Station 19 (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Train in Vain - full transcript

Carina and DeLuca pursue Opal, the woman suspected of sex trafficking. Meanwhile, Maya leaves Andy in charge for the yearly inspection, and Dean and Vic struggle to cope with the fallout Dean's traumatic arrest.

Previously on "Grey's
Anatomy" and "Station 19"...

Andrea... Carina,
I swear it's her.

It's the woman.

Arrest this woman
for child trafficking!

She's selling her!

Bailey, stop this, please!

Andrea, please.
We need to save her!

I let her out of the hospital
once. I'm not doing it again.

I'm not waiting. I'm going in.

Jada! Shanice!

I want them arrested
for trespassing and arson!

- She was kidnapped!
- Let go of me!

What's wrong with you?!

- Miller!
- Dean! Dean!

Are you crazy? Get
your hands in the air!

He's a hero! He just
saved those people!

When's shift start again?

In about an hour.

At least they didn't hold
Joyce as long as they held us.

Wait, did they drop all
charges against her, too?

If they did, it's only
'cause someone filmed it.

How vile do you
have to be to lock up

the mother of a kidnapped kid?

And the firefighters who
rescued the kidnapped kids.

The Black firefighters.

Just the Black
male firefighters.

You guys sure you want to
work? You must be exhausted.

The alternative's
bringing home all this rage

to my perfect little girl, so...

Plus, today's inspection day.

No, that's tomorrow.

I have it in my
calendar for today,

and until recently,

I was supposed to be the
one doing the inspecting, so...

No, no, no, no, no.


The inspection determines
our budget for the entire year.

We'll reschedule.
Doesn't work like that.

They don't reschedule.

We'll just fail.

And I-I don't mean
to be selfish, but...

You're allowed to be selfish.

You're allowed to be whatever
it is you need to be today.

I need to make a
good impression.

I need us to make
a good impression.

I can't lose anymore.
I can't lose this house.

- I have a career to rebuild.
- Okay.

Okay, look. We know who we are.

We've been prepping
for this for weeks.

We have to get this
house in tip-top shape.

Let's just put our heads
down and get through today.

Okay. Okay. We can do this.

We have to polish and
clean literally everything.

Is it possible to have a
stomach ache in your head?

I have a headache in my stomach.

Hey, you don't have to stay.

You ran into that burning
house with me last night.

I'm staying.

Come on.

Hey, Carina.

Just, checking in.

I hope your

your day is less eventful
than my night was.

Today is the annual inspection,

which is the most important...
day of my captaincy so far,

and I thought it was tomorrow.

So I'm not ready.

I haven't slept or showered

or eaten,

or processed what I
witnessed last night,

and now I'm rambling
on your voicemail

because I miss you and...

God. What if we fail?

What if I fail?

That is...

Okay. Stay on her, okay?

The license plate
number is, VTQ-864.

The vehicle's a blue sedan.

Now, the... the driver's
a sex trafficker, okay?

She brought a girl
she was trafficking

into Grey-Sloan Memorial.

Her name is Cindy, alright?

Um... Erin

Erin Banks. Thank you.

She told us this woman
kidnapped her two years ago,

and... and last night,

another two girls
were brought in,

also kidnapped by a
man named Bob Corson.

Okay, we think the
two cases are related.

Well, no. I don't

I don't have any evidence
to prove that they're related,

but... No.

Sir, if you could just... Sir?

Sir, I need you to
come find us now

because we're
following her right now.

I-I'm a doctor. What
does that have to do...

Wow. Okay, yeah.

Look up Erin Banks

and then have someone
follow up with me.


Look, we need to make sure

we can see her car at
all times, okay, Carina?

I am, Andrea. Don't worry.

We're not gonna
lose her this time.

I know.

- Look, c-can we call your.
- - your girlfriend now?


You okay?

This has happened
to me a lot, you know?

I've had guns
drawn on me before.

It's exhausting.

I know.

