Station 19 (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - 100% Or Nothing - full transcript


[ Horn honks ]

♪ Ooh

♪ Come on, now

Alright, I'm nervous.
Is that normal?

Well, public speaking
isn't for everyone.

This isn't the public, though --
it's my people.

Well, teaching our own people
is sometimes harder

than an anonymous crowd.

Because we know how petty
and mean they are?

[ Chuckles ]

Sean Beckett.

I heard you'd been moved
over here.

My condolences.

are you keeping tabs on me?

I am flattered.


Yeah, Chief Cummings
thought that "Diane"

was too uptight a name
for a firefighter,

so he renamed her
at the academy.

Yeah, what was
your nickname again?

Uh..."Last Place"?

[ Laughs ]

Doesn't ring a bell.
How are your kids?

Mm. Terrifying.

Thank you
for that heads-up.

Well, thanks for letting us
do this here.

Yeah, you know me.
Anything to beat 23.

It's not really about
winning or losing, Beckett.

It's always about that,

♪ Oh, here I come,
oh, here I go ♪

♪ Oooh, I'm on a roll

♪ I got soul


♪ I got soul in my soul

♪ Letcha know

♪ Lose control

♪ Work it, work it

♪ Ooh, I got soul

Heard we're headed to
19 for the day.

[ Sighs ]

If ever there was a time
for a big, big fire, it's now.

Herrera, feel free to give
my turnouts a quick scrub

when you get done with yours,
huh? [ Chuckles ]

Aquino: Let's go, 23.
Off to 19 for

conflict resolution training,
whatever that is.

It's crisis intervention.

Just don't make me

look bad
in front of Beckett.

Prick beats me in
football squares every year,

and he's a sore winner.

[ Slurping ]

[ Clears throat ]

Maddox, do you
set a goal each morning

to see if you can be more
disgusting than the day before?

She's so into me.
[ Chuckles ]

So, uh, how are Joey's
college applications coming?

Good. Good. I mean, he's --
I think he's on track.

You know, Miranda's doing
all the proof-reading.

[ Laughs ]

I got the easy part. I just tell
him to write his essay.

I --

Oh, um...

Ingrid, right?

You remembered me.

You were very kind
in front of my son,

who thinks I'm incredibly
uncool, so, yeah.

Uh, what do you got there?

Oh, I'm rebuilding
my store. Yay.

And I was hoping I could
get your expert eye

on the blueprints?

I want to make sure
everything is up to code

so nothing happens again.

Um, well, uh...

I'm running a little bit
late today...

Oh, no, of course.

I wouldn't want to keep you
from saving any more lives.

[ Both chuckle ]

Um, maybe I could leave these
here with you?

Um, sure. Sure.

And, um, do -- do you have
a card or something?

Yeah. Uh, yeah.

Great. Alright. I'll, uh --
I'll take a look.

Thank you so much.

Alright. Take care.

[ Door opens ]


You got yourself
a badge bunny.

Yeah, you do.
No! No, no.

She -- She's a harmless,
thankful woman

who's been through
a trauma...
Most bunnies are.

...and is just trying to make
sure it doesn't happen again.

Yeah. No, I get it.

Hey, uh, Sweaty, Sweatier,

23 is on their way.
Get changed.


What's up with him?
I was literally
going to do that.


Hey. Hi. Travis here.

Do you know
how embarrassing it is

to have
your smoke alarm battery

go off when
you're a firefighter?

Because you were supposed to
buy batteries

when you went
grocery shopping.

Okay, I don't remember that
being assigned to me.

I texted you while
you were in the store.

No, you didn't.
Yes, I did.

No, you didn't.
Yes, I did.

No, you didn't.

Emmett: Sorry, I was there.

Okay, you're supposed to
be conflict resolution.

[ Chuckles ]
[ Cellphone beeps ]


My dad just texted me,

"Going to San Diego
next week with Kyle.

Could you check on
your mother once or twice?"

Is this Kyle,


[ Door opens ]

Hey, guys.
23's almost here.

Barn. Now.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

Coming. Jeez.
[ Door closes ]

"She thinks it's a conference,
by the way."

Oh, wait,
so your dad is going...

Going on vacation
with his lover

and wants me
to cover for him.

Emmett: Yeesh.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ]

They say you're not supposed
to read your own press.

I'm not. This is from
my damn divorce lawyer.

This -- I've been dragged into
the middle of that already.

I don't want to get in
any deeper.

Well, I'm not the one
who dragged you.

I didn't say you were.

