Supernatural (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 5 - The One You've Been Waiting For - full transcript

After learning that the soul of Adolf Hitler has been trapped in a 1930's gold pocket watch, Dean and Sam must act quickly to prevent a group of Nazi necromancers from resurrecting the Führer.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You okay?
I spent my life running from hunting.
I never wanted this for you and Sam.
Feels like yesterday we were together in Heaven,
and now...
Mom, w-what are you trying to say?
I have to go.
This whole Mom thing, it's...
I mean, we get her back, and then she leaves.
Aaron: My grandfather spent the rest of his life
trying to track down something he called the Thule Society.
They were this twisted, secret fraternity
hell-bent on world domination that sponsored
the early days of the Nazi Party.
This last page is a roster
of every dead Thule member who was reanimated.
This is why they killed my grandfather?
You Nazi pig! [ Laughs ]
One Rabbi Isaac Bass -- he spontaneously combusted.
Woman: [ Screams ] What is that?!
[ Shouting, murmuring ]
Nazi bastards.
Dean: Aah! Uhh!
Anything in there on how to kill it?
If you want a friend of the Thule to stay dead,
burn the body.
You will never kill all the Thule. [ Grunts ]
Long live...the Thule.
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
[ Horn honks in distance ]
Ah! [ Laughs ] Mrs. Lloyd.
[ Singsongy ] You're early.
I'm always early. Where is it?
All business. I like that.
1931. Solid gold.
Look at that craftsmanship. Hmm?
[ Clocks whirring and clanking ]
No, ma'am, they don't make them like this anymore.
Beautiful. [ Chuckles ]
I brought cash.
How thoughtful.
Unfortunately, there has been a change.
In the price.
But...we had a deal.
Well, you call it a deal.
I call it, uh, the start of negotiations.
You know, tomato, tomahto. [ Chuckles ]
I-I couldn't let it go for less than, uh, 80.
[ Scoffs ] Are you out of your mind?
Well, I'm not, but you folks are -- are mad about this stuff.
I mean, personally, uh, I don't, uh, see the appeal.
But if you're not interested,
I can always, uh, find a new buyer.
Do you know who you're talking to?
Good luck finding that new buyer when the community finds out
how I've been treated.
Fine. Your loss.
What's that?
Oh. I-I don't, uh...
Ah. Uh...
[ Flames whoosh ] [ Screaming ]
[ Case thuds ]
[ Screaming stops ] [ Thud ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Whoosh ] No! No!
[ Screaming ]
[ Flames whoosh ] Aah!
Oh, God!
[ Typing ]
Hey. Got everything on the list.
So what are you thinkin', scrambled or fried?
I'm not really hungry right now.
Y-you're not that...
How about some pie?
Maybe later.
Kind of in the middle of something.
[ Sighs ] All right, dude, something's wrong.
[ Sighs ] I get it. If Mom --
I'm gonna stop you right there, okay?
Look, Mom needed her space, and I told you I'm cool with it.
But are you really?
[ Sets down laptop ] Happened last night.
“Two Killed in Mystery Fire”"
Mystery fire?
Yeah, the kind that doesn't burn anything but the bodies.
So spontaneous combustion. [ Clicks tongue ]
What are you thinking? Uh, witch? Dragon?
Maybe. Check it out. The old lady? Loaded.
I'm talking Scrooge McDuck swimming in pools of money.
So what's a lady like that
doing at some crap store at 3:00 a.m.?
Well, it says it was an antique shop.
Uh, rich people like antiquing. I don't know.
I say we check it out.
Uh... [ Sighs ] All right.
In the meantime, you sure you don't wanna talk about --
Dean, it's called sublimation.
Yeah. Yeah, it's kinda my thing.
[ Horn blares ]
[ Horn honks in distance ]
Looks like we missed the Calvary.
I guess we should go home then.
[ Door rattles ]
[ Door opens ]
[ Flashlights click ]
[ Clock chiming ]
[ Inhales sharply ] All right,
I'm guessing that's the first victim.
Scrooge McDuck lady?
Which makes this the antiques dealer.
