Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995–1997): Season 1, Episode 13 - Strange Bedfellows - full transcript

Both Bison's operation and the Street Fighters are under siege from a mysterious force.

[majestic tones]

- [Narrator] Colonel
William Guile,

one of the greatest martial
artists in the world,

travels the global
tournament circuit,

using it to conceal
his top secret mission

as leader of an elite group of
international crime fighters

known only by their
codename Street Fighter.

The heroic man-beast.


Hard kicking fighting machine.


[heroic rock music]

And a team of the most
amazing warriors ever seen

have joined forces with Guile
to combat the criminal empire

of Shadaloo and its
superhuman leader Bison.

They have their
own code of honor.

Discipline, justice, commitment.

And together, they will triumph
against the forces of evil.

Street Fighter.

[ominous music]


- [Henchman] Where
do these weapons go?

- In back.

General Bison will supervise
their shipment tomorrow.

[door smashing]


- [Concerned Henchman]
Get out of here.


[explosion booms]

- [Zangief] Huh?


[tense electric guitar music]


- How dare they mock me.

Any witnesses?

- No one recognized
the attacker.

Could it have been a Street
Fighter, General Bison?

- It is not like them to attack.

- Maybe Guile just
snapped or something.

- Impudent.

No matter.

If it were the Street Fighters,

their brazen attack will
be returned tenfold.

[wind howling]

- [Guile] Why, if it
isn't Lawrence of Arabia.

- Have a seat, stow the humor.

Our headquarters were hit.

- [Guile] When did it happen?

- [Escher] This morning.

Some of our staff are still
in critical condition.

- [Guile] Who did it?

- [Escher] We have evidence
that Bison's forces

made the attack, and three
others in the last 24 hours.

- Why now?

- I have no idea.

It's as if Bison's declared
war on the Street Fighters.

- If it's war he wants,
then war he gets.

Are Blanka and
Chun-Li available?

- Yes.

But remember, our job isn't

about search and
destroy missions.

- Don't worry.

I'm just going to
look for a pattern.

I wanna be there when
he hits us again.

[ominous music]

[explosions booming]

[electrical zapping]



[flames crackling]

- It had to be the
Street Fighters again.

If you can't provide
tighter security,

then perhaps someone
else needs to.

- Like you, Sagat?

Perhaps you'd like to try
to retire me right now.

- No, it's only that--

[explosion booms]

[flames crackling]

- Those are our ships.

If this doesn't stop,
we will be wiped out.

- It's Guile.

And it's time to settle
this once and for all.

[helicopter whirring]
[percussive music]

- Not much left.

Find anything?

- Party's over, Blanka.

Guests have gone.

- Good.

Then we got everybody out.

- The detonator microchip's
still in one piece.

Maybe it'll lead to something.

- Guile.

I need to be the
one to tell you.

- Spill it, what?

- Dr. Davila was listed
among the injured.

She was choppered to the
nearest medevac facility

with the other victims.

[somber music]

[fireworks exploding]

- Lucinda.

I don't care what we have to do.

[tribal music]

- [Blanka] Guile, let's go.

- Lots of luck.

- Escher said 0800 hours,
that means leaving now.

- So go.

- He said all of us.


- I don't suppose
beating you senseless

and kidnapping you
would do any good?

- I'm just too close.

I know how Bison thinks.

- Are you sure this
isn't about Lucinda?

- This is about doing our job.

Bison is behind these attacks.

If I stop him, no
one else gets hurt.

Tell Escher I have a cold.

[percussive digital music]

That's it.

Pretty clever,
Bison, even for you.


Your latitude and longitude
encoded on the chip.


[flames crackling]

[ominous music]

[rocks crumbling]

[helicopter whirring]

[tense music]


[rock music]

- Remember me?

- I remember your stench.


What brings you
to this paradise?


- No.


- Sonic Boom.


Happy to oblige you.



- You're not as strong
as I remember, Guile.

- [Guile] Strong enough.


- Use your chi, Guile.


Maybe you can learn to fly.


[tense music]
[lava bubbling]




After all these years.

Ah, the pure, simple joy
of Guile's obliteration.



- You've gotten sloppy with age.

Though I admit the
microchip clue was elegant.

- I have no idea what you mean.

You lured me here
with that clumsy map.


- What map?

- You know very well.

- I know you hurt
innocent people.

- No one is innocent.

- That's the difference
between us, Bison.

You think everyone is
as corrupt as you are.

- I have no time for
your pitiful attempts

at psychoanalysis.


You think you defeated
me in Shadaloo?

There'll be no
question this time.

- [Mysterious Voice] Excellent.


Finish him.




Oh please, do not
hesitate on my account.

- [Bison And Guile] Akuma.


- Of course.

Though powerful, you
are both easy to fool.

One must simply appeal to
Bison's ego and Guile's honor.

- Why did you have
to hurt my people?

- [Akuma] Would you have come
so quickly had I merely asked?

- Why have you brought us here?

- [Akuma] You are here to
do battle to the death.

The victor shall then have the
honor of being killed by me.

- He's almost as full
of himself as you are.

- Fool.

He's after my organization.

He wants my billions.

- Hardly.

