Stumptown (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Reality Checks Don't Bounce - full transcript

Dex is hired by a famous TV judge to help find his prodigal brother but soon finds that she is not the only one looking for him; Hoffman enlists Grey's help to track down a stolen car.

But I don't remember
any shenanigans.

Neither do I.

I wanted to tell you,
but Dex said keep it quiet.

You destroyed
my relationship with Liz

and yours with Hoffman.

I don't want you around.

Okay, wait. Right there!
Do you see that?

She's dumping her drink
in my glass.

I mean, she's trying
to get me drunk.

You can't have
a relationship

as long
as she's in your life.

No one can get as close to you
as she can.

Dex, I want to move out.

You want to what?

Okay, hold that thought,


Can we talk?


All rise.

Judge Antonio Price

You can be seated.

Mrs. Whitmore,
you're being accused

of failure to pay
for services rendered.


Well, case is over with.

Uh, Bailiff,
track me down some Speedos

and a couple mai tais.

I'm headed to Hawaii.

Now, Ms. Pario,
um, you were hired

to find Ms. Whitmore's
best friend, Harry.

Am I correct?

I couldn't hear you.

Yes. I was hired.

Cut it. Cut it.
Cut it. Cut it.

That's a cut.

Has anyone told this woman
to only address me?

Only a hundred times.

I I was looking
at the camera.

So, Ms. Pario,
is that your coat right there?

Okay, put it on.

I'd like for both of you ladies
to look like cat ladies in here.

I want the younger one to see
her future self.

Don't even like cats.
Going again.

Alright. We're rolling!

Okay, Ms. Pario...

It's Parios. Parios.'re a private
investigator, right?

And you were hired
by Ms. Whitmore

to find her best friend,


And who is Harry?

A cat.

I found it the cat
the thing the cat.

Ms. Whitmore was
supposed to pay me $500.

Did Ms. Parios return
the cat?

She returned a cat.

Not my Harry.

She says the cat was returned
not Harry.

I think she would know.

Uh, Your Honor,

I have a picture here
that Ms. Whitmore gave me...

Let Let me see it.
Let me see it.
Thank you.

Um, and this is
the photo that I took

right after I found him.

As you can tell,

Harry has a very
distinguishing feature.

Missing a leg.
I see that.

Ms. Whitmore,
are you accusing Ms. Parios

of finding
another three-legged cat

and pretending
it was Harry?

Well, I-I-I don't know
what she did.

A-And b-besides,

I never agreed
to pay her anything.

She's lying.

He'll be the judge of that!

Power to the people!

Power to the people!

That's what
I'm talking about.

Okay, if this ain't
sweet, sweet Harry,

then "Green Book"
ain't a masterpiece.

Ms. Pario...
It's Parios. the contract
between you and Ms. Whitmore,

and the judgment is yours.

Yeah, I'm, uh...

I'm more of a handshake
kind of gal.

Well, without a contract,

there's no way to prove
that you had an agreement.

No, you're wrong.

I can't be wrong.

He's the judge!

Thank you.

Thank you.

Oregon state
does not require a contract.

A verbal agreement will suffice,
Your Honor.

Uh, but you would know that

you're the judge!

Well, they say
time spent with a cat

is never wasted.

And it appears
in this judgment

that the favor goes
to the plaintiff...

...which is
the amount of $500,

and y'all know the rest.

Reality checks don't bounce!

Judge Price would
like to see you in his chambers.

Thought this was a TV set.

Come on.

Ah. Your Honor.

Ms. Parios.

I thought I'd find you eating
the whole side of a cow

at some fancy steakhouse.

I'm lemon-pepper wet
all day.

Uh, so
so, what can I do for you?

that was great in there.
Thank you.

I need your services.

I need you to track down

I'm sure you have people
who can do that for you.

It's a personal matter.

I got a big brother

of a pain in the ass
named Lataurus.

I bought him and my mom a house
here in my hometown.

Lataurus sold the house
and took all the money.

Now he won't return
none of my calls.

Ah. Well,
that does sound bad.

Okay, well, I'll need
his full name, a recent photo.