Yeah. Name was Marvin Brickle.
Widower. Owned the shop for decades.
[ Sniffing ] [ EMF meter clicking ]
No sulphur.
Ditto EMF.
Maybe hex bags?
[ Turns off EMF meter ]
Yeah, or, uh, you know...
antique shop, full of old stuff.
Maybe the guy got his hands
[ Switch clicks ] on a cursed object...
...and it went haywire, started killing everybody.
Yeah, wouldn't be the first time.
Right. [ Taps key ]
[ Mouse button clicks ]
[ Cuckoo clock chimes ]
[ Object clatters ]
[ Ship clatters ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Ship thuds ]
Dude... Don't say it.
May--maybe let's not touch anything
until we figure out if this stuff wants to kill us or not?
[ Whispers ] Yeah, I got it.
[ Ship thuds ] No.
[ Mouse button clicks ]
[ Mouths words ]
[ Mouse button clicks ]
[ Clank ]
[ Bookcase scraping ]
Sam, I think I found something.
It looks like the victims were meeting
about an antique pocket watch the night they died.
Pocket watch?
Yeah, according to Marv's e-mail, at least.
[ Door creaks ]
Uh, Sam?
Yeah, hold up.
Get this -- I hacked into Marv's hard drive.
It -- it looks like he was conducting...
[ Switch clicks ] entire underground business, uh,
catering to, uh...
Nazi nutjobs?
How'd you know that?
Might wanna take a look at this.
Yeah. What are you, uh...
Oh. That's, uh...
Wow. Yeah.
Looks like Scrooge McDuck lady got her rocks off
by collecting Nazi crap.
Yeah, guess so.
Uh, according to Marv's ledger,
the watch belonged to a member of Hitler's inner circle.
So where is it now? I don't know.
The police didn't report finding it.
And I'm gonna go out on a limb here
and guess that it's probably not out there
and probably not in here.
I mean...Nazi connection?
The immolation M.O.?
Sound like anybody we know?
The Thule.
[ Exhales sharply ] Maybe they crashed the party,
took the watch, and torched the bystanders.
I hate these guys.
[ Switch clicks ]
Hey. [ Giggles ]
[ Door closes ]
[ Keys clatter ] [ Giggles ]
Ooh! [ Giggles ] Mm.
This is -- this is fun. I-I don't really ever do this.
And everyone's like, “Watch out for the hookup culture, Ellie.”
I think they just worry 'cause, you know,
I-I just got out of a relationship.
Um, but no, no, I gave -- I gave back the ring,
so that's just -- that's all -- that's a good thing, right?
Sorry. Yeah, that was --
I-I'm kinda still figuring out
how the whole, you know, Tinder thing works.
It's cool.
Yeah, but, like...
I could -- I could be cooler, let's be honest.
'Cause, you know, like, your beard, it's super cool.
Uh, do you want a drink?
Yeah, I'm gonna -- I'm gonna use the, uh,
the little girls' and just...
Okay. [ Chuckles ]
[ Retreating footsteps ]
[ Bathroom door opens ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Whispers ] God. [ Exhales deeply ]
Come on, Eleanore. He is hot.
So you just -- you put on those big girl pants
and you take off his.
Well...regular pants,
not big girl pants.
[ Loud bang ] Man: Hey!
What are you doing? Ellie?
[ Gasping ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Gasps ] Das Madchen!
[ Grunts ]
[ Crunch ] Aah!
[ Pounding on door ]
[ Thud ]
[ Siren wailing ]
[ German accent ] Idiot! We need her alive.
I'm sorry, father.
[ Siren continues wailing ]
Doesn't matter.
We have what we need to track her.
We're halfway through the ledger.
I nailed six, and the golem got the rest.
It feels good, you know,
finishing what the Judah Initiative started.
Your grandfather would be proud.
[ Dance music playing ] Yeah, well, dropping out of college
to wipe out Nazi corpse-bags
wasn't exactly my mother's dream,
but what are you gonna do?
Hey, uh, you hear about
any Thule activity in our neck of the woods?
Not lately.
