Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995–1997): Season 1, Episode 9 - Eye of the Beholder - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[soft jingle]

- [Narrator] Colonel
William Guile,

one of the greatest martial
artists in the world,

travels the global
tournament circuit,

using it to conceal
his top secret mission

as leader of an elite group

of international crime fighters

known only by their code
name, Street Fighter.

The heroic man beast, Blanka.

Hard kicking fighting
machine, Chun-Li.

[dramatic music]

And a team of the most
amazing warriors ever seen

have joined forces with Guile

to combat the criminal
empire of Shadaloo

and its superhuman
leader, Bison.

They have their
own code of honor.

Discipline, justice, commitment.

And together, they will triumph

against the forces of evil.

[dramatic music]

Street Fighter!

- [Robert] Minister, I
am afraid my government

is going to insist on
concrete goals in Hawaii.

The American public
is demanding action.

- Of course, Robert.

As always, we share
a common desire.

But as one of your
philosophers said,

the devil is in the details.

- Guile to Blanka.

Any rats in the kitchen?

- Sorry to disappoint
you, Colonel.

It appears this place
is having an off night.


[loud explosion]

[intense music]


- Domo arigato, thank you.

Thank you so much.



Kaibutsu, kaibutsu!

- What did you do to that guy?

- Saved his skin.

- Well, didn't sound like
he was saying thank you.

- He called me kaibutsu.

Japanese for monster.

Guile, I saved his life
and he called me a monster.

- Look, if I had a dollar for
every jerk on this planet--

- I don't blame him.

But it doesn't make
it any easier to take.

[soft music]

- [Vega] Ah, Therese.

You grow lovelier by the day.

- Thank you, Lord Vega.

- I think perhaps
soon your beauty

may rival my own.

- Oh no, Lord Vega.

Your beauty is unattainable.

- How odd is beauty?

Today I am lovely but time
eats away at my perfection.

Yet, you become more beautiful

with every passing day.

[eerie music]

- Vega, the years
have been kind.

- [Vega] Go away, Bison.

I helped you once
but never again.

- There is a trade
conference in Hawaii

whose failure would cause
my investments to soar.

- [Vega] There is nothing
you could offer me

to aid your crimes.

- Nothing, insect?

Do you think I don't know you

and your petty obsessions?

How about eternal youth?

- [Vega] You, you
cannot mean it.

- That's more like it.

- You are asking a lot.

- Then there is a
way to help him.

You know a way.

- Maybe.

In Blanka's case,
nothing can be certain.

- Then why not tell him?

It's his life, let
him take the risk.

- Word is the serum is
rare and experimental.

Even if Blanka were
to become normal,

he might never be the
Street Fighter he is now.

- He's dying inside and
you're talking about the team?

Stuff the team,
the man needs help.

- All right, I'll try.

He'll have one shot at this.

And I guarantee nothing.

- Thank you, sir.

- Meanwhile, you get
to go to Honolulu

to handle the trade conference
terrorists without him.

Favors have their
price, Colonel.

You may have just
lost your best agent.

Perhaps forever.

- I don't know, Guile.

I should be there for you

when you take on the terrorists.

- Are you saying
poor little Cammy

can't help nice
Mr. Guile against

the big bad terrorists?

- No no, of course not, I--

- Don't worry, Blanka.

The team has this one covered.

- Hawaii, man.

After Jamaica, this is the
garden spot of the world.

When you get pretty,
we all hit the beach.

Beyond, man!


- The beach.

- Get this bird to Honolulu.

We got a hostage
mess to clean up.

- Oh, Colonel.

I just love it when
you give me commands.

- Our operation may appear
primitive, my friend,

because above all, I
prize not being bothered.

Big machines cost money

and money invites interference.

The Delion Project was developed

to find a means of
counteracting aging.

And we think we have with
the beta DHEA hormone.

But your situation is unique.

- That's one way of putting it.

- If we can use the new hormone

to trick your cells into trying

to return to normal,
we have a chance but

if you were much older,

perhaps even six months,

your system would be a poor
candidate for this treatment.

- Well then, let's not
waste anymore time.

- I like your enthusiasm.

Mei Lei, time to send
the all clear signal.

- Signal?

I didn't see any
satellite dishes

or transmission towers.

- Electromagnetic pollution,
funding requisitions.

My old radio works fine

and they hate to bother
with it to call back.

As long as the Pentagon
occasionally hears we're secure,

they leave me and my
research in peace.

- Yes, how precious, how
fragile is such peace.


- I read five taken hostages.

Maybe half a dozen boys
with nasty attitudes.

And now the poor tailors.

- Maybe they're
lonely, want to talk.

- Well then they need to
work on their social skills.


What a flop like Vega want
with this kind of attack?

Is Asher sure they decoded
that message right?

- Asher's always sure.

But maybe not always right.

- Blanka doesn't know
what he's missing.

- Just lie still.

It took a year and a half to
collect this much formula,

and I don't want to
lose a single drop.

It is a double dose,

but your condition requires it.

- Blanka, your first session
will take about an hour,

and then after you take a
short rest, we'll finish up.

[eerie music]

- It's incredible.

