Stumptown (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Dex Education - full transcript

Dex goes undercover as a high school substitute teacher after an old classmate of hers enlists her help to find out who planted drugs on her daughter. Meanwhile, Dex and Liz's relationship gets too close for comfort.

You guys treat me
like a little kid.
How much do you make?
20 bucks an hour.
you two together,
I don't want
to get in between anything.
We are just friends.
You can trust me.
She is perfect, right?
I don't know.
She seems really, like, happy.
Just put in a little effort,
I actually like
this one, Dex.
You wanted us
to spend some time together,
this seems like
a good opportunity.
Come on, 8!
Come on!
[ All cheering ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Lawnmower idles in distance ]
[ Groans ]
[ Groaning ]
Liz, wake up.
Liz: Whoa.
last night?
Yeah, I'm not sure.
It's, uh, very hazy.
We were at the casino.
Do you always sleep naked?
Like, how ‐‐ how much?
Because I'm ‐‐
I'm really just trying
to narrow down
a likelihood here.
We were doing shots
in the kitchen.
And then we were in your bed,
but above the covers.
And then...
I don't remember.
Me either.
But we're in your bed,
and I'm naked.
Yeah, that is ‐‐ that's ‐‐
that's strange.
But I don't remember
any shenanigans.
Neither do I.
So, there's
really no point
in bringing any of this up
to Grey, right?
I think
we just passed out.
[ Sighs ] Or maybe...
Okay, it's the "or maybe"
that might concern him.
It would concern me.
But nothing happened.
Ansel: Dex!
Where's the peanut butter?
Okay, I don't want
Ansel involved
in any of this, okay?
It's not fair.
Yeah, I will sneak out quietly.
No. No, no.
He's in the kitchen,
which all roads lead past.
He has the intuition
of a jungle cat.
[ Sighs ]
Okay, you're gonna
piston your legs
to absorb impact
and then tuck your shoulder
into the roll.
Have you
done this before?
From many balconies
and many heights.
So, you're gonna be fine.
Just ‐‐
You gotta just do it.
Okay. Okay.
[ Thud, bushes rustle ]
Now roll!
Ow. Ow.
Grey: Hey.
You two have fun?
Yeah, you know,
it was, uh ‐‐
it was nice.
Very tame.
Just a standard
girls' night.
Dex gave you a tame
gambling lesson?
I was expecting
to hear about
SWAT teams
or fire trucks.
[ Chuckles ]
No. Ended early.
Well, I‐I texted you.
Um, I was in bed.
I was just
really zonked.
I'm gonna go
restock the bar.
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
What's up, man?
How are you, friend?
Heard you ended early.
You losing a step?
Well, I must be.
She's a sweetheart.
It was nice.
That's what she said.
I'm really glad
you guys bridged the gap.
Yeah, it was so much fun,
I ‐‐
The whole night is a ‐‐
is a blur.
The whole night's a blur?
Potential clients, so...
Hi. Dex Parios.
I think we spoke
on the phone.
Oh, my God.
Penny Lansdale?
Perfect Penny?
You got to be
kidding me.
It's been a minute.
When Michael mentioned
it was you we were
going to see,
I nearly choked.
Perfect Penny?
Cute little name Dex had for me
in high school.
Didn't I have one
for you, too?
Dirty Dex.
Not all of us could afford
three manicures a week.
Who had time for more than two?
save the reunion.
Yeah. My office.
We accept Jennifer's
made mistakes, as kids do.
And if what she is accused of
was in the realm of possibility,
we'd accept it
and move on.
But it's not.
Somebody planted
those pills on me.
Okay, just, uh,
tell me what happened.
I left school,
opened my backpack,
and found a baggie
of prescription pills
that somebody had put there ‐‐
200 Adderall.
Felony number.
I went straight to
the principal's office,
showed them
what I found.
10 minutes later,
I was arrested.
Penny: They said
an anonymous tip had come in
that she was a drug dealer
on campus,
that the drugs were hers.
What dealer would
hand over their product
to the Principal?
