriff

when you guys are gone.

I do stuff.

Get it, Jody.

I hunt. I meet people.
Sometimes I...

It was no big deal.

You shouldn't be surprised
that I'd enjoy the company

of a ruggedly hot man.

- Amen to that.
- Can't argue with that.


Hey, you clearly deserve...

...your sweet,
sweet time alone.

Well, I mean,
it wasn't always sweet.

Uh...yeah. It's just not
how we think of you.

- You know? I...
- Good, 'cause that would honestly be weird.

Nobody -- nobody said
you can't date, right?

That's fair.

Come on in. Don't hover.


Sorry, I knocked.

Door was open.


- What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?

We, uh...
Asa was a-a friend of a friend.

Uh, friend of Jody's.
Jody, Mary.

Mom, this is Jody Mills.

Wait, m-- Your mom?


I thought --
I thought you were...

I was.



It is so nice to meet you!


I'm gonna...I'm j--

I'm gonna give you guys
some, um, some family time.


Where you been?

All over. I went back
to Lawrence for a few days.

And then, um,
I've been using John's journal

to retrace a few things.

Try to catch up
on what I've missed.

You could've just asked us,
you know.

Dean, come on.
She could've.

It's okay. He's right. But...

This is something
I needed to do alone.


Listen...most of the people
I knew are dead.

And then I remembered Asa.

He was so young when I met him,

I thought he must still
be around.

And then...

I saw an article about
his death,

and, uh...

So you'll text us
once a week, maybe,

but you'll drive all the way
to Canada to see some dead guy?

Well, that's awesome.

I'm gonna get some air.

Dean, wait.


You okay?


Huh. Is that why you spent
the entire ride up here

telling me in extreme,
excruciating detail

how you killed Hitler,
but, uh,

you neglected
to mention the fact

that your mom
is back from the dead?

Yeah, no big deal.

That's a lie.

Look, maybe this isn't my place,
and this is epic stuff,

but, you know...

if I could have my son
and my husband back?

I mean....

really back,

I would give anything,
absolutely anything,

to have that.

And it would scare the hell
out of me.


Yeah. 'Cause what if
I've changed?

What if they changed?

What if it just didn't work out
the way I wanted?

If you wanna talk
about anything,

absolutely anything,
I'm here.

Thanks, Jody.

Asa's favorite.

Tastes awful.

I'm Loraine Fox, Asa's mom.

Mary Winchester.

No, you're not.

Asa told me about you,

you'd be my age.

So how...

It's a long story.

I'll bet.

I'm sorry --
You should be.

Like I said,
Asa told me about you.

You're the reason my son
didn't become an astronaut.



Asa wrote those to you
over the years

but couldn't send them
because you're so “mysterious”.

I saved his life.

What am I supposed
to say to that?

After you, Asa got so...

Hunting was his whole life.

He never married,
never had a family, kids.

And now...

Enjoy the wake.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Everything all right?

I'm fine.

It's fine.

Are you sure?

I saved Asa
when he was a boy.

All of this, it's on me.

Well, no. Obviously, Mom,
he made his own decisions.

And he helped a lot of people,
you know?

Yeah, I don't know.

I just don't know anymore.

Everywhere I go
and everything I do just...

feels wrong.

But I'll
get used to it.

Being back here, I will.
I just --

Yeah, Mom, you don't have to
explain anything. I get it.

You need space. And --
and so does Dean, you know?

I-I mean, he -- he's just...

We just got you back,

and he's just scared
we're gonna lose you again,

that -- that because we're
Hunters, you're gonna walk away.

But I know that's not true.

Even looking at these...

I mean,
you saved Asa in 1980,

um, after Dean was born,

after everyone thought
you quit hunting.

Seems like you couldn't
stop then, and...

I'm guessing you can't
stop now either.

This job, this life...

it's crazy and insane.

But it's in our blood.

Come on.

Where we going?
To say goodbye to Asa.

And Asa loved that Jeep.

Fuses were shorted,
fuel line was busted.

Ah, he didn't care.

He'd just roll up his sleeves,
he'd get right to work.

Guys, we need to leave now.

- Sam?
- Randy's dead.

What happened?

Someone gutted him
and roped him to the ceiling.

