Stumptown (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - The Past and the Furious - full transcript

Dex works to find a fellow veteran's birth parents after he discovers he is adopted.

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Previously on "Stumptown"...

I need somebody who's going to
get inside with these people.

Somebody to play the part.
So... you ready?

I want to move out.

You're gonna let him move out, huh?

Yeah. It's the right thing to do.

Well, he can crash with me for a bit.

It's time.

It's time for what?

Clean up.

Dex, you're a time bomb.

You haven't processed your past at all...

...from Benny to the war...

And so you just seek chaos in your life.

♪ Gonna put a hole in my TV set ♪

♪ I don't wanna grow up ♪

♪ Open up my medicine chest ♪

♪ I don't wanna grow up ♪


Tina! Parker!

Bringing your own wine and fancy glasses?

Class act, ladies.

- Tom!
- Hey.

Hey, looking sharp! Tom?

Ooh! Hot stuff.

Keeping love alive.

I am into it.

You're better off without her, all right?

Seriously, do you want
to play strip poker?

Cash, you are not getting naked
in my house.

She doesn't want to see it. I don't
want to see it. Nobody wants to see it.

- Okay?
- Come on, Dex!


Hi! Ohhhh!

It's so good to see you!

Come on! Come join the party!

Who are all these people?

Well, they're my friends.

Wait, what did you...

Did you bring tacos?

You told me to bring them.

You guys! We have tacos!

Oh, I am so happy to see you!

You're the best! You're the best!

You're the best!

I have to pee.

♪ They all go out
and drinking all night ♪

I am... I am so happy you're here.


I really am.

You're so lovely.

And nice.

Um, where's Ansel?


He moved out.

Yeah, that's what we are
celebrating tonight...

You know, my freedom.

Oh, I love Ansel,
but he's living with Grey now,

and that's, you know, so totally fine.

It is.

I'm an adult, and I... I have a...

I have a great life, obviously.


You suck, deejay!

Change the song!

She left an hour ago, Dex.

- What?!
- Yeah.

Well, I'm gonna...
Let me take care of this.

I got it.

Give me that phone.

Can I have this?

This is... Stop that.

'Cause nobody wants to see it.

You know what they want to see?

A little bit of this.

Awwwww, yeah!

♪ Remember when you said ♪


Please stop.

- Mnh! Mnh! Mnh!
- ♪ Hearts didn't bleed? ♪


Good night, Dex!

What, what, what, what?

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Dex Parios?

Party's over, man.

Yes, ma'am. I can see that.


Staff Sergeant Jeremy Stevens, ma'am.

United States Air Force.


What are you doing in my house?

I'm very sorry, ma'am.
The front door was open.

Oh. Of course.

I tried to find you at the Bad Alibi,

but the bartender sent me here.

I-I was hoping to hire you
to find my parents.

Hey, Dex, you have any coffee?


So, a buddy of mine
got me the DNA kit aa joke.

Turns out, wasn't so funny.

Oh. Thanks.

I'm 48% Native American.


And, uh, my parents, uh...


Pretty much as white as they come.


Oh, I think you need a filter.

Yep, I know. I know that.

Uh, you ever ask your mom if she, um...

Had an affair? Yeah.

That's when she called my father
in, and they came clean.

I was adopted.

They never told you?

Look, I-I-I know they did
what they thought was right,

but now I'm finding out there's
this whole other part of me

that I never knew anything about, and...

Yeah, I get it. Parents can be jerks.

No, mine aren't.

They always made sure
I was taken care of,

came to all my little league games,

made sure I went to the best schools.

Well, you can still love your parents...

...and want to know where you came from.


Oh. Oh, geez.


Stop. Stop.

Okay, I think we just
have to skip coffee.

Really, ma'am, it's all good.

So, do you think you can help?

Yeah, only if you stop calling me ma'am.

- Oh, I'm sorry. M-Miss Parios?
- Mnh...

- Dex?
- Attaboy.

Hey, bud, what you doing?

I'm building a chair.

Oh, mine aren't comfy enough for you?

What do you got here? Can I look?

- Okay.
- Cool.

All right, "Everything I want
to do now that I'm 21."

Move out... okay.

Drink a beer... We did that.

Build a piece of furniture.

Change a tire. All right, cool.

You need help with this?

Do you have a drill?

A drill?

Ooh, hey. Morning.

- Hi, Dex.
- Hey, bro.

Hey, Dex, what are you
doing here? It's the morning.