So, are we talking about it?


Are you sure?

I would rather literally
do anything else.

Hey, Miller... Travis

Travis, he doesn't
want to talk about it.

Just give him some room.

I'd give anything for a nap.


I would give the garnet
earrings my grandma gave me

for a nap right now.

Michael gave me a watch
that I don't ever wear.

You can't trade your
Dead-Husband Watch.

You traded your
Dead-Grandma Earrings.

Yeah, but I wouldn't trade
my Dead-Ripley Socks.

Your Dead Fiancé
Heirloom is socks?

That's... Yeah.

So tragic.


Okay, look, we don't have

a lot of time to
explain, alright?

Carina, are you okay?

Yes. We are safe for now, but...

Hey, Bishop, I just
got a million texts

from Andrew DeLuca,
saying... Hey, Warren.

Hey. Hey, look.

Look, I've been trying
Bailey a bunch, but...

Yeah, she's finally getting
some sleep, so don't bug her.

What... What do you need?

They saw a woman at
the hospital this morning

and they think she's associated
with what happened last night.

Yeah. Well, we're not gonna
let her get away this time.

Yeah. Okay?

A-And she's got to be
connected somehow

to the guy that your
team brought in last night.

It's too much of a coincidence.

Did you call the police?

Yeah, 'cause that worked
out so well last night.

Yeah, we tried the police,

but they told us
they'll follow up.

So, your plan is
just to follow her?

No. My... My plan is
to not let this woman

kidnap and torture
other teenagers.

If we can follow
her to a location

or... or... or her
home or something,

at least we can give
the police an address.

Okay, Carina. This is crazy.

You can't just
follow some stranger

all over the streets of Seattle.

Look, she's...
she's turning right.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Turn right.

Got it. Got it. Got it.

Here we go.

Okay. Don't lose her.


She's stopping.

Pull over. Okay.

Pull over.

Who's stopping? Opal?

Okay, stop, stop.

Okay, DeLuca, DeLuca.
What are you doing?


Look, she's carrying
something. You see that?

Who is that?

I don't know.

She's talking to some man.

Okay, Carina, these people
could be really dangerous.

Yeah, they're dangerous
to teenage girls.

That's why we're here.

Stay in the car.

Look, you want to help?

Cut through the red tape

and get the police
here right now.

Okay. We're on it.

Just please wait for the police.

We will. I'm not
making any promises.

Hell of a night.


I don't know how to
process what I saw yesterday.

My best friend was a cop.

I know how hard his job was.

I know how often he was just


and I-I know cops
can be targets.

I-I was always on his side.

Cops and firefighters
were on each other's side.

- But what I saw yesterday, I.
- - I saw it with different eyes.

I'm married to a
Black man now, and.

I saw it with different eyes.

Just call me back
when you get this.

O-Okay. Thank you.

Okay, I think
Miranda has records,

but I can't reach her.

I think she took a
sedative. It's okay.

They were able to look up
the incident at Grey-Sloan

without the report number,

but the detective assigned
to the case is not in today.

So? I mean, can't they
get another detective?

They said they would try,

but that it would take
a while to process

and to get them up to
speed. Unbelievable.

What about Ryan's old
captain? Can he do us a favor?

Captain Rendon? We can try.

Captain Maya Bishop, Station 19.

Can I have Captain
Rendon, please?

I'll hold.


Andrew, he's...
he's...? He's stable.

He's been on his
meds for months.

He's getting sleep. He's good.


Will you please leave a message?

Captain Maya Bishop, Station 19.

It's urgent.

Just wait and see what happens.

Look. Look, look, look.


I think they're taking off.


Should we follow him?


Keep following her. Okay.


I'm not manic, okay?

I wasn't thinking that.

I just don't think

all this belongs
on your shoulders.

You know, the only difference
between our father and I

is that I-I'm actually trying
to make up for my failures.

So, yes. This is on me.

I have to make this
right. No, A-Andrea.