The DA is arguing that Jennifer
knew the call was coming in,
that she was trying to
"get in front of it."
What is the response
from the school?
Oh, their response
is good riddance.
We do have one ally ‐‐
Deputy Principal Markham.
But she wasn't able
to prevent the expulsion,
which came as a swift
kick in the ass.
In general,
New Season High School
has turned their back.
Oh, this is New Season?
With the Teslas
and the equestrian team?
It's a progressive oasis.
But they do not like
their apple cart being upset.
They close ranks.
And Alyssa Frank ‐‐
Dad, you don't know
that it was Alyssa ‐‐
Who came out on top?
Who's starting
outside hitter now?
All right.
Just a little lower.
I'm sorry,
I'm just trying to process
that somebody planted
felony‐weight pills
over volleyball.
To a Division I school,
a full ride is worth 400 grand.
I could've just left
with those pills,
sold them.
This is what I get
for telling the truth.
[ Scoffs ]
Penny: Alyssa Frank
is a good place to start.
Hoffman: Please ‐‐
Please don't tell me
that Alyssa Frank
is related to Bill Frank.
Damn, Dex.
Daughter of.
Bill Frank?
Criminal defense attorney.
The biggest in Portland.
I will keep that
in mind.
Um, can you pull up
Jennifer Harris's
arrest report?
Any information
on the arrest
should come from
the family lawyer.
Except there's no record
of an anonymous call targeting
Jennifer Harris.
It's not like the cops showed up
and grabbed an honor student.
My theory?
Call came from
inside the school,
and they didn't want it
in the file.
Maybe someone applied pressure
to the department
to have it expunged.
[ Sighs ]
Say, the, um...
most powerful
criminal defense attorney
in Portland.
Now, um...
Dante's, yeah.
Live band, karaoke.
Starts at 8:00.
It seems like something
better done liquored up.
[ Chuckles ] That's the only way
to do it, Dex.
Yeah, I'm still recovering
from last night.
You and Grey's girl
got along, huh?
Yeah, we did.
We did, I think.
[ Clears throat ]
Full disclosure ‐‐
Nailed it.
Call came from the school's
dedicated prefix.
Well, look at you.
And that's all you get.
So, full disclosure
about what?
Oh, uh, I ‐‐
I am terrible at karaoke.
I sound like a seal
being squeezed.
Plus I am...
very hungover.
Yeah, raincheck.
So, what's
your plan here?
If you go straight
at Alyssa Frank,
you're gonna ‐‐ you're not
gonna get anything.
Well, my clients have
a sympathetic
Deputy Principal.
And I am very clever.
As you know.
That I do.
I'll call you later,
All right.
You seen Liz?
Store room.
Why are you
on the computer?
No reason.
♪ Some people want it
all the time ♪
♪ Some people wrote it
on the wall ♪
[ Silverware clinking ]
[ Chuckles ]
You scared me.
Oh, sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
[ Chuckles ]
I feel like you've been
avoiding me a little bit.
That's sort of true.
Well, why?
Uh, last night
was an odd one,
and all morning,
my head's been racing.
I re‐‐ I really
like you, Grey.
I'm developing real feelings
for you,
and sometimes,
those feelings are...
Are what, scary?
Because if you're not
in the same place...
Liz, I'm in exactly
the same place.
I'm really happy
to hear that.
Now stop avoiding me.
[ Laughs ]
[ Bell tolling ]
Deputy Principal Markham:
My resources are limited,
but I'd do anything
to help the Harris family.
This is a railroading.
Well, you're really putting
yourself on the line.
That says a lot.
I'd love to see these brats
get their due.
[ Chuckles ]
And I'm out of here
in three months.
Ah, thank you.
[ School bell rings ]
Is that you there?
[ Indistinct conversations ]
All right, ladies.
I'm Miss Parios.
I'm gonna be
your substitute teacher today.
We call our teachers
by their first names.
[ Coughs ] Dunkhead.
[ Laughter ]
That's really funny.
That's cute.
That's, like, the new thing.
