Station 19 (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Little Girl Blue - full transcript

Station 19 and Station 23 each attempt to celebrate Thanksgiving following the fallout from the neighborhood explosion. The firefighters come together to cook, toast to loved ones they have lost and celebrate the families they have become.

♪ I wake up

♪ With my heart wide open,
oh, yeah ♪

♪ Under the golden sun

♪ Lights so soft
like a sanctuary ♪

♪ But something else
is coming on ♪

♪ Ooh-oh, something dark
has rolled in ♪

♪ Storm has come

♪ Still I hope

♪ Still I won't have no fear

♪ Lay down my burden

♪ Look to the horizon, yeah

♪ And wait for the sun


So it's...
It's Thanksgiving.

Yeah, I know.

I'm coming.

My other options
are staying here

and eating
cold white rice or...

going to my parents'
and getting another lecture

about how much I should
or shouldn't be lifting, so...


You don't think
it's too soon?

Will you get out of here
so I can change?

Love you. Mean it.

Should I start the car
or you...

Get out. Get out. Get out.
You need time.
I'll give you time.




Just dropped a patient off
at Grey Sloan.

Thought I'd check in.

What time's dinner?


It's gonna get better, Jack.
Just takes some time.

Pruitt Arike Miller!

Oh, I've missed you,

How's it going
with her?

Surprisingly well, but,
you know, the Millers...

they're not happy.

I mean, isn't that
what Dean wanted, though?

For you and Miranda
to raise her?

Yes, but you try telling that
to grieving parents

who want
their grandchild, hmm?





Yeah, that's Daddy.


That's your daddy.


Where's Daddy?


Uh, your...

your daddy
is with my daddy.

And -- And they both
love you very much.


I'm just saying, the only reason
my dad insists on coming

is because he's sitting on
a lie so big

that he can't bear to be alone
with my mother anymore.

So I'm just supposed
to hand her

a slice
of pumpkin pie

and not tell her that
her marriage is a sham?

Yes, Trav, that's exactly what
you're supposed to do.

How are you?

Okay, before
you say anything

or try to blame me
for this,

I tried, but she insisted
on coming and helping.

Did the department
clear you?

I didn't know I needed clearance
for peeling potatoes.

This is
your work environment.

There will be alarms
that could put

undue stress
on your heart.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

I appreciate
the second opinion,

but my heart is fine.

And who was
the first opinion?

Guys, I just need
one thing to feel

just a little bit
normal today,

or is that something that's
gonna make my heart explode?

It's fine. It's fine.

I just got a little excited
about the Yukon golds.

I'm fine.

Are you serious?


Are you happy?


you alright?

Yeah, I'm as okay
as someone can be

after a casual electrocution
and a heart attack.

It's just an alarm for me
to take a pill.


How are you...doing?


I'm s-- you gotta
do something.

You can't just sit here
in all this pain.

Otherwise the pain is --

You gotta do something.

I don't want to.
Yeah, I know. I know.

But get up anyway,

and why don't
you just go...

I don't --
Go help Travis cook.

I'm serious.

So I just got word
that the investigation

into my insubordination
is finally happening.

Well, I guess McCallister's
cleaning out his inbox

after the pipeline

Is he being blamed
for that?

Not yet.


It's Thanksgiving.


So I'm gonna cook.

Well, I'm kinda
already doing that.

Yeah, but now -- now --
now I'm gonna do it.

You know, I-I need this.
It'll be good for me.

Sure, um...
but, I mean,

you know we invited
all of our families, Mm-hmm. Yep.

so there's
a lot of cooking.

Yep, I know.

It's fine.




Are you really gonna let him
just do it all?

Well, he's
a pretty good cook,

and I think he needs it
more than I do.

Thanks, Gibson.


you alright?

Yeah, I'm, uh, cooking.


And this is where
your dad would sit.

Where's Daddy?


What's she doing here?



Yeah, yeah. Sure, yeah.
Of course.

Hey, look who it is!
It's Auntie Vic.

What is that,
a heart-rate tracker?


You know what? I think Travis
needs help upstairs.

Hughes, you should sit --

Engine 19 requested
to 6547 Seaway Place.

That's Ingrid's shop.


Okay, you are gonna
stay here with...

Auntie Maya!

Oh, yeah. You're fine.
You're fine.

Just, uh, you know,

keep her

Okay, but why is it
the woman

gets left with the baby
like it's the 1950s, huh?

Can you guys
watch her?

I've got my own
babysitting gig today.