These Deutsch-nozzles have been sticking to the Fatherland.
Sam: Lately? [ Door opens ]
Yeah. [ Door closes ]
They're closing ranks. All jumpy.
[ Music continues ]
Any idea what's cookin'?
Whatever it is, it's big.
We got our hands on a few of their documents.
Code named the mission “Das Blut” --
“The Blood.”
The... [ Scoffs ] Wow, that sounds nice and ominous.
I mean, we're talking the whole enchilada --
the Thule High Command all in one place.
Hey, does the, uh, this pocket watch
mean anything to you, Nazi-relic wise? [ Beep ]
No. Sorry.
Hey, another body just dropped.
Aaron, we're gonna have to call you back, bud. [ Cellphone beeps ]
[ Beep ]
Man: Ready? [ Speaks indistinctly ]
By the time we got there, he was ash and bone.
What does that to a human being?
You find anything else?
Just the body. The other victim was lucky.
She got away, ran to her neighbor's,
and called for help.
So where's the survivor now?
What's going on? I already gave my statement.
[ Handcuffs clicking ] What -- what is happening?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. No. No, no, no, no, no!
Let me out! Somebody, help! Help!
Somebody help me! Let me out of here!
Help! Please! Please, please, please. [ Car door closes ]
Please! Let me out of here! [ Engine starts ]
Help! Please!
Dean: You see that?
Yeah. We gotta follow that car.
Oh, I've always wanted to say that.
[ Engine revs, tires peal ]
Why are you doing this to me? Please.
Okay, look, look, I-I will give you whatever you want.
Okay? I-I don't really have any money,
but my grandparents left me stocks.
Just -- just, please, tell me what's going on.
Oh, my God. Do you ever shut up?
Man. [ Shifts gears ]
Where you going? [ Car door opens ]
Hey, you can't leave me here! Hey!
[ Car door closes ]
[ Thump ]
[ Dialing ]
Yes, I have her. I'm here now. It's all locked.
That is not fair.
You know, I try with you, I really do.
But you expect me to be a mind reader,
and it's exhausting.
[ Gun cocks ]
Father, I gotta go. [ Beep ]
Well, family drama's a bitch, ain't it?
[ Car door opens ]
Move. [ Sighs ]
So if you're not cops, then what are you?
There are things out there that shouldn't exist.
Bad things. We kill 'em. It's kind of our job.
Yeah, so your safest place is with us right now.
Safe from...
Nazi zombies.
They use blood magic to make themselves almost immortal.
Well, you shoot 'em in the head, set 'em on fire,
that usually does the trick.
This is completely insane.
Ellie, you saw what they did to your friend.
Okay, but...
why -- why would they kill Nick? And why kidnap me?
Those are great questions.
What do you tools want with the watch?
And what does it have to do with her?
You're gonna have to kill me.
All right. Want to, uh...
Yep. All right, let's go for a walk.
Wait. No. No. You can't just shoot him.
Oh, no, sure I can. [ Cocks gun ]
See, I do it all the time. Oh, my...
You don't wanna watch this. [ Thumps shoulder ]
All right! All right, all right. Just... [ Sighs ]
It belongs to my father. Commandant Nauhaus.
Thule High Command? Ranking officer?
See, that wasn't so hard now, was it?
Carry on.
[ Safety clicks ]
You don't understand. He'll kill me.
What do you think this is, a tickle party?
[ Sighs ] It started at the end of the war.
[ Bruckner's “Symphony No. 7 in E major” playing ]
The Soviets had surrounded the Fuhrerbunker.
Everyone knew it was over --
everyone except my father.
[ Explosion in distance ]
[ Explosion in distance ]
[ Chambers bullet ]
[ Explosion, debris clattering ]
[ Projectile whistles, explosion, debris clattering ]
[ Whispers ] Es gibt einen anderen Weg.
Dean: All right, skip the foreplay.
What did your dad do to Hitler?
He saved his life.
Well, he saved his soul. Like, literally.
The watch, it's like a -- it's like a horcrux.
It's a Harry Potter thing.
Oh, you would know that. the watch holds Hitler's soul?
