Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995–1997): Season 1, Episode 11 - Keeping the Peace - full transcript

- [Narrator] Colonel
William Guile,

one of the greatest martial
artists in the world

travels the global
tournament circuit,

using it to conceal
his top secret mission

as leader of an elite group

of international crime fighters,

known only by their code name,

Street Fighter!

The heroic man-beast,




and a team of the
most amazing warriors

ever seen have joined forces

with Guile to combat
the criminal empire

of Shadaloo and its
superhuman leader Bison.

They have their
own code of honor,

discipline, justice,

commitment, and together
they will triumph

against the forces of evil.

Street Fighter!

- [Escher] Ever heard
of Sierra Del Fuego?

- [Guile] No.

- [Escher] Nobody
had until a year ago,

then some dirt
farmer digs a well

and turns up a
fortune in emeralds.

Suddenly, a sleepy, border
village becomes a boom town,

just like the gold rush days.

The catch is that nobody agrees

where the border is.

With billions at
stake, neither side is

in the mood to give an inch.

The situation is so bad

that your old buddies
at the AN are sending

in peacekeepers.

We think Bison will step in

and make it worse.

- [Guile Voiceover]
A border war,

a fortune in emeralds,

local warlords,
smugglers, thieves,

Bison would fit right in.

Call my travel agent.


[crowd cheering]


[crowd booing]

Now, that made me mad.

[men grunting]

[crowd booing]

I need to have a talk
with that travel agent.

It's about time.

- [chuckles] I see you're
still living the glamorous life

of a street fighter.

- Yeah, I missed you too.

You and the AN boys have
any luck keeping the peace?

- Trouble is Guile, this
isn't a social call.

Colonel wants me
to bring you in.

You're under arrest.

- So, what's the charge?

- Disturbing the peace.


- Typical Sawada,

Mr. AN all the way,

trying to keep things
neat in a messy world.

- He's as big a pain as ever.

He's a colonel now,

took over your old...

But I guess you
knew that already.

- Captain Sawada,
please describe

for the court the accused
actions during the assault

on Shadaloo City.

- Colonel Guile
disobeyed a direct order,

endangering the
lives of his command

and innocent civilians.

- Don't take this the wrong way.

Sawada's hand will get stuck

between these
neighbors pretty well,

even if he is a
little by-the-book.

- Yeah, he knows his job.

My job.

[suspenseful music]

- Good work, Sergeant Hawk.

I heard you were in town, Guile.

I need to know why.

- You forget how to use a phone?

- It's no time to
coddle criminals.

Forgive me.

We are on the brink of a
rather nasty, little war.

I need to know which side
paid you to come here.


- See, I have this
terrible travel agent.

- You must be in
Sierra Del Fuego

to get emeralds or to help
someone else get emeralds.

- I like being my
own boss, remember.

- Two armies are building,

men are dying,

my job is to stand between them

and keep the peace.

I know you don't like me, Guile.

In some ways, I understand,

but I and my troops need
to know where you stand.

- You deserve that.

I'm not here to
help either side.

You have my word.

- Good.

Trying to control the violence
has been frustrating work.

General Mendoza's
people have really been

especially hard hit:

bombings, sabotage, snipers.

Sometimes, I worry that-

- Look out!

[gun fires]

- [Hawk] Quick,
before he gets away!

- General Mendoza.

- Trouble, colonel?

- Sniper attack.

- No one hurt, I hope.

We passed this man
running down the street,

with this.

- Hmm, laser sight.

It has been fired recently.

Thank you, general.

We can hold him until
the local police arrive.

- Oh, no, colonel,

please do not trouble yourself.

We shall make certain he's taken

to the proper authorities.

- Now, I remember why I
don't miss peacekeeping.

- Until this
conflict is settled,

my job is to protect the people,

not dispense justice.

Sometimes, remembering
that is hard.

- Excuse me, colonel,
I just remembered,

I got a date.

- Colonel Sawada was unharmed

and troops of General Mendoza,

leader of one of
the warring factions

captured the would-be assassin.

- I get more of these
unprovoked attacks

by my nation's enemies.

My people call upon the AN

for help in the immediate

and just resolution

of the unprovoked aggression.

- [Man] Hey, it's your shot.

- Let's see, I'm not
really very good at this.


There are so many.

I just don't know
which one I want first.

- Hurry with her.

The boss wants another delivery.

- [Men] I don't believe it.

- [chuckles] Why, that's
never happened before.


You know, this game
isn't so hard after all.

- [Mustached Man]
This is a rough town.

A girl like you
ought to be careful.

- With you two big, strong men

to protect me.


- Remind me never to play pool

with you, Chun-Li.

Are you sure you didn't
rough 'em too bad?

- [chuckles] I
barely touched them.


- Looks like they are
making a delivery.

Let's see who's on
the receiving end.

[suspenseful music]

This is one of
Mendoza's own mines.

Maybe this isn't so sinister.

You stick to the uglies.

I'll see what Santa
Clause brought.

[timer beeping]

- [gasping] Whoops.

Big, old bomb.

That goes to the detonator

No, this one.

No, that's the fail-safe.

Who built this thing?

That's it.

Sonic boom!

I'll have to remember that.

- Where have you been?

I was getting lonely up here.

- I got a little tangled up.

The delivery boys left
a bomb in the mine.

Let's see who sent them.

There he is, he's a
pretty big operator.

Ooh, hello, fellows.

General Mendoza!

So much for being
the AN's best friend.

- But why is Mendoza
blowing up his own mines?