Here's the pictures.

I want you
to serve his ass.

And, hopefully,
he won't show up in court,

and they'll throw his ass
in jail.

Maybe there's a...

softer approach here.

This is your brother.

Lataurus don't respond
to nothing but a hammer.

Across his head.

Well, suit yourself.

Ms. Parios,
you got siblings?

Yeah, I have
a younger brother.

Then I know
you know how it feels

to have to clean up messes
all the time.

Yep, I do.

I'll be in touch.

I appreciate it.

Thanks for...

Hey, hey,
I was on, uh, TV today.

Passed out on the street


That is just
That is mean, bro!

That's so mean!

I wasn't passed out.

No, I was on a court show,
and I won.

And the judge was
he was so impressed with me

that he gave me a job.

My highest rate yet.

I'm proud of you.

You're doing good.


Thank you.

I'm gonna grab another beer.
You want anything?

Yeah, we we need to talk
about me moving out.


You were, uh
You were serious about that.

I am serious.

I'm ready to be a man.

Yeah, okay. Um...

Uh, you know what?
It's bedtime.

Why don't we...
talk about that tomorrow?

You wanted to see me?

Um, not me.
The Captain.

Detective Hoffman.

Taking down Kane was huge.

Everyone appreciates
the work you're doing.

And with great work
comes great reward.

Just doing my job,

Two words.

Sorry, one word,
one number

Matchbox Twenty.

Matchbox Twenty?

Front row. Moda Center.
I can't go.

Oh. I definitely
have plans.

I promise,
you're gonna love my wife.

I don't follow.

I can't go.

Gotten a monsoon
of death threats

since I cancelled
the annual pug parade.

My wife has her heart
set on going.

I don't feel safe
with her going alone.

You make sure you get her
down there and back safely.

In return,
one front-row seat

for one of America's
great treasures.

Mm. Win-win.

Cosgrove said you were
the only man for the job.

You're welcome.

You set me up.


Little payback for that time
that you filled my car

with animal crackers
after I got back from safari.

Hey, listen,

you have a great time
at that concert, Hoffman.



I need your help.
You need my help.

Of course.

Are we doing this?
Being weird after...

After what?

I have a case.

I'm trying to serve this guy,
and, um...

he's a ghost.

Okay, well...

I have access
to the same databases as you

now that you're,
uh, licensed.

Yeah, but that's the problem.
I can't get a hit.

So...I just wondered
if you knew someone

who could tell me...

I'm just trying
to be normal.

Normal or not,
I am, uh, busy,

and I do have my own job,

Yeah, I know.
I-I-I-I get that.

It's just
Lataurus Price Jr.,

he sold his family home
behind his brother's back,

kicked his mom to the curb.

I mean,
left her out on her ass.

Just trying to find him.

What do you got?

Nice taper.

It's hard to come by
in Portland.

I might have a lead.



Well, hey, if you want to go out
for a drink sometime

or something,
you know, as...friends

I'll hit you back
if I find something.


Thank you.

Man, I love Dame
more than anyone.

But you're wrong.

No doubt
he'd get more MVP love

if he was balling
in Philly or LA.

Well, you know, the media
doesn't respect Portland.

Why should they?
They got to win a title first.

You win the title,
then you get the accolades.

It's that simple.

Man, this is the year.
No doubt.


Y'all young cats got to stop
dreaming so much.

Hey, here you go.

Appreciate it.

Oh, big tip.

I know.
I need a favor.


I'm looking for someone.

you know I don't snitch.

I know.
It's not on a cop tip.

I'm pretty sure
you're responsible for that cut.


Where can I find him?

Where scumbags hang out.

...third down.

That's gonna bring up
fourth down.
That's what I'm talking about.

They're gonna have to throw it
towards the end zone...

Lataurus Price?

Shh! Fourth down.
Three seconds to go.

I win 10 large!

Bring it home
to Daddy, baby.

He drops back,
looking downfield

There's nothing there!


You jinxed me!

Not the result
we were hoping for?


Alright, fellas.
Come on. Pay up.

