Supernatural (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 7 - Rock Never Dies - full transcript

Lucifer realizes that as Vince Vincente, he can get his fans to do whatever he wants. Thrilled with this power, he arranges a VIP concert in order to kill them. Sam, Dean and Castiel enter the underbelly of the music industry to s...

Cass is chumming
it up with Crowley.

They're hunting
Lucifer. Together.

That's right, one's an
angel, one's a demon,

and, apparently,
they solve crimes.

So, Lucifer is now the
Master of Butt Rock.

He jumped into Vince Vincente.

- The rock star?
- The douchebag.

Guy used to roll with purple hair
down to his butt, and a spiked codpiece.

- It was the '80s.
- What, you're defending him?

No. I mean, his third album
was kind of not horrible.

I hate you so much right now.

I been around all
stripes of Vince, all right?

Drunk Vince, depressed
Vince, megalomaniacal,

"I'm a Golden God" Vince.

The Vince who threw
me through that door,

that wasn't him.

If you hear from him,
don't hesitate to call.

Okay, Agent Beyoncé?

This vessel hopping
is getting old.

Just as I get used to limitations
of one meat sack, I gotta

cut bait and jump through
the next flawed lump.

Then you want me to
make this vessel permanent?

Strong enough to hold you?

It does look good on me.

Red, what did you do?

Sped up the decaying
process, my lord.

Ginger bitch!

- You can't destroy me!
- Not yet.

But I can send
you far, far away.

Try finding a new vessel at
the bottom of the bloody ocean.

- Dark Lord. Beelzebub.
- Apollyon.

As your humble
servants, we beseech thee.

We say your names as summonings.

Show thyself! Serpent!

- Devil!
- Lucifer!

Show thyself!

Rain your splendor upon me!

Let me bathe in
your unholy wrath!

Drench me, Lucifer!

Cut it out, Gordy.

Dude, it's not funny.

Dude, you asked
Lucifer to drench you.

I didn't write it, okay?

It's a Satanist Society of America
approved summoning. I found it online.

Yeah, like you
found that artifact.

Face it, Adam,
your "Satan feather"

is faker than my
stepmom's Chinatown Fendi.

- It's real!
- It's a rock.

Well, it's fossilized! A
feather from Lucifer's wing!

The seller excavated
it from one of his crypts.

Lucifer has crypts.
Lucifer has wings.

You're so freaking dumb.


I've been looking for that.

No way.

No freaking...



It worked. My
summoning actually...

The only thing that
summoned me was this.

This vessel was
already wearing out,

and my trip under
the sea did not help.

With a little power up...


Won't last long, but it'll do.

So, you and your pal,

you typical of my following
on Earth these days? 'Cause...

No, no, no, no, no,
no. You can't be Lucifer.

You're Vince Vincente.
My mom loves you.

You're kind of famous.


Kind of famous.

Twerking. Booyah.

- Seriously?
- What?

So, I've been trying to dig up
info on the British Men of Letters,

keeping an eye out for cases,

and you've been goofing off with a
game that went out of style five years ago.

I don't think Mom's
quite ready for Snapchat.

You're playing against Mom?


The same Mom that didn't know
what a cell phone was a month ago?


Doesn't exactly
seem like a fair fight.

You were saying?


So, how's she been lately?

She's good, you
know, she's dealing.

Hey, Cass.

Hello, Dean.

You still living out an 1980s
buddy comedy with Crowley?


Any news on Lucifer?

Actually, yes. Look at the news.

One sec.

No way.

So, this is from today.

We're here in front of
Death Siren Records...

No freaking way.

Yeah, it's great having the
band back together again.

In the studio, feeling pumped.

Haven't felt this
fired up in ages.

A lot of people are
saying your style of rock

could never make a
comeback in today's landscape.

What do you say to them?

Go to Hell.

Tell me that's not Lucifer.

We don't know.

Cass, I thought you said
Rowena got some licks in.

Shouldn't he have burned
through his vessel by now?

Yeah, but we don't
know. We don't...

Hello, boys. Long time.

We team up to save the
world, and then bupkis.

You don't call, you don't write.

Yeah, we don't care.

- Crowley, Lucifer.
- Lucifer.

Think about it. Of all
the extinct rock acts,

Ladyheart are the
most Paleolithic.

A major label-sponsored comeback
in 2016 for those dinosaurs?

It doesn't feel like a wholly
natural turn of events, does it?