Ah. I just thought I'd come over
for a... cup of coffee.

You have coffee at home.

Yes, but yours is so good.

I made coffee at home.

Hey, traitor.

Gonna grab that cup.

Hey, Dex, you know it's only temporary.

He just wants a little independence.

Well, he can be independent at home.

Okay, so this is not about him, is it?

You just afraid of being alone?


I did four tours. I think
I can handle being alone.


- I can.
- Okay.

Are you and, uh, Hoffman
doing that thing today?

Yeah. It's no big deal.


You guys gonna be like,
uh, Tango and Cash?

Don't. Turner and Hooch?

- Please stop.
- Cagney and Lacey.

Grey, I need help.

What are you working on, bud?

Guy stuff.

I got it.

All right, let's get into it.

How is Jeremy?

Uh, he seems fine.

I only just met him, so...

We miss him.

We haven't seen him since...

Give him time, Diane.

We should've told him.

Is he still mad at us?

Uh, that's not really my, um...

Well, any information you could
give me would be helpful.

He's not trying to replace you.

He j... He just wants to know who he is.

He's our son.

We sacrificed everything for him,

and now he's... gone.

Do you have children, Ms. Parios?


Then you wouldn't understand how we feel.

It was a closed adoption,
so we don't know much.

Never met the birth father.

Apparently, he took off
right when Jeremy was born.

The birth mother was a drug addict.

That's why Jeremy was
taken away from her.

He would've had a rough life
if we hadn't adopted him.

Well, I'm sure
he'll come to realize that.

What was the name of the company
that handled the adoption?

Graceful Heart Adoption Agency.

Any and all records.

Take a number.

- 1!
- Geez.

4! 6!

About time.

And that just earned you detention.

- Take a seat, sir.
- Wait a minute.

I've been waiting here for...
You wanna make me mad?

1! 4! 7!

Girl, you know I'm vegan.

Take a seat.

And take those
animal-processed sugar bombs

out of my face.

1! 4! 8!

2! 7! 3!

Honey, I'm vegan.

Vegan, yes, I know. So are these.

Uh, no processed sugar, either.

And, uh, a coffee.

With oat milk.

What can I do for you, hon?

Uh, whatever you got on
Graceful Heart Adoption Agency.

Okay, it's not much.

Looks like the agency
shut down six years ago.

Um, I've got
some old real-estate records.

Adoption records?

- Nope. Sealed.
- All of them?

I'll take whatever you got.

Hey. Yeah, I only got about 30 seconds.

I love our banter.

Hey, is it weird for
adoption records to be sealed?

Not really. Under special
circumstances, any agency...

Not... Not... Not a few of them.
All of them.

Yeah, that is a little bit unusual.

I'm not sure what it means, though. Why?

I'm not sure yet.

Have you heard of, uh,
Shepherd's Cross Church?

They used to own the adoption agency.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, way outside of Portland,

near the Inland Indian Reservation.

Used to be a huge evangelical
megachurch back in the day.

Now you barely hear about them.

Hey, listen, I got to get back
to work, all right? Talk to you.

We'll see you, Connor.

- Hey, man. Thanks for coming in.
- All right.

So, um, our carjacker, Sean,

he agreed to set up a meet
with the guy that he reports to.

Goes by the name Scuzzy.

I need you to get inside. Have a seat.

You know, kind of go upstairs

and, uh, sniff out the medicine cabinet.

I don't think I've ever been this far
in the inside without handcuffs on.

It's weird.

Right. Are you... Are you
taking this seriously?

Absolutely. You want me to find out

what prescription pills
Scuzzy's boss is on, right?

I wanna know what else they're up to.
I wanna know the bigger play.

Can you handle that?

Yeah, but out of curiosity, you know,

if we're gonna talk about it,
what do I get out of it?

You're kidding, right?

I'm not kidding.

I did time with a couple of snitches...

Or informants... So I know how it works.

I get a 13% cut of the bust.


How about this?

You do your job,

and I'll make it worth your while.



And we shook on it.

♪ Praise God,
from whom all blessings flow ♪

♪ Praise him, all creatures here below ♪

♪ Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ♪

♪ Amen ♪

It was called, uh, Graceful Heart.

Does that sound familiar?


Please help Mrs. Wilkinson to her car.


Thank you.

I'm Betty Welles.

The pastor's secretary.

Oh. Uh, I'm Dex Parios.

Actually, maybe you can
help me with something.

Were you working here six years ago?