Alright, well,
listen, um...

Yo! Where do you
think you're going?!

You got wheels?


Get back over here!

Get outta the way!


Pay us our money!

Ah, thank you.
Who are you?

You've been served.


I'm that dude!

Thanks for letting me
use the bathroom.

I wasn't sure whether
to use the kitty litter or

What are you doing?
I'm trying
to get the hell out of here.

They tryin' to kill me!

Well, you did just
stiff a bookie.

Not them.

Girl, look around.

Yeah, I I don't know
what any of this is.

Look, I'm in


These cages are
supposed to be filled

with these civet cats
from Indonesia.

What they do is,
they they

they swallow
these little coffee cherries,

and then they
and then they poo-poo out

this little old bean
worth about $500 a pour.

Okay, I can't believe
I'm asking you this, but you

you sold your family's home
to invest in, uh...

uh, kwapi...llama
No, no, no.

Kopi luwak coffee.

Look here, girl.
Scared money don't make money.

And my cats, well, they got
held up in customs, alright?

Look, I-I-I-I-I'm not great
with paperwork.

I'm I'm what you would call
more of a

a macro guy.

And my partner, Dwaddle Chen,
I'm-a tell you something

right now, man,
that dude, he wants his cash.

The money that I put down
on that game

was to pay Chen
a little something.

Oh, cool story.
Cool. Cool, cool.

Um, but you can't go,

because if you're a no-show
for the summons,

you're gonna go to jail.


I don't care nothing
about no jail!

Chen is trying
to kill me!

But you can help me

Oh, no. I-I have a client
your brother.

Aw, yeah, yeah.

I can imagine the lies
you done heard from Tone.

Well, looks like
he hit the nail on the head.

Listen, that boy has been
dogging me since we were kids.

You don't understand.

Okay, I'm not in
the family-mending business,

but you guys should really
get in the room

and just kind of
talk things out.

No, no.

What I need to do
is get out of town.

They're trying to kill me.


I'm gonna
I'm gonna go.

This has been fun,

Yeah, fun.
Yeah, it's been fun.

Job well done.
Money's on the table. know,

your brother seemed
genuinely afraid.

Who else did he owe?

Well, there's this guy,
uh, Duddle Chen.

I think your brother
took the money

from the sale of the house

and partnered with Chen
on these cats.

You know what? I, uh, I know
that Lataurus is in trouble.

Half inch off the cuff.
Of course.

he's not my brother.

I can walk out of here,
rest easy,

or I could stay on payroll
and look into it.

You know, I'm being honored
by my fraternity

Alpha Phi Alpha.

Real brothers.

But if Lataurus is in danger,
my mom is gonna be sick.

So go ahead
and waste your time.

Do we need a contract, or
or are we good?

Can you believe that Matchbox
encored with "3AM" over "Push"?


It was a...unbelievable show.

You got a good husband.

He's not good
at everything.

Oh, look at that.
All set.

Uh, let's get you
let's get you, uh, home.

We got a long,
long drive here.


I'm out of Dentyne.



No, no, no, no, no!

I'm sorry.

Here. Get down.

Okay, okay.

I got you.
Where were you?!

You had one job.

And you threw me
under the boss.

Everybody around here
plays practical jokes.

I thought, "I'm gonna get in
on the action."

Nope. It backfired.

I tried
this sense-of-humor thing.

It sucks. I'm done.

Look, you have my word
that the guys in auto theft

will will not drop
the ball on this.

I'll make sure of it.

Yeah, you wish.

You made this mess.
You are gonna clean it up.

Whoa, Lieutenant,
I-I haven't worked

an auto-theft case
in over a decade.

I-I don't have any contacts,
no sources.


Hello, Captain White.

Yes, I know.

Detective Hoffman
apologizes profusely.

No, I don't.

Please, don't worry about it.
He is all over it.

Good night.

You are such a jackass.

I saw the video.

I know there's two sides
to the story, okay?

So you and Liz

There's no more
me and Liz.

I would never, uh,

intentionally hurt you.

Look, I shouldn't have
unloaded on you.