Why did you send me
to get enough food

for an entire
Thanksgiving dinner

when you already had
everything here?

Because she's captain
and you're a grunt.

She's acting captain.

Either way,
show some respect.

We're making extra for
Aquino's and Morse's families.

Firefighters take care
of their own.

Any word on Aquino?

He's out of critical care,
which is good.

He still has a long
road ahead, you know?


where do you want
turkey number two?

Oh, leave it on the counter.
Turkey number one...

is almost ready
to come out.

Did I baste already?

Yes, like 30 seconds ago.

God, I'm losing my mind.


Did you see
Miller's little girl at 19?

Oh, my God.

She looks
so freakin' cute

in her
Thanksgiving dress.

I wanted to eat
her little arm.

Why the face?

I just...

You know, Vic is going in,

and I don't know
if she's ready to see Pru.

Why? Vic loves Pru.

Yeah, but she's kind of
a walking, talking reminder

that Miller's gone.

And I think she's scared
Pru's mom's gonna come back

and take her to Hong Kong
or something.


You think -- you think
she'll take her back?

I don't know
any of these people.

I'm just saying
what Vic told me.

No, J.J. gave up her right
to be a mom

when she left her daughter
with her father.


I got to...
get the groceries.

Okay. Okay.

So what --
what should we do?


What? Potty?

I need potty.

Potty? Okay.

Let's go to the bath--
Let's go to the bathroom. Yep.

Oh, God.

Oh, my God.


Help. She's leaking.

Give her to me.

Hello, bella.

Should we get changed?

Oh, God.
It smells so bad.

That's right.

Everybody's poo-poo stinks.

Even Maya's.


How are you
so good at this?

You've never babysat?

Oh, thank you.

Or had friends with kids?



Yeah, uh-huh.

"Uh-huh" what?

It's nothing.

It just explains a lot
about your personality.

Once you spend a little time
with kids,

you realize that plans and rules
and rigid diets

don't really make sense
when you're always

two minutes away from
an exploding diaper!

And you're all set.

Oh. We might need to
change the socks, too.

Let's see
what color we have...

Look at that!


Thank you so much for
coming out on a holiday.

I-I'm so embarrassed.

I was sure
I smelled something.

Ingrid, there's no sign
of gas, smoke,

or anything that makes your shop
in any way vulnerable.

Are you positive?
I-I was sure I smelled gas.

Like, so much so that
i-it made me a little dizzy.

These things
are scary accurate, alright?

More sensitive
than drug dogs

or those little, uh --
those little pigs

that look for, um --Truffle pigs.

Yes. Truffle pigs.

Uh, could it be a stroke?
Should I see a doctor?

I mean, don't you smell things
before a stroke?

I-I know I sound paranoid,
but I smelled --

I didn't imagine it.

Okay, look, Ingrid,
the --

the holidays can be tough
when you're grieving,

e-especially after the loss
of a spouse.

You know,
w-we're having Thanksgiving

at the station
this afternoon.

Why don't you drop by,
grab a slice of pie,

and, you know,
be around people?

That's so sweet. I --

Yes, I-I would love to.

Great, okay.
Then we'll see you in a bit.

Alright. Alright.

She's lonely.

You're asking for it.
No, I'm not...

Dad, could you at least
silence your phone?

Then what's the point
of notifications, Travis?

Why do you need

when you're with your family
on Thanksgiving?

It's the holidays.

I would never ask you not to see
Emmett on the holidays.

Except you would.
And you did.

Because when
I first started dating Michael,

you wouldn't let me invite him
to Christmas dinner.

Wait a minute.
You --

You're not trying to meet up
with Kyle today, are you?

What I do with my personal life
is none of your business.

Except it is when
it concerns my mother.

Your mother is my wife.

Don't worry about our marriage.
Your mom and I are happy.

I know it's impossible
for you to believe

that anyone could be happy
who doesn't live their life

according to your standards,
but we are.

Well, you're asking me to lie,
and I can't live with that.

Then tell your mother.
Go ahead.

You're not going to,
are you, Travis?

'Cause then you won't have
a reason to write me off

like you do anybody else
who doesn't play by your rules.


I love you
and I love your mother.

No, Dad,
you don't love us,

because if you did,
you wouldn't lie to us.

Travis, you've never lied
to anyone to protect them?

Dad, protect who?

The only person that you're
protecting is yourself.

You are having an affair.

Gay or straight,
it doesn't matter.

When you met Emmett,
he was engaged to someone else.

That is such --

Um, I have an idea.