Ms. Parios, Graceful Heart is,
sadly, no longer operational.

I'm afraid we can't answer
any of your questions now.

Uh, could you point me in the
direction of someone who could?

"Let none of you suffer

as a busybody in other men's matters."


Peter 4:15.


Why are you interested in Graceful Heart?

Oh. Um...

Well, me and my husband
were thinking about adopting,

and, uh, we heard
that Graceful Heart came through

when other agencies didn't.

Where's your ring?


I don't wear one.

I'm nobody's property.

Smash the patriarchy.

Why are you really here, Ms. Parios?

I am, uh, trying to find out

why the adoption records are sealed.

Oh. I couldn't tell you.

I have no idea
how Graceful Heart operated.

But thank you for joining us
at our service today.

You can leave now.

Holy mother.


All right, thank you.

Door was unlocked.

I know I shouldn't be in here,
so why don't I say

a couple Hail Marys
and, uh, we'll call it even?


So, how does this work?

We both know I have made... mistakes.

There are things that I would do
differently if I could.

But I'm, um...

I'm helping people now.

You know, good people, like Jeremy.

I'm trying to...
right the karmic balance.

Or... whatever.

And now I'm blending religions.
I'm sorry about that.

All right.

You know, the one time that I...

I said I didn't want
to take care of Ansel,

one time...

...I didn't mean that.

So if you had anything to do
with him moving out...

...I'm sorry I said that.

I was frustrated with my parents
and not with him.

Okay. Good talk.

Hail Mary.

Hail Mary. Um...

Hail Mary.

Thanks for the tip.


That short for something?

Is Scuzzy?

Question for ya, Grey.

What would the correct ignition timing be

on a 1955 Bel Air Chevrolet

with a 327 cubic inch engine
and a four-barrel carburetor?

Well, that's a trick question, Scuzzy.

Why is it a trick question, Grey?

'Cause Chevy didn't make

a 327 in '55. A 327 in '55.

The hell?

It's from a movie.

I don't trust anyone who
doesn't know "My Cousin Vinny."

One thing, though.

Gonna need you to prove your skills.

I get it. What's the hit?

Boss Man needs a Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Get it by midnight, you're in.


You hear that, Hoffman?

I'm gonna need a Porsche.

No, he wanted a Turbo S.

Okay, let me just revise that order.

Uh, Hawkins, you brought down
the wrong Porsche.

My CI, here, he would like a Turbo S.

Mm. Does he have a color preference?

I'll check the showroom.

Hey, it's my ass on the line.
That's all I'm saying.

You're not stealing a car off the street

when we have
a perfectly good one right here.

Well, does it even run?

Take it for a spin.
I got to sign some paperwork.

You put that tracker on there, yeah?

Right-rear bumper.

Keep an eye on this guy.

♪ Into the night goes the sun ♪

Thanks, buddy.

So, um...

when you coming home?

I'm staying with Grey now.

Yeah. Yeah, I know, but, like,

for how long? Like, a week?
A month? What?

Until I get my own place.

Right. Yeah.



- Have a seat.
- Thanks.


Can I get you something?

Just a water.

You got it. Thanks, man.

So, you found my mom?

Yeah. Um...

here's the thing. Um, I found her.

Sherri Fisher.

Uh, Native American,

which explains the 48% on the DNA test.

That's great. W-When can I meet her?

Uh, you can't.


She died three months ago
of a drug overdose.

I'm really sorry.

Wish I could say she left behind
some money or items of value.

I'll give you some privacy.

Thank you.

Hey. Look. She was an artist.

Three months. If my parents
had just told me...

I know.

But they couldn't have predicted this.

I mean, they were...
They were trying to protect you.

Were they?

Or were they just protecting themselves?

It's not a great feeling,

seeing your parents as humans
for the first time.

But they are. Human.

My mom was an artist, too.

She used to draw on my sneakers
with colored Sharpie.

It was pretty cool.

You implied that your parents were jerks.

Mm. They took off when I was overseas,

left my brother alone in a home,

and haven't heard from them since.

You have a rough time over there?

No more than anyone else.

Ignoring it doesn't help, you know.

Speaking from experience?

Me? No.

But some buddies of mine,
they have symptoms.

Insomnia, nightmares, blackouts even.

I thought it was the alcohol.

You know, the VA has
lots of support groups for PTSD.

- You should look into it.
- Nah.

Groups talking feelings is, uh...

It's not my thing.

Hey, I think this one's yours.

Oh, wow.