Our dad killed four people
in the operating room

because he didn't want to
take care of his mental health.

Even when you're manic,
you're a brilliant doctor.

Y-You diagnosed
Dr. Webber's rare condition

in the middle of
a manic episode.

Yeah, and the only reason
anyone listened to me

is because of Meredith.

Meredith knows me,

and she believed me
when nobody else did.

Even you didn't believe me.

When Opal had
Erin at the hospital,

nobody did, and Opal got away.

She just walked
out of the hospital

because of me.

Because I was unstable.
Because I was untrustworthy.

And now two more girls
are hurt because of me.

So, yeah, I-I can't... I... I
won't let this happen again.

You're not like him.

Not at all.

Not even.

If you like Polish food,

I'm telling you, you gotta
check out Kaminski's.

Best pierogies in town.

I swear.

What are you doing?

Trying to distract myself,
but it's not working.

Is it a guy? Is that the guy?

Tell me about the guy. What?

Come on. Stop.

You pretend like there's no guy,

but I see you scrolling
at all hours of the night.

Now, I-I am tired
and freaked out,

and I need to feed
my sad, sad heart,

so please, tell me everything.

Seems a little shallow
today, doesn't it?

Yes. Okay.

It does seem shallow.

But you deflect with humor...,

and I deflect by
living vicariously

through whatever
secret romance it is

that you won't tell me about.

Well, my rivets are secure,

my stitching is solid,

D-ring's intact.

It's looking good.

Did you video chat with Pru yet?

No, 'cause I'll cry when I do.

Listen up. Announcement.

Carina and her brother,
Andrew DeLuca, are...

It's okay.

They think they have eyes
on one of the kidnappers.

Of Jada and Shanice?

No, no. The girls are okay.

The girls are safe.

The guy from yesterday
is still in custody,

but we think his partner
was at the hospital last night.

Wait, wait, wait. Carina
and Andrew are doing what?

Following her.

Following her? Correct.

Okay, good. So, what do we do?

How do we help?

I take it the police aren't
rushing to the scene?

There's a lot of red tape.

Right, but you just
keep calling it in.

Okay, look, I'm going.

I'm just gonna take the
aid car, and I'm gonna

I'll go! I will go!

- R-Robert, no.
- Look, I'm going.

- I got this.
- You can't all go,

not if we want to
pass inspection.

We just say that
we're at an incident.

It's not an incident, Miller.

Right now, it's
just my girlfriend

and her brother chasing
someone in a car.

Wow. You really gonna just

I'm what, Miller?

Okay, I-I'm going.
So who's coming?

I will go. Okay, look...
Look, I need to do this.

- No!
- Dean, what are you...

Why? Why? Miller, Miller,
you cannot get cuffed twice

in 24 hours, man.

For Pru.

Maybe I can get some leverage
as lieutenant or something.

Or something?

Gibson, Warren, go.

The rest of you,
there is still a lot

to do around here.

Miller, look. Let it go.

Aren't we gonna
wait for the cops

like you made me wait yesterday?

I told you what was
going on in that house.

I told you that I
wanted to go in.

No, and you ignored
that Black mother's cries

because you waited on a
cop who refused to help her?

Those girls had to set a
fire to get your attention,

when you

you could have just had my back.

Come on.

Maybe she's waiting
to pick somebody up?

I don't know.

We're on our way.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

A-A-Are the police with you?

Yeah. We're working on
it. Where are you now?

We're at a train station.
She's just sitting in her car.

Look, I-I'm gonna
send you photos of her,

her license plate,
and the address, okay?

O-Okay. Yeah.

Got it. Got it.

Listen, do not approach her.

Just keep your
distance, alright?

We... We aren't far away.


Captain Bishop,

we have plate
numbers for the police.

These are Idaho plates.


Maya must be
crawling out of her skin.

Yeah, this is a lot.


And I don't know
how to help Dean.

