Stromberg (2004–2012): Season 4, Episode 2 - Finsdorf - full transcript

[Stromberg] Then I say,
Welcome to Finsdorf!

It's still a bit...
but it will be...

I'd say we're going to...
Here, very nicely done.

Careful, steps.

Let me introduce my team,
some very good people,

I must say.

Here, for example, Mrs. Prell...

- joke.
- witz.

Magdalena Prellwitz,
she comes from Poland.

Hold the camera tight.
Not that afterwards...

Oh, that's the television.

The television.

Television. Told you,
that these...

Mrs. Prellwitz has been
for more than ten years.

But just... Poland.

This is Achim Dorfner.

- Dorfler.
- Achim Dorfler is here from Finsdorf.

From Mörsbach,
is not directly near Finsdorf.

If you drive down here
four kilometers --

Super. Here I am supposed to
build up something.

With my experience,
as far as team leadership is concerned...

Insurance management...

in the administrative area
of such a core base--

[Achim] Could I say hello to my guys,
from the FFF?

Finsdorf Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Come, this is now...

I turn down heating,
it's stuffy with so many people.

"We spit in the hands, we extinguish
thirst and fires". Your Achim!


Of course I made mistakes,
Doesn't everybody.

Just like that here?


You don't cut off your head
because you have dandruff,

but after 20 years in a head office
of CAPITOL. And now this.

Here previously sat the...

what was the name of the thing, such a Pommestonne.

Never mind. He sat here for three years
with very lukewarm results.

He's even at headquarters now.

One does not know.

Looks like a coffin lid,
but could be a stepping stone.

I will not be buried
buried so quickly.

Here it will hail degrees.
Then I'll be back whuppdizack.


Everyone very briefly...
Excuse me?

Hello, listen up!

Here, uh...

speaks the queen
of the claims department.

Ulf leave it, I'll get it.

I don't want to give
give such a long speech.

[all shout]
Undress! Undress!

You know
that I am now Stromberg's old office

and also
the deputy director.

- We want Stromberg!
- We don't!

- Tanja!
- Take off your clothes!

You guys are cute.

I wanted to say, you can all
come to me anytime

Now I already sound like Stromberg.

That's why I had the door
taken out.

And since I've been

I did not get anything done, so today I brought
I brought the waffle iron.

Waffles! Waffles!

Dig in! I hope we make it
as nice as possible.

I've got a few more ideas
written down,

how I would like to change
would like to change.

There's one for everyone, too.

That's it, actually.
Thank you!

I find super that Tanja
does that.

With the job and so.
Sure, why not?

All right,

If she knew more about soccer,

or could drive a car better.
than I...

[Voices chattering]

[Voices chattering]
Cream, powdered sugar....

So really boss
isn't she, is she?

So, from me.

That she tells me "Do this,
do this!"

It will come to that.
No, she has nothing to say.


When we say,
"We are only Finsdorf",

"We are just a small, lousy..."
is already wrong.

Is already wrong!

If you throw a small stone
into a big lake,

you can
also hit a fish.

[Magdalena] I didn't understand.
What kind of fish?

Not a real fish, is it?

I need degrees,
Friends of the homeland!

Ten by the end of the week.

Go through the stock,
where can you add and go again.

Where is... Shit.

Come on, suggestions!

- With dishwashing liquid might work.
- Stay seated! Suggestions for this!


I would have to go to buddies,
because of the barn party next week.

Now that's... uh...

I think it's great with the notes.

Well, Ernie, is it good?

Don't you want a napkin?
You've smeared yourself.

I'll only wear it again tomorrow anyway.

And Wednesday.

Then it goes into the wash.

I put on everything
only four to five days.

- I was going to--
- Wash myself!

- I have a plan--
- 30 degrees...

- I wanted to get the department--
- 60 degrees...

- All.
- remodel... clear.

Just briefly because of the plan.

The way Stromberg scheduled us,
it didn't make sense.

Drying is done in my kitchen.

Everything is full there.

But I'll put the old stuff away now.

Also the bed, my bed...

I don't want to sleep in it anymore.

It smells funny.

That's where the mommy died in.

I don't want to have that anymore either.

Doesn't taste nice.

There's a draft coming into the bullpen now.

This rather Polish work ethic,

that's the end of the line. The ten,
it must stand. Now they are buzzing.

[Achim] They are still?

I told you, from the movie!

Oh, yes, good day!

[Mrs. Großjohann]
It's great that something like that happens with us.

I think it's great.


Is about an adjustment from fire protection.

Do you know our combined insurance?

I know Achim, he was so big.

Does not need it, combination insurance.

Nah, Achim does it.

I'll show a brochure.

You both have to sign it,
then the Micki can--

Yes, come on, the Micki,

let's keep it nice.

From a purely statistical point of view,

you have a 40% chance
in the next 10 years

to drop out because of cancer...

Accident, psycho stuff -- that's a fact.

- Mrs..
- Grossjohann, Helene.


If then your husband dies,
she stands there like the little man in the...