Why don't we do that thing,
you know,

where you go around and say
what you're grateful for?

Isn't that a "dinner table"
thing, Paul?

We can occupy ourselves
while we work.

I think
that's really cute, right?

I-I-I'll go first.

Uh, okay,
in this, uh, you know,

uncertain world,

I am grateful for my love.


I am grateful I got out of bed
this morning.

Trav? You want to...?

Yeah, yeah. I'll go.

Uh, I'm grateful for truth.
Yeah, you know?

'Cause life is too short
to live it in a lie.

Yeah, uh, Nari,
why don't you go next?

Oh, me?

Well, I'm grateful
for my son,

and for Emmett,

and for my loving husband,


Dad, why don't you go?

Are you grateful
for you loving wife?

For God's sake, Travis --
That's a terrible start, Dad.

Would you stop it?!

You push and you push
and you push

and you don't know
when to quit!


I'm gay, alright?

I'm in love with a man!

And my son won't give me
one day of peace!




Excuse me.


I'm sorry.

I'm grateful for
nervous laughter.



Mom. Mom, wait.
Travis, I do not want
to speak to you.

To me?
You had to push him.

I didn't, Mom.

I saw you.
The constant harassing.

We would have been fine
if you hadn't said anything.

Wait, know?

Of course not.

I knew something was off.

Our sex life hasn't been
the same for years...Oh, God.

...but we still go to
the farmers' market together

every weekend,

and he helps me do the dishes
every night after dinner.

Our little things.
No marriage is perfect.

Why did you have to
push him?

Oh, my.

Mrs. Montgomery,
I-I-I was gonna --

You're making a mess.
Give me that.

No, I was gonna do it
on my own,

if that's --
I'm just trying to --No, you weren't.

I'm helping.


Sorry, it's the --
the watch.

What are you doing,



It soothes me.

People think they know
what's best for you.

Keeping information and then
doling it out as they see fit

to "protect" you.

When it just hurts worse
than the thing they think

they're protecting
you from, right?

Because in addition
to the pain

of the actual thing,
you think,

"Did everyone just think
I couldn't deal with the truth?"

And then
it's too late anyway,

because the truth
just exploded,

like it does.


Though I suppose I now have
all the information,

and it doesn't feel
very good, either.

You know, I used to think
things happened for a reason.

But the truth is,
there's nothing.
There's no meaning.

You know, you're --

You're in a building or
you're outside of a building.

The building blows up
or it doesn't blow up.

Your best friend's
in love with you

or he isn't
in love with you.

You live and you die,

It's all just random,
meaningless cruelty.

Is that supposed to
make me feel better?

Sorry. I'm sorry.

Hey. Where is she?

In the...?
It's okay. It's okay.

She -- She's upstairs
with Bishop and DeLuca.

Oh. Sorry.

J-- That call from the lawyers
has me on high alert,

'cause they are her family,
and if they want --

Miranda, you know
better than anyone

that blood does not
a family make.

We are also her family.



Oh, "Ben"?

Um, Ingrid, uh,
this is Miranda.

Dr. Miranda Bailey.

And you are?

Ingrid Saunders.
I live in the neighborhood.

I'm gonna go
check on Pru.



Miranda is...
My wife.


Oh, of course.

Yes, you're --
you're married.


You know what?
I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go.

Uh, keep the pie.
It's the least I can do.
Um, I-Ingrid,
Ingrid, Ingrid.

Ingrid, please.
Just -- stay.

You don't have to
be alone today.


Just, um --



Miller was clear on
what he wanted.

He wanted Warren
to raise Pru.

J.J. doesn't get to
have a say, not one word.

And I'm sorry, but
neither do Miller's parents.

Miller raised that baby.
He raised her.

He did the work.
He poured the love in.

Her Station 19 family
picked up the slack,

so no one
gets to take her away.

So, uh...

Did you know that Miller
was in love with Vic?

Please tell me you're not
so insecure in your manhood

that you're jealous
of Dean.

He's gone.

He's -- He's -- He's --

He's dead!

And Vic had a --
had a heart attack.

How are you making this
about you?


How am I...?

You know,
why is everyone else

allowed to process their
feelings around here but me?

I didn't say I was
losing sleep over it.

I'm just talking to my friend
about something

that...I don't know, kind of
feels like a big deal to me.

Sorry that my worries aren't
as important as yours, Captain.




I'm hysterical,
which I have been told means

that it's historical.
It's --

I'm -- I'm making
Miller's death

and that poor little girl's
life all about me.