That's what happened.

Anyone know why
the water's shut off?

God, what's that smell?



It's a demon.

It's him.

He's a crossroads demon.

And he hangs people.
It's his thing.

Snaps their neck,
slits their throat.

He's a real piece of work.

Hanging? Like with Asa?
He's the one that killed him.

Son of a bitch.
Let me.

You're wasting your time.

The whole house has been warded,
inside and out.

- What does that mean?
- It means we're trapped.

Go away.

You're not the boss of me.


What're you doing here?
My job.

Well, I'm not dead yet.


But actually,
I just finished inside.

I was reaping a fresh soul.

Look, back in '97,

Asa was working this case
in Yellow Knife, all right.

A possession
of a First Nations girl.

Got real bad, real bloody.

Was it, uh, Jael?

Asa exorcised him, but not
before Jael killed the girl.

He made her tie a noose
around her neck

and he made Asa watch.

Sam. Sammy!


You can huff and puff,

but that house is on
supernatural lockdown.

They can't even hear you.

All right, an exorcism,
it ain't like an Angel Blade.

Yeah, it's not permanent.

Right, so five years later,
Jael --

he came back
and he came for Asa.

How so?

Asa was seeing this woman,
right? She had a kid --

Yeah, Marlene.

Jael got into her.

It didn't matter
that he was killing people,

he wanted Asa to know
it was personal.

He gets off on it.

Yeah, and now he's here,

possessing someone.

Yeah, but who?

Alicia wasn't in the room
when Randy died.

The rest of us were.

I was getting a drink.

Dean wasn't in the room either.

So it's Alicia or Dean.

I'm not!

Throw some holy water on me,
see what happens.

Anybody packin'?

We can just make more.

Uh, no, we can't.
The water's off.

- She knew it. You knew that.
- Oh, come on.

What did you do?

It wasn't me. I don't get
my hands dirty. Rules.

I just clean up the mess.

Still, between us,
it's always nice to see

a Winchester who can't get
what he wants.

You think this is funny? Huh?

Hunters are dying in there.

Everyone dies.

I think Dean's still outside.
That does narrow it...



Alicia's not here right now.

Leave a message.

Oh, you're a fun group.

We're gonna have
a good time tonight.

It's gone.
Alicia, are you...

It's not gone. It's just not
in Alicia anymore.

Loraine, is there anyone else
in the house?

I don't know. People have been
coming and going all day.

Okay, we're gonna pair off,
we're gonna search the house --

for people, not for demons.

You find a demon, yell.
We'll find you.

And if your partner
gets possessed, run.

- Mom.
- Come on.

Stay here.

You got in there.

You got in to reap that soul.
You can get me in.

I could, I suppose.

But --
Do it!

But it's a one-way ticket.

And you're gonna owe me one.

I got you a double.



Where's my brother?

Hey, hold up. How did you --

He's the demon!

- Demon?
- Kill him!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, lady.

Look, I'm not a demon, okay.
I'm one of the good guys.

Now stick with me,
do what I say,

and everybody'll get out
of here, okay? Everybody.


not everybody.


You're kind of slow
for a demon, aren't you?

Careful now.

You'll hurt my feelings,

and I might lash out.

How about you go to Hell?

Please. It's a complete
train wreck down there.

No Lucifer, no Crowley.
It's messy.


No, I mean, really,
go to Hell.

Exorcizamus Te...

An exorcism?

...omnis immundus spiritus,
omnis satanica potestas --


Elvis is leaving the building.

Come on. Come on.
Come on.




Dean, we thought you were

Yeah, I got back in.

It was a one-time deal.
Won't happen again.

Is this everybody?
Except for Elvis.

Yeah, demon got him.


Well, at least
we're all prepared.

Mm. Impressive.

- Demon Blade -- kills 'em dead.
- Nice.

We gotta light some candles.
Yeah. A Devil's Trap.

- On it.
- Yep.

All right, uh, but how are we
gonna lure it inside?

We're not.
We get in.

Everybody's in,
everybody's clean.

If someone won't get in...

They're the demon.
That's right.



What kind
of a Devil's Trap?

Standard pentagram.
Nothing fancy.