That's, uh... it's me.

You were cute.

Think I found your dad.


♪ It's only technicolour dreams ♪

- Uh, Tim Scott?
- Oh.

Dex Parios. We spoke on the phone.

Yeah, pleased to meet you, Ms. Parios.

Hey. Uh, well, this is, uh, your son.


♪ Is it over? ♪



♪ For the lovers ♪

Well, get over here.


This is my kid.

Isn't that something, huh?

Uh, why don't I buy you guys
a-a round of drinks

and you can get to know each other?

Oh, no, no. Please. It's on me.
Uh, what can I get you?

Oh, no, nothing. I'm actually...
I'm on my way out, so...

Oh. You must have
your own family to get home to.

Thank you.

Yeah. Of course.

♪ 'Cause we could use the company ♪

♪ You decide what you believe ♪

♪ It's only technicolour dreams ♪

Uh, bartender?

You've reached the voicemail
of Ansel Parios.

Leave a message, and I'll call you back.

Go, Timbers.

Few hours early.


Except it's not a Turbo S.

Come on, Scuzzy.
It was a quick turnaround.

She's shy a few ponies.

It still has a 540 horsepower,
and you know it. Come on.

- Come meet the guys.
- Great.

This here's Rico. My brother.

What's up? He doesn't talk much.

That's Chaz.

College kid who apparently
never learned how to drive.

The tree came out of nowhere,
Scuzz, I'm telling you.

And this... is Max.



Here, let me help you up.

I'm kinda dirty.

So, Scuzzy seems to like you.

I might take a little more convincing.

Okay. Fair enough.

Let's see how clean
this boost of yours is.

Did she give you any trouble?

Well, not yet.

Is something wrong?

We're going for a ride.

Oh, yeah? Where we going?

Just get in, smart guy.


4-9-16, we're on the move.

Roger that.

All right, well, what do
you wanna know about me?

I'm an open book.

Oh, I already know a lot about you.

We're here.

4-9-16, target has stopped.

GPS is holding at 181st and Wilkes.

I'll approach to verify.

Stand by until I say it's a go.

So, this is it, huh? Your lair?

After you.

No, I want 5k on Lopez.

Split between the moneyline
and round-one knockout.


This is Grey.

Grey... Leo.

Heard a lot about you, Grey.


Did you sweep the car?



Whoa. Dude, this is legal.

Like, from a dispensary.


Did you think it was funny
to have me and half the force

chase an ice cream truck around town?

No, but I think you should've told
me you planted a tracker on the car.

I don't need to tell you anything.

If I would've left it
on, I would've been made.

I know to hide a tracker.

If I could find it, so could they,

and I didn't feel like taking a risk.

You wanna quit?

Be my guest.

But, you see,
bars cost money to maintain,

and right now, that 13%
is looking pretty good.

Okay, stop acting like
you're doing me a favor,

'cause you are not.

All right? You need me, Hoffman.

You're a rule follower.

I mean, let's be honest.

You probably come from a cop family.

What, your daddy wants you
to be Chief one day,

so you can't have a scratch
on your perfect, little record.

Isn't that right?

You got me pegged.

You got me pegged, Grey.

I don't know how I did my job
before you came around.

You know what?

I could drop you from this right now

for running your mouth... Easy.

Then do it.

Tim. Wasn't expecting
to hear from you so soon.

Well, Jeremy and I were
supposed to have dinner tonight,

but, uh, unfortunately,
I have to leave town.


Thought maybe...
you could tell him for me?

No. Tell him yourself.

Look, I get it. You were 18.

You signed over parental rights
of an infant

to his drug addict mother.

So now is a chance for you
to make everything right.

Don't be another deadbeat parent, man.

Don't bail.

I'm gonna let him down eventually.

It's better now than later.

No. No, it's not, okay?

He needs you.

You don't have to be perfect.

You just have to be... there.


I can't.

I'm not that guy.

She wasn't a drug addict.


I was the screw-up, not Sherri.

I mean, she was a good mom.

That's why I signed my rights over.

Sherri had a history with drugs,

which is why CPS took Jeremy
away from her.

She OD'd on cocaine.

I don't know what happened
in the past 20 years,

but I knew Sherri back then,
and I'm telling you,

she was a Goody-Two-Shoes
right up till the day I left.

So whoever said that she was
a drug addict, they're lying.

Okay, you won't be able
to go any further,

and then hand me the wrench.

You just changed your first tire.

- I changed a tire.
- Yeah!