And I'm mad at you
because I'm mad at the world,

because I'm mad
at my own mother.


I-I didn't know
Miller was in love with Vic,

but once I found out,
it made sense.

But I don't think
she loved him back.

Because if she did,
she would have recognized

that he loved her,
and instead,

she just
chose not to see it.


Hey, I've been looking
for you.

I needed a shower.

You are
very understanding

and very forgiving
of my father.

Because I've been
where he is.

Yeah, that man didn't
show up to my wedding,

and he didn't let my mom
come, either.

And I understand that
he was mired in self-loathing.

I get that now.

But does that mean that
all the pain that he caused

my whole life and the pain
that he's causing my mother now,

that it's just --
it's nothing?

It's just
instantly forgiven?

I need you on my side.

And, yeah, that --

It's selfish
and it's irrational.


But I'm in pain, too.

I know. I...

It would just be nice
if someone could...

you know, be on my side.

Trav, there are no
sides here, okay?

No. I'm sorry.
I love you.

But there's work
to be done.


Not officially back.

But --
No, I'm not. I just --

I did just find out

that this is where
I'm gonna be benched

for the next
several weeks

while my fragile, fragile
heart heals.


Hey, thank you for...
taking over Crisis One.

It means a lot, and I'll be
ready to help again soon.

It's just --

Sullivan's been helping.

And Warren
and Montgomery.

That program will not die
with Dean Miller.

It's his legacy,
and we will all protect it.

That sounds concerning.

Oh, it's not.
It's just my heart.

Your heart
is not concerning?

Metaphor. Cool. Okay.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.

Thanks for the pie.Mm-hmm.

And, you know,
thanks for checking in.

I don't want to keep you
from your family,

so I'll -- I'll take this
upstairs for you.

Nothing you want
to get off your chest?


You know,
I'm just kinda...

doing my thing.

You know,
my push through it and...

keep it light
and feel the feelings

but don't dwell
on them thing.

The truth is, I want to
crawl into a hole.

And I want to let
that hole swallow me

and hope that
no one finds me.

And why can't you
let yourself do that?

Because everyone expects me
to be me and to make jokes

and make them
feel better and...

laugh through the tears,
like I did when Lucas...


Why do you care about
what they expect?

Because if I don't,

it means that this death
hurt more than that one,

and I can't let that be true,
'cause it's...

It's not.


We all have
a psychological immune system.

Just like our physiological
immune system

helps our bodies recover
from physical attacks,

our brains are working
to protect us

from psychological ones.

Maybe when
your fiancé died,

that's how your brain
protected you,

and now it's dealing with
the attack a little differently.


Miller was --

He was in love with me,
it turns out.

I know.

Why did everybody know that
but me? What --

immune system, maybe?


I can't.

Your love for him
can be as real

as it feels
for you right now --

as real and immense and
significant as it was and is

without you having been
in love with him back.

You're punishing yourself

for not being
in love with him back --

something your brain
knew on some level,

because you're not dumb.

You were just afraid of what
would happen if it were true.

Thank you...

for the...


...for the pie.

You guys always feel better
when you talk to me.

I do not understand

why you always fight
me on it first.

Enjoy that pie.



Isn't Thanksgiving supposed
to be one of our busier days?

So, uh, Paul?

What do you do
for work?

Hey, Warren.

Oh, thank God.

That, uh,
woman you invited?

I just saw her wandering
around the locker room.

Um, you invited her?

Wh-- S-She's a widow.

What -- Okay, where'd you
see her last?

I don't know,
poking around the bunks?

Alright. I'll find her.

Yeah, you find her,
and then later,

we're having
a conversation.

How are we doing?
Is that a turkey?

Thought you'd be off
with your boyfriend by now.

I'm not leaving.

I love your mother.

I'm sorry for the way
things came out,


I'm not sorry I said it.


I have held onto that
for decades.

I never let myself
feel okay.

I never let myself feel.

I'm not you.

I'm not brave like you.

But I'm learning
from your example,

so I'm not leaving.

I want your mom to know
that I'm here.

I want her to know that,
at least.

I'm still here for her...

and I'm still here
for you.


I'm gonna, uh...
grab more dishes.


He'll come around.

Sorry, w-we haven't met.

Paul. Paul Montgomery.

Paul. Hi, uh,
Dr. Miranda Bailey.


Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I feel so stupid.

You're married.
Of course you are.

I-I'm sorry
if I ever gave you

the wrong impression
about my intentions.