- First, you bungle the attack

on the AN commander,

then you fail again.

- But everything went perfect.

- Imbecile, if everything were,

the mine would have
been destroyed.

Fail me once more and

[siren blaring]

[suspenseful music]

[gun fires]

- Looks like the general
doesn't appreciate our interest.

You shouldn't sneak
around with these things,

somebody might get hurt.

[gun fires]

- Spinning-bird kick!

Nice boys don't play with guns.


- Let's get out of here.

[dramatic music]

- We have a problem,

technical problems,

a faulty device.

[yelling and grunting]

- Bombs are news.

Disaster is news.

News shapes public opinion.

Without sympathy for you

and your pathetic people,

how can we expect the AN

to resolve the
conflict in our favor?

A permanent boundary
will be drawn.

The mines must be ours, legally.

What's hurting the
miners may not be enough

to convince them.

No, we must strike
at something dear

to the AN,

the peacekeepers.

[electric guitar riff]

- [Sawada] Yes, general.

- Colonel, during interrogation,

we obtained information
from the prisoner

that you might find useful.

Our enemies are
planning to sabotage one

of our mines this very night.

- [Sawada] I'll send a
patrol to protect the mine.

I shall lead it personally.

[suspenseful music]

- Sawada,

you're being tricked.

Mendoza's behind
all the attacks.

- You gave me your word,

you weren't involved.

- I'm not,

and if I'm right about Mendoza,

what would you care if I were.

- Go back to fighting
chumps for pocket money

and leave this to
the professionals.

- Why would Guile
make this up, Colonel?

- An emerald or two have
proven sufficient motivation

for many helpful citizens.

Stay here, sergeant, and
keep him out of trouble.

One way or another, Guile,

my job is to keep the peace.

[vehicle engine roars]

- Stubborn fool.

- Is it true?

- Hawk, it's obvious.

Mendoza's been blowing
up his own mines

to get world
opinion on his side,

and it's worked.

- Something stink
about how quickly

he picked up on that sniper,

but if Mendoza's behind it,

then Sawada's
rolling into a trap.

- Trigger the explosives.

[guns firing]

- Ambush!

Take cover!

If you can't see your targets

in the darkness,

fire at their blaster flashes.

[dramatic music]

- Sawada, they've got him.

- [Hawk] Let's go.

- Keep firing to pin them down.

All right, we'll manage
to circle around.

- That's it.

- Keep their heads down.

[guns firing]

- What do they gain
by attacking us?

- [Sawada] Cross fire!

- Throw down your arms!

- Sagat, I should have known.

- Surrender your men, Sawada!

- Stop fighting!

- [chuckles] You are
always so helpful, colonel.

I have but one
more favor to ask.

- Too late.

Overbearing self-righteous--

- This road leads to the mine.

Mendoza must've
taken them there.

- Leave two guards
behind, general.

We don't want to be interrupted.

You couldn't decide
in our favor,

could you colonel?

It appears the AN needs
a bit more convincing.

Losing a few peacekeepers
may be just the thing.

- So, Guile was right.

- Guile is here!

Did you let that slip through
your tiny, little mind?


After him!

If he escapes, my
plan is ruined.

- Nice move, Sawada.

[suspenseful music]

You'll get that
early retirement yet.


Come and get me, Sagat,

if you feel lucky. [laughing]

- I would not be so
confident, colonel.

If you don't give up soon,

you won't have any
men left to command.

- No.

- Surrendering to save your
men was foolish, colonel.

I'm afraid that evil
opposition forces

still plan to destroy this
poor gentleman's mine,

and they seem to
have little regard

for you and your men,

how barbaric.

- Nice try, patch.

I didn't think a one-eyed
worm could slither this far

from Shadaloo.

- Guile, I was
hoping you'd show.

- Oh, sure you were.

Sonic boom!

[upbeat music]

[men scream]


- Leaving so soon, general.

I thought this
party was your idea.


- Tiger!

It's me or the bomb, Guile.

Your choice.

- It's activated.

- Get out of here!

- Everybody out!

I'll take care of the bomb.

- Chun-li, Hawk, take everybody

to the surface.

I'll get Sagat.

- Oh, no, you won't.

Sergeant, take these
civilians to the surface.

- This civilian helped
save your life, twice.

You're such a
by-the-book bonehead,

you'd rather die than
go against procedure.

[timer beeping]

- What are you
waiting for, sergeant?

Get to the surface!

Guile and I will
be along, shortly.

- If you want a rat,

just look down a
dark, dirty hole.

- Don't be a fool, Guile,

there will be enough
riches for everyone.

- You've got people
dying all around you,

and you talk like a
baby-kissing politician.


- And just as trustworthy.


[timer beeping]

- How's it coming?

- Better, if you
wouldn't bother me.

- Move over, I've already
done this once today.

- Every bomb is different.

It takes a certain amount
of finesse and training.

- Now, would you just
let up for a minute.

You'd rather take
the whole mine down

on our heads than
try something new.

- Why don't you just get out?

This is my problem, not yours.

- Just get out of the way!

[electric guitar riff]

[suspenseful music]

- Come on, Guile.

[Guile and Sawada grunting]

- This is about
the court martial,

isn't it?

- Don't make me laugh.

Sonic boom!

Man, I really hate
this assignment.

- Guile!

- [Guile] [coughing]
Somebody asking for me?

- Are you okay?

- [Guile] I don't believe it.

The bonehead was right.

- Apology accepted.

- Apology?

Who said anything
about an apology?

[upbeat music]