He's my best friend, and
I've been avoiding him

because I know I'm not
who he wants to talk to today,

and I-I want to help, you know?

I want to say I'm sorry.

I want to throw back
some beers with him

and get him to laugh it off.

Nope. No. I know.

I'm just saying... No,
no, you don't know.

Alright? Y-You don't
know this particular pain.

You don't... You
don't know this ache.

You don't get it.

We work with cops on every call.

There's a lot of
good cops out there.

Yeah, definitely do
not say that to him,

because yesterday,
you saw how some

of those "good
cops" treat Black men

when they don't have
firefighter uniforms on.

You had to see that.

Y-You had to see the difference.

So, how do I help him?

Give him room.

Don't ask him to talk
about his feelings,

a-and don't make
him listen to yours.

A-And don't... don't
try to make him laugh.

Y-You survived this long by
finding humor in the hardships,

but you'll know
when he gets there.

A-And don't you
try to get him there.

If you try to get him there,

that's just
dismissing his reality

and d-disrespecting
his experience.

This is a big deal.

Let him have his
feelings, stop avoiding him,

and just have his
back like a friend.

Just d

don't make it about you.

The car is registered
to Robert Corson.

He's the guy from last night.

The Idaho plates mean

that they're probably
trafficking over state lines.

FBI's getting involved, and
the cops are on their way.

Copy that, Captain.

Miller. Good news.

The FBI engaged,

and the local
police are on scene.

That's good to hear, Captain.


I'm sorry.

I got it wrong yesterday.

It might be a minute

before I graciously accept
your apology, Captain.


I can't stop thinking
about my bed.

Yeah, your bed's comfy.


How do you know that?

Well, I Goldilocks-ed
it when I moved in.

Okay, you need to
learn some boundaries.


Has enough time passed for
me to ask about the new guy?

You literally just now told
me to learn boundaries.

Fine. Maybe we
both need boundaries.

Okay. Okay.

It doesn't matter.

The guy... Yep, let's do it.

Asked me out,
and I said no. Why?

'Cause he's a firefighter.
He's a firefighter?

Last thing I need is another
dead person heirloom.

What I need right now
is just to feel safe, okay?

I just need

I need to feel safe
and not worried

and not scared for
like one damn minute,

'cause yesterday

I witnessed my literal
worst childhood fear,

and we're working
through a pandemic,

where I can't even see
people's faces, Travis,

and you know I
love people's faces.

I love them. I don't know.

This has just been a
hellish, out-of-control year,

but this, I can control,

so it doesn't even really
matter who the guy is.

Just... It's off.
It's off. It's done.

Vic, I-I just... I think

I think we need more
rags and, um, some coffee.

Maya, we have no news.

I do. The cops are on their way.


Okay. Thank you.

Thank you, Maya.

You know, you're
my favorite girlfriend.

Carina's ever had,

and there's been a lot.

No. Don't listen to him.

She's getting out.

Who's getting out?

Okay, no, Andrea.

No, Andrea.


Okay, w-what's he doing?


Andre... Maya, I
have to hang up.

W-What? No. No.
No. Don't hang up.

Maya, I cannot...
No, it's Warren.

Are you here? Not yet.

Okay, we're following her
through the train station.

Train station? W-Wait.
You left the car?

Andrea got out, and
I had to go after him.


How'd you even
get in this country?

Aren't you all carrying
the coronavirus?

Carina, what's going on?





Ca... Talk to me, Carina.

Ben, I think he's going
to follow her into the train.

Which train? We don't know yet.

Well, can you tell us
when you do find out wh

Ben, I can't hear... Ben.


Hit the sirens. Yeah.

Captain Bishop, they
are getting on a train.

Now, we're not sure
where they're headed,

but we're driving to the
nearest train station now.

Tell the police to standby.

What?! Why?! Why did they...

Okay, okay, okay.

Andrea, if we follow
her onto the train,

we won't know where she's going.

What other option is
there? Just let her go?

But Ben won't know
where to meet us.