Hey. 23's almost here.

23's coming?


Crisis One training.

Does no one read my texts?


Oh, fun. A wedding.

I guess that makes us
the groom's side.

[ Chuckling ] Oho, oh! Damn!
Is that the Fire Zaddy?

Beckett: Okay, okay, everybody.
Shut up.

We're here for some training,
just like any other day.

I'd like to finish by dinner

so I don't have to
share my meatballs with 23.

can we get started please?

Thank you.

Hi, everybody. Um...

For those of you
who don't know me,

I'm Diane Lewis.

Hey, Diane.

Good to see you again,

Today I'm here
in a different role

than many of you may know me.

In addition to my work
as a grief counselor,

I'm also certified
in crisis intervention training.

Now, as you know,
Dean Miller has spearheaded

the Crisis One program
here in SFD...Whoo!

[ Cheers and applause ]
...and we're all very proud.


[ Applause continues ]

Yeah, now, you'll find
all your protocols in there.

You probably know
most of them already,

we're just reframing them
through this program

with the goal of eliminating
the police and their weapons

from the situation.

Now, a mental health crisis
can evoke fear.

An armed response leads to
unnecessary trauma,

and in the worst cases,
loss of life.

So why don't we just,
uh, jump right in

with some role play?

Okay, lucky for us,

we have our very own
married couple in the house.

Herrera and Sullivan,
why don't you come on up here?

And we'll start on page 7

with the "marital dispute"

[ Chuckling ]
Oh, man.

Oh, man.

Oh, man.

[ Crowd murmuring ]

Or...we could
take volunteers --
Sullivan: No, I'm game.

I'm game.

I'm game.




Fine. Yeah.

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

Let's do it.

[ Wailing continues ]

We're gonna be
role-playing scenarios

that you may encounter
while on Crisis One calls.

Your job is
to secure the scene,

build trust and rapport
with the patient,

and find a solution,
if you can.

Now, I will be the responder
for this first one.

And you two are
the married couple.

The wife has
locked the husband outside

and is throwing his stuff out
onto the sidewalk.

Someone called 911
because the husband

is screaming
and threatening her.

Okay, Diane, I think
maybe we should not --

Are you crazy?!


Rob-- Roberto,
do not call me crazy.

You --
You screwed my best friend!

I did no such thing!
[ Chuckles ]

You believe what
you want to believe!

Hey there, sir. Uh.
What seems to be the problem?

Um, my wife,
she has locked me out,

and she is trashing
my stuff

and throwing one year of
marriage into the garbage.

I can't look away.

That sounds frustrating.

That's not the word
I would use.

We often hurt
the ones we love the most.

Lady, I don't need
your counseling.

I just need my wife
to stop throwing my stuff

out the window!Well, if he hadn't
betrayed me,

I wouldn't be doing it!
But -- And she doesn't listen!

[ Laughing ]
Oh, my God.

Okay? She's not even willing
to have a conversation.

[ Exhales deeply ]
It's like talking to
a brick wall.

Says the concrete wall.

Okay, I can see that
you're both really angry --

You know, maybe if he
didn't always act like

he knows me better
than I know myself...

You don't even know --

She doesn't even know
[ Chuckles ]

Fighting with her is like
fighting with a teenager.

It's like you're
permanently stuck at age 17.

Oh, for someone who's never
been a parent,

you sure know how to
condescend like one.

[ Klaxons sound ]
Condescend like one?
Oh, thank God.

Dispatch: Engine 19 requested
to 3667 Egre Road.

Sullivan, you're with me.

[ Crowd murmuring ]

Okay, uh...Beckett.

Do you want to fill in
for Sullivan?

Oh, God.

Uh...I don't --

Uh. I'll do it.


[ Siren wailing ]

What is this, now?

[ Wailing continues,
horn honks in distance ]

How could you do me
like that, Teresa?

She's crazy!
Who's Teresa?

And she threw my record
collection out the window!

Sounds like you deserve it!

Sorry! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

You jackass. You --
With my best friend?!

Okay, and I just feel like

these scenarios
are harmful stereotypes.

Hughes, why don't you come
and play the first responder?

Mnh. Mnh-mnh.

Come on.
Come on, Hughes.

Yeah, yeah.

No, no. I got this.

[ Binder smacks on chair ]

Remember, compassion.

Compassion and empathy.
Compassion and empathy.

Okay. Yeah.

Let's go.
Let's see it.

Um, sir...

Whatever happened
before today doesn't matter.