That was unfair.

Well, what else were you
supposed to think?


Look, I'm I'm
Okay, yeah, let's

I got an idea.

Let's do this instead.

This is a better idea.

I'd get down with this.

How about we just do this
and move on?



Come on.


We good?

We're good.


What you been up to?

Well, I got a new case
two brothers,

and, uh...I can't stop thinking
about them.

Oh, yeah?
What's it about?

Well, you know,

just how they talk
about each other,

how much they hate each other,
how sad that is,

and, um...

it made me realize
I'm avoiding my own brother.

Why are you avoiding
your brother?

Ansel wants to move out.

That's great.

It's natural.
He wants his own independence.


I-I let him have pasta
for breakfast

and and pancakes
for dinner.

I mean, what else
could a kid want?

For starters,
he's not a kid anymore.

He's 21.

Yeah, whose side
are you on, anyway?

I didn't know
there were sides.

When you're talking to me,
yeah, there are.

Pretty clear.

Look, Dex, you can't
avoid your brother forever.

Well, thank you
for the wisdom.

I gotta go corral
another ungrateful sibling.

Sounds good.

Thanks for the shot.

So, we're good?




What are you doing here?
I'm here to see Grey.

Oh. Okay.

See ya around.


Everything cool
with you two?

We're good.

I'm looking
for something.

Custom, fully loaded,

2019 Audi.

Since when does
a homicide detective

track stolen property?

Since that stolen vehicle
belonged to my boss's boss.

Look, this is your world.

I'm looking
for any chop shops

that it might have
been dropped off.

No, Hoffman. It was my world
a long time ago.

Really? Oh.

'Cause it wasn't that long ago
that I remember

a certain somebody
who, uh, was facing hard time,

you know, for jacking a museum
with Wallace Kane

and somehow, someway
didn't do any time.

I get it.

Even if I knew a shop, Hoffman,
there's no way

a cop could just waltz in there
asking questions.

Yeah, I figured as much,
so... still on your game?


Here he is.
Thank you.

Hey. Can I talk to you?

Pardon me for a second.

What's going on?

Uh, well, uh...
Lataurus was not lying.

about the kidnapping?


Look what was in
my dressing room this morning.

A ransom note?

They want $5 million
in 48 hours?

or Lataurus loses an ear.

This is a bit of an overshot,
don't you think?

$5 million?

Who do they think you are,
Oprah or something?

I made $31 million
this year.

What? You

I'm sorry.
That's not

I I mean, seriously,
how is that h why?

"Reality checks
don't bounce."

Look, this is pathetic.
You know?

This is a new low,
even for Lataurus.

Wait, you think
you think he wrote this?

I wouldn't doubt it.

I went by his place, though.
I saw blood.

There was
There was sign of a struggle.

I mean, either he's, like,
a mad genius

or he's in
some serious trouble.

I've been dragged
into this nonsense forever.

I spent a lifetime doing this
with him.

Okay, I think we should consider
going to the cops.

No, that's gonna
make a mess,

we're gonna end up
in social media,

and all this fake news
is gonna turn into big news.

Okay, well,
do you want to pay this?

My brother's not worth
$5 million.


Um, I'm still on retainer,

so I would like to check out
this Chen character.

I want to tell you

My brother
he screws everyone over.

I mean, everybody.


Greyson McConnell.

Last I heard,
you got scared straight.

No, no, no.
No, I just took a little break.

I got a bar downtown.

You need an oil change?

No, I'm looking
for a custom Audi.


It got stolen
from somebody

who can't really have things
stolen from them.

And that Audi belongs
to a cop's wife.

Oh, really?

You're gonna do me
like that?

You doing that?

Guy gets out of the joint,
goes legit,

then shows up
talking about cops.

Forgive me
for being cautious.

No, you got it wrong.

I'm just trying
to help an honest patron

get his car back.

Well, good luck.

If I hear anything, I'll make
sure and give you a call.

Yeah, come to my bar.
Bad Alibi.

Drinks on me.

What's the story?

Well, he said he hasn't
seen the car, but he's lying.

