Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995–1997): Season 1, Episode 12 - Chunnel Vision - full transcript

- [Announcer] Colonel
William Guile.

One of the greatest martial
artists in the world

travels the global
tournament circuit,

using it to conceal his
top-secret mission as leader

of an elite group of
international crime fighters

known only by their codename,

Street Fighter!

The heroic man-beast


Hard-kicking fighting machine


[intense rock music]

And a team of the most
amazing warriors ever seen

have joined forces with Guile

to combat the criminal
empire of Shadaloo

and its superhuman leader Bison.

They have their
own code of honor.




And together they will triumph
against the forces of evil.

Street Fighter!

[electrical sparking]

[distant rumbling]

[sudden electrical bursting]


[explosion booming]

[fire crackling]


- Goose chase is over, Bison!

Keep your hands where
we can see them!

- With pleasure, Commando.


- Bison, behind you!

- Oh, please, that
is the oldest--

[train rumbling]

[train screeching]

- You were saying, Bison?

[gears grinding]

- Got ya, matey.

- A not-inconsiderable

Of course the real trick

is to hold me.

- [Reporter] And the
world was relieved today

as notorious international
warlord M. Bison

was finally taken into custody

by members of our own
special forces branch.

[crowd cheering]
[cameras clicking]

- Trouble is,

Scotland Yard has no idea
what they're holding.

Bison is a time bomb.

- That's not what I call him.

- Bison's people will never
allow him to remain behind bars.

If there's a jailbreak,

many innocent bystanders could
be caught in the crossfire.

You two will be in London

to make sure that
doesn't happen.

Honda and Dee Jay will
rendezvous with you there.


Are you certain about this, sir?

About us needing to be there?

- You have a problem, Cammy?

- Not a one, sir.

But I know these blokes
who bagged Bison.

They're the best in the game.

Uh, well,

next to us, that is.

It's just a bloody bore

having to maintain cover
around old chums, is all.

- Speaking of which,

your cover will be
as hired security

for a private U.S.
trade delegation.

Selling plumbing
supplies, no less.

- Back to London again.

- [Guile] Bison at last.

- Come on, Burke.

Rory and I are about
to faint of thirst!

- [Burke] Just a moment, Celia.

I'm doing the arrest report.

- Well, we're leaving now.

[electrical sparking]
Oh, no.

I guess someone
plugged in a teapot.

- You'd think they could spend

a few pounds and fix this place.


- Oh, blast!

I just spent four
hours on that report.


I'll finish up in
the morning then.

- No, no, people!

Please, please!

Sit down.

We're all deeply touched by
your support and enthusiasm.

But, we were just doing our job.

Capturing Bison was all
in a day's work, really.

On behalf of my colleagues,

I thank you.

- Lovely, gov.

Brought a tear to
my eye, it did.

Yeah, nothin' like an
appreciative audience.

And this is nothin' like
an appreciative audience.

- Well we have an early
roll call in the morning.

- Oh you can't leave yet.

The party's just started!

- I'm sorry, Celia, I just
don't feel like celebrating.

- You never feel like
celebrating, not anymore.

Not since she left.

- You keep bringing
her up, Celia, not me.

- Hey, is this a private game?

Or can anybody play?

- [Burke And Celia] Cammy?


- And I thought
you'd forgotten me.


- We could never forget
you, little sister.

- Uh, Rory,

I still need those ribs.

- Oh.


- Cammy, it's good
to see you again.

- You too, Burke.

I've, uh, I've missed you all.

- Uh, welcome back, love.

Care for a game?

- Actually, Cele,
I'm here on business.

- Oh, you've come
to rejoin the team?

To work with me.

Uh, with us again.

- Oh, sorry, no.

I'm on a security detail
for a stateside trade group.

- [Celia] Arms dealers?

- Well, actually, uh,

plumbing supplies.


- You left special forces
so you could play nursemaid

to a bunch of plumbers?

- No, I left because
I didn't fit in.

All the rules, all the
office politics and drama.

All the personal fun and games.

You remember the fun
and games, eh, Burke?

- Now look, Cammy, it
was never a game for me.

What you and I had
back there was--

- [Guile] Mind if
I play through?

- [Burke] Who in blazes?

- Burke, Rory, Celia,

meet Colonel William F. Guile.

- This is who you
left us for, Cammy?

Way I heard it, you're not
a colonel anymore, mate.

They drummed you
out of the service

when you got yourself
court marshaled

for going past your operations
mandate in Shadaloo.

You must have wanted our
old chum Bison pretty badly.