Yeah, that -- that's
like an "I'm sorry you
feel that way" sorry.

I don't know how
I got this so wrong.

I never meant to --

I know!

Please stop saying that.
It's more embarrassing.

You have nothing to be
embarrassed about.

You invited me here like
a stray dog you felt bad for,

and I thought
it was a date.

Just put out a bowl of water
for me.

I'll be fine.

Ingrid, look at me.

Have you ever
lost anyone?

Actually...Someone you loved?

Someone you'd slept beside
every night for 10 years?

No. Not --
Not someone like that.

Ugh, I didn't used to
be like this!

I used to like being alone,


Scott, he became
a part of me, and now...

and now...

Ingrid. Ingrid.
Ingrid, no, no, no, no!

No, Ingrid, listen to me.

No, no, no, please,
just leave me alone.


I want to be alone.


Ingrid, please.

I can't.

I can't do this anymore.
I can't.


No, no, no.
J-J-Just stay -- stay back.

Look, this building
is not that tall, okay?

If you jump, the worst
that's gonna happen is,

you break both your legs
and you're in terrible pain.

Yeah, well, that sounds better
than how I feel right now.

then I won't be alone.

I'll -- I'll be
in the hospital and --

and people will check on me
and bring me food.

Do you know what it's like
to cook for yourself

all by yourself every day,
all the time?

The hospital sounds better
than that.

Well, your next meal
won't be alone

if you'd just come downstairs
and e-eat with us.

Yeah, what would your wife
say about that?


I'm sorry.
What am I even saying?

I-It's not even --
It's not about --


No one
would even miss me.

That's not true.

I might break
both my legs, but...

but maybe I'll get lucky

and hit my head
and never wake up.


You know, Jack,
I...lost my brother, too.

And it feels like...

like you can't get
air in your lungs, nothing
will ever be okay again,

like you will never
feel joy again.

So you try to
push it down,

and you try not to feel it,
and the awful irony is that

the further you push it down,
the longer it stays.

So you have to
let it out --

to cry, to laugh,
and -- and cry again --

which is all the same thing,
by the way,

crying and laughing
and -- and screaming

and -- and dancing.

I-It lets it
out of your body,

and you need it
out of your body,

because --
because when it comes out,

it makes room for light
to come back in.

Why do I smell...smoke?!

Oh, my God.


It's locked!

It was set to "clean"
instead of "bake."

Oh, come on,
I can't put it out

if we can't get
in there.

Come on, pull.


It feels so spiky and awful
and I just...

I should be at
the acceptance phase already.

I-It's been over a year.
I don't get it.

I just don't get it.

Who says you should be
at acceptance yet?

A year, it -- it --
it's not that long,

n-not for grief.

That -- That study,
uh, the five stages?

It's, um --

It's crap, okay?
I-It's utter nonsense.

It -- It -- It was about
terminally ill patients

coming to terms
with their own death.

I mean, a person accepting
the end of their own life

is totally different
than accepting

losing someone you love.

Look, we -- we --
we're, um...

We're all living that
firsthand right now.

You sign up to be
a firefighter,

on some level
you're accepting

that you could
lose your own life.

B-But, um, when it's --

when it's someone else's,
you know,

one of your brothers
or sisters,

I-I don't know how
we'll ever "accept" that.

I-I'm not sure
we ever will.


What is happening?!

Everything's on fire!

My turkey!

I-It's okay.
Vic took her to Bailey.

Open the patio door!


What are you doing?!

I'm getting
that turkey out!

Travis, that oven
is really expensive!

Mom, please!


Uh, Ingrid?

You don't really
want to jump, do you?

I-I don't think you do.

You don't know me.

I'm just some crazy lady

who thought we were getting
romantically involved.

Well, hey, you know what?

I might be married,

but the next guy
might not be.

You are a person
who cares.

You're grateful
and you're kind

and anyone would be lucky
to have you around.

But no one will be Scott.


No one will.

Life is painful.

There's no two ways
about it.

It's love
and it's grief...

a-and it's love
and it's grief

and it's love...
and it's grief,

a-and our job --
our job

is to make sure that
the love we feel...

is worth the grief.


Okay. There you go.

I'm sorry.

No, don't be sorry.

Okay, you're okay.


you don't have to --

I paid 150 bucks
for this turkey!

It's heritage!
It's organic!

It's burning!
It's coming out if I have to --

Okay, yeah, I heard it.

Come on!




What the...hell
happened here?

I just destroyed an oven
that costs more than my car.