Good work.

I got to grab this, okay?


Hey, Max.

Leo got a tip on an Audi R8.

Ready for your first official boost?

We're not affiliated with
the Inland Indian Community.

Yeah, I know,
but, um, as you can imagine,

the tribe isn't super psyched

to have an outsider poking around.

So why are you poking around?

Well, my client's mother
was a member of the tribe.

Some of the details just don't add up.

So I was hoping someone
on the reservation could help.

Your client's mother was
a member, but not your client?

Well, he was adopted.

And the adoption agency
isn't exactly forthcoming.

This adoption agency,
was it called Graceful Heart?

You know it?

Unfortunately, all too well.

They used to target
vulnerable tribe members

and take their children away.

I thought the government
tried to stop all that.

The Indian Child Welfare Act

doesn't work as well
as you think it does.

Well, how did they get around it?

They were aggressive.

They seemed to know
exactly who to target and when.

You think this was an inside job?

Would've explained a lot.

Betty Welles, maiden name Paley.

I, uh, did some digging, and I discovered

that you used to work
for Child Protective Services.

In fact, you were responsible

for taking Sherri Fisher's son
away from her.

- Weren't you?
- Ms. Parios...

Actually, that was...
That was a rhetorical question.

I can... I can prove that.

But what I don't know

and what I would love
to talk about is, why?

Sherri Fisher had no prior history

of drug or alcohol addiction.

So why did you write a report

that said she was an unfit mother?

I don't owe you an explanation.

But you owe my client one.

Jeremy Stevens.

Sherri Fisher's son. You remember him?

Eh, probably not, no.

He was only 6 months old

when you ripped him
from his mother's arms.

I saved him.

He was born into an impure family.

I found good, Christian parents for him.

No, you were stealing babies

from perfectly good Native families

and giving them to innocent people

who had no idea they were being had.

It was the Lord's work.


And how much was the Lord paying you?

Excuse me.

I'm thinking, um...
I'm thinking kickbacks.

Families who adopt a kid
get a tax credit, right?

So I'm thinking
that some of those families

give you a little something
when the tax returns come in.

At least until Graceful Heart shut down.

God, that must've been a hit.

We did what was necessary.


So no regrets?

Not a one.

I figured you would say that.

You know, the mics on
these suckers are pretty good.

Any regrets now?

Delete that, please.

No, no, I don't think I will.

Delete it.

Really? In a church?

Hand over the phone.



Well, I think I've overstayed my welcome.

All right, there she is, the Audi R8.

Glossy exterior, V-10 engine,

zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds.

Yeah, it's nice, right?
Just really tough to break into.

My spirit animal.

All right, so, here's the plan...
The next car that pulls in,

the valet takes it,
we break into the valet's box,

we get the keys, and we get out of here.

Where's the fun in that?

You got your lock out kit?

I do,
- but I don't really want...

I'll distract the valet.
You get us in that thing.

Max, there's no cover. It's fully public.

Come on. Live a little.

Max, don't... Max, this is...

Don't mess this up.

All right, thank you.


She wasn't so hard
to break into, was she?

Well, we're only halfway there.

I can't exactly spark two wires together.

That's where my toys come in.

God, I love that sound.

The tracker?

Scrambled the computer.
Doesn't know up from down.

- Great.
- Hey! That's my car!

What do you say we take off?

Be my guest.

Hey! Hey! That's my car!


We'd been trying to have a baby
for so long.

But we were desperate for a kid.

For a family.

We wanted you so much, Jeremy.

What did Graceful Heart tell you?

Just that they had a baby for us.

We didn't ask questions.

But you were suspicious.

They told us we were saving him.

We're so sorry, honey.

I just need a little time.

♪ I'm original as hell

♪ I got vision in my blood cells ♪

I'm sorry I didn't check in
with you earlier, but, uh,

this is me checking in with you.


Just want to make sure you're
not considering freelancing.

I'm not. I was always planning
on telling you.

Like I said, good.


What's happening here?

You don't know me, Grey.

I did five years undercover.


You can't do the job

and keep your hands completely clean.

So you are a rule breaker.


It's not about the rules.

Look, it's about who you are
and why you're doing this.

You have a past.

I don't want you to be tempted
to go back to that.

These guys are gonna start
feeling like your friends.

They're not.

Leo's been arrested in three states

for grand theft auto.

Scuzzy did time for
pulling a gun on his neighbor.

Rico gets arrested constantly.

Mostly for petty theft.

