Stromberg (2004–2012): Season 1, Episode 5 - Die gute Tat - full transcript

- Morning!
- Morning!

- What's new?
- Activities of the works council.

- Ah, that's because of--
- Restructuring.

Could I also tell some things,
how active the works council is.

It's already around in the department, isn't it?

Tomorrow! With Sabine?

Which Sabine?

- The little Sabine.
- The works council Sabine?

Yes, I always say "Sabbel".

- Who once had something with Ulf?
- Nonsense...

- there was nothing.
- Well, they have already--

I could also tell a lot of things.
So activities of the works council.

The bitch. If she is always so active,
holla the wood fairy!

Morning Ulf!

We are talking
about the restructuring

Of course, a position as chief
associated with attraction to women.

But I have so far.
in the erotic sphere...

Never had to exploit...

I say in all modesty.

Nickname Teflon.

The one who doesn't burn anything.

Beyond that I am married.

Ulf, I wanted to ask again about the...

The evaluation of the Thieme AG.
First class! Very good!

- This is a normal evaluation.
- Yes.

just didn't want you to think
that now from me...

because of Sabine, yes?

- Between us is so far everything... ne?
- Yes.


Here is an article
about the Turculu.

- Where.
- Competition "The CAPITOL for people".

- Show.
- He integrated two disabled people.

Here, with photo and everything.

Unflattering picture. With the hair,
he looks so worn out.

Even the company management congratulated!

Yes, very good.

"Role model for other departments"
is written here.

Can he cut out and hang in the toilet
hang "The CAPITOL for people".

[Fart sound]

Human resources department does
a bone marrow thing.

Turculu has a double page.

This employee booklet
nobody reads.

You look at it and somehow...

I still wanted
in the contest...

This is where I work.
Tanja is my colleague.

Your godchild? Hello, I heard,
that you are coming today. I am Tanja.

Ina is looking around, then maybe you do
maybe your school internship here?

Let's see.

Pull up a chair,
then I'll show you everything!

[Cell phone rings]


[Ina makes noises on cell phone]

I would know that! Do you think
I go to bed with such an assi?

[Ina] Totally embarrassing!

Nah, I'm in one of those things.
What is this again?

- Insurance.
- Yeah, insurance, right.

Nah, totally dull.

Because of internship or something.

Yes, get back to me! Bye!

Where can I get a Coke?

Back there.

Who says that the accounting system
from the Turk Turculu is better--

I say that. It has turned out
turned out to be much more variable.

From the bare numbers, maybe,
purely objectively, I think that...

- Sorry.
- Speaking of the devil.

- The audit of the balance sheet.
- Thank you!

- Congratulations!
- For what?

- Your article?
- Oh, I see, that was just....

- not worth mentioning.
- Don't be so modest!

The management wants to make us
to make us seem more human.

That's where such actions are important!

Whether the group internationally

is better off because of two employees on
because of two employees on wheels, I doubt it.

I have a very praising fax
from the federal board.

Holla, that's where I get the best....

times two blind people in the department.

Your department has not yet
in this respect.

I handed in my handicapped parking space
handed in!

One of his wheelchair drivers has it.

I think this is in front.

I'm regular on E3,
second row.

- There it is!
- You didn't have to do that!

Helping is a matter of course...

to make personal capital out of it,
makes me foxy!

- Of course, to do such a thing!
- Not for all!

I think so.
But well, I thank you again.

Even to the Indians in the pedestrian zones
with their panpipes, I gave money...

despite the music! The postcards...

that they paint with their feet
I bought...

some I have even sent.

I don't make such a fuss about it!

Some will know,
there is an action in the house...

- Excuse me.
- "The CAPITOL...

For people." Yes.

This is an action, hold on....

this is about humanity...

an action,
which I support 110%...

and I ask you for suggestions!

What can be done?


There are so many,
who are worse off than us...

I can't imagine that.


Ulf, I don't think
that you have such jokes...

in a cancer ward!

This is a serious issue,
to which we must give due--

- Greenpeace.
- Please?

- Greenpeace.
- People, Tanja!

[Cell phone rings]

- Hi! Well?
- Can I have some peace and quiet?

Turn off the cell phones!
Who is that anyway?

My godchild, she is only here today...

- Her mother is in the hospital.
- We are not a nursery!

Victims of bullying, it's a big issue.

Ernie, this is kid's crap.

No, we need strong themes. Erika.

Eating disorders, for example,
that would be a good topic!

What is that supposed to mean?

It is about
a good cause here...

and with you
one sees yes obviously!

Yes, don't have to.

There are other topics...
Fingertip feeling is the A and O...

because as the boss you are.
a kind of mimosa gardener.