- You mean that bloke we
just lobbed in the clink?

- Let's go, Colonel.

This was a big mistake.

- No, Cammy, wait!

- Quiet!

I hear somethin' out there.

Some sort of a


- Someone's out there!

[urgent music]

- [Cammy] Guile, what is it?

- Someone's on the roof.

Secure the building
and meet me on top!

- [Cammy] Got it!

- I'm calling this in.

Rendezvous on top!

- Celia, need a lift?

- You're a love.

That friend of Cammy's,

he may not be regulation
but he's not bad.

[device beeping]

- No!

Burke! Burke!

The whole building's been
rigged with explosives.

It's going to blow!

- Hold it right there!

You come with me
nice and quiet or

come with me nice and
quiet and unconscious.

- [Burke] Freeze!
- [Celia] Don't move!

[helicopter whirring]

[device pulsing]

[device pulsing]

- [Cammy] I've gotta get
up there and warn Guile.

- Cammy, you don't
know if there's time.

You can't go in there!

You know the protocol.

- I know your protocol!

That's why I quit, remember?

[explosion booming]

[Cammy grunting]

[explosion booming]

[explosion booming]



- Follow me!

Sonic boom!

[debris crumbling]

[metal grinding]


- [Cammy] Guile!
- [Burke] Cele!

- [Cammy] Rory!


- Splendid move up there, Guile.

Rory and I owe you one.

- No one owes me anything
except an explanation.

And I think I already
know the answer.

Does the name Bison
ring any bells?

[intense music]

- Public locations, schools,
shops all over London

have been rocked by a series
of violent explosions.


because of the hour
no one was injured.

But if the blasts
had occurred midday,

well who know how many innocent
lives might have been lost.

Bison claims credit
for the blast

and says his people will
set off more bombs today

unless he's immediately
granted his freedom

and given one billion
pounds sterling.

- I've got somethin'
to give that

lousy sack of fat right here.

- Quite.

A sentiment we all
share, I'm sure.

But right now we're
in need of more

practical suggestions.

[Cammy sighing]

- This is why I left, you know.

They all sit around
fiddling while Rome burns.

And Burke's the worst of all.

Him and his precious protocol.

[device beeps]
- Honda, Dee Jay!

This is Guile.

- We've been waiting
for your call, mon.

- Honda, he already
workin' on breaking

the special forces'
communications codes.

- Tell the colonel
this may take a while.

- Keep at it.

Guile out.
[device beeps]

- Why did I leave, he wonders.

As if I had a choice.

As if I could, eh?

Oh, Colonel, sorry.


- A little reconnaissance
might be in order.

We could use more information.

- My specialty.

Be right back.

So you really believe M. Bison
is behind the explosions?

- Indeed so, miss.

Though it makes no sense.

If Bison's chaps intend to
break him outta the clink,

why do something guaranteed
to triple security?

- Maybe because they
simply don't care

how much security there is.

- Now, there's a
frightening thought.

- Maybe you should think about--


Who is that?

- Bison's solicitor.

Uh, lawyer, I think
you yanks call him.

- So that's how Bison
got his plans out.

- Curious bloke, actually.

But why are you interested in--

Crazy yank.

[tires screeching]

- Honda, Dee Jay!

We've just spotted Zangief!

He's going west out
of Scotland Yard

in a late-model black sedan.

- I got something
on the radar, mon.

No fears!

He won't get away.

[radar beeping]

[tires screeching]

- He's gone!

Must be inside.

Come on!

[intense chase music]

Over there!

[train screeching]


- Dreadful sorry.

No trace of Zangief.

- He's gotta be here somewhere.


We warned your special
forces people about Bison!

About sitting on him hard

until he stood trial.

And they still messed this up.

- My people, as you put it,
did the best they could.

Don't forget, they caught
Bison in the first place.

- And left Zangief get in there

to plan a
billion-dollar clambake.

[device beeping]

- Colonel! Dee Jay!

The deadline is past, Colonel.

But Downing Street
did not give in.

They think Bison's bluffing.

- I don't, sir.

Whatever he's got planned,

it'll be soon,

and it'll be big.

- Well keep on it.

Guile out.

[device beeps]

- Colonel we've got a problem.

We're on the Chunnel train, sir.

That high-speed express?

We're not gonna stop until
we clear out from the tunnel

under the English Channel

and land in France.

- Looks like I loused things
up pretty good myself.

Maybe you should have stayed

with your special
forces friends.


- Not a chance, Colonel.

You're so much cuter.