I saw
your gal's custom decal,

so I told them
who the car belonged to.

You think Zev's gonna
make a move on that?

Oh, yeah, Zev's a pro.

He'll call the guy,

tear him a new one
for selling him super-hot goods,

and, uh, he'll toss the car back
to the suspect.

So we sit.

Did you say "we"?

And, what,
we just wait?

Now you're catching on.



So, I've been thinking,
and I-I hear ya, okay?

So let's make a deal.

I'm gonna extend
your curfew,

and I'm
I'm gonna back off.

I'm gonna give you
some space, okay?

And then we will revisit this
in a couple of months.

I want to move out.

Yeah, I just
I can't afford that right now.

I have the money.
I've been saving.

It's not about the money.

It's just...

you're not ready, Ans.

I am.

Why are you being like this?

Why Why are you mad?

I'm I'm just
I don't get it.

I found a place
for people like me.

No, you're not living
with strangers.

That is not happening,

You know what? I'm done
talking about this with you.

Whew! Ohh.

Can we get a courtesy fan
in here?

Animals secrete pheromones.

Like all things,
you get used to it.

You call
about the ferrets?

Uh, the what?

I will only give them
to a good home.

No, uh...
didn't call about the ferrets.

People say they want ferrets
and hamsters,

and then
they treat them terrible.

Ah. My grandson.

You feed him?
Clean the cage?

All set. Sleeping.

Good boy.

So, uh, can I help you
with anything?

Uh, yeah, this is
probably a long shot,

but I'm, uh
I'm looking for Lataurus Price.

He owes me some money,
and I think he might...

owe you, too.

And who is asking?

I am.

I'm an only child.

I found a dog on the street
when I was a kid.

I took her in.

We were pals.

She was so grateful.

Animals are
very grateful.

Unlike people.

Look, I think that we both
want the same thing here.


You like snakes?


Not particularly, no.

The coastal taipan.

Even if
you don't like snakes,

you have to respect
their efficiency.

Cobras and pythons,
they get all the press,

but the taipan
is far more deadly.


I'm a private investigator,

Antonio Price hired me
to find his missing brother.

Someone kidnapped him,
and and now

they're extorting Antonio
for the ransom.

Antonio Price?

Judge Price
is Lataurus' brother?


Reality checks
don't bounce!

I would love to get my hands
on Lataurus.

He said he had a line
on some civet cats.

They're impossible to get
these days.

Something about coffee.

Man, Portland went from weird
to stupid.

I didn't kidnap Lataurus.

But I wouldn't mind
introducing him to my snakes.

I'm gonna go now.

you have a nice day.

I will.
You, too.

Uh, by the way,

if you find Lataurus... tell him
old Chen hasn't forgotten.

Thank you.



There's something
you need to see.

Is that his earring?

Yeah, he's had
this "dude" earring since 1992.

It's played out.

Maybe he cut
his own ear off.


These people
are mutilating your brother.

Yeah, this was delivered
with a new note

saying they need the money
by 24 hours.

Okay, well, then,
you need to make a choice.

Either we go to the cops

or you get the money
and I'll facilitate a drop.

That's what I hired you for
to fix stuff.

Dwaddle does not
have Lataurus.

He didn't even know
that you guys are brothers.

Yeah, well,
maybe it's my fault.

Maybe I've protected him
too much.

Or maybe I just made him feel
like he wasn't enough.

I need you
to save my brother.

Can you do it?

Who drops off
your packages?

Nines and threes,
head on a swivel.

Ah. Bobby.
Just the man I'm looking for.

Do you remember this package?
Came in sometime today.

Dude dropped it off.

I directed him
to the courier-drop location,

but he insisted
I deliver it.

Got back in his car

and was out before I could say
"Screw you."

Do you remember
what he looks like?

Ah, if I remembered
the face

of every person
who set foot on this lot,

I'd be securing
a lot more than this.

Okay, so you took
an unidentified package

from an unidentified

and delivered it
without any type of screening?

Look around you, lady.
This ain't the Pentagon.


He was driving
a red Lancer.