If you are not sensitive to the smallest vibrations.
sensitively react, everything is fucked.


- That's it!
- Man!

- Are you nuts?!
- [Man] You're out of your mind.

- Did we only get two?
- Yes.

Erika -->

I just wanted to get a new...

That earlier, that was a misunderstanding!

Sponge over it?

I looked at the little one again,
that you have with you.

I told you, Ina is only here today!

parents divorced,
she lives with mother

- and I am just the godmother.
- Also there...

Ina, it's not easy for her.

Always trouble at school
and then alone all day.

Ina is just a real
little problem child.

Great! We as a department can
can step in. So "CAPITOL for people"!

- What?
- Just imagine...

Damage control tried
Damage control on street child.

Street child?
She lives normally with her mother!

Exactly, yes.

There are these animal sponsorships in the zoo,
the animals also stay in the enclosures.

- Animal sponsorships?
- Wait a minute.

My best thanks
for the spontaneous readiness.

our little Isa, uh, Ina
as a godchild, so to speak...

I think,
it's an excellent contribution...

on the subject of "The CAPITOL for people"--

- This is total shit!
- Yes...

I have prepared a small list
which colleague Heisterkamp now distributes...

which shows...

When who will take care of the little one.

Then this is for all of us
a fine thing.

Hm, you?

You can also draw something
if you want. Here are pens.

I am 16!
I don't draw!

Picasso was over 80 and he painted.

- Who?
- Never mind.

Try playing hide and seek!

- Ha, ha.
- Ha, ha.

Or do you know "Catch the Spitz"?
Or here...

"Catch the hat!" here.
I always like to have that.

Do you know pulling away? Do it like this!

With your hands like this, and then pull away!
Like this, and now you!

Go ahead, it's totally funny!

Tell me, are you still crazy?
You have probably shit in your brain?

She must move away.

Of course I like children. When they are
are very small and scream so much....

I don't know like that.

But when the then later,
so with eleven, twelve...

they are so cheeky nowadays!

I was in the streetcar the other day
by four, five of these bullies...

they were making fun of my stuff
made fun of and so.

I don't like kids like that!

Great magazine you make,
Mr. Friebe!

Also the article
about the Turkish colleague Turculu!

Something similar
maybe about me, about my project.

- With nice picture, a little text.
- Yes, so Mr. Stromberg...

maybe you can explain a little bit more
explain a little bit more about the whole story?

So... Just everything!

Oh, I'd love to!

The thought was, there are so
many children in the world, in India....

Africa, everywhere.

For them is collected
and made and done.

Are our children really better off
just because they don't starve immediately?

- How did that fall in?
- No problem, they usually end up there.

We said,
let's take a kid from here.

Did you draw Mr. Turculu this moustache
and the turban?

What? Nope!

I think it's actually quite funny.

Yeah, I guess that was me then.
It's funny, isn't it? Here...

the Turculu.

If I imagine you do this
every day for 30 years or so.

That's not all I...

so I often go to the cinema
dancing, shopping or something.

Are you married?


No, in this respect
it was not so great now.

Welcome to the club!

It's not that bad here either.
Most of the colleagues are quite nice...

the Erika, or the Ulf.

But there's nothing going on with him, is there? With Ulf?


[Tanja giggles]

Nah, there's nothing going on.

Ah, Mr. Stromberg!
I heard your department...

is taking on some kind of sponsorship?

How do you know that?
Nobody should really...

They told that to the press department.

- But--
- Did you take over the sponsorship now?

Yes!"The CAPITOL for People."

- Children are people too, practically.
- Good morning...

- together!
- Ah, Mr. Turculu

- I heard the television is reporting?
- It's just going to be a little report.

- That's great!
- Oh, well.

Hopefully you will not have to apologize
apologize again for this action.

I was just about to ask you...

Nah, that's where we were on 500 so far.

Mrs. Goede, I'll see
what the computer says.

No, he doesn't want to today,
it's probably too hot for him... Yes.

I'll get back to you,
maybe we'll get to know each other then.

I am glad about that, Mrs. Goede.
Yes, that's right, that's how it's done!

Bye-bye! Yes, exactly, here too!

Not good to fuck people,
who have it shit anyway.

This is totally unfair

I wasn't thinking about children yet.

With children, it's time to stop having fun.
And I could still be funny.

Sure, in the long run always only to work
and on weekends with the boys...

There could be something else,
if it is the right woman, children...

Already a very nice idea,
but I'm still missing the story!

Huh? Why?
we have now in detail...

The children are our dings,
our future building blocks.

And the moment we care more
about our future building blocks--

I don't understand,
why this girl of all girls?

Problem child! Franziska,
can we have a very short time here?

