Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 2, Episode 5 - Gillian - full transcript

While working a case, Starsky learns that Hutch's new girlfriend, Gillian is a high class prostitute working for some criminals they're investigating.

All units in the vicinity
of Eighth and Marshall.

A 415 in progress.

This is Zebra Three,
we are responding.

It's Lonely.

I don't think he's gonna
be much of a witness.

Uh, hiya, Starpy, Hup...

Is Lonely gonna be all right?

He's dead, Eddie.

Dead... No, No, he...

We're, we're going right now.

We're going to dinner...
down at the mission.


He's dead.

Dead... but, but tonight's
special is cream tuna.

It's okay, Eddie.
Come on. Come on.

But... It's all right...

It's gonna be all right.

Did anyone see
what happened here?

Come on over here.

Eddie. Yeah?

Did you see what happened?

Well, sort of.

I was standing over there,

waiting for Lonely
to get off work.

Yeah, where does he
work, at the Stardust?

Yeah, he sweeps up

and cleans out the bathroom.

And then he... he just came out,

and these two guys jumped him.

Do you have any idea

why anybody would
want to hurt Lonely?

Well, who'd want to hurt
us? What could we ever do?

We're nothing.


He was my...

Okay. It's okay.

Now you wait right here, okay?

Take it easy.

Make sure he's okay
before you leave.

Oh, hey, give him a
ride down to the mission.

Yeah. Did you get anything?


Lonely was an independently
wealthy man of leisure

who cleaned toilets as a hobby.


Hi, fellas. What
can I do for you?

Forget the games, Harry.

He's dead.



Who are the guys
that jumped Lonely?

I don't know.

Just a couple of guys.

Came in here goofing off,

picking stuff up,
throwing it around,

you know.

So Lonely chased
them out with his broom.

Oh, you want me to believe

that because Lonely chased
two guys out with a broom,

that they went out
there and waited for him

and beat him to death, huh?

Well, they were some
really strange people.

I mean, weird eyes, you know.

Would you be able to
recognize these strange people

if you saw them again, Harry?

No, I wouldn't recognize anyone.

I mean, they just
looked just like...

Like anyone else, huh?

What about the strange
people with weird eyes, Harry?

I don't know nothing.

Nothing. I wouldn't
recognize anyone.

What are ya getting
all worked up for?

Lonely was nothing
but an old wino.

I mean, who cares
if he lives or dies?

Look in the mirror
sometime, Harry.

Ask yourself the same question.

Fifty cent charge for browsing.

Big 10, Nance.

Lay it right down
there. Let's see a strike.


You're supposed to put it down

that little wooden path.

I like the noise.

She likes the noise.

Now you want to
press that reset button.

Ken. Oh!

Be careful!

Oh. Sorry.

Dave Starsky, this
is, uh, Gillian Ingram.


Oh, it's good to
meet you at last.

He talks about you all the time.

Well, not all the time.

Oh, this is Nancy.
Nancy, this is Gillian Ing...

Ingram. Ingram. Ingram.


I like your name.

Oh, thank you. It's British.

Dad named me after a
lady he was in love with

when he lived in England.


Well, if you'll excuse us,

I gotta give her a
little instruction...

You push that button to reset.

How are you... How are you?

I'm fine.


It's been so long
since last night.

I know.


Want to sit down?

Oh, yeah.

How have you been?

Without you all day.

Something happened, didn't it?


I feel excited all the time.

I know. I know.

I'm in this room,

and it is filled with balloons,

Red ones.


And then I'm worried,

and I listen for that explosion,

and I wonder which
one's gonna break first.

None of them.

None of them.

That'd be so nice.

Impossible, but it'd be nice.

Hey, are you guys gonna bowl?


You want to bowl?


You still think you can beat me?

Of course. Shoes. I need shoes.

Right there. Right there.


Ken? Okay, Starsk.

Set 'em up.

Watch this.


I found her.

She's with a guy
named Hutchinson.

Mrs. Grossman...

He's a cop.


We're gonna beat you, and
we're gonna beat you bad.

Oh, yeah.

I'm sorry.

What's wrong?

Nothing. Gillian.

Nothing, I... I love you.

I really love you.

No matter what
happens, I love you.

Nothing's gonna happen.

Hey, you guys gonna bowl?

Hey, Nancy's got a new idea.

It's gonna
revolutionize bowling.

Yeah, what's that?

I try to miss the pins.

Why are they called pins?


Ken, I'm kind of tired tonight.

Yeah, so am I.

No, um...

You what?

I'd like to go up alone tonight.

Well, yeah, um...


We won't go out
tomorrow night at all.


What if we get hungry?

I'll fix a big breakfast.