Anyway, uh,
my first name is Dex.
[ Conversations resume ]
You can call me...that.
If you guys could
just keep it down.
[ Laughter ]
Hey, can you just ‐‐
Hey! Listen up!
You do not want to get
on the wrong side
of a United States Marine!
You can't yell at us.
For the next hour,
this is my classroom.
So if any of you clunkheads ‐‐
Are you getting smart
with me?
No. It's just dunkheads.
With a "D."
Like your grade
if you don't zip it.
We don't get grades here.
Just evaluations.
[ Sighs ] Wow.
Where's Alyssa Frank?
She's finishing
French Lab.
[ Inhales deeply ]
[ School bell rings ]
Hey. Language lab?
First floor.
Ou est la piscine?
La piscine est la bas.
What's your problem?
Alyssa Frank?
Hi, I'm Dex Parios.
I'm with the school.
I need to, uh, speak to you
for a minute.
Can't right now.
This is due next period.
Uh, no.
It can't wait.
I'm a sub here today,
and, um, the school thought
that I could put
my psychology degree
to good use
and speak to
specific students
about the recent expulsion
of Jennifer Harris.
So, I'm here.
I just wanted to, um...
check in,
see how you're feeling.
This school
is so idiotic.
[ Headphones clatter ]
So, um...
tell me how you're feeling
about Jennifer's expulsion.
Any guilt about
taking over
her starting position
on the team?
You didn't have any problems
with her?
Okay. Do you think she deserved
to get kicked out of school?
I would say anyone packing
a fat sack of beans
is violating policy.
Pills. Uppers.
I don't care that
she got booted.
We weren't close.
Everybody know
she was dealing drugs?
I wasn't in her circle.
She didn't have a circle.
She was nothing.
How does this apply
to my psychological health?
it's an experimental assessment.
Look, Jennifer was busted
because of an anonymous call
coming from a classroom phone.
The exact classroom
that you were in.
Call came in at 2:56, which
is right after class gets out.
You were the one to most benefit
from this whole situation.
Yeah, I wasn't there.
I gotta go.
You were checked in.
Arcadia takes roll.
She checked me in
so I could go with Bellagio
to get the new iPhone.
I have a receipt
if you want to see it.
My boyfriend.
With all these wackadoodle
names, I'd fit right in.
Who are you?
I've had a shrink
since I was six
and you don't act
like a shrink.
Coach MJ: Hey, Alyssa.
Just saw Paula poke her head
out of French.
You're late again.
[ Chuckles ]
How many people want
to hassle me today?
[ Sighs ]
Mary Jane Glenway.
I coach the volleyball team.
Uh, Dex.
I'm the sub.
Yeah, Deputy Principal Markham
filled me in.
I was actually hoping
I could talk to you.
Uh, Glenway?
Is there any relation?
Third‐generation grad.
Five years as coach.
So, the culture is
basically in my DNA.
For better or worse.
Want to take a walk?
Yeah, sure.
This, uh, Jen ordeal
really breaks my heart.
You know, super sweet kid,
talented player.
But you thought
she was selling pills?
Or was planning on it,
You know, I‐I don't know.
I don't know.
But it is exactly
the kind of thing
a kid like that would do
to find a group
in a place like this.
Whatever happened
to throwing a keg party?
[ Chuckles ]
For real.
I doubt anyone
would even show up.
I mean, look.
This place has
entitlement problems.
You know?
Lots of alpha behavior,
which, personally,
I try and push my way through,
but for less
aggressive kids,
it's easy to get lost
and desperate.
Like Jennifer.
Look, Dex, I'm sure you've got
the best of intentions here,
but her parents
will spend millions
before they admit their kid
is less than perfect.
Karma wise...
don't exploit that.
♪ I don't want
no weekend lover ♪
Yeah. So, the lease
is up in a month.
Increase will price me out,
so please?
Just one afternoon.
I'll be happy
to help you look.
Good. 'Cause you have
to like it, too.
You might end up there
a few nights a week.