No, no, no, no, no, no.
He was

He was the blue F-150.

Maybe a motor scooter.

Bobby, this
this may challenge you,

but I'm gonna need you
to think really hard, okay?

Was there anything
that jumped out at you?

Anything at all?

Well, I don't remember
his looks exactly,

but homeboy was funky,
"fa sho."

The smell took me back.

Okay, that's good.

Um, what kinda...
funk are we talking about?

Like, um...
Grandma's Brussels sprouts

or a locker room?

No, no.

My little sister

had a pet hamster
when we were kids.

She never cleaned
that thing's cage, ever

not once in three years.

That kinda funk.

Thanks, Bobby.

You gonna answer?

We're working.

I mean, it's okay.
You can answer the phone.

Look, you sure
your hunch was right?

Maybe this guy
doesn't show.

He's gonna show.

Never met anyone
like her, man.

Dex is a strange bird.

She dances to her own beat.
That's for sure.

Are we doing this?

Talking about Dex?

I feel like we've been avoiding
it for the last 10 hours.

We got nothing else
to say to each other.

But, look, man, if, uh...

if you don't want
to talk about it

It's all good.

I took my shot.

Move on.

Yeah, believe me,
I get it.

Sometimes with Dex,
it's best to move on.

There's our guy.

Hands on the car.

Hands on the car.

I didn't know
you had it in ya.

Now you know.

When do I
get outta here?

County? 18 months.


I gave up my friends.

You didn't give me
El Chapo, bruh.

You just gave me
two petty car thieves

named Butter
and Fat Daryl.

I've been to jail.
I can't go back.

Tough break.

What if I give you
something else?

I don't think you can give me
what I need, playboy.

The people I work for?
They don't just steal cars.

They're into something
way bigger.


Your brother was
right under my nose.

I-I knew that something was off.
Chen has him in his shop.

How do we
get in there?

Well, we're gonna
have to lure Chen out.




No, it's all legit.
It's coastal taipan.

I had a friend of mine

take them out of a container
on a dock.


Y-Yeah No.

We thought
they were cashmere suits.

They turned out
to be exotic animals.

And you're the guy
to talk to.

I'll meet you at the Ace Hotel,
in the lobby.



Well, there they are.

Alright, let's go.

Let's check back here.

Okay. We have to hustle,

Where's the key?

He's got both of his ears.

Oh, my God.

Can you help me with this,

Ah, man.


Get me up out of here!

That wasn't his ears.
Now, this could be a con, right?

Really, bruh?

whose ear did they send?

Man, I don't know nothing
about no ear!

Okay, we got to go.
Can we talk about this later?

What you talking about
an ear, man?

I'm in a cage, man!

No, the whole ear thing.
Man, I'm in a cage
back here, man.

No, it seems crazy,
but the ear

I don't want to hear nothing
about no ear!

You'd be surprised to hear
how easy it is to obtain an ear.

Don't worry, Judge.
They were already dead.

this dude is sick, man.

Okay, this is over. Okay?
We're walking out of here.

Not before I get my civet cats
or $5 million.

The cops are gonna be here
any second,

and you don't want to
have to explain all of this.

This black bastard
stole from me!

What did you take?
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait.

Black bastard?

hold on a second, man.

Put the gun down
and say it again.

Come on, man.
Let it go.

Man, I ain't letting
nothing go, man!

And I ain't no idiot!

You are an idiot!
I'm not an idiot!

You're sitting up here
with this man with this gun!


I want what I am owed!

Go ahead, man.

Come on.
No, shoot me.

Stop. Don't.
What are you doing? Stop.

No, no, no, no.
I got this. I got this.

He ain't gonna
shoot nobody.

Fortune cookie say
you ain't got the heart,

you little old, short,
Mr. Miyagi wannabe, man.

Let me tell you something. Hey,
bruh, let me tell you something.

This dude
This dude been making

making out with ferrets
all week, man.

You shut up!



Let go!


Breathe, bruh!


Are you done yet?

Don't die on me, brother.
I love you, man.

Come on, little bro.
Come on, man! Breathe!