Well, at least let me
walk you up to the door.


I gotta get that fixed.


I know.

Good night.

I love you.

Good night.

The door was open.

So we just helped ourselves.

Mama made tea.

Is that all you've
got, tea bags?

What kind of a
davenport is this?

I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

Where were you?


With who?

Robert Redford.

Don't you get smart
with my Al, little girl.

Look, when I'm not
working, it is my life,

and don't try to tell
me what to do with it.

Who do you think you're kidding?

I own you like I own
everything in this place.

I paid for you. You are mine.

Al, please.

Please, I want out.

I'm serious.

This has happened
before, hasn't it?

No, not like this, no.

Oh, you mean this
guy is, uh, different?

He's, uh, special.

Yes, yes, he's special.

Sure, he's special all right.

He's a cop.

Oh, yeah.

We know all about this
big blond friend of yours.

We've spent a great
deal of money and effort

in this town since we came here.

Al is about to become
a very important man.

I'm not gonna let
you endanger all that

by dating a cop.

But Hutch doesn't know anything.

I mean, he doesn't
know anything.

And he isn't going
to find out anything.

You be at the place tomorrow.

We have a special friend
stopping by for a visit.

And after that,

you break it off
with your cop friend,

or we'll break it off
permanently, for both of you.

You understand me?

I understand you.

Just don't drip any
of that grape jelly

all over my seats.



Boysenberry jelly.

Boysenberry. Mm.

All units...

All units in the vicinity
of 12th and Main,

a 415 in progress
at 119 Twelfth Street.

This is Zebra Three.

We are in the area
and responding.

It's Porno Row again. Yeah.

What's going on down there?

You got me.



Good morning.






Quite a lady.


Just hold it a second.
Let me take a look.

It's Mickey Stinger.
What happened?

Someone worked
him over pretty good.

He's got a concussion.
How bad, we don't know yet.

This is getting to be
a habit down here.

You've noticed.

What? Excuse me.

Excuse me, Pops.

What is it?

Swell, just what I needed.

This entitles the
bearer to one free shine.



Yeah, okay.

What's wrong with your arm?


Hits me every eight
or nine years or so...

Oh, yeah?

Every time I go bowling.

Hey, Hug. How's
it shaking, Pepper?

My counselor advised me
to take the Fifth Amendment.

What's going on?

Yeah, I was gonna ask
you the same question.

Like who's messing
up the streets?

Hey, Starsky, these are
good people down here.

They take care of their own.
They don't give you no trouble.

Up to now.

You know who killed Lonely?

They didn't want to kill him. They
wanted to show some muscle.

Like with Mickey.

They want his shop.

They want all the
shops down here.

Bookstores, peep shows,

rubdowns, everything.

Who is they?

They are a cat named
Grossman and his mother.

His mother?

Yeah, came out here
a couple of months ago

from Cleveland.

Syndicate heavyweights said

if he could take
hold of the territory,

they'd make him their
main man out here.

Yeah, but his mother...

Take it easy, will you?

Where can we find
this heartwarming team?

Venus Massage.

Venus Massage.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Yeah, I know what you mean.



A nice massage today

to relieve all that
anxiety and tension?

Mr. Grossman.


Grossman. Police.

Now, I bet I could take
that stiffness right out.

Really? Mm-hmm.


Maybe later.


Show the gentlemen in.

You're police
officers, is that correct?

That's correct.

What can we do
for you gentlemen?

Oh, they seem
like such nice boys,

don't they, Al?

This must be Mom. Really.

Yeah, yeah...

Hey, Mom, I'd like
you to meet, uh...

Starsky. Dave Starsky.


Ken Hutchinson.

Ken and, uh... Dave.

This... Mrs. Grossman.

Hello, boys.

You can call me Olga.

Would you like some hard candy?


No, thanks. No, thanks.

Look, Olga, word
out on the street

is that you and
your little boy here

had Mickey Stinger roughed up,

and you killed Lonely Bloggs.



You better watch
your mouth there.

There's no need
to get into a temper.

It's all a misunderstanding.

I don't think you boys
know where you are.

This is Grossman Enterprises.

Novelties, tricks and puzzles.

Here. Take it.

Put it in your pocket.

Souvenir from Grossman
Tricks and Puzzles.

This is a legitimate business.

Does that include the
massage parlor outside?

What's wrong with that?

Good clean fun,
helps pay the rent.

Look, I'll show you
how legitimate we are.

I, I do the books. See?




Well, we'll be around.


We've been asking
for police protection.

You seem like nice boys.


You think Gillian told him?

What, and expose herself?

Not a chance.

I just hope the cops

don't run into her
visitor on the way out.