♪ See me coming ♪
♪ I try, try ♪
Liz seems happy.
Yeah, she does,
doesn't she?
She was happy the other night
with Dex.
Oh, yeah?
Where'd you, uh ‐‐
Where'd you
see them, bud?
They had a sleepover.
In, um...
uh, Dex's room?
They had fun.
♪ Sunday morning ♪
♪ Don't do it, it, it,
it, it, it, it, it, it ♪
♪ I know you're running,
don't do it ♪
Hey, Ansel.
Is it hard to get
a credit card?
Uh, no.
It's easy.
Too easy.
Just go to the bank.
Why do you ask?
No reason.
[ Telephone rings ]
Bad Alibi.
wine vendor's on one.
Can you hold on a sec?
[ Door closes ]
Hey, Joanne.
Yeah, can I call you back?
I'm in the middle
of something.
Did you and Dex
sleep together?
I swear, I ‐‐
I never meant to hurt you.
Whatever you want to know.
Radical honesty.
Oh, so now
you're honest.
Look, I wanted to tell you,
but Dex said keep it quiet.
Did you guys have sex?
I don't remember
a big part of the night.
It started out fine.
Then drinks.
Then it was all aboard
the Dex train.
Yeah, I know about
the Dex train.
I'm not trying to throw her
under the bus.
But, yeah, waking up
naked in her bed
was not where I'd hoped
the night would end.
I'm not sure Dex
would say the same.
Do you want me to pack up
my stuff from the loft?
I mean, give me
one good reason
why I shouldn't say yes.
Because I don't want
one stupid mistake
to screw us up.
I'm still shocked that
you're the PI Michael hired.
But then you,
hands in the muck.
I guess I shouldn't be.
[ Chuckles ]
Believe me,
I'm just as surprised
to be in your very beige,
unused living room.
We really hated
each other.
Yeah, we did.
[ Chuckles ]
Any idea
how it started?
You told Connor Smith
I was so prim
I wouldn't fart at school,
and it gave me
a kidney infection.
Not true?
Not true.
You told people
I had lice.
You did.
High school was
many hormones
and many
perceived threats.
Also fun to rehash,
but, um...
that is not why
you're here.
No. Um...
was Jennifer a fit
at New Season?
[ Sighs ]
There are so many benefits
to that school.
But only if you subscribe
to a specific way of thinking.
Such as?
I'm not you, Dex.
I never was.
I never would have argued
with Mr. Nast
about the lack of women writers
in our curriculum.
[ Scoffs ]
Undermined by pointing out
his hairpiece was loose.
True, but...
you had guts.
You weren't afraid.
I admired that.
You did?
So, um...
what are you
afraid of now?
There are a lot of powerful
people at that school.
When things are problematic,
they get hushed up.
I tried to confront them
and look what happened.
Penny, if you thought that
I was brave in high school,
you should, uh ‐‐
you should try me now.
Jennifer said she thought
one of her friends
was high at school.
Like, high on speed.
She was worried
about her.
She was worried
because there were a few girls
who she thought
were using uppers to study,
and then using them
I mean,
it was everywhere.
So when I passed this on
to Principal Barrow,
nothing came of it.
Nothing except Jennifer
was dropped from
the Italian Club
and debate was
suddenly overbooked.
It was a message.
Message received.
[ Scoffs ]
[ Smacks lips ]
You know, I'd, uh ‐‐
I'd love to speak to Jennifer
about this.
She's, um ‐‐
She's actually at
her father's house this week.
Oh, you ‐‐
you guys are...
Not so perfect here.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
[ Scoffs ]
You know, I was...
so intimidated by you
in high school,
but, um...
you're the reason I still clean
under my fingernails.
Well, most ‐‐
most days.
I was intimidated
by you, too.
And without you,
I never would have done
a proper beer bong.
[ Chuckles ]
Yeah, I could have
taught a class.
[ Chuckles ]
So, Cosgrove is up to speed
on New Season
and the possibility
of larger drug sales.
She said we need
to have our ducks in a row
before making a move 'cause
the mayor's kid goes there.