What matters now is making sure
no one gets hurt

and, uh,
keeping you safe, okay?

Okay, well, I don't want
anyone to get hurt.

Good. Now, you ready to
take a walk with me?

Oh. Uh.

I'm ready to do
more than that.

Diane: Okay, seriously?
[ Laughter ]

Woman: Yeah. I'm done.
I'm out of here.

You two are a thing, too?


Maybe I should do
the groupings from now on?

That's a good idea.
Why don't you do that for me?

Yep. It's time.
Come on.

[ Knock on door ]

Somebody called
the fire department?

[ Dog barking in distance ]

He's over here.

[ Sighs ]

Grab a tool bag
and blankets.

Tony: Dammit, Patricia,
did you call 911?

I said I'd figure it out!

Yeah, I'd like to see
you try, Houdini.

How can I get in
the house?

Yeah, I'll take you.

[ Groans ]

Hey, I'm Maya.
What's your name?

How are you feeling?

Uh, a little hungover.

Tony, it looks like
you were bleeding.

Do you remember
cutting yourself?

Ohh. I was piss drunk
last night,

tried to break into my own house
through the doggy door.

How much do you think
I remember?

[ Chuckles ]
[ Door opens ]

Here he is.
The light of my life.

Enough, Trish.
I feel like an idiot as is.

Oh, well.
If it walks like a duck

and it quacks like a duck...

Sullivan: How you doing?
I'm Robert.


Now, uh...
Ohh. you feel any --
any tingling in your arm?

I did when I woke up, but I --
I don't feel anything now.

Okay, well, that's probably
because you slept on it

so the circulation's cut off.
[ Grunts ]

Here we go.
Let's remove this.

I'd have chewed my own
damn arms off

if it meant getting out
of here.

[ Chuckles ]
Why didn't you
do that 10 years ago?

Because my mouth was filled with
all the crap you made me eat!

[ Scoffs ]
Oh... Okay, okay.

Uh, Bishop?!

You got the cordless?!
Yeah, I got it.

Let's get him out of here.

Hey, do I get to pick which
half of him stays here?

Oh, real nice, Trish.
[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Breathes sharply ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Dean: This is obviously
a waste of time.

It's a joke to them.

Well, there are always growing
pains with this kind of thing.

So we're supposed to just
go through the motions

and then, boom,
they're certified?


We are supposed to show them
how it's done,

mistakes and all.

This is just day one.
They'll get there.

If they can stop
for five minutes

with their
romantic psychodramas.

[ Sighs ]


[ Claps hands ]

Um, next up, let's have
Gibson and...Maddox.

Hey!I'm pretty sure you two
are not romantically involved.

Correct?I don't know.

I've heard stories
about Gibson.

Okay. Uh, Jack,
you work in an office,

and your co-worker, Dan,

has locked himself
in the conference room.

Uh, why?

That -- That's what Jack
has to figure out.

I don't get it. Uh.

Have I called 911?

Okay, alright. Um.
I'm gonna be the responder.

[ Exhales sharply ]


[ Grunting ]

Uh, Dan, come on out, man.
We're all worried about you.

Hey, uh, Dan. I'm with
the Seattle Fire Department.

Did you call
the friggin' cops, man?

Just to check on you, man.

I'm freaking out.
I'm freaking out.

I'm freaking out, man!

[ Shuddering ]

What -- is he on drugs?

[ Breathing sharply ]

Diane: It's often hard to know
if the patient

is intoxicated or suffering
from mental illness, or both.

Okay? Treat everyone
with empathy.


[ Siren wailing in distance ]


Hey, Dan.

I'm Dean. Dean Miller.

Your co-workers
are telling me

that you had
a stressful day here?

Yeah.I remember when I was
in finance,

it felt like some days were
more stressful than other days?

Is that
what you're f-feeling now?

I am a golden god!

Okay, look, man,
if you're not gonna

take this seriously,
you don't have --

I'm a serious
golden god!

Diane: Miller,
he's either on drugs

or having
a psychotic break.

You know, I feel like I'm about
to have a psychotic break.

Okay, alright.
Let's take a breather.

Back here in 10, people.

Looks like you're gonna
owe me a six-pack, captain.

Pull it together, 23.

I don't wanna have to
come back here again.

Miller, they will
get there.

Look, they already know
how to do this.

We just need to
teach the language.

I know. I know.
It's just that I'm --

I'm not a teacher.

I'ma teacher.

You're a leader.


[ Sighs ]


[ Sighs ]

Alright, so what are you
gonna tell him?