Maybe Lucifer found a
way to heal his vessel.

Yeah, but still. I
mean, what the hell?

He's in LA. I'll see you there.

Oh. LA.


Where are you going?

I know a guy.

Hello, Russell.

Brother Crowley.

One moment, just let
me tie this off real quick.

All right! So...

What brings you to
the City of Angels?

You know this is my city.

What's with all
this Maharishi crap?

I moved to the
Westside last year.

Started daily meditation,
yoga, green juice.

Helps to keep the ego
and the anger in check.

But enough about me.
How have you been, huh?

Health? Family? Hell?

Doesn't matter. Don't
care. And been better.

Well, good news. Good news.

I got a couple of quality
up-and-comers for you.

Thirsty young talent,
souls ripe for the taking.

You have been pleased
with our arrangement so far?

Oh. As punch, a soul's a soul.

But there is a certain prestige
to owning a Swift or a Drake.

You like that?

It's a gift from Dre.

This whole Vince
Vincente comeback thing,

it's a joke, right?

No. Deadly serious, my friend.

We've raided, repackaged, and
resold everything else from our past.

Why not give hair
metal another shot?

Yeah, okay. I doubted it, too, but
Vince came to me with a killer pitch.

The original Ladyheart
line-up, reunited.

Back in the day, those
cats sold, like, 10 mill.

So did Hootie and the Blowfish.

And I'll bring them back, too.

I know Ladyheart
might be a punch line

but the band's got
off-the-chart name recognition.

And just talking to Vince,

he seemed different, you know?

Energized. Reborn. Lit.

Like a whole new man?


All right. 450 miles to LA.

Land of gridlock,
Botox, over-taxing,

under achieving, smell
of sweaty desperation.

I mean, you can't
breathe. Beaches are toxic.

You got dudes in skinny jeans
wearing sunglasses inside.

Image-obsessed narcissists.

I do like the yoga
pants, though.

When's the last
time we were in LA?

About 10 years ago?
Doing a vengeful spirit.

Man, that seems like
forever ago, doesn't it?


Trying to talk to you here.


What're you listening to?

Uh, podcast. Why?

All right, well.

I need something to keep
me awake, so crank it up.

I mean, it's a history podcast.

Well, I like history. You know,
gladiators and outlaws, pirates.

Hell, we're driving a
piece of history right here.

Not that kind of
history. This is a...

It's a podcast on the history
of the Protestant Reformation.

A multi-part exploration of
each of Martin Luther's 95 theses.


Yeah, that's what I thought.

Oh, Sam, hair rock, really?

- It's not hair...
- Come on.

It's not hair rock, Dean, it's
hard rock. It's legitimate hard rock.

- Wow.
- Don't judge a book by its cover.

Yeah, or a dude by his
rainbow wig and leopard prints.

Rainbow wig? What?

You know what?
I'm done apologizing.

Lucifer possessed
Vince Vincente.

This is Vince Vincente's music.

So, listening to it is research.

No, no.

As a matter of fact,
study up, Dean.

- No. I don't wanna listen to it.
- You like it.

No, no. No, no. No. Turn it off.

It'll grow on you.

Your tweet about Ladyheart's reunion
already has over a million engagements.

When you were solo, you
were lucky to have 300 likes.

The band's teaser
track on SoundCloud...

500K streams in four hours.

BuzzFeed just posted a listicle.

"Ten Things You Need
to Know About Ladyheart."

This is good, Vince.
This is really good.


It's happening, Vince.

I knew we were
gonna be famous again.


So, we actually
gonna record or what?


Not really feeling it.

Come on, man. The
band's back together.

We've got an actual
recording budget.

Dude, let's make some music.


What are the fans saying
about me right now?

They're tweeting about your
drinks with Pam Anderson last night.

Speculating if you
two are rekindling.

And they're debating
whether Vince Vincente

is bae, nay, or daddy.

What the hell does
that even mean?

It means it's not
about the music.

It never really was.

You know, rock's not the
reason. It's just an excuse.

To worship.

To adore.

See, humans have always been desperate
to put someone or something above them.

Let's face it.

God ain't cutting it these days.

It takes a Kim Kardashian,
a whatever Justin Bieber is.

A me.

They're enjoying the ride.

So should you.


It's good.

It's vegetable water.

Sam. Dean.

Hey. Consider switching
up the duds there?

It's a bit stiff for this town.

He could be an
agent or something.

Yeah, maybe a third-tier agent.