Well, regardless,
they need a wake‐up call.
Those girls you asked me
to run through
the prescription drug
monitoring program?
No flags on Alyssa Frank
or your client.
But there was another girl
on the volleyball team,
big flag ‐‐
Rebecca Braylander.
Haven't heard
that name.
But she filled 12 prescriptions
for Adderall last month.
All prescribed
by the same doctor.
It's her mother.
She's a cosmetic surgeon
whose office says
that she's at
an Ayahuasca retreat in Peru
and has been for
the last six weeks.
So, Rebecca stole
her mom's prescription pad.
Has Cosgrove given you
Whatever I need.
If you're up
for grabbing Rebecca
on prescription fraud,
I have an idea.
What's up, Grey?
Grey: Hey.
Can I talk to you
for a sec?
What's going on?
Did you have sex with Liz
last night?
Yes or no?
Just yes or no, Dex.
I woke up in the same bed
as Liz,
but, um...
past that,
I'm in the dark.
'Cause she seems to be
a little bit more sure.
Well, then she has
revised her story.
We both got very drunk
last night ‐‐
Why don't you just find
another bar to work out of?
Can you just give me
30 seconds ‐‐
Find another bar.
Can you slow down?
We got a girl
to grab up, right?
And you have a plan
that is yet to be discussed,
so we're wasting time.
Look, I honestly
don't know
what happened with Liz
last night.
It's fine.
Don't say "fine"
if you don't mean "fine."
Look, we never had the, uh,
exclusivity talk.
So, it's cool. Just ‐‐
Just do your thing.
The only thing
I know for certain
is I woke up
this morning hungover.
Let's get to work.
[ Door opens ]
Liz: Hey.
Do you want to talk?
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking about
how much I miss stealing cars.
[ Door closes ]
♪ Pull up on me like valet ♪
Can I ask you
Anything, hermano.
Why are security deposits
so much?
say you and four friends move
into a shack in Powellhurst
and one of your friends says,
"Hey, let's have a tiki party."
And you're like,
you're not so responsible
with fire."
And he's like,
"Give me a break, Took."
So, have the party
with a 16‐hour roast pig,
do your part.
But then who
gets tanked, huh,
and torches half a wall
to cinder
before he even notices?
♪ Llamame, llamame ♪
Why do you ask?
No reason.
[ Cellphone rings ]
[ Cellphone beeps ]
All right, she's coming.
Keep your line open.
Oh, yeah.
You're the shrink.
No interview needed.
Barely knew Jennifer Harris.
Gotta go.
I'm late for trapeze.
God, you gotta be kidding me.
[ Car alarm chirps ]
Yeah, you want to go to Yale,
you got to stand out.
Hey, I was hoping
you could, um, help me
with something off books.
Yeah, I doubt it.
[ Sighs ]
Word is you're the, um,
campus connect
for Adderall.
I'm looking for some.
Where did you hear that?
I don't know,
friend of a friend.
So, what do you think?
Hook a lady up?
I don't have a single clue
what you're talking about.
You stole
your mom's script pad
and hit 12 different pharmacies
last month.
So, either you're selling
the pills
or you collected
a stash to plant
on Jennifer Harris.
Leave me alone.
[ Engine starts ]
Rebecca: Call MJ!
She's calling
Mary Jane Glenway.
Dex, you know
that name?
That's her volleyball coach.
Coach MJ:
Becca, what's up?
We have a huge problem.
Word is out.
What happened?
The whole school knows
about the pills.
And Jennifer.
They know that I'm involved.
They don't know anything.
I told you this was
a stupid idea.
This is all your fault!
Can you confirm that
a 16‐year‐old kid
just implicated her coach
as a conspirator?
That is confirmed.
Rebecca: I'm in serious trouble,
and it's all your fault!
[ Siren wails ]
Damn it.
I'm getting pulled over.
Rebecca, hands where
we can see them.
Get out of the car.
[ Handcuffs click ]
[ Dialing, ringing ]
Hey, we got her.
She's coming in.