- Walde.
- Maybe I should come later,

When you have finished.

That's not mandatory that....

Why don't you come back
again later, if...

- Will you say hello to mom?
- Yes.

See you later.

Yes well, but that's ... uh...

I'm going to get curtains for this.

Good gag, lady boss!

Bright, simple, like Sandra's.

I do the twos
now with the Lehnhoff?

Easier than if you
put them down with you first

and then they
go to Rita.

[I find only the Lehnhoff
so 'n tick ungeil.

I don't think so.

You sit there.
I don't sit down next to such a


Ulf, take a look...

I have suggested to Becker
the accounting system--

Surely great, but I do not sit down
next to him,

ne, Schnupsi?

Already great, the country life.

Totally different air than in the city!

God, yes...

- do we want to go in?
- [Overbeck] Yes.

One reason,
why I came here

The anonymity of the city,
nobody knows anybody,

the noise, the air,

at some point it was no longer for me.

The young people all want to leave.

And the young people from the city,
they all want to come here.

[Overbeck] They wanted to
to talk about my insurance.

Ms. Prell...witz said,
They want to get into your coverage


[Stromberg] Must be great,
to see every morning,

where the milk comes from, and--

It's all computerized.

You stepped in something there.


Of course, this is... Shit...


the country!

Must know,
if one here

is. Like this!

You told the Joe
you fucked away the seating plan?


I just said that
at home about the Lehnhoff

slept around it, in fun!

This is my first week.

How does it look in front of the others,
when my friend...

- I don't get it!
- Still.

I think the Lehnhoff doesn't work.
No shit.

What are you doing?

I'm swapping with Sybille.
That pulls when the door opens.

You can't just swap!


If everybody does as he is funny...

Has nothing to do with funny.
It really drags here!


I am going home. I feel funny.

Like I'm going to vomit.

If you don't feel well
you lie down there on the chairs!

I had that once for Christmas.

I had eggnog
and mummy made savoy cabbage.


That's when I got into the Christmas tree....

We had to throw it away.
It smelled so bad.

Ernie, please! Lie down there first,

and if you do not get better,
we'll get the Jendretzke.

Now everyone does so,
as it is written on the new plan!

I can't promise that I will get
your special requests.

[Stromberg] Mr. Fruit... Overbeck,
I have worked out something for your yard.

One more to go!

One more to go!

Come on, on three legs
you can't stand.

A dog has already 4, and I
am a centipede in this respect.


The Magda can also take something!

I did at the church festival...

And the pastor, remember?

And the Werner with us later!
In the ox...

With the Manni and Klaus!

So now...

Now briefly... briefly again
to this... Hello!

You are underinsured, Mr. Overbeck.

Sure, not a topic you deal with
deal with on a daily basis.

You have the farm, you have the cows
and so on.

That is why


what put together.

Effective, but cheap.

Do not be put off
by the technical jargon.

[Overbeck] Don't go limp already!

Oh no! Here you have to sign.

Is best liquor, what you do.

I would say so too!

Because of the insurance,

I did an online check.

I have 'n Package put together
and so I am quite well positioned.

[Stromberg] I didn't know that at all.

- [Ulf] That was now also--
- Bad luck, now me!

Guys, honestly!


We play office ball.
The loser sits next to Lehnhoff.

- Is it two to three?
- Have to clean up the trash can.

Stop it now, here!

Ms. super important... important.


It's me, little mouse, the Bernd.

I wanted to hear,
whether you miss me.

And what's going on with us now,



I don't want to say anything about that,
to this whole Stromberg topic.

Not because I'm embarrassed about it.
It's just nobody's business.

I don't think that the
totally off. I mean...

sure, sometimes yes, but

sometimes he is really cute.

Of the whole kind.

This fuss from him
is just insecurity. You can tell that.

This gaggle, when the then
"Yes... so, here... uh"...

He never means it like that.

Liability, not hapftlicht!

- I'll sit with the boys.
- What guys?

I'm allowed to sit where I want, aren't I?
Or are you going to make me a plan?

I have explained to you
with the plan!

Is here still free?


I wanted to talk to you for a minute anyway, um....

everything is a bit shit with me,
long story. In any case,

my ex can't pick up the little one
pick him up from school every day.

I would have to leave two days a week
leave a little earlier. Is that okay?

Actually, not so easy.

When then?

Until four he stays at school,
then I should be here around

shortly after half past.

Stromberg said it could be done.

I can imagine...

- How?
- That's right.

You can't lie down with me,
and then it runs!

What's your problem?

"Nah, can't" would have been enough.

It's off to a great start, your boss time.

Mrs. Seifert, meal!

I'm allowed, aren't I?

[Becker] Chicken, they can do that here,
you can say nothing.

And with you? How's it going?

Are you getting along?

[Stromberg] To the Seifertschen I give.
half a year, then the

driven the department into the grout.
Then it is

"Tatütata, the Bernd is there."

That's why I take it easy
with Finsdorf.

I'll be in town in 20 minutes.

