Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995–1997): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Hand That Feeds You - full transcript

[dynamic music]

- [Narrator] Colonel William
Guile, one of the greatest

martial artists in the world
travels the global tournament

circuit using it to conceal
his top secret mission

as leader of an elite group of
international crime fighters

known only by their code
name, Street Fighter!

The heroic man-beast, Blanka!

Hard-kicking fighting
machine, Chun-Li!

["Street Fighter" theme]

[fire blazes]

And a team of the most
amazing warriors ever seen

have joined forces with Guile
to combat the criminal empire

of Shadaloo and its
superhuman leader, Bison.

They have their
own code of honor:

discipline, justice, commitment,

and together they will triumph
against the forces of evil.

[energy blasting]

Street Fighter!

[dramatic music]


- Is that the best
you've got, tough guy?

- All right, loser,
play time's over.

We don't want your
trash around here

screwing up our kids' lives.


- Sonic boom!

[car explodes]

- Nice try, loser.

[water splashing]

Swim back to where you
belong, little fish.

Be gone!

- And cut!

Print it.

Nice take, Fai Long.

- People, people,
please, let Mr. Wang

check playback in peace.

Oh, and someone help the
extra out of the water.

- Woo-hoo, I could get used
to this kind of assignment.

Have you seen the babes
on this movie set?

- No, and I bet they haven't
seen you either, hot shot.

- Fai Long, you're Hong
Kong's hottest action hero,

so how do you respond
to allegations

that you've gone
soft in real life?

- Like this!

- Oh, wow.

- That should have been easier.

The flake could be right.

[patting face]

- Oh, Guile, that color is you.

- When this assignment's over,
remind me to take out Esher.

- Just as soon as
we pop whoever's

smuggling in drugs
from Kongloon, China.


We're gettin' no
where with our leads.

Everybody's too scared too talk.

- Ryu checkin' the harbor?

- He's out there, but
somethings weird's goin'

down with a cousin of
his here in Hong Kong.

He'll catch up with
us in the morning.

You sure it's not
Bison behind this one?

- Yeah, for once.

- Oh man, nice world, huh?

- Hey, stunt extra, Mr.
Wang wants another take.

He wants playback and wants you

to fly further out
into the water.

- That's show biz.

[coins rattling]

- Sorry, I'm late.

- You look like you
slept in a blender.

- Yeah.
[car motors off]

What's up with your cousin?

- She's been missing
for a week now.

I found a cab driver
who thinks he gave her

a ride, but that's all I've got.

- Well, look, I can give
you another 24 hours

to look for her.

- No, sir, we're here to
track down those smugglers.

- Which I can handle while
you two look for your cousin.

I've got a hunch she needs
you more than I do right now.

- Did you say "you two"?

But don't you need me on
the movie set, you know,

checkin' out leads and stuff?

- I promise, all those
pretty young actresses

will still be there when
you get back tomorrow.

Go help, Ryu.
- Thanks, Guile.

- Use contact pattern "tango,"
check in by 10 tonight.

- On it, come on, Ken.

- Man, I give up
wall to wall women

to track down your cousin.

I bet she's sittin' by a
pool gulpin' a cold one.

- If she is, I'll buy
you a cold one myself.

- Ahem, two cold ones.

[crickets chirping]

[ominous music]


- Sachi, look out,
the guards are coming.

- Hmm.

- You sure this is where the
cab driver said he dropped

off your cousin?
[rat screeching]

- What would Sachi
be doing down here?

- Oh, good, look
my pizza's here.

- You handle the look out,

I wanna see what's
inside that truck.

- Gotcha.

- What's going on here?

End of the line, everybody out.

- [Ken] Up front taken care of.

What are they haulin', Ryu?


Oh, Mama.

- [Guard] Stop!

- Careful, Ken, I
think they have plenty

of ammunition for everyone.

- Thanks, you've
been a big help.

I can catch those smugglers
with my eyes shut now.

Oh, joy, more helpful folk.

Sonic boom!

[light beam blasting]

Excuse me, but, do
you have the time?

- Huh?

- 11:44, thanks.


Great, just great, where
the heck are Ken and Ryu?

- But Mr. Singh,
sir, I've just sent

out three of my best people.

They can handle whoever it
is that's been poking his

nose into our operations lately.

- My operations.

- Yes, of course, the next
shipment should be on time.

I'll just double the workforce

in the Kongloon
processing plant.

- You understand how all
this works, yes, Ray?

You fail to deliver the
drugs and I lose money,

I lose money and
there's nothing left

to spend on your little movies.

- Uh, films.
- Whatever.

- I understand, Mr.
Singh, I won't fail.


- Some humans
touched this fruit.

Who touched my fruit!

I want this person found
and destroyed, now.

[bowl jingles]

- Right on it, Mr. Singh.

You can just let me out here.

[sign buzzing]


- Let me guess, you
don't wanna talk

to me about any drug
shipments either?

[door slamming]

- You look like you
could use a friend.

Hong Kong can be a
very difficult place

unless you know
the right people.

- Like a great big movie
star, such as yourself?

- You have something I want,

and I have something you need.

- Hmm.

- How far do you
think you'll get

in Hong Kong with
no connections?

- Okay, what's your offer?

- You teach me
about the chi force

and I teach you about Hong Kong.

- I'm tellin' you, Ryu, I
can take out that guard.

- Like you did back at the dock?

You said you'd handled them.

- I had, they were
changin' shifts, so sue me.

- We can't do
anything until we get

these people out of the way.

- Well, time to greet
our adoring public.

[dramatic music]

- Um, where are we?

- Gee, did my travel
agent mess up again?

[guards shouting]

Can you make out
what they're yellin'?

- Sounds like, oh
boy, fresh meet.