Okay, good news.
But Coach Glenway
just took off in a hurry.
[ Police radio chatter ]
‐Portland PD!
‐Mary Jane Glenway!
‐We're good.
‐Rest is clear.
Expired passport here.
Nothing current?
Think that's what
she came home to get.
I'll update
the lieutenant.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Hey, real quick,
off topic.
say that a woman
I'm dating...
with another woman.
That's straight‐up cheating,
I mean, there's no ‐‐
there's no allowance for that?
If a dude I was with slept
with someone else,
I have a problem
with that.
Of course.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Cosgrove's put an alarm
on Glenway's car
and, uh, monitoring
her credit cards.
Melozar: My client
has nothing to add
to any proceedings
here today.
We just want to make it
very clear ‐‐
Stop talking, Counselor.
Your client
is a 16‐year‐old
who made
a very stupid mistake
after being manipulated
by her coach at school.
She's a victim, right?
Can you tell me a little bit
about your relationship
with Mary Jane Glenway?
MJ's my coach.
She's also my friend.
Why did you say
this is all her fault?
What were you
referring to?
I don't know why
I said that.
I think
I was just mad.
Counselor, can you please
explain to Rebecca
that a very good opportunity
is slipping away here?
Becca, what's going on?
MJ's cool.
She understands how stressful
the school can be.
So she tries
to help kids out.
Making sure we don't conk out
after three‐hour practices
before finishing
seven hours of homework.
So selling pills.
Being a friend.
Because she'd been there.
Can you tell me
who put the uppers
in Jennifer Harris's
[ Sighs ] I did.
Jen told her mom
kids were getting high.
MJ said that
she'd screw us all.
We'd all either end up
failing out or being busted.
Did MJ suggest
that you get the pills
to plant on Jennifer?
She said it'd be better
if they came
from an outside stash.
Outside her own?
Can I talk to you?
Aren't you supposed
to be working a case?
Hoffman says chasing down
fugitive drug dealers
is above my pay grade.
So he's still talking
to you, huh?
On work stuff, yeah.
All right.
What do you need?
Listen, I feel like
I'm being falsely accused here.
You ended up in bed
with my girlfriend
who was naked
under questionable
circumstances, right?
Can we agree to that?
We can?
Can't you see how
that actually might be worse?
I mean,
sex is definite.
We could deal with that tangibly
versus this.
I mean, this is
just chaos.
Dex, you're a time bomb.
You haven't processed
your past at all ‐‐
from your parents, to Benny,
to the war ‐‐
and so you just seek chaos
in your life.
Yeah, I don't ‐‐
I don't think that's true.
It is true.
I don't.
I have settled down a lot.
I even have a ‐‐
a moderately successful
business, so...
Which I think we both know
you'll screw up soon enough.
Yeah, I think I'll come back
another time, okay?
Well, that's what I'm saying.
There is no other time.
This is it, Dex.
You saw that
I was finding happiness,
and you were finding calm.
And for someone like you,
calm is...
It's the enemy.
'Cause that's when
things get quiet,
and, you know,
feelings come in.
If it's fear or...
And so a person like you,
who hasn't processed
their past at all,
when they hear
that quiet coming,
they light
a really big fire
so they don't have
to deal with it.
I don't want chaos.
And yet, in one move ‐‐
that you conveniently
don't remember ‐‐
you destroyed
my relationship with Liz
and yours
with Hoffman.
A twofer, Dex.
Really nice job
on this one.
Do me a favor, Dex.
Find another bar.
I don't want you around.
[ Dishware rattles ]
[ Bin slams ]
[ Engine turns off ]
Her cellphone pinged right here
and stopped.
She's close.
Green Subaru.
All right,
get backup out here,
and we'll start
knocking on doors.
We need code three cover
at 920 SouthEast Belmont.
Dispatcher: Copy that.
Worked some narco cases
out here.
She's either picking up product
for the road
or selling what she's got
for cash.
One or the other.
I don't blame her.
I can't.
Are we talking about
the coach or Dex?