Now all we've got to
do is find Zangief.

- And figure out what
he's doing on this train.

You can bet he's
not sightseeing.

[train screeching]

- [Cammy] There he is!

- Uh-uh-uh!

No snacking between meals.


Sonic boom!


Now suppose you tell us
what Bison is planning to--


[wheels grinding]





[low, pensive music]




- Over here!

Where's Zangief?

- Gone.

He had this whole thing planned.

Dee Jay, I need an update.


- Better you hear
it from Honda, mon.

News is bad.

- Bison stalled your train
halfway through the Chunnel.

His thugs have
sealed off both ends.

Bison's boys are heavily
armed and extremely ugly.

- Looks like we found
Bison's next target.

Trainload of passengers
stuck 200 feet

under the English Channel,

10 miles from either exit.

I gotta hand it to Bison.

Good plan.

- You release me, gentlemen-

and lady-

and hand over my billion pounds

within the next 20 minutes

or you can kiss all
those hostage passengers

and your precious
Chunnel farewell.

- This game's not over yet!


- No, indeed.

In fact, the fun has just begun.


- The engineer's waiting
for our signal, Colonel.


- Let's get this
show on the road.




[explosion booming]

Cammy, clear this rig!

It's gonna blow!


[explosion booming]

[explosion booming]

[debris crumbling]

[fire crackling]

- You think Bison's buddies
at the other end heard that?

[distant explosion rumbling]

- Yeah, they heard it.

[device beeping]

Dee Jay, you've got
interesting timing.

- It's over, Colonel.

Bison's people know
you're there now.

And he's gonna blow up the
train unless he gets his money.

- And the government's
about to hand it to him.

They want you to sit tight
till this thing's over.

- Don't let them hand over
the money, you got that?

I'm getting these
people out somehow.

- How are we supposed
to get them out?

We can't even get ourselves out.

[flames flaring]

- Take the servants' entrance.

Sonic boom!

[explosion booming]
[concrete crumbling]

Cammy, get everyone
off the train

and into the service tunnel.

Bison's not going anywhere.

[helicopter whirring]

- Ah, it appears
my ride is here.

Once my tribute is
loaded, I will say adieu.

But first,

I really must thank you all

for your gracious hospitality.

If you fools hadn't captured
me in the first place,

none of this would
have been possible.


[seagulls cawing]

- [Cammy] Everyone's
off and moving

through the service tunnel, sir.

- As long as they're
moving away from the train,

they'll be safe, even if
Bison pushes the button.

[device beeps]

Dee Jay, this is Guile!

All passengers are safe!

Repeat, all are safe!

Tell special forces they can
nail Bison's hide to the wall.

[helicopter whirring]

[device beeping]

[gears grinding]


- Ah, looks like you're not
going anywhere, you arrogant--


- Arrogant, am I?

Deal with them.


- Stop him, lads!

He won't get away now!


- On it, Burke!



- Get back here, you!


- I don't think so!

[explosion booming]


[exciting rock music]

[metal grinding]

[metal grinding]

[explosion booming]

[lasers firing]


[explosion booming]

[helicopter whirring]

- [Bison] All that lovely money.

My billion pounds sterling.

Oh, well!

Easy come, easy go.

- [Dee Jay] Good news,
bad news, Colonel.

The billion-pound
ransom is safe.

And so are the passengers.

But Bison got away again.

- Colonel, we saved
hundreds of lives

and a billion pounds sterling!

- And why don't I
feel like cheering?

- [Celia] I wish you
weren't going, love.

Seems like old times
having you around.

- Hey, we still don't know

who was helpin'
us in the Chunnel.

All very hush-hush
and classified.

But I got a feelin' you
and your plumbin' pal

had yourselves a
bit of a workout.

Thanks for the assist.

- Oh, Rory.

I'm gonna miss you.

- We need you, Cammy.

I need you.

- Oh, Burke.

You've never needed anyone.

Me neither.

Maybe that's our problem.

But just maybe there's
someone who does.

Celia's an ace, Burke.

Maybe it's time you realized it.

- Hmm.

Thank you, Cammy.

I mean it.


- Have to go make the world
safe for plumbing fixtures.


[helicopter whirring]

- Come on, then.

Tea time!

And I'm buying.

- You sure you made the
right choice, Cammy?

I special forces has
first-rate benefits

and a heck of a pension plan.

- Why bother?

Working with you, Colonel,

there's no way I'm ever gonna
make it to retirement anyway.


- Come on.

[jet streaking]

[militaristic rock music]