And Chaz, the college boy,
well, he's facing

a disciplinary hearing at his school

for selling fake I.D.s on campus.

Then there's Max.

She'll screw with your head.

I've been there.

I'm just working the case, Hoffman.

I'm trying to get them to trust me.


Her rap sheet is a mile long.

- You name it, she's done it.
- What's your point?

When we're done here,
she will have racked up

enough felonies to go away for 30 years.

♪ You can say I'm only human,
but I will be more ♪

I got that oil that you asked for.

I can't believe
Chaz brought a 10/50 weight.


Today was fun.


Always a rush, right?

So, how long you been working with Leo?


A while.


You guys do anything other than cars?

Like what?

I don't know. I'm just curious.

I've done it all. I'm just
wondering what else you do.


How come you only been busted
for boosting cars, then?

Oh. Okay.

Done my due diligence on you, New Guy.

Well, if you have, then you know

I got contacts in and out of prison.

And I got skills
that don't just pertain to cars.


Max, you ever think about getting out?

Leaving all this behind?


I'm just curious, you know?

I-I sometimes wonder if I could, uh...

if I could live
without the hustle, you know?

A house, a family, stability.

Not having to look
over your shoulder all the time.

Is that something
you think you would ever want?

A real life?

Real life's boring, New Guy.

Look, they made a mistake,
but they are still your parents.

What would you do if
your parents came home tomorrow?

Would you forgive them?

- That's different.
- Is it?

Yeah. They left us.

They don't want to be in my life
or... or my brother's.

Your parents love you.

They stole me from another woman
who loved me.

A whole family I'll never know.

And they lied about it.

You know, there's this trip
I was talking to my buddy about,

backpacking in Southeast Asia.

I think now's a good time to go.

You can't run away from this, Jeremy.

You mean like you're running away

from whatever happened over there?

$500, right?

No, no, no. We're good. We'll
call it a military discount.

No, no. Please. I insist.

Also, it's a peer-to-peer group
that I go to.

It's not some touchy-feely support group.

It's just a few vets
hanging out, having a beer.

You should come.

Okay, I will consider it.

Uh, don't... Don't leave yet.

There's some people who want to meet you.


Your family.

Jeremy, this is your Great Aunt Jacinda.

We call her Grandmother.

And this is your Great Uncle Beau.

Hey. How you doing?
We call him Grandfather.

And this is their son, Evan.

Your cousin.


I've got something to show you.

This is your mother, Sherri.

Her mother, Julia.

My sister.

And down here, that's you.

We've been waiting for you.

There we go. Now we grill it.

That's a perfect patty, man.


Let's see what else is on this list.

All right, "Try hot sauce.

Grow a beard."

Ooh. You wanna ask a girl out?

What? No!

Don't say no to me.
It says it right here.

"Ask Lila out."

Who's Lila?

A girl on my soccer team.

All right, good.

Well, then, we'll ask her out.

I mean, not me. You. You'll ask her out.

But I'll help.

You have soccer tomorrow, right?
We'll do it then.

I have to finish my list first.

Why do you have to finish the list?

I want to be a man, just like you.


You think you need to finish this list

before you ask her out,

and you've seen me do
all this stuff, right?

Okay, I know plenty of guys

who can't do half the stuff on this list,

and they ask out girls all the time.

So you're already ahead of,
like, 75% of the population.

Being a real man

has nothing to do with
the things on that list.

A real man, he... He keeps his promises

and he makes sacrifices

so he can be there
for the people he loves,

and he does the little things

to show them how much he cares.

Like making Dex coffee every morning.

You don't need to finish this list

before you ask her out.

You're ready right now.
You're already a man.



You did a good thing.

For once.

Dex, are you okay?

Throwing any more parties I should avoid?

The house just gets so quiet, you know?

I love that sound. Silence.

It reminds me of the Helmand Desert.

Enemy combatants lurking everywhere.

Maybe it's not the worst thing
in the world,

getting used to being on your own.

- Hey.
- Hey.


You called in the new guy?

I think he can help, okay?

What's going on?

I'm telling you, we should get rid of it.

- Shut up, Chaz.
- We can trust him.


Yeah, right.


Max says you know people.

I do, yeah.

We boosted a delivery truck a while back.

Assumed there'd be
some packages inside...

TVs, maybe some cellphones,
stuff like that.

Instead, we stumbled
into something, uh...

above our pay grade.

We need you to help us move it.

Well, what is it?


A bunch of it.