You -- you trapped Hitler's soul in a pocket watch?
Why is that? For safekeeping? [ Scoffs ]
No. To bring him back.
[ Ellie laughs ]
It sounded bonkers to me the first time I heard it, too.
The first time you heard it?
Weren't you there?
What? No. Man, I was born in Buffalo in '94.
Listen, this whole “let's bring Hitler back”
is more of an O.G. Thule plan.
All they do is yap about it.
He's joking, right? Right? This is -- this is a joke.
Okay, wait. Let's just -- let's back up to the part
where your dad is going to resurrect Adolph Hitler.
[ Sighs ] After the bunker,
the Thule agents who were smuggling Hitler's soul out
got whacked by Soviets.
So you lost the watch. Hey, I didn't lose it.
It ended up with some Russian family.
Then the Thule tracked it to China and then to Peru.
Then it wound up in that antique shop.
So now they're all hyped to get their Fuhrer-resurrection on.
This isn't a joke. Oh, my God.
How do they plan on bringing him back?
The soul of Hitler can only inhabit the body
of somebody who possesses his blood.
His blood. Das blut.
So let me get this straight.
The Thule want to upload Hitler
into the body of one of his relatives?
Do they even exist anymore?
Well, there's one right there.
[ Scoffs ]
Wait. Wait. You think I'm related to Hitler?
Okay, okay, that -- that -- that is just hilarious.
They've been keeping tabs on you your whole life.
The Thule track all of Hitler's descendants.
You just happen to be in the same state as the watch.
[ Chuckles ] Go figure.
No. No way. Okay, my mom, she -- she tracked our family
all the way back to the Mayflower.
She said -- You're adopted.
You don't know anything about me.
You're from Wheaton, Illinois.
All-state cross-country all four years.
Wow. Wow, way to use the Internet.
You trained to become a doctor,
but you dropped out at the sight of your first stiff.
[ Scoffs ]
I am taking a sabbatical.
You dipped town two days before your wedding.
He was banging our caterer! You... [ Sighs ]
It seems as though this running is a thing for you.
I-I... [ Grunts ]
[ Whispers indistinctly ]
Yeah, I got her.
We gotta move. I know.
[ Knock on door ]
How you holding up?
Well, I, uh, texted my mom,
asked if I was adopted.
[ Voice breaking ] She wrote, “Honey, call us.”
That guy out there just flipped my life inside out
in, like, five seconds.
Ellie, I know it probably feels like that right now,
but you can handle this.
[ Scoffs ]
Being a little flighty, I can handle.
Being related to the biggest genocidal maniac of all time?
I don't think so.
[ Exhales slowly ] It's been crazy hot lately, right?
That global warming...
[ Sighs ]
[ Tires squeaking ]
[ Inhales deeply ]
She's close.
I know it's hard to believe this right now,
but it will get easier.
Trust me, I've been there.
Oh, right. Did someone wanna use you to resurrect Adolph Hitler?
Uh, w-- No, not exactly.
There you go. [ Sniffles ]
But they did want me to bring back Lucifer.
I was his vessel --
You almost, almost had me with Hitler.
But Lucifer? Really? The Devil?
I can't, okay? I can't do this.
All right, meltdown time's over.
[ Door closes ]
Listen, you need to face this now.
Believe it or not, we actually have the upper hand here.
According to, uh, you know, Junior Jackass in there,
the Thule want you.
Now we can use that. We can set a trap.
Oh. Oh, now you wanna use me as bait?
We don't want to use you as bait, Ellie, but...
We have the opportunity to take out
the entire Thule High Command in one shot.
Now does that sound scary? Yeah, you bet.
But there are times when you run
and there are times when you stand and fight.
Now is one of those times when you fight.
Now we promise that we will keep you safe.
Oh, my God.
Dean: You gotta be kidding me.
[ Blinds shift ] Get down.
[ Gun cocks ]
They're in there. Yeah. Shh.
[ Gunshot, glass shatters ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Both grunting ]
[ Man groans ]
[ Glass shatters ]
[ Groans ]
[ Man speaks German over earpiece ] Verstanden?