[dramatic music]
[birds chirping]


- Sachi.

- Hadouken!


[guns firing]

Come on, Ryu, check out time!

- Ken, no!

- We can make it.

[vehicle exploding]


Ryu, what are you doin' man?

- You think these
guards are gonna care

how many other
people they take out

if we make our move?

Besides, Sachi's here.

- You're cousin,
okay, okay, I get it.

We'll wait till we figure out
a way to get everybody out.

- Why, Ken, you can
be a decent human

being when you put
your mind to it.

- It wasn't my mind
that got tackled.

- Get moving!
- Keep it going!


- You're friends aren't
even in Hong Kong anymore.

- Wha-cha!

- Did your connections tell
you what happened to them>

Sonic boom!

- No one would say.


[boxes braking]

- Happy graduation,
I'm outta here.

- Wait, I have one more
friend who can help.

- Honestly, Fai Long,
I cannot say a word.

It's a shame your
friends are missing,

but then that can
happen in Hong Kong

when people stick their noses
where they don't belong.


- Now how would you know about

nasty little things like that?

- It's easy enough to see if
you're not too close to it.

- What's Raymond Wang got
to do with any of this?

- For someone in the movies,

you don't get the
whole picture, do you.

- Wo Li, are you trying
to tell me that Wang's

mixed up with my
missing friends?

Come on, I know Wang, I've
worked with him for years.

[building explodes]

[glass breaking]

[fire rages]
[dramatic music]

- Go, Fai Long, I have
told you too much.

- We'll get who did
this, we promise.

- I can't believe you lied
to me, it's over between us.

But not before I take you out.


A lot of stuff has been
going on around here

that's not in the script.

I'm outta here.

- What, what do you mean?

You're on the contract, we
got to more weeks to shoot.

I own you, Fai
Long, get back here!

- Your chi move nearly worked,

you have to focus completely.

- I'm focused on Wang, I have to

find out what he's
involved with.

If he's been lying to
me all these years.

[crickets chirping]

- [Ryu] Sachi.

- Ryu?

Ryu, but how?

- What happened, what
are you doing here?

- We've been kidnapped,
everyone here.

Ryu, I'm so scared.

- Don't worry, cus,
we'll get you out,

we'll get everyone out.

- Ryu, ixnay on
the at-che, guards!

- We'll be back.

- Now, let me see, let me see,

what was that special
ops code again?

Um, oh yeah!

[radio beeping]

- Bingo, way to go, boys.

Well, thanks for
your help, Fai Long.

This is where you get off.

- No way.

- Look, this just got real,
not like one of your movies.

I have to go help some
friends in real trouble.

- Not without me.
[Guile sighs]

- Okay, I have got to
get to Kongloon fast.

Got any ideas?

How about a 20-foot
cabin cruiser?

Being Hong Kong's number one
action hero, it has its perks.

- I've seen this
type of setup before.

A drug processing plant with
a lot of reluctant workers.

They've gotta be in there.
[dramatic music]

- Lovely.

- So, ready to show
off your acting skills?


- Hey, watch it,
it's only an act.

- Can I help it if I'm good?

- It looks like something's
about to go down.

- Stop!

- No, we have to stop them.
- Sachi!

- Oh, swell.



- I think we've got a problem.

- Oh, I'd say we
got more than one.

Any more bright ideas,
Ryu, 'cause I'm wide open?

- Do you mind, I'm
tryin' to think.

- Oh yeah, sure, go
ahead take your time.

We got at least
another 30 seconds.

- Ah, this could get ugly.

[dramatic music]

So much for our cover, now!

Sonic boom!
[ground explodes]

- Whoo-ya!

- Ken, Ryu, get these
people out of here.

- You two get everyone else.

We'll try and clear a way out.

- Sachi, was that not
Fai Long back there?

- Yeah right, like this
is a movie, get real!

- Ryu, I just figured out
a way to pop the gate.

Drivers, start your engines.

["Street Fighter" theme]

- You're right, this
isn't like making a movie.

It's better.

- I've got the two up here.

You take the two behind.

Night, night, boys.

Flash kick!

- Hee-ya!


- [Guile] Time for
the special effects.

- I told you we'd
get you out of here.

[truck honking]
[fence crashing]

[dramatic music]


- Grain alcohol?

[barrel contents bubbling]

- They must use this
to process their drugs.

Well, not anymore.
[barrel topples over]

- Don't be so sure.

- Ray, so it is true, you're
involved in all this evil.

- Correction, we're involved.

Without this money,
none of your films

would ever have been made.

- You financed my
career with blood money!


[crashing and groaning]

- Sonic boom!


- Oh man, you beat
us to the punch!

- You weren't gonna start
without us, were ya?

- You make me sick, Wang.


[barrels exploding
and toppling over]

- Everybody out!

Fai Long, get him out, now!

Ken, help him.

- Oh man, why do I always
get to do the heavy lifting?

[barrels exploding]

[ground exploding]

- Sachi, it is Fai
Long, I can't breathe.

- He touched my hand.

Midori, Fai Long
touched my hand.

Did you see, did you?

- Oh, brother.

- I don't know,
I'm kinda jealous.

- You know, I wouldn't
mind young women

throwing themselves at my feet.

- Keep right on
dreaming, my friend.

Maybe someday Fai Long
will trade places with you.

- Maybe I will, I've
had it with the movies.

- Oh yeah, and the
girls and the glamor.

Hey, I'll swap you
anytime you say.

- After all that's
happened, I want

to study the ways of
the ancient fighters.

I want to really master
my own chi energy.

- Well, looks to me like you're
already well on your way.

- No, no really, Ryu, I got what

it takes to get into the movies.

- [Ryu] You mean
you've got the money

to buy a ticket to get in.

["Street Fighter" theme]