At least I don't look
like a lumberjack.

Okay, enough.

Guys, where's Crowley?

He said he'd meet us here.

Frankly, I appreciate the break.

It's been weeks. And he's
been right there just talking,

and talking, and
talking. It's relentless...

Don't listen to him.

Feathers and I are all
but inseparable now.

You find anything?

Yes. Vince Vincente
is riding with the Devil.

Okay, so what now?

I suggest we go
check out his room.

Vince is scheduled to be at the
studio all day, so we're covered.

How'd you get the card?

This is LA. I know
a lot of people.

Well, looks like there
was some kind of fight.

Mmm. Yeah. Some kind.

Look at this.

Rock star biographies. Like, all of
them. From Aerosmith to ZZ Top.

It's like he's studying
how to become famous.

Well, so, what,
Lucifer's a dork?

That's good to know.

Look, "The seeds
of a ripe dragon fruit

"drizzled with exactly
one ounce of acacia honey,

"prepared in a ceramic
bowl, no plastic."

What is this spell?

It's breakfast.
It's Vince's rider.

I've seen worse.

I don't get it. Lucifer could be
taking over Heaven and Hell right now,

and instead, he's trying to
act out some rock-god fantasy?

Yeah, who wouldn't?

I found something.

What is that?

It appears to be a human
tooth pulled out by the root.

Can I ask you something?

Why are you
spending time with me?

You ignored me for years.

Not that I blamed you.

I was a fool not to recognize
such sweet devotion.

Talk to me, Roseleen.

Tell me about...


You're Vince.

Vince Vincente.

And I knew I was in love
with you the moment I saw you.

I was 16, just a normal
kid growing up in Arcadia.

Arcadia. Sounds beautiful.

I was watching Headbangers Ball,
and the "Bloody Messiah" video came on.

And I...


It was your voice.

And your hair.

And your eyes.

It was everything.

You were everything.

And even when
people made fun of me,

younger girls at work,

shredding on my Ladyheart
tattoos, and saying you're a joke,

I never stopped loving you.

And I never will.

How much do you love me?

What would you do to show me?



Would you bleed?

Then bleed.

Mrs. Greenfield has
lost a lot of blood,

and there'll be no
fixing those scars.

But she's stable.

And she cut herself?

She carved his
name into her chest.

"Vince Vincente." Didn't
skip a letter. And she cut deep.

Thanks, Doctor.

Well, again, what the hell?

- I'll go talk to her.
- No! No, no, no, you won't.

Cass, stay here,
keep an eye on him.


Together again.


We want to understand
what happened.

But in order for us to do
that, we need you to talk.

Roseleen, did Vince
force you to do this?


Vince didn't.

He wouldn't have to.

I wanted to. To show
him. To make him happy.

You ever stop and wonder
what kind of a sicko gets happy

off of watching someone
melon ball their own flesh?

Don't talk about
Vince like that.

He had a reason, a good reason.

He must have.

I'm sure he can
explain everything.

If I could just see him...

I need to get to the show!



Okay, we're building an aura of mystery
and exclusivity with tonight's show.

Undisclosed location,
small, select audience.

It's as much about who
doesn't get a ticket as who does.

This could push your social
media profile to Kimye levels.

Who gets the tickets?

It's an online
lottery of local fans.

But it'll tend towards
the Ladyheart die-hards,

- they'll be more engaged...
- I've had my fill with die-hards.

They already love me.

Religion, celebrity, Twitter,

it's all the same rules.

If you're not gaining followers,
you're losing followers.

I want a different
crowd tonight.

New fans.

Look, getting a new
audience is great

for social media visibility,
which is great for overall buzz,

but they're fickle.

They don't spend any money
on music, they have no loyalty.

Good luck translating their
attention to album or ticket sales.

I don't care.

I want fresh blood.

Got it.

So, this show is tonight?

That's what she said.

Can Lucifer even sing
or play an instrument?

Yeah, I doubt they offer
Intro to Guitar in the Cage.

Like it matters.

What Lucifer made that woman do
has got nothing to do with the music.

- It's about devotion.
- Come again?

You little people
wouldn't understand.

But I've been a king.

Having people look at
you like you're everything.

Knowing that once they buy in,
you can make them do anything.

It's intoxicating.

Well, that's super creepy.

Okay, so, this concert.

All these people. What
is Lucifer planning to do?

Nothing good.

- Is Rowena...
- Dear Mother says...