If there is not traffic jam again.

Of course you are a foreign body at first,
in such a new place.

I fit there, like

a lobster tail at the bockwurst stand.
No question about it.

But I keep contact

with the old colleagues.

Already for private
Knick-Knack reasons.

Is good, this thing here.

I like it here.

Well, how is it?

You scared me!
What are you doing here?

Yeah, just asking how it's going, and....

It goes like this... and with you?


I didn't think that this...
Here, I brought it.

Oink, oink oink.

Lucky pig.

This is...

[Mr. Stromberg,
what are you doing here?

Ah, the woman...
Well, everything in the bag?

This is a kindergarten, really.
The Tanja earlier, too.

How is it going,
Miss Seifert?

Well, to me she was
pretty stupid.

I thought so.

- I have to go back in.
- Yeah, sure.

Yeah, there, uh.

We'll talk about it in peace, ne?

- Yes, sure!
- Yes.

I really need to get back in.


This is really cute.


You're doing great.

With the waffles and stuff....

Thanks. I'm going to paint
paint a new face.

- Wanted it that way.
- Yes, just.

What? This is the ladies' room!

Didn't see it.

How so you sit next to the toilet?
And how long have you been sitting there?

I was thinking,
I must vomit.

You should
lie down on the armchairs.

You are
not eight years old!

Have no more joy at all.

Don't like to clean up at home anymore either.

Pull yourself together a little bit.

Super in Finsdorf!

I would not have thought.

Not done for ages.
Direct customer contact!

Quite different from here.

And is only 40 kilometers
to here.

Sounds all great.

How's it going with Fräuleinchen here?

She has made such a plan, and

now I sit with the Lehnhoff

Holy shit!

Do you?

You fat Lord Jesus,
I don't believe it.

Here, go like this!

Do it like this!


Tanja carries your eggs for a walk.

Nice in her handbag.

Was already better
in my time, wasn't it?

With something like that you have to
go to the top.

Immediately to the Becker, but quick as a flash.
I wouldn't put up with that.

I say quite honestly.


This does not go against Tanja.

- Nah, no way.
- Not at all.

It's also not about the fact that Tanja
can't do it professionally.

It is simply that it is incredibly
restless in the department.

You don't want to say
that it went better with Mr. Stromberg!

- Better is...
- I don't know now...

Good, then I have understood you
understood correctly.

Ah, Mr. Becker.

Did you send them?

I should have guessed.

I'll tell you again.

Mrs. Seifert
has my full backing.

A permanent overload

can be fatal for a woman.

Tanja Seifert has 'n self-confidence

like a paramecium, whereas I have all this
all this stress

always coped very well.

Do you think that you can get a foothold here again?
gain a foothold again?

Finsdorf is the end of the line for you,
rightly so.

You were always a disaster
for the department.

That's my opinion. Tag.

Ernie, what are you doing?

I feel dizzy.

You also look like a plate of kale.

Go home, man.

There's nothing and nobody there either.

Then it is with you like with me in


Wasn't all bad
when I was here, was it?

For me it was always
mostly not special.

This is ergonomic...
for the hand.

[Ulf] Sure.


Office is for 'n people like a...

Like a wiener forest for 's chicken.
You're just 'n piece of meat.

That's how it is.

Some of my best years

in the store, then you won't even get
not even to the company parking lot.

You have to park two blocks away,
to even... oh, come on...

It's my own fault.

One does not feed chocolates
to pigs.


Maybe a bit naive,
that I thought...

What is this?

Isn't that the car from the...



Hello, Ernie!

Ernie, get out!

Get out of there!

Somebody call the ambulance.

This is all here...

[Bert] Are you insane?

What kind of number was that?

Was that supposed to be an exhaust emission test?

My head is dizzy.

Good, this is also nothing new.

I saw light, very bright...

and angels...

With points.

Points they had, everywhere.

Like ladybugs.

Wasn't so nice either.


Ladybug with dots...



- Please!
- Thank you.


The Overbeck, the farmer Overbeck,

where we were there with the schnapps,

has read through everything
and signed. Chop, chop, and chop!

Now it's getting rolling here.

- It's good, isn't it?
- Yes, sure!

Thank you.

And the Seifertsche, that will be nix.

With Ulf anyway.
And now Ernie.


he even left a letter.
So right.

So about "I don't see any perspective,
even in the company...".

He was trying to...
There you were.

My dear man!

You can't make it clearer than that,
that you have to deal with the circumstances

is not satisfied.
Ernie is wind on my mill.

Ernie is already 'n whole storm.

Is ready now?

With television?

- Then we have sausage salad.
- Yes, it's ready.

Sausage salad.

he has a catalytic converter in the car.

He could have been sitting in it for four years,
nothing would have happened.

I really can't cope with all this.


Becker said,
at the beginning this is normal.

When did you talk to 'm Becker?

What did you want with him?

Nothing at all. Come.

Did you complain about me?

No... well... not right.

[Ulf] Ouch, man!

Now wait a minute!