I've never seen such a
dramatic change in anyone.

- I feel weak.

Is that what you mean?

- See for yourself.

- Unbelievable.

You know, we look good together.

Such progress.

But I can barely stand.

- You should regain your
normal strength in time.

Just take things
slowly for awhile.

- Doctor, my
alteration had given me

certain heightened abilities.

Strength, smell, eyesight.

What of them?

- Well, none shall
remain, of course.

Had you not considered this?

- Will I still be
a Street Fighter?

Will I want to be?

When do we finish?

- We need to perform
the second treatment

within the hour to complete

the transformation
and stabilize it.

- Or I'll change back.

- No need to worry about that.

Why don't you take a nap

and we'll wake you when
it's time to start.

- [Vega] Gentlemen, nothing
less than my eternal beauty

is at stake today.

Prepare to fight to the death.

[intense music]

I have come for the
fountain of youth.

And any fool who opposes me

will pay with his life.

[intense music]

- [Blanka] I've done it better.


- [Mei Lei] Blanka,
are you all right?

- I can't seem to do anything.

- We should all be
such poor fighters.

By the way--

- Come on, we've
gotta get out of here.

Do you have the formula?

- Yes.

Dr. Kapuna sent me to get you.

- [Blanka] I'll go back for him

as soon as you are safe.

There's really
nothing but your radio

to use to signal for help.

[soft music]

- What was that?

- A pale imitation
of what was once

the focus of my chi.

Keep it going, unless we
can get to your radio,

it's our only chance
to get noticed.

I'm going back for the doctor.

[soft music]

[Vega] Find Dr. Kapuna
and bring him to me.


And what freak of
nature is this?

Who has allowed this wretched
ugliness into my presence?

[intense music]

I thought you might be the
apparition known as Blanka.

But your pathetic skill level

convinces me that I
must have been mistaken.

- How dare you
interrupt my work?

- [Vega] Dr. Kapuna, the
pleasure is definitely mine.

- I don't care if the
problem can't be verified.

Where I come from,
smoke means fire,

and I've gotta get there
to put it out ASAP.

- [Cammy] It's about
Blanka, isn't it?

- Of course.

What would get Vega off
his self-satisfied butt

quicker than the promise
of eternal youth?

- They say they'll start tossing

hostages out the window

if they don't get
the first installment

of the ransom in 15 minutes.

- Then tell them they'll get
their money in 15 minutes.

[intense music]



- This the party that
wanted the music?

[intense music]

- Blast it.

[intense music]

- [Cammy] Always said your
music was hard to take.

- No man, it rocked
them to sleep.

- I'm going for Blanka.

Come as soon as this
mess is cleaned up.

[intense music]

- [Vega] Whoever
brings me the formula

shall have his weight
in gold as reward.

And now Doctor, since
you are so intent

on taking your
secrets to your grave,

your wish has been granted.

- No, wait.

Let him go.

- [Vega] Do you accept my offer?

- No, don't do it.

You must take the
last dose immediately.

It is your only chance.


- [Vega] Time's up.


[intense music]

- Stop!

Keep your gold.

I'll get you the formula.

- [Vega] Such sacrifice
would be almost beautiful,

were it not coming from
your freakish face.

Now then.

The ugly one has 10 minutes
to bring me the formula,

or the old one dies.

[intense music]

- Well, where'd you
learn that, med school?


- We must look after
ourselves out here.

- [Guile] Anyone care
to look after me?

- [Blanka] Guile!

- Waiting for you two
could take all night.

- Mei Lei, take
this and stay close.

Guile and I will try
to free Dr. Kapuna.

- You keep it.

If you don't use it
in a few minutes--

- We may need it to
save Kapuna's life.

- Can you truly give up
what means so much to you?

- I don't know.

You saw me before.

Could you love me as I was?

- I--

- Go on ahead.

Be ready with the formula
if we should need it.

- Blanka, I--

- Go!

I thought I'd gotten lucky.

Well, we'll see.

- [Guile] Sonic boom!

[intense music]

- Vega, you're mine.

- [Vega] Oh, I don't think so.

- Blanka, I'm sorry.


- [Vega] Blanka,
you weren't planning

on using this
yourself, were you?

It's unbelievable.

But you're getting more
repulsive minute by minute.

- Bad luck for you.

- [Vega] You pretend to
have a chance against me?


Please try, beast.

It amuses me.


- With pleasure.

[intense music]

- My face, he touched my face.

Destroy him.

- [Guile] Sonic boom!

- Dr. Kapuna.

- Oh, you have to stop him.

He has Mei Lei.

[intense music]

- Get back.

You want the formula?

Choose, monster, choose.

- Mei Lei!

[intense music]

[loud explosion]

[soft music]

- [Dr. Kapuna] It will
take over a year to create

a new batch of the formula.

By then, Blanka's metabolism

will be unable to assimilate it.

- Keep me posted, Doctor.

If you come up with anything.

- That man, Vega,
had a handsome face

but a twisted soul.

But yours, Blanka, is
strong and unselfish.

Your face is filled with
compassion and life.

And to me, that is the greatest
beauty there can ever be.

[soft music]

[dramatic music]