What in holy hell
did you guys do?

You alright?

Uh, yeah,
I'm -- I'm -- I'm good.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

this seems about right.

Well, I guess you don't
need this, then.

No! No! No!

Hey, hey!






I don't know why this happened.
I-I'm sorry.

I --
I swear I'm not crazy.

I know. I know.

I mean, grief is
a powerful thing,

on a day like today.

So, listen,
my friend here

is gonna take you
to Grey Sloan.

The hospital?
And they'll
check you out

and get you the help
you need.

I don't think I need --Ingrid.

Your husband passed
from CO2 poisoning.

You almost died
in a fire.

You call the station
every day.

You smell gas or smoke
every day.

It's not gas.
It's not smoke.

It's grief and PTSD,

and you need to let the
professionals take over now

and help...



And, hey, you know,

come back and visit us,
you know,

when you're
feeling better.

Thank you.



Dr. Bailey.


Hey, baby.

It's Grandpa.


So cute.


Oh, I missed you.

I understand that you love
my granddaughter very much,

but it is Thanksgiving,

and my wife has gone through
enough with Dean.

She needs
her granddaughter.

Mr. Miller, I cannot imagine
the loss you've suffered.

I'm so deeply sorry.

I'm so sorry
for your loss.

Your son was a wonderful man.

please stay for dinner.

Stay so you can
get to know us,

'cause we don't
just love Pru,

we -- we all are
her family, too.

She's lost so much.

She can't lose
this family --

the family whose arms
she was literally born into.

Yes, there's -- there's family
that blood makes,

but there's also the family
made of this --

made of shared experience

and familiarity
and sensibility

and shared passions
and understanding and love.



We'll stay for dinner.

Thank you.

But after...

I'm leaving
with my granddaughter.


♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Well, my eyes are on
the high road ♪

♪ And my back's
facing the sun ♪

♪ The dark is coming
and the daylight's almost gone ♪

♪ But a change is gonna come


♪ Something on the horizon

♪ Yeah, it's beating
like a drum ♪

♪ I hear it coming
and I know it won't be long ♪

♪ But a change is gonna come

♪ A change is gonna come

♪ A change is gonna come

♪ Oh

♪ It's getting hard to find
the strength to carry on ♪

♪ But a change is gonna come

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Look at him with her.

Today was a lot
for him.

It was a lot
for everyone.

Yeah, it was a disaster.

A pretty beautiful one.

It was.


I mean, all of it.

There were disasters happening
in the kitchen...

Mm-hmm....and in families
and on the roof...

and we're all in pain
and heartbroken.


And yet...

when there was
a child in the building,

we were all fine.

When there was a child
in my arms

in the middle of it all,
I was fine.

We kept her fine.
We knew how to keep her fine.

We can do this.

I can do this.

Let's have a baby.

Sorry, what?

I want to have a baby.

Okay, it's usually not best
to make decisions

while in mourning.

I'm not. I mean --

I am in mourning, but...

I've been thinking
this whole time

that I needed to
stick to some plan,

but plans don't work.

People die.
Families fall apart.

Let's have a baby.


Are you serious?

There you go.

Thank you.Good pick.

It's not how
it should have gone.

Oh, Travis...

...please let's not
do this again.

And who knows what mess
lies ahead,

but just let me say...

it gets better.

I know from experience.

This is the worst
it'll ever feel.

You don't want to
join us for dinner?

No, that sounds like
a 19 kind of thing.

Well, you are
the captain of 19.

I'm pretty sure
no one wants me there.

No one blames you
for Miller's death.

Everyone's just
glad you made it.

You know,
if I had died,

there'd be nobody to
take that phone call.

My ex-wife's in Florida.
Parents are dead.

My brother is an alcoholic
who doesn't take my calls.

The only people
who might have mourned me

are the people
in this building,

and they'd be busy...

mourning the guy
they actually liked.

But, hey, if you ever, uh,
change your mind about

taking me up
on that drink...

A-Appreciate it, Beckett.

Please call me Sean.


Things are still messy
with Robert.

It's just --

It's just
not a good idea.

Thank you for the pie.


She's gonna wear him out.

It's time to go.

Oh -- Oh, you're using
her middle name?

It is her true name.

Th--This doesn't have to
be a battle.

Alright, we all love her.

You don't love her
as much as her grandparents do.


Okay, w-when --

when should we
pick her up?

Thank you for dinner,

and for looking after
my granddaughter.

Oh. Here, baby.

Take care.


Bye, honey.