I'm not gonna cover for my dad
with my poor mom,

who's probably at home
writing a poem about him.

Oh, you know, she sent me
some of her pieces.

They're actually
really good.

Not the point. Right.

I mean, I don't know.
Should I tell her?

It's been so long,

I feel like he's never
gonna be honest with her

and somebody should be.

That's not really
your truth to tell.

I know. I know. I know.
But it's like,

if he were in some
boring, hetero affair,

I wouldn't think twice
about telling my mom.

Well, that's just it.
He's not.

He's in the closet.
Yeah, but --


It's not that simple.
[ Door opens ]

So, uh...

I was playacting.

[ Sighs ]

She was my first girlfriend.

Was crazier than a --

Oh, you know what? Actually,
I'm gonna stop you there.

You know I don't love it
when men call women crazy.

She spent two months
in a psych ward.

No, I thought that
was Allie.

Her, too.
Oh, yeah.


I'm sorry, you have two
girlfriends who were committed?

What can I say?
I have a type.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Drill whirring ]

Patricia: Explain to me again
what you thought you were doing.

I was drunk, okay?

I couldn't find my key
and --

And you thought maybe
you'd squeeze your ass

in through our dog door.

[ Laughs ]
Our dog died 5 years ago.

He still won't let me
get a new one.

I didn't want to wake you up.
You could say thank you.

Maya: Sullivan,
this frame is decorative.

We're gonna have to
reposition him for removal.

Sullivan: Okay.

Patricia, um,
could you maybe, uh,

help Lieutenant Bishop on
the other side of the door?

[ Breathes sharply ]
Yeah, fine.

I can't stand the smell
of last night's Scotch

on his breath anymore.


You know, we used to
actually like each other.

I mean,
I don't know what happened.

Somewhere along the line,
it got like this. Ohh.

It's okay.
Oh, thanks.

Listen, Tony.

We're gonna try
lifting you...Mm.

...and when we do, you're gonna
have to try and move that arm

out from underneath you.


Bishop? On three.


One. Two. Three.

[ Groans ]

Okay, come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.

[ Straining ]

You can do it.
You can do it.

Nope. No.
Okay, okay.
Okay, sir.

It's stuck, man.
[ Sighs ]

Bishop, we're gonna
have to cut him out.


You hear that, Tony?

They got to cut our door.
You gonna buy a new one?

It's times like this I'm glad
we didn't have kids.

They'd be ashamed.

[ Breathes quickly ]

when we got married,

we both said
we didn't want them,

and then I changed my mind,
but it was too late.

Tony: It wasn't always
too late, Trish.

Yes, it was, Tony!
Yes, it was!

Because you are
a walking farce.

You are a drunk,
and you're not father material,

and we both know it!

Maybe if you'd told me
you wanted kids,

I-I-I could have
turned it around.

Oh, says the man
stuck in the doggy door.

[ Groans ] Oh!
Son of a bitch, that burns!

That means there's
circulation, Tony.

That's good news.
Ohh! Fantastic.

[ Exhales sharply ]
Okay. One more.


She didn't tell me
until last year

that she'd wanted kids
all this time,

but never said anything.

I mean, what am I supposed to do
with that?

I mean, everything works
for me down there,

but she had cancer last year --
they took it all out.

So what do I do
with that?

Starting the cut!

[ Saw whirrs ]

[ Breathing quickly ]

[ Breathes sharply ]


[ Sighs ]

[ Groans ]

[ Saw whirrs ]


Here we go.

[ Screams ]

Okay, okay,
but watch your head.

Watch your head.

[ Groaning ]

Son of a bitch.

[ Grunts ]

What happened?

Ah, that hurts.

Tony, what happened?!

Maya: How the hell did
that happen?

Aah. I don't know.

What is that --
a bottle opener?

I don't know.
[ Grunts lightly ]

Dispatch, this is Engine 19
requesting an aid car

to 3667 Egre Road.


[ Crying ]
Oh, my God.
Was that in him?


[ Air horn blows in distance ]

[ Birds calling ]

[ Vehicles passing in distance ]

[ Horn honks in distance ]

You doing okay
over there at 23?

Ugh. Surviving.

Ruiz makes it feel less lonely,
but it's not the same.

Things good here?

Yeah, I mean, other than
you not being here

and Beckett
being our captain...
[ Sighs ]


yeah, it's like normal.

So things are just fine
with Sullivan?
Yeah, go ahead.

everyone forgave him?