It is true that
with you two gone,

both sides will soon
fall into disarray.

I shall then dispatch
your people one at a time,

like strays lured from the herd.

But I have no use for
your power and influence.

I work alone.

- Then what possible
use are we to you?

- [Akuma] I have a
more spiritual hunger.

I want your chi.

- [Zangief] What are you doing?

- Seeing how it feels.

Bison may not return from his
little blood hunt for Guile.

Even if he does, he may
find things changed.

- You would have to deal
with me first, Sagat.

- My pleasure, oaf.


[explosion booms]

- You don't even
know where he is?

- It is clearly the way
Guile wanted it, sir.

- I don't care what he wanted.

We need him.

Every base we have has been hit.

Who would know how to do this?

- We're working on that, sir.

- It's because of that doctor
woman of his, isn't it?

- Sir, I hardly
think Colonel Guile

would jeopardize the team over--

- [Chun-Li] I have
his research, sir.

- He claimed that there was

a purposeful clue to
Bison's whereabouts.

- Then find it.

- My chi is my own, Akuma.

No one can take it.

- [Akuma] Life has its
mysteries, Colonel Guile.

Many societies believe that

when a warrior conquers
another in battle,

he takes his victim's
courage and strength.

- Yeah, and a bunch
believed the world was flat.

So what?

- [Akuma] But I have felt it.

At the moment of final victory,

I am filled with the
energy of my opponent.

Meditation and discipline

then allow me to
integrate it with my own.

- If you want my chi so
desperately, come and get it.

If not, shut up and
find another playmate

for your childish games.

I'm leaving.

[explosion booms]


- Looks like he likes
playing with you.

- [Akuma] Oh.

We have barely started.



[tense music]

[rocks crumbling]


- Bison.


- What happened?

Why did you save me?

- Letting people die is not high

on my list of
instinctive responses.

You want me to toss you back in?

- No.

But I must know,
why did you do it?

- Dealing with Akuma
isn't going to be easy.

I might actually need
you to survive, Bison.

Is that real enough for you?

- I am impressed.

For once, we agree on something.

- Good.

Let's go find Mr. Chi-Eater.


- The coordinates match.

We've found them.

- Oh great.

We get to spend our little
field trip dodging volcanoes.

- Well, I am sure Colonel
Guile did all that he could

to take your travel
preferences into account

when he tracked down
this mass murderer.

- Thanks for nothing, Blanka.

Come on.

- [Zangief] Head due south.

- Then you agree to my terms?

- If Bison is dead.

All we know is that his
aircraft communicator is down.

- He's done, I can feel it.

I will carry his head
back to Shadaloo.

[metallic snapping]

[tense music]

- What?


- Guile, you fool.

- Look, I'm--


- Watch where you're going

or I'll forget myself
and get rid of you.

- If you think you
can take me, Bison.

Sonic Boom.


I'm ready anytime.

- Let's do it.

- [Akuma] Go ahead,
make your move.

Prove who is worthy
to face Akuma.

- I'll face you now, coward.

Sonic Boom.


[rocks crumbling]


- Guile.


- Anytime now, Bison.




[tense music]
[lava bubbling]

[rocks crumbling]



Anytime you're ready.

Seems you had to think about it.

- Lacking your
instinctive compassion,

I had to consider
the pros and cons.

- And?

- Self-preservation
narrowly won out

over the pleasure of
watching you burn.

[tense music]


- [Akuma] You're getting warmer.


- This looks about dead center.

All I need is for
your magnetic chi

to move his little hideaway
enough so I can see it.

- I'll toss it in the ocean
if I can just to shut him up.

- I think we've
found the rat's hole.

You wanted my chi, Akuma?

Chew on this.

Sonic Boom.


- [Bison] Nice shot.

- I'm glad you approve.

- For now.

- So, you have proved
worthy after all.

I never considered that
you might work as a team.

Together, your powers are
nearly a match for my own.

- Oh stop it, stop it,
please, it'll go to my head.

How about you, partner?

- I have learned to
accept praise graciously.


[exciting music]

- Bison is slower
than I expected.

Perhaps Guile has
studied harder.

- Flash Kick.


[helicopter whirring]

- We don't have much time.

The seismic readings indicate--


- I think we can dispense
with the scanner.






- Feel your strength ebbing.

Your life force draining.

- I wonder if he can teleport

if he's in your magnetic field.

- Let's find out.

- This.

This cannot be.

- This one's for Lucinda.

Sonic Boom.


- You were worthy.

You came as close as
any mortal ever will.

Next time, it will
not be so easy.

- No!


- Am I going soft in the head

or did that guy just disappear?

- I can't vouch for your head,

but from what I've seen today,

Akuma can definitely teleport.

- Akuma?

But nobody's ever seen him.

- Well, I'm not anxious
for another look.

- Did you find Bison?

- You might say that.

[helicopter whirring]

[rapid laser fire]

Look out.

- Get down.

Bison's getting away.

- [Guile] Let him.

- [Both] What?

- Let's just say
today didn't turn out

quite like I had expected.


Let's go.

[volcano booming]

[pleasant music]
[helicopter whirring]

[peaceful music]

[heroic rock music]