It could prove embarrassing

to the councilman
to be seen here.


You know something?

Maybe that girl really
can do something

about my shoulder, hmm?



Yeah, sure...

Okay. Yeah.


Yeah, make it fast.


Yeah, what do you want?

Nothing. How you doing?

I'm going out,
that's what's doing.

Mm. Oh, yeah. With Gillian.

No, the Boston Strangler.
Of course with Gillian.


Have a good time.

Yeah, thanks, Mom.

Oh, I'll be in early.

Yeah, is Huggy there?


Yeah, Hug. Starsk.

Yeah, Hug...

I need a favor.

Yeah, I want you to
see what you can find out

about a girl by the
name of Gillian Ingram.


That's with a G.

Yeah. Pretty name, yeah.

Yeah, I think she might
work for Grossman.


Okay, hey, Hug, look.

This is just between
you and me, you got that?

Not Hutch. Just you and me.


Yeah, thanks.

It's like nothing
I've ever known.

We don't even
have to do anything.

I could just spend
hours looking at her.

That's what's so
great. It's like last night.

We didn't do anything.

We just sat there and
looked at each other.

It was beautiful, you know?


Oh, and she smells so good.

All units in the vicinity.

A 211 in progress at
Stardust Adult Books,

1620 Marshall Street.

Another porno.

And it's still us.

Two guys just robbed my cashier.

They went that way.

You had a bad week, Harry.

You okay?


Cover me.


Hey, Hutch!

Never did see them. Did you?

I thought you
got hit back there.

What happened?


You're shaking!

I'm scared, Starsk. I'm scared.

Yeah... me too.

Every time I pull this thing.

Oh, that's not what
I'm talking about.

I froze.

For the first time.

I got to thinking... I could
have gotten you killed.

No way. You see
the way they took off.

Yeah, but if they hadn't!

I didn't move up
the way you did.

I didn't cover you. I didn't
work the way we work.

Forget it!

Your mind was elsewhere.

Come on.


Hey, Starsky. This is the Bear.

Yeah, what have you got?

Well, you know that chick
you put me onto... Gillian?


Well, most I can find out

is she's a high-class hooker.

And you were right about
her working for Grossman.

She came out from Cleveland
with him and his mother.

Yeah, okay, thanks.

Yeah, I'll be right there.

Uh, tailor shop.

He's gotta fix up
some tan flares.

Look, uh...

You fix up that
shooting report, huh?

I'll be back in... no time.

Who is it?

Dave Starsky.

Ken's friend.



I'm sorry if I bothered you.

I could have called.

No, you're absolutely no bother.

You're welcome.
You want to come in?


I heard you typing. You working?

Yeah, but writers
like to be interrupted.

This is a nice place.

Thank you.

Can I get you something?

You want some
beer or coffee or...

Nothing, no... No, nothing.





Hutch told me about that shop,

that boutique you
wanted to open up.


Well, I've been looking

for a kind of investment,

so I, uh, I figured
this might help you

as a kind of starter.

There's $1600 there.

I'll be able to get
about three grand

by next week.

I don't understand.

Well, it's an
investment, you know.

Like we're partners.

There's one hitch.

I think that when you
decide to open your boutique,

it shouldn't be here in town.

It should be back East, like...

maybe Cleveland.

You love him too, don't you?

How'd you find out?

Yesterday, when we
went to Grossman's,

I just happened
to look in the back.

He's got to be told.


I love him.

I love him.

Does that count for anything?

He's gotta know.

One way or the
other, he's gotta know.

I have no choice.

I... I have no choice.

I'll tell him tonight.

If you don't, I'll tell
him in the morning.



Wouldn't it be nice to be Hutch?

In one lifetime, you have
two people love you so much.

You don't see the
door? It's for knocking.

Where's Al?


Where, out?

None of your
business, little girl.

It doesn't really matter,

because you'll do just as well.

What's this?

Keys to my apartment,

my car, and my
safety deposit box.

Everything your seedy
little boy thought he bought

and paid for me with.

How dare you talk
about my son like that!

Let go of me. Let go of me.

You didn't have a dime
when my son found you.

He picked you up
out of the gutter.

Well, I am out
of the gutter now,

and neither you
or your cheap son

better try and pull me back.

And I said, let go!

Ah! You hit me!


You hit me. You hit me.



She hit me.

She hit me.

Mom, what happened?

She hit me! That
little tramp hit me.

Mom, are you all right?

We have no choice now, Al.

You've got to finish her.

There's too much at stake.

Kill her?

Your whole life is
in front of you, Al.

Your future, everything
we've planned for.

If we're not gonna
lose it all now,

you've got to take care of her.