Well, he's kind of the reason
you guys are all here today.

He agreed to let the SFD
capitalize on

his little Fire Zaddy moment,
and in turn,

Miller gets his department-wide
training approved.

I'm pretty sure there's
an ulterior motive.

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

Um, I'm gonna say something
to you right now,

and, uh, you're probably
gonna get mad,

but, uh, hell with it.


I think what you did
was messed up.

Excuse me?
[ Brushes off hands ]

I'm a stranger in my own house
because of him.

Maya --
Would be the first
to tell you

that she got demoted
because she defied McCallister.

Have you asked her how she feels
about this situation lately?

Have you talked to her?

It's like...

you find things to use
as excuses to cut and run.

Well, don't you?
[ Scoffs, chuckles ]

You do.
Uh, look, you did it with me,

you did it with Ryan,
and now your husband.

I don't look for excuses.

Robert is overbearing,

overprotective to the point
of patronizing,

and he refuses to admit
when he's wrong.

Like your dad?

Who you worshiped,

Who we all worshiped.

But, I mean, you just left,

didn't say a thing,
kind of like your...


Like -- Like who?
Like my mom?


Not exactly
like your mom, no.



Andy. Just --


[ Sighs ]


[ Door slams shut ]

You know what I do
when I feel overwhelmed?

I take a walk, you know?

Go to the park
and get some ice cream.

I don't like ice cream.


[ Chuckling ]
Okay, um...

Are you a salty food guy?


Okay, well,

maybe a bag of chips
is your ice cream.

[ Chuckles ]

Yeah, so, uh, what do you say
you come on out of there

and we take a walk to the park


Okay. Okay.
Okay. Okay.

That was great, you two.

[ Cheers and applause ]


Now, did you see
how he kept him talking

but never pushed?

He really engaged him and was
sensitive to his physicality

and matched it where he could.

He empathized and validated
his feelings,

and presented an alternative
plan of action.

See, empathized and validated
his feelings.

Yeah, it's not very subtle,
but I got it.

Hey, maybe next time
you accuse me

of forgetting to
buy batteries,

you could just present
an alternative plan of action.

Okay, both of you--
[ Klaxons sound ]

Dispatch: Crisis One requested

to 900 block of North Wilton.
[ Stammers ]


Uh, Jack.

You didn't get
a fair shot earlier.

You want to try it
in the field?

What, like now?
For real? Yeah.

Yeah, for real.
Okay. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Claps hands ]


[ Voice breaking ]
Tony, you big idiot.

Do not die.
You cannot die!

Ma'am, I'm sorry.
I need the space.
[ Breathes sharply ]

Lungs sound good.
Pulse ox is 99%.

Tony, if you die by a
stab wound from a bottle opener

because your drunk ass tried
to crawl in through

our dead dog's door,
I swear to God --

You'll what? Kill me?
[ Scoffs ]

he's gonna be fine.

On three.
One, two, three. Up.

[ Crying ]
I should have told you

when I changed my mind
and I wanted kids.

I shoulda given you
a chance to clean up.

Tony: No. Listen to me.

[ Gurney motor whirs ]

If I was gonna clean up,
I woulda done it for you, babe.

I couldn't. I tried.

Alright, let's go.

It's okay.
It's okay, baby. It's okay.

[ Gurney wheels rattle ]


[ Cellphone rings ]

Dad, hey.

Hey, um, so, what's this text
I got from you?

Yeah, well -- "I'm not gonna
lie for you"?

Yeah. Just what it says.

Dad, the whole point of texting
is to not have to call.

I didn't ask you to
lie for me, Travis.

Right, but that was
the implication.

"She thinks it's a conference,
by the way."

I just wanted you to
have the information

so that you didn't --So what?

So I didn't accidentally
tell her the truth?

[ Sighs ]
I never meant --Okay, Dad. Dad.

I have given you space,

and I know that
it's not my truth to tell,

but that's my mom
and you're lying to her

and possibly putting her
at risk.

Kyle and I are safe.

Dad, you know
that's not the point!

I gotta go, okay?

I'm in the middle of
crisis intervention training,

and I clearly have
more to learn.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Vehicle door closes ]

[ Horn honks in distance ]

That's affirmative.

Crisis One on scene.
[ Beeps ]

Well, they called us.

Can you tell us
the situation?

Yeah, this crazy kid
won't get off the bus,

and this is the last stop
on my route.

It's the end of my shift.
I can't go back to the terminal

with him still inside.

Well, he seems upset, not crazy.