I like
a Fifth Pentacle of Mars.

It's got more character.

Because character is
what really matters right now.



This is awkward,
I'm owning that.

But the demon...
I think it's in your mom.

She looks okay to me.

I may not know much, but I know
people don't “look” possessed.

No, I saw her
sneak out of the room

when you started talking about
the Devil's Trap.

Where did she go?

I mean, I know she's family,
but, Sam...

What's going on?


Jody thinks that Mom --

No, I don't think. I know.

I know she's a demon!


Kill her! Use the knife!
Kill her now!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait.

Hold on a second. Jody, you...

You don't sound like yourself.

That's because she's not

Are you?

Can't blame a girl
for tryin'.

I had so hoped
you'd kill your mom!

Wouldn't that be a riot?

Yeah, super fun.


Anybody else?




No! Mom!
What are you doing?!

She's a demon.
We kill demons.

No, but she's Jody.


Oh, I have heard so many stories
about you Winchesters.


I desperately want
the Lucifer thing to be true.

The idea that he left
a meat suit alive

is just so deliciously weak.

As for the rest of you,
I have been inside your heads.

I know all about you!

For example, the twins --
too frightened to tell anyone

that they actually came
to say goodbye to their daddy.

Or the grieving mother
who hated the fact

that her son was a Hunter
so much,

she'd hide his gear,
she'd sabotage his Jeep,

anything to keep him
from hunting.

Not that it worked.

Could've tried harder, huh?

And this...meat suit you all
seem to care so much about,

she actually fantasized about
a life with Asa.

Can you believe that?

Like that worthless man --

Shut your filthy mouth --

- And you...
- Aah!


Brave, brave Bucky.

I was there that night.

Tell these nice, stupid people
what you did.

Tell them
what you took from me.

Asa was mine.

Exorcizamus Te,
omnis immundus spiritus...


...omnis satanica Po--

Omnis incursio infernalis
adversarii. Omn--

Tell them!

Omnis legio.

Omnis congregatio
et secta diabolica --

Aah! I killed him!
I killed him. I killed Asa.

Omnis legio diabolica,
adiuramus Te.

Jody, you okay?


Bucky, what did you do?


Asa, he was just Al--

He was just always
so stubborn.

we were in the woods.

Jael, he -- he was
taunting him.

Asa wanted to chase him, but he
didn't have the Angel Blade.

I said, “Let's go back.”

He called me a coward
and he shoved me,

so I shoved him back,
and he fell...

...and he hit his head.

I didn't mean to do it.

But it was a mistake.
Asa. Asa!

An accident.

I'm sorry.

I didn't know what to do.

Asa hated that damn demon
so much that I just...

Oh, you thought that people
would buy that Jael killed him?

So you hung your best friend
to cover your own ass.

What are you gonna do to me?

Tell everyone,
every Hunter we meet.

They're gonna know your name,
Bucky, know what you did.

You like stories?

This is the story everyone's
gonna tell about you. Forever.


I was wrong.

Asa did have a family.

He even had kids.

I've got grandchildren.

Suppose I should go
meet them.


Oh. I've had worse.

I don't know what's going on
between you and your boys,

but I gotta tell you,
mom to mom...

they are good men.

Best I've ever met.

I know.

They're not the problem.


You okay?

She's really not.



She's a Reaper.

She's the one that got me
back inside.

And now you owe me one.

This one.

This one right here.


See, I'm a big believer
in what dies, stays dead.

Laws of the universe
and all that, so...

I didn't ask
to come back here.

No, you didn't.

And you hate it.

The look in your eyes,
I've seen it before.

It's a dead man's look --

eyes that say no matter
where you go or what you do,

it feels like this world
doesn't fit anymore,

like you're all alone.

Well, she's not alone.

Tell me I'm wrong.

I'm not here to hurt you.

I'm here to offer you mercy.

A one-way ticket upstairs,
away from all of this.

How would it work?


You just kill me again?

Reapers don't kill people.





Then I guess you're just gonna
have to wait.


If you change your mind --

if any of you
change your minds --

you know my name.

Does this mean
you're coming home?


Not quite yet. I just need
a little more time.

Can we buy you breakfast,
at least?

All the bacon.

I would love that.