Where's he hit?
Stay with me.

In the chest,
right over here.

Come on, bro.
Come on, little brother.

Don't die on me, man.

Don't you die on me, man!

Come on, man!
I'm sorry, man!



Brought you some wings.

Lemon pepper?

Only kind.

Aw, thanks.


You always the lucky one.

2 inches,
I would've been dead.

Oh, come on, bruh. You know
I'm not good with this stuff.


You know,
but thank you.

Hey, you remember
when those...

kids stole your bike?


And I had to go
up to that house

and demand
to get your bike back

and got the snot
kicked out of me?


Consider us even.


I think he's trying to say
he's sorry.

I love you, brother.

And I ain't just saying that
'cause you're my brother.

I love you because...
you're funny,

you're bright.

I even pretend to be you
on television sometimes.

I know you can be
more than who you are.

Man, I want you to come out
to L.A. and live with me, man,

and get a job
and get your life back on track.

Or I can give you $250,000

so you can get your cats
out of customs.

And I'll never see you again.

How fast
can you wire the money?


Look here, bruh.

I gotta do me.

You know?

I-I-I don't want to be
the one, you know,

living in
my younger brother's shadow.

But I love you.

Love you, too.

And you tell Mama
I love her.

Love you, too, man.
Love you, bruh.

I gotta go, man.
I got to get up on out of here.

You're a good brother.

They say time with cats
is never wasted.

But sometimes
you got to let the cat go.

Well, uh...
have to let him go.

Who's that?

Sometimes the cat
does not want to come back.

You're freaking me out.
What are you talking about?


I-I-I don't know
why he wants to move out.

I don't know what I did.

I don't have to.

He's his own person.

Or he needs to become
his own person.

Well, cool.

You're gonna let him
move out, huh?

Yeah. It's the right thing
to do.

Well, he can crash with me
for a bit.


I don't know. That's, uh...
That's a lot to ask.

Oh, it could be fun.

Could be a lot of work.

You think
he'd be into it?

I don't know.

This is
gonna be awesome!

It sure is.

Those three bottom drawers
are yours,

and I cleared some space
for your other stuff.

Okay, so, um...

I wrote some things down
I thought you should know.


He doesn't
like to floss.

Who does?

Well, nobody, but Ansel
doesn't need to know that.

Got it.

Nice try, but no.

You're on the couch.

When you come home
and you see a sock on the door,

that means
wait downstairs.

So, I think
we're, like, um...

co-parenting now
or something.

Oh, I don't think
that's true.

I think
we're all grown-ups here.

Yeah. Yeah.

I guess I'm...alone.

It's weird

and good.

I think it's putting me
on the right track.



Are you happy?


Then I'm happy, too.

I'm gonna go down
to the bar.

See you guys.

Thank you.
You got it.

What's this?

Open it.
Is this for me?



Oh, buddy.

I don't know what to say.

You're ready
to be on your own.


I'm always gonna need you,

I know.

We are gonna be okay,

Yeah. Come here.

He flipped.

Carjacker just gave us
the identities

of his partners.

Well, nice work.

Nice work, you.


I think we're just...

scratching the surface here,
you know?

This whole car-ring thing,
I think it's just a front

for something bigger
according to the kid.

Oh, no, no, no.
I want you
to go undercover.

I knew you were gonna say that,
and no, I'm not a cop.

No, but you know
more about cars

than anybody I could hire
to go undercover, so...

I need somebody
who's going to, um...

get inside
with these people.

I need somebody who's got enough
dirt on him to play the part.

Look, I don't know if I should
be flattered or pissed off,

but either way,
I'm not doing it, Hoffman.

I'm not interested.

This is my fault,

I think I gave you
the illusion of a choice.

That half-a-mil of Kane's
was never found.

The case could reopen if I don't
find something to focus on.


you ready?

I want to

I just want
to do this alone.

Grey, it's on.


I found the cat,
and Ms. Whitmore...

...she refused
to pay me the $500.

My first beer.

Glad you're here.

She's lying.

He'll be the judge of that!

Power to the people!

Power to the people!