Don't ask me about pollen!

The mother,
very lowest social category. Milk?

- Nope.
- Yes.

I see. Drugs and stuff?


Can you cope with it?

My father also slipped
slipped the one or other time the hand.

One wrong word and the slipper
danced tango on the butt.

But in the circles, that's yes....

Yes, I understand.

A very brave undertaking
Mr. Stromberg, respect!

Mr. Friebe, if I can give back some of what
I got in life, I can give back.

Where is the little one now anyway?

- She should be--
- Is she here, yes?

Yes, yes, she is always here.

Ina, come,
someone wants to meet you.

Don't be always asked,
come on!

Are you still okay?

Ciao, beautiful woman,
You ordered pizza five seasons?

- The Vöckler files, I was looking for them!
- Do you know moving away? Cool?

Do you think Tanja is good too?

[Tanja] What?

You meant, you can imagine!


What can you imagine with me?

Nothing at all, I said,
you are nice, or something.

Your nose is growing! What
can you imagine? Tell me!

- Otherwise I'll have to tickle you!
- Okay!

I said, after a nuclear war
all men would be gone and only Ulf would be left...

then I could imagine something.

You mean imagine already in the sense of,
how Stromberg would do?

- You can imagine such a thing?
- We are talking about a nuclear attack!

What to do with colleagues.
is such a thing.

Otherwise it's over
and you have to work together,

If I imagine,
with my ex in a department,

I would quit immediately.
I'd rather wait tables. Absolutely.

But Ulf is quite...

I like him!

The Tanja

From our department?
What am I supposed to say now?

Is that only love counts
or what is it called?

We then sit like this and I say,
ui, I love you so...

but I don't dare
to tell you that.

I even watch it sometimes.

I wouldn't do it like that with Tanja.

That's not like them now.

Can you find me the HGBs,

My name is Bert,
I told you already 1000 times!

Don't get so excited, Bert!

Remember your pump, Ernie!

That's the... Man, really!

Sometimes this is a madness,
you want to throw everything in!

[Ina] I know it from home!

You are always the doormat for everyone,
sometimes it suits me up to here!

I also do not know,
am I stupid or the others?

Sometimes before school I have
stomach ache.

Really? I have that here a lot too.
Really in my stomach.

For three weeks
I've had another nerve thing.

- Can't you complain somewhere?
- I already did!

But the works council cabin,
Ulf comes first...

and then Stromberg comes.

[Ina] Oh what?
You mean they popped?

Here in the office or what?

- Cheese sandwich?
- Nope.

They are good, I make them myself!

[Erika] You can't do that!

Ina told something about a story
with photos!

Snapshot for the
CAPITOL cheese paper. No one reads it!

You can't say
the mother is a drug addict!

- No one says addicted, but she smokes?
- Yes.

Nicotine is a drug, Erika!

- Uschi kills me!
- Uschi finds out there nothing of it!

- Nope. No!
- Erika, now watch out!

Here are your things!

Hello honey!

This is my wife
Erika Burstedt, my wife!

What are these important photos,
that I have to bring you things?

We'll be over there for a minute.
Let's go for a second...

So, hello.
Great, let's get started!

What's the point of this anyway?
I don't want any photos!

Ina, neither do I,
but all this is useless.

Just put it down naturally!

Mr. Stromberg, just stand natural for a change!

Can you still move from me to the right?

This is more my choc...

Tell me,
do you have contact with your mother?

Let's take pictures first,
so as not to burden her too much!


I just wanted to watch.

- Fingers crossed.
- Yes, but...

About the drugs, how do you feel?
Your mother is...

- now in the clinic.
- Let's stay photographic!

- How about something like that?
- Nah, what's the point?

My mother is at the post office,
quite normal! She...

is in hospital for three days
with polyps,

not because of drugs,
she doesn't even drink beer!

- Honey?
- I'm going, buy this later.

I will, bye!

The one from the works council, with whom he is there....

Has you nicely under control, Mr. Stromberg!

Bernd? Will you come out with me?

[Camera is triggered several times]

- That's it!
- Okay.

- Morning!
- Morning!

Mr. Friebe, about yesterday again,
I briefly lost the fuse...

you may also know!

Honestly not.

I wanted to ask,
about the story?

Are we going to do something again without photos?

No, we are doing something
About the parking situation in the house....

because now I can write
write something about it.

- Where are you parked?
- M8, at the very back.

That's where I used to park.
Now I'm on E3, second row.

Are you interested in a better parking space?
I could offer something.

Tanja, you are a swell woman....

maybe we both want to
try it together?

Yes, we'll cut that out again.

I only said that
because you meant...

You really have to cut that out!