We can text Ben from the train.

Andrea, they have
her license plate now.

They can find her.

We don't even
know if that's her car.

We don't know her
name. I can't live with that.



Helmets are polished,
hoses are stacked.

You could eat off the
floor in the beanery.

I know it's not much
considering everything,

but my dad always taught me,

sometimes, you take
it from the outside in,

and from the outside,

this station is looking
pretty good right now.

Battalion Chief Gregory's
gonna be another hour, at least.

Copy. You want
me to make sure that

I want you to be in charge
of the station while I'm gone.

I can't just stay
here while Carina's...

Wait... Hold


This inspection defines
your role as captain,

as the... First
female captain of 19.

I'm aware.

But I can't play by the
rules I witnessed yesterday.

The whole first
female captain thing

implies that if I don't
play by every single rule,

then I'm failing,

and if I don't do this job
like the men before me did it,

then I'm not up for the task,

but I played by every
single rule yesterday.

I went against my gut,

and those girls had to
set a fire to save their lives

because I was
playing by the rules,

because I was worried about
how it would look on paper,

and these people,

these disgusting,
soulless human beings

are kidnapping children

and holding them
hostage and selling them,

and there is something
more that we can do.

So, I'm gonna show
up. I'm a first responder.

I'm gonna respond,
and if that means

it's the last day as
the first female captain,

then I can live with that.

I'll get everyone
in their Class A's.


Co... Whoa!


God! What... What did you do?

There's a whole science! Sorr

I just... I...

This is literally the only thing

keeping me alive right now.

We still have to
polish the engine.

Hey, sorry about before.

I pried about the
guy. I-I wasn't thinking.

I mean, I wasn't
thinking. It's fine.

I just... I feel like
I can throw up,

seeing those girls kidnapped

and then having
to watch their moms

being punished for havi

I mean, just for
trying to save them.

You know, if those
girls were white,

they'd be on the cover
of newspapers right now.


But no. They weren't white.

And Joyce... If Joyce
hadn't made a scene,

if she hadn't stood her ground

and demanded that
something be done

after being told no over
and over and over again...

That's what it feels like
sometimes for Black women.

Just like you're
yelling into a void,

and I'm so

I'm so tired of it.

I mean, thank God...
Okay. You know what?

Thank God for
Miller and Sullivan.

Thank God they were there.

They were able to save them.

But we shouldn't have... It
shouldn't be that way, right?

We shouldn't have
to yell in the street.

We shouldn't have to rely
on these men to save us.

And this world,
it just... it... it... it

it pushes us from so
many different angles,

and... and... and we are

we give so much in
exchange for so little -,

so little dignity and
so little compassion

and so little common

just common frickin' courtesy.

I risk my life every
day for this stupid city,

and what do...

Would it even do the
same thing for me?

I am s

I am so angry.

I can't calm down,
and I am so sad.

I'm literally vibrating. I
can't... I can't bounce back.

I'm trying.

I'm trying, but I'm s...

God, Travis, I am
so tired of trying.

Then don't.

Vic... then don't.

You don't have to calm down.

You don't have to bounce back.

Just don't.

So, it's not gonna be so
bad dying alone, right?


Fire widows.

Alone together.


You're not dying alone.

This is strong.

I... That's what I was saying.

I don't know.


Man, it's gonna be good to
see you back in that uniform.

Well my collar looks empty.

I miss my bugles.

Do you hate it?

Hate what?

That I got knocked
back to grunt.

Yesterday, it really hit me.


she's in charge of me.

Y-You hate it. I hate it.

I hate it. I hate it.

And I will learn
how to live with it,

and I will clean up my messes,
and I will make my amends,

and then I will claw my
way back to where I belong.



But in the meantime...

Are you seriously
worried about me?

Andy, you married
a battalion chief.

I married the man I love.

Your title is so entirely
beside the point.

Look, all I care about
is that you're okay.