Look, I'm new to this route,

And I don't know
this kid.

And when I tried to wake him,
he freaked out on me,

so I'm gonna go with crazy.

Okay, well...
Okay, so this is no different
from any other call

where we deal with
an erratic patient.

You ready? You got this.

Y-- Okay. Yeah.

You got it.

[ Engine idling ]


Hey, buddy.
I'm -- I'm Jack.

Uh, Jack Gibson.
I'm a...

Okay. Hey.

Buddy, y-your hand
is kind of --

Don't touch me!

Do not touch me!
I'm sorry.

The driver tried to
take my bag,

but I wouldn't let him
because it's my bag.

I-I fell taking it back,

and I cut my my hand
on the back of a seat.

Alright. Okay. Um...
W-What's your name?

Myles Anthony Trudeau.

That's a good,
strong name.

In fact, my -- my friend,
her dad's name is Anthony.

He makes the best pierogis.

My name is Myles.

Right. Myles.

Myles, y-your hand
is bleeding pretty bad.

Are you sure
I can't just --

Don't! Don't touch me!
Okay. Okay. Alright.

Get away from me!

Do not touch me!

Get away from me!
Get away from me!
I'm stepping back.

Get away from me!
I'm stepping back.

Get away from me!

Do not touch me!
Do not touch me!

this is Engine 19.

Patient is being transported
to Seattle Pres

by Aid Car 88.

We're heading back to
the station now.

Dispatch: Copy, Engine 19.

[ Radio clicks ]

You think Carina's gonna
hate me like that one day

if I never want to
have kids?

[ Chuckles ]

How is that funny?
It's not.

It's just, here I am,
thinking about my own marriage

based on that
hot mess of a couple,

and you're over there,
thinking about yours.

It's just...
[ Chuckles ]

Yeah, we're all just...
The hero of our own story.


Something Andy said to me
the night of your wedding.

Andy's my best friend,
but no one really knows

what it's like
in another marriage

except for
the people in it.

You know,
all I'm gonna say is that,

for the past two years,
I have watched her

twist herself up
about you.

First, you were
the forbidden romance,

then you were
the whirlwind romance,

then you were
the tragic romance.

And now we're the
stuck-in-a-doggy-door romance.

You're saying I should
let her go.

I am just saying that I wish
my friend could be happy again.

Myles: It's Thursday.
I go there every Thursday,

and his mom always makes

I-I-I don't know
where I am.

I-I'm supposed to be
at Trevor's for dinner,

because it's Thursday.

Y-You like your, uh,
your routines, huh?

I wake up every day
at 8:30 in the morning,

and then I make breakfast.

And then after breakfast,

I like to take a walk
in my neighborhood.

Mondays, Tuesdays,
and Fridays,

I go to work
at the grocery store.

I'm a bagger.
Once, I won the store contest

for bagging
the best and the fastest,

which was actually
pretty cool.

On Wednesdays,
I-I go to socialization club,

and on Thursdays,

I'm -- I'm supposed to be
at Trevor's house.

This is not Trevor's stop.
This is not Trevor's stop.

This is not Trevor's stop.
So your routines...

This is not Trevor's stop....
t-they help you a lot, right?

[ Breathes sharply ]

My -- My teachers tell me
that keeping a routine

and staying busy
will help with my autism

because it will occupy
my mind and it'll give me

to look forward to.

That's awesome. You know,
my teachers always said

they expected to see me
on the 5:00 news.

Ahh. They thought
I was a bad kid.

A-Are --
Are you a bad person?

Oh, no.
Bud, I'm sorry.

Um, I-I'm a helper.
I'm a firefighter.

Hey, um, what --
what time is your, uh --

your dinner with Trevor?


What do you say
we clean your hand up

and we'll just drive you?

Right, you don't like to
be touched. Um...

What if I showed you --

if I showed you how to
clean your own hand,

and then no touching --

would that be okay?

Yeah? Okay. Yeah?
[ Radio clicks ]

Uh, Hughes, could you please
bring the medical bag?

[ Radio clicks ]

Why did your teacher
think you were bad?

Uh, well,
I didn't come to class a lot,

because, uh,
I was embarrassed.


Because I was, uh,
homeless often,

and, uh, I usually would wear
the same clothes

and never have enough
supplies for class.

But there was this one
really nice teacher.

Yeah, she, um --

she always brought me food
on most days,

so that I could eat,

and, uh, she just, uh...

didn't judge me.

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

Kids were mean to me, too.