[ Chuckles ]
I mean...
I've been the one
who stepped out.
I've broken some hearts.
I'd be a hypocrite
if I blamed her.
[ Chain link rattling ]
So why don't you just ‐‐
Let's take it nice and easy,
all right?
She's running.
Damn volleyball coach.
Volleyball coach?
[ Engine starts ]
♪ Downtown,
the young ones are growing ♪
[ Siren wails ]
♪ We're the kids in America ♪
♪ Whoa‐oh ♪
♪ Whoa‐oh ♪
♪ We're the kids in America ♪
Two PPB in the area.
They'll cut her off
at North Lagoon.
♪ Bright lights,
the music gets faster ♪
♪ Look, boy, don't check on
your watch, not another glance ♪
♪ I'm not leaving now, honey,
not a chance ♪
[ Horn blares ]
♪ Hot shot,
give me no problems ♪
♪ Much later, baby,
you'll be saying never mind ♪
♪ You know life is cruel ♪
♪ Life is never kind ♪
♪ Kind hearts don't
make a new story ♪
♪ Kind hearts don't
grab any glory ♪
♪ Whoa‐oh ♪
♪ We're the kids in America ♪
♪ Whoa‐oh ♪
♪ We're the kids in America ♪
♪ Everybody live for
the music‐go‐round ♪
[ Tires screech ]
[ Siren wailing ]
You're not a fugitive.
All right?
You're trapped.
♪ Whooooooa! ♪
Why do they run?
♪ We're the kids in America ♪
Stop running!
♪ Whoa‐oh ♪
♪ Whoa‐oh ♪
♪ We're the kids in America ♪
♪ Everybody live
for the music‐go‐round ♪
Go, go, go.
[ Breathless ]
Don't shoot!
Hands behind your back.
Mary Jane Glenway,
you're under arrest.
C‐Can we, uh,
fast forward a little bit?
I just want to see how much more
I had to drink.
What's the point, Dex?
[ Sighs ]
I'm just trying to see
how I behaved.
Fact that it takes an eye
in the sky to determine that
is something
I...consider a problem.
Yeah, I'm just trying to gather
the facts, okay?
Okay, wait. Right there!
Do you see that?
Look at that.
Okay, um, can you go
to the next
round of shots?
[ Keyboard clacking ]
Wait, she's dumping her drink
in my glass.
I mean, she's trying
to get me drunk.
Maybe she can't keep up.
I'm just saying,
it's not entirely my fault.
Can you e‐mail a clip
of this to me?
Yeah, go ahead.
Dex, we got our issues.
But from a ‐‐
an outside perspective,
it's time.
It's time for what?
Clean up.
Make your bed.
[ Sighs ]
What, like, literally?
Anyone can
make their bed.
It begins a path to...
Once you got order,
you can start
to forgive yourself.
Besides, stumbling drunk
with another man's girl ‐‐
it's not a good look.
It's time.
[ Sighs ]
[ Telephone rings in distance ]
I'm gonna wait
till my lawyer gets here
before I say anything.
That is your right.
We've contacted him,
and he's on his way.
It's, um ‐‐
It is compelling,
the idea that she sold the pills
because the school's
so competitive.
Well, she's been
in their shoes.
Probably how she got
through school back in the day.
You guys have no idea
the kind of pressure
these kids are under, okay?
The kind of pressure
that I was under.
The girls just
needed a friend.
Someone who understood.
Of course.
There's another argument.
The coach has gone through
seven court‐ordered rehabs.
That's impressive.
But we just got word
from Deputy Principal Markham
that three girls
from New Season
have been sent to rehab
for prescription stimulants.
[ Inhales deeply ]
In my experience,
addicts can turn others
to addiction
because it makes them
feel less guilty
about their troubles.
they "make" friends?
All right.
Well, I guess by her having
rich donor parents,
she can get away
with something like that.
Yeah, and I'll bet
she thought she was just
being, like,
the cool coach.
Hmm, yeah.
You're just a dirtbag.
The coach
was behind all this?