I cannot handle any more loss,

and that sounds selfish,
but I'm feeling selfish.

This day, inspection day,

it makes me feel the loss
of my dad all over again.

He loved inspection day,

and yesterday, those awful cops

that whole thing made me feel
the loss of Ryan all over again,

and watching you with
guns pulled on you...

You know, I-I put up
a strong front, Robert,

but I feel brittle.

I feel like a strong
wind could break me.


Did... Did your sponsor

really say it was okay
for us to be together?

Well, he said

as long as you don't
make me want to use drugs.

And do I?

The only drug you
make me want to use

is you.

I want to come home to you.

I want you to come home to me.


You're getting pretty good
at this communication thing.

Get well or die trying.

I would kiss you,
but it's inspection day,

and if I kissed a probie
on inspection day,

my dad would curse
me from Heaven.


Then I

I'll see you at home.



My first time being
profiled as an Italian.

It's about as un-fun
as I expected it to be.

Can you imagine Papa's
reaction to this right now?


I'm sorry you had to grow
up with Papa all alone.

You didn't even get to be a kid.

You were responsible
for his moods, his success.


His failures, as he
always reminded me.


I'm sorry I lied to
you when Mama died.

I guess I just
wanted to protect you.

Do you remember when I
used to tuck you in at night,

and I used to sing you that song

before you and Mom
left for the States?

So tiny.

Why do you think
they split us up?

I mean, I know I've always

just kind of accepted
it as what they did,

but I mean, why would
you do that to a couple kids?

Why send me away? Why
not just keep us together?

Andrea, that was
actually my idea.

What do you mean?

One night, I was tucking you in,

and I heard them
talking about divorce,

and Mama said she
wanted to move to the U. S.

And start fresh, and
Dad was screaming

that he would rather
tear the family apart

than be left alone
and childless,

and I knew already there

that something
was wrong with him.

You know, his
extreme mood swings.

I, um...

But I can handle him,

and I didn't want you to be
stuck with him, you know?

I didn't want you to
be stuck with Dad.

So I told Mom to
take you with her.

I think it is a family curse.

The... The desperate
need to... to help others,

even if it hurts.

"She saw us."

Come on.

Please don't do
anything stupid, DeLuca.

I know what you're thinking,
but it's too dangerous.

You don't know
what I'm thinking.

You're thinking you
should tackle her.

That's pretty close, actually.

A-Andrea, no.

She saw us. It's over.

Look. No. We're
wearing masks, okay?

There's no way she
could have recognized us.

We have to keep our eyes on her.

No, no, no. Andrea,
Andrea, Andrea.

You think this is some
kind of power move?

The Battalion Chief
making us wait like this?

Probably just a
COVID-related delay.

My reason's more interesting.

Okay, look, I'm about
to say something

painfully earnest
and very sentimental,

and I've had a lot of caffeine,

so let's all just keep
doing what we're doing

and bear with me. No.

He said he didn't
want to talk about it.

That's not what
I'm talking about.


Vic, I can't begin to imagine

the weight of everything
that you're feeling,

but I will not let you
die a sad, lonely widow

in your Dead Fiancé Socks.

I won't do it.

Okay, you can't
deny yourself love

just because our
job is dangerous.

The world has changed.

Being a doctor is dangerous now.

Being a grocery store
clerk... super dangerous.

A-A-And firefighters?
We show up.

We show up and try
to make the world safe

for everyone and each other.

I'm ready to talk about it.

I'm... gonna go after them.


I'm gonna go after them
through the damn courts.

It's risky, I know, but
there is no other option.

Three Black girls
were already missing

from Joyce's neighborhood.

The cops did nothing.

They arrested her

in front of her daughter
on false charges

and only dropped those charges
because somebody filmed it,

and that is not enough.

That's not enough!

That girl is permanently

That mother is
permanently traumatized.

And if we... if we
only chalk it up

to a systemic
problem without action,

if we don't name the individuals
who support this system,

if... if we don't fight them,
then nothing changes.