Ruckzug! Sie ist auf der Flucht!
[ Glass clinking ]
Go! [ Metal chair clanks ]
[ Door closes ]
We got a problem.
[ Horn honking ]
Hey! Help!
[ Cellphone beeps ] She's still not picking up.
Awesome. Maybe she got spooked.
[ Car door opens ]
Well, isn't running a whole thing with her?
Hey, it's Ellie. You know what to do.
Ellie, it's Sam Winchester. Again.
Listen, I know all this Hitler stuff is confusing,
but I promise we can explain it.
And we can keep you safe.
Just call me back. Okay? [ Cellphone beeps ]
How could you tell them about Hitler?
I can explain -- It wasn't bad enough
being hunted by the Judah and his revolting golem?
I was stalling.
They would've killed me and taken her.
You should be thanking me.
You were supposed to be my heir.
Instead, you're an inconceivable disappointment.
You know, I used to look up to you.
You conquered death.
You did so many things.
But now? [ Sighs ]
Now all you wanna do is relive your glory days with Hitler.
[ Scoffs ] Your generation -- you millennials --
are too weak to steward the future.
It needs a stronger hand.
The world is divided und inflamed.
This falling of empires, the flailing of economies,
is precisely why there has never been a better time
for the Fuhrer's return.
And you... [ Whimpering ] dear,
you have his eyes.
[ Cries ] Help!
Somebody help me, please! Help me!
All right, there's gotta be a tracking spell, right?
Yeah, maybe if we had something to track.
Well, guess we hack every traffic light in the city
until we find her.
[ Flaps lips ]
[ Grunts ] No!
No! No! Wait! No! No! No!
No! Don't! [ Crying ]
[ Screaming ]
Begin the purification ritual.
A patrol has been sent to find the Winchesters.
Fritz, my son has had a very trying day.
He should rest.
What? Hey, no I'm -- What are you doing?
Get your hands off me, assclown.
What are you doing?
Father! Please!
I was wrong! We can do it your way!
Father, please!
Fritz, look, you don't have to do this, okay?
Come on.
Listen, please, you know who I am.
[ Gun cocks ] Go on.
Man over walkie-talkie: Fritz. Come in, Fritz.
Winchesters' Impala parked outside diner.
Sawmill Road.
[ Grunts ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Silenced gunshot ]
[ Thud ]
No. I-I-I mean, I have no idea how we're gonna find her.
Even if we look at...
[ Cocks gun ]
If you wanna find Ellie, you have to protect me.
Protect you?
Why should we believe anything you say?
[ Sighs ] Don't look now.
Across the street, there's a Thule agent
right beside the dumpster outside.
Is that enough?
I just killed one of my dad's guys.
Could be a trap.
It's not.
Do you know what it was like
to have a Nazi necromancer for a father? It sucked.
Christmas was a joke. Career Day at school was a nightmare.
All I do is try to make him proud,
I'll never be good enough.
He asked a guy named Fritz to kill me.
Okay, well, there's that.
We'll hear you out.
Where is she?
I can take you to her.
All right, you get the car, I'll take care of the Kraut.
All right.
The boy has some spine after all.
I'll find him.
Christoph's time will come.
For now...
we have more important business.
[ Wheels rattling ]
[ Drops record needle ]
[ “Prelude” from Wagner's “Das Rheingold” playing ]
Ah, you always loved this one.
The perfect way to ease der Fuhrer
into this new century.
She is prepared.
Sehr gut.
[ Engine turns off ]
[ Doors creak ]
[ Trunk creaks ]
[ Lid creaks ]
All right. Hey, what -- what are you doing?
[ Handcuffs click ]
Wait, you're just gonna leave me here?
Yeah, pretty much. What?
[ Handcuffs clicking ] Christoph: Hey!
Hey! Sam: Shh.
[ Cocks gun ]
All right, we got two outside and who knows how many inside.
Great. Ooh.
No. Why?
Dean, we need to be stealth, do this quietly.
[ Grunts ]
We'll get a chance. It's okay.