Because we don't
know what she told him,

we've got to finish him too.

Her boyfriend, the cop.

What are you doing here?

You, uh...

shouldn't hit Mom.




Hey, Starsky. It's Huggy.


Dig, I think that chick Gillian

is about to get wasted.

What are you talking about?

Well, from what I hear,

she and old lady
Grossman had a battle...

and I think Sonny
Boy is on his way over

to her apartment now.

And when he gets
through with her,

I think he's going after Hutch.

Lookit, you call Hutch.

You tell him to meet me at
Gillian's as fast as he can.


Oh, my God.

Gillian. Gillian.

Come on. Come on, now.


Would this be
Sergeant Hutchinson?


How's that pretty
girlfriend of yours?

Are you standing there
having a lot memories?

You killed her.

You gotta be out of your mind.

You'd like to get
even, wouldn't you?

Well, some things shouldn't
be put off, Hutchinson.

Like you getting reunited

with that tramp
girlfriend of yours.

Where and when?

I'll be at the Royal
Theater in 20 minutes.

Come alone.

Detective Starsky.

I want a coroner's
lab and a crime la...

A coroner's team and a crime lab

at 116 Berkley,
apartment two-four.



What's going on?

She's dead, Hutch.

Grossman did it.


What are you talking about?

Why would he want to kill her?

What are you, crazy?

Listen to me, buddy.

I'm listening to what?

What good is it?

What are you doing
here? Why did...?

Why did Huggy call me?

Hey, what is this?

She was going to tell you.

Tell me what?

She worked for Grossman.

What did you say?

The only girls who work
for Grossman are hookers.

You trying to tell me
that Gillian is a hooker?

Is that what you're
telling me, buddy, friend...

that my girl is a
hooker, a prostitute?!

Look around you.

What do you think
bought this place?

You... You liar.

You... You never did like her!

You never could understand her.

That's not true,
and you know it.

Look, the last time we
went to Grossman's,

I went into the back room,

and I saw her in
the massage parlor.

So, what!

She could have been there...

She could have been
there doing an interview.

She could have been
talking to some people.

She could have
been doing a story.

Come on.

What are you going to do?
Want to hit me again? Huh?

Is that what you want?

She was a prostitute...


And there's nothing
that you can do or say

that's going to
change that fact,

or the fact that she loved you

and that she was
about to give all this up

just for you.

That's probably why
Grossman killed her.


How many years have
we known each other, huh?

You're the best friend I
got in the whole world.

You think I like saying
things like this to you?

It's okay now.

It's gonna be okay.

Get it out, buddy...

We've got some work to do.


Does that answer your question?

You're taking a long time

finding a seat for the movie,

Sergeant Hutchinson.

But I'm glad you've
finally settled.

Your girlfriend ever tell
you she was in the movies?

You must be the TV repairman.

The set's over here.
You want to come in?


How about that, Hutchinson?

You and I know how sweet it is.

Don't we, Hutch?



You okay?


I got one.

Projection room.

I'll cover you.

Okay, now relax and
concentrate, okay?

There you go.

Bingo! I got a bingo!

Okay, okay, okay.

Oh, I love this
game more and more

every time I play.


Me too.

How many points did I get?

Thirty. Best yet.

You're gonna go
into the ninth frame

with well over 30. Huh?


It's your turn, Hutch.

Yeah, you're up.

Yeah, I'm gonna go get a
Coke. You want anything?

Oh, that's a good
idea. Uh... Coke.


Beer. Right.

A Coke and a beer, huh?

And I'll have a...
I'll have a beer.

Okay, here's some
money. Go treat yourself.

All right? Thanks.

Hey, Starsk? Hm?

Why does she call that a bingo?

Oh! With Nancy, who knows.

Maybe the same reason
she calls me "Red."


Hey, look, after we
get all through here,

why don't go out and catch
a pizza and then a movie?

You know something,
Starsky, it's been over a month.

What do you mean?

You don't have to
try that hard anymore.

You don't think I don't
know what's going on here,

the two of you
baby-sitting me like this?

Not true!

Of course, it's true.

Absolutely not true.

The only reason you're
here is to hold the popcorn.

Now go bowl.

Oh, I'm sorry. Go right ahead.

Thank you.

Oh, my, I'm afraid I'm
not very good at this.

Uh, yeah. Well, uh...

It's probably in your grip.

You know, in the
way you swing the ball.

Bowling's really
not very difficult.

Oh, really?

No, uh... look, why don't I,

why don't I show
you what I mean.

Go ahead. Sure.




That was some shot, man.

Boy, a bingo! You made a bingo.

We don't call it a bingo
back where I come from.

In Minnesota, we call that a...

an "infield fly."