Nothing changes.

We fight fires.

We run into burning
buildings, we defy the odds,

and we save lives,
and this is no different.


It's just a different
kind of fire.

I am a proud Black firefighter.

I am a man that will fight
for his little girl's future,

and my family's got money.

You made up with your family?



But now I will.

Well, I'm in.

I'll testify. Whatever
you need, Miller.

Thank you, Montgomery.

Painfully earnest is
a good look on you.

One minute to downtown.

What's the status?

They should be pulling up soon.

Okay. When the cops get
here, we'll post at both exits.

Downtown Seattle.

For your safety, please
stand clear of the doors.

A-Andrea, stop!



Carina, listen to me, okay?

I want you to go find
Ben and the police.

I'm not losing her.
I can't live with it.



I wasn't... God.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir. God.

Good mor... Good morning.

Good morning. I mean, sir.

Battalion Chief Gregory,
welcome to Station 19.

I see you've met, Hughes,
Montgomery, and Miller.

Where's Captain Bishop?

She's away. On a call.

I've been put in charge.
Lieutenant Herrera.

Pruitt Herrera's daughter?

Yes, sir.

If you will, right this way.

Pruitt's still saving our
butts, even from the grave.

Captain Bishop?

We have the doors covered.
This is a photo of Opal.

She's a 4100 suspect. Let's go.

Take the right side and
the left side. Let's move.

About face!

19. A-shift.

You call yourselves
the A-team, I'm told.

Yet, you're without a captain,

and I found you all
sleeping on the job.

Chief Gregory, if I may.

Our team prides
itself on precision,

accuracy, and dedication.

We are strong as a unit.

Herrera, where is your captain?

She is helping coordinate

the arrest of a
notorious sex trafficker,

who we think is responsible
for the kidnapping

of the two girls we
rescued yesterday.

Our captain is
setting an example

for what it means to
be a first responder.

Outside of red
tape or jurisdiction.

We are proud to serve under her.

I heard about
yesterday's events.

Running into a burning building,
off-duty, without any gear...

We put human life
before protocol, sir.

And we'd do it again any day.

Especially for a community
that was being overlooked.


Red hair.

I guess, 5'5", probably.

Train's been here
for a few minutes now,

so they gotta be
around here somewhere.

That's her!

Here we go.

- Ma'am, freeze!
- Hey...

We're sorry. Mistake.

No. Over there. Over
there. There, there, there!

We think she's exiting the
north side of the building.

Ma'am. Freeze.

What's going on?

What is going on?

We're 10-15.

Ma'am, you have the
right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will

be used against
you in a court of law.

It's interesting how they didn't

shove her face into the ground.

At ease.

While I don't condone conflict

with our brothers on the force

I do appreciate honesty
and bravery as core values.

You saved two lives yesterday.

You did it with your bare hands.

I'd be proud to have any
one of you on my team.

I'm s

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

My God.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, sir.

She's been shoving
it all down, sir.

And it's been a lot.

Yesterday was a
lot to shove down.

I imagine it was, son.

We haven't slept.
We haven't eaten, sir.

Demoralizing doesn't
begin to describe it.


I'm so sorry. I
don't do this, sir.

I don't... I do not do this.

She really doesn't. She
really doesn't do this, sir.

She's never done this before.


- 19.
- 19.


- 19.
- 19.


That's right.



I think he stabbed me.


Call 911!


Excuse us. Clear a path, please.

Coming through. Clear a
path. Help him! Help him!

Clear a path.


We're gonna have to
work. Come on. Come on.

Stay with us! Stay with us!

Grey-Sloan Memorial,

this is Captain Maya
Bishop from Station 19.

We have a doctor... Mnh.

A 35-year-old male

with an abdominal stab
wound coming your way.

He's tachycardic
and hypotensive.


I got it. I got it.

Did... Did they get her?


Did they get her?

Yeah, they got
her. They got her.