[ Sighs heavily ]
[ Cocks gun ]
Let's go kill some Nazis.
[ Inhales deeply ]
What are you doing to me?
[ Dial clicking ]
The Fuher's soul
must occupy a body
that contains the blood of his blood.
Did you really think I'd resurrect
the greatest man who ever lived
in the body of a weak,
unworthy, American female?
Mein Gott.
I never needed you,
only your blood.
[ Sniffles ]
[ Bones crack ]
[ Thuds ]
[ Speaking German ] das Fuhrer's.
[ Whispers ] Ja.
I'm ready.
[ Gears whirring ]
[ Squishing sound ]
[ Sizzling ]
[ Speaks German ]
[ Laughing ]
[ Laughing ]
Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!
Ha ha!
[ Screaming, laughing ]
[ Exhales ] Wolfgang.
[ Laughing ]
[ Speaks German ]
Come, come.
Come! [ Inhales deeply ]
This can' happening.
[ Exhales sharply ]
My great-great-grandniece.
[ Exhales ]
[ Inhales deeply ]
Thank you for the gift, Liebchen.
What shall we do with her, Fuhrer?
Take the rest of her blood, then give her to the dogs.
But, Fuhrer, we have no dogs.
Then get some! [ Voice echoes ]
I love doggies. [ Chuckles ] Woof, woof, woof.
[ Laughs ] Wolfgang, come on.
Should've just brought the grenade launcher.
Admit it, though, you're having fun.
[ Guns cock ]
Yeah, so much fun.
[ Door opens ]
[ Door closes ]
Well, if it isn't Father of the Year.
[ Smacks ] Address den Fuhrer with respect.
Sam und Dean Winchester.
You must be important. He feared you.
Nauhaus. Still up here. [ Laughs ]
A nice new meat suit.
It come with two testicles this time?
One of many upgrades I'm enjoying. Like this!
It's like having a tiny Goebbels in my pocket!
I sold 10 million copies of “Mein Kampf.”
What do you think I can do with Twitter? [ Chuckles ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
Where is my plane?!
Almost ready, Fuhrer.
What shall we do with them?
Take them with us.
I shall very much enjoy introducing them to my new dogs.
[ Gunshot ]
[ Thud ]
[ Gun cocks, gunshot ]
[ Grunts ]
No, wait. Wait. [ Breathing heavily ]
No. I-I can explain.
[ Cellphone clatters ]
[ Cocks gun ]
Heil this.
[ Exhales ] Thank...
[ Exhales sharply ] Dude...
You killed Hitler.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Chuckles ]
I killed Hitler.
I killed Hitler.
I killed Hitler. I think that entitles me to free drinks
for the rest of my life.
I'm gonna get t-shirts made.
You know no one's gonna believe you, right?
But you believe me. You were there.
All right, let's go. [ Handcuffs clink ]
Hold up, you're not gonna kill me?
No, we had a deal. Besides, you got bigger problems.
The Thule that are left are gonna hunt you as a traitor forever.
Our advice?
Why don't you head back to Buffalo?
Nobody goes to Buffalo.
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
So how you holding up?
Uh, well, we just burned a pile of dead Nazi zombie bodies.
[ Chuckles ]
One of which I killed, so maybe, like, third worst day ever.
I've had a rough time lately. [ Chuckles ]
Yeah, and then all this happens.
I think I'm gonna be okay, though.
I should probably call my mom.
You can only run for so long, you know?
So, uh, what do you think is harder,
facing the reincarnation of Hitler
or going back to med school? [ Chuckles ]
I think I gotta say Hitler.
Yeah, I think -- I think so. [ Chuckles ]
Thank you for everything.
Yeah. Uh...
take care of yourself.
[ Door creaks ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Grunts ]
Good to go.
You know, I was thinkin'...
We passed a bakery on the way into town.
Sign said, “Best pie for a thousand miles”"
So now you want pie?
I killed Hitler.
I think I deserve some pie.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Engine starts ]
Did I mention I killed Hitler?
Sam: I'm never gonna hear the end of this, am I?
Probably not.