Some people think
that I'm weird

just 'cause I'm different.

[ Horn honks in distance ]

That's...not true.

Do -- Do you have
a Dalmatian?

Did you know that Dalmatians
were firehouse dogs?

Well, they became
firehouse dogs

because they got along
with horses,

and when firefighting

the trucks were
horse-drawn carriages.

No. That's -- That's awesome.
No, I didn't know that.

Uh, I wish
we had a dog.



[ Bag unzips ]

Do you mind if I put
some supplies right here?

Would that be alright?

Yeah? Okay.


I will show you
how to fix your hand.

Jack: So,
to disinfect the hand,

first, we need to bust open
one of these bad boys,

and then rub --
don't scrub --

you know,
at the back of the hand,

and then, if it starts
to sting a little bit,

that just means
it's working, alright?


♪ I was afraid, caught in
the cores of my own fear ♪

♪ I guess I was wrong
about our love ♪


♪ You still ain't here

♪ Just pictures of you
on my shelf now ♪

♪ I guess you were wrong
about our love ♪


♪ Well, I hope you're fine now,
wherever you are ♪

♪ As the days go passing by,
ooooh, I ♪

♪ Oh, my, my





Dean: 23 did not suck today.
[ Chuckles ]


Even Maddox and Barnes
showed empathy,

and I don't think
either of them

can tell you
what "empathy" means, so...

that's a win.

You asked them to step up
and they did.

We have trainings with
88, 7, and 42 set up.

This program you created,
it's a success.

Ah, I just made them

Actually, it was Sullivan
who got all of this approved.

If it wasn't --
Uh, Miller?

Do you know how to win?

Today was a success.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Footsteps ]

[ Sighs ]

I'd heard about
your transfer.

It was bold...

standing up to McCallister
like that with Bishop.

He'd be proud of you.

You know, Miller was always
secretly my dad's favorite --

bullheaded, stubborn...Mm.

...too smart for his own good
Yeah. [ Chuckles ]

But his capacity for --
for good?

For -- For change?

He saw that potential.

He'd be really proud
of what he's doing.

So, you and Sullivan.

You gonna talk about that?

[ Laughs ] Yes,
you and your annoying habit

of burrowing
right into the truth.

Are you separated?

Not yet.
He has the papers.

They were served here,
on shift,

which was an accident,
but he hates me for it.

I mean, Gibson said something
that really pissed me off,

but he might have a point,
which is incredibly annoying

because --Because it's Gibson.

[ Laughs ]

What did he say?

[ Sighs ]

He said that --

He said that Robert and I
are like my parents.

That I, specifically,
am like my mom,

who walked out on us
when I was a kid.

I thought she was dead,
but she wasn't.

She kind of just ghosted us,
and I --

[ Clears throat ]
After what happened

with Robert going behind
all of our backs,

especially my back,
I left.

I didn't say a word.
I just -- I just left.

And then, 10 months later,
I filed.

Do you blame him
for your transfer?

I don't not blame him.

Alright, give it to me,

I know you have a take.
You always have a take.


[ Horn honks in distance ]

You went from zero to 100

When I met you, you told me
he made you feel electric...
[ Sighs ] Mm. no man had ever
made you feel before.

The last time
you and I spoke,

I saw the love you had
for him,

the fear and concern

for his mental well-being
and his physical safety.

Feelings like that
don't just turn off.

Then how come
all I feel now is anger?

Red, hot,
all-consuming anger?

Well, usually when a feeling
is that intense...

Just -- just say it.

Hysterical, historical.

Okay. Okay, now you're gonna
have to explain it. [ Laughs ]

When you feel
hysterical --

heightened, incredibly intense,
overwhelming emotions --

a rage,
a need to run away,

a sudden need to never
speak to someone again,

it's often because something
unprocessed from your past

has been triggered.

So when you're hysterical,
it's historical.

So you're saying
Gibson was right.



I'm saying...
talk to someone.

Robert, a counselor,
a counselor with Robert.

In my experience,

both professionally
and personally speaking,

most people don't go from
electric to divorced.


Why are you scavenging
19's kitchen?

Because their captain
didn't feed us.

I told you there was
pizza in there somewhere.

Which there is not.

Hey, have you guys
seen Sullivan?

I think
he's in the gym.



You, uh...
[ Clears throat ]

You want to hang out again?

No. No, I don't.
I really don't.


Well, uh...

Way to soften the blow.
I-I'm sorry.

I -- I'm -- I'm hurting people
a lot these days,

and I don't mean to.