That's why
they went after me?
Penny: And then
it was covered up.
What kind of a school
lets this happen?
This is gonna be
a very public scandal.
Whatever New Season was,
it won't be for much longer.
I was told the school
is gonna be in touch
about reinstatement.
They want me back
at New Season?
[ Scoffs ]
Oh, hell no.
We're staying
right where we are.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
Thank you, Dex.
And, um...
uh, I wish
I could take back
all the nasty things
I said about you.
Oh, me, too.
But then I guess
it wouldn't be high school
without a nemesis.
But still,
I'm glad it's over.
Glad we're both grown up.
[ Sighs ]
[ Door opens ]
Hey, listen.
You presumed that
I did something
that ‐‐ that I don't
think that I did.
But it ‐‐
it was questionable, okay?
Which ‐‐
Which isn't good.
Dex, we're cool.
All right?
It's cool.
But this is best kept...
Just, for the record,
I made the kind of misstep
that I don't want
to make again.
That's good to hear.
That's it.
What the hell
are you doing?
With her?
Nothing. We're ‐‐
We're good.
You're not.
You're extremely
pissed and hurt,
or else you wouldn't
have moped all day.
[ Clears throat ]
Interesting theory.
Vulnerability, Hoffman,
is not weakness.
It's actually attractive.
So choose.
Drink alone tonight,
tell her how you feel.
What are you watching?
Grey: Security footage
from the casino.
Liz, did you lie to me
about what happened with Dex?
I was trying
to protect something good.
I unloaded on her,
and it was based on a lie?
Do you think
there's any possibility
of a relationship
with her around?
I just wish
you wouldn't have lied.
Look, Liz, I‐I‐I'd like you
to pack your stuff and leave.
It was desperate.
And ‐‐ And wrong.
[ Scoffs ]
Yeah, I'll leave.
But for the record,
I was never the one
you wanted to be with.
I'd like you
to leave, Liz.
You can't have
a relationship
as long
as she's in your life.
No one can get as close to you
as she can.
I'm not interested
in taking advice
from you right now.
You've barely said a word to me
since you found out.
You were too busy
planning what you were
gonna say to Dex.
You don't care
about me at all.
And you're not gonna care
about the next girl,
or ‐‐ or the next one
after that.
I'm sorry
for what I did.
But you need to face
the facts, Grey.
[ Kid Sister's
"Long Way Back" plays ]
♪ Long way back ♪
♪ Feels like 300 Saturdays ♪
♪ Another vodka soda ♪
♪ Something else
to ease the pain ♪
♪ My mama told me don't you
never, ever waste no tear ♪
♪ On a man who
simply never cared ♪
♪ What a long way back ♪
♪ Long way back ♪
♪ It's such a long way back ♪
♪ Long way back ♪
♪ It's such a long way back ♪
♪ Long way back ♪
♪ My luck is up, it seems ♪
♪ And I wonder ♪
♪ Is this the horror scene
that takes me under? ♪
♪ Either way,
you're dead to me ♪
[ Ringing ]
♪ So save
your venomous apologies ♪
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
♪ Such a long way back ♪
♪ It's such a long way back ♪
[ Sighs ] Ugh!
♪ It's such a long way back ♪
[ Grunts ]
♪ But I'll always ♪
♪ Remember ♪
♪ Every September ♪
♪ These tears will only dry ♪
♪ After four months' time ♪
Looks good, hey, bud?
Dex, I want to move out.
You want to what?
♪ Long way back ♪
I want to move out.
[ Knock on door ]
Okay, uh...
hold that thought,
all right?
I'm, um ‐‐
I'm not cool
with how this day went.
I just ‐‐ I didn't want
to leave it at that.
[ Sighs ]
Can we talk?
♪ Sometimes a cigarette
is the only ♪
♪ Thing that'll kiss you back ♪
♪ And not a, not a week ago ♪
♪ I ran away ♪
♪ Looking for something ♪
♪ Something that
I could never hate ♪
♪ It's such a long way back ♪
♪ It's such a long way back ♪