That once we catch Lucifer,
she'll show, no sooner.

Well, without Rowena,
we're outgunned.

With her, we're outgunned.

It doesn't matter,
guys. This is our shot.

We just got to find out
where he's playing tonight.

All right, let's get to work.

A mystery to even me.

Though even if I did know,
I probably wouldn't tell you.

You'd threaten our
very lucrative partnership

for one over-the hill,
bad-dye-job rock dinosaur?

I'm smelling money
with Vince, bro.

This is business, Crowley.
It's nothing personal.

No, believe me, it's personal.


You guys, I'll meet you inside.

Agent, what are
you doing here, man?

Investigating Vince,
same as before.

You hear what
happened to Roseleen?

Yeah, man, it was awful.

But, I mean, come on, man, she
cut herself, right? It wasn't like...

You know that's
not the whole truth.

You know Vince isn't Vince.

We're the brothers
that rock together. Mmm.

We're kind of like
the American Oasis.


- Um... But with synths.
- Yeah, right.

- So, you know, we're hip.
- Exactly.

Who plays what?

- I'm on keys, he's on drums...
- Guitar.

Drums and guitar. I
pretty much do it all.

We saw online that you
represent Vince Vincente.

We were kind of hoping you could
do for us what you've done for him.

Sorry. Took this meeting
'cause you looked hot in your pics,

but I'm not feeling this.

You know what, we're not
actually here for the meeting.

Vince's show tonight.

Where is it?

Who are you guys?

Look, you must've noticed.

Vince is different.

I don't know.

You're messing
with hellfire, Russell.

You will find out
where that show is.

You will tell me.

Or I will end you.

Brigitta! Get me another
green juice in here. Namaste.

Where's the show, Tommy?

Man, I don't know what the
hell's going on with Vince, all right?

All the royalties on our
hits dried up years ago.

I got two daughters in college.

I know what I saw, but...

You don't care
who pays the price?


Vince gives me the skeeves,
but he's a paying client.

No. He's the Devil.

Yeah, like, literally.

I'm in PR. I've worked
for sexists, racists,

even politicians.

My job is making
saints out of devils.

No way I'm threatening my reputation
by working against his interests.

So, you need to take a step
back or I start screaming,

and in a crowded place like this,
girl like me, two guys like you...

Guess what happens next.


And you said you
put the fear in Russell.

I thought I had.

These yoga types. Just when you
think you've harshed their mellow...

Yeah, well, I've been looking
everywhere online and...

No one's leaked the venue yet.

- Seriously?
- What?

Shut up.




So, we couldn't flip a single
member of Vince's team.

Even with the threat
of mass murder,

these SoCal douchebags
won't do the right thing.

Welcome to Los Angeles.

So, what happens now?

I've never seen so many
crying emojis in my life.

The people who didn't get in,

they're rending
garments all over Twitter.

Gossip blogs, social media.

They're on fire speculating
about the secret reunion show.

- And the winners?
- Thrilled.

They'd be more thrilled if
we had new music to sell.


Well, Vince was a
no-show at the studio.


The muse.

Guess she took a powder.

Relax, Russell.

Tonight's show

is gonna kill.

I took a chance on you, Vince.

An aging,
well-past-his-prime butt rocker.

You will get in line.


Or I take it all back.

- Huh?
- Whoa...

Check your contract, slick.

You don't do what I
say, I can bury Ladyheart.

I own you.

Do you?


What's happening here?

Hey, man.

Vince, what're you doing?

Hey, man.

- Hey!
- Vince, stop!

- Hey!
- Vince!

Hey, man.


See y'all inside.



Who's ready to have fun?

Vince! Hey!


Thank you! I love you, Vince!

I quit.


Tommy's still not answering.

Well, he got us here.
That's what matters.

Enochian handcuffs?
That's your move?

- They held me.
- You're not him.

We have no sure bets here, okay?

Anything that we use is
gonna be like popping BBs.

Ah. Great pep talk. Go, team.

Guys, we're here to do more
than just take a shot at Lucifer.

- We are?
- Yes.

We need to save
the people inside, too.

I'll take Lucifer. He's
my responsibility.

No, he's not. He's all
of our responsibility.

Well, the only way you'll clear
that crowd without drawing fire

is if he's otherwise engaged.

Engaged in what,
Cass? Killing you?

Cass, you'll last
three minutes. Tops.

Then I'll buy you three minutes.

Make it four.

What? I help.