Sorry, I didn't mean
how it sounded.

No, I-I get it.
I get it.

I'll just...
show myself out.


[ Both sigh ]

So, um, this unstable
ex-girlfriend thing?

Ahh, okay.
[ Chuckling ] I'm sorry.

Okay, I knew you weren't
gonna just let that go.

Well, you said
you have a type.

Had. I said "had."

No, you said "have.
"Well, I meant "had."

Okay, well, um,
I'm not unstable.

Well, you're being
a little bit right now.

[ Chuckles ]

I'm -- I'm kid--
I'm kidding.

Listen, okay?
I spent my 20s thinking

that all the drama
and the hours-long fights

and the hot and cold, that,
you know -- that that was love.

I didn't think it was real

if it didn't make you
want to kill yourself.

Well, yeah.
I blame Leo and Claire

in "Romeo + Juliet."
Same. Same, I swear.

[ Both laugh ]

Vic, you are the first person
I've been with who gets me.

You know, who doesn't make me
try to prove my love every day,

and just --
and just wants me to be happy.

We're so similar.
We just...

We fit.

And all my past relationships,
they were just...

I don't know.
They were all so serious.

You know?

Not in the "where is this going"
kind of way,

but, like...
I don't know.

I like to make jokes.

I like to see the --
the silver lining.

It doesn't mean
I'm not a serious person,

it just means I don't take
myself too seriously, you know?

And all my exes were...

[ Sighs ]

They were not that.


I just love you.

Like, a lot, lot.


[ Door opens ]

[ Man humming ]

Whoa, okay!

Alright.Sorry. Sorry, Miller.

Sorry, sorry,
sorry, sorry.

PDA at work
is strictly forbidden.

[ Sighs ]

Uh, also, sorry, uh...
sorry about this morning.

No. No. No.
It's, uh -- It's fine.
It was...

Yeah, sorry, man.
It's cool.

I just didn't know that
you'd be making out here,

everybody walks.

[ Breathes deeply ]
[ Door opens ]



♪ I can't take it anymore


♪ And the storm is
on the rise ♪

Hey. You alright?

♪ With no shelter to hide

Since when do we make out
in the lounge?

♪ And when the rain comes

Vic and Theo, huh?

I'm going to sleep.

Hey, um, I got a call
the other day

from my friend in Oakland.

She's working with
the city council

to try and create a program
exactly like Crisis One.

Dude, that is dope.Yeah.

Every city really needs
a program like this, man.

Well, yeah,
except but she can't

wrap her head around
the logistics, you know?

She needs someone
who knows how it works,

on the business end
and the implementation end.

She needs someone
who can manage people.

Someone with a --
a business degree, so...

I gave her your number.

You trying to get rid
of me, Warren?

What? No, but I am trying to
help you change the world.

I mean,
look at what you did --

I mean, what you're doing--
it's -- it's huge, man.

It's -- It's -- It's got to
get bigger than just us,

bigger than Seattle.
[ Sighs ]

Plus, you know...
[ Stammers ]

I thought it wouldn't hurt
for you to get away

from this situation
for a little while.

♪ All this waiting in vain

[ Door opens ]

♪ Don't even know their names

♪ I can barricade my heart
[ Sighs ]

♪ But they're coming
all the same ♪

♪ They're gonna bite

[ Breathes sharply ]

♪ I'm gonna bleed

Oh, hey.

I was just
looking for you.

I --
I was looking for you.

♪ Not gonna fight

Robert, I wanted to--
Look, uh, no, no, no.
No, please.

Let me just --
Let me speak for a moment.

♪ Yeah,
the wolves are at the door ♪


I love you.
[ Breathes sharply ]

You were the first woman
after Claire

to make me feel
whole again.

You helped me
rediscover myself

as a man
and as a friend and...


...I-I-I know
I made mistakes,

and I'm so sorry
for hurting you,

but I can't be sorry for
trying to rebuild my career.

♪ And the wolves
are at the door ♪


♪ Time has taken its toll

So, um...

♪ I don't know
if I can run ♪

I signed.


I love you, Andy,
but I can't be

the only one
fighting for us.


I want you to be happy...
and I want to be happy.

Robert --

♪ Not gonna fight

♪ Oh, no, no

Herrera. Let's go.
Train's leaving.

♪ Yeah, the wolves
are at the door ♪


[ Sighing ]


♪ Yeah, the wolves
are at the door ♪

♪ Yeah, the wolves
are at the door ♪