Have you seen that crowd?

Man, I have not seen
an audience this hyped

since we headlined Monsters
of Rock in 1991, man.

And the girls...

Perfect age.

Tommy. You okay?

Our fearless leader.

How you feeling about
the show, Tommy?

Yeah, me too. The nerves.


Guess I should've
practiced before tonight.

Or, you know, ever.

Who are you?

Who I was, well,
that doesn't matter.

Who I am,

well, I'm Vince
Vincente, rock god.

And after careful deliberation,

I've decided to cut
the dead weight.

I'm going solo.


Took you long enough.

Did you bring the rest
of the Little Rascals?

Just me.


Hey, any of you
guys smell smoke?

Vince, Vince, Vince!

Did not take you for
the martyr type, Crowley.

I'm really not. I just
hate you that much.

What are you doing, Lucifer?

You mean nothing
to those kids out there.

You think they'd
draw blood for you?

By choice?


I thought I'd at least ask.

And if they won't
give it up by choice,

- maybe I'll just take it.
- Why?

Because it's fun.

Because I can.

And because being Lucifer,

so much Judeo-Christian baggage.

But Vince, he's famous.

Everybody loves him.

And I need love.

I had a really jacked childhood.

Hey, Tommy.

You think this is fun?

Oh, I wouldn't expect
you to understand.

I was inside you.

I know what a weak,

duty-bound, pleasureless
dullard you are.

And you, bad doggy. Sit!

No, seriously, I think I
smell smoke. Everyone...

Sure you're not having a stroke?

Hey, I'm serious. We
need to get out of here.

- Step off, Dad!
- Hey.

What's your problem, man!
Get off me! Get this guy off me!

Listen to me. Listen,
we've got to get out of here.

- All right.
- Get screwed.

Okay. Look, we got to
get everybody out of here.

Clever girls.

No, no. No, no, no, no, no!


Stick around for
the after party.

Hello, LA!

What a crowd.

Look at all those
fresh new faces.

Everyone excited?

Yeah, you should be.

Tonight's not gonna
be a typical show.

Tonight, you're gonna
see and feel things...

You never saw or felt before.

Things might get
a little bit messy.

All right, screw it.

- He's got a gun!
- We got to go! We got to go!

Go, go! Come on, guys!

No, no, no, no, no.


Hey. Ass-butt.

Hi, Dean.

Sam. Enjoy the show?

Look, guys...

You know I could end you
all with the snap of my finger.

Why would I do that?

When you can't
do anything to me.

Why are you doing this?


You and God made up.

You forgave him.
What would he think?

Not especially
interested in his opinion.

Dear, old Dad, he finally
apologized for abandoning me,

and what's the very
next thing he does?

He ditches me.

And you, too, by the way.

And rides off into the
sunset with Aunty Amara.

He needed my help,

and he'd say anything to get it.

His words, your words,
they mean nothing.

Don't you get it? This
is all meaningless.

Heaven, Hell.

This world.

If it ever meant anything,
that moment is passed.

Nothing down here but a bunch
of hopeless, distraction addicts.

So filled with emptiness, so
desperate to fill up the void.

They don't mind being served

another stale rerun,
of a rerun, of a rerun.

You know what my plan is?

I don't have one.

I'm just gonna keep on smashing
Daddy's already-broken toys,

and make you watch.


'Cause it kind of looks
like you're falling apart.

Yeah, you got a little
something, uh, right there.

I mean, face it.

Rock is dead.

What can I say?

Kicking your ass
took a lot out of me.

But don't worry...

Onward and upward.

How you feeling?

Well, I'm not dead.

Well, I got to hand it to you.

You said you were
gonna draw Lucifer's fire,

and you drew some serious fire.

Oh, it was a grand success.

Well, we didn't catch Lucifer,
but we did save the crowd,

so I'm gonna call that a win.

I wouldn't.

Vince Vincente is dead.

We never even hoped to save him.

And yes, I know,
the third album...

No, he was still a person.

And he meant something
to a lot of people.

And Lucifer just took all that

and just twisted all that
up and snuffed it out.

Lucifer was bad enough
when he had a plan, a motive.

Now he's just having fun.

I mean, how many
people died tonight?

Them, this? It's all
on us. We let him out.

We're not winning.

We're just losing slow.

And you heard what he said.

"Onwards and
upwards." He's going big.

And he'll go bigger.

And we will stop him.

We will.

It's what we do, man.

English -SDH